Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Should A New Reception Desk Cost?

One of the most important furniture purchases your company will make is the reception desk. This main focal piece of your business entrance and guest waiting area showcases your corporate decor and office style. Knowing what to expect in terms of reception desk cost will help you get the most out of your office makeover budget. This helpful article analyzes the cost of the top 5 reception station styles on the market today. Enjoy!

Small Reception Desks
Small Reception Desks
Those limited on space will be in search of space saving reception desk solutions that don't lack in style. As the most most affordable style available, small reception stations are designed specifically for areas with minimal square footage. Most of the industries top business furniture brands offer their small stations will the ability to add returns in the future. This is truly a great way to save a bundle down the road as the needs of your office increase. All factors considered, smaller welcoming stations start out at about $550 from the Mayline Brighton Series and extend up into the thousands. If you're shopping for a station to meet your limited space and access, expect to spend around $1000 for a high quality unit with ample storage for your business.

Modern Reception Desks
Modern Reception Desks

The modern look is in! The top modern reception stations for sale in 2013 are sure to provide your business with ample wow factor. Products like the Cherryman Verde series Reception Desk priced at $1509.99 are sure to provide your welcoming area with the contemporary style needed to keep your office on the cutting edge. While far more expensive models are surely available, a price range of $1500 to $2000 will definitely provide you with ample funds to purchase a variety of modern desks for your reception area needs.

Curved Reception Desks
Curved Reception Desks
Curved front reception desks are also incredibly popular. This look provides a nice view from any angle that properly accommodates all guests from multiple entry points. No doubt the top selling style of 2013 has been the OFM Marque Reception Station with or without the plexi glass transaction screen. These modular reception furniture solutions are available in 5 sizes and 3 finish choices. The basic 55290 Marque Reception Station starts at $993.99 while the the largest 5 unit 55316 Marque Reception Station boasts a hefty $5999.99 price tag. Depending on the size and budget for your project, a Marque unit is definitely available in your price range. These awesome products require no tools for assembly and are typically stocked for quick shipment. Talk about versatility and value!

Salon Reception Desks

Salon Reception Desk

Salon style welcome desks typically feature a modern look and contemporary design. The best salon reception desk models are designed to provide a lasting first impression on valued clientele while offering excellent organizational qualities for front desk personnel. The new Mayline CST25 reception desk boasts a tri tone industrial look that works great as a sitting or standing reception desk solution. Priced starting at $1228.99, these Mayline Reception Desks are an excellent value and can be purchased in a variety of finish combinations to meet your specific salon decor. As a second option, the Marque units mentioned above under the curved section are also quite popular for modern salon use.

Other popular styles include L shape and custom variations that range from around from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the options you choose for your space. All factors considered, new reception desks are available for any budget and price range. The average business should look to spend between one to two thousand dollars on a high quality station with excellent style and storage components. Hopefully you've found this cost analysis useful and are now able to make an informed purchasing decision for your business. Rest assured, to create an awesome guest reception area you'll need to make an impression using a professional reception area welcome station!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cutting Edge Executive Office Furniture Trends

The world of contemporary executive furniture is steadily improving. No longer are wood veneer desks the only way to outfit your high end office space! With several hot new lines available from the industries top brands, new trends are paving the way for awesome workplace innovations sure to improve any executive environment.

e5 Wall Cabinete5 Wardrobe CabinetAny executive office should come equipped with the office storage products needed to stay organized and efficient. The Mayline e5 Series boasts a wide selection of modern storage cabinets sure to meet your office needs while maintaining a luxury look. From the wardrobe to files, e5 storage solutions are available in a variety of combo options that save space while providing improved versatility. That being said, one of the top executive workspace trends of 2013 is the use of innovative storage products built with a variety of organizing capabilities. No longer are basic metal file cabinets the only way to add security and organization to your important documents and files!

In addition to modern storage products, another top executive furniture trend sure to spice up your office is the use of metal desking. The best selling office desks of 2013 are those with metal accents and commercial appeal. Like with modern kitchens, the commercial grade look of stainless steel is sweeping the world of business office furniture and accessories. Products like the VL-749N Verde desk configuration by Cherryman Industries showcase this look to perfection! The metal legs of the Verde Table Desk are highlighted by the dark espresso laminate finish and an abundance of modern style.

While there's nothing wrong with traditional cherry and maple finishes for executive office furniture, an abundance of new and exciting color options are being made available to enhance your corporate decor. Using popular new colors like white, latte, espresso, and gray allow designers and consumers the ability to get creative! If you're designing a modern executive space, think outside the box. The use of cool finishes shows ingenuity and style sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments.

