Monday, April 11, 2011

Three Tips for Maintaining Office Chairs

In today's world purchasing an ergonomic and supportive office chairs is quite important. Being productive at work is essential and spending some extra money on quality office chairs is a great investment. With all the talk about what chairs to purchase and what chairs offer the most ergonomic benefits, how do you maintain your investment?

Often we are asked by customers for some simple tips to practice, that will ensure a long life for there office chairs. After all, why spend all that money on a chair and not take proper care of it. That being said, I have formulated a list of three simple tips that will help to extend the life of any office chair.

Tip 1.) Fabric Maintenance

Approximately once a month it is important to perform basic fabric maintenance for your chair. Even the top selling leather office chairs are easy to maintain and common car leather products will work great. Using simple leather cleaners on your chair will ensure that the leather doesn't crack or fade will age. Practicing this tip will keep your office chairs looking fabulous for much longer. For fabric chairs, using a mild carpet cleaner with no ammonia will be acceptable. There are office chair cleaners on the market that work well. However, using a soft brush or sponge and household carpet cleaner will work wonders. Pen marks, stains, and most other imperfections will be erased quickly with a quick scrub. Overall, the longer you leave a stain, the harder they are to remove so keeping a bottle of cleaner in a desk drawer is ideal.

Tip 2.) Caster Maintenance

When purchasing office chairs, most individuals never consider the type of casters that are on the chair. It is important to consider what type of surface you will be using your chair on predominantly. For carpet, go with carpet caster. For wood or tile floors, go with hardwood casters. If you have already purchased your chair, do not fear! Simple maintenance can extend the life and quality of your casters. Once a year, it is beneficial to remove the casters from the base to clean and oil them. Rotate the wheels a few times to clean any debris (paperclips, tacks, and food are the most common). Leaving these items in your chair wheel can cause rust and damage. While your casters are removed, oil the wheel stem and replace. This will help to ensure your chair base and caster rotate and glide easily.

Tip 3.) Pneumatic Cylinder Maintenance

This tip may sound daunting, however it is quite simple. The first step is to remove the seat from the lift cylinder. To do this, simply place one foot on the chair base and pull up from the seat or arms. Once removed, place a few drops of oil or wd40 on your cylinder. Once oiled, place your chair base back on the cylinder, press down, and then sit in your chair to ensure the base has seated properly with the cylinder. Finally, adjust your chair height a few times to spread the oil properly through the cylinder.

Hopefully, these simple tips will come in useful. If you have not serviced your chair in years, don't worry. It's never too late to start. Most chairs are built to last. However, they are not built to operate properly forever without basic preventative maintenance. Best of luck to you all!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Home Office Furniture Shopping and Space Planning

Today, more and more people are choosing to work from home to save on fuel, rent, and other utilities incurred when operating an outside business. When working from home it is essential that a professional and effective workspace be set up to ensure that the quality of your business and individual productivity do not suffer.

The first thing to consider when planning a professional home office space is size. Going to large or too small will hinder your overall abilities and productivity. By measuring your space first, you can make an educated decision on the types of products and office furniture manufacturer that will best suit your individual needs.

After your space has been properly measured and mapped out, it's time for step two. I highly recommend shopping around your furniture manufacturer. Most office furniture dealers like myself, offer multiple home office furniture brands that should be considered. Manufacturers like Mayline, OFM, Global, and Office Star offer similar products that are all beneficial in there own ways. While they all offer home office furniture and brand like Mayline specializes in larger workstations while a brand like Office Star focuses on smaller computer desk type applications.

Once you have chosen a manufacturers style and design that fits your needs, the rest is quite simple and fun! Pick a finish you like and remember to consider some valuable ergonomic accessories like a monitor arm, keyboard tray, and ergonomic office chair. All are affordable and provide comfort and versatility throughout the workday.

Receiving and installing your new furniture can seem like a daunting task at times. Don't be afraid! Any furniture dealer worth there weight will schedule the deliver time around your schedule and we typically recommend having at least one person there to assist you with offload. Most executive desks come in several boxes and a dolly or hand truck comes in quite handy. Commonly truck driver will assist but they are not required to.

Once inside your home, the first step is to un-carton and locate the instructions. Office furniture from Manufacturers like the ones listed above commonly post instructional videos for home owners online which greatly help with installation. Most home office desks today require very minimal tools. A drill gun is always a plus but not necessary. Typically, entire Mayline executive desks with modular features can be assembled in around 2 hours with a Philips head screwdriver and not much more. Often decent tools are included in the products packaging.

Hopefully you have found this little post helpful. It is my wish and everyone at OfficeAnything Office Furniture's to assist users and readers in any way possible with the purchasing and installation of all things furniture related. Best regards!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flip-N-Go Training Tables by Mayline

Mayline is quite the innovator when it comes to training table configurations and furniture. The new line of training tables by Mayline called the Flip-N-Go series is the ideal choice for those in the market for an attractive training room package on a budget. Tables are sold individually and as typicals. Tables are available in two attractive quick ship finishes including Folkstone Gray, and Mahogany. Flip-N-Go training tables feature a really simple nesting feature which allows tables to be folded while still on there casters. This feature is ideal for dual purpose office spaces. In my opinion Flip-N-Go tables would be an awesome fit for classrooms and conference rooms as well.

Flip-N-Go Training Table Features:

- Minimal assembly required
- Tables nest for compact storage
- Tables can be connected together by using the optional ganging accessory
- Black base only
- Dual-sided levers for a quick-flip of the top
- Integrated modesty panel with built-in cable trough
- Tables are shipped in two boxes, top and base separately
- Four locking casters

Tables Shown: 72" x 24" Rectangular
Weight: 96 lbs.
Common Price: $368.99 with Free Shipping

Friday, April 1, 2011

Marque Reception Station 55310 by OFM Office Furniture

The new Marque Single Reception Station 55310 by OFM features an attractive plexi-glass front for a modern feel. No tools are required for this quality reception station. The 55310 station is available in 3 different attractive laminate finishes. This reception station is the ideal solution to enhancing smaller reception areas on a budget.

OFM Marque Reception Desk Features

* Thermofused melamine finished self edge
* No tools required for assembly
* 28.75" work surface height, 19.75" work surface depth
* 44.50" transaction top height, 13" transaction top depth
* 42" wide interior work space
* 70.50" arc
* Reception station can extend up to 5 units
* Silver frame standard
* Wire management cutouts

* Overall Height: 45.50"
* Overall Width: 69.50"
* Overall Depth: 33.50"

* Carton Size: 11" H x 65" L x 45" W
* Carton Cube: 27.88
* LTL Ship Weight: 119
* LTL Class: 82110-3/85
* UPSable: NO
* Ships from NC: YES
* Ships from West Coast: NO


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