Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for the Office

It's the last day of February, and hopefully, the last few days of winter! But however long it takes the thermometer to actually take a tip from the calendar, one thing's for sure - spring is definitely on the way, and what better way to start it off than with a bit of spring cleaning? Homes and businesses can get pretty grimy during the winter, especially with everyone cooped up inside. Things are bound to get a little run down with the constant use. Fortunately, these great spring office maintenance tricks can tighten things up in no time at all!

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Whether you're in a public environment or a private one, spring cleaning is important in any space. It seems like almost everyone catches some sort of bug in the wintertime, be it the flu or just a common cold. Without a touch of spring cleaning however, those bugs can stay on the surfaces of desks and chairs for who knows how long. That's why whipping out the Windex is never a bad idea. If everyone takes a few minutes at the end of the day to clean up desks, chairs, and modern cubicles for office use, the whole workplace turns into a safer, healthier environment. Keep up the routine, and it also reduces the chances of pests (both the invisible ones and creepy-crawlies). There's nothing like a freshly cleaned, lemon-scented office to you up in the morning, so don't be afraid to clean up!

Spring Flowers

Desk Plants

Everyone loves spring flowers, but who says they have to stay outside? Recent studies by Rutgers University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and even NASA have all conducted some amazing research on properties of plants, and guess what! Many of them are great for office use. Keeping a bit of greenery on stylish executive desks with modern design not only enlivens the look of the office, it also enlivens the people! Greens like golden pothos, peace lilies, lemon balms, and gardenias are all gorgeous plants that are scientifically proven to drastically improve air quality by removing harmful VOCs. They're especially excellent for the elderly and anyone living in the city. Users even report clearer thinking and more energy just from keeping these natural, affordable air purifiers for office use around.

Go Green


The modern age has meant some great news for the world's forests. With the advent of computers and digital technology, people are chopping down less trees to make paper. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean we're entirely paper-free. Post-its and small papers can fill up an office faster than you could ever imagine, until it seems like the whole office is swimming in a sea of colorful paper squares. Bottles, chip bags, and lunch containers can add to the melee, creating a nest of mess. Instead of cramming all of this into the trash though, why not consider recycling? With designated recycle bins for styrofoam, bottles, and paper, the trash won't fill up so fast, and will need to be taken out much less often. Furthermore, employees and janitors won't throw their backs out lifting huge trash bags. With all the clutter divided up for eco-friendly disposal, companies can save money on ergonomic office chairs for back pain, (and they may even get a bit of extra cash for going green!)

Office Tuneup

Office Maintenance

Just like cars, offices need maintenance once in a while. After a long winter spent indoors, chairs, office desks, modular workstations for multiple users, and even computers can get a little bent out of shape. Instead of letting everything fall apart, or springing for brand new furniture, try going around for a little office tuneup. Check the joints of office desks to tighten the screws and glue down any loose panels. Use an air-spray can to gently clean out keyboard trays for computer use. Scrape the gunk out of your office chair's wheels. When all is said and done, go through and empty your computer's recycle bin, run diagnostics, and clean out the hardware. In the end, your office will be faster, more efficient, comfortable, and it may even have that new-office smell!

Keep it Going

Build A Habit

All this cleaning is well and good, but it's even better for those who keep it up. People that make a habit out of cleanliness live much healthier lives than those who don't. Instead of simply spring cleaning, try to turn the season into a lifestyle. Don't eat at office desks or around high tech furniture for computer users, as crumbs can attract bugs that spread germs and damage equipment. Afterwards, make a habit of wiping things down with disinfectants, and try to convince your co-workers to do the same. See if you can convince the boss to hire a weekly/monthly cleaning service, and be sure to keep hand sanitizers available for use by everyone. Living a sanitary life prevents illness and improves overall health. Make a habit out of spring cleaning, and you'll never have to do it again!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chair of The Month: Hawk Series Office Chair by Eurotech Seating

Eurotech SeatingFebruary's chair of the month is the Hawk by Eurotech Seating. This innovative chair collection combines excellent ergonomic features, designer style, and a price tag any shopper will appreciate. In today's article we'll highlight this awesome new office chair and it's user friendly benefits. Enjoy!

At first glance you'll notice the cutting edge modern style the Eurotech Hawk Chair boasts. This sleek chair is showcased to perfection by the sleek mesh back design, padded seat, and durable 5 star base. Available in 5 cool color combinations, you'll be at no shortage of ways to let your individual business personality shine.

