Thursday, May 29, 2014

Office Design Trends: Tables With Metal Bases Are In!

For those of you that follow modern interior design trends, especially office trends, metal needs no introduction! Chrome, aluminum, steel, and silver are all in for anyone that wants to create a professional, industrial space. Luckily, manufacturers like Mayline, Global, and a whole host of others have made it their mission to bring this style to you. Here are a few great table styles for all your interior decorating needs!


Mayline Peanut Shaped Bistro Table

Bistros are the bee's knees of office buildings these days. Their recent rise in popularity has prompted plenty of interior designers and architects to include them in their design plans, and consequently, many of today's top brand names have started producing them by the bucketload. But for any space to look as cool and sophisticated as a skyscraper, a metal base is definitely a must. Thankfully, Mayline and OFM know  exactly what we're looking for. As two of the top brand names in office furniture, it's only natural that we fall in love with their amazing bistro tables for sale. Choose between the CA3PH Mayline Metal Bistro Table, or the stunning NGT-1 Net Series Glass Table by OFM. Both are bar level height, steel finished, affordable, and of course, beautiful for any bistro or dining area!


Global Wind Cafe Tables

Speaking of great dining areas, why not hit the cafes with a splash of modern style? Most contemporary office areas today have a cafe or cafeteria somewhere on the premises, but that doesn't mean they have to look gnarly. If you're planning on an office makeover, adding pretty dining height cafe tables to the mix can totally alter the look of a drab dining area. Mayline, OFM, and Global are the kings of gorgeous cafe tables. Between Mayline's distinctive executive stylings, OFM's variety, and the 3863 round cafe table and it's friends from the amazing Wind Series by Global, designers can choose from anything they could possibly want for their cafe.

Conference Room

Cherryman Verde Conference Table

As the place where business owners often treat executives, conference rooms are one of the most important rooms in any office. As the place where the biggest tables are, naturally, the metal base trend has not escaped them either! Fortunately, there are many office furniture brands out there that offer affordable conference tables in all sizes and shapes. However, the most popular usually come from either Global, Mayline, or Cherryman. These producers of casegoods have got the large furniture thing down, and their cool modern conference tables certainly show it. Global Alba tables and anything from the Cherryman Verde collection will easily bring metal accented style to any contemporary workplace.

Meeting Areas

OFM Net Series Meeting Tables

Most offices have a variety of meeting areas scattered throughout them. Whether you rely on a meeting room or an executive office to speak with visitors though, small meeting tables are definitely a must. Thankfully, it's OFM to the rescue again. With beautiful options like Net Series Tables and models like the Gray Nebula Table by OFM from their Endure Collection, office meeting areas will shine in metal accents. It's a perfect look that any visitor will be impressed by.

Accent Tables 

Global Wind Coffee Table

And finally, we finish with some of the most versatile tables out there. Just about any brand that offers cool reception or waiting room furniture will have some coffee and end tables for home and business use. Whether you're shopping for the office or the living room, shoppers should know that Global and Lesro offer some excellent discount accent tables. For those that want plenty of storage with industrial modern style, the Global Citi and Lesro Siena collections offer stunning coffee tables that won't disappoint. And for those in search of a homier style similar to the mid century modern look that's so popular nowadays, Global Wind coffee tables and furniture from the Mystic collection by Lesro offer beautiful accent tables ideal for any place you can find a lounge chair!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's New: e5 Series Desk Sets by Mayline

Whether you're looking to decorate your home or business in modern executive style, it's always hard to top the e5 Collection by Mayline. This furniture series boasts versatility and modular design for convenience as well as beauty, and they have skyrocketed in popularity too. Because of this, Mayline has decided to expand the e5 Series with amazing modern desk layouts. Compact and affordable, here's a few under $1500 to jazz up your office!

E5K1 Desk Set by Mayline
Featuring fabulous modern style at a price that won't break your bank, the e5K1 Computer Furniture Layout by Mayline is always an excellent choice for the everyday office. Great in homes and businesses alike, this three piece furniture set includes a desk, a wall mounted hutch, and a mobile desk pedestal. Altogether, it offers plenty of storage and workspace for most, and can be easily reconfigured to fit in just about any office.

E5K6 Tablet Desk Set by Mayline
Another stunning choice from the popular e5 Modular Furniture Collection by Mayline would have to be the e5K6 layout. This four piece furniture set includes a pretty 60" table desk, an open storage cabinet, and two convenient wall mounted hutches for additional storage. With sets like this at their current affordable prices, it's no wonder competitors find it so hard to keep up with this great brand!

