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Office Desk Showcase: 10 Contemporary Workstations That Rock

Looking to furnish your office with a brand new desk? Then you've come to the right place. There are all kinds of amazing desks out there with great benefits, from modular desks, to standard, single, corner, and ergonomic. Knowing which one your workplace wants will make this task all the easier. To help you out, we're showcasing ten contemporary workstations that rock, both for the home and business office. Check them out!

Studio Designs Catalina Split Top
First on our list, the 10080 Catalina Split Top LS Workcenter by Studio Designs makes the perfect artist desk for drafting use. Featuring a beautiful glass top, this workstation is elegant enough for the studio or a place in the house, and the top can easily be lit from underneath to become a makeshift light table. The desk boasts table angle adjustment and durability to survive every art project, it could simply be used as a beautiful computer desk for an executive office.
Mayline Brighton Executive Desk

Next up is another desk perfect for both home and executive office use. The Mayline Brighton BT2 Executive Desk comes from one of Mayline's most affordable desk lines. It boasts a beautiful bow front desk with suspended pedestals for storage, a credenza shell, and a curved bridge. Buyers can make their choice of a rich cherry or dark mocha finish to fill their office with style.

Offices To Go American Espresso Desk SetFor those of you with lots of guests, nothing makes a better executive desk layout for meeting with visitors than the SL-G-AEL American Espresso Layout by Offices To Go. This furniture set features a desk for regular work, a credenza with pedestals for storage, and a round meeting table for close discussion with clients. The set is affordable and contemporary. Varied color options are also available.

OFM L Shaped Workstation
Want to bring your office up a notch? Then check out the 55196 L Shaped Workstation by OFM to get your modern style. This workstation is durable and contemporary, with a scratch-resisitant finish to last the ages. It makes an extremely affordable desking option, with a sliding keyboard tray built in and no tools required for assembly, so owners save on additional costs. Choose from a gorgeous cherry or maple finish.

Cherryman Amber L Shaped Credenza Desk
Speaking of pretty L Shaped Workstations for home and business use, the AM-397 Amber L Shaped Credenza Desk by Cherryman is never a bad choice. Available in four stunning finishes, this desk is a top choice of interior design teams and industry pros. The L shaped design fits in corners, or looks good on its own, and the extra storage space is always needed in any office.

Mayline Eastwinds 8100TD Computer Desk

Need a desk to fit a small space? The Mayline Eastwinds 8100TD-ANT Mobile Computer Desk makes a great workstation for students and dorm rooms. Its small stature provides plenty of work and storage applications, even with mobility! It boasts workspace, a keyboard tray, room for a printer, and a built in CPU holder to protect computer data. All the while, it leaves plenty of leg room for idle students. It's an incredible desk solution for high schoolers and college kids tight on space and funds.

Calico Designs Monterey Glass Corner DeskFor around the same price as the affordable desk above, users could also choose the 50400 Calico Designs Monterey Glass Desk for their office. This workstation has elegance in spades, with graceful curving steel supports, and a sleek glass top. It saves space in most rooms, making it ideal for the compact office. On glance at the classy futuristic style, and there's no wonder why it's a top seller!

Offices To Go Espresso Office Layout

We've already illustrated the superior office innovation of Offices To Go, but we're circling around now more time to bring you the SL-B-AEL Espresso Office Desk Layout for your workplace. Like the SL-G-AEL listed above, this desk is great for executives in a host of other ways. With top-notch construction, it features excellent work space and storage. With a modular design, additional finish options, and an affordable price comparatively, it makes a rockin' compliment to any executive space.

Mayline VariTask Ergonomic Table
However, with all the studies showing the benefits of standing up to work, perhaps you're considering a desk that can adjust to your specific needs. The 685W Mayline VeriTask Ergonomic Workstation is height adjustable so users can sit or stand to get work done. The table offers quick adjustment, 15-degree tilt, and plenty of room for technology. Don't miss out on the health benefits of a standing desk. With this choice, you can even adjust for a sitting break.

