Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coming Soon: New Medina Furniture Finishes from Mayline!

The Mayline Medina series office furniture collection has become one of the hottest lines of 2015. Medina includes high end executive desk configurations, conference room tables, and even reception desks. To further improve this already impressive collection, Mayline is introducing two cool new finishes to compliment the mocha, gray steel, and mahogany options currently available. In today's post we'll highlight the new seat salt and brown sugar finish options. Enjoy!

Medina Reception Desk with Sea Salt FinishIf you're looking to create a stunning office welcoming area to impress your guests, look no further than Medina's reception desks. These L shaped and rectangular units feature a blend of laminate surfaces, silver accents, and glass transaction counters. While all of Medina's current finish options are awesome, we feel the new textured sea salt finish is the most impressive! Rest assured, adding a Medina reception desk to your office waiting room is sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Medina Desk Configuration in Brown Sugar FinishIn addition to reception desks, the Medina collection offers high end executive desk configurations that work well in both home and professional work environments. Both pre configured typicals and custom layouts can be created to meet your space requirements and budget. That being said, if you're looking to create an office space that's a cut above the competition, we recommend checking out a Medina desk configuration in the new brown sugar finish option! This swanky new tone is sure to spark trends for years to come.

Medina Table in Brown Sugar LaminateMedina Round Meeting TableMayline introduced the Medina furniture collection just a few short months ago. In this time, the conference and meeting tables from this trendy line have become the go to option for industry professionals and design teams looking to impress their clients. The small round top meeting tables from Medina offer high end modern appeal at a price point any budget will appreciate. The larger conference room tables from the Medina collection can be configured with user friendly power modules to help streamline the meeting process and improve functionality. Both the conference room tables and smaller meeting table options will be available in the new seat salt and brown sugar finish options in the coming weeks.

Medina Straight Front Desk with Hutch and Wall CabinetNot all furniture shoppers are blessed with plenty of floor space! Thankfully, top brands like Mayline offer collections like Medina that include versatile straight front desks and space saving storage solutions that maximize square footage. If you're in search of wall cabinets, overhead hutch units, or even desk side pedestals for organizing, the Medina collection has you covered. In just a few short weeks, all of these awesome products will be available in must see brown sugar and seat salt finish options. If you're looking to create an office interior that's poised for design success, check out these cool new woodgrain tones!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2015's Best Ergonomic Chairs Under $300

Shopping on a budget can be a huge challenge. Trying to find the best money can buy on a budget can seem near impossible. But for those of you out there looking for top notch ergonomic chairs at an affordable price, your days of searching are over! Here, we've gathered our favorite high tech seats that offer comfort as well as an affordable price. For your convenience, everything on the list is under $300. Enjoy!

Ergo Contract Layover Chair
Our list begins with a stylish new number from Ergo Contract Furniture. Not only does the Layover Slate Gray mesh chair offer comfort, but it also offers plentiful ergonomic benefits and plenty of ways to accessorize. This is because this is a chair with color options to fit a multitude of interiors. By going with MM6233M Layover model, users can take their pick of scarlet, pumpkin, apple green, or even the sultry slate gray seen here. Enjoy top benefits like a designer mesh styling, waterfall seat, user-friendly buttons for ergonomic adjustability, and a 2-to-1 Synchro passive tilt mechanism for added comfort. Best of all, it can be yours for just $267.99!
Global Weev Chair

This next model also offers a host of ergonomic benefits, but also an excellent selection of color options - which isn't surprising since this is a chair from Global Total Office. The 2221-4 Weev chair boasts plenty of features to leave you feeling rested by the end of the day. Its design includes a sliding seat with depth adjustment, super adjustable arms clad in a soft upholstery, and a varying width to accommodate a wide range of body types. Enjoy this high tech ergo chair in one of ten colors, including ebony, russet, teal, vermillion, and charcoal. Add it to your office for just $272.99!

