Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Ways To Better Survive The Holiday Hangover At Work

Holiday Hangover Cures
With the holiday season behind us, it's time to get back to the real world. That being said, many of us suffer from the dreaded holiday hangover and find it hard to focus at work. Luckily, in today's post we'll be sharing 5 awesome ways to help you transition smoothly back into the grind. Enjoy!

1.) Get A Good Nights Rest

A good work day starts with a good nights rest. Starting your first day back to work after the holidays feeling tired and groggy will no doubt set you off on the wrong track. Be sure to hit the sack at a reasonable hour and prepare for your day in advance. Pick out your clothes the night before, set the coffee timer, and minimize the morning tasks. These simple things combined with a good nights rest will help you enjoy a much better return to cubicle life.

2.) Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

A good hearty breakfast is sure to fill you up, but can also leave you feeling tired during your first days back to work after the holiday break. Plan in advance for your first days back with a trip to the grocery store. Pick up some nutritious fruits, yogurts, breakfast bars, and other tasty treats that will provide you with the energy you need to start your morning right. A nutritious breakfast will help you lay a strong foundation for your day and will no doubt put you in a better mood.

3.) Get A Breath of Fresh Air

All that quality time at home with your family will no doubt leave you feeling bummed to be stuck back in the office. Do yourself a favor and get outside for a breath of fresh air. Roll back the office chair, step away from the paper work, and get outside. It will really do you good! Consider taking a walk with a few coworkers to stretch your legs. You can even eat lunch outside. Rest assured, some sunlight and clouds is a far better holiday hangover remedy than your computer screen.

4.) Have Lunch With The Family

Eating a microwaveable meal at your office desk is lonely and no cure for the holiday hangover! Give the family a quick call and go out to lunch together. Remember when you are at lunch to order something healthy. After all the holiday feasting you've no doubt endured, it's time to start transitioning back into quality, healthy meals that don't leave you ready for a nap when you've finished them! A little family time at lunch will help you break up the work day and set your mind at ease.

5.) Plan A Relaxing Weekend

After all the holiday hoopla, going back to work can be mentally and physically exhausting. Give yourself something to look forward to like a relaxing weekend to rest and recover. A little reward for a solid week back at the office will have you motivated and operating far more efficiently the following week.

Monday, December 29, 2014

December 2014: Trending Computer Chairs Under $250

Finding a quality office chair at a reasonable price is getting harder and harder! Luckily there are still some awesome seating manufacturers who take pride in offering comfortable chairs that won't break the budget. In today's post we'll share 5 of the coolest computer chairs on the market available for under $250. These trending chairs will no doubt improve your office decor while providing you with the ergonomic features needed to operate efficiently.

Ravi Computer ChairFirst up, the all new Ravi mesh chair from Woodstock Marketing. Available in three cool two tone color combinations, the Ravi is a stylish seating solution that's sure to earn your office an abundance of compliments. Priced at just $229, the Ravi is also an excellent value. These trendy new computer chairs work great in both home and business settings.

Sweetwater Mesh ChairNext up is another hot chair from our friends at Woodstock Marketing. Last week this chair would of been far to pricey to hit today's list. However, with the release of the Ravi, Woodstock is discontinuing the Sweetwater collection. What this means for shoppers is an excellent opportunity to purchase a high end computer chair at an affordable price point. Available now for just $150, the Sweetwater is a must consider for your office. These contemporary mesh chairs are available in 4 cool color combinations that will make any workspace pop. Sweetwater chairs offer excellent support for home and business computing applications as well as professional meeting areas. Rest assured, these chairs won't last long. Get a sweet deal on a Sweetwater chair today before it's too late!

Ambarella Task ChairThird on our list of trending computer chairs available for under $250 is the iDesk Ambarella from our friends at Cherryman Industries. If your looking for a cutting edge chair that won't break the budget, the Ambarella is it! Available in a wide range of color options, Ambarella chairs can easily be designed to match any work environment. Standard features like adjustable arms, advanced syncro tilt mechanism,  and an integrated lumbar support make the Ambarella task chair an absolute winner. With 4 locking positions and a side mounted tension control knob, finding a sitting position to match your body type has never been easier. Enjoy all black Ambarella chairs for just $214!

