Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Compute Smarter With Sit To Stand Furniture

Work smarter, not harder. You've heard the saying, but are you doing anything about it? With sit to stand furniture you can. From desktop risers to electric workstations, transitioning between sitting and standing has never been easier. Today on the blog we'll showcase the hottest sit to stand products on the market and the features that make them great.

dual screen sit to stand monitor arm
First up is the Allure sit to stand dual screen monitor arm from Symmetry. This heavy duty computer screen mount can be attached to virtually any surface with it's clamping mechanism. The Allure comes standard with a 16" pole and supports screens up to 20 pounds. At $462.99 the Allure is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. This ergonomic component is worth every penny and will have you well on your way to an ergonomically correct workstation that makes it easy to compute smarter.

adjustable sit to stand keyboard trayIf you opt for a sit to stand monitor arm, you'll need a keyboard tray with the same capabilities. You certainly don't want to be hunching over to type at your desk with your screens way up in the air. That defeats the purpose of what you're trying to accomplish! We recommend the Balance 3. This complimenting product from Symmetry will help you refine your workspace while simultaneously creating a ton of extra surface area to utilize while computing.

height adjustable desktop attachment for sitting and standingIf you don't like the idea of purchasing a monitor arm and keyboard tray separately, go with an all in one unit like the Volanate from Systematix. This adjustable desktop attachment boasts a spacious operating surface to accommodate 2 computer screens in addition to a built in keyboard platform. The Volante is incredibly well made and a great buy at jut $299.99.

Mobis Active Stool by SafcoThe wide range of sit to stand solutions has created a new market for perch stools. Standing can be tiring, but sitting can be dangerous. So what's the solution? A perch stool that offers the best of both worlds. The FFS-1000 Focal Mobis from Safco makes it easy to transition between sitting and standing while enjoying a little extra support. An ergonomic active stool like the Mobis will promote continuous posture changes that keep you from sitting stagnant for hours on end.

Bush 400 series height adjustable workstationIf you're looking to purchase all new office furniture for your workspace, Bush has your ergonomic needs in mind. Many of their furniture collections like the 400 series offer height adjustable workstations with push button controls. The idea of attaching a desktop riser onto beautiful furniture can be a bit unappealing for executives looking to create a professional vibe. Electric workstations like the 400S193 eliminate that problem without sacrificing the sit to stand benefits.

In the long run, a healthy mix of sitting and standing is the way to go. If you're looking to computer smarter, you have to stay active. Invest in furniture and seating solutions that encourage continuous movement to reduce fatigue and improve blood flow. Once you've created an ergonomically correct interior that's built for your specific needs, increased productivity levels will soon follow.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Nobody Does Conference Seating Like Woodstock Marketing

Woodstock Marketing Conference Seating
The team at Woodstock Marketing specializes in the provision of mid century modern conference room seating solutions that are sure to earn your meeting area the compliments it deserves. This reputable brand takes pride in offering unique chairs with the sleek design characteristics and the ergonomic features needed to maximize table space while improving visitor comfort.

memory foam conference chairTake one look at the Woodstock Marketing Hendrix chair and you'll see what we mean. Named after Jimi himself, the Hendrix rocks! This segmented cushion conference chair with a memory foam seat is available in high and mid back variations starting at $319.00. The Hendrix chair is offered in black, white, brown, and gray leather upholstery options.

Woodstock Annie ChairUp next is the one and only Annie. Just look at that back stitching pattern! This chair has wow factor to spare. Those looking to go bold will absolutely love the Annie conference room chair for sale in cool color options like red. The Annie chair offers Euro design characteristics to help save space. As bulky chairs will leave you limited on elbow room, chairs like the Annie are designed to do just the opposite.

red leather conference chairMoving right along, Woodstock's best selling Joplin chair was a must have in today's post. The Joplin offers a distinctive ribbed back design that you've likely seen before. What sets this chair is the combination of value and quality. With genuine leather surfaces and vinyl backing, the Joplin offers exceptional durability. The mid back Joplin chair is available for $289.00.

Woodstock Baez ChairIf you're looking for mesh seating, Woodstock has you covered. Their Baez conference room chair offers a comfortable sit that will help prevent overheating. The full mesh seat and back work together to provide exceptional support. The Baez is available in a choice of white or black.

Woodstock Marketing Ravi chairLast but not least is a conference room chair that has it all. The Ravi is equipped with a contoured mesh back that provides excellent lumbar support, as well as a thick foam seat with a waterfall edge that relieves knee pressure. The Ravi is available in unique color combinations to help create professional interiors with modern flair. These line of chairs are distinctive while remaining practical. At just $249.00, the Ravi is a great buy for any conference room makeover project.