OFM 580 Mesh Executive Chair
Next on our list the 580 Mesh Executive model by OFM. This chair is the frugal comfort-lover's dream. By offering a swath of ergonomic benefits, this top quality ergonomic chair manages to maintain a popular choice among fans of the OFM brand. Features include a gas lift, smooth tilting action, a 360 degree swivel, tilt tension control, back height adjustment, a built-in lumbar support, and even stain resistant fabric! At only $299.99, this is definitely one of the best ergo for the price.
Ergo Contract ME! Chair
Our next chair is a very popular model that has been drawing lots of attention for Ergo Contract Furniture. The ME! intensive task chair provides an excellent seating solution for professional business applications, both in public and at home. Not only does this versatile task chair fit into a multitude of environments, but with great ergonomic features like a three position tilt lock, tilt tension control, ratchet back, and seat slider, the MM5335MS model also fits a variety of comfort types. Enjoy its designer appeal in your office today for just $279.99.

Eurotech FX2
Next up is the super stylish FX2 from Eurotech Seating. This stellar new chair looks like something out of a sci-fi film with its eye-catching futuristic design. But trendy looks aren't the only thing innovative about the FLX500-GRYOP model from Eurotech. To compliment the high tech looks are some high tech features, including an automatic tilt tension, synchro-tilt, seat height and depth adjustment, and a waterfall seat design for quality comfort. To top it all off, this eco friendly office chair also boasts a Greenguard Certification! Get it today for just $280.00!
Global 2736MB
This next choice from Global Total Office offers five-star comfort for an extremely affordable price. Enjoy the high tech benefits of an advanced pivoting mechanism that promotes natural motion, a slim Euro-style back with integrated lumbar support, and an added pivot point below the hips that ensures synchronized ergonomic motion between the user and the chair. All these amazing characteristics are hidden beneath a relatively simple modern design. However, users can still choose from multiple upholstery options with the 2736MB, as is Global's way! Add this stunning contemporary desk chair to your collection for the low price of just $289.99!

Offices To Go Professional Chair 11649B
And finally, we round out our list with the 11649B leather executive chair from Offices To Go. Unlike the other chairs on this list, the 11649B boasts an ergonomic design underneath a classy professional design. Tilt tension control, pneumatic seat height, and tilt lock are just a few of ergonomic features that accompany this all-business chair, offering tremendous comfort. The plush leather and glossy black finish make this chair a perfect addition to the conference room or executive office. Watch it impress for the affordable price of $262.95!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mayline Aberdeen Furniture Now Available In Gray Steel Finish Option!

Mayline Aberdeen Gray Steel Laminate Swatch
Mayline has improved their already popular Aberdeen casegoods furniture collection by adding a trendy new finish option! Introduced originally with the Medina collection, Mayline's gray steel finish is one of the hottest laminate options of 2015. In today's post we'll showcase some of the awesome new Aberdeen products available in gray steel. Enjoy!

Mayline Aberdeen Desk in Gray SteelAberdeen office desks offer the perfect blend of modern and traditional design characteristics. Whether you're designing a swanky home office or professional executive space, there's an Aberdeen desk configuration available to meet your needs. The new gray steel finish is sure to shine new light on the best selling desks. Pre configured typicals like the AT35 offer a high end look that works well in upscale work environments. Opt for the new gray steel finish option and you'll be on your way to creating one of the coolest office interiors in town!

Need a new conference table for your meeting area? You can't go wrong with Aberdeen! The popular boat shaped conference tables available from this best selling furniture line are now available with affordable power modules and of course, the all new gray steel finish option! If the average boardroom table won't cut it, give the Mayline Aberdeen collection a look. You'll be glad you did. Perfromance, functionality, style, and meeting efficiency will be improved in no time.

Mayline Aberdeen Conference Table in Gray SteelIt's always important to make a positive first impression on your office guests. That being said, a stunning reception desk will help your business do just that. The reception desks from the Mayline Aberdeen collection have been long time favorites of design teams and industry professionals. Aberdeen reception desks feature attractive glass accented transaction screens and plenty of work surface space. New gray steel Aberdeen reception stations are available now in your choice of rectangular and L shaped variations that won't break your makeover budget.