Europa ChairHow about a sleek leather executive style computer chair for just $233? We thought that might grab your attention! The Eurotech Europa chair offers a sophisticated modern look and the space saving design characteristics to match. The Europa falls is regularly credited as one of the cutting edge chairs to set the ribbed back seating trend in motion. These popular chairs offer polished frame accents and contoured waterfall seats for comfort. This combined with ergonomic features like an adjustable chair mechanism makes the Europa executive chair an absolute must for today's post!

Sonic Computer ChairLast but certainly not least, no article on trending computer chairs would be complete without at least one of the hot new models from our friends at Global Total Office. This innovative seating manufacturer is always ahead of the design curve and steadily raises the industry bar. With cool new chairs like the 6568 Sonic, you'll certainly see why. Priced at just $224.99, this Sonic computer chair from Global falls well under our allotted budget for today's post. The 6568 features a polypropylene back that's easy to clean along with a padded seat that can be upholstered in your choice of fabric, leather, or vinyl. In addition to the 6568, Global also offers a wide range of matching Sonic series side chairs to compliment your office areas. This extensive line offers the quality craftsmanship and modern features needed to take your office to the next level!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Ergonomic Chair Trends: Winter 2014

Ergohuman Chairs
The world of workplace ergonomics is always evolving, and when it comes to office chairs there's always new and exciting trends to review! In today's post we'll share the hottest new features and design characteristics being incorporated into the best office chairs on the market. Here's to sitting comfortable and working efficiently in 2015 and beyond!

Elastomeric Mesh

This year we've seen a ton of mesh trends emerge, but none more ergo-effective than elastomeric mesh. Models like the G20 office chair from Global feature alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns to provide ample support to users. This revolutionary mesh creating is far more durable that the traditional woven backs of years gone by. We expect more and more brands to incorporate elastomeric properties into their top chairs to provide longer chair life spans and improved comfort for users.

Contoured Backs

Traditional flat back office chairs are going bye bye. These classic seating solutions that were once the industry standard are being replaced by more effective contoured models that provide far more ergonomic benefits. Industry leading manufacturers like Eurotech Seating and RFM are pushing the industry standards by bringing to market hot new ergonomic office chairs with contoured backs that will no doubt have you sitting in superior comfort.

Integrated Lumbar

Having an office chair with lumbar support is great... if you use it properly! That being said, many of the top chair providers in the ergonomic seating world have taken note that more user friendly lumbar devices must be integrated into the market. This winter we are seeing lumbar trends emerge that include both fixed and adjustable styles that are far more effective than the classic lever and pump ball systems of the past. We think these new ergonomic lumbar technologies will prompt users to use their chairs more effectively in both home and business work environments.

Width Adjustable Arms

In years past office chair arms that would simply adjust up and down had wow factor. As this has become the industry standard, ergonomic seating brands are pushing the limits of what chair arms are capable of. In today's market we are seeing more and more width adjustable arms to provider larger users with a more comfortable work experience. Tilting arms are also becoming popular and help to improve posture and blood flow while reducing common body stressors and fatigue.

Waterfall Seat Edge

Proper posture and good blood flow are key in workplace ergonomics. Using an office chair with a waterfall seat edge will help you achieve both! For this reason we are seeing a huge swing from the traditional contoured seats of years passed to the current waterfall edge designs of the future. Chairs like the iDesk Oroblanco from Cherryman Industries utilize waterfall seat edges that take pressure off the knees by allowing your legs to make a smooth transition from the seat to ground. These high tech computer chairs are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of ergonomists and industry professionals alike.

Seat Slider

Chairs with seat sliding mechanisms are trending in call centers and other shared work environments. These chairs allow users to adjust quickly and effectively to a position of comfort. While not all office chairs come out of the box setup for your specific needs, seat sliders allow both smaller and larger users to find the right amount of support with ease. The depth of your seat from the chair back will greatly influence your posture, and when set correctly can greatly reduce fatigue and back pain.

