Friday, August 22, 2014

5 Ways To Get Inspired For Your Next Office Makeover Project

Modern Office Furniture
If you're looking to create a stylish work environment, it's best to start your office makeover project with a little bit of inspiration! That being said, sometimes finding inspiration is easier said than done. In today's post we'll highlight 5 simple and easy ways to get those creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

1.) Vist A Showroom

Going to a local office furniture showroom is a great way to get inspired for your project. Seeing all the hot new furniture lines, office chairs, and storage solutions will provide you with plenty of great ideas for your upcoming project. To find a showroom in your area, try contacting a few online dealers. They will be happy to provide you with places to visit. You can also contact manufacturers directly. They may be able to suggest dealers with showrooms to visit in your city.

2.) Browse The Web

When a showroom isn't available, browsing the web will do the trick. Start by searching a variety of key phrases in google like cool office spaces, modern office interiors, unique office interiors, and even office design inspiration. You'll be surprised at just how many cool ideas are out there. Reading blog posts about DIY office makeovers and design tips will get you motivated for your project in no time.

3.) Get Outside

Believe it or not, simply getting out of the office for a walk can be a huge help. If you feel stuck or uninspired, try taking break. Clear your head and start from scratch. All too often, too many ideas block the really good ones. You might even try going for a drive, exercising, or other activities to take your mind off the design process. When relaxed, inspiration is much more likely to sneak in!

4.) Visit Surrounding Businesses

Another helpful way to get inspired for an office makeover project is to visit surrounding businesses in  your area. You'll get a good idea of what you like and dislike as well as the hottest trends. This is also a great way to network with your business neighbors! Don't be afraid to ask who did their makeover, provided their furniture, and how the staff feels about it. People love a good compliment, and who knows... you might just form a new business relationship while getting yourself inspired.

5.) Meet With A Designer

Consulting with a professional interior design team can be extremely helpful. While this service does come at a cost, a good designer is well worth the money. They will be able to provide helpful product suggestions and makeover tips to help your space shine. Often, designers have great relationships with office furniture dealers and will be able to help you maximize your budget.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Office Design: Traditional Work Spaces with High End Appeal

It's great to appreciate the modern look, but vintage is always in style! In a world where "what's hot" can change by the hour, falling into yesterday's news with old furniture and technology is a fate many businesses fall into. This is probably why smart business owners choose the classic look for their office, knowing that the good old stuff will never fade away. If you're seeking to outfit your workplace with an everlasting antique style (without the antique price), today's article is for you. Here's our favorite traditional workspaces with vintage style. Enjoy!


Mayline Sorrento Collection Desk

For that office where the comfort of guests comes first, nothing is better than that classic homey look. In places like psychiatric offices where clients often feel vulnerable, the homestyle look gives just the right old-school feeling, which is why we recommend the Sorrento for this category. Resembling more of a visit to grandpa's house than a corporate organization, the Sorrento collection by Mayline gives visitors a warmer sense of comfort that steel and glass just cannot deliver. With an undemanding antique style, Sorrento furniture lets guests enjoy a space without feeling pretentious. The bookcases, tables, and modular desks in this series are often close to the ground or out of the way against walls. Their subtle modern arrangements let users work efficiently while the classic design demands no rush.

Versatile Vintage

Ventnor Collection by Offices to Go

Looking to outfit the whole office on a budget? Then our next collection is definitely for you. One of the biggest draws for modern office furniture collections is versatility. Thankfully, with this series, users can enjoy tasteful retro styling without sacrificing utility. The Ventnor Collection by Offices To Go offers vintage style furniture, desks, tables, bookshelves, and pedestals for every office environment. Shoppers can choose furniture individually, or by furniture set to better meet their specific needs. Most commonly featured in a Cordovan finish, items are also offered in Toffee color for added versatility. Both offer exquisite classical styling to any workplace for prices that are hard to hate!


For anyone shopping classic office furniture for sale, it never hurts to look at Cherryman Industries products. This is a brand that's known for excellent furniture, with some collections always on the cutting edge of modern style, and some collections with furniture out of the past. If dazzling elegance is what you're seeking, the Cherryman Emerald Collection is a top-shelf choice. With fine craftsmanship and detailed engineering, Emerald furniture is good enough for a palace. Best of all, Cherryman has completed this collection with desks, conference tables, small meeting tables, bookcases, and storage cabinets. Outfit the whole workplace in elegance at an affordable price.