Mayline e5K7 Desk Layout
The e5K7 Series Modular Desk Layout by Mayline is a simple three piece set that looks beautiful in both home and business offices alike. With a gorgeous table desk and open storage cabinet, it offers excellent storage for any office. A lateral file cabinet is even included to bring an extra bit of organization and storage in for office executives. Clothed in a stunning white laminate with silver legs, this desk easily paints any office in sophisticated modern tones!

Mayline e5K11 Modular Furniture Suite
Given all the discount furniture series offered by Mayline, it's not surprising to see configurations like the e5K11 offered at affordable prices to However, with both amazing contemporary appeal and versatile storage components included, it's still a bit hard to believe. But Mayline's legendary commitment to quality furniture at low prices does not go unfounded, which is partly why the Mayline e5K11 Executive Furniture Suite makes such a great addition to offices everywhere. Users gain all the benefits of fabulous looks and plentiful storage in the form of a wall mounted hutch and open cabinet.

Mayline e5K14 Series Desk Layout
Similarly, the Mayline e5K14 Furniture Layout for Executives also includes a useful wall mounted hutch for storage. In addition, it also adds in a mobile desk pedestal and lateral file for organized storage of documents and other necessities. Best of all, it still boasts all the good looks the e5 Series is known for, and all at the excellent discount prices that have made Mayline one of the most popular office furniture brands in the industry!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

How To Ergofy Your Conference Room!

These days it's all about going ergo in the workplace. Increasing your workplace productivity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness will help you to achieve peak levels of performance. That being said, one common office area that's often overlooked when it comes to ergonomics is the conference room. In today's post, we'll share the 3 step process needed to ergofy your space with ease. Enjoy!

1.) Choose A Modular Table Configuration

Using a modular conference table configuration will allow you to create a multi use work environment geared for a variety of tasks. As the main focal point of any meeting area is the table, those looking to get ergofied will be best off starting here! Manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM all offer high quality modular tables for conference room use at budget friendly pricing. Going with a Bungee tables set by Global like the BXK132S is a popular way of combining the needs of your training area and meeting space. These unique layouts offer connecting tables that can be configured to form a variety of shapes. When not in use, most modular tables offer flip top design capabilities and mobilized bases that can nest along the wall when not in use. In a nut shell, go modular and get ergo effective at the same time!

2.) Select Ergonomic Conference Chairs

Global Total Office Accord Chairs

While style is important, comfort reigns supreme! Choosing the right ergonomic chairs for conference room use will go a long way in your quest to improve efficiency and productivity. The best ergonomic chair brands in 2014 offer excellent fabric, leather, and mesh options to choose from with the features needed to reach peak performance. When shopping for new conference chairs for your business, be sure to look for models with adjustable arms, adjustable height, adjustable back angle, and lumbar support. These common attributes are regularly used during meetings and will ensure your guests a pleasant sit while visiting.

3.) Accessorize

Ergonomic Conference Room

Last but certainly not least, accessorizing your conference room with quality ergonomic accent products will help provide a much needed performance boost. As not every ergonomic product is a must have, evaluating your specific needs and researching the most popular products available will help you to choose the items best suited for your specific needs. Top selling ergonomic products used in conference room areas include mobile presentation boards, adjustable TV mounts, foot rests for guests, adjustable lecterns, and mobile projector stands for multi media spaces.

Don't Settle For A Boring Office Space

No one should ever have to settle for a boring office space - especially with all the great modern furniture out there! If you've ever thought you couldn't afford cool office furniture, you're in luck. In today's article, we'll not only show you the basics on how to design your space, we'll also highlight some super affordable office products to add to it for those on a budget. Enjoy!

