Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's New: Cool Laminate Finishes by Global Total Office

Few furniture brands offer better design variety than Global Total Office for interior designers. But just when we thought they couldn't vamp up their options anymore, they did it again! Global has just added five beautiful new laminate finishes to their already extensive array of choices. Here are a few Global furniture series favorites that are now available in these awesome new finishes!

Wind Tables

Global Wind Tables

Global's Wind Series is a beautiful line of coffee and end tables for home and business use, perfect for lobbies, reception areas, and waiting rooms. The style is a contemporary modern look that's effortless and elegant. Thin tabletops available in square, circular, and rectangular shapes with skinny legs that contribute to the airy futuristic look. Wind series tables tend to be offered in Global's excellent array of finishes, but with one of the new color options, they fit into a whole new world of decor environments!

Alba Tables

Global Alba Tables

The Alba line has long been a favorite of the conference room for it's trendy modern style. Options like the GEL10WSTM Alba Conference Table by Global feature elliptical tops to fit into any contemporary meeting space, but this line is well known for featuring a diverse array of tabletops in many shapes as well. The Alba line includes tables with elliptical, rectangular, circular, square, and racetrack designs to go just about anywhere, and the best part is, they almost always come in a huge array of size options to fit offices big and small. Alba versatility just got all the better with the five new finish choices!

Global Laminate Conference Tables

Global Laminate Boardroom Tables

Global's Laminate collection is the perfect thing for meeting environments. Whether you call your place a conference area, boardroom, or group work area, laminate conference tables for office meeting can definitely get the job done with style. Laminate tables like the GCT5RX Global Laminate Conference Table are available in a vast array of sizes and colors, complete with the new finish choices for added diversity! Laminate tables rely on a high density executive styling for durability and appeal. Tabletops for the GCT5RX are even offered in racetrack or boat shaped tables for boardroom use for those that have a preference!

Citi Tables

Global Citi Tables

To round things out, Global has also made their new finish choices available for their Citi furniture line to make the most of the great new style. Global Citi furniture is extremely popular with office guest areas, and products from this line are known to jazz up lobbies, reception and lounge areas, and waiting rooms alike. While the Citi collection harbors few tables, they definitely make up for the lack of choices with exquisite modern style. The 7889 Global Citi Coffee Table is an affordable favorite of both homes and offices, and just as it looks great here in black, so too would it look great in one of the new finish choices like Dark Espresso or Asian Night. For those that decide to go with the light Leather Latte upholstery on the chairs in the 7875-7876 Citi Furniture Collection by Global, lighter woods like Shaker Cherry and White Chocolate are definitely the perfect shade for a compliment!

New Laminate Finishes: 

Absolute Acajou                                                                                     Dark Espresso

Absolute AcajouDark Espresso

Asian Night                                                                                            Shaker Cherry

Asian NightShaker Cherry

White Chocolate

White Chocolate

Monday, April 21, 2014

How to Personalize Your Office Work Space

For most people, work is their home away from home, whether they like it or not. But trying to work in an area that's not conducive with your personality can inhibit both desire and determination to get the job done. Rather than suffering through eight hours in a space you don't like, why not turn your desk or cubicle into a personal sanctuary? Here's a few tips to help you out!

Bring Home to the Office 

Personalized Office Cubicle

Your office is your home away from home, so go ahead and make it look like one! Surrounding yourself with the things you like from home, like your favorite coffee mug, your kid's crazy school art projects, and photos of loved ones is a great way to turn your workspace into one you won't mind working in. You may even be able to get your boss to allow a desk-buddy like a bowl fish to keep you company. The more a cubicle or desk space resembles your home, the more inclined you are to feel "at-home"in your office. Studies show that when employees are comfortable and relaxed, as if they were at home, work tends to be faster and more productive, so don't be afraid to get comfy!

