Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Deals: Awesome Ergo Products Under $350.00

OFM Sit To Stand Perch StoolThis summer we're ready to help you get comfortable on a budget. If you're in search of ways to improve support, productivity, and efficiency, you're in the right. Here we'll be showcasing user friendly ergonomic products including desktop risers, perch stools, and more for under $350.00. These best selling workplace solutions from brands like OFM, Cherryman, and Systematix provide exceptional value and health benefits.

First up, the 2800 model OFM Vivo Perch Stool. At just $156.99, this height adjustable office stool that leans and rotates is an absolute winner that any user will benefit from. The Vivo boasts an integrated back handle and lightweight design that allows it to be transported from space to space with ease. Vivo stools are the perfect partner for any desktop riser and height adjustable desk. Choose from 2 frame finishes and 5 seat color options.

Eon Mesh Back ChairBelieve it or not, you can still get a top notch office chair for under $350.00. In a time where high quality products are reflected by their price tags, the team at Cherryman was willing to take a stand for comfort. Their all new Eon series mesh back task chair packs a major ergonomic punch for just $294.00. We fully believe it's the best chair buy on the market this season. The 415W Eon chair even boasts an attractive gray mesh back and white frame for a super cool modern vibe that's hard to top.

Systematix Volante AttachmentAccessorizing your office space with products designed to improve comfort and productivity shouldn't cost a fortune. Take the Volante desktop attachment from Systematix for example. It's ready, willing, and able to help you work healthy for just $299.99. The Volante attachment promotes sit to stand operating and works with just about any office surface you can think of. Volante stations attach in just minutes and even feature keyboard platforms that encourage healthy computing angles.

Heavy Duty Dual Screen Monitor ArmThis year, it's all about large computer monitors. That being said, many of the popular monitor arm attachments available on the market can't handle the weight. This means you'll need a heavy duty solution like the Apex-HD-2 from Symmetry Office. This awesome 2 screen mount is ready to handle just about everything you can throw at it for $320.99. If you like working with large screens, this is without a doubt one of the best options of the summer.

Ergonomic Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayHow about a sit to stand keyboard tray to pair with your dual monitor arm system? We turn to the team at Symmetry Office again for the awesome Balance 3 articulate keyboard mount. This sit to stand tray retreats when not in use to increase the amount of usable desk space present at your workstation. The Balance 3 arm is easy to install and even feature a user friendly mouse platform for just $225.99.

Ergonomic CPU HolderLast but certainly not least, you can't go wrong integrating a CPU holder into your workspace. They're affordable, versatile, and provide a ton of benefits. First and foremost, CPU holders mount directly underneath the desk surface on retractable glides that allow them to be slid out of the way when out of use. The ability to have your CPU off the ground will protect it from water damage and even theft. CPU holders provide easy access when it's time to route wires and charge devices throughout the work day. If knee space is at a premium, you definitely need one of these handy ergo tools. We recommend the CPU05 from ESI Ergonomic Solutions as it's easy to install and available this summer for just $124.00. This is one simple product that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Is the Eon The Next Great Office Chair? It Sure Looks That Way!

Cherryman Eon Chair
The team at Cherryman is always working hard to improve office comfort and productivity. Take a sit in their all new Eon chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This innovative mesh back task chair provides an exceptional combination of support, value, and style that have certainly made it one of the best all around seating solutions on the market today.

Cherryman Eon Chairs In the WorkplaceLet's start by talking about support. The Eon chair from Cherryman packs a major ergonomic punch with it's wide array of adjustable features. The Eon comes standard with a set of 5 way adjustable arms that are great for finding correct and healthy computing positions. Additionally, the Eon sports an advanced synchro tilt mechanism with a 2" seat slider that allows the chair cushion to be positioned directly behind the knees to ease strain and improve blood flow.

Black Eon Task Chair
Gray Mesh Back Ergonomic ChairYou'll be hard pressed to find a better ergonomic chair on the market today. With a heavy duty mesh back, the Eon provides just the right amount of resistance and it's also breathable to keep its users feeling light and airy when working. The fully upholstered fabric seat cover can be easily removed and cleaned as needed. You can even switch out colors without purchasing an all new office chair.