Weight Sensors

Chairs with weight sensing features are really cool! Imagine settling into an office chair that doesn't require 20 adjustments to operate properly for your specific needs. Weight sensing mechanisms allow chairs to tilt and function effectively based on your body weight. Chairs like the Global Total Office Vion incorporate this technology and are trending in a major way. Sit in a Vion chair once and there's no going back. Simply take a seat and start working comfortably due to the weight sensing capabilities.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

How To Spec Your Powered Conference Table

Powered Conference Room Furniture
If you're looking to create a cutting edge conference room for your business, you'll need to incorporate a powered table into your space! These days meeting areas are all about efficiency and productivity and powering up your space is just plain smart. Unfortunately, most of today's powered conference room tables are tough to spec. In today's post we'll simplify the process to make selecting your new powered conference table a breeze.

1.) Select A Table

The first step in process is to select a table. You'll want to start by measuring out your conference room to see what size table will be appropriate. Be sure to take note of power outlets, windows, entry ways, and any room obstructions of importance. Next determine how many guests you hope to accommodate during your meetings. On average, you'll want to allocate 3' of table space per guest. If you take one important point away from today's article, let it be this: Measure your space effectively! You don't want to spend thousands on customized powered conference tables only to find that they don't fit properly in their respective areas. Like they always say, measure twice, cut once.

Once your space is properly measured, you'll want to know what powered conference tables are the best for your business. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office are paving the way this year and should be at the top of your list. Mayline's TransAction series conference tables and Global's Zira tables are the easiest to spec, look great, and provide a ton of customizable options that will help you make your space one of a kind.

2.) Selecting Cut Outs

Once you've measured your space and selected your new conference table, you'll want to select the cutout locations for your power modules. For boardroom tables smaller than 8' in length, a single cutout in the center of your tables surface should be just fine. Those in need of larger solutions will have the option of a variety of cutout locations. Take into consideration your closest power outlets and how many modules you'll need. Often businesses opt to have cutouts in the table center, left, and right ends for a total of 3 ports.

3.) Select Infeed Options

If your table is going to be outfitted with a single cutout, a basic module with three prong outlet cord can be selected to power your space. You can choose to have the module wired to a floor power outlet or a wall outlet depending on the length of power cord you select. If your table is utilizing multiple modules, you'll need to select from a few standard indeed options. This will allow you to daisy chain your modules together, resulting in the need to only plug in one cord to obtain power.

4.) Select Modules

Basic power modules must be selected to outfit your table cutouts. These base units are the main power source of your table. Base modules like the Oasis from Global Total Office can be configured with any number of 3 prong outlets you feel will be necessary. Multiple finish options and sizes are available for your to choose from. Select an option that will be best for your meeting area needs and proceed accordingly.

5.) Select Telecom Plates

Your base power module will only come standard with 3 prong outlet inputs. If this is all you need, you're good to go. However, this is seldom the case. Based on the modules you choose for your powered conference table you'll have a certain number of telecom plates to fill. Options like phone, data, USB, HDMI, and many others are available to choose from to help you take your meeting area to the next level.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The 6 Best Ways To Keep Your Office Organized In 2014

A well organized office space will help you function effectively and efficiently. That being said, you'll need the right products to get the job done right! In today's post we'll highlight and showcase the 6 best ways to keep your space well organized in 2014. Enjoy!

File Cabinets

File Cabinets

It's hard to beat the trusty file cabinet for office organizing needs. Business have come to rely on both vertical and lateral file cabinets to keep documents perfectly sorted and secure for decades. In 2014, manufacturers like Global Total Office and Mayline were the premier choice for high quality wood and metal file cabinets for professional business use. No matter what type of business, healthcare, or educational facility you operate in, file cabinets will always be the top choice for document organization.