Cherryman Verde ConfigurationAnd last but not least, we leave you with the creme-de-la-creme of modern style. The Verde Series by Cherryman is well known for being the pinnacle of contemporary office style, so it's no surprise that the VL-744N Cherryman Verde Configuration would be a popular choice. Boasting glass, chrome accents, and dark wood, this workstation meets all the staples of superior office looks. With storage, plenty of workspace, and a modular construction, executives get exactly what they're looking for!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Build A Budget Boardroom for Your Business

Affordable Conference Room Furniture Configuration
Assembling a budget friendly boardroom for your business may seem like a difficult task. The good news is, it doesn't have to be! By taking your time, researching the right products, and shopping for deals an affordable boardroom is withing reach. In today's article we'll highlight designer conference tables, seating, storage components, and versatile presentation aids sure to have your meeting area looking great without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

The main piece of furniture for meeting areas is the table. As the focal point of your space, office boardroom tables should make a professional statement while showcasing your business style. Top brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office all offer affordable solutions designed to meet the needs of any budget. As most businesses are equipped to handle tables 6' in length, that's what we'll focus on!

Here's A Few Great Table Suggestions We Love In 2014:

1.) Mayline 6' Brighton Series Conference Table BTCT6 - $218.99

Mayline 6' Brighton Conference Table
2.) Cherryman Industries Amber Conference Table A720 - $257.00

A720 Amber Series Conference Table

3.) Global Total Office Alba 6' Conference Table GR6STM - $497.99

Alba Series 6' Conference Table

Once you've decided on an affordable conference room table to meet your needs, it's time to focus on guest comfort. Choosing the best conference room seating for your space can be an extensive process. With modern, leather, fabric, mesh, and high end ergonomic styles abundantly available in 2014, narrowing down your search is must! Leather and high end ergonomic styles are typically the most expensive, while utilizing mesh and fabric seating is often the most cost effective. Brands like Flash Furniture, Offices To Go, and Boss all provide excellent options under $175 each.

Here's 3 Awesome Conference Chairs Under $175:

1.) Flash Furniture BT-9826M-TAN-GG Tan Leather Conference Chair - $162.99

Tan Leather Conference Chair

2.) Offices To Go 11657B Black Mesh Conference Chair - $162.99

11657B Mesh Conference Chair by Offices To Go

3.) Boss B7101 Black Leather Conference Chair - $170.99

B7101 High Back Leather Conference Chair by Boss

With the table and chairs out of the way, it's time to focus on storage. An often overlooked feature of most conference room furniture configurations, adding versatile storage is an essential part of the design process that will help to keep your space organized while adding aesthetic value if done properly.

Here's 3 Awesome Storage Components Sure To Improve Your Meeting Area:

1.) Mayline Brighton Series Glass Display Cabinet - $494.99

Brighton Display Cabinet by Mayline

2.) Cherryman Industries Amber Wardrobe Cabinet A560 - $632.50

Amber Wardrobe Cabinet A560 by Cherryman

3.) Global 9300 Multi Stor Cabinet 9336P-5FX - $500.99

Global Multi Stor Cabinet

Last but certainly not least, the addition of a few minor presentation aids will make a big difference in your boardroom style and productivity. Products like presentation boards, lecterns, and mobile TV stands will improve your meeting quality as most individuals are more visually stimulated and will thus be more engaged in your office presentations.

Here's A Few Boardroom Accessories To Consider:

1.) Mayline Brighton Series White Board Cabinet AVPB - $394.99

Brighton White Board Cabinet

2.) Mayline Lighted Lectern 1050LT - $326.99

Lighted Metal Lectern for Conference Room

3.) Safco Scoot Series Multi Media Cart 8940BL - $535.99

Safco Scoot Multimedia Cart

As you can see, using 6 chairs and any combination of the furniture listed above will bring your total conference room makeover in at an affordable price point. If you'd like to further enhance your space, using stylish paint colors, wall art, and area rugs are all great options. In the long run, you'll be enjoying professional meetings in a space that didn't break the bank and looks great!

Monday, April 28, 2014

5 Ways to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to go (green aside from helping the environment) is that going green often keeps some green in your wallet! Power and energy are expensive, so naturally, saving them not only gives back to nature, it also gives back to you. Companies and offices are expensive enough to run as it is. To help you keep hold of your green, here's some green, eco-friendly tips to help make your office more energy efficient!

Timer On Thermostat

Timer On Thermostat

Setting a timer on your thermostat is a great way to keep things green in the office, and save yourself a bit of cash too. Instead of leaving the AC on to cool endless rooms of modular cubicles for business use when no one is there, put some money back in your pocket by saving the energy. Simply set your thermostat on a timer so that it cuts off after closing time. This way it won't be cooling a workplace with no people in it. Then set it so that it cuts back on a little while before opening time. This way, the office is nice and cool when everyone walks in the next day - and you can finally pay for some comfortable new office chairs!

