Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Improve Workplace Efficiency with Ergonomic Concepts Furniture and Accessories

Need a boost in your efficiency levels around the office? No problem! Choose from a variety of cool new products from Ergonomic Concepts an you'll be on your way to the highest levels of workplace productivity possible. From height adjustable workstations to versatile computer accessories, Ergonomic Concepts has your every need covered.

Adjustable Heigth Executive DeskUnique products like this height adjustable executive workstation from Ergonomic Concepts offer the perfect way to create a cutting edge workspace designed for conducting business. This station features a wood laminate surface available in 8 cool colors to compliment the black metal base. The 6048-L3 can be customized in a variety of ways with accessories like desk side pedestals, a modesty panel, and even a retractable keyboard tray. The user friendly L shaped desk works great in corner office applications and is sure to save you valuable floor space while generating ample surface space to compute.

Dual Monitor Support
Open desking configurations are the hottest new trend in the world of professional quality office furniture solutions. That being said, if you don't want to waste ample desk space, using a monitor arm is a must. This Ergonomic Concepts Double Monitor Arm Support allows operators to work face to face. This awesome product is a great way to improve office communication and build a more team friendly atmosphere. Choose from your choice of clamp or grommet  mounting options to meet your specific workstations effectively. These adjustable arms will improve your efficiency in no time!

Horizontal CPU MountThese days it's all about versatility in the workplace. Why you ask? Versatility improves efficiency and efficiency improves productivity! Unique products like this ECI-550 horizontal CPU mount will quickly and easily take your computers power source from being a pesky knee knocker to an out of this way and easy to reach tool. No more frustrating trips under the desk to plug in devices. Simply reach directly under your worksurface and enjoy a time saving experience that also looks super cool. This product will have your fellow workers asking "where did you get that" in no time at all!

Adjustable Foot Rest for OfficeDid you know that an adjustable office foot rest like this ECI-275 model will increase your blood flow while taking pressure of your knees and back? It's true! When office chairs that adjust become overly complicated or just aren't fitting your specific needs, try adding an affordable product like this foot rest. Simply adjust this unit to a level that's comfortable and begin working. We feel confident that in no time you'll be glad you added this unsung hero to your command center.

Retractable Keyboard TrayNo professional workstation is complete without the addition of a keyboard tray. The use of Keyboard Trays That Retract like this ECI-600-REF model ensure you are working in the most effective way. The ECI-600-REF adjusts in height to help you maintain a proper working posture and slides out of the way when not in use. This creates a clean an neat looking workstation that creates more useable desk space for other important office tasks. Maximizing your ergonomic office desk layout potential is a must as it makes for a more efficient space to help you save time and work smarter. Helpful accessories like this keyboard tray will help you do just that.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Build Your Boardroom with Cherryman Industries

Looking to build a stylish boardroom to impress guests and executives? Well, you've come to the right place. In today's article, we'll be highlighting the best qualities of the top notch furniture line, Cherryman Industries. This brand has lead the pack in producing furniture of all sorts, but their conference furniture is truly unique. Here are some excellent steps to building a boardroom with Cherryman!

Choose a Style

Cherryman Verde Modern Conference Table
The great thing about Cherryman furniture is that their customers are not just limited to one look. Rather than being backed into a corner, those who choose Cherryman get their choice of five amazing furniture stylings. Cherryman possesses five furniture collections, all of which have desks for executives and home use, along with guest furniture, reception stations, tables, and yes, spectacular boardroom furniture! One glance is usually enough to tell if the Amber, the Emerald, the Jade, the Ruby, or the affordable Verde collection by Cherryman is the style for you. All furniture in these collections match, so clashing is never an issue, and different finishes are available for each look to better match existing decor. As the names suggest, any collection is a gem in the office!

Pick a Boardroom Table

Cherryman Amber Conference Table

Many shoppers often like to choose their boardroom table before they choose the surrounding style, but any of Cherryman's tables would make an excellent centerpiece to a modern boardroom. Most of Cherryman's tables vary depending on the style, so different collections possess tables with different qualities. For those that like variety, this is a great bonus to shopping with Cherryman. This brand produces all sorts of modern conference tables with modular design for office use. Whether you want an elliptical, round, boat-shaped, or rectangular table, Cherryman has solutions in all shapes and sizes. Some of their collections, like the Amber, even offer adjustable table options for the modular workspace.

Add Visual Aids

Cherryman Emerald Presentation Board

No boardroom is complete without visual aids. In the modern world, people are relying evermore on technology to help get ideas across. When designing any boardroom, make sure to include presentation furniture and accessories so presenters don't find themselves lost when it comes time to make their case before a room full of executives, bosses, and coworkers. Most brands that offer conference furniture offer some form of presentation tools for conference room use to match their furniture, and Cherryman is no different. Almost all Cherryman collections offer convenient presentation boards for conference and boardroom applications. Users can write or draw diagrams with dry-erase markers on the built-in whiteboard, pin things to the cork board doors, and close it all back up for a clean, uncluttered look.

