Friday, October 17, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: iDesk Oroblanco by Cherryman

Cherryman is steadily raising the industry bar, and with new chairs like the iDesk Oroblanco it's easy to see why! These new and innovative ergonomic office chairs provide excellent support and modern appeal to match. In today's article we'll take an in depth look at the new Oroblanco chair and it's user friendly benefits.


Oroblanco Chair

The iDesk Oroblanco chair offers a distinct modern look. At first glance the sophisticated curves and a modern mesh back will draw you in for a sit. Upon closer inspection users will notice the adjustable arms, polished base, and waterfall seat edge. Available in a variety of cool color options to compliment the mesh back, Oroblanco chairs provide designers with an easy way to accent office areas. These chairs really pop!


iDesk Seating

Cherryman succeeded in creating one of the most comfortable new office chairs on the market with the Oroblanco. These ergo friendly seating solutions come equipped with adjustable arms, built in lumbar support, and an advanced syncro-tilt mechanism with seat slider. In addition, Oroblanco chairs will tilt to four lockable positions for customizable comfort. The side mounted chair controls are easily accessed and even easier to use. With a built in user guide for comfort, these chairs are efficient and really mean business!


iDesk Side Chair

Oroblanco chairs can be used successfully in a variety of applications. In the home, Oroblanco chairs provide a one of a kind look that's sure to take your space to the next level. Family members will love the ability to customize their sit and the boost to home office appeal. In the executive office, Oroblanco boasts a high end look that will add to the sophistication of your space. Use Oroblanco chairs with ease in the boardroom and provided your valued clientele with a sitting experience they'll never forget. That being said, the Oroblanco is best served in tasking applications. These user friendly office chairs are ready for those long days at the office and won't let you down.

402B Oroblanco

The Oroblanco iDesk seating collection was introduced with 4 models. The 402B features a black mesh back and accent features while the 402W features a charcoal mesh back with white accent features. Both offer polished 5 star bases and a choice of 5 seat colors. In addition, the 403B and 403W are the complimenting side chairs for each of the tasking models. These mesh back guest solutions work well in executive office, reception, and training room applications.


Oroblanco Mesh Back View

Oroblanco chairs are truly an excellent value. With many of the industries comparable chairs ranging well into the thousands, Cherryman has introduced an equal quality product at a fraction of the cost. Both 402B and 402W task chairs are available for $321.50 while the matching side chairs start at $164.50. Additional options including casters are available for side chair models that will increase the purchase price. Never the less, these new chairs from Cherryman are definitely priced to sell. We only hope that they can keep up with the demand!

Final Thoughts:

Cherryman Seating

The all new iDesk Seating Collection is an absolute winner. Cherryman has really outdone themselves with this new line of ergonomic chairs. Once considered solely for office furniture, Cherryman has burst onto the seating scene in a major way. If you're looking for the ultimate in office comfort and don't want to spend a small fortune, the Oroblanco is an excellent choice. It's hard to give these high quality chairs any grade other than A+.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Evolution of Office Chairs

Your chair has a long history. Most never think about it, but like all great inventions, there was a time when the common office chair wasn't so common as it is today. However, the dawn of the industrial age brought about a huge need for new and improved seating; seating mobile and versatile enough to hold up to the demands of the workplace! In today's article, we'll explore the history of trend setting office chairs from the 50s all the way up to now. Enjoy!


1950s Office1950s Office Chair

Looking at pictures from the busy 50s, you may recognize a lot of the task chairs in the photos… as drafting chairs. Actually, the chairs of the 1950s workforce looked much like the minimalist metal drafting chairs we are used to today. However, this design was very poor for those spending all day at a desk or typewriter. Most had little back support, if any, and nearly all common office chairs were armless. Little padding served to cushion the users on these vintage metal chairs. This would ultimately deem them impractical for office use, but with simplistic design and durability in tow, these classic office drafting chairs still find a place in studios, and other rigorous work environments!