Burgundy Mesh Hawk ChairHawk Office Chair by EurotechIn terms of price, the Hawk Office Chair is hard to beat! Priced at only $172.99 you'll be hard pressed to find a better value on the market in 2014. Another important element of value that's often overlooked until it's time to purchase is the stock status. Luckily for those in need of new chairs in a hurry, all of the Hawk color options are stocked by Eurotech and available for quick shipment.

Those looking to really make their workspace pop will love the Hawk series orange mesh office chair with gray frame. The all black model is a great way to keep your space simplified with a neutral tone that's great for matching nearly any furniture finish. The blue mesh Hawk chair with gray frame and burgundy mesh Hawk chair also provide a modern look that's trending big time in 2014. 

Hawk Office Chair in Gray MeshBlue and Gray Hawk Chair by EurotechIn terms of ergonomic features, the Hawk has you covered! Attributes like tilt lock, synchro tilt, seat height adjustment, waterfall seat edge, and weight activated chair mechanism ensure comfort during those long days at the office. Needles to say, this awesome chair is sure to improve your workplace versatility, efficiency, and productivity on a budget.

All of the best Eurotech Seating office chairs from the Raynor Group are built for the demands of professional businesses but also work great in home office environments. The Hawk chair is no exception. The versatile design, affordable price point, and ergonomic features make this chair a top choice of industry professionals and interior design teams alike. Use this chair comfortably in nearly any application and reap the rewards!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Popular Ergonomic Chair Features of 2014

Shopping for office chairs? Then you've probably encountered some of the terms listed below and thought "what the heck does that mean?" Everyone knows the best way to go for the office is with ergonomic furniture, but sometimes the features listed underneath the products sound more like a foreign language than helpful information. Don't worry, though. Lucky for you, the struggle is over as today's article will define all the major ergonomic features every great chair should have in 2014!

Pneumatic Seat Height Cylinder

Pneumatic Seat Height Cylinder

This is basically just a fancy word for "the seat goes up and down," but it is fancy for a reason. In the past, many users had to manually adjust their chair if they wanted properly situated. They often had to get out of the chair and underneath it to find the height adjustment feature as though they were working on an automobile. Today, this is not the case. Pneumatic height cylinders and gas lifts have made all this obsolete. Now users can adjust their seat height at the flip of a switch or the touch of a lever. Almost all truly ergonomic chairs possess this feature, so be sure to get your money's worth when shopping.

Adjustable Arms

Office Chair with Adjustable Arms

In the office furniture world (and the world of chairs in general) armrests really aren't anything new. You sit down, they're there, and you may or may not rest your elbows on them. But did you know that today's articulating chair arms actually provide tremendous health benefits? That's right! Ergonomic furniture is all about staying healthy and keeping users comfortable. Any well-designed ergonomic chair should have some form of adjustable armrests to improve blood circulation throughout the arms, wrists, and hands. For computer users and those with joint pain, this feature is a must have!

Tablet Attachment

OFM ORO Series Designer Chair with Tablet

Speaking of computer users, the next ergonomic feature on our list is just for them! Well okay, so tablets are good features for just about anyone, but computer users are their biggest fans. These nifty little devices are excellent for digital artists, graphic designers, drafters, and laptop users alike. They serve as tiny tables attached to the chair so users can set devices or papers closer to their bodies for a more comfortable work experience. Forget the days of leaning over the office desk. Tablet arms are here to stay!

Lumbar Support

Boss Deluxe Managers Chair with Lumbar

Anyone with back pain knows the value of lumbar support. For those that have been living in a cave for the past hundred years, this is the cushy pillow-like structure in the bottom half of an office chair that supports the lower back. Because ergonomic furniture is focused on achieving the ultimate in office comfort, no chair in 2014 worth your money should be without some sort of lumbar supporting feature.

Head Rest

Boss High Back Ergonomic Mesh Chair with Headrest

This one is pretty self explanatory, however it is a fairly new trend in the office furniture world. In the olden days, the only chairs that ever seemed to include head rests were car seats, and that was for safety purposes. Chances are, unless you've got some really crazy co-workers, you probably won't be experiencing whiplash at the office anytime soon, so why the change? Well, it turns out headrests are highly beneficial. Not only do they save people in car wrecks, but they're also great relievers of neck pain for those that have it in the workplace!