Choose A Cool Chair

Stylish chairs are not hard to find, but it's definitely true that not all chairs are created equal. A fun looking office chair will quickly lose it's luster if it doesn't have the comfort to back it up, and in the office, both are important. Choosing cool ergonomic chairs with comfortable features not only ensures that occupants feel rejuvenated at the end of the day; they also improve health! Many ergo chairs boast mechanisms specifically designed to alleviate certain pains. Head, neck, back, arm, and even joint pain can all be taken care of by a good ergonomic chair. Best of all, they're so common now that it's a snap to find them at affordable prices. Here's a few greats that won't break your bank:

Boss B9406 Black or White Leather ChairOFM Airflo Mesh Office Chair 610Global 5380-4 Max High Back Chair

 Boss B9406 White Leather    OFM 610 Mesh Task    Global 5380-4 Max

Select A Stylish Office Desk

In home and corporate offices, desks are usually the first thing a client sees, and the way it looks says a lot about both the business and the business representative. Because of their large size, they are almost always the focal point of any room, so looks are just as important as usefulness. Finding one that sets the tone for your business, but that's also affordable and effective can be a big challenge. Desks will differ in size and design depending on the position they were designed for. In most cases, computer desks are more compact for use in small offices and bedrooms, while quality desks and workstations are larger and usually cost a bundle. Fortunately, there are excellent discount options like the BT11LCR Brighton Office Workstation by Mayline for those that want to save a buck!

10080 Catalina Split Top Workcenter by Studio Designs

Brighton BT11LCR Workstation                              Studio Designs 10080 Catalina Work Center

Get Organized

A boring office starts with a cluttered space - and it only gets worse from there. Messy offices tend to give the impression that a person is disheveled and unprofessional. Guests and executives can be turned off or even turned away by the sight of a mess in an office, even if they aren't germophobes. Fortunately, the most common reason why so many office workers experience clutter has a simple solution. In many cases, the person just doesn't have enough storage to stay organized. With the addition of a few simple wood storage cabinets for office use, shelves, or bookcases. Models like the 1851 Moblie Printer Stand by Safco are perfect for printer organization, and there are penny of other desk organizers and equipment for other parts of the office as well. All it takes is a quick search!

1851 Safco Mobile Printer Stand           Mayline Stella SKSC Storage Cabinet

Go Ergo

Ergonomic OfficeAnd finally, no office is complete without ergonomic accessories to amp it up! Whether you're going for high tech, professional, efficient, organized, or trendy for your office space, or even if you're going for all of it, office accessories with ergonomic benefits have to be part of the mix. Devices like ergonomic keyboard platforms, CPU holders, and monitor arms can be huge saving graces in the office. The ergo designs almost always prevent some sort of pain for the user, and if not, they always increase productivity and efficiency. Here's a few tips on great affordable ergonomic accessories and how they can benefit your office!

Ergonomic Monitor Arms: Monitor arms work by attaching computer screens to adjustable arms, equipping computers with maneuverability. When users are able to adjust their computer screens to a more helpful, healthful position, productivity and efficiency can increased drastically. Users of ergonomic monitor arms have been known to experience reduced neck pain, upper back pain, eye strain, and all around better focus.

Keyboard Trays: Keyboard trays and platforms typically mount underneath an office desk to put the keyboard within ideal range of the user's hands. Reaching on top of the desk to type can cause poor circulation and joint pain in the wrists and hands. Over time, this can even contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome in serious cases. It's an affordable addition that offices should never be without. 

Other Tips and Tricks: These last few tips are great ways to keep an office efficient and organized: CPU holders provide a super affordable way to keep a computer's hard drive off the floor and away from kicking legs or spilled drinks. Binder clips attached to the edge of an office desk can have cords threaded through the metal parts, providing a cost-effective way to keep handheld devices and wires from getting tangled up.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Office Lobby Showcase: Modern Welcoming Areas

Interior design is often fraught with challenges, but perhaps the biggest challenge of them all is deciding on an idea! In office design especially, success revolves around many things: whether or not the space is stylish, the look reflects the business, comfort, and in the case of welcome areas, whether or not the space is entertaining. It's a gauntlet, we know, but hopefully this showcase of great modern office welcome areas will give you some inspiration!

Professional and Casual

Professional Office Welcome Area by GlobalSeating: This trendy office reception furniture set is from the Citi Collection by Global Total Office, so naturally, it's only the best. The chair's featured here are offered in the shopper's choice of four beautiful  mock leather finishes. In a reception area, the chairs do their job well, keeping guests comfortable until their name is called

Accent Furniture: Perhaps the biggest asset to this collection is that gorgeous coffee table. In the 7875-7876 Citi Furniture collection, the stylish modern coffee table is offered separately, as the Citi 7889 table. In this photo, it has been topped with a cool vase to accent the glass top. Magazines, books, and pamphlets can be easily stored in the outcrops underneath the tabletop for guest entertainment.