Mayline Napoli Series FurnitureThe industrial look is in! Shopping for executive office desks for sale with industrial attributes is a popular practice amongst high end execs. Using industrially inspired furniture like the Mayline Napoli Series Desks are the ideal way to impress valued clientele while maintaining a productive workspace built for the needs of any modern business. This collection is the perfect blend of modern and traditional styles and features glass, wood, and metal accents for a totally unique look that appeals to a wide audience.

Dual Screen Monitor ArmNo modern executive office would be complete without the addition of useful ergonomic office products designed for improved workplace effectiveness. The most popular additions to modern executive desk configurations include articulating arms for improved monitor screen movement along with ergonomic office lighting and adjustable keyboard platforms. Once you've added the necessary ergo products to your space you'll be ready to work at the highest levels of productivity possible. The most simple and minute details tend to make the biggest difference in terms of office comfort!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Discount Lounge Furniture Sets for Modern Office Use

Creating a stylish lounge area for your guests speaks volumes about your business. A modern look showcases your ingenuity and design creativity you're no doubt looking to inspire your valued clientele with. That being said,  comfortable yet contemporary lounge furniture sets are available to achieve attributes without breaking your office makeover budget.

OFM Distinct Series Lounge ChairWhen it comes to modern lounge furniture for sale in 2013, look no further than OFM! This innovative brand prides themselves on cutting edge products for every office environment. From the top OFM desks to trend setting chairs, you'll be at no shortage of solutions with this full service office furniture provider. This year, OFM has released several collections for contemporary lounge use that are incredibly budget friendly. The new Distinct series sofa and lounge chair combine to form one of the hottest lines on the market today. With anti microbial upholstery and metal bases, this line is ideal for modern healthcare seating and doctors office use.

Mayline Santa Cruz CollectionThe Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture Collection by Mayline boasts an affordable price tag and choice of 2 in stock upholstery options to match the decor needs of any guest waiting area. This set includes the Santa Cruz lounge chair, settee, and sofa to complete your entire space with ease. Looking for a custom configuration? No problem! All Mayline Furniture including the Santa Cruz collection can be purchased individually to meet your specific space requirements.

The retro modern look has been incredibly popular in 2013. Global Total Office took note of this booming trend and revved up their stylish Sirena Chair line in a major way! The addition of modern office sofas with tablet arms, chairs with storage shelfs, and lounge furniture sets for office use have made this collection a real winner in the workplace! Available in a wide variety of fabric and leather options, Sirena sofa and lounge chair solutions are also available with matching office coffee tables and end table models in a variety of sizes. Rest assured, the made to order business office furniture from the Sirena collection is worth the wait!

Flash Furniture 801 SeriesQuality office decor at prices you can't beat! That's the Flash Furniture approach to office lounge furniture needs. This steadily growing brand offers over 10 affordable waiting room furniture collections with modern style that's sure to impress your guests while earning you a host of positive compliments on your design ingenuity. Budget friendly collections like the Flash Furniture 801 series showcase their ability to create contemporary guest waiting areas once thought far out of the average price range. This white leather reception seating set includes a chair, love seat, sofa, and ottoman for only $1762.99. Now that's a deal!

Ballara Lounge Furniture by GlobalLast but certainly not least, those in search of modular waiting room furniture will love the Ballara collection from Global Industries. With over 16 pre configured sets available, this line is capable of meeting your every guest seating need large or small. The innovative design and space saving characteristics of any Balara Lounge Furniture Set will surely help you incorporate modern style into your welcome area.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Adjustable Office Space

In today's office versatility is everything! The ability to adjust on the fly to meet your individual needs while providing the highest levels of comfort is essential. An adjustable office space ensures an effective workday through helpful ergonomic benefits. Creating a space of this nature involves the use of specialized products including office chairs, desks, tables, and accessories. This article highlights awesome product suggestions and helpful tips sure to help you create a fully functional adjustable workspace for the home or business.

RFM Verte ChairThe adjustable office starts with the chair! With so many ergonomic office chairs for sale in 2013, shopping can be a daunting task. Every popular brand claims to offer the most comfortable office chairs available with the most cutting edge ergo features. That being said, not every chair feature is a must. Take the time to meet with your physician to discuss your body type and what chair attributes will best help you throughout the work day. The most common adjustment features include seat height, back height, arms, and lumbar support. Products like the RFM Verte chair offer the perfect choice for ergo gurus looking for the hottest luxury office seating solution for their space. Models like the 5100FP Eurotech Seating Bodyflex chair are much more appropriate for the budget concscious while still providing excellent support and adjustment capabilities.

