Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Get Creative with OFM Triumph Seating!

OFM Triumph SeriesSure a sofa and two lounge chairs will get the job done. But if you really want to maximize your guest waiting area, you've got to think outside the box! That being said, OFM has you covered. Their all new Triumph seating collection makes it easier than ever to create one of a kind layouts designed to promote comfort while wowing your valued visitors. Let's take a look at this hot new collection!

OFM Triumph SeatingSimple and contemporary! These two words best describe the OFM Triumph collection. Even at first glance you'll be impressed by the distinctive look of this reception seating line. Triumph chairs boast easy to clean and incredibly durable vinyl surfaces that work great heavily used environments.

The raised metal legs make cleaning a breeze. Worried about the assembly process? Don't be! OFM ships Triumph chairs fully assembled. Simply attach the legs and you're ready to go. This user friendly collection was well thought out, planned, and envisioned. OFM covered all their bases with the Triumph seating line.

OFM Lobby SeatingVersatility sets Triumph lobby seating apart from other top selling collections on the market. The wide range of modular components makes it easy to create unique layouts in areas both small and large.

Modular Waiting Room Furniture LayoutTablet arm chairs from this OFM seating collection can be used individually or as part of larger configurations. Triumph chairs can be easily connected with ganging brackets to create curved designs that wrap around perimeter walls.

In addition to connectable guest seating the Triumph collection offers matching accent tables. The magazine style tables from the Triumph collection feature designer laminate surfaces. The added touch of a woodgrain top will make your vinyl seating configuration pop!

We give the Triumph collection 4 out of 5 stars. We'd like to see OFM expand the line with addition color options and stand alone sofas. Other than these two minor critiques, this line is an absolute winner. Triumph is innovative, comfortable, affordable, and down right cool. If you're in need of new waiting room seating in 2016, elevate your interior with Triumph!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Keep It Custom With Global Total Office

When out of the box office furniture and seating just won't cut it, turn to the custom solutions provided by Global Total Office. This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in crafting made to order products specifically designed to promote productivity and comfort in the workplace. Today on the blog we'll take a look at Global's hottest collections. Enjoy!

Zira Office FurnitureIt just wouldn't be right to start today's post off with any other line that Zira! As Global's flagship collection, Zira has become a favorite of interior design teams and businesses looking to maximize interior versatility. There's nothing you can't do with this innovative collection. The reception desks from the Zira collection will make a lasting impression on your valued office visitors while the powered conference tables will help streamline your meetings. Best of all, Zira desking will allow you to create custom workstations designed for single and multi user applications. With customizable work surfaces, handle pulls, edge options, and much more, crafting personalized interiors is easier than ever.

Global Total Office Bungee Tables
Take one look at the Bungee collection and you'll understand why Global Total Office is one of the most respected brands in the business. Bungee tables allow businesses to create multi-purpose work environments for training and meeting use. Bungee tables quickly connect to form conference table layouts, and separate to form unique training table configurations. These customizable tables can be purchased in more than 20 surface finish options, 2 leg finishes, and 2 leg styles. Bungee series tables can be purchased individually, or as part of preconfigured sets to simplify the design process.

Global Total Office River FurnitureThe combination of 2 lounge chairs and a sofa will always have it's place. But, those looking to think outside the box will love the customizable River lounge and reception seating collection from Global Total Office. This high tech line of powered furniture offers the extensive components needed to furnish interiors both small and large. With River, you're only limited by your own imagination. This collection can truly do it all!

Global Total Office Smart ChairsGlobal is making waves in 2016 for their ultra cool smart chairs. User friendly chairs like Arti and G20 allow users to quickly reach correct operational positions without the need for constant adjusting. These top of the line office chairs automatically respond to body movements and prevent the need for constant lever pulling and tension knob twisting. Take your seat, start working, and minimize the ergonomic learning curve with a customizable smart chair from Global Total Office. All of Global's top chair lines can be customized in unique upholstery options to accent your interior.