Office Pedestals

Pedestals provide space saving storage underneath desks and credenzas. Mobile pedestals have become a must have solution for modern professionals as they can be moved anywhere around the office with ease. The two main types of pedestal are File File and Box Box File. As you can probably guess, file file pedestals feature two file drawers for vertical organizing. Box Box File cabinets features a single file drawer, small stationary drawer, and larger storage drawer. Most of today's best selling desk configurations feature integrated pedestals you'll surely love!

Wall Cabinets

Wall Cabinet

Looking to enhance your corporate decor while simultaneously improving your organizing potential? A wall cabinet is the way to go! A great choice for waiting room, executive office, and boardroom storage needs, wall cabinets provide plenty of organizing space. Brands like Cherryman Industries and OFM offer beautiful wall cabinet solutions from popular full service furniture collections to match any space.


Overhead Storage Hutch

Another space saving and office enhancing storage solution, overhead storage hutches are typically located above the main work surface or credenza. Most commonly used in home office and executive work environments, overhead hutches are sure to help you maximize your organizing potential without taking up valuable floor space.



Have a lot to store? Shelving is the most efficient choice for your needs. High density mobile shelving systems provide collapsable storage for fire arms, sports equipment, and file folders. Heavy duty warehouse shelving can be used to store just about anything that will fit on a shelf. This year brands like Mayline, Steelcase, and Direct Line offer the best and most durable shelving solutions on the market.


Office Wall Safe

When it comes to keeping important documents like passports, birth certificates, and emergency credit cards well organized, a safe is definitely the best option. Brands like SentrySafe provide high quality waterproof and fireproof safes that protect against the elements and theft. A small safe from Sentry will cost you around $100 and provides some valuable peace of mind. Larger floor safes and wall safes are also excellent options that can be used to store valuable in your office space if needed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Plug & Play Office Furniture Solutions You'll Love

2014 was a big year for technology in the workplace. The Industries top brands brought to market a variety of cool new plug and play solutions for the boardroom, executive office, and work floor. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at these cutting edge products and their benefits. Enjoy!

1.) e5 Powered Workstations

High Tech Office Furniture

Mayline's e5 collection was a big winner in 2015. This line of high tech desks and open desking workstations took office technology to the next level. The ability to easily specify and configure power ready workstations helped Mayline raise the bar yet again. The e5 open desking configurations have quickly become a top choice of businesses looking to leave the traditional cubicles of the past behind. These modular stations can be outfitted with work surface level power outlets, HDMI, USB, and data inputs to make your work day an absolute breeze.

2.) Zira Tables

Zira Conference Room

Global Total Office enhanced their already successful Zira furniture line with the addition of powered tables for the boardroom in 2014. These cutting edge solutions are available in a variety of surface shapes, finish options, and sizes. Surprisingly, Zira series tables are far more affordable than most of the competing powered conference table models on the market, making them the premier choice for businesses on a budget. With the addition of Global's Oasis module system, Zira can be quickly outfitted with versatile telecom plates to meet you every multi media meeting area need.

3.) Mystic Tables

Lesro Mystic Tables

Another hot line for those looking to power up the conference room is the Mystic collection from Lesro Industries. While most of today's powered furniture solutions can become quite complicated, Lesro has simplified the process with the offering of 1 simple module that can be factory installed in the center of your conference table. Lesro's Mystic contemporary lounge seating line features rectangular and super cool elliptical conference room table models with metal legs like the S189664 that can be outfitted affordably and easily to meet your boardroom tech needs.

4.) Foli Tables

Electronic Office Tables

Global's new Foli table collection is simple to use and full of awesome benefits for you and your coworkers. Height adjustable tables like Foli encourage continuous body movement, revitalize blood flow, boost energy levels, and reduce body stressors that cause fatigue. Foli tables are ready, willing, and able to suit a variety of body types and common office activities. Simply plug your Foli adjustable ergonomic furniture into the nearest outlet and start operating more efficiently. It doesn't get much easier than that!

