Tuesday, November 25, 2014

7 Tasty Turkey Day Treats for The Office

Thanksgiving is just 2 short days away, and if your office is like ours... there's a big party right around the corner! This week we've searched the web high and low to find the 7 tastiest Turkey Day snack ideas. Rest assured, these scrumptious treats will make you a hit at this years Thanksgiving party. Enjoy!

1.) Ultimate Turkey Day Veggie Platter

Thanksgiving Vegetable Platter

2.) Leftover Pot Pies

Leftover Pot Pies

3.) Turkey Shaped Fruit Platter

Turkey Shaped Fruit Platter

4.) Fruit Cornocopias

Fruit Cornocopias

5.) Turkey Shaped Cheese Ball

Cool Thanksgiving Cheese Ball

6.) Sausage & Stuffing Balls (cheddar cheese, cranberries, sausage, and stove top stuffing)

Sausage Balls

7.) Deviled Pumpkin Eggs

Deviled Pumpkin Eggs

The team at OfficeAnything.com wishes you all a happy, fun, and safe Thanksgiving! Don't forget to visit us online for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. We are offering a variety of awesome coupons and specials you don't want to miss on our best selling office desks, chairs, and conference room tables.

Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Great Ways to Showcase Your Lobby Makeover

Has a major office makeover changed the face of your new workplace? Congratulations! Completing an office facelift an excellent way to get word out about your business and attract new clients. However, marketing is a complex and sometimes tedious process, but thankfully, you have us! In today's article, we're highlighting some of the best social media outlets and ways to market your company, as well as it's latest makeovers. Enjoy!


Although the hype of Facebook has worn a bit since it's debut, almost everyone still has an account with them. Even in 2014, this social media giant is still going strong, with users all over the world connecting, posting photos, hitting links, and "liking" millions of pages. Letting your company miss out on this huge opportunity corral new customers could be a costly mistake. If you haven't already, now is the time to act! What better way to make your own debut than by showcasing a fabulous new makeover in the lobby?
 Facebook has a special option for businesses to create a page for themselves that customers can share and like to get the word out. Don't let that fabulous new reception furniture go to waste!


This is the outlet where artists, architects, designers, bloggers, crafters, and photographers congregate! While you're rocking the internet with your new company's latest changes, don't forget to add a few pins to Pinterest. With this site, linking or "pinning" images of your new company, adding links to the company site, and posting blogs has never been easier - or more fun. Diversify your account by creating multiple boards to appeal to a wide variety of interests.

This virtual avenue for marketing is excellent for gathering information and inspiration about everything from fitness, to crafting, to cooking, and companies are no exception. A few photos of those cozy leather chairs for guests could draw the attention of interior designers, artists, and furniture freaks in a matter of minutes with Pinterest. While you're there, go ahead and find loads of inspiration for your next office makeover!


Want to get the word out fast? Then Twitter is your racehorse for information. Twitter's lightning-quick social media platform revolves around users who tweet about everything from their personal lives to big issues to current events. Through hashtags, tweets, and retweets, posts can spread like wildfire and become trending topics in merely a few minutes. Gathering enough followers for your company through Twitter can be a great way to make sure everyone gets to see that amazingly versatile lobby seating, as well as stay updated on any changes or events at the office! #InteriorDesign


Like Pinterest, Instagram is an outlet for fans of photos who like to use phones. The Instagram smartphone app enables users to edit photos either from within the app or their camera roll. By using filters, inexperienced photographers can dress up their photos to look amazing without costing a fortune. Users can follow one another's photographs, finding users they like or connecting with friends via Twitter and Facebook.

For a new business, Instagram's online community offers excellent opportunities for marketing and raising awareness about any new interior design changes. Simply snap a few pics with your smartphone, edit them, and post to raise awareness about beam seating benefits and how it changed the look of your waiting room!

Host an Event

With the rise of all the super-convenient virtual media giants, hosting an event at your workplace may seem a little blasé. But, as they say, "old is gold!" Hosting a formal event to showcase your business not only provides opportunities to get the word out, it's also classy. Plus, with all those guests and all those smartphones, marketing will practically take care of itself. Allow guests to sit and enjoy the new space, taking photos, talking with friends, enjoying refreshments, and the event will have done it's job! Comfortable chairs, and subtle artificial lighting will help increase the business casual vibe. After all, what better way to break in the stylish executive chairs for guests than with a party to celebrate them?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Go Retro With Your Office Makeover

Most styles come and go, but retro is always in! Whether you like the looks of furniture from the 40s or the 70s, know that by outfitting your office in these characteristic styles, your place will never fall off the cutting edge! Older styles have solidified their place in history by working their way into our hearts and memories. With retro stylings, you'll never have to meet modern trends again! Here are some great tips on how to take your office to the retro level in a modern world. Enjoy!