Warm and Welcoming

Mayline Mira office collection

Offices are not usually the first place a person thinks of as warm and welcoming. In fact, most individuals view modern workplaces as cold, industrial places. Glass and metal can be stylish, but the last thing business owners want guests to see their company as is expressionless. Thankfully, with the Mayline Mira office collection, that perception ends today! Rather than frigid steel, this traditional style office furniture features top grade North American wood veneer finished in the buyer's choice of dark espresso, or a rich medium cherry. Both choices create a warm, comfortable appeal that guests are sure to appreciate. As if that weren't enough, Mayline offers plenty of versatile desks, tables, and storage accessories to dress up the whole office in affordable antique style.

Professional Luxury

Cherryman Ruby Collection

One thing traditional offices always managed to convey was luxury. From swanky black leather executive chairs, to fine crafted bookshelves, classic workplaces never looked so good. Anyone seeking to outfit their office in this style ought to leave the matter to Cherryman! Just like the Emerald collection above, their Ruby office furniture series is a gem. The collection is riddled with large modular workstations in a professionally crafted classical style. Supported by bookshelves, conference tables, and accent furniture, Cherryman has outdone itself in creating a beautiful office furniture series  at a budget-friendly price.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Office All Stars: ORO Tablet Chairs by OFM

In the business world, having the right tools is essential to staying ahead of the game. A good ergonomic chair that can keep you comfortable during those long work days is perhaps the most important tool of all. Thankfully, there are awesome office chair manufacturers like OFM to  give us what we need. And that's why, today, we're highlighting one of our favorite chair models for utility and versatility. If there was ever an office chair Hall of Fame, ORO Tablet Chairs by OFM would definitely have a frame!

While all OFM chairs tend to be amazing, the ORO collection is a very specific line. Because of the optional, adjustable tablet attachments in addition to comfortable, stylish features, the ORO models have become some of the most popular office chairs available. Often, it's this chair that's the ORO spokesperson, and it's not hard at all to see why. The ORO300-CREAM designer high back chair by OFM is offered in a stunning cream colored upholstery. The chair boasts a tuck-away tablet with a slip resistant coating and an impressive 300 lb. weight capacity. A Greenguard certification for sustainability and an affordable price are just icing on the cake with this chair!

Another top reason why ORO is such a popular chair line is versatility. With four spectacular chairs available in different colors, users can choose just what they need. Most chairs like the ORO300-BLACK will offer adjustable tablets that can be tucked away when they are not needed for additional utility. This model features some impressive ergonomic features for an affordable price. Models with other specific features are also available at varying prices. This helps to ensure that there is an ORO chair for every need, adjustable to keep everyone comfortable.

Speaking of versatile comfort, we're proud to present this next chair from the OFM ORO chair series to meet your needs. While the ORO300 chairs featured above provide basic adjustable comfort for office professionals, the ORO100 chair featured here offers additional features for specific ailments. Still offering the slip-resistant tablet and Greenguard certification, this discount luxury executive chair also boasts adjustable ergonomic features designed to relieve back and neck pain. A height adjustable headrest, body bolsters, padded arms, and a 350 lb. weight capacity make this model one of the favorites!

The last model offered in the ORO series by OFM is the ORO200 model. This professional chair for sale boasts the highest weight capacity of all, an amazing 400 lbs. While it still maintains the uniform style of the other ORO chairs, this model exhibits the line's high end styling most of all. In addition to the Greenguard certification, beautiful upholstery, and convenient tablet, the ORO200 chair offers popular big and tall chair stylings to make an impression. Black bonded leather covers tufted seats for a sit that's as comfortable as it is stylish!

To sum things up, it's no secret that the OFM ORO series of office chairs is a workplace favorite. It's a line for individuals of varying tastes, budgets, and comfort needs. Featuring luxury style and utilitarian features, ORO chairs both useful and stunning. Greenguard certification denotes sustainable manufacture as well. Enjoy this series today at affordable prices from a reputable office chair dealer and turn your home or business office into a place you'll never want to leave!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coming Soon: Global Total Office Spree Chairs!

