Thursday, May 8, 2014

The 4 Levels of Ergonomic Comfort

 Stages of Ergonomic Comfort

So you've purchased a new office chair and a few ergo accessories, but something's still missing! Not to worry. In today's article we'll highlight the 4 key levels of ergonomic comfort and the products you'll need to achieve each. Enjoy!

Level 1: Low

The lowest level of ergonomic comfort is typically achieved through a lack of product knowledge and your specific work style. While not every ergonomic product is a must have, some definitely are! If you're working with an office chair that doesn't fit your body type and specific needs effectively, you're probably stuck in the lowest phase of ergonomic comfort. For those dealing with discomfort in the workplace on a daily basis, it's time to make a change! Start by working with an office chair specialist to choose a cost effective seating solution that works for you.

Level 2: Medium

Once you've added a quality ergonomic chair to your space, be sure to educate yourself on it's features and adjustment capabilities. To fully achieve a healthy medium of ergonomic comfort in the workplace, mastering your office chair is a must. Once you've customized your sit, it's time to improve your space with a retractable keyboard tray. There's no doubt this product is the unsung hero of the workplace. Once considered a niche product, adjustable keyboard trays that retract have now become a must have for any individual who cares about reducing the risk of carpal tunnel and is in need of more useable desk space. That being said, mastering your chair and adding an ergo keyboard tray will help you achieve level 2.

Level 3: High

Those working at a high level of efficiency are no doubt utilizing the correct office chair and keyboard tray for their space. However, the must have item needed for this stage of ergonomic comfort is the dual screen monitor arm. Why you ask? The wide range of adjustment capabilities and versatility achieved from these products will no doubt improve the rate at which you compute while simultaneously freeing up ample desk space from where your monitor used to sit. With a quality monitor mounting system you'll be able to quickly adjust the computer screen angle in any direction. Those who wear glasses or contacts will enjoy the ability to move screens closer or further away when need. Any ergo specialist will tell you, visual comfort matters in a major way!

Level 4: Exceptional

If you're looking to take your workspace over the top to achieve exceptional ergonomic comfort, we'll tell you just how to do it! In 2014, innovative new products such as desks that adjust in height along with CPU holders and adjustable foot rests will have you optimized for the peak performance. Being exceptionally ergo minded doesn't mean adding every product we've mentioned today. It means using them effectively to meet your specific needs in the workplace. An ergonomic chair, keyboard tray, monitor arm, and height adjustable desk will have you ready to work in a whole new way, but only if you take the time to master them correctly!

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