Wednesday, August 15, 2018

5 Ways To Improve Your Lobby In 2018

Are you ready to kick corporate appeal into overdrive and improve the visitor experience? If so, you're in the right place. Today on the Office Anything Furniture Blog we're taking a look at the seating, tables, and design trends needed to help your business make lasting first impressions.

1.) Modular Seating

modular lobby seating configuration

The best way to improve your lobby is with modular seating. Sofa and lounge chair configurations are timeless, but businesses looking to maximize square footage are turning to modular lobby seating for sale from top brands in 2018. With connectable chairs and ottoman style tables, the layout possibilities are endless. Collections like Jefferson from Woodstock Marketing and Wind Linear from Global are definitely worth a look.

2.) Guest Benches

Guest Reception Benches

Benches and beam seating are incredibly popular. With reception benches you can improve seating potential while simultaneously boosting appeal. Many of today's guest benches are even equipped with USB ports that make it easy for visitors to work while they wait. Popular benching collections like Axis from OFM provide unrivaled versatility.

3.) Tablet Chairs

Your valued visitors will love tablet chairs. Much like powered furniture, they make it easy to work during extended waits. With a tablet arm guest chair your visitors can set laptops on a firm surface, which is a much better option than the lap! Best selling tablet chairs like the Santa Cruz from Mayline are cost effective, comfortable, and perfect for commercial waiting areas.

4.) Fashionable Welcome Desk

Bush Series C Elite Reception Desk

A fashionable welcome desk will help you make excellent first impressions. In most cases, the reception desk is the first thing visitors see when they walk in the door. Your welcome desk serves as the focal point of your interior and one of the main elements of lobby functionality. Selecting a welcome desk like the SRE140 from the Bush Business Furniture Series C Elite collection that makes a statement while remaining practical is just plain smart. If you're looking for something a bit more personalized, check out the custom stations from the Global Zira series.

5.) Industrial Accent Tables

industrial accent table with retro look

Last but not least, accent tables will pull your space together. In 2018, industrially inspired accent tables have been the preferred choice of interior design teams. First and foremost, industrial accent tables are built to last and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. They are typically constructed of metal components that are built for everyday use. Secondly, industrial accent tables look fashionable and make a professional statement. Brands like Modway offer an exceptional selection of industrial accent tables for sale that won't break your budget.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Reception Desk Showcase: 2018 Edition

The right reception desk will do wonders for your office welcoming area. If you're looking to make great first impressions and take corporate appeal to a whole new level, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll be showcasing the most fashionable guest reception desks available in 2018. These welcoming stations offer the trend setting finish options and design characteristics needed to wow even the harshest critics. Prepare to be impressed!

Bush reception desk for saleFirst up is the SRC003 model L shaped reception desk from the Bush Business Furniture Series C collection. This spacious workstation boasts a 72" front desk that pairs with a 48" return. The SRC003 station is available in a choice of 3 quick shipping finish options. The best part is, all Bush reception desks for sale in 2018 are available with professional installation at the time of delivery to simplify your makeover.

Industrial reception deskUp next is the CST27 reception desk from the Mayline CSII collection. The CST27 has been on the market for a few years now. That being said, it's just starting to get the attention it deserves. This guest reception desk offers just the right amount of industrial flair needed to enhance your welcoming area. The two tone finish and spacious work surface make for a well rounded station that's ready to get down to business.

gray reception deskGray office furniture has been hot in 2018. If you want to create a trend setting welcoming area on a budget, the Valley Gray reception stations with glass transaction counters from the Cherryman Industries Amber collection are the way to go. This small reception desk with a 71" wide rectangular design is a true bargain buy at just $567.00.

OFM Rize Reception DeskMoving right along, allow us to introduce the modular reception desks from the OFM Rize collection. The popularity of open concept office furniture and collaborative workstations has helped the Rize collection enjoy a new level of popularity. Stations like the PG296 offer a blend of laminate work surfaces, plexiglass transaction screens, and quick connect panel walls that require no tools for assembly.