Global Total Office Spree Chairs
Those who love cutting edge office chairs will love the new Spree seating collection from Global Total Office. This line of versatile computer chairs boasts high end modern appeal and the right combination of user friendly features needed for optimal workplace support. In today's article we'll take a look at this new chair line and it's benefits. Enjoy!

Fully Upholstered Spree ChairExcited is an understatement! The new Spree ergonomic office chairs by Global Total Office are poised to take the business world by storm. At first glance you'll notice the out of this world modern back shape and cutting edge adjustable arms. Available in both fully upholstered and mesh back variations, meeting your style preferences is not a problem.

Spree Chair in OfficeSpree chairs are outfitted with a wide range of ergonomic features to keep you working comfortably. Designed to support multiple positions, these adjustable computer chairs boast a side activated tilt tension control, in addition to the height and width adjustable arms. A side activated tilt tension control is easy to access and adjusts easily to meet any users desired settings.

Spree Chair Back
Spree Chair DetailsMesh back Spree chairs are available in 8 cool back color options to meet your decor needs. Unique colors like orange, blue, and green are sure to be a hit in modern work environments, while traditional options like black, sand, and charcoal will always be in style. Spree seating surfaces are available in any of Global's fabric and leather textiles to compliment your back mesh choice. Fully upholstered (non-mesh) Spree task chairs are also available in all of Global's fabric and leather options.

We speculate that this line will be affordably priced and attainable by consumers shopping with a moderate budget. Spree chairs will be made to order and available under Global's standard 3 to 4 week lead time. Look for these awesome new ergonomic computer chairs to be on the market and ready for order in the next two months! Here's a cool color chart of Spree back options to hold you over in the mean time...

Spree Office Chair Colors

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

7 Awesome Office Chairs for Modern Executives

The corporate business world is one of technology, progress, intellect, and also modern style! However,  even the metallic office has to have a soft side. Office executives are hard workers, and that's why office furniture manufacturers have made it their mission to produce professional executive chairs with both style and comfort. For those of you seeking a new addition to the workplace, check out our top chair choices for modern executives!

Flexar Office Chair by Global
With sleek lines and shining chrome, what better way to show off corporate style than with a versatile leather office chair to catch every eye? Nothing says office professional quite like leather, and thankfully the 3612LM-2 Flexar Office Chair by Global has plenty of it. This chair boasts quality leather upholstery in a vast array of color choices to meet decor needs. The Flexar also brings superior comfort to the workplace with independently adjusting seats and ergonomic arms. It's a stunning piece of equipment that's never a bad business decision for management!
Chakra Chair by Eurotech
Want a chair to keep you at peace in a world of corporate chaos? Then, it sounds like the infamous Chakra Chair by Eurotech Seating is right for you! Although this model comes in many colors (including pink, green, and gray), we recommend the Chakra-White-Grey model to appeal to modern style. Not only does the white upholstery pop visually, but the chair also offers incredible comfort. This highly ergonomic office chair boasts seven independently moving cushions to cradle the body's pressure points. In a clever design by Zooey Chu, the rest of the body is left free to move, for a comfortable executive seat that feels lighter than air!

Executive Chair by Boss
For the classic look, take a gander at the B8901 Executive Chair by Boss. Upholstered in genuine black Italian Leather, this stunning chair couldn't be more deluxe. For comfort, this model offers passive ergonomic seating with a built in lumbar support. A gas lift and tilt tension control complete the modern applications, while hardwood arms and tailored padding add a vintage flair that guests are sure to appreciate. Enjoy this luxury leather office chair for an extremely affordable price from Boss!
Leather Mirage Chair by Global
From vintage flair to ghostly air, it's no mistake that our next model draws the eye by tricking it. The 2790LM-4 Leather Mirage Chair by Global is truly a wonder of nature. Available in a multitude of stylish colors, the Mirage is as versatile as any modern workplace. With two back heights offered, and a polished aluminum styling, this chair fits wonderfully into executive offices, conference rooms, and behind reception desks with ease. In its showcase photo, this chair is truly one of the best gray office chairs on the market today, especially in terms of style!