1960s Office Chair1960s Office

Chairs in the 60s were not so much more advanced in design than those of the 50s, but anyone sitting in a chair all day could tell you cushions go a long way! The landmark invention chairs of the 60s brought to the party were the widespread use of cushioned seats. Back support also began to become more substantial in these later models, so users could benefit more fully from backrests. Of course, visual appeal also made it big in the 60s. To this day, office chairs with vintage style still remain super popular!


1970s Office1970s Office Chair
The 70s is the age most people start to think of as "retro," and with all the cool vintage chairs out nowadays, we can surely thank the 70s for their style! The office chairs of this groovy era were not only more stylish than those of the past, but they were also more functional. 70s chairs had much more cushion for users and larger backrests for superior comfort. Armrests were finally beginning to make it on the scene, as well as the luxury material everyone is after - leather! The 70s were big on smooth vinyl and brown leather office chairs, and even after four decades, this cool retro style still hasn't faded away. Today, 70s styled retro chairs with modern features are a favorite of interior designers the world over!


1980s Office Chair1980s Office

Enter the digital age! The 1980s is largely where the offices of the past finally begin to resemble the offices of today more closely. The rise of the digital era brought about a greater need for more comfortable chairs as more and more employees were spending longer hours seated at their computers. Today's computer users can thank the 1980s for the basic design of their ergonomic computer and task chairs, which have become the most prevalent chairs in virtually every office. These early modern chairs boasted comfortable designs, cushions, backrests, armrests, and even some of the first ergonomic features like tilt and height adjustment! 

1990s - Today!

Modern Open OfficeGlobal Vion Weight Sensing Chair

Finally, we're in the home stretch! A lot has happened to the office world between the 90s and today, but one thing is for sure, innovation has never looked better! The 90s was the start of the office world as we know it today, with computers, phones, and other high tech equipment becoming mainstream. These past few eras have seen the rise (and fall) of cubicles, cellphones, laptops, tablets, and a whole host of other indispensable work technology. But one need has never changed: the need for office chairs. 

The 90s began a race between manufacturers to provide the ideal seat for office workers. Chairs got more comfortable, more ergonomic, and streamlined for use in every environment imaginable. Today, modern chairs for conference use, guests, receptionists, executives, interns and trainees, and computer users all boast sophisticated designs geared for every task. Adjustable ergonomic features enhance workplace versatility and improve office comfort. Thanks to the combined efforts of previous eras, the chairs of today have never looked (or felt) better!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Drafting Chair?

Azeo Drafting Chair
The proper use of your drafting chair will make you a more effective designer, artist, or architect. That being said, drafting chairs are commonly left unadjusted and full potential in the workplace is never reached. In today's post we'll highlight 5 of the various ways you can improve your sitting experience and achieve higher comfort while operating from your drafting chair.

1.) Adjust Height

If you find yourself hunched over while working or reaching up regularly from your chair, there's a good chance a simple height adjustment will help you operate more effectively. Most drafting chairs adjust easily via simple lever underneath the chairs seat. Those who use ergonomic seating properly often adjust chair height numerous times per day to minimize body movements and improve posture. Try adjusting your chair height to find a comfortable position that works best for you and your body and don't be afraid to adjust multiple times for a variety of applications!

2.) Practice Good Posture

Practicing good posture is just plain smart. Sitting upright and ergonomically correct will ensure good blood flow and more comfortable days at work. Various studies have shown that those who operate from a slouched or hunched position reach high levels of fatigue much quicker and thus operate at lower levels of productivity. Meeting with your physician to discuss your sitting position will provide valuable insight as to where you can improve posture at work. You can also visit several excellent ergo friendly sites online with posture tips for improved performance while working from your drafting chair.