Zira reception deskModern office furniture shoppers will love the custom reception desks from the Global Zira Series. They're incredibly versatile, equally fashionable, and ready for the demands of everyday use. Zira components work in harmony to create single and multi user reception stations with plenty of storage. A Zira guest reception desk will do wonders for your welcoming area. Custom glass accents, handle pulls, and more than 10 finish option are available from this full service collection.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Refine Your Conference Room With Mayline Sterling Furniture

Mayline Sterling Conference FurnitureThe team at Mayline has made it their mission to craft full service furniture collections designed to take commercial interiors to the next level. Take one look at their Sterling series and you'll quickly see what we mean. This elite line of of boat shaped tables, presentation aids, and storage components will help refine your conference room.

Sterling Conference Room Table and Storage Cabinet WallThe tables from the Mayline Sterling collection are high end and on-trend. Hybrid boat shaped work surfaces with fish tailed ends feature knife edge detailing to create upscale vibes. Attractive T shaped bases offer intricacies that are sure to earn your meeting area the compliments it deserves.

Sterling tables are available in lengths from 8' to 16'. If you're limited on space, a smaller 42" meeting table with a square top is also available. Tables larger than 10' feature 3 T shaped bases instead of two for added stability.

Sterling 10' Conference TableIn addition to best selling conference room tables the Sterling collection offers matching presentation boards that come in handy when taking notes and tossing around good ideas. The Sterling presentation board with folding doors will work to compliment your decor while making it easy to collaborate in groups of any size. The dry erase center and tack board sides are a nice touch that you'll surely appreciate throughout extended strategizing sessions.

Sterling Low Wall Storage CabinetNo conference room is complete without a few cabinets for storage and organizing. The good news is, Sterling offers plenty to choose from. Open bookcases, hutch units, and low wall cabinets with frosted acrylic doors work in harmony to create luxurious media centers while providing space to display company achievements.

Sterling Furniture Finish SwatchesAll of the conference room office furniture for sale from the Sterling collection is available in 3 attractive laminate finish options. The Textured Driftwood Finish is the most popular and will help you create a trend setting space that's up to date for years to come. Other popular tones include Textured Brown Sugar and Mocha. If you're looking for classic Cherry and Maple options, this all new collection isn't your best bet.

In terms of price, Sterling offers exceptional value. The STC8 model conference table is the most affordable at just $714.99. Wall cabinets and storage components start at around $385.00. Larger low wall cabinets are a bit pricey at $595.99, but they'll do wonders for your space.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hot In August: Reversible Reception Desks

The L shaped reception desk is a popular option for office welcoming areas. This year manufacturers have made it their mission to craft universal returns that make it easy to configure L shaped reception desks in left and right handed variations to maximize square footage. Today in our 'Hot In August' series we'll showcase 5 of our favorite reception desks with reversible returns.

Bush reception desk with reversible returnFirst up is the Bush Business Furniture SRE140 reception desk with 48" return. This L shaped station comes in a choice of Hansen Cherry and Mocha Cherry finish options that match the executive workstations from the Series C Elite collection. The SRE140 even includes a 3 drawer file pedestal that provides receptionists with at-hand storage. At just $908.99, the SRE140 is a great buy.

Aberdeen L shaped reception deskThe AT36 reception desk from the Mayline Aberdeen collection was one of the first reversible options on the market. This glass accented station offers ample operating space with its 72" wide design and complimenting 48" wide return. The AT36 is available in 4 quick shipping finish options for $1449.99.

reversible reception deskOffices To Go specializes in the provision of discount office furniture that's perfect for commercial applications. Their SL-O reversible reception desk from the Superior Laminate collection is true bargain at just $689.99. This spacious station with storage is available in 4 finish options.

Cherryman Amber Reception DeskThe Cherryman Amber series is a favorite of interior design teams and furniture professionals across the country. This affordable line offers modular components that make it easy to kick corporate appeal into overdrive without breaking the bank. Reversible reception desks like the AM-400N are available for $1001.00 in 6 finishes.