Global Total Office Ergonomic Accessories!Last but certainly not least, Global's custom ergonomic accessories will improve personal performance, comfort, and functionality in the workplace. When extended sits are unavoidable, you need the right combination of computer accessories to keep you posture perfect and ergonomically correct. Global's CPU holders, monitor mounts, and articulating keyboard trays will help you do just that. Advanced CPU mounts swivel to provide additional knee space. If you've ever banged your knee on the CPU, you'll understand the value of these handy ergo tools! Global's computer monitor arms reduce visual strain and increase usable desk space without breaking the budget. Their articulating keyboard trays will help you compute at correct angles to reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Analyze your personal performance needs and customize your space with the advanced ergonomic computer tools from Global Total Office.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Boardroom Performance Starts With The Table!

To host an effective boardroom meeting, you'll need the right table for the job! Luckily, brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, OFM, and Cherryman Industries have you covered. In today's post we'll review versatile office conference tables from these top rated manufacturers that are guaranteed to take your meeting area performance to the next level. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Powered Conference TableFirst up, the Global Total Office Z48120REE model table. This popular rectangular conference room table from the Zira collection features a 10' top and three bases with integrated cable management troughs. The Z48120REE is ready to be equipped with the custom power modules of your choosing. Global's Oasis modules work perfect with Zira tables and can be outfitted with USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, Ethernet, and AC input options. Zira tables are built to impress. Choose from a variety of attractive edge options and finishes at no additional charge. Additional table shapes and sizes are available to meet your specific needs. Zira tables are made specifically for their users and take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to craft. They are well worth the wait!

Aberdeen Conference TableDon't get out performed by the competition! Wether you're hosting presentations or group training sessions in your meeting area, the right table will help streamline the process. The Mayline group introduced the best selling Aberdeen furniture collection many years ago, but year in and year out it finds itself on the best sellers list. Why you ask? Aberdeen furniture is affordable and extremely well made. Conference room tables from this collection like the ACTB8 are available for as low as $635.99. A boat shaped conference table from this popular line will typically ship out direct from Mayline in less than three business days. Talk about project timeline friendly! Aberdeen tables are available in a variety of sizes and finish options including the all new Gray Steel laminate that's take the design world by storm. Consider enhancing your Aberdeen table with optional power modules for a minimal up charge and kick performance into high gear.

AM-411N Expandable Conference Table by CherrymanPerfromance and versatility go hand in hand! Perhaps no furniture manufacturer understands this point more than Cherryman Industries. By enhancing their best selling Amber furniture collection with the additional of expandable and modular conference table options, Cherryman has demonstrated their commitment to excellent in the boardroom. Tables like the AM-411N can be used to create full sized racetrack conference table configurations up to 16' in length. With benefits like this, you may be thinking the AM-411N costs a fortune. How about just $1275.00! As one of the most affordable modular conference table option on the market, the AM-411N is a must consider for any meeting area large or small. Need to accommodate more guests? Simply add a section and you're ready to roll. It doesn't get much better than this. Five attractive finish options are available, as well as additional table sizes.

Glass Conference Table with Metal LegsThe conference table industry has come a long way in the last 3 years, and manufacturers like OFM are a big reason why! With a commitment to performance and innovation, OFM is regularly raising the bar and setting new trends often mimicked by competing brands. That being said, they are still one of the only furniture providers to offer a truly heavy duty glass conference table for sale under two thousand bucks. In fact, their GT3977 model is only $1021.99 in 2015. This 77" wide table features a thick glass top and stainless steel legs. If you're going for the industrial look, it doesn't get much cooler than the GT3977. The neutral glass and metal tones will compliment nearly any furniture finishes you choose to incorporate. Rest assured, this table will earn your boardroom the compliments it deserves.