Get Rid of Your Walls

Cool Office Cubicle

No, we don't mean knock them down (you're not looking to get fired.) But boring walls can be pretty conducive to sleep rather than working. Instead of sticking it out in traditional cubicles with modular design, where staying awake is a challenge, dress up your walls with things that keep your eyes interested! Adding some stylish wall art, or nature and animal photos can easily turn boring cubicle walls into windows. You may even decide to go with a destination theme to decorate around, like Hawaii, Asia, or Africa. Adding low-maintenance desk plants like spider plants, golden pothos, or lemon balm gives desks new life by bringing the outside in. By acting like natural air cleaners for office use, they're perfect for the elderly, anyone with breathing problems, and those that work in the city. (They also smell nice!)

Get Your Own Chair

Eurotech Chakra Chair

Any ergonomist will tell you that comfort is the key to successful employees. However, many workplaces issue standard cubicle chairs that aren't very comfortable, and can actually end up causing health problems over time. People are individuals, which means they need individual comfort. Instead of relying on a cheap company chair, go shopping for some cozy fabric ergonomic office chairs for sale features. These chairs will allow for some personalization by way of adjustable features. It's an excellent solution for those that have pre-existing problems like neck, muscle, and back pain, or even joint issues and poor blood circulation. Many chairs are specifically designed to relieve these symptoms and promote superior comfort as well as health!

*(Worried about someone stealing your fancy new chair? Simply attach it to a desk support or drawer with a bike-lock to deter any office pirates.)

Go Ergonomic

Ergonomic Desk Space

If you're already shopping for an ergonomic chair, why not go all out? Adjustable features aren't just limited to office seating, there are plenty of excellent ergonomic products to improve health, comfort, and productivity in the office drastically. Items like monitor arms can attach to computer screens, allowing users to tilt, stretch, and retract them for optimal viewing (known to relieve neck and upper back pain). Retractable keyboard trays alleviate joint problems and lower risk of carpal tunnel syndrome by putting the computer's keyboard in a reasonable, comfortable space for typing rather than forcing users to reach on top of their desk.

Accessories and Dual Purpose Items

Dual Purpose Desk

And finally, go ahead and trick out your workspace with anything else that speaks to you. Try to choose things that will make your work experience more comfortable and won't take up a ton of space. Back supports like the 7153BL Mesh Back Rest by Safco greatly reduce back pain. They come in super affordable packs of five, so you may even convince the boss to get some for the whole office. Some items like the Solstice desk lamp by ESI even have dual purposes to function effectively without eating up all your desk room. This fancy lamp lets you charge cellphones, mp3 players, and other handheld devices at the same time as it lights up your cubicle. Whatever you choose to go with, rest assured that you've made your place your own, and you'll never dread the visit to your home away from home again!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Top 10 Cherryman Office Desks of 2014

Anyone shopping for great office desks should never leave Cherryman Industries out of their lineup. As one of the most well-respected office furniture brands out there, it's only natural that Cherryman has tons of amazing desks. All of their five furniture lines feature excellent desks of to-notch craftsmanship. There are even matching storage solutions and accent furniture to go with them! To help you choose the best for your office, here we'll present the top Cherryman office desks of 2014!

Cherryman Jade Desk

The Jade collection is one of Cherryman's most beautiful lines, and it's here you'll find the JA-156N Cherryman Jade Executive Desk to spice up your office. This desk has everything an office needs all in one smart design. Workspace, desktop, beauty, class, and tons of storage are all taken care of in the JA-156N. Available in two rich finishes, it makes a stylish addition to home and business offices alike.

Cherryman Emerald Bowfront Desk

For desks that are a little less imposing but no less impressive, you can't go wrong with the Emerald line. Where most of Cherryman's lines feature large workstations, the Emerald keeps things compact with desks like the EM-404N Emerald Series Desk for small, stylish workspaces. Featuring a classy bow front design, plenty of drawers for storage, two fancy finishes options, and an affordable price, this desk looks good anywhere.

Cherryman Verde Series Modern Desk Set

Going for the modern look? Then say hello to the contemporary Verde Collection by Cherryman for your workplace! This line has "modern" in spades, with dark wood, glass accents, all lit up in the glow of polished aluminum. Desks like the VL-749N Modern Verde Desk by Cherryman wrap all these great features up into one impressive look, complete with plenty of storage. Options look beautiful in both home and business environments.