One of the first steps that should be taken towards achieving an old school vibe is through tables. Most offices can never get enough use out of all the tables they have. Office tables for business meeting, tables for boardroom use, tables for conferences, and small meeting tables are all crucial for making an office as utilitarian as possible. Clad these tables in retro styling, and you suddenly have a surface that's useful for work and sentimentality! We recommend Endure retro tables from OFM or the Global GC36CF Round Alba Table for a classic table style with customizable specifications. The public loves nostalgia. Fill your office with it, and you'll never get guests to leave!


The cornerstone of any workspace, desks are an absolute must-have in the office. However, if the rest of your office is vintage, don't ruin the vibe with a conventional modern desk! Adding a cool retro desk to your workspace increases both utility and office aesthetics. Ironically, many of today's modern executive desks for sale feature bold, vintage-inspired stylings. Many desks, like the Verde1 by Cherryman, or the small retro desk collection from Flash Furniture allude to classic styles while offering useful contemporary features!

Area Rugs

Never underestimate the power of area rugs when decorating! If you're stuck in a noisy office with hardwood floors, adding a few of these babies may save you a few notes from angry neighbors about the sound. Not only that, but area rugs are powerful style enhancers. Adding a few with your chosen retro style can provide bursts of color and pattern in a boring office. Furthermore, for anyone worried about about desk legs or office chair wheel casters scratching up the floor, a retro area rug is always a groovy saving grace!

Lighting Fixtures

Going retro with lighting fixtures is often one of the most fun decorating choices a designer can make! Typically, it allows for far more creativity than conventional lighting. For anyone seeking vintage appeal, look for sleek office lighting fixtures or anything that displays lots of glass. Fixtures dressed up as Victorian lamps or hanging glass bulbs are very popular choices that will stand out in any workplace. You may even decide to go for an international appeal with Asian-inspired lanterns or classical candles.  Remember, lighting up your office doesn't mean you should ignore the Dark Ages!

Furniture and Seating

Possessing visitor furniture is a given for any office with a reception area. Whether you ask guests to wait in a lobby, a waiting room, or limbo, keeping comfortable office sofas, chairs and lounge furniture is always appreciated. Additionally, how can you be expected to serve customers without comfortable ergonomic chairs picking up the slack? For our purposes, these are just two more places where retro rocks! When designing your visitor area, don't be afraid to skim the decades for the lounge chair that appeals to you. To those behind the desks, retro office seating by Woodstock is the choice du jour! Vintage fans simply love the Woodstock Hendrix chair for its old school appeal!

Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Must Have Ergonomic Products for The Modern Workaholic

The modern workaholic is always in need of ways to operate more comfortably and effectively. During those long days at the office or in the field, having the right combination of products is a must. In today's post we'll showcase 5 versatile ergonomic products sure to do just that. Enjoy!

WOW Computer Workstation On WheelsWorkaholics on the go will love the ESI WOW series mobile computer workstation. Whether you're giving presentations or tackling tough meetings, the WOW workstation is sure to help. This mobile computer workstation provides a generous workspace while helping to maximize the square footage of any work environment. Whether the WOW is used in an office, educational or healthcare setting, this ergonomic workstation on wheels is the perfect solution for mobile computing. The WOW features a height adjustable design that works well for both sitting and standing applications. The heavy duty base and casters ensure durability workaholics will certainly appreciate. This workstation is certainly a must have!

Dual Screen Monitor ArmA dual screen monitor arm is another must have weapon in any workaholics arsenal. These user friendly units will improve the rate at which you compute while simultaneously creating more usable desk space in the office. Dual screen monitor arms from brands like ESI, Systematix, Global Total Office, and Mayline are a must consider for both home and professional work environments. If you're a workaholic still operating with a single monitor, you're certainly not maximizing your day to day efficiency. Dual screen mounts can be purchased for as little as $300 and will pay for themselves with time saved in no time at all.