Mayline Aberdeen Reception Desk in Gray SteelIt's a fact! Well organized office environments operate more effectively. Adding file cabinets, bookcases, pedestals, and hutch units to your office interiors is just plain smart. As no office makeover project is complete without the right combination of storage accessories, Mayline has outfitted the Aberdeen collection with all the components you'll need to keep your work spaces nice and neat. With super cool new gray steel file cabinets, keeping your documents well organized is a breeze, and far more appealing that those old taupe file cabinets of the past. Limited on floor space? No problem! Add a wall mount hutch from the Aberdeen collection and maximize your space. Rest assured, there's not much the Aberdeen collection can't do. And with the new gray steel finish option, this long time favorite line is set to be more popular than ever!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

7 Home Office Hacks You'll Love

Whether you're headed to a party, seeking to win a game, or even just getting dressed in the morning, the internet is filled with tons of helpful tricks to get you there faster and smarter. In the office, there's plenty of places where hacks can come in handy - and in the home office without a boss looking over your shoulder, you have complete creative freedom! So get ready, and enjoy these awesome hacks and make the most of your home office!

Plants and Animals

This first one may not seem like much of a hack, but in the home office, plants and animals can make some of the most productive coworkers around. Poor air quality is something that unconsciously plagues many office workers, both in and out of the home, and especially around cities. Toxins in the air can negatively affect workers' breathing, general health, focus, and energy throughout the day. Adding a VOC-reducing plant to the mix cleans the air, keeping you in top notch health. Some of the best low-maintenance house plants include air plants, peppermint, english ivy, and lemon balm.

In addition, pets like dogs, cats, and even fish have been known to reduce stress. Letting your pet sleep under your desk while you work not only keeps your feet warm, but reaching down to scratch a furry head can be a saving grace when tensions are high. Taking Fido for bathroom breaks and short walks on your lunch hour keeps you fitter and energized. Best of all, these necessary lapses in the tedium of office duties are major brain boosters! Don't believe us? Scientists say pets like dogs have been known to lower resting heart rate levels, reduce blood pressure, and even lower the risk for depression and heart disease! Just ask a doctor.


Taking the time to declutter your workspace offers a host of benefits for the devoted office worker. Not only are things easier to find in a clean office, but the look and feel alone can do wonders for psychology and health. Adding a few simple products for office organization can keep the office clear of clutter, increasing efficiency, reducing stress, and offering a much needed sense of accomplishment. But don't stop there! Taking an extra minute to defragment, scan, and sort the items in your computer can also increase work speed and improve computer health!

Bonus Tip: Got a dirty keyboard tray? Nothing a little strand of tape between the keys can't fix!

Lighting and Color

One thing many office hack websites take for granted is the importance of physical surroundings. If you're unhappy with your home office, perhaps it's time for an upgrade! Color plays a major role in the productivity and psychological health of office workers according to color theory. The color blue is even backed by scientific evidence as the best color for office environments as it reduces stress and slows the metabolism, reducing hunger to produce a calming effect - it also makes the room appear bigger!

Feng-Shui Furniture 

Rearranging furniture is another way to improve the psychological effect of your home office. Set your desk facing the window; a view into the outside world offers greater health benefits. Choosing furniture that combines functionality with user health is ideal in a home office. Even things as simple as ergonomic executive chairs, height adjustable office desks, or dual purpose lighting fixtures can help make a home office more like a personal haven. After all, you're at home. Why not take full advantage of it?


If storage is a problem in your home office, one of the best solutions is thinking outside the box - or, off the floors! Few amateur designers know how to make full use of a room's walls as a place for storage and organization. Adding useful presentation boards helps users keep track of papers and daily tasks without making a mess of the desk. At the same time, cabinets and stylish wood bookcases offer shelving for easy, clutter-free storage. You may even decide to DIY a few crates or boxes for clever, attractive office storage!


Hacking workplace discomfort is perhaps the most important thing you can do as an office user. Too many Americans suffer from unhealthy working habits, which can result in terrible bodily pain. Some of the most common office-related conditions include pain in the neck, back, or legs, stiff joints, aggravated arthritis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Thankfully, ergonomic furniture and tools can save the day. Outfitting your workplace with monitor arms, retractable keyboard platforms, and high tech desk chairs to enforce proper posture do wonders for health. The benefits include maximized efficiency, improved workplace productivity, and a better outlook on life!