5.) Sync Tables

Powered Training Room Furniture

Mayline Sync tables are the most popular powered options on the market for training room and classroom applications. These versatile tables are available in a wide range of sizes and finish options to meet your decor needs. Sync tables can be daisy-chained to run power from one end of your space to the next. The ability to work comfortably, charge your phone, run a laptop all day, and conduct presentations more effectively makes the Mayline Sync series plug and play training room tables with folding tops amongst the absolute best products you can invest in for your business.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Enjoy Emerald Elegance from Cherryman Industries!

The Cherryman Industries Emerald furniture collection is luxurious and incredibly sophisticated. This line of wood veneer office furniture is perfect for home and executive office applications as it's luxurious finish options are sure to impress even the harshest office critics. In today's post we'll review the array of available products from the best selling Emerald collection. Enjoy!


Executive Desk

Cherryman Emerald series desks are available in stand alone, bow front, U shaped, corner, and table style variations. No matter the size or shape of your office, there's an Emerald series desk to meet your needs. Available in both mahogany and cognac finish options, Cherryman Emerald desks showcase the quality craftsmanship needed to take your office space to the next level.

Reception Stations

Reception Desk

The reception and welcoming area is where first impressions are made. That being said, the reception stations available from the Cherryman Emerald collection will impress your office visitors while helping your business earn the compliments it deserves. Available in both rectangular and L shaped variations, Emerald reception desk models like the EM-412N provide plenty of work surface space and the storage components needed to help keep any receptionist well organized.

Conference Tables

Oval Conference Table

Boost your boardroom appeal with an oval conference table from the Cherryman Industries Emerald collection. These top of the line boardroom tables feature wood veneer tops and half cylinder style bases that are sure to wow meeting area visitors. While Emerald series conference tables are not available with power options like many of the cutting edge lines of today, for those in search of traditional luxury... there is no better solution on the market! Models like the EM-424N are always popular options for law office, school, and professional business applications.


Wood Side Chair

It's often quite hard to find wood side chairs that are an exact match to your wood furniture finish. However, with the Cherryman Emerald collection matching your seating is a breeze. Wood side chairs like the CHAIR-24 are available in the same mahogany and cognac finish options as the desks, tables, and reception stations. Emerald seating provides the cohesive look you'll need to keep you space looking professional.


Wood Bookcase

From integrated desk pedestals to elegant wood bookcases, the Emerald collection has it all. This full service line of office furniture boasts the storage components needed to keep any executive office operating efficiently and effectively. Emerald offers stunning wood multi-store cabinets with organizing drawers, file drawers, and more. The overhead hutch units are available with wood and glass doors and provide space saving storage for executive desk configurations.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The 5 Key Elements of Any Great Office Desk

To have a great office desk, you've got to have the 5 essential factors highlighted in today's blog post. Desk shoppers will want to take note of these important points in order to make the best decision for their respective spaces. From style to to storage, we've got you covered!


Modern Office Furniture

A great office desk needs to showcase your style and personality. Those looking to keep their spaces up to date with the latest trends will want to consider gray, mocha, and even metal desking options. This year, the most popular office desks were those with cutting edge design characteristics like two tone finishes, sleek curves, and modern drawer pulls. While styles are always changing, you can safely bet that this years most popular trends are paving the way for the upcoming year. Be sure to meet with your furniture specialist of choice to discuss what desk styles and options will best suit your needs while showcasing your individual flair!


Mayline Brighton Furniture

While you can certainly get a great office desk with an unlimited budget, those who get a good deal always seem to enjoy their furniture more than those who over pay! As new furniture is a major business investment, it's safe to say that every shopper wants to feel they've gotten a great value. Shopping office furniture lines like Amber, Brighton, Aberdeen, and Verde will no doubt leave your space looking top notch without breaking the bank.


Sorrento Furniture

A well made office desk will hold up great for years and years. When shopping for your new desk be sure to read reviews on the products you're most interested in. The quality and craftsmanship of your desk speaks volumes about your space, and you can never go wrong with reputable brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office.