Use LED and Incandescent Lighting Instead of Fluorescent

Use LED and Incandescent Lighting Instead of Fluorescent

Being brighter, more energy efficient, and less costly, LED lighting for office desks is the way of the future! Rather than spending a bundle on traditional desk lamps and lighting fixtures for the office, go ahead and replace your old fluorescent bulbs with these newer, more efficient styles. With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, LED is definitely the longest lasting and also the cheapest lighting source, averaging around $30 per year to operate, even if it does cost more at the store. Furthermore, LED and incandescents do not contain dangerous mercury like fluorescents do, which can cause serious damage to the environment, your pets, and you. If you choose to go fluorescent, be prepared to call the hazmat team to clean your desk should you break the bulb. Yikes!

Change Computer Settings

Change Computer Settings

When computers are constantly up and running, the bright screens can suck a lot of power as opposed to being in "sleep mode." Setting your computer's screen to go black after the shortest amount of inactivity time it offers is an excellent way to save power and money when away from the desk. Some computers even offer an "Eco" feature in the settings that also saves power by adjusting brightness by sensing the surrounding lighting conditions (which is also better for the eyes)! Doing this and turning your computer completely off at the end of the day might eventually save enough money so that you can finally get some energy efficient accessories for computer use in the office!

Plant Trees Outside Windows

Plant Trees Outside Windows

Planting trees is always a good way to help the environment and improve the air quality around your whole facility! The trees are an excellent way to landscape and provide your business with a little extra shade to keep the office cooler and cost less on AC. Visitors love the view of the birds and greenery from the eco friendly waiting room furniture, and the pretty trees improve the appearance of the whole workplace. You may not even have to do the work yourself! See if any local schools have a green group to see if they're interested in gaining some community service time!

Plug In Timers

Plug In Timers

Few people stop to consider how much power is drained by vending machines, water coolers, and coffee makers, but it can be significant. These devices, while tasty, are primarily inactive and always plugged in. But don't worry, we're not going to neglect you coffee for your workday. Instead of spending $80 annually to run these products, save yourself the trouble by putting them on timers. Like the AC, timers will keep them from draining power when no one's around. Choosing environmentally friendly office furniture, Energy Star gadgets, and office products certified by Greenguard can help as well. Together, they ensure that your workplace is eco-friendly and wallet friendly too!

Friday, April 25, 2014

What's Missing From Your Office?

If you've been working in the same space for a while, you probably have a pretty good routine going. But how can you know if you're missing something that could make your workday faster, more comfortable, and more productive? Well, today we'll take a look at some of the most popular devices for improving work experience and highlight their benefits. Check them out!

An Adjustable Monitor Arm

Elite Monitor Arm by ESI

By allowing users to adjust the position of their computer screen, the monitor arm will reduce eye strain for avid gamers and computer users. They're perfect for anyone that's prone to neck and upper back problems caused by an ill-placed computer screen. Use the monitor arm to move the screen directly in front of you, so you don't alter your neck and back muscles to see from an unnatural position. Make sure the screen is at least one arm's length away from your face, and say goodbye to eye strain. Because the arms keep computers off the tabletop, you also get a ton of desk space back!

The Proper Office Chair

Comfortable Office Chair

Having a proper office chair for your needs is imperative in all office environments. You want a chair that's comfortable enough to sit in all day, but that also meets your individual standards for quality and stylish design. Choosing modern mesh task chairs for sale is an excellent way to get a comfortable seating solution with a breathable upholstery that prevents the buildup of germs and heat on the user, so they're great for warmer offices. On the other hand, a nice leather office chair or an ergonomic one is usually more popular with executives.


Unorganized Office

Everyone has their quirks, but if you're office is missing organization, you've got a problem in the making. Even if you think you have a pretty good idea of where everything is, its only a matter of time before that important purchase order gets mixed in with that igloo of other papers shielding your desk. Sooner or later, you may even lose your car keys and have to stay at work… forever! Instead of wallowing in the mess, give yourself the ability to keep things clean by adding small convenient storage cabinets and a trash bin, so you can decide at the moment if your paper is a keeper or a throw away. You'll work faster, and the office will look great while you do it!