Needless to say, nobody does conference seating like Woodstock Marketing. With a plethora of mid century inspired chairs you'll have no problem creating an elite interior that's up to date for years to come.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Summer Showcase 2018: Best Selling Mesh Chairs

The end of summer is right around the corner. That being said, we thought it would be helpful to take a look back at the hottest mesh seating of the season to help our shoppers select just the right chair for their ergonomic needs. The popular chairs showcased today on the Office Anything Blog offer the adjustable features and high end appeal needed to refine your sit and impress your valued visitors.

Global Sora ChairNo chair has been hotter this summer than the Sora from Global. These all new seating solutions offer exceptional comfort and user friendly sitting experience you won't forget. The Sora chair is available in a choice of weight sensing and synchro-tilt variations. With the ability to help users adapt on the fly and look good doing it, this collection will be trending for the remainder of 2018 and beyond.

Zetto ChairThe Cherryman Zetto chair has only been on the market for a couple of weeks now. It's already become a favorite of shoppers looking to get comfortable on a budget. With a built in guide for personal adjusting, a 2" seat slider, and multi functional mechanism. the ZET106B model Zetto chair comes in at our favorite option on the market under $300.00.

OFM 540 Core ChairThe 540 Core chair from OFM packs a major ergonomic punch for just $258.99. Like most shoppers, you'll immediately be down to the modern vibes and segmented back panels that provide awesome lumbar support. The Core chair is available in 4 quick shipping color options.

Woodstock Baez ChairWoodstock Marketing specializes in the provision of mid century modern office chairs for sale for conference room applications. Their Baez collection offers high and mid back seating solutions with full mesh surfaces to keep users cool while collaborating. The Baez is available in a choice of black or white starting at $289.00, with the high back model only slightly more expensive at $329.00.

OTG11921B ChairPractical, comfortable, and efficient. It's no wonder the 11921B chair from Offices To Go was so popular this summer. At just $148.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better all around chair at even twice the price. This everyday task chair with a breathable mesh back and adjustable arms is a winner!

Concept 2.0 task stoolLast but not least is the Concept 2.0 task stool from Eurotech Seating. Designed for ergonomically correct drafting and design work, the Concept 2.0 is all about performance. A set of adjustable arms and a contoured seat that relieves knee pressure are standard attributes in addition to a handy foot ring and so much more. This multi purpose stool pairs well with standing desks and is sure to help boost the appeal of any workspace.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

September Savings: 7 Bush Office Desks Under $1500.00

When it comes to professional office furniture, Bush knows their stuff. This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in crafting commercial quality workstations that are up to date with the latest trends and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Bush desks are in stock, cost effective, and available with factory installation at the time of delivery. What more could you ask for?

1.) Bush Studio C U Desk STC004

Bush Studio C U Desk

Check out this STC004 model Studio C U shaped desk from Bush. It offers ample operating space with a 72"W x 36"D bow front desk that pairs with a 42"W return and spacious credenza. The STC004 workstation is available in a choice of white and storm gray finish options for just $929.99.

2.) Bush Enterprise Desk with Hutch and File Cabinet ENT001

Bush Enterprise Desk

Up next is this traditionally inspired desk configuration from the Bush Enterprise Furniture collection. Even at first glance you'll appreciate the timeless appeal this layout has to offer. The 72" wide desk is accompanied by a matching storage hutch and lateral file cabinet to provide ample organizing space. At $1329.99, the ENT001 set is a great buy.

3.) Bush Easy Office 2 Person Cubicle EOD460SMR

Bush Easy Office 2 Person Cubicle

Create an open concept interior that's built for collaborating with the modular cubicles from the Bush Easy Office collection. In terms of value and appeal, the Easy Office collection is unrivaled. This 2 person workstation offers just the right amount of privacy without hindering the ability to work together. The EOD460SMR Easy Office configuration is available now for $1185.99.

4.) Bush 400 Series Corner Desk with Hutch 400S127

Bush 400 Series Desk

Enjoy the industrial flair and professional appeal provided by this 400S127 model Bush 400 Series desk. The layout is highlighted by an L shaped design that can be used effectively along walls or in corners to maximize available square footage. The overhead hutch is a nice touch that provides plenty of organizing potential without wasting valuable floor space. This set is available in 3 finish options for $1459.99.

5.) Bush 300 Series U-Desk 300S028

Bush 300 Series Desk

The office furniture from the Bush 300 series is practical and professional. If you're looking to keep things simple without being overly modern, this line of modular desks is a must consider. The 300S028 is yet another great buy from Bush at just $1420.99.

6.) Bush Series A Corner Workstation SRA061

Bush Series A Desk

We absolutely love the Bush Series A collection. It's incredibly versatile and offers unrivaled value. With more than 20 pre-configured layouts available, selecting just 1 for today's post was difficult to say the least. We settled on the SRA061 because it's a unique option that's great for tight spaces. This corner workstation is available in 6 finishes for $1364.99.