Eon chairs are built with the modern worker in mind. These intensive use task chairs are ready for just about anything you can throw at them. That being said, they also look really cool. The 415W and 415B Eon chairs are cutting edge. A polished 5 star base, contoured back, and silver metal accents create a professional vibe that's hard to top.

2017's Best Office ChairThe Next Great Office ChairMany of 2017's top rated office chairs are accompanied by hefty price tags that just aren't practical for the average consumer. That's not the case with the Eon. At just $294.00, it's an absolute bargain buy. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a chair with this many ergonomically correct attributes at even three times the price.

Giving the Eon mesh back office chair from Cherryman anything other than a 5 out of 5 star rating would be a crime. This chair passes the sit test with flying colors and looks great doing it. The Eon is user friendly, fashionable, and ready to rock your home and business interiors. It's safe to say, the next great office chair has arrived.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Get The Look: Cool Desktop Risers, Perch Stools, and Power Ready Workplace Solutions

In our 'Get The Look' series we love to showcase hot new products designed to promote high end appeal and improved productivity. Today's edition is no exception! Here we'll be highlighting 2017's newest desktop risers, perch stools, and much more. These innovative products from brands like Systematix, OFM, and Global are a must consider for any business looking to keep their professional interiors up to date with the latest trends.

White Sit To Stand Desktop Attachment from SystematixOver the last few months, brands like Systematix have found that shoppers are avoiding the purchase of desktop risers because they take away from the overall vibe of their furniture. Even knowing the awesome health benefits desktop risers provide, shoppers don't want their fancy furniture looking funky because theres a giant attachment for computing attached to the work surface. Thankfully, Systematix has a solution. This season you'll see desktop risers like their Volante unit soar in popularity as they are now available in a white! The ability to create cool, cutting edge, and ergonomically correct office interiors that don't lack in terms of appeal is too much for the average worker to pass up.

Small Desktop Attachment for Sit To Stand WorkingIf you like the Volante, you can also Get The Look with the OFM 5200S. This small desktop attachment for sit to stand working is an absolute bargain buy at just $260.99. This user friendly product works with just about any work surface and includes a functional keyboard platform for an improved operating experience.

OFM Perch StoolOFM is also rocking the summer season with ergonomically correct products like their 2800 model Perch stool. This stool that tilts and rotates is like a best friend for your sit to stand desk. The Perch is currently available in 5 quick shipping color options for just $156.99.

Novello Task StoolIt's not a Perch stool, but it's still extremely cool! Global's new 6412 model fully upholstered drafting chair will help you create a cutting edge modern vibe with your makeover. This ergonomic task stool with an adjustable foot ring is completely customizable. Shoppers can choose from a variety of upholstery colors, base finish options, and much more to make their interior pop.

High Tech Powered Conference TableGoing for a high tech vibe? Powered office furniture will help you Get The Look. This booming trend started in the conference room with power ready tables like those from the Mayline TransAction collection. They're industrial metal bases and advanced input options will help you craft heavy duty meeting areas designed for streamlined collaboration.

Powered Collaboration Table with Standing Height SurfaceWe're also loving the collaborative power tables from OFM and their Endure collection. Needless to say, this brand is never shy to push the limits of innovation. OFM Endure tables boast standing height surfaces and swivel out seats that promote sit to stand operating. These heavy duty tables with powered surfaces are perfect for boardroom, break room, and restaurant applications.

Powered Guest Reception FurnitureLast but not least, the powered furniture trend has made its way to the waiting room. Get the look and the unrivaled benefits for your business with modular seating from the Global River collection. This cutting edge line of bench seating, high back lounge chairs, and connectable sofas is an absolute winner. River will help you make a professional statement by maximizing your available square footage. With this collection, the possibilities are endless. Pair that with power inputs that will improve the guest experience, and River is one of the coolest lounge and waiting room collections on the market.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Make A Modern Statement With Medina Components

Interior design teams and industry professionals love the Mayline Medina collection. This full service line of executive workstations, power ready conference room tables, guest reception desks, and accessories offers exceptional value and appeal. Today we'll take a look at the modern components from this best selling collection and the reasons why they're amongst the best options available for your interiors.