Cherryman Ruby Collection U-Desk

Ruby Collection furniture by Cherryman features a more traditional look with desks in all shapes and sizes. The line offers storage, accessories, and even seating solutions for the whole office, from the conference room to the reception area. Desks like the Cherryman RU-245N Ruby Desk are perfect for large executive offices where they goal is to impress. It features a beautiful cherry finish with plenty of work and storage space for increased utility.

Amber Collection Desk

For variety, nothing beats the versatile Amber Collection furniture by Cherryman for home and business use. This line features desks in every shape, size, color and configuration. It offers large workstations for executive use, and even simple desks like the AM-371N for everywhere else! Available in three sizes, and four finish options, the AM-371N is exemplary of the versatility in the Amber line. It is a favorite among homeowners, corporate offices, and schools because of it's ability to fit in anywhere.

Cherryman Jade Series Desk

A smaller, more affordable desk solution from the Jade collection furniture line by Cherryman would be the JA-170 P-shaped L desk for office use. The JA-170 offers plenty of style for its compact size. With the P-shape design, this L desk adds a bit more workspace for users that need it. The glass modesty panel adds a touch of the modern so this beautiful desk is perfect for both homes and business offices.

Cherryman Ruby Desk and Credenza

Rather than relying on a huge workstation to impress you guests, why not keep things simple? The Ruby Collection Executive Desk and Credenza is an excellent, non-imposing solution to workplace utility. The RU-201N-204N package comes with a desk and credenza for added storage. The two pieces of furniture are reconfigurable to meet the needs of many offices. Together, they make the perfect combo!

Cherryman Emerald Collection Desk

Speaking of the perfect combo, why not check out the EM-416N Cherryman Emerald collection desk set for your office? Featuring a traditional cut with classic dark wood surfaces, this desk is the epitome of the stylish Emerald collection by Cherryman. It boasts a single standing desk to greet visitors, and pairs it with an imposing modular storage station. The setup is an ideal solution to both home and business office alike.

Cherryman Amber Desk and Credenza

Another incredible desk and credenza combo for home and business use is the AM-390N furniture solution. This Amber Desk and Credenza configuration by Cherryman is available in a total of four beautiful finishes for versatility. Independently reconfigurable, this top-selling setup boasts amazing storage in the form of box pedestals, cabinets, and a hutch with doors.

Cherryman Verde Desk

And finally, we leave you with a desk that offers an excellent value. The Verde Desk by Cherryman offers modern executive styling to fit into any spacious office. Like all Verde furniture, this desk boasts modern style in abundance, but it's real highlight is the friendly price. Compared to other desks of this caliber, the VL-692N desk is a steal. It offers tons of storage with contemporary style that's sure to impress!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Top Conference Tables: Global Alba Series

Office design is an art form, but it definitely has it's challenges, especially in the conference room. Trying to create a space that blends modern design with classic charm and still manages to impress executives can leave one wondering if the task is even possible. Well, we're here to tell you it is! Global Total Office furniture offers some of the best conference room styles out there, and Alba collection meets all the high standards without the high price. Today, we review this incredible series. Enjoy!

Global Alba Meeting Table
First, we're going to start small and present the GC36CF Alba Laminate Round Table by Global for office use. The good thing about Global's meeting tables is that they can go just about anywhere. The GC36CF offers enough modern style to fit beautifully into conference rooms, executive offices, and even cafes. It's offered in a number of great finishes and sizes. No surprise, given that its designer is the world-renowned Zooey Chu!

Global Alba Laminate Table
Next is the second meeting table in this series, the Alba GC36SF Laminate Table by Global. Featuring a square-shaped design, this table makes a perfect addition to meeting rooms, conference areas, executive offices, waiting rooms, and even cafes! Like the table above, the GC36SF is offered in many sizes and colors, all for an affordable price that leaves competitors speechless.

Global 8 Alba Racetrack TableMoving into the world of true conference tables, we present the Alba GRT8WLTM Racetrack Conference Table by Global for conference and boardroom applications. This table offers plenty of modern "wow factor" for the contemporary workplace at a super affordable price. A total of nine size options with different finishes help this table to fit in just about anywhere.