Multi User Desk Configuration

Any great desk is ready to handle your daily business needs without letting you down. Functional executive desks with modular components will help you adapt your space and grow with the needs of your business. Selecting functional furniture is just plain smart and great way to maximize your investment. It's true that not all furniture collections are created equal, so be sure to consult with the professionals about which lines will offer the most functionality and benefits for your space.

Office Storage

All great office desks offer the storage components needed to keep you well organized and operating effectively. Integrated desk pedestals, overhead hutch units, and file cabinets are all common characteristics of the industries best desk configurations. A stunning office desk with no storage only serves to impress guests and will not help you operate at your peak performance levels.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Look Back At The 5 Coolest Conference Room Design Trends of 2014

2014 was an awesome year for conference room makeover projects. This year we saw a variety of super cool design trends that helped businesses take their meeting areas to the next level. In today's post we'll review 5 of those trends that are sure to be big in 2015 and beyond!

Powered Tables

Powered Conference Table

This year was all about powered conference room tables. Businesses were looking to add a high tech multi media capabilities in the boardroom with plug and play tables from brands like Global Total Office, Lesro, and Mayline. The ability to incorporate HDMI, USB, and phone inputs in table surfaces gives businesses the ability to improve meeting functionality and efficiency. This is one trend that's here to stay!

Glass Tops

Glass Boardroom Table

The high end modern appeal and luxurious look of glass in the conference room was no doubt one of this years hottest trends. Glass conference room tables offer a neutral look that makes adding matching accent furniture a breeze. While most of the glass conference tables for sale on the market were quite pricey, brands like OFM found success with their affordable solutions like the GT3977. These glass conference room tables shipped quick, installed easily, and helped businesses create head turning boardrooms.

Elliptical Tables

Elliptical Conference Table

It seemed interior design teams, businesses, and industry professionals alike grew tired of traditional conference table shapes like rectangular, oval, and round. That being said, this year we found that elliptical conference tables were the hottest shape on the market. The sleek curved sided design offers space saving appeal that helped businesses maximize boardroom square footage. Brands like Lesro and Global Total Office were the big winners in the elliptical table market. With collections like Mystic and Alba these hot brands provided affordable elliptical conference table models that businesses could enjoy without straining the corporate budget.

Metal Legs

Conference Table with Metal Legs

The industrial look was huge this year! More than ever businesses were looking for a commercial grade look that was best showcased by conference tables with metal legs. Surprisingly enough, metal legged conference tables were often more affordable than those with laminate and wood bases. This no doubt helped this hot trend gain momentum that is still in full swing. Look for more and more brands to bring metal legged conference table models to the market in 2015. The durability, functionality, and appeal is hard to top!

Modular Sets

Modular Conference Table Set

Turning the conference room into a versatile, multi-purpose work area was incredibly appealing to businesses in 2014. Why use your boardroom for meetings alone when the space can be simultaneously used for a corporate training area? When you think about it, it just makes sense! This years trending modular conference table configurations from brands like Global Total Office took off in popularity. Lines like Bungee and Junction saw big sales boosts as businesses simply couldn't turn down the incredible benefits. Modular table sets are reasonably priced, come in a variety of cool finish options, and work together to form some really neat configurations designed to meet a variety of applications at a moments notice.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Office Makeover Fails: 2014 Edition

Here at OfficeAnything.com, we love to fill our blogs with photos of stunning offices and loads of advice on keeping it that way. But for every pretty post, we know there's an ugly office out there in desperate need of a facelift. For those of you who know the horror of paper avalanches, graveyards of decaying furniture, and the post-it note apocalypse, this article can help! Today, we're highlighting common office disasters, along with great tips on preventing them. Hunker down, and enjoy!

Not In Kansas Anymore...

Paper tornadoes are some of the most common natural disasters to plague an unsuspecting office. In places like medical facilities, where keeping old files on clients is mandatory for at least a few years, papers can stack up fast. Without organization, many people are left with a whirlwind that's enough to make them question whether they're in the office or in Oz. For this, we recommend file cabinets for organization and storage. Available in lateral or vertical cabinet options, file shelves provide a neat, designated space for old records too important to lose in a computer crash.