Height Adjustable Office DeskOnce you've covered the need for a new chair, it's time to move on to your workstation. Finding ergonomic desks online is becoming more and more easy by the day. Top adjustable office desks from lines like the Mayline VariTask table series make a great starting point for desk shoppers. These height adjustable office desk solutions provide both hand crank and electronic models for cutting edge work environments. If you're shopping for an adjustable executive desk for your luxury workspace, the Ergonomic Concepts 6048-L3 is the ideal choice! Regardless of the model you choose, make sure to keep important factors like power readiness, desk shape, and ergonomic benefits in mind when shopping. Speaking with industry professionals will also help to provide valuable insight as to what products work best and offer the most bang for the buck. The best ergonomic workstations for sale can often be pricey. Therefore, comparison shopping online is a must!

Adjustable Training Room TablesIf you're shopping for adjustable business office furniture for sale in 2013, tables will definitely be on your list. Luckily, brands like Global and Mayline provide some of the most efficient modular office tables on the market. From mobile training table models to luxurious modular conference tables with space saving benefits, these two reputable brands understand the importance of flexibility in the workplace. Adjustable furniture has paved the way for what industry professional now refer to as the multi purpose space. This area combines the benefits of professional conference room furniture with the versatility of modular training room furniture and seating. The multi purpose area allows for fast reconfiguration capabilities, easy adjustments, and space saving attributes including foldable tables and nesting models. These work areas are easy to clean and built to meet the needs of any meeting or training session. Make sure to start your search with Mayline training tables and other popular models like the Bungee series from Global Industries. These affordable solutions will definitely help you extend your office makeover budget!

Adjustable Monitor Mount and Laptop HolderNo adjustable office space would be complete without the addition of ergonomic office accessories from brands like ESI and Systematix. These brands have firmly positioned themselves as two of the top companies sure to help you improve workplace efficiency on a shoestring budget. Items like the Edge 2 combo monitor mount and laptop holder from ESI add a high tech dimension to any workstation will providing a seemingly limitless range of motion. New ergonomic monitor arms like these are rapidly gaining popularity for their simplified movement and ability to save usable work surface area. In addition, retractable keyboard trays also provide a wide range of space saving benefits that should not be overlooked. The adjustment range of top models includes back and forth, side to side, and up and down.  One way to rock your office with adjustment benefits is to add ergonomic office lighting including task and desk lamps. The new Symmetry Aurora LED Lamp priced at only $101.99 is the perfect choice for bargain shoppers! This versatile lamp provides up to 50,000 hours of continuous hours of illumination. Now that's impressive!

Monday, August 19, 2013

What to Expect From A Professional Executive Desk

Executive Office Desks
Shopping for a professional desk can be tricky. With extensive solutions available on the market today, how do you know what desk to choose? We all know that budget, style, and ergonomics play an important roll in the shopping process. However, most don't know what to expect from a new desk in terms of quality attributes. Thankfully, this article showcases the top benefits you should expect when spending hard earned money on a new executive desk for your office in 2013.

Stylish Design

It's no secret that we shop with our eyes first. For that reason, as stylish design is one of the most important factors to consider when on the hunt for new desks for home and business use. The decor of your space helps to form a quality first impression with your valued clientele. A well designed furniture layout also showcases your business ingenuity and prowess.  That being said, popular styles include bow front, straight front, L shaped, and U shaped executive desks for sale from reputable brands. The U shape design is definitely the most popular. Typically available with right or left entry, U shaped configurations work great in large, small, or corner applications.

Modular Features

The ability to grow your furniture configuration as the needs of your business increase is important. Modular attributes should be sought out whenever possible by those in need of furnishings for any professional workspace. Top selling office workstations from brands like OFM, Global, and Mayline allow additional pieces to be incorporated in with ease. From non handed returns to credenzas and overhead storage units, modular office furniture benefits should be expected from any new executive desk purchase.

Ample Storage

In order stay productive and efficient, you must keep an well organized office. When shopping for an executive desk configuration for your space, ample storage components should definitely be expected. An overhead hutch and desk pedestals should be standard in any configuration you consider. While office filing cabinets can typically be added later, finding a matching executive furniture set with cohesive items already included can save you money down the road. In several instances consumers will spend thousands on new office furniture and then find themselves in desperate need of storage. By the time they've run out of space, the line they chose has been discontinued and they are forced to purchase non matching products.