Medina U Shaped DeskMedina executive desks simplify the remodeling process. Sure components are available individually if you need to go custom, but they're also offered in pre-configured packages that are hard to beat. Medina typicals like the MNT40 provide ample operating space, storage, and a reversible U shaped desk design that's perfect for executives. Need something a bit smaller? Check out the stand alone MND72 office desk. It's just $320.99 and can be enhanced with a variety of returns and surface extensions if you ever need them!

Medina Conference FurniturePowered conference room tables can be pretty expensive. If you're part of a budgeting business that would like to streamline your meetings without breaking the bank, check out the Medina conference room furniture collection. Popular tables like the MNC8 are available for just $520.99. Up to two power modules can be added for $235.00 apiece. By industry standards, this is incredibly affordable as most cost around a thousand bucks.

Mayline Medina ComponentsYou'll no doubt want to accessorize your conference room with a few cool add-ons. Yet again, the components from the Medina collection have you professional needs in mind. By integrating a MNPB model wall mount Medina presentation board into your meeting area you'll be able to jot down important notes, host more interactive presentations, and create a fashionable look that blends with your table without taking up valuable floor space.

Medina Meeting TableThis popular Mayline office furniture collection truly has it all. Even when space is limited, Medina is ready to shine. Small meeting tables from this line like the MNC48 promote collaboration and creativity, along with cutting edge appeal that's sure to earn your interior the compliments it deserves. This 48" meeting table with a round top is a great buy at $288.99.

L Shaped Reception Desk with Glass TopYou're not doubt looking for ways to make a lasting impression on your value business visitors. Trust us, a Medina reception desk will get you started on the right foot from the moment your guests walk in the door. The contemporary guest welcome desks from the Medina collection like MNRSLBF boast glass accented transaction counters and silver accent trim. This L shaped desk for the reception area also includes 2 full sized pedestals for file and stationary storage.

MVLC Low Wall Medina Cabinet That Locks
Last but certainly not least, Medina has your organizational needs in mind. As no professional interior is complete without a few storage products, Medina is ready to maximize your square footage with an array of bookcases, pedestals, wall cabinets, and filing cabinets that lock for document security. Rest assured, the days of using old school vertical files that double as office eye sores are over. Full service component collections like Medina will help you create an upscale look with woodgrain laminate storage solutions available in 5 designer finish options. Of all the Mayline Medina storage components available on the market, we particularly love the MVLC low wall cabinet. It's classy, modern, and spacious. This unique piece is perfect for executive interiors, corporate waiting areas, and conference room environments.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Modern Makeovers: Cutting Edge Desks, Chairs, and Tables for Your Project!

You can't go wrong with a modern office makeover. Enhancing your professional interiors with cutting edge desks, chairs, and tables will do wonders for both appeal and functionality. Today on the blog, we're ready to lend a hand. Here we'll be showcasing the hottest new furniture on the market from brands like Mayline, Global, and OFM. Rest assured, these workplace solutions are nothing short of impressive!

Mayline Sterling Executive Desk with Height Adjustable BridgeYou'll likely base your personal office makeover around a new desk configuration. That being said, if you're looking to go modern while simultaneously improving ergonomic functionality, there's no better option than STL37H2 executive U shaped desk with a height adjustable bridge from the Mayline Sterling collection. This high class workstation is available in 3 trendy finish options like Textured Driftwood that will make your interior pop. The STL37H2 layout is ergonomically correct, highly modern, and equally luxurious!

Modway Warp DeskGoing for something a bit more simple? No problem! Check out the EEI-1188 model Warp desk from Modway. This unique home office desk is available in a choice of white and walnut finish options that perfectly blend with silver handle pulls. The Modway Warp desk boasts an integrated 3 drawer organizing system and unrivaled appeal for $708.99.

Weight Sensing Mesh Back Office ChairMoving right along, give your modern makeover an infusion of style and comfort with a smart chair from Global. We recommend the 6760-8 from the Spritz collection. This sleek and extremely comfortable weight sensing mesh back task chair is an absolute winner in the workplace. The Spritz chair is available in an unlimited array of mesh back, seat and headrest color combinations that'll help you personalize your space without sacrificing good posture and healthy operating habits.