Clip Ons

One organizational hack that's been sweeping offices all over the nation are the clip ons! Ever since someone figured out that a few binder clips hooked to the edge of a desk makes perfect cord organizers, the trend has exploded to do all sorts of amazing things! Clip on wire organizers, cup holder, baskets, and even high tech tools like the Symmetry JUICE-POW-JUC-CC clamp on power module are all available for sale. Of course, DIYing your own is an option too. Just super glue some binder clips to a stylish desk organizer and voila! Not only have you maximized usable desk space, but you've also cleaned and organized.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Here's How The Wrong Office Chair Will Affect Your Work Day...

Affects of Using The Wrong Office Chair
If you're using an office chairs that's not right for your body type, the odds are, you're dealing with discomfort in the workplace. That being said, operating a chair that's not suited for your individual needs can detrimental to your work day. Here's how...

1.) Cause Fatigue

Using an office chair that doesn't adjust effectively will cause you to reach higher levels of fatigue quicker when working. Good ergonomic chairs adjust in a variety of key ways that allow users to minimize body movements and maximize efficiency. A poor quality chair with limited ergonomic features won't be providing you many benefits at all. In fact, it will be contributing to a drop in performance that should be avoided at all costs. Avoid fatigue and stress in the workplace by selecting a new office chair to that's equipped with the features needed to work at peak performance levels.

2.) Reduce Functionality

It's important to be as versatile and functional as possible in the workplace. That being said, operating in the wrong office chair for your body won't help you achieve either. Office chairs with fixed backs, arms, and bases are far from effective in intensive use work environments. If you're sitting for long periods of time, it's absolutely essential to provide yourself with a chair that's ready for the demands of a long work day. Functional office chairs from brands like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, and the Cherryman Industries iDesk collection should be highly considered for your personal seating needs.

3.) Affect Office Appeal

Your chair is a main focal point of your workspace. A stylish chair will do wonders for your decor, while a lack luster office chair will not. Having a good looking office chair sitting behind your desk will earn your workspace the compliments it deserves. This year, trending office chairs like the iOO from Eurotech Seating and the Layover from Ergo Contract Furniture are ready to help you give your office interiors the style boost they deserve. Don't settle for a boring, non adjustable task chair that drags down the appeal of your space. The right office chair isn't hard to find!

4.) Cause Back Pain

Back pain is a productivity killer in the workplace. If you're constantly fidgeting in your office chair do to upper and lower back pain, you're not alone. In most cases, office back pain is caused by sitting for long periods of time in an uncomfortable chair with little support. When sitting, you'll want to keep your back in constant contact with the chair at all times. If the angle of your chair back doesn't adjust, you're in the wrong chair! If you're hunching over your keyboard to type and operate at your desk, your gaining little ergonomic value from your chair. Consider upgrading to a chair with a syncro-tilt mechanism designed to move with your body.

5.) Create Health Problems

Operating the wrong office chair can actually cause you severe health problems. A non ergonomic chair with few adjustment features will reduce blood flow and certainly contribute to back pain. Common problems like knee pain, wrist pain, and neck stiffness can also be directly related to using the wrong office chair. So how do you know which office chair is right for you? You test them! Visit a local showroom, or several! Test out multiple chairs with various features to determine which functions are most beneficial to you. Check out reviews online as well. They can be very helpful. In the long run, the right office chair for you, may not be the right office chair for someone else. That's why it's so important to test out office chairs with various back heights, arm features, height adjustments, and mechanisms to find out what chair will best accommodate your body type.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Office Tech: Powered Furniture in The Workplace

Powered office furniture improves productivity, efficiency, and performance! In today's post we'll highlight the awesome new powered workplace solutions of 2015. These tables, desks, workstations, and chairs showcase office technology at it's best.

1.) Powered Conference Tables

Powered Conference Tables

Powered conference tables have taken the office furniture world by storm. These days, if you don't utilize a powered conference table in your meeting area you're missing out. Powered conference tables feature surface mounted modules with HDMI, Audio, USB, and AC input options. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are paving the way with high tech powered conference tables from collections like Zira and TransAction that will help any business streamline their meetings.