Zira reception deskLast but not least are the ultra versatile reception desks from the Global Zira collection. With this collection, you're only limited by your imagination. Zira makes it easy to create traditional L shaped reception desks that can be expanded upon in the future as operational needs increase. Zira offers more than 10 finish options and thousands of interchangeable components. This line of made to order office furniture is in a league of its own. You can use Zira to furnish every room of your business. Interiors of all sizes will benefit from this innovative line.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Enhance Your Reception Area With Bench Seating From Global

Global Reception Benches
When the time comes to remodel your reception area, bench seating is a must consider. With reception benching you can maximize your square footage while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive. Today on the blog we'll showcase fashionable benching collections from the team at Global that are perfect for commercial welcoming areas. These seating solutions offer the high quality craftsmanship and versatility needed to make a lasting impression on your valued visitors.

Global Vion Reception BenchFirst up is the Vion reception benching collection from Global. These modular beam chairs are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any space. Vion benches feature mesh backs and thick padded seats to provide visitors with a comfortable sit they won't forget.

Global Duet Reception BenchHigh traffic areas require heavy duty seating that's easy to clean and built to last. That's where the Global Duet collection comes in! This best selling line of guest reception benches boasts polypropylene seats and chair backs that are ready for the demands of healthcare facilities, busy airports, and hotel lobbies.

3 person guest reception benchThe Global Popcorn collection offers practical reception benches in 10 color options. Interior design teams love the Global office seating for sale from the Popcorn collection because it's durable, versatile, and cost effective. Popcorn series benches are available starting at just $684.99.

Global Sidero Reception BenchUp next is the Sidero collection. This full service line offers multi user benches in addition to stand alone guest chairs and bar stools. Sidero is well rounded and appeals to a wide audience. These chairs are just modern enough to make an impression without overpowering the complimenting reception furniture that's currently in your space.

Global Sonic 2 person reception benchLast but not least are the multi purpose beam chairs from the Sonic collection. This line has been around for nearly 10 years and remains a popular choice for commercial applications. Sonic benches combine upholstered seats with contoured edges that pair with perforated polypropylene backs. The chair back are easy to clean and keep users cool throughout visits. The natural curve of the back provides an effective lumbar area that visitors will appreciate. In addition to benches, the Sonic seating collection from Global offers matching side chairs to further compliment your welcoming area.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Stay Active While Collaborating With The Focal Confluence Table

Safco Confluence Table ReviewWe've all heard about the importance of staying active in the workplace. Sitting for hours on end throughout task filled work days just won't cut it. It's important to spend a little time working while standing to stay active and productive. That's where the Focal Confluence table comes in! This height adjustable piece of modern office furniture encourages stand-up collaborating in group areas like the conference room.

height adjustable conference tableFocal Confluence Table by SafcoThe Confluence table from the Safco Focal collection is available in 78" and 94" lengths. These multi purpose tables feature contoured sides and flat ends to create a hybrid boat shaped design that's great for collaboration.

group strategizing in the conference roomEven at first glance the Confluence table will catch your eye. It offers an industrial vibe that showcases it's ability to work effectively throughout extended strategizing sessions. The heavy duty metal base and scratch resistant laminate surface make for an incredibly well rounded and thoughtful product that has your group operating needs in mind.

conference room collaboratingConfluence tables are available in 5 finish options. These tables are stocked and typically ship out from the factory within 2 days of order. This makes them a great option for businesses facing tight conference room remodeling deadlines.

Safco Confluence Table SurfaceOur favorite option is the dry erase surface. The ability to take notes quickly while conversing with coworkers is a nice touch that really sets this collaborative office table apart from the competing models on the market today.

The center of the Confluence height adjustable conference table features a wire management port that makes it easy to route power cables and host presentations. Confluence table legs are poster coated extruded recyclable aluminum and the table feet are made of powder coated steel.