Lesro Industries Mystic TableYou have to hand it to a manufacturer like Lesro Industries. While well known for their innovative reception seating solutions, they decided to take a step outside the box with their Mystic collection. Sure Mystic includes incredibly cool chairs, but this game changing line also offers swanky conference tables. Mystic tables are available with rectangular, round, square, and even elliptical tops. With their metal legs, Mystic tables are sure to look great for years. Six finish options and user friendly power modules are also available to help make your space the best it can be. This successful line shows that with hard work and dedication, Lesro is capable of anything they set their mind to.

Conference Table Showcase: The Best of 2015

Shopping for a new conference table in 2015? You're in the right place! In today's post we're highlighting the best boardroom solutions of the year from brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, OFM, and Lesro. These top notch conference tables are sure to kick meeting area appeal into high gear. Enjoy!


Mayline Medina Conference Table

The modern look, attractive finish options, and affordable price point of the Mayline Medina collection have made it the big winner of 2015. Medina series conference tables feature straight sides and curved ends. Multiple sizes are available, including round top tables for smaller areas. Medina tables can be customized with affordable power modules designed to streamline the meeting process.


Powered Conference Table

Need custom power options? Look no further than the high tech conference room table solutions from the Mayline TransAction collection. These oval, rectangular, and boat shaped tables offer industrial appeal and sophisticated modules that are ready to be equipped with USB, HDMI, Audio, AC, and data input options. Larger tables can be spec'd with daisy chained modules. Lots of cool finish options and matching room accents are available from this best selling collection.


Best Powered Conference Table

Our favorite conference table collection of the year! The Global Total Office Zira collection does it all. Whether you're outfitting boardrooms large or small, this extensive collection has a solution for you. Zira tables are available in oval, boat, and rectangular surface shapes. Custom finish, base trim, and edge options are available at no additional charge. Upgrade your Zira table with custom Oasis series power modules from Global and kick performance into high gear.


Global Total Office Conference Table

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a top notch conference table! Global Total Office offers the Alba collection to meet your specific business needs and space requirements. The Alba collection includes elliptical, round, square, oval, and rectangular top conference table models that will earn your meeting area the positive compliments it deserves. Choose from a wide range of sizes, finishes, and metal base styles to personalize your look.


Cherryman Verde Conference Table

Verde series conference room tables from Cherryman Industries offer the perfect combination of style and performance. Verde tables feature boat shaped tops and white accented leg inserts. These high end laminate tables are available in a choice of latte and espresso finish options. When the average table just won't cut it, give one of these unique solutions from Cherryman Industries a look. You'll be glad you did.


Glass Conference Table

Finding an affordable glass top conference table is easier said than done! Most of the glass conference tables available in 2015 take weeks to manufacturer and cost thousands. Luckily, OFM provides the perfect solution. Their GT3977 model conference table features industrial metal legs, a thick glass top, and a respectable $1021.99 price tag. These tables are absolutely beautiful in person and incredibly well made


Lesro Mystic Table

With all of Lesro's best selling reception furniture collections, you might have missed their Mystic series conference tables! We're here to tell you that they definitely deserve to be included in your purchasing conversation. Mystic tables are affordable, available with power, and come in 6 attractive finishes. Rectangular, boat shaped, round, square, and elliptical top models are offered with quick manufacturing times. The metal legs create an industrial look that pairs well with the contemporary surface shapes. We give these tables 4 out of 5 stars. They are the full package!

Furniture Fashion: Desk Collections Trending In 2016

The office furniture world is steadily evolving. Reputable brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries are working hard in 2016 to craft cutting edge furniture designed to kick corporate appeal into high gear. Today on 'Furniture Fashion' we'll take an in-depth look at 5 of this years hottest desk lines. These popular collections offer the trend setting design characteristics and quality craftsmanship needed to maximize your interiors. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Correlation FurnitureWhen average office furniture and seating just won't cut it, interior design teams and industry professionals turn to Global Total Office. This highly respected manufacturer takes pride in crafting made to order desk collections to meet the needs of work environments both small and large. This year, Global's Correlation line has enjoyed a renewed vigor. With the addition of new finish options like dark espresso and absolute acajou, Correlation desk configurations are perfect for both home and business environments. Correlation executive desk configurations are affordable, stylish, and super cool!