Tilt Tension

AirFlo Executive Chair with Tilt Tension from OFM

Tilt tension control is a big feature in affordable ergonomic chairs for office use. In fact, if your chair doesn't appear to offer some version of this feature, it's probably ill-advertised and not ergonomic at all. As usual, tilt tension control is all about the user's comfort. Everyone has different needs, which is part of why adjustable furniture has become such a hit in the workspace. This feature allows individuals to alter the tilt of the back of their chair, molding it to their specific needs. It's a feature no self-respecting ergonomic chair should ever be without.

Tilt Locks

Offices To Go Executive Chair with Tilt Lock

Tilt locks are ergonomic another feature commonly paired with tilt tension control. Most users love the versatility offered by tilt tension control, however, if the chair is only used by one person, it doesn't make much sense for the user to adjust the chair every day. That's why tilt locks serve by locking the back tilt in a fixed position, so the chair will only rock back so far with a certain amount of give. It's a favorite feature of many ergonomic office chairs with modern design that's sure to impress.

Knee Tilt

Global Shadow Executive Chair with Seat Adjustment

The popularity of tilt mechanisms among high tech contemporary task chairs for office use has made the knee tilt feature a big winner in the showroom. Knee tilts are especially loved by deskercisers and yoga enthusiasts as it takes the strain off the legs when a user stretches. Knee tilts work by relying on ergonomic design to adjust and move the front end of the seat up or down. With this, chairs like the 11690B Mesh Executive Chair by Offices To Go can better ensure that the user's feet are always on the floor for correct posture and improved circulation over time.

Vertebral Design

RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair

As far as ergonomic studies go, nothing seems to showcase the validity of the science better than vertebral design. Not all ergonomic chairs offer this feature, but they certainly should. If you are searching for the best ergonomic design has to offer, be sure to purchase a chair that supports the spine. Chairs like the 22011 Verte Ergonomic Chair by RFM and the Arti Series 6670-2 Polypropylene Chair  by Global both rely on high end vertebral designs backed by years of scientific study and engineering. The Verte alone was a decade in the making, but it has been heralded as the best possible office chair for anyone with tremendous back pain. Both models work by using sophisticated technology such as steel cables or, in the case of the Verte, spring loaded joints that take an exact impression of the occupant's spine for astounding support. Vertebral chairs can range widely in price and quality, but believe us when we say that it is money well spent!

Waterfall Seat

Eurotech Wau Office Chair with Waterfall Seat

And finally, we leave you with the humble waterfall seat. As simple as this design is, it does wonders for anyone with leg problems. Arthritis, aches, joint pain, and poor circulation don't stand a chance against a chair with a waterfall seat. Exploding in popularity, this feature relies on a discreet sloping design at the front of the seat, which doesn't cut off blood circulation in the way common office task chairs do. The backs of the knees experience reduced pressure, resulting reduced pain, a healthier body, and improved posture. It just goes to show that whether you go with fabric, leather, or mesh office chairs with quality design, ergonomic furniture can improve lifestyle in ways you may have never imagined!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Product Showcase: OFM Recoil Series Chairs

OFM Recoil Chairs
The OFM Recoil series chair collection is sure to impress in any office waiting area. These contemporary office lounge chairs that rock offer excellent durability, style, and user comfort. Now available in 5 cool color combinations including a super cool two tone version, the Recoil chair is poised to be one of the hottest pieces of office furniture to hit the market in 2014.

Contemporary Lounge Chair That Rocks
At first glance you'll notice the out of this world modern style the Recoil Lounge Chair has to offer! Always ahead of the curve when it comes to offer furniture, OFM prides themselves on cutting edge designs like those showcased in the Recoil.

Dark Green Recoil Chair 841 by OFMThe 841 OFM Recoil chair features a separated seat back and base design that is effectively supported by a black steel frame. The unique spring back allows users to gently rock while visiting your waiting area. Talk about a conversation piece!

Purple Recoil Lounge Chair by OFMWant durability? No problem! The Recoil supports users up to 400 pounds. The stain resistant fabric is anti microbial and anti bacterial making it an excellent choice for those in search of contemporary healthcare seating solutions.

Recoil Lounge Chair in RedIn 2014, the Recoil line was expanded to include purple, yellow, green, and red lounge chair upholstery options that really pop. All priced below $400, any model from this collection is truly an excellent value. As an added bonus, Recoil series chairs are typically in stock for quick shipment. What more could you as for?