The user friendly adjustment handle makes for smooth transitioning between 36" and 48". The Confluence raises and lowers with minimal. The ability to collaborative while standing makes the confluence a favorite of interior design teams and architects that regularly go over blue prints.

Safco Confluence Table with Mobis Seating
Last but not least, the Confluence table boasts an integrated foot rail that's constructed of bent tubular steel. It encourages more active posture changes during use.

You've probably noticed that the Confluence table is paired with ergonomic active seating in most of the pictures we've provided today on the blog. Popular active stools like the Mobis from Safco further encourage muscle movement and work perfectly with height adjustable office furniture like the Confluence.

In the long run, it's all about staying active. If you sit for long periods of time, even the best posture habits will suffer and fatigue will set in. Collaborating while standing is a great way to keep your blood flowing and your muscles moving. The Confluence table from the Safco Focal collection is an absolute winner in the workplace that will have you working smarter, smoother, and productively in no time!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Fighting Fatigue: Popular Sit To Stand Workstations For Staying Active

Fatigue is a productivity killer. As you sit in your office chair for long periods of time, blood flow is restricted and even the best posture habits begin to suffer. When this happens, fatigue sets in. Your work day and body are left paying the price for a lack of activity. Rest assured, there are ways to fight back! Today on blog we'll showcase popular sit to stand workstations designed to promote continuous movement in the office. These handy tools are efficient, effective, and built for fighting fatigue.

Volante sit to stand attachment with keyboard platformFirst up is the Volante sit to stand workstation from Systematix. This versatile attachment with a built in keyboard tray works with desk surfaces 24" deep and larger. The Volante is available in white or black for $299.99. This workstation sports a spacious operating surface that supports two 24" monitors to provide it's users with improved functionality. The Volante is incredibly well made and ready to perform in commercial interiors.

OFM 5100 desktop sit to stand workstationThe 5100 model from OFM is a great buy at just $275.99. This sit to stand attachment boasts a keyboard tray with 15 different height adjustments ranging from 5.9" to 19.7". The 5100 model also boasts a convenient slot that securely holds tablets and smart phones at just the right angle along the main operating surface.

Safco laptop sit to stand workstationThe team at Safco has made it their mission to improve operational functionality with a wide range of sit to stand products that adjust on the fly. Best sellers like their 2132SL clamp-on laptop workstation provide exceptional value and versatility.

ergonomic workstation with sit to stand deskBush Business Furniture makes it easy to create high performance interiors with electric sit to stand workstations. The Bush Series C furniture collection offers awesome configurations that include sit to stand desks that pair with storage components and credenzas. Check out layouts like the SRC107 to see what we mean!

height adjustable laptop desk on wheelsIf you're limited on square footage, a small sit to stand desk like the NAN-IP-10-GG from Flash Furniture. This compact workstation is affordable and ergonomically correct. With a mobilized base, this handy little sit to stand workstation can be used on the go by laptop users looking to stay active.

Mayline Techworks TableMayline Techworks tables are great for collaborating in groups and strategizing over blue prints. A Techworks height adjustable table like the 702 model will provide you with ample operating space and unrivaled durability. These tables are ready, willing, and able to support up to 1000 pounds.

hand crank sit to stand tableLast but not least are the hand crank tables from Global. They're simple, effective, and reliable. Popular hand crank tables like the HTM2446 raise and lower quickly to promote sit to stand operating habits. These multi purpose tables are perfect for training and classroom environments. While you might find the cranking a bit tiring, it's nothing compared to the fatigue you'll endure from simply sitting for hours on end. Remember, fighting fatigue means staying active! These practical tables will help you move continuously without the need for power outlets.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Enjoy Affordable Comfort From Offices To Go

Offices To Go chair reviews
When it comes to affordable seating, nobody does it better than Offices To Go. The team at OTG specializes in the provision of cost effective office chairs that pack a serious ergonomic punch. Not only are Offices To Go chairs comfortable, they're also stylish. If you're in need of commercial quality chairs that don't cost a fortune, this brand has your back... Literally!

