Friday, November 17, 2017

Organize In Style With Fashionable Storage Components

Sure a couple of old school metal file cabinets will keep your documents contained, but why not think outside the box and organize in style? Today on the blog we'll teach you how to do just that. Here we'll showcase fashionable wall cabinets, carts, and bookcases that are guaranteed to enhance office appeal while keeping your office essentials well protected and comfortably situated.

Executive Buffet CabinetTake a look at this ultra cool wall cabinet from the Mayline Medina collection. Even at first glance the MVLC Medina cabinet will draw you in with a combination of locking glass and laminate doors. This executive style buffet cabinet for a conference room or private workspace is sure to make a professional statement and an impact on your valued guests.

Storage Cabinet with Lateral File DrawersUp next is the VL-617N cabinet from the Cherryman Verde Series. This combo cabinet boasts two lateral file drawers and double-door storage cabinet. The VL-617N is versatile, secure, and distinctively modern. With matching components from the Cherryman Verde series you'll have no problems creating fluidity and unrivaled appeal.

Mail CartYou can organize in style and on the go with the Scoot mail cart from Safco. This portable storage solution is spacious, durable, and far more stylish that those squeaking metal file carts you've been struggling to wheel around your office. The Scoot cart is lightweight and a great buy at $321.99.

White Desk Side Stationary PedestalToday's top office furniture manufacturers have made it their mission to improve office organizing potential while simultaneously maximizing floor space and appeal. Take a peek at the 55106 white desk pedestal from OFM and you'll quickly see what we mean. This space saving cabinet with a stationary drawer and file drawer is mobile. It can be used as needed and then moved out of the way to clear up operational space.

Heavy Duty Metal CabinetWe also love the heavy duty open shelf cabinets from the OFM Mesa collection. They feature scratch resistant laminate surfaces that can be used to accommodate your office equipment. Storage components from the OFM Mesa series like the 66745 provide and exceptional combination of industrial appeal and durability.

Stylish BookcaseLast but certainly not least, you can keep your conference room, executive office, and guest waiting area fashionably organized with a cool bookcase from Offices To Go. We recommend the SL48BC in espresso. This dark laminate bookcase shows minimal wear and comes from a full service office furniture line that includes everything you'll need to fully furnish every workspace imaginable. The SL48BC cabinet is also available in a cool new Autumn Walnut finish option that was released just a few weeks ago. This Offices To Go bookcase is in stock, ship quicks, and value priced.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Dream Big With Woodstock Jefferson Components!

Woodstock Jefferson Series Furniture Review
The modular furniture and seating from the Woodstock Jefferson collection provides unrivaled versatility and appeal. This line of contemporary seating is absolutely perfect for any business looking to think outside the realm of traditional lounge chair and sofa configurations. Today on the blog we'll be highlighting the Dream Configurations from the Jefferson series that simplify the office remodeling process. Enjoy!

Curved Lounge Seating LayoutIf you're ready to create a statement space that impresses guests and earns high marks from even the harshest furniture critics, check out the Dream 1 horseshoe shaped modular lounge seating layout from Woodstock Marketing. This set of inside curve Jefferson chairs is complimented with a circular coffee table with a white marble top that features a pop up power module designed to improve the visitor experience.

Modular Lobby FurnitureThe options are truly limitless with the components from the Jefferson collection. This full service line of connectable waiting room chairs and matching accent tables makes it easy to maximize square footage and appeal. Take one look at the Dream 11 package and you'll quickly see what we mean. With an array of chairs, ottomans, and tables, this set is an absolute winner.

Modular Seating Layout For A Large LobbyThose with large guest waiting areas will need an array of chairs and tables to make their space shine. That being said, finding an abundance of matching components can cause remodeling headaches. Thankfully, Woodstock has your back. A modular seating set for a large lobby like Dream 3 Smile configuration will simplify your remodel in a hurry.