Desk Plants

Desk Plants

Desk plants are super great for those with breathing problems, the elderly, or anyone stuck in a city office with no windows. Few realize that as you sit at your desk indoors, after a while you may actually end up re-breathing your own carbon-dioxide, causing tiredness and cognitive impairment. Fortunately, certain low-maintenance plants like lemon balm, spider plants, golden pothos, and peace lilies all work by acting as affordable air purifiers to improve health in the workspace. They remove harmful VOCs, replenish the air with oxygen, make space smell better, improve brain function, and they look good doing it. A must-have for any indoor office.

Effective Lighting

Effective Lighting

Believe it or not, lighting is a big problem for many people in office environments, and they may not even know it. The human eye is only made to take so much light input, and overloading with bright computer light, desk light, and ambient light can cause terrible eye strain. Instead, choose smart office lighting options that allow you to adjust intensity by manipulating the arm of the lamp or dimming it. Another option is to dim your computer screen by setting it to an "eco" setting. It saves energy, you'll be more comfortable, and lamps like the Solstice by ESI can even charge your handhelds!

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

If you experience wrist pain, an ergonomic keyboard tray can help! Office-related hand and wrist pain is usually caused by an improperly placed keyboard that may force users to reach on top of their desk to type, putting their hands in an unnatural position. Many keyboard tray models mount under desks to save users the trouble. Under the desk, keyboard trays are almost always at arm level. The tilt feature can help ensure proper blood flow to the forearms, hands, and wrists, reducing pain.

Foot Rest

Obusforme Footrest

The last thing that's likely missing from your office is probably the last thing you'd think of - an airplane. Just kidding! The last reasonable thing you're likely missing is a foot rest. It may sound silly at first, but if you ever wonder why you experience terrible foot pain at the end of the day even if you hardly ever get up to wander around the office, it's probably from your feet not touching the ground when you sit. When feet dangle in the air, the dead weight puts a lot of stress on the knee joints, cutting off circulation and causing major pain. An adjustable foot rest is a great way to alleviate the stress and leave you more comfortable at the end of the day. (There are even models with massagers built in!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's New: Cool Laminate Finishes by Global Total Office

Few furniture brands offer better design variety than Global Total Office for interior designers. But just when we thought they couldn't vamp up their options anymore, they did it again! Global has just added five beautiful new laminate finishes to their already extensive array of choices. Here are a few Global furniture series favorites that are now available in these awesome new finishes!

Wind Tables

Global Wind Tables

Global's Wind Series is a beautiful line of coffee and accent tables for home and business use, perfect for lobbies, reception areas, and waiting rooms. The style is a contemporary modern look that's effortless and elegant. Thin tabletops available in square, circular, and rectangular shapes with skinny legs that contribute to the airy futuristic look. Wind series tables tend to be offered in Global's excellent array of finishes, but with one of the new color options, they fit into a whole new world of decor environments!

Alba Tables

Global Alba Tables

The Alba line has long been a favorite of the conference room for it's trendy modern style. Options like the GEL10WSTM Alba Conference Table by Global feature elliptical tops to fit into any contemporary meeting space, but this line is well known for featuring a diverse array of tabletops in many shapes as well. The Alba line includes tables with elliptical, rectangular, circular, square, and racetrack designs to go just about anywhere, and the best part is, they almost always come in a huge array of size options to fit offices big and small. Alba versatility just got all the better with the five new finish choices!

Global Laminate Conference Tables

Global Laminate Boardroom Tables

Global's Laminate collection is the perfect thing for meeting environments. Whether you call your place a conference area, boardroom, or group work area, laminate conference tables for office meeting can definitely get the job done with style. Laminate tables like the GCT5RX Global Laminate Conference Table are available in a vast array of sizes and colors, complete with the new finish choices for added diversity! Laminate tables rely on a high density executive styling for durability and appeal. Tabletops for the GCT5RX are even offered in racetrack or boat shaped tables for boardroom use for those that have a preference!