Walls and Design: With the textured walls in this welcome area being the perfect shade to compliment the cream colored chairs, and the open wall-length window being all the art a visitor could need, the overall design of this space is spot-on. It's a geometric, minimalist design that conveys sophistication with just a hint of casual warmth.

Modern Style

Modern Office Space
Seating: The seating in this next office welcome area obviously has a focused purpose. With minimalist seating surrounding the television, and guest chairs lined up in front of each reception station, this office gives the strong impression that visitors will be catered to at all times. The squarish office guest chairs pair nicely with the geometric tiles all over the room. The black is a nice contrast to the bright chrome.

Accent Furniture: This room is loaded with accents, but very little of it is actually furniture. Aside from cool welcome area end tables, the space mostly relies on it's walls to accent the space. A television provides the entertainment, so the space isn't left a mess of magazines, and the plants provide a splash of color that won't clash with the wood to keep the eye interested.

Walls and Design: For this interior, the walls do most of the heavy lifting. Rather than choosing colorful patterned lounge chairs, the designers chose to make this space a study in wood, glass, and chrome. The shining textures convey the modern, the wood furniture brings the class.

Smart Design

Space Saving Office Welcome Area by OFMSeating: The seating is the best feature of this space for many reasons, the chief one being space. By choosing unique lounge seating for reception areas, like a cool reception chair from OFM's UNO collection, designers ensured that their seating was flexible. Rather than grouping these chairs in one huge cluster, designers saved tons of space by lining them up against the walls. The office can still seat a ton of guests, and look good doing it!

Accent Furniture: The trendy 421-Brown-Copper reception chairs not only save space here. Their coloring also makes them the perfect compliment to the dark wood reception desk and end tables too. Cool lamps, plants, and colorful art pick up the slack, making the space fell warm and lived in, more like a home than a faceless office. It's the perfect look for a small, local space.

Walls and Design: Because of the dark furniture (obviously the eye candy in the room) the walls had to be much lighter. The creamy orange paint brightens up the space significantly without being boring or distracting from the rest of the room. The color adds a certain sense of spicy warmth reminiscent of the fall - always excellent when you want to make clients feel like part of the family!


Futuristic Welcome Area
Seating: The seating in this space definitely conveys the futuristic sense. Rather than relying on conventional chairs, the designers here obviously went for the funnest thing they could find. Slightly more traditional chairs curve along the wall for individuals that like regularity even things out, while the bright orange stripe of seating steals the rest of the show! (Convenient round tables are also a plus!)

Accent Furniture: When you look at it for a little while, it's pretty obvious that this space has no accent furniture at all, but it's one of those few spaces that doesn't need it. The intense creative walls, clever lighting, and built in tables more than enough eye candy for most.

Walls and Design: The futuristic look is always a fun one to go with, especially since everyone's idea of what the future will look like is different. It's clear this designer's sense of the future is that it will be progressive (crazy wall designs and colors) while always keeping in touch with the past (natural accents). The walls and furniture both seem to have the right blend of mundane and outlandish so neither dominates the room. If futuristic is the look you want to go for, let your vision shine through. It will help ensure that your space is unique and memorable! Be careful though, because it's easy to go overboard.

Cultured Class

Cultural Modern Welcome AreaSeating: The geometric chairs in this office space are one of it's most defining features. Here the designers went with the memorable qualities of a futuristic office lounge chair, similar to the ZB-SMART-BROWN-GG Hercules Chair by Flash Furniture. However, they evened things out by choosing a brown leather upholstery - a very natural color that conveys a certain sense of old-school class.

Accent Furnitture: The accent furniture in this space is minimalist. Aside from a few classy coffee tables, a cultural patterned area rug, and the logo behind the desk, most of the eye candy comes from the large sculpture attached to the wall. Glass tables help accent the open windows, which in turn keeps the room from feeling closed off.

Walls and Design: With glass furniture and a unique modern sculpture, this office could almost be classed as high tech, but it's the neutral colors, the stylish rug, and the wood paneled walls that keep it from getting there. In the end, the space is the perfect blend of past and future, with a splash of culture thrown in by the rug. You could just as easily envision a woman in a suit or a sari behind the desk!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Office Ergonomics: Then and Now

Many of us often think of ergonomic innovation as a relatively new thing, but what you may not realize is that the history of ergonomics goes back much farther than any of us may ever realize. Given the huge spike in the popularity of ergonomic furniture recently, we thought we'd share how ergonomic innovation got it's start. In today's article, follow us from the past to the present as we explore the enlightening history of ergonomic design!