Mayline Sterling Office FurnitureThe desks from the Mayline Sterling collection offer the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal. With a blend of laminate work surfaces and opaque acrylic accents, Sterling products are in a league of their own. This luxurious office furniture line is perfect for shoppers in need of new furniture in a hurry. Sterling desk orders typically ship from Mayline in just 2 business days. With trend setting finishes and a wide range of matching accessories, Sterling is an absolute winner in 2016.

Cherryman iDesk Furniture
It's all about open desking in 2016. Brands like Cherryman Industries are cashing in on this evolving movement to help businesses promote collaboration in the workplace. While the multi user desk layouts from Cherryman's iDesk line aren't yet available for sale, we can still give you sneak peak! As you can see, the iDesk furniture collection will boast a wide range of surface sizes, contemporary storage options, and the high tech power features needed to streamline day to day activities. The iDesk furniture collection will be ready for consumer purchase in a just a few short weeks. We couldn't be more excited!

OFM Mesa Desk
The industrial look is hot! Take one look at the metal desks from OFM and their best selling Mesa collection and you'll see what we mean. The ability to create stylish interiors that don't lack in terms of long term durability is too good to pass up. Mesa desks are heavy duty and surprisingly affordable. Rectangular and L shaped corner models are available to fit your personal layout. Mesa desks are a favorite for school, home, and executive applications.

Saving big is always in fashion! As everyone loves a good deal, we highly recommend the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Casegoods collection in 2016. This simple and effective executive office desk line can be used to create single and multi user layouts. Superior laminate products maximize appeal and don't lack in terms of quality. With 4 quick shipping finish options and extensive line of components, this office furniture from Offices To Go is a must consider!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's Hot? Mayline Height Adjustable Tables!

Height adjustable tables are the latest ergonomic craze! These innovative office solutions promote continuous movement in the workplace, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow. This year, Mayline has made their mark on the height adjustable table market. With innovative new collections like ML, RGE, and XR, Mayline's is raising the bar. Let's take a look at their hottest height adjusting tables!

Mayline ML Series TablesMayline ML series sit to stand workstations are perfect for single and multi user applications. With a wide range of rectangular, corner, and L shaped variations available, ML tables can be used effectively in nearly any space. ML tables are powered by a 110V, 60Hz AC input 120V DC motor and draw a maximum of 3 amps. These simple to use tables operate effortless with the push of a button. With a total travel range of 25.5", switching from sitting to standing operational positions is easier than ever. The 3 stage models from the ML collection raise at 1.5 per second. Talk about cutting edge!

RGE Height Adjustable TablePower up your interiors with RGE series electric standing desks and tables from Mayline. This high tech tables from the RGE collection are available in 10 different sizes. RGE tables work perfectly in open work floor, private office, classroom, and training environments. Tables raise and lower at an impressive 1.6" per second, a hair faster than their new ML line. All models from the RGE line boast a 25.7" range of vertical adjustment.

Mayline XR TablesMayline specializes in the provision of best selling products that improve the way we work. Try out one of their new XR series height adjustable work tables and you'll see why they've become the go to source for ergonomic office furniture in 2016. The tables from the XR line operate on a 24V chain drive system with DC motor. XR tables can lift an impressive 375 pounds! These powerful tables allow you to explore the entire 26.5" range of vertical adjustment in just 16 seconds. XR tables are amongst the most heavy duty ergonomic solutions on the market. Use the products from the XR collection to create an awesome private office that's built for the demands of the modern work day.