Serpentine Lobby Seating LayoutThe Jefferson Dream 2 Snake configuration makes it easy to create contemporary coastal vibes. This modular serpentine shaped chair configuration with integrated power tables and circular coffee tables is ready, willing, and able to serve as the focal point of your welcoming area.

Modular Guest Reception SeatingLast but certainly not least, how cool is the Dream 7 Jefferson layout? We love the neutral charcoal upholstery that's fashionable without being too over the top. When paired with white marble accent tables, the Dream 7 is practically guaranteed to earn daily compliments. The main section of chairs and connecting ottomans can be used within the corner of your waiting room to maximize available square footage. As an added bonus, the Dream 7 package even includes 2 side tables, a circular coffee table with powered top, and upholstered guest stool for that added touch of flair.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Enhance Your Conference Room With Dacasso Accessories!

Dacasso Conference Room ProductsDacasso specializes in the provision of fashionable office accessories for executive interiors and conference rooms. Their commitment to quality and luxury is second to none. Today on the blog, we'll highlight a few of our favorite conference room add-ons from this industry leader. Prepare to be impressed.

Conference Room OrganizerUp first is this classic black leather conference room organizer tray with 3 total compartments. The A1040 is simple, yet elegant. This stylish organizer is subtle, but still ready to make an impression in any group work environment. At $95.99, it provides an affordable and beneficial way to improve your space.

Conference Room Condiment OrganizerMake a professional statement with eh A1028 leather condiment organizer from Dacasso. If you're still placing your sugars and creamers in dixie cups, this is the conference room accessory for you. The A1028 is available for $162.99. This luxurious condiment organizer will likely earn daily compliments from your meeting area guests.

Leather Ice Bucket SetUp next is the D1049 ice bucket set. This stylish little accessory even makes a great gift idea. The D1049 conference room serving set is available for $226.99 and includes a leather serving tray, ice tongs, and ice bucket.

Conference Room Set with Writing Pads and CoastersThe D1058 conference room set is sure to help you refine your space. This luxurious package includes 23 genuine leather pieces in total. The 17" x 14" writing pads are great for taking notes while the matching leather coasters will prevent unsightly rings on your conference room furniture. As an added bonus, the pad holder itself boasts a retractable drawer with stationary organizing compartments.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Improve The Visitor Experience With Powered Lobby Furniture

Powered Sofa with A Flip Up Privacy PanelThese days it's all about powered furniture. The design world is changing as we step into the modern age of technology. Powered tables, chairs, and accessories are rapidly becoming the industry standard. If you're looking for ways to recharge your office waiting area, you're in the right place. Here we'll showcase fashionable components with integrated power ports that allow valued guests to work while the wait.

Take a look at the Morph seating collection from OFM. This line of powered lounge chairs and sofas provides exceptional privacy with flip up panels. The components from the OFM Morph series are outfitted with USB and AC inputs that make it easy for guests to utilize their devices without the fear of draining precious battery life.

Lounge Chair with USB PortsYou'll also want to check out the trendy modular chairs from OFM's Serenity collection. If you accommodate big and tall visitors, these heavy duty powered lounge chairs are the way to go. Serenity chairs like the 5000LE support up to 500 pounds with ease. The chair arm features an electrical recharge panel equipped with 1 AC outlet and 2 USB ports.

Beam Style Reception Bench with PowerIf the traditional look of sofas and lounge chairs just aren't your thing, consider the benefits of versatile beam seating from Global. Popular collections like Vion and Duet offer power ready options to recharge your lobby. Powered beam style reception benches make it easy to get the most out of your available square footage without sacrificing appeal and making your space feel overcrowded. Global beam chairs are available in a seemingly limitless array of color options, seat configurations, and layouts to meet your specific needs.

Powered Coffee TableIf you're already purchased seating for a lobby remodeling project and it's not equipped with power inputs, you're in luck. Brands like Woodstock Marketing are now offering ultra cool powered coffee tables that will help you get the most out of your space. The tables from their all new Jefferson collection feature white marble tops, upholstered sides, and pop up power inputs that will help you create a modern-tech vibe.