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayAny true workaholic understands the value of versatility in the workplace. That being said, equipping your workstation with a sit to stand keyboard tray will do just that! The ability to work comfortably from a variety of operating positions will ensure a more productive day while keeping you posture perfect. Common health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, poor blood flow, cramping, and back pain can all be helped with a sit to stand keyboard tray. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions offer high quality units business professionals have come to trust and rely on daily, and if you're a workaholic... you should too!

magnetic task lightFourth on our list of must have products for the modern workaholic is the Hannah series magnetic mount task light by Symmetry. As workaholics spend a ton of time in the office, electricity bills can be a real bummer! Using an ergonomic product like this Hannah series light will help cut costs while improving functionality in the workplace. Both smart and remarkably efficient this office lighting solutions' 13 watt 3500K compact fluorescent lamp is 50% brighter than most. Using a radiant mirror film reflector, it provides energy efficient illumination nearly as bright as an 18 watt lamp. This unique personal task light is available with a single arm and has several mounting options. Adjust and move the Hannah light to suit your individual needs and enjoy the benefits!

G20 Cloud ChairLast but certainly not least, a professional ergonomic office chair is a true must have for any modern workaholic. If you're not sitting comfortably, you're not working smart, and a good chair will help you in more ways than one! This year, brands like Global Total Office have paved the way with their cutting edge ergonomic seating solutions. Chairs like the Arti, G20, and Spree are all must consider options for workaholics looking to boost comfort in the workplace. Top notch ergonomic chairs like these adjust in a variety of ways and provide the much needed support workaholics demand. While most of the top rated ergo chairs on the market costs thousands of dollars, the models mentioned above are available at a fraction of the cost. Do yourself and your work day a favor and upgrade to the chair you deserve today!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

1 File Cabinet - 5 Cool Projects

Wondering what to do with those old file cabinets taking up garage and office warehouse space? You're not alone! In today's post we'll be sharing 5 of the coolest file cabinet re purposing and DIY projects you'll surely love. Have fun and enjoy!

Tool Organizer

File Cabinet Tool Organizer

Tools take up a ton of space in the garage and are often left unorganized and scattered. To solve this problem, look no further than your old file cabinet! Start by removing the drawers and setting the cabinet on it's back side. Essentially you can stop here an have your problem solved. If you'd like to take your project a few steps further, try painting and adding peg board for even more wow factor. This is a cool project any guy will love and even makes a wonderful surprise gift!


File Cabinet Table Project

You can actually turn your old filing cabinets into cool tables that you'd be proud to have in your home or office. While this project typically works best with smaller cabinets, with a little know how any cabinet will do. Start by turning your cabinet on it's side. Next cut and attach four table legs or stack multiple cabinet on top of each other to achieve your desired height. Lastly you'll want to add a cool wood or glass top to make your DIY project shine. Any house or office looking for that retro vibe will set their space apart from the competition with this fun and easy project.


File Cabinet Planter

Old wood and metal file cabinets also make excellent planters. Both vertical and lateral file cabinets can be easily turned on their sides and loaded with cool plants to create wow factor in the front or back yard. Try painting your cabinets to let a bit more of your personality shine! As the number one most commonly found project for old file cabinets, the planter idea is a must if you have multiple cabinets to re purpose! This is a fun job that the whole family will love.

Kitchen Island

File Cabinet Kitchen Island

These days it seems like everyone has a kitchen island, and if you have old vertical file cabinets you can have one too without the hefty price tag. Start by trimming a piece of butchers block or cutting board to the size of your file cabinet's top. Next, paint your file cabinet a cool color that makes your kitchen pop. Attach the surface and enjoy! Drawers will provide helpful storage while the handles can be used to easily attach cooking utensils. Wheels can be attached to provide ease of mobility. The options are endless. With a little design ingenuity, you might just have the coolest island on the block.

TV Stand

File Cabinet TV Stand

Two things are certain, new TV stands are expensive and the retro design craze is in full swing! If you have a couple of old file cabinets in need of re purposing, try painting them unique colors to add some zing. Next, create a top out of wood or glass that will act as a joining surface between the cabinets. In no time you'll have a cool and fully functional TV stand that didn't cost a fortune... and look pretty cool too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Global Weev Seating

For those who follow the trends of the furniture world, it's no secret that Global Total Office is one of the best in the business. Their vast array of high end furniture has been showcased everywhere, from exemplary office buildings, to small business, and even the coveted Neocon exhibitions! Today, we're highlighting the pros and cons of one of their newest additions - Global Weev Seating. Enjoy!