Status Chair from Ergo Contract FurnitureNext up, we're proud to present the EHS280A2 Status Chair from Ergo Contract Furniture. For anyone that wants to convey a head-turning modern style, there's no better way to do it than with this contemporary executive chair for office use. Boasting a strong, angled style with chrome accents, this chair is always a favorite of the conference room. However, with two paddles, a synchro tilt, padded foam cushions, and tilt tension control, it would also make a perfectly acceptable addition to the excutive office at a price that won't break the bank!

For anyone with an eye for the unique, few things look better than the 2660-4 Loover in a contemporary workplace. Offered in a huge array of color options from Global Total Office, this versatile ergonomic model can easily become the favorite customizable office chair for a creative cubicle. This chair series can be fully upholstered in fabric, vinyl, or leather making it one of the most visually varied chairs for interior design. A live lumbar support system, weight sensing synchro tilt, G5 lockable arm caps, and Global's patented Soft Descent height system all contribute to making this chair one of the best deals on ergonomic ingenuity the market has produced - especially at a low price like this!

Last but not least, we return to Eurotech for the ergonomic mesh chair of our countdown. The Symbian SYMB-PURP-HR Chair uses affordable mesh upholstery to balance out the cost of high end ergonomic features, creating a tech savvy chair at an everyday low price. Like most mesh models, the Symbian is a favorite of workers in warmer climates because of the breathable upholstery. Featuring tilt tension control, tilt lock, synchro tilt, forward seat tilt, and a waterfall seat among other things, this chair offers incredible comfort for a friendly discount price that any modern executive is sure to appreciate!

Monday, August 11, 2014

10 Great Ways To Cure Cubicle Boredom

Boredom. We all suffer from it at some point or another. Even though a great routine does the body good, sometimes it's nice to shake things up once and awhile. Sitting at a desk job performing the same tasks everyday can only stimulate the mind for so long, and when things start to get dull, it can actually make your work suffer. Thankfully, you don't have to quit just yet! If the job you love has become too routine, there are plenty of ways to reenergize your work life. Here's some great cures for cubicle boredom!

The Old Switcharoo

Sometimes the cure for boredom is as simple as switching around the order of your tasks. For those of you out there that love your job, but it's just gotten a little tedious after a while, this handy trick can be a real lifesaver. The next time you head to work, think about the tasks you usually do and see which ones can be switched up. If your job depends on ordered tasks, try switching things up in other areas of your life. Even something as simple as having breakfast for lunch (and lunch for breakfast) can add just the right touch of whimsy that's priceless by the end of the day.


Whether long calls are a part of the job or your long-winded mother is on the other end, doodling is an excellent way to pay attention! According to a study by the University of Plymouth, people who doodled while listening to a long recording remembered nearly 30% more information on average than those who didn't. The theory is that all the scribbling keeps us from daydreaming, so our minds focus more on what's being said. Thankfully, idle doodling doesn't require much thought, and usually adds just the right amount of creative spark to zest up a boring workday.

Take Breaks

It may sound counter-productive, but never skip out on those two minute breaks! According to a study in Cognition scientific journal, participators who took two minute breaks during intensive tasks actually performed them better. Allowing your mind to take a breather will help it focus more during heavy work hours. Set a timer on your phone for 160 seconds, then sit back at your desk and watch the day go by.

Keep Moving

While two minute breaks are mandatory for a successful work day, it's good to know that anything more than that pushes the limits of procrastination. Unfortunately, when a co-worker is running late or the boss is in a meeting, it's hard to avoid longer lapses of activity. However, the University of Chicago  advises you not to sit idle! According to one of their studies, experiment participators who ran a pointless 15 minute errand reported feeling happier at the end of the day than those who sat for 15 minutes instead. The idea is that, because the happier individuals were actually doing something - even something unnecessary - they never lost their momentum, and felt more accomplished by the end of the day.
Like taking the winding scenic route rather than sitting in traffic on the expressway, silly tasks are always advised during lapses if nothing more than to keep you moving. If you don't have time to run an errand, simple breathing exercises, or "deskercises" in cozy ergonomic mesh chairs will keep you calm and help the day move more quickly!