Bonus tip: Investing in a scanner to go paperless is also effective - just don't forget to "trash bin" the unnecessary stuff every few months to keep the hard drive clear.

Cyber Cyclone

Sometimes the messiest offices can actually look squeaky clean. Desks are clear, furniture's current, everything seems in its place - just don't sit down at that computer, or you may never get up again! Not only can built-up files, unwanted cookies, and never-ending programs slow your system to a crawl, but it can also slow response time to a virus should your computer get infected by a hacker or an unsafe webpage. Regular maintenance is mandatory for a clean, fast-running office. Taking time to delete old files, perform disk cleanups, run security scans, uninstall unwanted programs, and update software can save time and money. Don't forget to shut down your computer when not in use.

Bonus Tip: An external hard drive provides more space for backups of your files. If a disaster, such as a hacker or virus crashes your computer, the drive will have backups of everything. Adding space saving ergo products like CPU holders will keep the drives out of the way, so you don't have to sacrifice visual appeal for practicality!

Walls of Shame

Cluttered walls are pretty easy to come by, especially if you look down. In an office, wires and cables are necessary for most computers, hard drives, and lighting. Without organization, however, the floor of your office can start to resemble the snake pit from Indiana Jones. To save yourself from this predicament, be sure to unplug any wires or cables you don't use regularly and store them away. Wrapping up excess cording with a rubber band helps keep things neat. Many desks, like the desks from Global Total Office or Mayline offer modesty panels, grommets, and other useful features specifically for taming tangles of unruly cables.

Bonus Tip: Not sure which cable to unplug? Bread ties can help you keep track! Write the name of your device on the bread tie and hook them to the right cables so you always know what's what.

Zombie Furniture

"Vintage" is a style choice, not "decrepit." If you like the look of old, classic office furniture from the 40s and 50s, that's great! We love it too... but not enough suffer potential injury. If your desk or cool retro office chairs are falling apart, it's probably time to upgrade - or at least perform a makeover. There are plenty cool retro office chairs out there for sale if you know your furniture can't be fixed. If it can though, there are also tons of great DIY restoration blogs for old furniture!

Bonus Tip: The oldest furniture benefits most from a little TLC. Breaking out the tool box to tighten screws, oil hinges, and pick the gunk out of wheel casters every month or so goes a long way to making furniture last!

The Crumb-Pocalypse

According to a study by British Microbiologist James Francis, a dirty keyboard can have levels of germs five times higher than a public toilet seat - gross! Most people don't realize that the little crumbs from snacking at a desk build up quickly in unseen places like keyboard keys, door handles, and drawer bottoms. These unattended crumbs decay, attracting pests like mice and bugs who leave even more unwanted germs on your office equipment by night. For this, we recommend regular cleaning to thwart the crumb-pocalypse. Hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes, and compressed air dusters can help kill germs, and flush unwanted dirt and debris from those hard-to-reach places!

Bonus Tip: Using retractable keyboard trays can help keep keyboards out of the way when not in use. Rolling them under the desk saves them from the falling dust, debris, and snack crumbs that attract pests.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reviewing The 5 Best Big And Tall Office Chairs of 2014

In years past, finding a quality big and tall chair was quite difficult. That being said, in 2014 the industries best seating manufacturers stepped up to provide big and tall users with the stylish, comfortable, and reliable office chairs needed to conduct business effectively. In today's post we'll review this years 5 best big and tall chairs. Enjoy!

1.) Avenger

Big and Tall Office Chair

The OFM Avenger series office chair is one heavy duty seating solution! This line of stylish leather chairs offers high end appeal that works wonders in executive office and boardroom settings. Both the Avenger 810-LX and 811-LX Avenger big and tall office chair models support users effectively up to 500 lbs. and feature thick padded seats as well as padded arms for added comfort.