Featuring a beautiful blend of both mesh and fabric upholstery, the Global Weev series has got style in spades! This collection offers chairs of the same styling in both mid back and high back options, as well as armed and armless options. Weev chairs are very angular and squarish in design, making them perfect for an office with a modern theme. The mesh upholstery is also very breathable, so these chairs are experts in preventing uncomfortable buildup of sweat and germs upon the user. Most models offer a variety of color choices for maximum versatility!

But, anyone whose ever sat in an office all day can tell you style is not all there is to an office chair. In reality, comfort always comes first and foremost! Thankfully, the Global Weev series delivers here too! Models like the 2220-4 Weev Chair by Global offer plenty of great features. A sliding seat depth adjuster, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable arms, and a uniquely adjustable back to support pressure points along the spine makes this an excellent ergonomic chair for the money.

Speaking of price tags, we can't brag enough about the price of Global Weev Seating. Even if these chairs are definitely not the fanciest on the market, they certainly provide an amazing deal for the features they do offer. Similar chairs from competing brands may be priced up to $200 more, but buying from a reputable office furniture dealer will get you a comfortable Weev chair at a price that's almost cruel to other brands!

Taking features, price, and style into account, we proudly recommend Weev seating for virtually all office environments! With the ability to bend and flex according to the user's movements, and the willingness to give under pressure (relieving the body's pressure points in the process), a healthful office chair like the Weev 2222-6 by Global would work wonders in both home and business applications. The chair makes a perfect addition to furniture for conference room use, but it certainly holds its own at a singular desk or cubicle for all day comfort.

Overally, we happily give the Weev Series by Global a five star rating! Not only is this series stylish, but the comfortable design, ergonomic features, and very affordable price make this chair accessible for just about any budget. Users definitely get more than their money's worth with a Weev chair, with each model putting counterpart chairs to shame with the low Weev price. Models like the 2221-6 will make an ideal affordable mesh task chair for everyday use at home, in the office, in the conference room, or even in the training area. Don't miss out on this incredible deal from Global Total Office seating and furniture. You never know when they'll come to their senses!

Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Great Ways To Showcase Your New Office Space

 Office Makeover

So you've completed a successful office makeover project and want to show off your work? We've got you covered! In today's post we'll highlight the top 5 places to showcase your office transformation and help you earn the compliments you deserve. Enjoy!

1.) Pinterest

A top social media site for sharing anything from food to furniture, Pinterest is the best place to start if you want to showcase your space. If you don't already have a Pinterest account, sign up is easy and only takes a couple minutes. Create a board that describes your makeover project and upload some photos of your work. You'll be surprised at just how many responses and shares your space gets. Be sure to follow other office design boards on Pinterest to spread some love while helping to inspire your for your next project!

2.) Instagram

Instagram is just plain cool! This fun and easy to use social site allows you to upload photos of your project while adding cool hues and effects to your picture. If you went for a retro look with your space, Instagram can help you photos shine! Whether you've complete a successful boardroom makeover or simply added a few new sofas to your waiting room, Instagram will help your space get the recognition it deserves.

3.) Twitter

Twitter is yet another great way to share your office makeover success story. Simply type up to 140 characters that describe how fun, exciting, and well executed your makeover project went and send it out to the world. If your followers feel so inclined, they may just retweet your message to help you garner a bit more buzz! For those that don't know, Twitter also allows users to post pics to there feed and profile. What better way to highlight your work?

4.) Facebook

This ones a no brainer. As you no doubt have a Facebook account, it's a great tool to utilize for showcasing your office makeover project. Posting a picture on Facebook is easy as pie and will surely garner plenty of likes from your friends and family members. Make a Facebook photo board with a title like "My New Office" and sit back while the compliments roll in. Many designers will post ideas for office makeover projects on Facebook to get feedback and ideas before even starting a project! Feel free to share items you are considering adding to your space like desks and office chairs.

5.) Host A Meeting

There's simply no substitute for seeing a well designed space in person. This is sure to earn you an abundance of compliments and wow your office guests. Once your space is complete, consider hosting a small team building communication meeting in your space. Provide snacks and drinks and brainstorm ideas that could make your corporate image more appealing. You'll be showcasing your new space while strategizing to improve your business!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: RFM Echelon Seating

RFM is a high end ergonomic seating manufacturer who takes pride in offering comfortable, reliable, and affordable solutions for both home and professional business use. In today's post, we'll review this industry leaders Echelon seating collection and it's benefits. Enjoy!