Global Alba Elliptical Conference Table
Offered in a vast array of stylish finishes, including Avant Cherry, Storm Gray, and even Tiger Mahogany, the Global GEL10WSTM Alba Elliptical Conference Table is definitely dressed to impress. The elliptical top hints at one of the top contemporary styles in office interior design and is supported on thin, yet sturdy legs for an effortless look to compliment any conference space.

Global Alba Rectangular Conference Table
For those that want a more geometric appeal, look no further than the Alba GR6LTM Conference Table for your boardroom. This beauty features a rectangular top to provide ample work room. Like all Alba tables, it's offered in many sizes and colors for an affordable price.

Global Alba Racetrack Conference Table

The Global GRT8WL Alba Racetrack Table features a minimalist look that's both elegant and trendy for modern decorating. The thin racetrack top is popular, and cool enough to fit into most contemporary conference spaces. Supported on slender metal legs, it provides an airy, effortless look that's sure to impress.

Global Alba Contemporary EllipticalNext is the Alba GEL5STM Contemporary Elliptical Table by Global for boardrooms and conference areas. If you're searching for a sleek modern look without having to worry about constantly cleaning a glass table, then this is the one for you. The elliptical top is stretched to accommodate many people, and  it's available in a total of seven sizes to accommodate more when required.

Global Alba Racetrack Table 10
Designed by Zooey Chu to compliment the casual side of business, the Global Alba GRT10WLTM Racetrack Conference Table looks just as good in laid back environments as it does in high stakes ones.  Offered an an astounding eleven sizes, with plenty of finish choices to boot, this table is a steal at its affordable price.

Global 12' Elliptical Conference Table
Although it's available in additional sizes between five and twenty-four feet long, the standard size of the Global GEL12WSTM Alba Elliptical Conference Table is twelve feet. Users love this table for its voguish elegant design. The elliptical top certainly provides a sense of high class style in contemporary work environments, and the stunning finishes it's offered in complete the look, making it perfect for boardrooms and conference spaces alike.

Global Alba Laminate Conference Table
And lastly, we leave you with a favorite of the Alba line. The GEL8WSTM Alba Conference Table by Global is stylish and spacious. The rounded top is stretched out to accommodate many people, so it's ideal for conference rooms everywhere. The nine size options and colors that are staples of the Alba collection help to make the GEL8WSTM match the size and decor of almost everywhere too, and the prices seem almost unfair to competitors. The Alba line is one of the most versatile, affordable lines out there, with plenty of style. Any of these popular affordable conference tables by Global would easily make a conference room stand out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Improve Workplace Efficiency with Ergonomic Concepts Furniture and Accessories

Need a boost in your efficiency levels around the office? No problem! Choose from a variety of cool new products from Ergonomic Concepts an you'll be on your way to the highest levels of workplace productivity possible. From height adjustable workstations to versatile computer accessories, Ergonomic Concepts has your every need covered.

Adjustable Heigth Executive DeskUnique products like this height adjustable executive workstation from Ergonomic Concepts offer the perfect way to create a cutting edge workspace designed for conducting business. This station features a wood laminate surface available in 8 cool colors to compliment the black metal base. The 6048-L3 can be customized in a variety of ways with accessories like desk side pedestals, a modesty panel, and even a retractable keyboard tray. The user friendly L shaped desk works great in corner office applications and is sure to save you valuable floor space while generating ample surface space to compute.

Dual Monitor Support
Open desking configurations are the hottest new trend in the world of professional quality office furniture solutions. That being said, if you don't want to waste ample desk space, using a monitor arm is a must. This Ergonomic Concepts Double Monitor Arm Support allows operators to work face to face. This awesome product is a great way to improve office communication and build a more team friendly atmosphere. Choose from your choice of clamp or grommet  mounting options to meet your specific workstations effectively. These adjustable arms will improve your efficiency in no time!

Horizontal CPU MountThese days it's all about versatility in the workplace. Why you ask? Versatility improves efficiency and efficiency improves productivity! Unique products like this ECI-550 horizontal CPU mount will quickly and easily take your computers power source from being a pesky knee knocker to an out of this way and easy to reach tool. No more frustrating trips under the desk to plug in devices. Simply reach directly under your worksurface and enjoy a time saving experience that also looks super cool. This product will have your fellow workers asking "where did you get that" in no time at all!