3.) Lumbar Support

Lumbar support has become a standard feature on most drafting stools in 2014. The industries top brands have added this feature in both adjustable and integrated styles to help users operate more comfortably. If your chair has an integrated lumbar support, you are already reaping some very helpful benefits. However, those using a drafting chair with adjustable lumbar support will have a distinct advantage... if they take advantage of the feature! Be sure to test your chairs lumbar support feature while working. Try a few different settings and determine which ones work best for your specific work style. Low back pain is a major concern when working and the proper use of your chairs adjustable lumbar support will have you ready to defeat this common issue.

4.) Adjust Arms

If your chair is outfitted with fixed arms it may be time for an upgrade! Adjustable arms are a must for those long days at the office. Interior designers, architects, and artists will all benefit greatly by using a drafting chair with height and width adjustable arms. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Eurotech offer a variety of affordable models to consider. If your chair already has adjustable arms it's time to put those bad boys to use! Throughout the day, try adjusting to various heights and widths while working. You'll find more support and comfort in no time at all! It's sad to say that most opt to add all the bells and whistles possible on their chair but commonly fail to use the features properly. Don't be afraid to test your chairs limits and reach your full potential.

5.) Adjust Back Angle

Most well made drafting chairs offer a tilt feature that will allow you to adjust the chairs back angle with the pull of a lever. Do you ever find yourself working from an angle that your back has no contact with the chair back? If so you're not alone! Many of us are so used to accepting this common practice that regularly leads to back problems. Adjust your chairs back angle while working throughout the day. When computing, drafting, and drawing we typically lean forward to engage in our works. Tilting the back of your chair to meet the curve of your body will provide better support while simultaneously improving your workplace functionality.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5 Reasons Why A Eurotech Office Chair Is Right For You

Sometimes, finding the right furniture can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. With all the knobs, gadgets, and mechanisms involved, finding the right office chair can be even harder. Thankfully, there's Eurotech! This office chair brand has been making chairs with the right fit features for years. In today's article, we'll list all the things this great brand is known for so you can decide if a Eurotech chair is right for you. Enjoy!


For new chair shoppers, comfort is often the first thing to notice about a Eurotech chair. Typically clad in a soft mesh upholstery, these breathable fabric office chairs offer a soothing air flow that's perfect for users in warmer climates. However, Eurotech diversifies by also manufacturing leather and traditional fabric seating for office workers as well. Always on the threshold of ergonomic innovation, his brand is known for chairs that provide exceptional comfort. Eurotech chairs vary by price and ability, but adjustable features usually provide an ergonomic seating experience that home and business office users love to enjoy.


Ever since ergonomic design has become the new go-to answer for comfort in the workplace, office users everywhere are scrambling to nab up chairs that promote healthier seating. Chairs that are highly adjustable maximize workplace versatility. Users can lock their adjustments or leave them unlocked for the next person to customize. With versatile ergonomic task chairs, brands like Eurotech not only increase the adjustability of the workplace, but the adjustability of their chairs also encourages better health. By adding a chair with supportive lumbar, like the Eurotech LEM6ERGLO Ergohuman Mesh Chair, users are encouraged into positions of healthier posture, reducing office-related pain.


Eurotech prices vary by make, model, and sophistication of design. Naturally, higher end models are higher priced, while lower priced chairs typically have less features. Thankfully, this brand has a chair for every budget! Users can shop affordable Eurotech chairs from prices low to high, and never have to worry about a their choice not meeting it's value. Whether you buy a chair for $600 or $150, rest assured Eurotech chairs meet high end standards for every price range; something competitors just can't keep up with.


Eurotech style varies almost as widely as Eurotech features and prices. Chairs are available in mesh, leather, and fabric upholsteries, while frames and casters can come in aluminum, chrome, or heavy duty plastic for durability. Typically though, mesh is a longtime favorite of Eurotech's, and most of their seating solutions come with this lightweight upholstery. A unique trending material, mesh fabric not only renders Eurotech chairs ultra comfortable, but more affordable too.