RFM Echelon Chair

The Echelon seating collection by RFM Preferred Seating offers a well rounded look that's far from over the top. These versatile chairs will speak volumes to shoppers looking to avoid the overly modern seating trends of today, without sacrificing the support and comfort of the industries most cutting edge models. The simplified look makes Echelon seating a winner in the workplace. A variety of fabric, vinyl, and leather textile options are available for seat surfaces that allow users to showcase their individual styles. These comfy chairs will make an impression on office guests while helping users achieve maximum productivity levels.


RFM Preferred Seating

All of the RFM Echelon Chair models come standard with the ergonomic features needed to support users through those long days at the office. The breathable mesh back design provides sturdy support without the body heat generated when sitting in comparable fabric and leather chairs. All Echelon models are available with a choice of 3 adjustable arm styles to meet individual needs and body types. Additional features for user comfort include a molded tractor seat, multi functional control mechanism, ratchet back, seat slider, and defined lumbar areas.


Echelon Mesh Chair

The adjustability of these ergonomic office seating solutions make them a top choice for a variety of applications. In home office settings, Echelon chairs provide the support and good looks your family members will appreciate. For tasking and computing applications, Echelon chairs are second to none. The 300 lb. weight capacity makes these excellent chairs a reliable choice for nearly any user.


Echelon Mid Back Chair

The Echelon collection features 4 unique models with different features and benefits. The 1915Q and 1925Q models feature a mid back design and $284.99 price point. These models, designed for everyday computing and tasking offer excellent value and support. The 1935Q and 1945Q models feature high mesh backs and a few more bells and whistles for $199.99. The high back design makes the 1935Q and 1945Q Echelon chair models ideal for taller users and executive office applications.

Final Thoughts:

Echelon Seating

In the long run, the Echelon collection is a line of reliable computer and tasking chairs ready for the demands of any work day. Echelon combines from and function to create a reliable line of chairs you can depend on. We give the Echelon collection an B for style, B for ergonomics, and A+ for it's wide range of useable applications. You'll be hard pressed to find a better line of professional quality seating for the money. We highly recommend considering Echelon chairs for your home or business seating needs. You'll be glad you did!

Monday, November 3, 2014

The 5 Best Office Chairs for Technology Lovers

Love modern ergonomics and technology? Today's post is just for you! The 5 office chairs we're showcasing today combine high end modern appeal and cutting edge user features designed to provide optimal workplace support. These super cool seating solutions are a must see for any techy!

1.) Verte

RFM Verte

Image settling into a chair that molds itself to your spine's unique shape. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte combines ergonomics, form and function to product the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. A decade in the making, the Verte was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists. This office chair is truly one of a kind. Sit it in once and you'll never settle for less!

2.) Chakra

Eurotech Chakra

The Eurotech Chakra chair is truly an ergonomic marvel. The open zoomorphic structure is light and airy yet extremely comfortable and supportive. This innovative modern office chair focuses on the body's power center for superior comfort. By specifically cushioning the chakras, and leaving the rest of the body free of tension, Eurotech and the Raynor Group have created an extremely cutting edge seating solution. The technology incorporated into the Chakra chair speaks directly to our animated connection to the inanimate world.

3.) Arti

The Arti chair by Global Total Office was released just this year. This super comfy seating solution has become an instant favorite of ergonomic specialists and industry professionals alike. The technology based Arti boasts an articulating chair back that mimics the users profile to provide optimal comfort. The back is linked together by steel cables and highly graded steel springs, which play a vital role in ensuring maximum strength and flexibility. The 6670-2 Model offers a modern industrial look that works well in high end work environments. This chair is a technology lovers dream!

4.) Swopper

The Special Edition Swopper chair features multidimensional movement combined with high tech German engineering. This incredibly unique chair was developed by a highly recognized osteopath for people with low-pack pain. Use it as a task chair or multi functional stool and impress any office guest. It's fun, comfortable, and down right awesome! The Swopper is available in both fixed base and mobilized variations. An optional back provides an enhanced modern look that's hard to miss. Is it a stool? Is it a chair? Who cares! It's really cool!

5.) Oroblanco

Last but not least, the all new Oroblanco chair by Cherryman Industries. This 402W model tasking models features an attractive mesh back design with highly adjustable arms and white frame accents. Users will love the wide array of seat color options designed to compliment a wide range of office design themes. As one of the most cutting edge and newest office chairs available on the market in 2014, the Oroblanco is garnering instant praise and attention. We are here to tell you, it's very well deserved. These affordable chairs offer the modern appeal, ergonomic features, and everyday low price any tech savvy worker will appreciate!


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