Ergonomic Attributes

Having an ergo friendly work space bodes extremely well for day to day effectiveness. When shopping for executive office desks online, expect to find ergonomic features incorporated in for increased office benefits. Any desk set lacking the ability to boast about common user friendly attributes such as lighting, grommets, tack boards, and several others is best looked over. While add on ergonomic office accessories like monitor arms and retractable keyboard trays should always be added, getting the basics like those mentioned above is a must!

Options and Choices

There are many other factors you'll be asked to choose from when picking out your new desk. Prepare yourself accordingly by doing a bit of research online. Search a variety of terms like top selling office furniture collections via your favorite search engine to educate yourself accordingly. Expect a wide variety of laminate and wood veneer options from a variety of collections. Options like handle pulls, storage accessories, and color choices area all common. Knowing what to look for and expect up front will help you to make a wise purchase decision as opposed to an impulse purchase decision. Finding reviews online of items your considering can also be a huge help. Top brands that should be considered include Mayline Furniture for both wood and laminate configurations as well as Cherryman Industries furniture for home and business solutions. The best selling line of 2013, the Cherryman Verde Series is an ideal place to start your search if you're a fan of modern office desks for your space. Traditionalists will love the luxury office desks for sale from the Mayline Sorrento series of executive casegoods. No matter the line you choose, prepare yourself by doing your homework up front. Knowing what to expect is half the battle and therefore the most important part of desk shopping!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Improve Office Efficiency for Free

Clean Office DeskEveryone's looking for new ways to improve their office, but why spend a fortune? If your chair is uncomfortable or your computer is slow, you certainly don't have to put up with it just to increase your productiveness, but you don't have to grab a hammer and break the piggy bank either. If you're on a budget, try some of these easy tricks to help improve your office efficiency without giving up the green!

Clean Your Keyboard Tray

One of the things you may never even about doing is cleaning out your keyboard. A dirty keyboard can be the cause of slow typing, and is often the impetus for purchasing a pricey new keyboard whenever a letter gets jammed and won't work anymore. Fortunately, keyboards and keyboard tray attachments can be cleaned out to prevent having to buy a new one. The sad part is that when most people consider it, they usually think it requires calling a service that will charge them more money than a simple cleaning is worth. Well, there's a great trick to cleaning out your keyboard with something you likely already have in the garage at home. Simply use a can of compressed air to blast the gunk out of it if the keys are slow. If a particular key is jammed, use a small screwdriver to pop it off and dislodge whatever is causing the jam (usually small pebbles, pencil tips, or crumbs). Then finally, wipe it off with a few disinfecting wipes to remove grease. You won't believe the difference!

Properly Route Your Wiring

Computers are extremely useful, but if the wires that connect them to printers, external hard drives, and presentation projectors are tangled up in a huge mess, you could get roped into a pretty expensive mess if any accidents happened. In order to get maximum efficiency from your computer and other devices, make sure you keep your wiring properly routed - that is, make sure the cords and cables connecting your devices are short and connected properly. Keeping wires and hard drives off the ground is a great way to avoid damage from spilled beverages and office pests. Consider adding CPU holders that mount under desks to keep hard drives off the floor and out of the way. Keep your wires together in bunches using velcro, duct tape, or wire chases mounted to the underside of your desk so your legs don't get tangled in them. Making use of grommet holes (the little holes at the front of your desk you've always wondered about) by running all your wires through them helps clear up desk space so you don't have to wade through a web of cables when searching for the stapler. If you still need more desk space, add monitor arms to your computers so they're mounted to walls instead of taking up space. Doing any of these things will help keep desks and workstations looking clean, organized, and easily maintained.

Purge Your Old Files

Another quick way to increase your office efficiency is to get rid of old files. That's right! In both computers and file cabinets, a good cleaning is a great way to improve your space and your speed. If you rely on paper filing systems, take the time one afternoon to go through and clean out the old records you haven't used or needed in a while. The same can be done for the literature racks and bookcase in the waiting room or reception area. If you don't have the heart or the ability to toss old files in the garbage, move them into boxes or smaller file bins sorted by date or type and keep them in a storage closet so they're out of your way. If you use computers, this task can be much simpler. Just go through and click delete on old files you no longer need. Run a quick scan to get rid of any malware or cookies that may be slowing your computer down, and empty your computer's recycle bin. The space you'll free up in your computer and storage cabinets will not only give you more storage options, but it will also increase your speed and functionality!

