Tuesday, January 15, 2019

5 Reasons To Choose A Eurotech Office Chair In 2019

Eurotech - Sit Smarter
When it comes to professional office seating, Eurotech knows their stuff. If you're on the hunt for new chairs in 2019, start your search with this well respected brand. With an unrivaled selection and commitment to quality, Eurotech will help you craft interiors that are up to date with the latest ergonomic trends.

1.) Awesome Selection

Vera Chair

Eurotech offers over 100 commercial quality office chairs to choose from. Wether you're shopping for a top of the line ergonomic executive chair or a cost effective computer chair for your home office, this brand has your back. In just the last 2 months, Eurotech has introduced 2 all new seating collections that have taken the chair world by storm. The Gene and Vera chair lines offer mesh back and upholstered task chairs that provide exceptional support, along with the user friendly adjustment features needed to adapt on the fly.

2.) Lifetime Parts Warranty

Gene Chair

These days you've got to be on the lookout for chairs that aren't built to last. Eurotech will put your worries to rest with their lifetime parts warranty. If anything on your chair breaks, they'll take care of it quickly. The best part is, Eurotech chairs don't typically break. They're very well made and ready for the demands of everyday use.

3.) Quick Ship Times

Ergohuman Chair

Are you in need of new task chairs in a hurry? Of course you are! Eurotech knows you don't want to wait for weeks on end to get your seating. Quick ship office chairs like the Ergohuman, iOO, Apollo, and Kinetic will help you meet tight remodeling deadlines. Just about every Eurotech chair on the market today will leave the factory within 2 days of purchase.

4.) Competitive Pricing

Eurotech Stingray Chair

It's easy to find awesome chairs with an unlimited budget. Thankfully, Eurotech makes it easy to stay comfortable and in-style without breaking the bank. This best selling office chair provider offers 5 commercial quality chairs under $200.00. Now that's hard to beat!

5.) Exceptional Quality

iOO Chair

We touched on this point throughout today's post, but it's really worth mentioning that the chairs crated by Eurotech are extremely well made. They're not cheap. They're not going to break. They won't let you down. If anything does happen, you're covered by a lifetime warranty. Office chairs should be looked at as an investment. If you're outfitting a work floor, conference room, or training space, you don't want to purchase chairs that are going to lack support and break down after a few months of daily use. In a world filled with plenty of seating options, Eurotech has cemented themselves as an industry favorite. Their commitment to quality and comfort is second to none.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Simplify Your Office Remodel With Rize Cubicles

ofm Rize cubicles
The team at OFM has made it their mission to refine office interiors with user friendly furniture that's up to date with the latest trends. Popular OFM furniture collections like Rize offer the modular components needed to simplify remodeling projects and enhance corporate appeal on a budget. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the awesome cubicles and workstations from this best selling line.

2 person cubicle configurationWhen it comes to cubicles, you'll want to invest in a collection that offers just the right amount of privacy without limiting your ability to collaborate effectively. Rest assured, Rize has you covered. This line of single and multi user cubicle configurations boasts 47" high panel walls that reduce noise, but remain low enough to enhance your surrounding coworkers.

3 Person Rize Cubicle ConfigurationNo line of office cubicles offers the versatility of Rize. With more than 20 layouts to choose from, meeting your individual needs and space requirements is a breeze. If you're looking to avoid piecing together a custom office furniture layout, the configurations within the Rize collection are the way to go.

4 Person Cluster Desk - OFM Rize CollectionThe OFM Rize collection is ready, willing, and able to convert your office interior into an attractive and professional modern business environments. With Rize, you don't even need tools for assembly! The 2" thick steel frames, panels, and surfaces connect together firmly and quickly to help you save money on installation costs.

OFM Rize cubicles are the first of their kind. They're incredibly well made, durable, and easy to install. They come with removable panel covers for fast access to data, voice and other wire connections. The removable wire control grommet cover helps to keep your wires well organized.

OFM Rize Reception DeskMany of the desk configurations from the Rize collection include they retractable keyboard trays and the storage pedestals needed to keep you and your coworkers well organized. A choice of fully upholstered and glass accented panels are available. Desk surfaces are offered in a choice of cherry and maple to help create practical interiors that aren't too over the top.