Adjustable Foot Rest for OfficeDid you know that an adjustable office foot rest like this ECI-275 model will increase your blood flow while taking pressure of your knees and back? It's true! When office chairs that adjust become overly complicated or just aren't fitting your specific needs, try adding an affordable product like this foot rest. Simply adjust this unit to a level that's comfortable and begin working. We feel confident that in no time you'll be glad you added this unsung hero to your command center.

Retractable Keyboard TrayNo professional workstation is complete without the addition of a keyboard tray. The use of Keyboard Trays That Retract like this ECI-600-REF model ensure you are working in the most effective way. The ECI-600-REF adjusts in height to help you maintain a proper working posture and slides out of the way when not in use. This creates a clean an neat looking workstation that creates more useable desk space for other important office tasks. Maximizing your ergonomic office desk layout potential is a must as it makes for a more efficient space to help you save time and work smarter. Helpful accessories like this keyboard tray will help you do just that.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Build Your Boardroom with Cherryman Industries

Looking to build a stylish boardroom to impress guests and executives? Well, you've come to the right place. In today's article, we'll be highlighting the best qualities of the top notch furniture line, Cherryman Industries. This brand has lead the pack in producing furniture of all sorts, but their conference furniture is truly unique. Here are some excellent steps to building a boardroom with Cherryman!

Choose a Style

Cherryman Verde Modern Conference Table
The great thing about Cherryman furniture is that their customers are not just limited to one look. Rather than being backed into a corner, those who choose Cherryman get their choice of five amazing furniture stylings. Cherryman possesses five furniture collections, all of which have desks for executives and home use, along with guest furniture, reception stations, tables, and yes, spectacular boardroom furniture! One glance is usually enough to tell if the Amber, the Emerald, the Jade, the Ruby, or the affordable Verde collection by Cherryman is the style for you. All furniture in these collections match, so clashing is never an issue, and different finishes are available for each look to better match existing decor. As the names suggest, any collection is a gem in the office!

Pick a Boardroom Table

Cherryman Amber Conference Table

Many shoppers often like to choose their boardroom table before they choose the surrounding style, but any of Cherryman's tables would make an excellent centerpiece to a modern boardroom. Most of Cherryman's tables vary depending on the style, so different collections possess tables with different qualities. For those that like variety, this is a great bonus to shopping with Cherryman. This brand produces all sorts of modern conference tables with modular design for office use. Whether you want an elliptical, round, boat-shaped, or rectangular table, Cherryman has solutions in all shapes and sizes. Some of their collections, like the Amber, even offer adjustable table options for the modular workspace.

Add Visual Aids

Cherryman Emerald Presentation Board

No boardroom is complete without visual aids. In the modern world, people are relying evermore on technology to help get ideas across. When designing any boardroom, make sure to include presentation furniture and accessories so presenters don't find themselves lost when it comes time to make their case before a room full of executives, bosses, and coworkers. Most brands that offer conference furniture offer some form of presentation tools for conference room use to match their furniture, and Cherryman is no different. Almost all Cherryman collections offer convenient presentation boards for conference and boardroom applications. Users can write or draw diagrams with dry-erase markers on the built-in whiteboard, pin things to the cork board doors, and close it all back up for a clean, uncluttered look.

Increase Storage

One thing too many people take for granted when designing a boardroom is storage space. Often, designers assume that because boardroom spaces are usually seldom used, they are rooms that don't require bookshelves or drawers. This is wrong. In fact, if a boardroom space is seldom used, that very fact is precisely what makes it an excellent storage room. Boardrooms often have plenty of extra square footage for a few shelves or stylish wood cabinets for office storage to spare. Why not take advantage of the unused space by adding some storage accessories? Because Cherryman manufactures furniture for all sorts of office environments, each collection offers its own storage cabinets and bookshelves to match its chosen style. If you're picking out a boardroom table anyway, try perusing your collection's storage furniture. You may be able to save a buck by qualifying for bulk shipping!