With all the bells and whistles outfitting Eurotech seating, it's no surprise to learn that these models are versatile in more than just ergonomic design. Eurotech chairs bring style and comfort to a variety of applications, from the conference room to the executive office. Shop stylish Eurotech Seating to go with luxury racetrack conference tables or a good old home computer desk. Chairs are available in high back and mid back sizes, with every styling imaginable, from big and tall to low key training chairs. Chances are, whatever you're looking for, Eurotech has a seating solution to fit your needs!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How To Get The Most Out of Your Boardroom

A well designed boardroom will improve your business efficiency and effectiveness. That being said, businesses often fail to fully maximize their meeting area potential! In today's post, we'll highlight the products, tips, and tricks you need to get the most out of your space and take your business to the next level.

1.) Go Modular

Modular Table Set

Using a modular table will boost your boardroom versatility. Modular office tables offer space saving benefits that allow for easy cleaning and quick reconfiguring. The ability to change your tables shape and design to serve a variety of purposes should not be overlooked. A modular table set will allow you to transform your boardroom into a multi purpose area that can quickly adapt to meet any particular need. From team oriented and group configurations to classic single table layouts, a good modular table package can do it all! Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM offer easy to specify modular boardroom table sets that will help you improve corporate appeal and overall productivity.

2.) Use The Right Chairs

Ribbed Back Chair

Bulky boardroom and conference room chairs are a thing of the past! This style of seating takes up a ton of space and makes overcrowding a major concern. That being said, if you want to make the most out of your boardroom, using sleek seating will put you ahead of the curve! Chairs like the Venice from Ergo Contract offer the high end appeal needed to compliment your space to perfection without all the bulky design attributes. Chairs like the Venice will help you maximize seating potential while keeping valued clientele supremely comfortable. In 2014, sleek ribbed back chairs are trending in a major way. Additional brands like Flash Furniture, Global Total Office, and Offices To Go offer affordable models to consider. In addition to sleek executive style conference chairs, nesting models will also help you save space in a variety of ways. Chairs like the Valore from Mayline look great, come in a variety of colors, won't break the budget, and feature a flip seat design that makes for effective storage when not in use. These chairs can be easily moved to alternate office areas like the training room and help businesses get the most out of their boardroom seating investment.

3.) Get Organized

Medina Wall Cabinet

Nobody likes an unorganized boardroom! To keep your space operating at a high level, it's important to know where your important materials are when you need them. Leaving your meeting every 10 minutes for various things looks unprofessional, but happens all to often. Simply adding a wall cabinet to house paper and stationary supplies will help. You can also use the cabinet's surface area as a beverage station. The proper boardroom storage solutions will not only help to keep you organized, they will boost appeal and earn your space much appreciated compliments. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries all offer full service office furniture lines that include matching boardroom cabinets to meet your needs.

4.) Add Power

These days it's all about powered conference tables! If your business is still running extension cords all over the boardroom to keep laptops up and running during presentations, it's safe to say you are not getting the most out of your space. Today, the industries top brands are all offering factory installed power modules for conference tables that allow for simple plug and play capability. Options like HDMI, Phone, USB, Audio, and Ethernet inputs can all be integrated into your conference table to help keep your meetings running smoothly. Once thought of as a high tech and luxury option, power modules are rapidly becoming the industry standard. Power up your space and reap the rewards!

5.) Accessorize

Presentation Board

The right combination of accessories is a must for any professional boardroom. Adding a presentation board will allow you to simultaneously enhance appeal and functionality. A mobile lectern is ideal for guest speakers and presenters. There is truly no end to the amount of helpful accessories available for the boardroom in 2014. Take your time when designing your space and be sure to research the most popular boardroom accessories. Product reviews can be very helpful and are widely available on blogs like this one! Determine which presentation aids will best serve your needs and move forward accordingly. You'll now be on your way to a fully optimized space ready to meet the demands of your modern business.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall 2014: Trending Conference Table Collections

The fall of 2014 is sure to be exciting for the office furniture world. Top brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries are offering stylish new conference room tables that are sure to take your meeting area to the next level. In today's post we'll be highlighting the best selling new conference tables of the season. If you're planning to makeover your conference room, these tables are a must consider for your project!