Universal Power ModuleYou don't have to spend a fortune to create a cool lobby with power. For just $175.00 you can purchase a universal power module like the FlexCharge9 from ESI. This handy accessory can be effectively used in just about any lobby, training room, or collaborative work environment you can think of. Sit the FlexCharge9 on top of any surface and plug it in. Your guests can instantly make use of 4 quick charge USB outlets and 5 AC inputs.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Office Makeover Tips: Keep It Simple!

Office Design Tips For A Simplified Remodel
We fully understand your desire to create an impactful office interior. That being said, there's nothing wrong with keeping things simple. Those who over-do-it throughout the makeover process typically wind up with a case of office remodeling remorse. Alternatively, those who stick to well rounded furniture and seating are often rewarded with clean, classy, and tasteful interiors that are ready to make a lasting impression on valued visitors.

When you're ready to give your interiors a facelift, start with effective space planning. Run a tape measurer around the perimeter of your workspace and write down your measurements. If you can, make a simple sketch of your space on paper and make a few copies. This will allow you to draw in layout ideas.

Effective Office Space Planning
While measuring your office interior, be sure to take note of all entry ways, windows, power outlets, and room obstructions that will affect the way your furniture is positioned. This space planning step doesn't need to be complicated. Just take your time and double check your measurements.

Don't stress yourself out trying to find old blue prints or trying to draw your space out on paper perfectly. In the long run, you just need accurate dimensions you can rely on.

Once you've got your space properly measured and plotted out, get a little design inspiration. Trust us, a little goes a long way! You don't want too many office remodeling ideas bouncing around in your head. This will make for a confusing makeover that lacks direction.

Office Furniture ShowroomTo stay on track, visit a professional office furniture showroom in your area. You'll be rewarded with helpful tips and product suggestions to keep your makeover simplified. 

With a few furniture finish samples and a little project literature, head out from the showroom and visit a paint store. Here you'll want to grab a few more samples to take back to your office.

Once you've settled on a furniture finish and paint combination, go ahead and paint your interior. It's best to do it now before new furniture arrives. Those who overcomplicate things and try to paint around installed furniture are susceptible to unwanted spills that can derail and project.

Paint SwatchesNow it's time to order your furniture. You can shop for affordable office furniture and seating while simultaneously finding reliable product reviews by using a comparison shopping engine like Google Shopping. This will expedite the purchasing process and keep things simple.

Before you checkout online with a cart full of new office desks and chairs for your space, contact your dealer of choice directly. Be sure to inquire about any current specials they may be running and about expected product lead times. If a product is out of stock, you'll want to know now before making a purchase and wasting your valuable time.

Office Furniture ShippingOnce your furniture is purchased, wait about 2 days and contact your dealer again. Inquire about ship times and tracking information to give you a prep window. Having furniture arrive unannounced when you're unprepared is complicated to say the least. Obtain all the information you can to keep things simple and on track.

The day before your new furniture arrives, ensure your space is properly cleared and cleaned. If you can, create a staging area outside of your interior to avoid taking all of your new office components into your interior at once. This makes for an overcrowded assembly process. Brining pieces in one at a time for assembly is far more simple and efficient.

To wrap things up, we'll give you a quick hit list of tips and tricks that encourage a simple office makeover.
  1. Always get your own dimensions and double check them for accuracy.
  2. A little design inspiration goes a long way.
  3. Stick to a single design theme to stay on track.
  4. Select office furniture from a full service collection. 
  5. Avoid mix-matching components from different brands.
  6. Paint and prep your interior before new furniture arrives.
  7. Create staging area to avoid an overcrowded build-out.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

New In November: Desks, Seating, and Accessories From OFM, Inc.

New OFM Furniture and Seating
November is just getting under way and brands like OFM are already hard at work crafting hot new desks, seating solutions, and office accessories designed to improve operational functionality while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive. Today in our 'New In November' series we'll take a look at the awesome new products from this industry innovator. Enjoy!