Citi Tables

Global Citi Tables

To round things out, Global has also made their new finish choices available for their Citi furniture line to make the most of the great new style. Global Citi furniture is extremely popular with office guest areas, and products from this line are known to jazz up lobbies, reception and lounge areas, and waiting rooms alike. While the Citi collection harbors few tables, they definitely make up for the lack of choices with exquisite modern style. The 7889 Global Citi Coffee Table is an affordable favorite of both homes and offices, and just as it looks great here in black, so too would it look great in one of the new finish choices like Dark Espresso or Asian Night. For those that decide to go with the light Leather Latte upholstery on the chairs in the 7875-7876 Citi Furniture Collection by Global, lighter woods like Shaker Cherry and White Chocolate are definitely the perfect shade for a compliment!

New Laminate Finishes: 

Absolute Acajou                                                                                     Dark Espresso

Absolute AcajouDark Espresso

Asian Night                                                                                            Shaker Cherry

Asian NightShaker Cherry

White Chocolate

White Chocolate

Monday, April 21, 2014

How to Personalize Your Office Work Space

For most people, work is their home away from home, whether they like it or not. But trying to work in an area that's not conducive with your personality can inhibit both desire and determination to get the job done. Rather than suffering through eight hours in a space you don't like, why not turn your desk or cubicle into a personal sanctuary? Here's a few tips to help you out!

Bring Home to the Office 

Personalized Office Cubicle

Your office is your home away from home, so go ahead and make it look like one! Surrounding yourself with the things you like from home, like your favorite coffee mug, your kid's crazy school art projects, and photos of loved ones is a great way to turn your workspace into one you won't mind working in. You may even be able to get your boss to allow a desk-buddy like a bowl fish to keep you company. The more a cubicle or desk space resembles your home, the more inclined you are to feel "at-home"in your office. Studies show that when employees are comfortable and relaxed, as if they were at home, work tends to be faster and more productive, so don't be afraid to get comfy!

Get Rid of Your Walls

Cool Office Cubicle

No, we don't mean knock them down (you're not looking to get fired.) But boring walls can be pretty conducive to sleep rather than working. Instead of sticking it out in cubicle layouts with modular design, where staying awake is a challenge, dress up your walls with things that keep your eyes interested! Adding some stylish wall art, or nature and animal photos can easily turn boring cubicle walls into windows. You may even decide to go with a destination theme to decorate around, like Hawaii, Asia, or Africa. Adding low-maintenance desk plants like spider plants, golden pothos, or lemon balm gives desks new life by bringing the outside in. By acting like natural air cleaners for office use, they're perfect for the elderly, anyone with breathing problems, and those that work in the city. (They also smell nice!)

Get Your Own Chair

Eurotech Chakra Chair

Any ergonomist will tell you that comfort is the key to successful employees. However, many workplaces issue standard cubicle chairs that aren't very comfortable, and can actually end up causing health problems over time. People are individuals, which means they need individual comfort. Instead of relying on a cheap company chair, go shopping for some cozy fabric ergonomic office seating for sale features. These chairs will allow for some personalization by way of adjustable features. It's an excellent solution for those that have pre-existing problems like neck, muscle, and back pain, or even joint issues and poor blood circulation. Many chairs are specifically designed to relieve these symptoms and promote superior comfort as well as health!

*(Worried about someone stealing your fancy new chair? Simply attach it to a desk support or drawer with a bike-lock to deter any office pirates.)

Go Ergonomic

Ergonomic Desk Space

If you're already shopping for an ergonomic chair, why not go all out? Adjustable features aren't just limited to office seating, there are plenty of excellent ergonomic workplace products to improve health, comfort, and productivity in the office drastically. Items like monitor arms can attach to computer screens, allowing users to tilt, stretch, and retract them for optimal viewing (known to relieve neck and upper back pain). Retractable keyboard trays alleviate joint problems and lower risk of carpal tunnel syndrome by putting the computer's keyboard in a reasonable, comfortable space for typing rather than forcing users to reach on top of their desk.

Accessories and Dual Purpose Items

Dual Purpose Desk

And finally, go ahead and trick out your workspace with anything else that speaks to you. Try to choose things that will make your work experience more comfortable and won't take up a ton of space. Back supports like the 7153BL Mesh Back Rest by Safco greatly reduce back pain. They come in super affordable packs of five, so you may even convince the boss to get some for the whole office. Some items like the Solstice desk lamp by ESI even have dual purposes to function effectively without eating up all your desk room. This fancy lamp lets you charge cellphones, mp3 players, and other handheld devices at the same time as it lights up your cubicle. Whatever you choose to go with, rest assured that you've made your place your own, and you'll never dread the visit to your home away from home again!


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