1.) Zira Conference Tables

Zira Boardroom Table

Global Total Office recently expanded their Zira furniture line to include some incredible new conference tables. Available in boat, oval, and rectangular styles, Zira tables are incredibly stylish and cutting edge. This line of professional tables offers a modern look that's sure to impress along with a wide range of easy to specify power options that boost meeting productivity. Consider a Zira conference table for your business this fall, you'll be glad you did!

2.) Medina Conference Tables

Medina Conference Tables

Mayline officially introduced the Medina furniture collection about 2 months ago. This line of professional executive desks, tables, and storage solutions offers the same great appeal as their successful Napoli line at a fraction of the cost. Medina series boardroom tables are just starting to trend this fall. The ability to outfit a professional meeting space with a high quality modern table for $500 is simply un heard of. Medina conference tables are available in a choice of 2 lengths and three finish options.  We recommend adding the affordable power modules to take your space up a notch!

3.) Verde Conference Tables

Verde Conference Tables

The Cherryman Verde collection is poised to continue it's dominance this fall. Industry professional and interior design teams rave about the creativity and appeal this popular line displays. Verde series boardroom tables features boat shaped tops and white accented legs for a totally one of a kind look that's like nothing else on the market today. Choose from 3 available sizes and 2 finish options that quick ship for those looking to meet project deadlines! 

4.) OFM Glass Conference Tables

Glass Conference Table

The use of glass office furniture in the workplace is at an all time high. This trend setting contemporary look offers an industry feel and provides a neutral canvas that's easy to use with complimentary products. Unfortunately, glass office furniture comes at a premium! Thankfully, brands like OFM, Inc. have introduced a line of in stock glass conference table solutions that won't break your boardroom budget! Models like the GT3977 priced at $1021.99 allow businesses to capitalize on this booming trend without straining company funds! These stunning tables feature hybrid boat shaped tops and a metal leg design that's guaranteed to up your office cred!

5.) Mystic Conference Tables

Lesro Mystic Conference Table

The Lesro Mystic collection is often praised for it's contemporary reception area seating. However, this extensive line also includes some of the coolest conference tables on the market. Lesro Mystic tables are available with round, rectangular, and even elliptical shapes that will make any boardroom stand apart from the competition. Mystic tables are available in a choice of 6 wood finish options and 2 metal leg finish options. As an added bonus, Mystic tables can even be outfitted with some really great power options! Consider the Mystic collection and blend your waiting room and conference room tones to perfection.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Office Chair Q & A: Ergonomics and You

Office chairs aren't the stone-age pieces of equipment they once were - and we couldn't be happier! Today, advancements in ergonomics and technology have produced chairs capable of keeping us comfortable, supported, and healthy. However, advanced tech often calls for advanced knowledge of how to work it. Ergonomic chairs nowadays are precision instruments. For anyone who's ever been confused by all the controls, switches, and features on their office chair, today's article is for you!

Q: What Is Lumbar Support?

A: The "lumbar" refers to the abdominal portion of the body's torso, but in today's terminology, "lumbar" more often alludes to the lower back located behind the abdominal region more than anything else. This part of the body has a lot of responsibility holding up the rest of you, and sometimes taking all that weight can cause pain. In the office, slouching, lifting, and unnatural seating positions can force the spine out of it's natural S-shape causing pain too.

The goal of ergonomic chairs for back pain relief is to provide plenty of lumbar support to keep the spine's shape as much as possible. These chairs will offer "lumbar supports" in the form of built-in or inflatable cushions, a sliding back support, or an attachable device to encourage proper back health.

Q: What Chair Back Height Is Right For Me?

A: The best way to determine the chair height right for you is to stand up straight directly in front of your chair. Ideally, the highest point of the chair's seat should rest just below your kneecap; if it isn't adjust the height accordingly.

Next, sit down in the chair. If your feet can remain comfortably flat on the floor, and you can fit your fist between the back of your calves and the edge of your seat, then your chair height and seat depth are just right!