Check out the product review video on YouTube by OFM and get an even better look at this incredible line of contemporary lounge chairs for office applications!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Top Waiting Room Furniture Collections: Global Citi Series

Choosing the right furniture for a waiting room can feel like a juggling act, and if it doesn't it definitely should. Guest furniture is particularly important in business environments. It needs to look great, feel comfortable, and reflect the values and decor of your establishment. So how can you find what's right? Well, luckily there are plenty of brands that work super hard to incorporate all these elements into their guest furniture, and the Global Citi collection is one of the best!


Citi Lounge Chair

The secret to Global's success comes from a lot of places, but their chair lines certainly don't hamper progression.Chairs like the 7875 Global Citi Lounge Chair is a paragon of stylish ingenuity. Of course, it's not exactly an engineering marvel. It doesn't feature ergonomic gadgetry or high tech mechanisms, but that's part of what makes it so great. Lounge chairs like this one rely on traditional design with updated style to appeal to the masses. It boasts a compact, raised leg design with a double stitched upholstery available in four leather options. As if that weren't enough, the chair also has a twin. The 7875LFLTL Citi Tablet Arm Lounge Chair by Global makes a great alternate for those that can't afford a huge coffee table. With an optional tablet arm included, it is a dream for laptop users and those that like to enjoy refreshments while they wait!

Sofas and Loveseats

Global Total Office Sofa

The Global name is known for being an expert producer of all things office related, and lucky for us, that includes lounge furniture! Sofas may not seem like the average office fair, but they're definitely welcome in any luxury executive office environment. Now the Citi line only features one true sofa design, but it is brilliantly capable of matching the needs of almost any high end office. The 7877 Global Citi Three Seat Sofa comes in the buyer's choice of four stylish mock leathers, including black, chaps, graphite, and latte. In addition, it also boasts leg options to better match office decor. For those that like to go all out, the smaller, two-person loveseat by Global's Citi collection is a great way to round out the look of any waiting area.


Global Citi Coffee Table

In the realm of great home and office tables, Global definitely leads the pack. This brand boasts two of the most popular coffee table designs on the market today. No matter where they're placed, they always seem to fly off the shelves (and into the online shopping carts)! The 7889 Global Citi Coffee Table alone boasts tremendous modern style. It features a sleek glass top with a bottom table design that can also double as a storage feature. The table is a beautiful design welcome in both homes and office welcome areas. Users love the contemporary style that's sure to leave any reception area, lobby, or living room with a host of compliments. However, for those that don't have the space, a smaller, rectangular coffee table by Global is another furniture favorite worth a good look.


Global Citi Rectangular Coffee Table

With all their stylish office desks and modular workstations for sale, Global has become an expert in the discrete storage department. In their Citi furniture line, their efforts are evident. It may not seem like it at first glance, but the Citi lounge furniture collection features amazing storage capabilities when compared to competitors. While most manufacturers basically toss some legs on a plank to call it a coffee table, Global takes serious precautions to make sure waiting rooms with their furniture in them aren't cluttered. They do this by creating tables like the 7888 Global Citi Rectangular Coffee Table, which harbor excellent storage. In one design, the table effectively boasts two shelves for magazines, beverages, TV remotes, or anything else you can cram into the space. Partnered with a few affordable end tables for office lounge use from Global, and your waiting room will be the talk of the town!


Global Citi Lounge Furniture Collection

Overall, the Global Citi collection is a winner on all fronts. The chairs and sofas offer excellent residential level comfort for waiting rooms, lobbies, and reception areas, while the tables make great additions to living areas just about anywhere.  Users love the superior modern style, versatile decor options, and reasonable price that allows them to furnish stylish waiting areas without breaking the bank. When compared to other manufacturers of stylish lounge furniture for home and business applications, Global has always come out on top. All these reasons and more are part of what makes the Global Citi collection such a top choice!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Chair Reviews: Top Office Chairs for Conference Rooms

"You don't get a second chance at a first impression." In today's fast moving world, it can often feel as if we live by that old adage, especially in business. Sometimes companies are lucky to get one chance to impress an executive or a guest from another business, so it's best not to mess things up. Conference rooms are usually the first places corporate visitors see. Making sure the boardroom is decked out with all the latest furniture to impress is a must, but the comfort of guests should always come first. That's why we're presenting the top five chairs to keep guests friendly in the conference room!