Mayline LT TablesLast but certainly not least, no article on height adjustable tables from Mayline would be complete without highlighting the line that started in all! Mayline's LT collection has been serving businesses and boosting functionality for years. This versatile line of tables offers the affordable solutions needed to kick productivity into high gear without breaking the bank. LT tables come in handy when square footage is limited. These tables work great in corner applications and smaller office environments. The affordability, durability, and efficiency of the LT collection have made it a fixture on best seller lists. LT tables are a favorite of industry professionals, design teams, and users alike!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Deal Finder: 2016's Best Desks Under $500

If you're looking to outfit your space with a new desk that won't break your budget, you're in the right place! Today on Deal Finder, we'll be highlighting 2016's coolest office desks priced under $500.00. These stylish workstations from Mayline, OFM, and Offices To Go are a must consider for any makeover project. Enjoy!

discount office deskFirst up, the MNDS63 office desk from the Mayline Medina Collection. This 63" x 36" desk boasts a straight front design that's complimented by a silver modesty panel. At just $299.99, the MNDS63 comes in well below our deal finder shopping budget. That being said, it's still a better option than many of the desks priced nearly three times the price in 2016. The MNDS63 is available in 5 attractive finish options and typically ships out from the factory within 2 days of order.

Affordable Office DeskOFM specializes in the provision of quality office furniture that doesn't lack in terms of style. This reputable manufacturer takes pride in crafting designer desks like the 66348 model from the Mesa collection. This OFM desk is ready to support up to 200 pounds with it's heavy duty design. The 66348 boasts a 1.25" thick high pressure laminate surface, retractable organizing drawer, and storage pedestal for your documents. At just $431.99, the 66348 desk from OFM is a great buy!

Glass Computer Desk
The Flash Furniture NAN-WK-105-GG model desk offers plenty of operating space. This corner workstation is perfect for home computing applications. With a blend of glass and laminate surfaces, you'll be hard pressed to find a more attractive desk at even twice the price. At $199.99, you've even have budget to spare for an all new ergonomic office chair.

Desk On SaleThe 10080 Catalina split top desk from Studio Designs is a must consider. Shoppers will love this cool home computer desk with glass top. The 10080 offers plenty of operational space, including an adjustable section that comes in handy for crafting and design projects. This Studio Designs station is affordably priced $324.99 and even includes free shipping.

Double Pedestal DeskLast but not least, budget shoppers will love the AM-371N double pedestal desk from the Cherryman Industries Amber collection. Affordably priced at $465.00, this 60" wide desk provides plenty of style and storage. The AM-371N is available in traditional finish options like Cherry and Maple. If you're looking to go bit more modern, check out trending finishes from the Amber collection like Black Cherry and Walnut. This desk is incredibly versatile! The AM-371N can be enhanced with the addition of a return, matching credenza, file cabinets, and much more. The modular components from the Amber collection allow you to grow your desk configuration at a rate that your budget can withstand!

Monday, May 9, 2016

5 Comfy Office Chairs Trending In May!

We all deserve to sit comfortably in the workplace while handling out daily tasks! That being said, having the right office chair is an absolute must. Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll highlight 5 super cool seating solutions trending in May. These versatile chairs offer the adjustable features needed to help you reach peak performance levels in the workplace. Enjoy!

Offices To Go Task ChairFirst up, the Offices To Go 2821 task chair with black mesh seat and back. This breathable chair makes it easy to stay cool in the workplace. The 2821 comes standard with a multi functional mechanism and height adjustable arms. Needless to say, good deals are always in style. At just $299.99, this Offices To Go chair is an absolute winner.

Blue Office ChairAdd a splash of color and comfort to your workspace with this blue  mesh back office chair from the Woodstock Marketing Creedence collection. The Creedence offers a distinctively modern look without being too over the top. The long list of ergonomic features and optional headrest make this chair one of the hottest on the market. The Creedence is sure to impress your valued office visitors while keeping your supremely comfortable at the same time.

OFM Essentials ChairKeep your conference room guests comfortable and in style without breaking the budget! The E1003 OFM Essentials chair is an absolute bargain at just $153.99. With supple and easy to clean seating surfaces, the E1003 Essentials chair offers affordable luxury that can't be denied. The elegant arm pads and polished frame features make the E1003 pop in the conference room. With a built in lumbar support for personalized comfort, this OFM chair holds true to it's name.