OFM Essentials DeskThis month you'll definitely want to check out all the new home office desks from the OFM Essentials Collection. They're affordable, fashionable, and very well made. If you're on the hunt for cool new furniture that'll keep your workspace up to date with the latest trends without breaking the bank, check out an Essentials collection desk like the ESS-1000 in Driftwood. At just $99.99 it's hard to beat!

Heavy Duty Big And Tall Office ChairThe all new products from OFM available in November will do wonders for your home and business interiors. Take one look at their Stratus 24 hour big and tall chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This heavy duty mesh back office chair with an easy to clean vinyl seat provides and unrivaled combination of ergonomically correct adjustment features and durability.

Orbit StoolWhile competing brands look for ways to imitate the latest trends, OFM is hard at work setting new ones in motion. If you're tired of the same old waiting room seating collections, we highly recommend checking out the all new Orbit stool. This versatile seating solution is ready to make an instant impression in any setting. While great for professional waiting areas, the OFM Orbit stool can also be effectively integrated into school, training, and even private office interiors. This modern stool with a fabric seat is also available in vinyl for healthcare waiting areas.

Height Adjustable Mobile PodiumIt's no secret that sit to stand office products are the latest crazy. Unfortunately, not all products are created equal. Due to the popularity of this booming trend, you need to be on the look out for cheap imitations and products that just aren't built to withstand the rigors of the modern workplace. Thankfully, OFM has you covered. Products like their all new 66100 height adjustable mobile workstation from the Mesa series create sustainable ergonomic values that can't be overlooked.

Sit To Stand Desk AttachmentLast but certainly not least, we've got another awesome sit to stand desktop convertor to show you from OFM. The 5200S isn't like most of the S2S attachments on the market. This unit mounts to the front of almost any operating surface for ease of use. The 5200S is compact and ready to help you avoid extended sits without taking up a ton of usable surface space. With an integrated keyboard platform, you can compute healthy and reduce fatigue throughout task filled work days. The 5200S is available in your choice of white and black color options for the everyday low price of $260.99.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Create Contemporary Interiors With Modway Accent Tables

Modway Accent Furniture
If you're looking to create cool office common areas with contemporary appeal, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we're showcasing fashionable accent tables from Modway that are perfect for lobby, lounge, and waiting room use. These designer tables offer trend setting appeal, exceptional quality, and unrivaled value.

Contemporary Coffee TableWhen designing an office welcoming area, you'll find that the difference is in the details. That's why selecting a couple of cool accent tables is a must. Take one look at the EEI-2105 model Shadow table from Modway and you'll quickly see what we mean. This round table with an intricate side wall pattern and glass top is nothing short of a statement piece.

Chrome End Table with Glass TopThe Modway Etch table is ready, willing, and able to serve as a focal point within your space. This chrome side table with a glass top is sure to earn an abundance of compliments from your valued offie visitors. The EEI-2107 model Etch table is cylindrical in shape and affordable in price at $193.75.

The Modway Polaris side table is simple, clean, and versatile. This wood laminate side table doubles as a magazine holder to keep your waiting room reading material well organized. You'll also find that this unique and distinctively contemporary waiting room table has an integrated handle that makes it easy to move and reposition as needed.

Metal Coffee Table with Glass TopTalk about a conversation starter! The Gridiron coffee table from Modway is truly stunning. The EEI-284-SLV model table features a polished metal frame with intricate ridges. Atop the table sits a large glass surface. The 39.5"W x 39.5"D platform is spacious and great for larger guest welcoming areas.

Modern Side Table With A Glass TopLast but certainly not least, shoppers looking to enhance their common areas on a budget will definitely want to check out the EEI-2093 model Moxy end table. This fashionable Modway table is currently available for just $86.25. Even at first glance you'll be drawn to the unique tripod base with a chrome finish. The contoured legs pair with a circular glass top that work in harmony with each other to create contemporary flair that's hard to top. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find an end table that's even half this stylish at twice the price. The EEI-2093 Moxy table is perfect for home, lounge, and lobby remodeling projects.


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