Give Yourself A Creative Project

If errands and exercise aren't exactly your idea of a great way to cure workplace tedium, then perhaps it's time to get creative! There are a couple studies out there with evidence that points to fun, silly tasks as being better instigators for focus. The next time a printer is jammed, work is slow, or you haven't had your coffee yet, try working on a long-term project you can do in short bursts. Learning a new language, doing routine maintenance on ergonomic office furniture and chairs, or building up your paperclip army are excellent ways to break the boredom, and perform better in the long run.  

Change the Scenery

Even for those that love their jobs, sometimes an ugly environment is hard to enjoy. Surroundings have a big impact on the way humans perceive their world, so it's no surprise to learn that a lack of visual stimulation can also result in a bored attitude. To change things up, we recommend changing the scenery! Decorating cool workplace cubicles has become a big trend in today's modern office. Look up some fun modern office designs before you get started, and don't forget utility. Adding modular desk sets is a fantastic way to ensure your newly decorated office is both useful and stylish. Until your new space is done, scenic screensavers on those computer monitor arms make great windows into the outside world!

Make Friends

While it may feel a little risky at first, experts maintain that solid friendships in the workplace are definitely a good way to improve overall satisfaction. Half the time, boredom stems from a lonely office life rather than an unfulfilled one. Many modern companies even allow workers to keep little bowl fish at their cubicles to liven things up. However, nothing beats the friendship of a good person. The next time the lunch bell rings, don't be afraid to ask that funny receptionist to grab some coffee with you!

Binder Clips

That's right, binder clips. It may sound really childish, but when all else fails, binder clips and other classic office accessories are the bored employee's best friend. In the office, these nifty devices tend to be useful for way more than what they were originally designed to do. Binder clips alone work wonderfully as dividers, cable catchers, money clips, headphone cord organizers, emergency cuff links, pencil holders, picture holders, and even handy smartphone stands! Grab some from the dollar store and get creative!

Get Ultra Bored…

Sometimes it's best to just embrace the boredom. More often than not, your brain will do everything it can to work out of it. The bored mind is a terrible thing to waste as it almost always produces some innovative ideas to break the cycle. Anytime you're feeling the boredom bug, try sitting back and letting your mind wander. Who knows? It may take you to some exciting new places!

Take A Vacation!

Speaking of exciting places, sometimes, the best thing to do is just go! Sure, a vacation can be just the procrastinator's way of putting off a problem, but it is the perfect way to chase tedium out the door. Vacations are often advised by health professionals because they're very stimulating for the body and mind. Not surprisingly, they usually result in a more productive person in the workplace afterwards. So the next time you pick out a cool new screensaver, let it be one of your own scenic photos rather than a photographer's!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

RFM Achieves Cutting Edge Comfort with the 22011 Verte Series Chair

RFM Verte ChairThe RFM Verte Series 22011 is a revolutionary ergonomic office chair designed for peak performance levels and comfort in the workplace. This high end ergonomic seating solution is truly one of a kind and offers cutting edge design characteristics that took nearly a decade to fully complete. In today's post we'll look at this office all star and all it's benefits. Enjoy!

Verte Series Chair Spine Imagine settling into a chair that molds itself to your spine’s unique shape. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte combines ergonomics, form and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. The Verte was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists, and is truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you’ll never settle for anything less. 

RFM Verte 22011 Series ChairThe 22011 chair's modern look is highlighted by a high back design and silver 5 star base. The integrated headrest provides additional support for taller users while the comfortably padded seating surfaces offer an inviting look that's sure to have earn your interest. The Verte features a unique rear spine design that truly sets it apart from any office chair on the market. The patented back is built with 11 torsion spring-loaded   joints that take an exact spine impression, which can be locked, in place at the touch of a lever.

Cutting Edge Office ChairHigh End Ergonomic ChairThe Verte is all about versatility, this line of luxury ergonomic chairs is available in both fabric and leather upholstery options to meet any decor preference. The 22011 comfortably accommodates users up to 300 lbs. which qualifies it as an executive big and tall chair. The ability to program your posture with a single lever is virtually unheard of in the seating world. This chair means business but also works great in home applications for users who demand the ultimate in ergonomic comfort.

Priced at $1399.99, the 22011 Verte chair is truly an excellent value but probably a bit much for the average consumer. None the less, this top model from RFM deserves high accolades for it's cutting edge features and adjustment capabilities. The Verte is truly an office all star and has revolutionized the seating world.