A History of History

Cave Man on Computer

Most ergonomic history websites will probably tell you that the start of ergonomic innovation began around 1940. This is not true. In fact, ergonomic innovation goes back much farther, to the days when humans first began to make tools more efficient. Ergonomics is the science and study of making the working environment easier, more comfortable, and more efficient. The only thing different from us and our ancestors is our work environment, and the fact that we've now invented a word for this technological innovation. When it comes to principle, there's really very little difference between an office chair with ergonomic contour, like the 4019AG Mayline Comfort Chair, and a contoured horse's saddle. Both mold to the body, add comfort, provide support, and make a long work day much easier!

The Earliest Days 

Outline of Ergonomics Book

It's pretty remarkable, considering how old ergonomic innovation really is, that it didn't get a name until a few hundred years ago. It wasn't until 1857 that a Polish scholar by the name of Wojciech Jastrzębowski (don't worry, we have no idea how to pronounce this either) wrote his first book. "An Outline of Ergonomics, or the Science of Work" was the first book ever to give a name for ergonomic study. By taking the Greek words "ergon" (work) and "nomos" (natural laws), Jastrzębowski coined the term "ergonomics" and started the modern age on the track to ergonomic innovation. His earliest research the way the human body works to get things done are the first blueprints by which modern ergonomic office furniture was invented and developed!

Scientific Innovation 

Scientific Innovation

Despite the fact that it finally had a name, ergonomic study really didn't hit it's stride until the 1940s. At around the same time as the World War II era, ergonomic study took on a new face in America, where it was less about the study of working conditions and more about the research of ways to prevent potential accidents in the working arena. Situations like accidental airplane crashes were often attributed to monitors that were difficult to read, so scientists began designing ways to make equipment more understandable and easier to work for the average Joe. From there,  ergonomic development went beyond the battlefields and into the homes of everyday folks. Name brands of office furniture found great need for this science, starting high end modern office furniture on the path to popularity!


Global Ergonomic Workstation

Nowadays, ergonomics is everywhere, and we couldn't be more grateful! Specialized ergonomic chairs for pain relief turn dreadful work days into occupations we love once again. As the world has moved from the crops to the companies, ergonomic studies have developed right along with us. Now, as more and more people rely on desks and computers to bring home the bacon, ergonomic study educates us on the best ways to stay healthy. Whether it's by using a height adjustable stand up desk or an affordable chair with lumbar support like the 11668B Offices To Go chair, office workers can rest assured that there is always an ergonomic gadget out there to keep them feeling great!

Friday, May 16, 2014

What's New: Dark Cherry Executive Desks by Offices To Go

Anyone looking for a professional contemporary look in their office ought to consider dark wood furniture as the way to get it! In the office design world, dark furniture is in. Especially when it's combined with glass and metal accents, the look creates a modern industrial feel that's very impressive. One of the most popular finishes is dark cherry wood, so here we'll provide you with some popular dark cherry desks to turn heads in your workplace!

Peninsula U Shaped Desk Layout by Offices To Go
Loaded with desk space and storage, it's really no wonder why we've chosen the SL-F-ADC Peninsula Desk from Offices To Go as the first on our list. As a pretty U shaped desk design, this dark wood workstation fits perfectly in most executive offices for home and business use. Featuring a stylish price to match it's stylish finish, the Peninsula Desk brings beauty and affordability together, turning any work area into a budget friendly interior!

Large Executive Desk Set by Offices To Go
This next model from offices to go is the perfect option for an office with lots of visitors. Not only does this large executive furniture set for sale feature a desk and plenty of storage space, but it also comes with a matching meeting table where executives can speak with their clients. The dark wood finish is uniform throughout the set, so nothing looks out of place in the office. And best of all, Offices To Go offer the whole SL-H-ADC executive set for a very affordable price competitively. 

Offices To Go Reception Desk
Speaking of an affordable price, did we mention the top selling model reception desk from Offices To Go? That's right! For less than the price of most office chairs, receptionists can welcome guests from behind a stunning dark cherry wood desk. The SL7130RDS-ADC model features modesty panels, ample workspace, and a beautiful transaction counter in the same stylish finish as the rest of the desk. This compact model is ideal for smaller waiting areas, lobbies, and greeting spaces in offices tight on square footage.