Add Seating

Cherryman Respond Task Chair 2.1

Even though Cherryman is primarily an office casegoods producer, they do make things convenient by adding a few seating options to their mix for easy furniture matching. When buying discount Cherryman furniture for sale, shoppers should always be able to find a few traditional guest seating options. Many collections offer classic wood guest chairs for meeting tables and executive offices. But if they don't appeal to your modern sense of style, Cherryman also three excellent ergonomic chair designs. The Respond office chair series by Cherryman is designed to match all of their collections. They make great seating for executives, cubicle workers, computer users, and even boardroom guests, so don't miss out!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Eurotech Wau Series

If you are looking for a great mesh back ergonomic chair to keep you cool and comfortable at work, look no further. The Wau chair by Eurotech has users saying "wow" all over the nation for it's ergonomic style and affordable price. Eurotech is a brand that's extremely well-respected for staying on the cutting-edge. In a post that's long overdue, today we'll look at the merits and shortfalls of the Wau chair and see just why it's one of their most popular models.


Eurotech Logo

Coming from the brand, Eurotech, it's no surprise that the Wau Series has a lot to live up to. This brand has a strong reputation for constantly producing work that stays right on the cutting edge of ergonomic innovation, and with incredible companies like RFM to beat, they certainly put in a lot of thought to design. However, being one of the highest producers of top mesh back chairs with ergonomic design out there, Eurotech has had a lot of practice, and it certainly shows in the Wau. This series has become one of their most popular lines, and it isn't hard to see why!


Wau Series White Frame Charcoal High Back Chair by Eurotech
Wau series chairs rely on top-of-the-line Eurotech innovation as the backbone for their comfortable design, but the look of these chairs is certainly unique. Like many other popular chairs by Eurotech Seating, Wau series chairs feature a soft, breathable mesh back over a molded plastic frame. Although this may seem generic, the EUR-WAU-HIGH Wau Series High Back Chair by Eurotech and its companions are very sturdy, and it's these materials that bring the Wau's high grade structure to users at an affordable price. While the style may not be for everyone, we happen to find Wau chairs to be the pinnacle of cool modern design. Ergonomic sophistication shines in the chair's smart color combinations and contemporary look.


Mid Back Black Frame Black Fabric Chair by Eurotech

The price is one of the most amazing features of the Wau line. Many buyers are shocked to find Wau models in the same price range as standard ergonomic office chairs, given their high tech design. The use of low-cost materials such as supportive mesh and a tough molded plastic frame greatly reduce the price of Wau chairs, bringing them to anyone with a limited budget. In addition, the Wau line offers two major chair designs, with two models in a high back styling, and two in a mid back styling. Naturally, the affordable office chairs with mid back styling are lower priced, but they still feature many of the same amazingly adjustable features as their high tech counterparts. Compared to other models of the same price, it's no wonder the Wau line really stands out.


High Back Black Frame Mesh Chair by Eurotech

While style and price may be the reason people buy the Wau series, Eurotech is definitely responsible for why the chairs are kept! Under the hood, Wau chairs boast an astounding array of tilt tension controls, adjustable features, locks, height adjustment, and even a waterfall seat to meet each user's individual comfort needs. Available in both a mid back and high back styling, the chairs offer enough versatility to fit into all sorts of environments. Unlike many other contemporary high back chairs for office use, the high back Wau even features a headrest for added comfort. Between the two styles and great ergonomic features, executives, home, and business workers can enjoy the cutting-edge comfort of the Wau series.

Color Variations

Eurotech Wau Chairs

While the Eurotech Wau series may not offer as many colorful chair options for office use as some other brands, the two available color combos it does have is already much more than many chairs can say. Both the high and mid back chairs feature either a black or white frame to go with the charcoal mesh upholstery, and while it may not seem like much of a difference, we assure you it is. The different color combos turn each Wau into a completely unique chair. Users can either choose the black on charcoal for a seamless matching look that easily blends into any office, or they can go with the white on charcoal for a trendy contrast that stands out. There is even a black on black fabric upholstery for those who would rather do without the mesh! Either way, all combos look incredible. They exude every bit of the high tech style the chairs actually possess, and are well worth the affordable price to get it!