Adjust Your Office Chair

If you've been putting up with an uncomfortable office chair for far too long, you may be thinking that its time to get a new one. Unsupportive chairs can cause terrible back pain, depression, and  serious medical problems like sciatica and even blood clots! The only thing likely holding you back is the exorbitant prices of quality office chairs these days. Well, while you can find fabulous deals if you look long enough, chances are you can greatly increase your comfort without having to buy a new chair. In fact. most offices provide comfortable ergonomic office chairs without their employees even knowing it. If you've been experiencing  discomfort, just try adjusting your chair. Almost all modern task chairs have a height feature that can be adjusted so you don't have to bend down or reach up over desks to work, and often the back, seat angle, and arms can be adjusted as well. Some chairs even have an air pump feature on the under the seat to fluff up the cushion or deflate it. Instead of replacing your chair, just work with it a bit. You may find that its not so bad after all!

Clean Your Work Surface

There is no better way to increase your office efficiency that is more simple than an easy spring cleaning. Few like to do it, but no one can deny the affordability and helpfulness presented by a clean office space. If you find that you've been lining things like papers and business cards along the edges of cubicle layouts, you may actually just need a few stackable trays to help you keep things organized. Adding a whiteboard is a great way to keep daily notes without wasting papers that are easily lost. Some presentation boards not only include whiteboards, but also cork board doors to hold cards and post-its as well. Consider adding utility carts or file trucks that can be kept in corners or under desks but can be wheeled out until they are needed. Try to put everything easily within arms reach for added efficiency.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Design A High Class Waiting Room

Waiting Room FurnitureThe waiting room of any business and professional organization is vitally important. This space is where first impressions are formed and guest opinions can not be overlooked. A classy waiting room speaks volumes about your workplace ingenuity and style. Creating a space with these attributes can easily be considered a daunting task. Luckily, this article highlights important design tips, tricks, and product suggestions sure to help you design a guest waiting area to be proud of!

Whether you refer to your guest waiting area as a lounge, lobby, waiting room, or reception area they all have the same main purpose. Keeping your valued clients, patients, and customers comfortable during their wait shows you value their business and hope to form a lasting relationship with them. That being said, the first step in designing a professional waiting room is to measure your space and effectively determine the style of seating you wish to go with.

When it comes to space planning for waiting room furniture, it's best to measure your area out using a few professional tools. A quality measuring tape, scale ruler, and mechanical pencil will surely come in handy while ensuring accuracy. Make sure to notate all power outlets, doors, and room obstructions that might hinder your furniture placement.
Lounge Furniture
Once your space is effectively plotted you'll be ready to choose from a variety of popular waiting room chairs to meet your individual taste. The top styles of 2013 include beam chair and bench seating for modular office applications and traditional office lounge furniture consisting of upholstered sofa, lounge chair, and settee sets. Those on a tight budget will surely enjoy modern guest chairs with stack and ganging capabilities. Often, chairs of this nature can be purchased in sets and will really help you save a bundle!

When choosing the seating for your guest area, make sure to consider important factors like how many guests you wish to accommodate at one time. An over crowded space is not classy and shows a lack of design knowledge that does not bode well for your business. To determine the number of guests take into consideration your room dimensions and secondly how many appointments you have in an average day.

Accent Furniture for Waiting RoomIn addition to seating, your lounge will also need accent furniture to provide a high class feel. Utilizing modern coffee tables can provide an interesting focal point that gets your clients talking. Using stylish lamps and matching end tables from top brands will also showcase a luxury look that's sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments. Visiting any modern office decor store or home furnishings outlet will help you to further accent your space with area rugs and wall art to meet your stylistic preferences.

So now you know what to use to create a high class waiting room environment, but where to you find it? Top lines like the Net series from OFM, Inc. furniture is a great place to start for those in search of a modern look. More traditionally styled businesses looking for an at home feel will love well rounded collections like the Santa Cruz series lounge furniture by Mayline. As for discount reception seating, brands like Eurotech, Boss, and Flash Furniture all provide excellent solutions that will help you make the most of your budget. Finding quality reception tables to match any office decor can be a challenge. However, if you shop lines like the Citi and Wind series of modern tables from Global you'll be easily equipped with stunning products sure to make an impression on your clientele.