2.) Powered Lounge Furniture

Powered Lounge Chair

Creating a modern lounge or lobby interior for your business? Add powered lounge furniture to your design plans and improve the visiting experience for your valued guests! Brands like OFM, Inc. have released cutting edge lounge chairs like the Serenity that feature USB and AC inputs right in the arm! Simply plug in your chair and and start enjoying the benefits. No need to customize options or call in the IT team for wiring. These modern lounge chairs are ready to roll!

3.) Powered Desks

Powered Open Desking Configuration

Powered office desks and workstations help users prevent those pesky trips underneath the desk to plug in devices and route wires. These days, the top office furniture manufacturers have found super cool ways to integrate work surface and wall integrated power modules that make life in the office far easier! If you're looking to upgrade to powered desks and workstations in 2015, we recommend checking out the Mayline e5 collection. It's super stylish, affordable, and cutting edge!

4.) Powered Tables

Powered Training Room Furniture

As businesses are regularly looking to improve they way information is delivered to employees during training and strategy sessions, furniture manufacturers have started to introduce high tech training tables equipped with power! The top training tables can be configured with daisy chained power solutions that provide your entire room with easily accessed power options. While powered training room tables are just starting to catch on, this is one trend that will soon become an industry standard!

5.) Portable Power Solutions

Isle Power Module by Symmetry Office

Why power up a single office space when you can purchase a portable power module that can be moved from room to room as needed? With cool new products like the Isle, Juice, and Drifter power modules from Symmetry Office, you can take the power from the lobby to the boardroom with ease! The Isle is as high tech as it gets. These power towers feature USB and AC inputs on three sides. Simple plug in the cord and you're ready to roll. The Isle can be used in lobby, waiting room, and reception areas to improve the visiting experience of guests. Giving a big presentation? Bring the Isle tower into the boardroom and avoid running extension cords around your space to host your presentation professionally! Portable power modules are affordable, easy to use, and a must have for any modern business.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Office Design 101: Hot Furniture and Seating Trends for April

The world of office design is always evolving! This month, emerging trends like elliptical conference room tables and tablet chairs are in. In today's post we'll showcase April's hottest trends that are sure to boost your corporate appeal. Enjoy!

1.) Elliptical Conference Tables

Elliptical Conference Table

If you're tired of the traditional rectangular, oval, and round conference tables on the market, you're not alone! The top brands in the furniture industry have started a new movement to shake things up a bit. Elliptical conference room tables have become the premier choice for businesses looking to go modern with their meeting areas. Elliptical tables feature curved sides and sleek rounded ends. The sophisticated contemporary look is efficient, functional, and versatile. Elliptical conference tables are great for smaller areas as their slimline design saves space and looks great. Consider elliptical conference tables from brands like Lesro Industries and Global Total Office in April!

2.) Powered Training Tables

Powered Training Tables

A powered training room table configuration will improve your strategy sessions, meetings, and presentations. The ability to quickly plug in tablets, laptops, and mobile devices in the training room saves space and creates a high tech atmosphere designed for the needs of your modern business. Tables like those from the Mayline Sync collection can be outfitted with daisy-chained power modules that really rock! Stop creating tripping hazards by running extension cords around your training areas. It's time to power up your space the right way!

3.) Tablet Chairs

Sirena Tablet Arm Lounge Chair

Perhaps the hottest trend in the office furniture world is the use of tablet arm lounge chairs for lounge, lobby, and waiting rooms. Integrating tablet arm chairs into your guest waiting areas will improve the visitor experience and add that little something extra your space is missing. Cool new tablet chairs from brands like OFM and Mayline are taking the reception seating industry by storm. Their awesome chairs provide top notch comfort, high end appeal, and unmatched versatility.

4.) Lime Green

Mayline e5 Furniture and Commute Chair

Adding a splash of color to your office interiors is just plain smart! Cool accent colors like lime green will do wonders for your private office, boardroom, and waiting area. This year the lime green boom has been in full effect. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, and Cherryman Industries have all introduced cool new ergonomic computer chairs with lime green mesh back and seat options that shine light on this growing trend. While we're not recommending the purchase of multiple lime green desks for your office space, the delicate touch of a bright color like lime green will really make your work environments shine!