Thursday, May 22, 2014

How To Ergofy Your Conference Room!

These days it's all about going ergo in the workplace. Increasing your workplace productivity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness will help you to achieve peak levels of performance. That being said, one common office area that's often overlooked when it comes to ergonomics is the conference room. In today's post, we'll share the 3 step process needed to ergofy your space with ease. Enjoy!

1.) Choose A Modular Table Configuration

Using a modular conference table configuration will allow you to create a multi use work environment geared for a variety of tasks. As the main focal point of any meeting area is the table, those looking to get ergofied will be best off starting here! Manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM all offer high quality modular tables for conference room use at budget friendly pricing. Going with a Bungee tables set by Global like the BXK132S is a popular way of combining the needs of your training area and meeting space. These unique layouts offer connecting tables that can be configured to form a variety of shapes. When not in use, most modular tables offer flip top design capabilities and mobilized bases that can nest along the wall when not in use. In a nut shell, go modular and get ergo effective at the same time!

2.) Select Ergonomic Conference Chairs

Global Total Office Accord Chairs

While style is important, comfort reigns supreme! Choosing the right ergonomic chairs for conference room use will go a long way in your quest to improve efficiency and productivity. The best ergonomic chair brands in 2014 offer excellent fabric, leather, and mesh options to choose from with the features needed to reach peak performance. When shopping for new conference chairs for your business, be sure to look for models with adjustable arms, adjustable height, adjustable back angle, and lumbar support. These common attributes are regularly used during meetings and will ensure your guests a pleasant sit while visiting.

3.) Accessorize

Ergonomic Conference Room

Last but certainly not least, accessorizing your conference room with quality ergonomic accent products will help provide a much needed performance boost. As not every ergonomic product is a must have, evaluating your specific needs and researching the most popular products available will help you to choose the items best suited for your specific needs. Top selling ergonomic products used in conference room areas include mobile presentation boards, adjustable TV mounts, foot rests for guests, adjustable lecterns, and mobile projector stands for multi media spaces.

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