Office Chair with An Articulating BackSmart chairs are popular because they minimize the ergonomic learning curve. The ability to get comfortable without constantly adjusting your chair throughout the day is a huge plus for workers. Cutting edge options like the Mayline Living chair will have you at your best in no time. At $420.99, it's one of the best auto responders on the market. This classy modern office chair with an articulating back mimics the spine to provide exceptional support. The Living chair comes fully loaded with a set of adjustable arms, a waterfall seat edge that relieves knee pressure, and a passive seat slider.

Collaborative Office Table with PowerWhen it comes to tables, OFM knows their stuff. This year they're rocking the workplace with the standing height solutions from their Endure collection. This line of collaborative office tables with power promotes interaction and creativity. Endure tables like the 9008 blend ergonomic functionality and industrial modern vibes like none other. These advanced tables are cutting edge, heavy duty, and perfect for a variety of professional applications from the break room to the boardroom.

Modern Office Tables That ConnectWith connectable tables from the Global Bungee collection you can combine conference and training areas. If you're ready to maximize your square footage, a Bungee table set like the BXK132S will help you do it in a hurry. These mobilized tables offer unrivaled versatility. They fold and nest when not in use to avoid restricting work space. Custom Bungee table layouts are also available in a variety of surface and base finish combinations.

Modern glass top coffee tableLast but certainly not least, you'll no doubt want to modernize your guest welcoming area to make a great first impression on your valued office visitors. That being said, you can't go wrong with reception area accent tables from Modway. Personally, we can't get enough of the EEI-1438 model Signet table. This classy glass top coffee table with a unique metal base is ready, willing, and able to earn your space the compliments it deserves. At just $249.99, it's also an absolute bargain buy. This designer table offers a neutral vibe that will work with just about any furniture finish you can think of. With a thick surface and a heavy duty metal base, the Signet table is sure to keep your welcoming area looking up to date and looking great for years to come.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

5 Office Chair Styles Trending In July

To create a fashionable interior, you need the right chair! That's where we come in. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 trending styles to consider for your project. These innovative seating solutions from brands like Global, Woodstock Marketing, and OFM offer the ergonomic features, designer appeal, and cutting edge characteristics needed to keep your space up to date and performing great.

1.) Articulating

Articulating Office Chair

If you want to kick personal comfort into overdrive, an articulating office chair is the way to go. They mimic your movements to ensure exceptional support. Articulating office chairs like the Shadow from Global are designed to actively flex is response to the user's activity to encourage ongoing postural movement and small muscle activity throughout task filled work days. Other popular articulating chairs including the Verte from RFM Preferred Seating and The Living Chair from Mayline. Articulating office chairs are still relatively new and that means they're a bit pricey. However, those willing to invest will be rewarded with an absolutely awesome sit.

2.) Red Leather

Red Leather Office Chair

We've seen a variety of color trends hit the market this season, but none are hotter than red! With a fashionable red leather office chair like the Annie from Woodstock Marketing you can make an instant impression on your valued office visitors. In addition to the Annie, you can check out stylish office chairs in red from reputable brands like Modway, Flash Furniture, and Global. Red chairs make awesome additions to executive interiors, as well as conference room environments in need of a style infusion.

3.) Tablet Arm

Big and Tall Office Chair with A Tablet Arm

If you're limited on workspace, a tablet arm office chair will come in handy. Unique executive office chairs with tablet arms like the ORO200 feature thick body bolstering cushions, advanced ergonomic attributes, and of course, a tablet arm that will give you the edge when working on daily projects. It just so happens this popular office chair is also a great option for big and tall users as it supports up to  400 pounds. You'll also want to check out tablet chairs for guest reception and training area use like the InterPlay from OFM and Thesis from Mayline.