Executive Office Furniture Set
Now that you've got the reception desk out of the way, why not seek something out for the executive that's tight on space? The SL-G-ADC model desk set by Offices To Go is the perfect solution. Like the SL-H-ADC Executive Desk Set featured above, this small executive furniture set offers all the versatility and convenience of a three-piece unit, but without the bulk that can limit adaptability or movement in the larger model. The set featured here provides a small desk for work, a credenza shell with pedestals for easy storage, and of course, a meeting table to speak with guests - all for a significantly reduced price.

Offices To Go Dark Cherry Modular Desk
And finally, we leave you with a simple compact desk that has certainly earned it's keep in the everyday workplace. The SL-A-ADC offers workspace, potential meeting space, and storage features all in one great modular design. As a U Shaped desk without a large storage hutch or credenza, users can put this model just about anywhere in their space as opposed to a desk with a large stylish credenza that looks best up against a wall. Instead, users can simply swivel around in quality mesh back office chairs to access this modular desk with storage, workspace, and a guest on one side of the desk.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boardroom Basics: The 3 Essentials for Creating Your Space

Creating a stunning boardroom for your business doesn't have to be a struggle. By educating yourself on the 3 key elements needed to start your space, the makeover process will be simple and effective. In today's post, we'll highlight the furniture, seating, and storage you need to get your meeting area furnished to perfection. Enjoy!

1.) The Table

When designing your conference room area, it's always best to start with table. As this piece is the main focal point of your space, it's the first essential you'll need. To choose the perfect conference room table, start by measuring your space accurately. Next, choose a table style that will best highlight your meeting environment. In 2014, modern and contemporary styles top the list. In terms of shape, boat, racetrack, and rectangular tables for boardroom use are the most common. Choose a reputable brand who's products you enjoy and purchase the best table for your specific needs. On average, a new table will cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on the material, size, and manufacturer you select.

2.) The Seating

Conference Room Chairs

Once you've selected a  conference table, it's time to focus on guest comfort. When shopping for new chairs for conference room applications, you'll be met with hundreds of options from a variety of brands. Start by setting a budget that won't leave you over extended. Curious about how many chairs you'll need? No problem! On average, you'll want to account for 3 feet of table space per chair. For example, a 10' foot conference table will comfortably sit 3 users on each side without over crowding. When it comes to style, leather models reign supreme. Top upholstery options include white, brown, gray, and black. To match your furniture effectively, it's best to stick with basis colors like these to ensure a happy match. On average, new conference chairs cost between $140 and $300. As you'll be purchasing multiple chairs, be sure to inquire with your dealer of choice regarding bulk discount pricing for additional savings.

3.) The Storage

Accenting your boardroom with storage is a must. A quality wall cabinet or credenza will provide a helpful place to keep materials. You can also use your cabinet top create a food and beverage station for guests. If you've purchased your table from a specific furniture collection, it's best to choose a cabinet from the same line to maintain a cohesive look and finish. Excellent furniture collections that include conference tables and storage cabinets like Verde, Amber, Napoli, and Sorrento are a great place to start your search. Keep in mind that when adding storage, the dimensions of your space will definitely come into play. Be sure to use your previously attained measurement to ensure a proper fit. Once you've added wall cabinets for storage, your basic layout is complete.

*X Factor!

If you want to take your boardroom to the next level, adding versatile meeting area accessories will definitely help. While the essentials listed above are considered must have items, products like white board cabinets, TV's, projector stands, and lecterns can be added to further enhance your area. Choose the accessories you feel will best benefit your visitors while accenting your current office furniture layout will help you take your space over the top when you're ready.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shop Smart: Adjustable Task Chairs Under $200

Shopping smart is never a crime, but with prices like these, it sure must seem like one to competing furniture brands! If you're in need of a quality task chair that can do the job you need while keeping you relaxed and comfortable, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll showcase some top task chairs from different brands with ergonomic features, all under $200!

Boss B670 Task Chair
First on our list is a pretty boss chair from a brand that's no less powerful. The Boss name brand has churned out some pretty amazing chairs over the years, but none like the B670 model. For only $150.99, users get all the benefits of a great task chair with lumbar support and plenty of adjustability. With curved ergonomic back, high density foam, a 300 lb. weight capacity, and a superior lumbar, competitors just can't compete.
Ergo Contract Furniture Mesh Chair
Next on our list is the MMX191M model task chair. Coming from a brand with the word "Ergo" in it's name, you can bet your bottom dollar their chairs have some fancy features. The Boost Mesh Task Chair by Ergo Contract Furniture is only $160.99, but it boasts a tilt mechanism, paddle, pneumatic height adjustment, and pivoting arms. Clad in a cool mesh upholstery, this chair is great for home and business use alike.

