Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don't Settle For A Boring Office Space

No one should ever have to settle for a boring office space - especially with all the great modern furniture out there! If you've ever thought you couldn't afford cool office furniture, you're in luck. In today's article, we'll not only show you the basics on how to design your space, we'll also highlight some super affordable office products to add to it for those on a budget. Enjoy!

Choose A Cool Chair

Stylish chairs are not hard to find, but it's definitely true that not all chairs are created equal. A fun looking office chair will quickly lose it's luster if it doesn't have the comfort to back it up, and in the office, both are important. Choosing cool ergonomic chairs with comfortable features not only ensures that occupants feel rejuvenated at the end of the day; they also improve health! Many ergo chairs boast mechanisms specifically designed to alleviate certain pains. Head, neck, back, arm, and even joint pain can all be taken care of by a good ergonomic chair. Best of all, they're so common now that it's a snap to find them at affordable prices. Here's a few greats that won't break your bank:

Boss B9406 Black or White Leather ChairOFM Airflo Mesh Office Chair 610Global 5380-4 Max High Back Chair

 Boss B9406 White Leather    OFM 610 Mesh Task    Global 5380-4 Max

Select A Stylish Office Desk

In home and corporate offices, desks are usually the first thing a client sees, and the way it looks says a lot about both the business and the business representative. Because of their large size, they are almost always the focal point of any room, so looks are just as important as usefulness. Finding one that sets the tone for your business, but that's also affordable and effective can be a big challenge. Desks will differ in size and design depending on the position they were designed for. In most cases, computer desks are more compact for use in small offices and bedrooms, while quality desks and workstations are larger and usually cost a bundle. Fortunately, there are excellent discount options like the BT11LCR Brighton Office Workstation by Mayline for those that want to save a buck!

10080 Catalina Split Top Workcenter by Studio Designs

Brighton BT11LCR Workstation                              Studio Designs 10080 Catalina Work Center

Get Organized

A boring office starts with a cluttered space - and it only gets worse from there. Messy offices tend to give the impression that a person is disheveled and unprofessional. Guests and executives can be turned off or even turned away by the sight of a mess in an office, even if they aren't germophobes. Fortunately, the most common reason why so many office workers experience clutter has a simple solution. In many cases, the person just doesn't have enough storage to stay organized. With the addition of a few simple wood storage cabinets for office use, shelves, or bookcases. Models like the 1851 Moblie Printer Stand by Safco are perfect for printer organization, and there are penny of other desk organizers and equipment for other parts of the office as well. All it takes is a quick search!

1851 Safco Mobile Printer Stand           Mayline Stella SKSC Storage Cabinet

Go Ergo

Ergonomic OfficeAnd finally, no office is complete without ergonomic accessories to amp it up! Whether you're going for high tech, professional, efficient, organized, or trendy for your office space, or even if you're going for all of it, office accessories with ergonomic benefits have to be part of the mix. Devices like ergonomic keyboard platforms, CPU holders, and monitor arms can be huge saving graces in the office. The ergo designs almost always prevent some sort of pain for the user, and if not, they always increase productivity and efficiency. Here's a few tips on great affordable ergonomic accessories and how they can benefit your office!

Ergonomic Monitor Arms: Monitor arms work by attaching computer screens to adjustable arms, equipping computers with maneuverability. When users are able to adjust their computer screens to a more helpful, healthful position, productivity and efficiency can increased drastically. Users of ergonomic monitor arms have been known to experience reduced neck pain, upper back pain, eye strain, and all around better focus.

Keyboard Trays: Keyboard trays and platforms typically mount underneath an office desk to put the keyboard within ideal range of the user's hands. Reaching on top of the desk to type can cause poor circulation and joint pain in the wrists and hands. Over time, this can even contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome in serious cases. It's an affordable addition that offices should never be without. 

Other Tips and Tricks: These last few tips are great ways to keep an office efficient and organized: CPU holders provide a super affordable way to keep a computer's hard drive off the floor and away from kicking legs or spilled drinks. Binder clips attached to the edge of an office desk can have cords threaded through the metal parts, providing a cost-effective way to keep handheld devices and wires from getting tangled up.

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