4.) Ribbed Back

Ribbed Back White Leather Office Chair

Ribbed back chairs are trending big time. They offer Euro inspired characteristics that will do wonders for your conference, meeting, and boardroom environments. Ribbed back office chairs are sleek, yet surprisingly comfortable. Popular options like the 11730 chair from Offices To Go are available in multiple color options to compliment your decor. This well padded ribbed back chair is an absolute winner at just $220.99.

5.) Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Executive Office Chair

From reception area accent chairs to ergonomic task chairs, the mid century modern look is sure to be trending in July and beyond! Much like ribbed back chairs, mid century office seating solutions are sleek and fashionable. They're great for private office use, as well as in the boardroom as they help to maximize seating potential. Unique mid century modern office chairs like the Escape from Modway are even ideal for executives in need of a little extra flair in their interior. The EEI-1028 model Escape chair from Modway is available in 5 attractive color options for just $224.99.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Superior Interiors: Contemporary Conference Rooms

Superior office interiors are within reach! Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll showcase contemporary conference rooms that are up to date with today's hottest trends. As an added bonus, the furnishings used in these elite work environments won't demolish your remodeling budget. With cost effective tables, chairs, and accents with contemporary flair, you'll be well on your way to earning your conference room the compliments it deserves.

Cherryman Verde Conference RoomCheck out our first space featuring contemporary furniture from the Cherryman Verde collection. This upscale interior is outfitted with a 10' long boat shaped conference table that has unique white accent legs that double as wire management troughs. This power ready table is available in a choice of two contemporary laminate finish options. Additionally, you'll see fashionable Eon mesh back chairs for the conference room as well as a matching presentation board with a dry erase center surface.

Cherryman Amber Conference Furniture with Eon ChairsMoving right along, our second interior is outfitted with conference furniture from the Cherryman Amber collection. This budget friendly line offers an array of cost effective tables that can be efficiently expanded to meet the needs of any meeting. The expandable AM-410N model Amber table used here is 14' long and costs just $702.00. The same Eon series 415B model mesh back chairs are used in this interior. Why you ask? Because they're cool, contemporary, comfortable, and valued priced at $294.00. In fact, we thin the Eon is the best and most versatile chair on the market this year at this price point.

Gray Conference Room FurnitureCherryman isn't the only manufacturer crafting cool and contemporary conference room furniture. With more than 10 collections available on the market in 2017, Mayline is another brand to consider for any business looking to create superior interiors. The conference room furniture from the Mayline Aberdeen collection offers affordable luxury. Popular Aberdeen tables like the ACTB8 can be seen here in our third interior accompanied by Gist series mesh chairs. At just $658.99 this boat shaped boardroom solution is an absolute bargain buy in trendy finishes like Textured Gray Still that promote a unique coastal vibe. As an added bonus, you can even power up this table with surface modules available for $235.00.

Mahogany Conference FurnitureMoving right along, allow us to showcase another superior conference interior from Mayline. Our fourth space boasts popular furniture from the Medina collection. Available in 5 attractive finishes, Medina is a favorite amongst today's top design teams. There's something to be said for the conference room accents used here as well. With a high wall bookcase, low wall storage cabinet configuration, and folding presentation board, this space has it all. The entire package without seating can be purchase for $1797.99. Now that's value!

Superior Laminate Conference FurnitureNext up we've got a contemporary corporate gathering area furnished with components from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate collection. The espresso finished tables and accents from the Superior Laminate collection are our personal favorite. The dark finish offers a contemporary look and shows minimal wear over time. This meeting area boasts an oval shaped conference table available now for $320.99. Rest assured, you won't find a more affordable table that's this well made. Additionally, our fifth interior boasts comfortable mesh back task chairs for the conference room that boast exceptional ergonomic benefits. These 2803 model chairs are for sale now for just over two hundred and fifty dollars.

OFM Glass Conference Table and Designer Mesh ChairsLast but certainly not least, allow us to present this contemporary conference room furnished with OFM components. Even at first glance you'll be drawn into the industrial glass top conference table with metal legs. This GT3977 table features a 77" wide surface with curved ends for $875.99. We feel it's the best and most affordable in-stock glass conference table available on the market in 2017. To take things up another level, OFM put the finishing touches on this elite collaboration area with 591-L model high back mesh chairs with leather seats.


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