2.) 11961B

Leather Big and Tall Chair

Offices To Go is known for their innovative and stylish office chairs. This industry leading brand expanded their offering in 2014 to include the 11961B model leather big and tall chair that's ready to seat users up to 350 pounds.  This heavy duty executive chair features an extra wide padded seat, attractive loop arms, and a durable steel base you can rely on. Priced at just $223.99, the 11961B is also an excellent value.

3.) Concorde

Concorde Executive Chair

When big and tall executives find themselves in need of ultimate comfort, the Concorde seating collection by Global Total Office is ready to serve! This line of luxurious executive chairs is amongst the absolute best collections available on the market today. While the Concorde has been around for several years, this best seller isn't relinquishing it's rein on the big and tall executive chair market any time soon. Concorde chairs by Global are available in a wide range of fabric and leather upholstery options and feature the high end ergonomic attributes needed to operate at peak performance levels.

4.) B990

B990 Big and Tall Chair

Every boss deserves a Boss chair! Even if you're not a big and tall chair operator,  the Boss B990 model office chair will be a winner with you. These well rounded big and tall chairs offer a black fabric on silver frame color combination that's sure to always be in style. The B990 chair boasts a 2 paddle spring tilt mechanism that allows the chair to be locked at any position throughout the tilt range. The 27" 5 star base and heavy duty pneumatic cylinder are ready and willing to accommodate users up to 350 lbs. with ease.

5.) Sierra

Sierra Big and Tall Chair

Cool upholstery options and a slew of high end ergonomic features make the Sierra seating collection by RFM our final entry for today's post. These super comfy chairs are ideal for managers, executives, and CEO's alike. The Sierra provides the ultimate in back and neck support and provides a personalized sit for all body types. Users will love the ability to choose from a variety of arm styles to suit their individual working preferences. Did we mention that these awesome office chairs support users up to 500 pounds? Talk about a great seating collection!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas 2014: 6 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Office

Christmas at work is usually really fun, or really boring. We prefer option one! To help our valued readers better enjoy the holiday season around the office, we thought we'd share 6 super fun and easy ways to improve your decorating and get the team more involved. Enjoy!

1.) Office Chair Reindeers

This is a fun one that's really easy and affordable. Simply grab a few pairs of those silly reindeer horns available at most dollar stores and attach them to the back of your task chairs with tape. You may have to trim them up a bit, but before you know it you'll be seeing little antlers poking up over the cubicle tops!

2.) Santa's Workshop

Tired of the same old Christmas decorations around the office? Try going with a themed approach like Santas workshop! You can turn the boss's office into Santa's house and the work floor into the main workshop. Fun elf decorations and signs can typically be found at any hobby store as well as some great pics for inspiration on everyone's favorite search engine!

3.) Personalized Stockings

Everyone loves a good stocking stuffer! Consider picking up a few stockings from any local store and personalize them with the names of your beloved coworkers. If you have the opportunity, swing out and grab a few candies and trinket type gifts to add to the stockings on Christmas. This way, when your work friends return they'll be greeted by a fun little surprise.

4.) Team Wreaths

Does your office work in teams, departments, or groups regularly? If so, Christmas is a great time for a little team bonding. Suggest a team wreath decorating competition amongst your coworkers to get the creative juices flowing. You'll first want to start by picking up a few of the same wreaths from the local hardware store. Provide some basic rules and come up with a group oriented prize. At the end of the competition you'll have a happier team of employees and some really cool wrests to decorate those cubicle walls with!

5.) Mini Trees

Instead of having just one large and cumbersome Christmas tree taking up half the office floor, consider having each team or department create one mini tree as a group. You can make it a competition like the wreaths listed above, or just a fun way to show a little team spirit.

6.) Holiday Wish Board

Holiday wish boards are easy to create and fun to use around the office. They also look great and will generate some laughs! Simply pick up a piece of poster board and write the title "Holiday Wish Board" at the top. You can decorate your board to look a bit more festive... it's definitely suggested. Then tell your co workers to write down a few holiday wishes throughout the season. By the end of December you'll have some really great wishes to read out loud during the office Christmas party.


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