Office Waiting Room
Once you're furniture and seating has been purchased, it's time to prepare for your project conversion. New businesses will enjoy the ease of adding products to a virtually empty space with no guests. Unfortunately, businesses with existing furniture and a steady flow of guests will not! If this is the case for you, it's best to plan your project on a weekend. Make sure to work with your staff and furniture provider to coordinate a window for delivery that meets your specific needs. Making a day of your waiting room interior design project can actually be quite fun. It tends to feel a bit like Christmas morning when opening all the boxes with your stylish new products!

In the long run, creating a high class waiting room for your business can be quite simple if you know the right steps and products necessary to get the job done right. Meeting with an interior design team will also provide helpful insight you'll surely appreciate. Those on a strict budget and not able to meet with professional designers can make use of the free advice from business office furniture providers found both online and locally. Furniture showrooms are often available by appointment and those unsure of products or in search of more extensive solutions should definitely contact manufacturers like Global Total Office to schedule a time to meet in their area.

Modern Lounge Furniture
Lastly, make sure to have fun with your project! If you make this project a chore it will show in your design efforts. The lounge and reception furniture of any business is the perfect place to let your creativity shine. A high class space is only achievable when you're up to the challenge of creating it! Knowing the right brands and products takes a bit of research but is well worth the results. Once your makeover is complete you'll be relishing the extensive guest compliments and improved business effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top Wood Office Chairs for Accenting Executive Furniture

What better way to showcase your design ingenuity then by using a luxurious wood office chair to accent your executive furniture configuration! This article highlights the top selling wood seating solutions ideal for creating cohesively styled executive work environments. These stunning chairs will make your office the talk of the town!

OFM 560-L Executive ChairFirst up, the Mahogany Executive Chair from the OFM 560 series. This stunning product is perfect for matching any of the Mahogany finished OFM office desks for sale from lines like the Venice and Mesa collection. The black leather upholstery and chrome accented arms make for a truly luxury look that's sure to impress. The 4" thick seating along with ergonomic features including knee tilt control, instant seat height adjustment, and tension control allow for individual seating preferences to be met with ease. A pillow headrest and solid wood accents on arms and base make this an outstanding addition to any high end office.

Mayline President ChairWith 10 top selling office furniture collections on the market today, Mayline casegoods are a top choice of consumers and interior designers alike. Their quality solutions and quick ship times are simply unmatched by competing manufacturers. High end Mayline office chairs like the PRW model are ideal for matching lines like Napoli and Corsica series furniture collections. In addition to it's all around good looks, the Mayline President Chair offers deep pillow style cushions for superior comfort along with solid wood armrests with black leather padding, tilt tension and tilt lock, and a solid wood five star base. The swivel seat with pneumatic height adjustment and deluxe knee tilt control also provide excellent ergonomic benefits that will surely improve your office efficiency.

Selectra Office Chair by GlobalIn search of a classic look to compliment your space? Try the Selectra chair from Global Total Office. This versatile mid back chair is handsomely upholstered in any of Global's extensive textile options. You'll also enjoy a choice of 6 custom wood choices for the arms and base. The 4016 model also works great for wood conference seating needs and even includes a matching Selectra armchair for a further enhanced space. Priced at only $298.99, Selectra is standard with a tilt lock control, single position tilt lock and pneumatic seat height adjustment that only requires one lever.

B850 Model Boss Office ChairDistinguish your executive furniture with the B850 Boss executive chair with traditional style. The timeless look offered from the B850 ensures your office is always at the pinnacle of workplace class. At an everyday low price of $380.99, these wood office chairs are quite hard to top! Beautifully upholstered in top grain leather, the 8 way hand tied coil construction seat provides durability and comfort. For enhanced style, the B850 offers hand applied brass nail head trim. The hooded double wheel casters make gliding around the office a breeze while the upright locking position ensures proper posture. As if this chair wasn't already fantastic, both pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment and adjustable tilt tension control features are standard.
Wood Guest Chair

Last but certainly not least, you'll be wanting to keep those important clients comfortable! To do so, chairs like the 11820 wood side chair from Offices To Go should definitely be considered for your space. This line of wood guest chairs is available in both cordovan and toffee finish options to match any of the OTG executive office desks for sale from the the popular Ventnor casegoods collection. The versatile design also works great for wood reception seating and provides further matching design elements for your business.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Discount Office Furniture and Chairs for Sale in August SaleCan you believe that August is already in full swing? This year has flown by! That being said, 2013 has also been one of the most exciting years ever for office furniture and seating. This post highlights 10 of the top discount office furniture and chair solutions for sale in August. These awesome products will have your office looking better than ever on a shoestring budget. In addition to these can't miss deals, we've added super coupons for extended savings below. Enjoy!