This line of modular workstations for sale from OFM is a must consider for work floor remodeling projects. Individual Rize cubicles are available starting at just $802.99. As an added bonus, this collection offers modular reception desks that can be used to create fluidity throughout your guest welcoming area and work floor. In terms of value, simplicity, and functionality, Rize is in a league of its own.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Office Ergonomics: 5 Products Designed To Help You Compute More Comfortably

The importance of comfort in the workplace cannot be underestimated. If you're fighting pain, fatigue, and stress throughout task filled work days, it's difficult to be productive. That being said, key ergonomic products are available to help you compute healthy. Today on the blog we'll show you 5 of our favorites. Prepare to be impressed!

1.) Global Spree Chair

Global Spree Chair

The first thing you'll need is a comfortable ergonomic chair designed to hep you adapt on the fly. As we spend the majority of our time sitting, it's important to do it correctly! With a chair like the Spree from Global, you'll enjoy top notch support and the adjustment features needed to help you work with good posture. The Spree chair features an ergonomically contoured back that's designed to avoid restricting upper body movement. With a multi functional mechanism and adjustable arms, this chair is one of the best options on the market under $500.00.

2.) Bush Business Furniture Articulating Keyboard Tray

Bush Business Furniture Articulating Keyboard Tray

Typing at healthy angles is a must. If you type and compute incorrectly, you'll be subject to wrist pain that can lead to common office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. With an articulating keyboard tray like the AC99801-03 from Bush Business Furniture, you'll be able to create a ton of extra desk surface space while proving yourself with the adjustment capabilities needed to type smarter.

3.) Symmetry Office Allure Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Allure Dual Screen Monitor Mount

If you're still working on a single monitor situated atop the factory base that it came with, it's time for a change. Dual screen setups have rapidly become the industry standard. They'll cut down on the time you spend flipping back and forth between tables while simultaneously creating additional operating space. With the Allure dual screen monitor arm from Symmetry Office you can also raise your monitors to eye level where they below. This monitor mount even offers sit-to-stand capabilities.

4.) Systematix Volante Workstation

Systematix Volante Workstation

The Volante workstation from Systematix offers a ton of benefits. This height adjustable workstation can be used with just about any desk. It makes it easy to transition between sitting and standing to stay active throughout busy work days. The Volante features an adjustable keyboard platform and spacious operating surface. This unit ships fully assembled for just $299.99. If you're tired of sitting for hours on end and suffering from chronic fatigue in the workplace, the Volante is a must consider. It will improve blood flow and posture while helping you fight back against the dangers of extended sits.

5.) Safco Focal Pivot Seat

Safco Focal Pivot Seat

The FWS-1000 pivot seat from the Safco Focal collection is nothing short of awesome. With the demand for height adjustable office furniture at an all time high, ergonomic perch stools like this one make it easy to enjoy added support while standing, without eliminating the continuous muscle movement you're looking to engage in. The Focal series pivot seat encourages continuous posture changes and accommodates users up to 300 pounds. The lightweight design makes the pivot seat easily transportable and a great option for group work environments in addition to your private workspace.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Lobby Design Ideas: Modular Seating Collections, Powered Lounge Furniture, and More!

Creating a fashionable lobby interior is easier than ever. Thanks to brands like Woodstock Marketing, OFM, and Global you can now improve the guest experience while maximizing your available square footage. Today on the blog we'll be showcasing the hottest new products to consider for your remodeling project. Prepare to be impressed!

modular lobby seatingIf you're looking to design a fashionable lobby that's up to date with the latest trends, modular seating is the way to go. Collections like Jefferson from Woodstock Marketing offers the connectable components needed to think outside the box with your seating configuration. With more than 10 Dream layouts available, you can take the guess work out of the remodeling project.

OFM Morph ChairThe powered seating from the OFM Morph collection is like nothing on the market today. These sofas and lounge chairs with flip up privacy panels make it easy for guests to work while they wait. OFM Morph components are equipped with USB and AC inputs that really come in handy when guests need to charge laptops, phones, and tablets during their visit.