Global Mirage Conference ChairOur list begins with a popular conference chair by an even more popular brand. Global is well respected for producing all kinds of quality furniture for business applications, including desks, tables, and chairs of all shapes and sizes. The 2790-4 Mirage Conference Chair by Global is just one of their many great choices. Although this chair can be applied to cubicles, receptionist areas, and executive offices, the Mirage is best suited to conference rooms. The simplistic style, versatile color choices, and polished aluminum accents combine for the ultimate feel of modern elegance. If your conference room is dressed to impress, than the Mirage is a chair guests shouldn't be without.

Boss White Leather Conference ChairElegance can take all kinds of shapes. One shape may look like the Mirage chair listed above, and the next more like this beauty. The B9406 Leather Office Chair by Boss features a minimalist design with a clean white upholstery that's sure to leave guests speechless. Available in both a high back and mid back option, in black or white, this leather chair meets the standards of just about any conference room. It's the perfect choice for those long, drawn out meetings because it offers adjustable comfort for the user. A spring tilt mechanism allows the back to lock in any position throughout the tilt range, allowing the occupant controllable luxury most conference chairs tend to leave out. 

RFM Preferred Seating Wink Conference Room ChairDon't judge a book by it's cover! The 390 Wink Conference Room Chair by RFM may look a little strange upon the first glance, but this chair probably has more versatility to match decor than any competitor out there. RFM is a brand that's heralded for their commitment to top quality ergonomic design. Chairs like the Verde by RFM have even gained national recognition for comfort that was a decade in the making. However, even if the Wink chair didn't take quite as long to design, it still boasts tremendously adaptable style. Few buyers ever realize the huge repertoire of decor choices they get when buying from RFM. The Wink chair alone offers well over twenty different patterns and colors for it's fabric upholstery. If you've got a conference room with a super unique design, you won't find a better chair to match decor than the durable, versatile Wink!

Neva 8903 High Back Executive conference Chair
Next on our list is a chair right out of a modern fairy tale! The 8903 Neva High Back Conference Chair by Via Seating boasts a trendy style that's sure to impress. This chair combines the best of both worlds, incorporating professionalism and modern simplicity into one dashing design. It makes an excellent chair for executive offices in both homes and businesses, but is still much better suited for conference room use. (Why only have one person get to enjoy the view, right?) Users love the high back and mid back options they get with this chair and the array of leather upholsteries also included. Being from Via Seating, of course the chair features amazing comfort, with a flex-to-fit cervical spine to support the occupant by following the natural contours of the body. It doesn't get much more impressive than that.

Flash Furniture Mid Back Green Office Chair
And lastly, to round out our list, we present you with the newest trend in conference room interior design: mesh back office chairs! Choosing mesh back chairs for conference room use is one of the best ways to ensure your office stays stylish on a budget. Not only are these chairs affordable, but they're usually extremely lightweight, and they almost always come in numerous color options to better match existing decor. Seating solutions like the office chairs by Flash Furniture and similar brands always leave rooms with eye-catching style that will easily make a unique impression on guests to any conference area or boardroom. Should you ever find your business changing, mesh back chairs are versatile enough to find a place just about anywhere, from cubicles to executive offices. Mesh chairs are clean, healthy, affordable, and loaded with flair - the perfect recipe for a memorable first impression!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top Guest Chair Styles for Office Welcome Areas

Whether you're looking to deck out an office reception area, waiting room, or lobby, chairs are always a must for welcome areas. Regardless of wait times, most visitors prefer to sit and relax rather than to stand. As the head of the business, it's the owner's job to make sure guests are as comfortable as possible, but how do you know what to choose? Guest chairs come in all shapes and sizes, and tons of materials to boot, so finding what's right can be a challenge. Hopefully, some of these top guest chair styles of 2014 will give you some idea of what's best for your business!


Global Echo Series Guest Chair

Fabric is usually the way to go if you want the classic look. In colder offices, they can make all the difference between a patient customer and a disgruntled one, which is a big plus when visitors may have to wait for a long time. Most users love fabric chairs because of their style, versatility, and comfort. Not only do they keep occupants warm, but there are often far more possibilities for anyone looking to match chairs with existing decor. Unlike leather, fabric chairs come in all sorts of colors and patterns without the added price, and they're often equipped with either wood or chrome accents to help waiting rooms visually pop. The good thing about fabric guest chairs is that they come in all sorts of sizes to fit every room and every price range. Fabric is a style of chair that has never been out of fashion, and isn't likely to go anywhere soon!