1.) Designer White Leather Office Chair - $146.99

White Leather Designer Office Chair

2.) Armless Black Leather Conference Chair with Ribbed Back - $119.99

Armless Conference Chair

3.) Contemporary Black Leather Love Seat with Metal Legs - $565.99

Contemporary Leather Love Seat with Metal Legs

4.) Cherryman Amber Furniture Sale - *Prices To Low to Advertise (Call 800-867-1411 for Deals)
Cherryman Amber Furniture Sale
5.) Cherryman Jade Furniture Sale - *Prices To Low to Advertise (Call 800-867-1411 for Deals)
Cherryman Jade Furniture Sale

6.) Elliptical Conference Table with Metal Base - $437.99 (7 Sizes Available!)

7.) Retro Computer Desk - $157.99
Retro Modern Computer Desk
8.) Modern Computer Desk with Glass Accents - $149.99

Modern Computer Desk

9.) Lateral File Cabinets On Sale with Bulk Discounts!

Lateral File Cabinets On Sale

10.) Aberdeen Series Mocha Reception Desk - $652.99
Aberdeen Reception Desk

Enjoy these awesome Office Furniture and Seating coupons for additional savings!

*Save 5% On Mayline Luminary Furniture with Coupon Code: LUMINARY

*Save 5% On Mayline Sorrento Furniture with Coupon Code: SORRENTO

*Save 5% On Mayline Napoli Furniture with Coupon Code: NAPOLI

*Save 5% On Mayline Aberdeen Furniture with Coupon Code: ABERDEEN

*Save 5% On Mayline Corsica Furniture with Coupon Code: CORSICA

*Save $25 on Any Purchase of $499 or More + FREE Shipping with Coupon Code: FP3600

*Save $50 on Any Purchase of $999 or More + FREE Shipping with Coupon Code: FP3900

Friday, August 2, 2013

Top 5 Tips to Designing the Perfect Office

Our surroundings have a huge impact on the way we feel. Even if you get along great with your boss, the guests, and your co-workers, staying upbeat can be really difficult if you're stuck in the same room for eight hours a day with nothing but white walls to stare at. The vibe an office puts out is extremely important. The happiness of employees, guests, and even the speed and efficiency of a business's productivity ride on it. If your office seems boring or outdated, it could be due to the way it looks and functions. Here are some great office design tips to help you identify potential problems and find the perfect solutions!

Great Lighting

OFM Marque Plexi Reception Station
When it comes to designing your office, you can never have too much lighting. Whether you work at home or in a building filled with people, keeping the atmosphere light and comfortable is crucial to establishing a great work environment. Scientific study shows that when office workers spend their work time stuck in a dark room for long periods of time, it can lead to negative moods, depression, and even a slow work ethic. Providing plenty of natural or artificial office and workstation lighting instantly creates great vibes among office workers and visitors alike. So when you're designing your space, be sure your employees' personal office workstations are near windows where the sun can shine in on them, or at the very least add some lamps to brighten the days.

Bring Nature Indoors

Nature Themed Office in Vienna

For thousands of years, humans spent every waking minute surrounded by the wild. Its only natural that after spending so long among the caves, the animals, and the trees, that most of us feel at peace when we are around those things now. If your workers seem a little depressed and natural lighting isn't present or possible for your workplace, bringing in a bit of the outdoors in other aspects is a great place to start. Its no coincidence that the most calming colors (blues, greens, and neutrals) are also the colors of nature. Try giving your walls an organic touch by painting them in one or two of those. If your office doesn't have windows to the outside world, make your own! Photos and paintings of nature often have an instant calming effect on many individuals and are super easy to find. If you want some extra life in a room, try adding a few plants or even some fish. Both are diverse enough in color and design that they can look great in any space, and many small plants and bowl fish are quiet and practically take care of themselves. You may even let your employees keep some at their office desk layouts just to be kind! 

Add Ergonomics

One of the most helpful yet least understood terms by office furniture shoppers is the term "ergonomics," but this little word can create a world of ultimate comfort for you and your employees. So what is ergonomics? Well, its actually a way of improving efficiency, and the good news for you is that there's a whole style of office furniture completely built around it. Office workers everywhere have recognized the incredible convenience ergonomic office chairs and owe their lack of back pain to the chairs' incredible comfort. These stylish chairs are available in a plethora of colors and designs that will fit beautifully anywhere, but they aren't the only ergonomic things out there. There have been leaps and bounds in the field of adjustable ergonomic office furniture with inventions like sit to stand desks, workstations, and articulating computer arms all to make your life easier without you having to sacrifice productivity! Adding this modern style of furniture to your home or workplace will have you feeling like you live in the lap of futuristic luxury!