Eurotech Seating Cypher Chair
Despite coming from the popular Cypher series by Eurotech, the FT2700-NVY model Cypher fabric computer chair isn't a hard code to crack. Available in both black and gray for versatility, Cypher chairs are the quintessential task chairs, but at only $180.00, they are way ahead of the competition. With this chair, users can enjoy affordable ergonomic benefits and adjustable features. A waterfall seat, tilt tension control, and a flex back are just icing on the cake.

Offices To Go Multifunction Task Chair
The 11613B Multifunction Task Chair comes from the choice name brand for industry professionals. Offices To Go has always offered affordable alternatives to fancy high tech chairs without leaving out the fancy or the high tech. The $169.99 multifunction task chair for home and business use featured here is no different. It offers a reliable seating solution with an infinite seat lock for excellent discount comfort.

OFM Air Flow ChairIt's hard to believe our next entry is even offered at the price it is. With smooth air-flow mesh technology, adjustable lumbar, knee tilts, swivel features, and stain resistant fabric, the Airflow 651 Chair by OFM is the perfect office companion. At just $185.99, it's a stylish discount task chair that's sure to turn heads in the workplace. It's also offered in four colors!

Safco Cava
If you want a chair with comfort, unique style, an affordable price, and great adjustable features, few options are better than the Cava series by Safco. The 3451 Cava is a low mid back task chair that only costs $193.99, but at this price, it's definitely more of an asset than a cost. Offered in a rainbow of colors, this chair can bring adjustable comfort to just about any office.

Mystic Series Multifunction Task Chair by Eurotech
And finally, we leave you with the FT5551 task chair by Eurotech to satisfy your office chair needs. Users that plunk down the affordable $144.50 surrender themselves to tilt tension adjustability, center tilt, tilt locks, height adjustment and a waterfall seat. With features like these to promote comfort and reduce stress, the Mystic Multifunction Task Chair by Eurotech will definitely leave you mystified.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Choose The Perfect Reception Desk for Your Business

First impressions begin to form the minute visitors walk into your business. Creating a welcoming environment highlighted by the perfect reception desk is an absolute must. In today's article we'll share the tips and product suggestions needed to help you choose the right welcoming station for specific business needs.


To choose the perfect reception desk for business use, you must first assess your needs by determining the size station that will work best for you. Start by getting an accurate measurement of your waiting areas dimensions. Be sure to notate power outlets, entry ways, windows, and other important features. Next, determine the best location for your desk to sit. As the reception desk is a main focal point of your office, be sure you place it as so. On average, stations range between 5' and 8' in width.

Employee Accommodations

Once you've obtained accurate measurements, it's time to focus on employee accommodations. Start by choosing the number of workers you want to have stationed in the new desk. Single and multi user reception desk models are widely available from top brands.  Units like the Cherryman AM-404N station will sit multiple receptionists comfortably, while smaller products like the Mira Series MRSBB from Mayline offer a great choice for single user applications.


Popular styles of office reception furniture include modern, traditional, contemporary and industrial. It's important to research each of these to determine which will compliment your particular space and enhance your corporate appeal the most. In 2014, the modern look is in! Collections like the Verde series by Cherryman and Napoli series by Mayline are both excellent options. More traditional reception furniture collections are also widely available. One of the most highly regarded solutions is without a doubt the Mayline Sorrento series.


Budget is always an important factor to consider when shopping for new furniture of any kind. Once you've assessed your needs and determined a style of reception station that will work best for you, work with your purchasing team to set a reasonable budget that won't leave your business over extended. Some of the industries best selling reception desk models like the Offices To Go SL7130RDS can be had for well under $500.

Lead Time

Most office makeover projects are closely accompanied by a specific deadline for completion. You can't very well choose a reception desk that doesn't fit your time frame. Be sure to research approximate product lead times with your dealer of choice to help you identify models that will fit in your space, budget, and project completion window. Most made to order stations take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to manufacturer while in stock models typically ship within 3 business days.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Get Eco Friendly with Global Total Office Chairs

Global Logo

Want to turn your office into a sanctuary of eco-friendly furniture? Good for you! So do many people, and luckily for all of you, Global Total Office is here. This brand manufactures some of the most modern, sophisticated office furniture anywhere, and they are totally committed to the environment. Here, you can learn a little bit about Global's green initiative, the importance of Greenguard Certified products, and view some of their best eco friendly ergonomic chairs. Enjoy!