7.) Bush Series C Executive Desk SRC082

Bush Series C Executive Desk

Last but not least we are wrapping up this edition of September Savings with an executive desk configuration from the Bush Series C collection. The SRC082 comes with a 72"W bow front desk that compliments a rear wall credenza and hutch and 2 mobile file pedestals. The SRC082 is very well rounded and sure to earn any interior an abundance of compliments. With 7 finishes available, the SRC082 is a favorite of interior design teams at just $1394.99.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Create An On-Trend Boardroom with Aberdeen Furniture

Mayline Aberdeen Boardroom Furniture
The Mayline Aberdeen collection has been a favorite of industry professionals and design teams for years. The best selling furniture from this line offers exceptional value and appeal. With power ready tables, attractive storage components and presentation accessories, Aberdeen has your boardroom makeover needs covered.

When you're ready to kick off your boardroom remodeling project, turn your attention to the boat shaped tables from the Aberdeen series. With tables ranging from 6' to 12' in length, rest assured there's an Aberdeen table to meet your needs.

Gray Steel Laminate Finish SwatchThe tables from the Aberdeen collection are constructed of scratch resistant laminates that will keep your meeting area on trend for years to come. Just recently, the Aberdeen collection was enhanced with an all new Gray Steel finish option that you've got to check out!

All of the new boardroom tables from the Aberdeen collection are available with surface level power modules for $235.00 each. The ACTB6 model 6' table can accommodate 1 module, while larger models from this collection can fit 2 or more. With AC inputs on the surface of your table there's no need to run unsightly extension cords across your room to host digital presentations. Leave no doubt, power ready boardroom tables are now the industry standard.

Mayline Aberdeen Gray Steel Conference FurnitureOnce you've selected a stylish table for your boardroom, pair it with a wall cabinet like the ALC model from the Aberdeen collection. This executive style buffet with 4 doors offers glass accents and attractive handle pulls that pair perfectly with all 4 of Aberdeen's quick shipping finish options.

Effective collaboration is key when designing your boardroom. Yet again, the Aberdeen collection has you covered. This full service line offers folding presentation boards that come in handy throughout group strategizing sessions. They'll also add to the overall vibe of your space.

Aberdeen ACTB6 conference table
In terms of price, Aberdeen is hard to beat. Tables from the collection are available for as low as $509.99. Even the ACTB12 model Aberdeen 12' conference table is just $969.99. The ALC low wall cabinet mentioned above can be purchased for $629.99, leaving plenty of budget to spare for seating and accessories.

In the long run, not all conference and boardroom furniture collections are created equal. Aberdeen is the perfect option for businesses looking to improve collaboration, boost corporate appeal, and maximize the budget. In addition to boardroom solutions, Aberdeen even offers executive desks, multi user workstations, and guest reception stations to compliment your other professional interiors.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Enhancing The Office: Fashionable Chairs For Comfortable Tasking

Creating a well rounded office interior is easier than ever in 2018. Leading brands have made it their mission to craft fashionable furniture and ergonomically correct seating solutions that work together to provide exceptional comfort and appeal. Today in our 'Enhancing The Office' series we'll showcase trendy chairs that are perfect for your space. These seating solutions make it easy to compute with good posture throughout task filled work days.

OFM 540 Core ChairFirst things first, you're going to want to invest in a chair that looks and performs at a high level. That being said, allow us to introduce the 540 model Core chair from OFM. This all new high back office chair is bold and distinctive. The Core chair comes packed with ergonomically correct features specifically designed to help users adapt on the fly. Adjustable arms, ventilated mesh surfaces, Synchro-Tilt controls, and an adjustable headrest work in harmony to make the Core chair an absolute value buy at $258.99.

Global Takori ChairUp next is the Takori task chair from Global. We love this chair because of its two tone upholstery and wide range of ergonomic attributes. For starters, the Takori offers a weight sensing mechanism that automatically responds to the user to provide a simplified sitting experience. The Takori reduces the need for complicated adjustments and looks good doing it!

Safco Adatti ChairThe 7063 model Safco Adatti chair is another fashionable task chair that's sure to make an instant impression on office visitors. Just check out that flexible polypropylene back! The Adatti chair is available in 3 color options for $311.99. Depth adjustable arm pads and synchro tilt controls are standard.

11920B task chairFourth on our list of fashionable chairs for comfortable tasking is the 11920B model from Offices To Go. This practical swivel chair is ready to get down to business. The 11920B is just modern enough to compliment your furniture without overpowering it! This task chair priced at $170.99 is yet another great buy from the team at OTG.

We've saved our team favorite for last! The iDesk Ambarella chair combines form and function to create one of the best all around office chairs available on the market in 2018. The Ambarella has been around for a few years now but remains a staple in commercial interiors. This high performance seating solution comes with an ultra handy guide card located underneath the chair seat that lists the adjustment features and how to use them. The Ambarella is available in a variety of attractive seat color options starting at $250.00. Dollar for dollar, you'll be hard pressed to find a better task chair.


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