Smart Space

Another crucial thing every office worker knows is the importance of space. Keeping things neat and tidy is not only essential to effective production, but it also prevents accidents, and makes spaces seem bigger, cleaner, and more open. Now for big workplaces, finding a place to put things isn't so much of a problem. Sadly, many small businesses and home offices don't have that luxury, and just adding large furniture isn't an option. If you're tight on space, consider the option of adding stacking office chairs or folding office chairs that can be stowed away when not in use. Putting furniture within furniture is also a great idea, and office and warehouse wall shelving helps free up floor space.  Most modern office desks today come with storage cabinets and drawers built right in, and small computer desks are just as wonderful in tiny offices as they are in college dorm rooms.

Consider the Future

Training Furniture

Technology is always changing and improving, so why shouldn't you? Thousands of businesses all over the world have already recognized the benefits of investing in the future, and there have been some great advancements in office accessories specifically to accommodate changes in technology.  One of the newest trends to sweep the nation has been the addition of training room furniture to office environments. This furniture is fantastic for all sorts of office scenarios because it is stylish enough for guests to use, but also mobile and easy to store. You can find stylish training chairs and training tables as permanent fixtures in almost every school, library, and large business today. They are also wonderful to keep in the utility room or in a closet at home for parties and events.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

High End Furniture for Luxury Office Interiors

Rest assured, this post is not for the average furniture shopping budget! While we typically focus on the affordable office solutions available for the home and business, today's post takes a step into the world of luxury business furnishings. The high end products showcased here are designed for upper managements, executives, and office CEO's looking to impress the most important clients.

Cherryman Emerald FurnitureThe executive office is an area that should highlight your personal style while providing a welcoming space for your business guests. When shopping for new furniture for executive office applications, look no further than Cherryman Industries. Lines like the Emerald casegoods collection provide the perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern appeal. Pre configured executive packages like the EM-416N Emerald Office Furniture Set are highlighted by a stunning table desk and rear wall storage credenza with glass accents. Both the cognac cherry and mahogany finish options are sure to create the perfect work environment to impress your visitors. Priced at $4348.99, this suite is worth every penny!
30 ft. Sorrento Conference Table SC30

The Mayline Sorrento furniture collection boasts a wide selection of classy products designed for a variety of professional applications. The luxury conference tables for sale from this line are definitely a main highlight. Models like the SC30 Sorrento table are designed to accommodate large meetings with ample guests. This 30 ft. boardroom table features a beautiful birds eye maple and bourbon cherry finish combination that's truly breathtaking.

Sorrento Series Sliding Door Bookcase
Any luxurious office furniture configuration should include ample storage solutions to help keep your space properly organized. However, if you still find yourself in need of more, products like the $2849.99 sliding door bookcase will definitely do the trick! This signature product offers a choice of 2 additional interior designs that include a multi media configuration and wardrobe design. The unique German door closure system is an excellent conversation starter while the 72" width is sure to hold plenty of valued novels. The SSDCA wood bookcases for sale work great in home, executive office, and conference room areas looking to enhance decor in a luxurious way.
Large Circular Reception Station for Sale
The reception area is where first impressions of your business are formed, and what better way to impress your visitor's then with the circular reception station from the OFM Marque collection. This line of OFM reception desks has been extremely popular in 2013, and while the 55316 is designed for large guest waiting areas, the smaller reception desk models for sale from this line are also available. Priced at $5999.99, the 55316 is available in your choice of 3 in stock finishes. The plexi glass transaction screen is accented by the silver metal frame. Believe it or not, these curved reception desks actually require no tools for assembly!

Concorde Series Pulsor Executive Massage ChairThe high end office furniture chosen for your space is sure to earn you a host of excellent compliments. That being said, you'll still want to be working comfortably through those long days at the office. Adding a Luxury office seating solution to your office is a must! The Concorde Series Pulsor chair is definitely the way to go. Priced at $1999.99, the ergonomic efficiency achieved from the Pulsor is well worth the investment. As one of the top selling executive chairs for sale on the market today, the 2406-18 model is available in an extensive selection of fabric and leather upholstery options to match the office decor of any professional work environment. Needless to say, this chair provides the ultimate papering for a hard day at the office.


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