Eurotech Seating Slider ChairIt may look simple at first glance, but rest assured, the Slider chair from Eurotech Seating packs a major ergonomic punch. If today's overly modern chairs are a bit much for your taste, give this professional grade tasker a try. At just $273.50, the 1701 model Slider chair from Eurotech seating comes standard with an innovative slider mechanism, fully articulating seat and back, pneumatic seat height adjustment, ratchet back height, and much more. Choose from 4 quick shipping upholstery options.

Global Total Office Robust ChairLast but certainly not least, we present to you the Global Total Office 2526 model Robust series office chair. This seating solution supports users up to 500 pounds. The 2526 model boasts a two tone design that allows shoppers and design teams to step outside the realm of traditional color options. Finding a heavy duty big and tall office chair is easier said than done. Reliable options are quite limited to say the least. Thankfully, Global Total Office stepped up to the plate! The Robust chair is an absolute winner. With multi functional arms, thick padded seating surfaces, and a headrest, the 2526 chair is the complete package. Sit in it once and you'll never settle for anything less. The Robust big and tall chair is perfect for intensive work environments, executive interiors, and even conference rooms!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Shop Smart: 2016's Best Reception Desk Buys

You don't have to break the bank to get a great reception desk for your office welcoming area. If the funds are tight, we've got you covered. Today on the blog, we'll highlight the budget friendly stations needed to earn your reception area the compliments it deserves. These affordable reception desks offer high end appeal, excellent craftsmanship, and unmatched value. Happy shopping!

Mayline Sterling Series Reception Desk STG33First up, the STG33 model from the Mayline Sterling collection. This all new modern reception desk boasts a stylish glass transaction counter and work surface extensions that put it in a league of it's own. The STG33 is unlike anything on the market. If you're looking to make a statement with your office reception area, give the STG33 a serious look. At just $1189.99, this station is truly an excellent buy!

Mayline Medina Series Reception FurnitureWe couldn't pick just 1 reception desk from Mayline. Quite franky, it just wouldn't be fair to leave the MNRSLBF out of today's post. This contemporary reception desk from the Mayline Medina collection is an absolute must see. Available in 5 trend setting finishes, Medina stations like the MNRSLBF are a breath of fresh air when compared to the traditional cherry and maple finished options overly used in years passed. This hot new desk is an absolute winner in the workplace. With a wide range of matching file cabinets and accessories, Medina is ready to do it all and then some. This award winning line has already cemented itself onto just about every best selling furniture list you'll find.

Offices To Go Reception DeskWhen the funds are tight, turn to Offices To Go! This highly respected furniture manufacturer specializes in the provision of top quality furniture that won't leave your business with a cringe worthy bill! Take one look at their SL-O model discount reception desk and you'll see what we mean. This affordable welcoming area solution boasts an L shaped design and plenty of work surface space. At just $735.99, you'll be pleased to know that the SL-O even includes an integrated pedestal for stationary organizing.

White Reception DeskTalk about cool! The all new white reception desks from OFM and their trend setting Marque collection have taken 2016 by storm. When average furniture and seating just won't cut it, OFM has your back. Their Marque stations feature curved front designs that leave them looking great from every angle. Marque series reception stations are available in a wide range of sizes starting at just $993.99. Not feeling the white? No prob! OFM offers 4 additional finish options that typically ship out from the factory within 2 days of order.

Popular Reception Desks of 2016
Last but certainly not least, we highly recommend checking out the reception desks from the Cherryman Verde collection in 2016. These contemporary welcome stations blend laminate surfaces with white and silver accents. Verde desks are totally unique. They offer elegant curves and a luxurious look that's sure to enhance any guest welcoming area. Unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen from every angle. Verde stations like the VL-816 look far more expensive than their $831.00 price tag indicate. It just goes to show, you don't have to break the bank or sacrifice quality to leave a lasting impression on office guests.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Workplace Ergonomics: Movement Matters

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span? It's true! To avoid this common problem, you've got to keep moving. Continuous movement in the workplace is an absolute must. Movement creates good blood flow and reduces fatigue to help you maintain high productivity levels during those long days at the office.