Greenguard Certified Products

Greenguard Certified Products

In the furniture world, a Greenguard Certification is a simple name for a complex, prestigious, and coveted award that assures buyers a product was safely and environmentally produced. To achieve a Greenguard Certification for furniture, items must meet some of the world's most rigorous standards for sustainable manufacture, including ones for low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air. Because of this commitment to VOCs, a Greenguard Certification not only proves to buyers that products are sustainably produced, but it also lets them know a products is healthy for them, especially since bad Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can have serious health concerns. Greenguard has two types of certification, regular and "Gold." More than 400 green building codes, policies, ratings, and guidelines are needed for certification, so customers know they are getting only the best for their money.

Global's Green Initiative

Global's Green Initiative

You may have learned from a few of our previous articles about Global's fervent dedication to the environment and sustainable manufacture. As a primarily Greenguard Certified brand, Global has met the vast gauntlet of standards required by the prestigious program for environmentally-conscious manufacture. Over the past four years, Global has reduced their total electricity consumption by more than 18%. They have eliminated their use of CFCs and HCFCs to protect the ozone layer, and implemented recycling processes all throughout their facilities to recycle 88% of waste among other things. This brand has truly made a strong commitment to the planet, believing that going green requires an all-out effort, and that a piecemeal approach will not work. For anyone in search of green ergonomic office furniture by Global is always an amazing choice!

Here is a list of some of their most recent commitments to going green. See their website for more info:

* Reduced electricity consumption by 18% in four years
* Eliminated use of CFCs and HCFCs that harm the ozone layer
* Offers textiles woven from recycled polyester
* Recycles more than 100 tons of fabric
* Their non-hazardous paint processes reclaims 99% of overspray
* Their chrome plating facility discharges water clean enough to return to public supply
* Shipping is hugely efficient, using 80% recycled cardboard
* Their patented wood/polymer molding technology keeps 7.5 tons of waste out of landfills every day

Excellent Green Chairs by Global

Excellent Green Chairs by Global

Global is not just committed to the environment, they are also committed to style! This brand recognizes that to be a hit in the workplace, products must impress, and boy do they ever deliver! Like top quality Global desks and affordable tables, Global's Greenguard Certified chairs possess plenty of head-turning good looks. Customers can choose chairs for guest use, lounges and lobbies, drafting applications, executive or cubicle use. They even have eco friendly sofas to choose from! To give you an idea of what they have, here's just a few of the most popular green chair models by Global Total Office:

Vion High Back Mesh Office ChairGlobal Vion Chair

Global offers this beauty in a wide variety of models and color choices. The 6321-8-B7A Vion High Back Mesh Chair by Global featured here includes plenty of aesthetic options as well as tilt tension control, pneumatic height adjustment, tilt locks, and a weight sensing synchro tilter. Like all Vion models also possesses the prestigious Greenguard Certification.
Arti Polypropelene Ergonomic Chair

Global Arti Chair

Arti series chairs by Global are some of the most popular ergonomic chairs for sale out there today. This 6670-2 model of the Arti series is a great ergonomic chair for back pain afflictions. Available in many colors, 95% of it can be recycled, contributing to it's Greenguard Certification. It is known for the ability to articulate like the human spine, providing the ultimate back support… and of course, the Arti also super cool-looking.

Global Rest Mobile Armchair
Global Rest Chair

In need of a great seating solution for your training area? Then the 2604C Global Rest Mobile Training Chair sounds like just the thing for you. This chair provides a waterfall seat and contoured cushions for amazing comfort and health benefits. Priced affordably and available in numerous colors, it's the perfect companion for any office.

Global Key Nesting Chair
Global Key Chair

The Global Key Chair is the perfect solution for any office tight on space. With nesting abilities, these trendy little guest chairs can be stowed away conveniently and efficiently when not in use. Complete with arms, and an attractive customizable design, this affordable chair would look great in any guest area.

Global Lux Arm ChairGlobal Lux Chair

However, if you'd like something a little fancier for your guest area, nothing says "style" like Global guest chairs, and the Lux Arm Chair by Global says it loud! This LX246AC model looks beautiful in it's pretty grey, but it's also adaptable to match decor with more than ten fabric choices and wood finish options to boot. Talk about good-looking green!


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