Sirena Lounge ChairBrands like Global understand that valued office guests are expecting more out of lobby environments. With tablet arm chairs like those from their Sirena collection, they're answering the call. The 3372LCMLTM model Sirena lounge chair even offers a lower level storage shelf so guests can keep belongings out of aisle space.

Modway Signet TableA few mid century modern accent tables will do wonders for your space. For these, we turn to Modway. With more than 50 designer tables available, enhancing your space is a breeze. Popular options like the Signet are a must consider.

OFM Net Series Beam ChairYou can't go wrong with beam seating for your office lobby. We recommend the reception area beam chairs for sale from the OFM Net series. They're heavy duty and can even be used outdoors. Net series beam chairs are available in a variety of sizes and unique color options.

Lobby Bistro TableLast but certainly not least, integrating a few bistro tables in your lobby is a great way to make your interior feel more welcoming. Classic round and square top tables will definitely do the trick, but if you want to think outside the box, check out the CA2PL peanut shaped bistro table from Mayline. It's bar height surface is spacious and great for collaborating. At $594.99, it's a bit more pricey than most of the bistro tables on the market today. That being said, it's definitely larger at 6' in length, and far more likely to distinguish your interior.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

January Deals: 7 Hot Office Chair Buys Under $350.00

Finding the right office chair for your personal needs is a must. The hardest part is finding one that also fits the budget! Well, we're here to help. Today on the blog we'll be showcasing 7 awesome ergo chairs available this month for under $350.00. Enjoy!

Eon ChairFirst up is the 415B Eon chair from Cherryman Industries. This high back mesh chair comes equipped with a set of adjustable arms and a multi function mechanism. The seat slider is a nice touch that allows the user to position the seat directly behind the knees to encourage good blood flow. The Eon chair is available now for just $295.00.

Offices To Go Mesh ChairThe 2803 model Offices To Go mesh chair is an absolute bargain at just $296.00. This commercial grade task chair boasts user friendly controls that encourage healthy sitting habits and good posture. The 2803 is standard in a practical black on black color scheme that can be used with any furniture finish you desire.

Ambarella ChairThird on our list of hot office chair buys under $350.00 is the Ambarella. This iDesk office chair has been a favorite of industry professionals for nearly 5 years. The Ambarella is one of the most user friendly seating solutions on the market as it comes standard with a built in adjustment guide-card located underneath the seat. At exactly $100.00 under our allotted post budget, the Ambarella is hard to top!

Global Graphic ChairGlobal's 2738MB Graphic task chair is an all around workhorse. This mesh back office chair is perfect for the work floor and extended sitting sessions where regular breaks just aren't possible. The Graphic chair is available this month for $339.99 in a variety of attractive color schemes.

Adatti ChairThe Safco Adatti chair is modern, comfortable, and cool! At the everyday low price of just $311.99, the Adatti chair is ready to make a professional statement in any workspace. This popular office chair from Safco comes with a synchro tilt mechanism equipped with tilt tension and lock controls. The chair arms are both height and depth adjustable.

Zeppa ChairWe can't say enough good things about the MZ11 Zeppa chair from Enwork. This simple task chair packs a serious ergonomic punch that will have you ready, willing, and able to compute all day. The Zeppa is available for $339.99 and has many of the bells and whistles not found on task chairs priced twice as much.

Astra ChairLast on our list is the Astra chair from Eurotech. Even at first glance this best selling office chair will catch your eye with its contoured upper back designed to avoid restricting upper body movement when computing. The MF2000BLK model Astra chair comes in at just $246.00 and has no doubt earned the respect of the seating community. This chair can be used effectively in both home and commercial applications where top notch comfort is a must. If you're limited on funds, the Astra is a must consider in 2019 and beyond.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What's New? Enwork Office Seating!

Enwork Office SeatingWe're beyond excited to announce that we are now offering Enwork office seating! This industry leading brand crafts some of the hottest new task chairs, conference chairs, and training room chairs on the market. Today on the blog we'll show you a few of our favs. Prepare to be impressed!