Finally, to determine if the chair's back height is correct, sit down in the chair and make sure the bulgier curve of the backrest (the lumbar support) fits comfortably with your body's lumbar region - like a puzzle piece. Sitting up straight, bend your arms at 90 degrees to properly adjust the armrests, and voila! Your chair's height and back are perfectly adjusted!

Q: What Is A Pneumatic Cylinder?

A: The pneumatic cylinder is simply the mechanism that determines the chair's height. It's what makes the chair go up and down, adjusting total chair height rather than just chair back height.  On most models, the pneumatic cylinder also acts as the support structure of the chair. Height is usually adjusted by a lever or knob on the side, just under the seat. Some brands like Global Total Office chairs offer patented comfort features, such as a Soft Descent™pneumatic lift for fluid height transitions.

Q: Are Adjustable Arms Important? 

A: Believe it or not, armrests are pretty controversial in the office chair world. In the past, doctors and chair experts did not usually recommend them. Too often, armrests would get in the way, keeping users from getting close enough to their desks to work. This resulted in slouching, which resulted in back pain, which resulted in the great office chair armrest controversy. Alternatively, some users find the support of armrests invaluable in the office, especially if they type using ergonomic keyboard platforms for health purposes. When armrests are adjusted to keep the elbows at 90 degree angles, blood flow to the wrists and hands is healthier, reducing joint pain. For those that can't decide, we recommend picking up a chair with removable arms - there are plenty of options out there!

Q: What Angle Should I Be Sitting At?

A: Many office chair users don't even consider chair angle adjustments, but if your chair offers this feature, we suggest taking advantage of it! Try to consider your office layout, work habits, and seating preferences before adjusting the seat tilt. Some folks like seats to tilt slightly forward for easier access to a workstation and smoother blood flow between the legs and the rest of the body. Folks with back pain often like luxury ergonomic chairs with seats that tilt backwards, in a more reclined position, so the chair's backrest can take some of the weight off the spine.

Q: Are All Office Chairs Ergonomic?

A: No. There are many affordable ergonomic chairs for sale out there, but not all chairs are ergonomic. Some users trick themselves into thinking a chair is ergonomic with advertisements of "passive ergonomic comfort," meaning the chair is formed like an ergonomic model, but likely lacks the adjustability or features of a true ergonomic chair. Other task chairs for office use may look ergonomic on the surface, but in reality, they could lack adjustable features as well.

We recommend shopping from a reputable office furniture dealer, and always looking at product descriptions to see what features the chair actually offers. Many dealers will have an "ergonomic chair" page filled with nothing but the real thing. If you find a product you want with no description, don't rule it out. Call the dealer instead for more info. They're usually happy to help, and you may win yourself a great deal in the process!

Q: How Much Does An Ergonomic Chair Cost, and What Are the Best Brands?

A: There is a good ergonomic chair out there for every budget! Brands like Flash Furniture offers ergo chairs as low as $70! Most users shop between $200 and $400 for their office chairs, and this is the average range. Chairs with these prices offer excellent ergo features, such as lumbar support, spring tilt mechanisms, tilt locks, adjustable arms, adjustable height - the works. All the best brands will have chairs in the average price range. Global Total Office, Boss, Eurotech, Woodstock Marketing, Offices To Go, and OFM are the favorites, offering perfect comfort at the perfect price!

Anything over $600 leans more towards the expensive price range, but the chairs are superbly crafted and extremely comfortable. RFM Preferred Seating chairs and some Eurotech chairs will offer models in this range with comfort features targeted for specific health concerns. This drives up the value, but most users are very happy with their chairs, especially if they suffer from chronic pain at work.

We hope we've answered some of your most pressing office chair concerns. If you have any other questions you'd like answered, leave them in the comments below and don't be afraid to call a reputable office furniture dealer with any concerns you may have. Most are extremely knowledgable, and will jump at the chance to give you the best deal on a great chair!