Your office chair should be treated like a best friend. When used correctly, it's always go your back! Take the time to master your chair and understand it's adjustment videos. If you need a little help, don't be afraid to check out demo videos online. You can also ask the pros! Seating specialists are always happy to provide the ergonomic tips needed to help you achieve a better sit.

This year, Smart chairs are dominating the market. What's a smart chair you ask? Smart chairs are seating solutions that automatically react to user movements and limit the need for constant adjusting with levers and tension knobs. Smart chairs like the 6671-2 model from the Global Total Office Arti seating collection boast articulating backs that mimic the human spine. The Arti will reshape itself and move automatically to mimic your profile.

You can further promote movement in the workplace with an ergonomic monitor mount. Articulating mounts attach directly to desk surfaces and provide a wide range of adjustment capabilities. Today's top computer screen mounts help to reduce visual strain and increase usable desk space by moving your screens where you need them, when you need them.

Fatigue is a productivity killer! A lack of movement in the workplace will have the fatigue monster ready to rear it's nasty head. That being said, it's important to take short breaks as often as possible. Even during busy days, you need to stand up from your desk and walk around a bit. A 10 minute break once per hour will allow your body to readjust while getting the blood flowing.

Take your quest for continuous workplace movement a step further by committing to a deskercise routine. The ability to quickly and effectively use your workstation to stretch should not be overlooked. Deskercise has become incredibly popular in 2016 because it's simple and fun. It's also very beneficial. Stretching gets the blood flowing. Stretching gets you moving. Stretching is a must! Give deskercise a try today.  You'll be glad you did.

The quest for support and comfort is never complete! In the long run, movement in the workplace is a must. To become ergonomically correct, you need to move, and so do the products around you. Good posture habits, a quality office chair, and short breaks will set you on course for improved life in the office.

Monday, May 2, 2016

What's New? Mayline ML Tables!

Mayline ML Series Table Configuration
The height adjustable furniture craze is in full swing. Mayline is capitalizing on this growing movement with their ultra versatile ML collection. The innovative tables from the ML line provide top notch ergonomic benefits for improved office functionality. Today on the blog, we'll take an in-depth look at this new line. Enjoy!

Mayline ML TablesML series height adjustable office tables are distinctively modern. Even at first glance these designer tables will wow you. If you're looking to leave a lasting impression on your valued office visitors, this table collection from Mayline will certainly help. With a tech savvy look and simple to use features, ML is truly the full package.

Height Adjustable Ergonomic WorkstationsThe standing office desk and table solutions from the ML collection come standard with heavy duty metal bases and high pressure laminate tops. ML tables are built for the demands of the modern workplace and intensive use environments. All ML models operate using a 110V, 60Hz AC input 120V DC motor. They draw a maximum of 3 amps.

ML series 2 stage tables are available starting at $689.99. The 2 stage models from the ML collection adjust at .75" per second. With a total vertical adjustment range of 19.6", these versatile ergonomic tables can quickly go from 28" to 47.6" to meet your specific tasking needs.

ML Series L Shaped DesksThe 3 stage tables from the ML collection are a bit more advanced. They adjust up and down at an impressive 1.5" per second with a total travel range of 25.5". ML 3 stage tables can be lowered to 24.5" and raised to 50". Shoppers will love the wide range of size and surface shape options for both ML table styles.

While most of today's height adjustable workstations are complicated, the ML collection diminishes the learning curve. With a simple push button design, you'll be ready to work right out of the box with basic assembly.

Mayline has a real winner on their hands with the ML collection. These unique tables can be used to effectively outfit classroom and training environments. Looking to create multi user ergonomic desk configurations? No problem! ML can truly do it all. The tables from this hot new line promote continuous movement in the workplace, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow. We give ML a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating. If you're in need of new tables for your interiors, give the ML collection a look. You'll be glad you did.


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