11325B chairTake the Offices To Go 11325B chair for a spin and you'll be instantly rewarded with an ergonomically correct sitting experience you won't soon forget. This high performance task chair is perhaps the best buy on the market at under $250.00. The 11325B is perfected for executive interiors and even on the work floor.

Offices To Go 2913 chairThe all new 2913 model high back tilter chair from Offices To Go is fashionable and comfortable. This modern swivel chair boasts a contoured upper back that avoids restricting upper body movement. The 2913 comes equipped with user friendly controls that make it easy to adapt on the fly.

Offices To Go 2801 chairThe Offices To Go chairs for sale in 2018 are all about performance. Their 2801 model is a practical work horse that just won't quit. This adjustable mesh back chair with an upholstered seat comes packed with all the bells and whistles you need to work with good posture for just under $300.00.

Offices To Go ribbed back chairIf you're on the hunt for cool and comfy conference room chairs, the 11730B is the way to go. This ribbed back chair offers the design characteristics needed to keep your meeting area up to date with the latest trends for $222.99.

Offices To Go 11920B chairMoving right along, allow us to introduce the 11920B chair from Offices To Go. New for 2018, this chair is rapidly becoming the poster child for OTG's affordable seating image. At just $170.99 the 11920B chair is an absolute winner in the workplace that you and your employees will no doubt appreciate.

Offices To Go 11980B chairLast but certainly not least, feast your eyes on the 11980B high back task chair from Offices To Go. This wide frame chair is perfect for taller users. The 11980B comes standard with a multi functional mechanism and adjustable arms that make finding healthy operating positions a breeze. At the everyday low price of 245.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better all around chair at even twice the cost. The 11980B is available in a variety of attractive seat upholstery options that will help enhance your interior for just a small uncharge.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Desks In Demand: Studio C Workstations from Bush Business Furniture

Bush Studio C Desks For SaleThe team at Bush Business Furniture never fails to impress. This well respected brand is an industry leader and takes pride in crafting elite workplace furniture that's up to date with the latest trends. Take one look at the fashionable desks from their Studio C collection and you'll see what we mean. These 'Desks In Demand' are perfect for modern interiors and offer the design characteristics needed to improve operational functionality. Today on the blog, we'll showcase a few of our favs.

Bush Studio C U Shaped DeskFirst up is the STC005. This Studio C U shaped desk is available in a choice of white and storm gray laminate finish options. The STC005 is the perfect starter set for the business executive looking to take corporate appeal to the next level while leaving room for growth in the future. This package includes a 60W x 36D bow front desk that pairs with a 42W desk return and 60W x 24D credenza.

white office deskIf you're looking for something with a bit more storage and work surface space, check out the STC003. This layout boasts a 72W x 36D bow front desk that's complimented by a matching return and rear wall credenza topped with a 4 door storage hutch. The hutch on the STC003 Studio C desk configuration makes it easy to stay well organized without taking up a bunch of valuable floor space.

modern u shaped desk with hutchThe STC001 configuration has it all. This full service package includes a spacious U shaped desk with hutch that pairs with a 2 drawer lateral file cabinet and bookcase to create the ultimate executive interior. This layout priced at $1993.99 knocks out your office remodel in one effective swoop. All you need is a cool ergonomic chair to match!

Studio C sit to stand deskThe ergonomic sit to stand desks from the Studio C collection set it apart from competing lines. The ability to smoothly transition between sitting and standing helps users stay active in the workplace. Sit to stand desks like the STC017 encourage good blood flow and healthy operating habits that can't be overlooked.

ergonomic sit to stand desk configuration with hutchWell wrap up today's edition of 'Desks In Demand' with our favorite modern workstation from the Bush Studio C collection. The STC018 is versatile, ergonomically correct, and surprisingly cost effective at $1429.99. We feel it's one of the best ergonomic desk buys of 2018. The push button controls, attractive silver handle pulls, and overhead hutch work together to create an incredibly well rounded workstation that's all about performance.


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