Zeppa ChairFirst up is the Zeppa mesh chair. This ergonomically correct task seating solution is perfect for commercial applications. The MZ33 model Zeppa chair from Enwork comes equipped with a 3-paddle 2 to 1 synchro tilt mechanism and a heavy duty steel frame. The charcoal mesh back and black upholstered seat are standard, but custom color options are available. The MZ33 Zeppa chair is ready, willing, and able to accommodate users up to 300 pounds. This chair is perfect for the work floor!

Ardi Conference ChairThe Enwork Ardi chair is perfect for professional conference room environments. Even at first glance this inviting chair will draw you in for a sit. The MARDM model Ardi chair features a mid back design with just the right amount of contemporary flair to make a statement, without overpowering your conference furniture. Ardi chairs are available in a choice of white and black eco leather upholstery options.

Enwork Reko ChairShoppers on a budget will love the new MFOW model Reko chair from Enwork. At just $309.99, this  multi purpose mesh back chair is nothing short of a great buy. The Reko comes standard with tilt tension, tilt lock, and swivel tilt adjustment features. The fixed arm design and single shell design make for a well round chair that can be used effectively in just about any space you can think of.

ME! Training Room ChairReine your commercial training space with the ME! flip seat nesting chair from Enwork. This versatile chair makes it easy to maximize available space and provides a comfortable sit when needed. When not in use, the ME! training room chair can be staged in groups along the perimeter walls of your space. These chairs are offered in 2 packs for $524.99. While there's plenty of nesting chairs available on the market, the ME! stands our with it's ample padding, attractive frame, and generous dimensions.

Monaco Stack ChairLast but certainly not least is a do-it-all stack chair. The Enwork Monaco chair is durable, easy to clean, and surprisingly comfortable. These chairs are offered in 4 pack sets for $434.99. The sled base design, perforated back, and waterfall seat edge work together to create a truly awesome chair for waiting room, classroom, training, and reception area applications. This line of Enwork office seating also includes mobile side chairs and traditional 4 leg stack chairs.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sneak Peek: 6 Furniture Collections You'll Love In 2019

The new year is right around the corner and we're already seeing an abundance of new design trends hitting the scene. Any industry professional will tell you, 2019 is going to be an awesome year thanks to reputable brands like Bush Business Furniture, Global, and Enwork. Today on the blog we'll showcase 6 collections to consider for your professional interiors. These lines offer the components needed to refine commercial work environments while simultaneously improving functionality.

BBF Studio C FurnitureFirst up is the Studio C furniture collection from BBF. This full service line of executive workstations and ergonomic desks makes it easy to create on-trend interiors. Studio C offers a choice of Storm Gray and White finish options that will earn your private office the compliments it deserves. The best part is, Studio C furniture doesn't cost a fortune. The workstations from this line are incredibly well made and available with white glove installation at the time of delivery.

Global Intelli Beam FurnitureIt seems like the Global Furniture Group is releasing new furniture and seating collections every month! In 2019 Global collections like Intelli Beam will steal the show. This line of height adjustable ergonomic furniture encourages continuous activity in the workplace while simplifying the ability to collaborate.

Need functional tables for training and classroom environments? Look no further than the Impression collection from Enwork. A 2 person table with monitor lifts will no doubt help you streamline performance. These versatile tables are available in extensive size and finish options.

OFM Fulcrum FurnitureFourth on our list of furniture collections to consider in 2019 is Fulcrum. This new line from OFM offers industrially inspired components that work in harmony to create group workstations and elite executive interiors. With Fulcrum, the options are limitless!

Woodstock Jefferson SeatingA couple of sofas and lounge chairs will certainly work in your waiting room, but why not think outside the box? With modular seating from the Woodstock Marketing Jefferson collection you can get the most out of your square footage in 2019 while simultaneously improving the visitor experience.

Cherryman Amber FurnitureYear after year the Cherryman Amber collection finds its way onto our best sellers list. This affordable line of desks, modular conference tables, and storage components provides unrivaled versatility and value. With 6 finish options to choose from an a seemingly unlimited array of components, Amber is the perfect option for just about any interior you can think of. If you're shopping on a budget for new office furniture, Amber is the best option on the market.


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