Boss Contemporary Reception Chair

For a look of luxury, never say no to leather. This chair style is a great choice for executive offices and anyplace that wants to leave guests feeling pampered and well cared for. Leather chairs are typically available in neutral colors, such as black, white, brown, or cream. However, on rare occasions a red or teal leather chair may pop up somewhere. In a business environment where first impressions are important, popular leather guest chairs are usually the top choice for companies. Not only is leather appealing to touch and see, it's also easy to clean. Just break out the conditioner once in a while and these chairs should last a long time!


OFM Net Series Beam Seating

Want the latest look for your office guest area? Then mesh is a perfect choice. This chair style relies on a breathable microfiber upholstery that leaves occupants feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The appeal of mesh back chairs lies in the thin fabric back. Designed to support with a light, airy touch, mesh back chairs allow breezes to reach the occupant, preventing the build up of heat and germs. For this reason, they are a popular choice for hospitals, medical offices, schools, and anywhere bacteria spreads. Colorful, affordable, and abundant, mesh back chairs for waiting room use are also super easy to clean. Simply grab a disinfectant wipe or a moist paper towel and swipe the mesh a few times to leave it looking new and spotless!


Global Sonic Guest Chair

In the realm of guest chairs, no solution is more versatile than the common stack chair. These chairs make great solutions for offices on a budget. Not only are they incredibly affordable, but they're also highly adaptable. They are a must in offices of high activity where a room may seat customers one day, and visitors to a seminar the next. Stacking chairs can come in numerous sizes and materials, but one of the most popular choices is affordable plastic office chairs for guest use, for obvious reasons. Plastic chairs offer the advantages of easy cleaning and lightweight design. Like most stack chairs, they can be easily transported and stored when not in use. Available in hundreds of colors, and more designs than can be counted, stacking office guest chairs for sale will always be in style.


Global Marche Side Chair

As "classic" as fabric guest chairs are, wood is likely the oldest material of the office furniture world. Over the years, it has been used to make everything from pencils, to paperweights, to high end office desks. But just because a material is old, doesn't mean it's out of style. In fact, wood furniture is still in high demand all over the world. No matter what happens, buyers just can't seem to resist the rustic natural look of wood furniture, and chairs are no exception. Beautiful wood guest chairs for office reception and waiting room use always bring a touch of elegance to any space they inhabit. When sustainably harvested, wood furniture can blend modern style with traditional materials in a guilt free way that's sure to leave visitors speechless!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New In Februrary: Flash Furniture Bar Stools Under $100

When it comes to stylish office products at affordable prices, Flash Furniture is the brand to shop! With a wide range of discount office chairs, lounge furniture, and computer desks, this reputable manufacturer has expanded their offering to include hundred of versatile bar stools for the home and business. In today's article we'll showcase several of Flash's best new bar stools under $100 available at most online retailers. Enjoy!

Contemporary Black Plastic Bar StoolAt only $57.99 the CH-TC3-1062-BK-GG black plastic bar stool by Flash Furniture kicks off today's article. At first glance this product will wow you with it's curved back design and polished base. Upon closer inspection you'll notice integrated features like built in foot rest and height adjustable mechanism. The rounded back design adds to the modern appeal while the easy to clean plastic seating surfaces offer an easy to clean solution that's sure to look great for years. You just can't beat this value!

Contemporary White Vinyl Bar StoolSecond on our list of modern bar stools under $100 by Flash Furniture is the CH-112080-WH-GG model stool. This contemporary white vinyl bar stool features a tufted back design with polished base and integrated foot rest. This height adjustable model is also available in a wide range of additional color options to match your decor needs. The CH-112080-WH-GG offers a swivel seat for easy mobility and works great in cafe, bistro, and break room areas looking to capitalize on the modern style movement.

Orange Vinyl Bar StoolNext up is the CH-TC3-1060-ORG-GG model orange vinyl retro bar stool by Flash Furniture. If it's a classic look you're in search of with ample wow factor, this stool is a perfect choice for you! Priced at only $64.99 a variety of additional colors are available if orange is a bit over the top for you. We personally love this far out look and think it's a great way to let your personality shine! The CH-TC3-1060-ORG-GG offers features like an adjustable height base that allows for a wide range of movements. The padded back support and foot rest make for improved user comfort. Needless to say, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value under $100.

Contemporary Metal Bar StoolThe Flash Furniture BS-6400-29-BK-GG Metal Bar Stool is another brand new addition for 2014! This 29" bar stool features a curved leg design and black leather swivel seat. An integrated metal foot rest and unique back design make this chair a comfortable and contemporary solution that's sure to impress. At only $65.99, it's easy to see the value in this awesome product! A 24" version is also available for lower counter applications.

Modern Wood Bar StoolLast but certainly not least is the SD-2075-1-WAL-GG contemporary wood bar stool by Flash Furniture. Priced to sell at $67.99, this walnut finished stool is an excellent way to enhance modern common areas on a budget. The unique design is highlighted by a black vinyl padded seat and built in foot rest. The adjustable base is a polished metal that's sure to add some pop to your area! The backless design makes or an open feel while the in stock status is great for those in need of new wood bar stools in a hurry.

In addition to the new Flash Furniture Bar Stools highlighted here, an extensive selection of other popular models are also available. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we plan to showcase many more of these awesome seating solutions sure to highlight your space on a shoestring budget!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Best Office Furniture Lines: Mayline Mira Series

Mayline is a brand that's known for it's exceptional attention to detail. All the furniture produced by this company is the product of expert craftsmen and designers whose focus it is to make sure customers get exactly what they're looking for. But while all Mayline furniture is gorgeous, perhaps nowhere is the stunning beauty of their desks more evident than in the Mira collection. This furniture series boasts desks, storage solutions, conference furniture, and more, and each item is skillfully wrought by professionals. If you're thinking of remaking your office, the Mira collection is definitely worth consideration!


Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical MEU 1

Mayline is perhaps best known for their excellent office desks. Big or small, Mayline desks have been welcome in offices all over the nation since the day the company started producing them, and the Mira collection is no exception. These desks make excellent additions to both home and business environments alike. All Mira furniture features either an espresso or medium cherry finish for versatility in decor. Users love these desks for their elegant curves that speak of modern professionalism. In fact, desks like the Mira Series MEU1 Executive Typical by Mayline offer contemporary modular design for a tremendously low price. With fine workmanship, excellent storage, and a classic woodsy charm, Mira desks will be the star of offices for years to come!


Mayline Mira Lateral File

The Mira collection offers excellent storage features to accent their traditional inspired veneer furniture for the office. Cabinets, bookcases, and file drawers are the staples of this collection's storage options. Mira bookcases are available in shelves of two, three, or four. As always, they are offered in either an espresso or medium cherry finish. They make great storage solutions for book lovers, but also for anyone that has need of extra shelving and doesn't wish to alter their wall space. Mira cabinets also prevent damage to walls because they are designed to stand on the floor. Most are available with locks for added security. In addition to these, Mira also offers storage accessories like the MLT Mira Series Letter Tray by Mayline, designed to match easily with other products in this collection. With Mira, you can rest assured your office will have everything it needs to stay organized and complete.

Conference Tables

Mayline Mira Series Racetrack Conference Table

If you want to deck out your office in the full array of Mira stylings, never fear. Mayline has incorporated conference furniture into their office collections so the whole office can boast a look of uniformity. Tables like the MCTDB4896 Mira Racetrack Conference Table by Mayline are available in either a medium cherry or a rich espresso finish to match other Mira furniture with ease. The tables are some of the most popular wood boardroom tables for sale out there. Users love the stylish racetrack design and two versatile sizes, but the affordable price is probably the best feature of all!

Reception Furniture

Mayline Mira Series Reception Desk

Like the rest of their furniture, affordable reception desks by Mayline are known for being super stylish and welcoming. What users may not know is that Mira collection reception desks feature the same level of superior style and craftsmanship as the rest of Mayline furniture. Users love Mira reception desks for their welcoming design that lets users and receptionists both feel as though they can connect. Many reception units from the Mira collection feature glass transaction counters for added sophistication and a touch of the modern. These desks are favored by receptionists in salons, spas, and other trendy establishments because of their unique, charming design and affordable price.

Mira Lounge Tables

Mayline Mira Coffee Table

Although the Mira collection does not boast any lounge chairs, it does however feature brilliantly designed tables for lounge use. In both homes and businesses alike, Mira reception tables bring a sense of upscale fashion to any room. Both the coffee table and the end table offered in this series feature matching finishes in either espresso or medium cherry. They also possess similar designs so as to more easily match existing decor. The end tables and stylish coffee tables for reception use are available for very affordable prices and are beloved in home living rooms, office lounge areas, lobbies, libraries, and any place visitors gather.


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