Increase Storage

One thing too many people take for granted when designing a boardroom is storage space. Often, designers assume that because boardroom spaces are usually seldom used, they are rooms that don't require bookshelves or drawers. This is wrong. In fact, if a boardroom space is seldom used, that very fact is precisely what makes it an excellent storage room. Boardrooms often have plenty of extra square footage for a few shelves or stylish wood cabinets for office storage to spare. Why not take advantage of the unused space by adding some storage accessories? Because Cherryman manufactures furniture for all sorts of office environments, each collection offers its own storage cabinets and bookshelves to match its chosen style. If you're picking out a boardroom table anyway, try perusing your collection's storage furniture. You may be able to save a buck by qualifying for bulk shipping!

Add Seating

Cherryman Respond Task Chair 2.1

Even though Cherryman is primarily an office casegoods producer, they do make things convenient by adding a few seating options to their mix for easy furniture matching. When buying discount Cherryman furniture for sale, shoppers should always be able to find a few traditional guest seating options. Many collections offer classic wood guest chairs for meeting tables and executive offices. But if they don't appeal to your modern sense of style, Cherryman also three excellent ergonomic chair designs. The Respond office chair series by Cherryman is designed to match all of their collections. They make great seating for executives, cubicle workers, computer users, and even boardroom guests, so don't miss out!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Eurotech Wau Series

If you are looking for a great mesh back ergonomic chair to keep you cool and comfortable at work, look no further. The Wau chair by Eurotech has users saying "wow" all over the nation for it's ergonomic style and affordable price. Eurotech is a brand that's extremely well-respected for staying on the cutting-edge. In a post that's long overdue, today we'll look at the merits and shortfalls of the Wau chair and see just why it's one of their most popular models.


Eurotech Logo

Coming from the brand, Eurotech, it's no surprise that the Wau Series has a lot to live up to. This brand has a strong reputation for constantly producing work that stays right on the cutting edge of ergonomic innovation, and with incredible companies like RFM to beat, they certainly put in a lot of thought to design. However, being one of the highest producers of top mesh back chairs with ergonomic design out there, Eurotech has had a lot of practice, and it certainly shows in the Wau. This series has become one of their most popular lines, and it isn't hard to see why!


Wau Series White Frame Charcoal High Back Chair by Eurotech
Wau series chairs rely on top-of-the-line Eurotech innovation as the backbone for their comfortable design, but the look of these chairs is certainly unique. Like many other popular chairs by Eurotech Seating, Wau series chairs feature a soft, breathable mesh back over a molded plastic frame. Although this may seem generic, the EUR-WAU-HIGH Wau Series High Back Chair by Eurotech and its companions are very sturdy, and it's these materials that bring the Wau's high grade structure to users at an affordable price. While the style may not be for everyone, we happen to find Wau chairs to be the pinnacle of cool modern design. Ergonomic sophistication shines in the chair's smart color combinations and contemporary look.


Mid Back Black Frame Black Fabric Chair by Eurotech

The price is one of the most amazing features of the Wau line. Many buyers are shocked to find Wau models in the same price range as standard ergonomic office chairs, given their high tech design. The use of low-cost materials such as supportive mesh and a tough molded plastic frame greatly reduce the price of Wau chairs, bringing them to anyone with a limited budget. In addition, the Wau line offers two major chair designs, with two models in a high back styling, and two in a mid back styling. Naturally, the affordable office chairs with mid back styling are lower priced, but they still feature many of the same amazingly adjustable features as their high tech counterparts. Compared to other models of the same price, it's no wonder the Wau line really stands out.


High Back Black Frame Mesh Chair by Eurotech

While style and price may be the reason people buy the Wau series, Eurotech is definitely responsible for why the chairs are kept! Under the hood, Wau chairs boast an astounding array of tilt tension controls, adjustable features, locks, height adjustment, and even a waterfall seat to meet each user's individual comfort needs. Available in both a mid back and high back styling, the chairs offer enough versatility to fit into all sorts of environments. Unlike many other contemporary high back chairs for office use, the high back Wau even features a headrest for added comfort. Between the two styles and great ergonomic features, executives, home, and business workers can enjoy the cutting-edge comfort of the Wau series.

Color Variations

Eurotech Wau Chairs

While the Eurotech Wau series may not offer as many colorful chair options for office use as some other brands, the two available color combos it does have is already much more than many chairs can say. Both the high and mid back chairs feature either a black or white frame to go with the charcoal mesh upholstery, and while it may not seem like much of a difference, we assure you it is. The different color combos turn each Wau into a completely unique chair. Users can either choose the black on charcoal for a seamless matching look that easily blends into any office, or they can go with the white on charcoal for a trendy contrast that stands out. There is even a black on black fabric upholstery for those who would rather do without the mesh! Either way, all combos look incredible. They exude every bit of the high tech style the chairs actually possess, and are well worth the affordable price to get it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

6 Funny Pranks Great for Office Meetings

Fun Meeting
We've all set through boring meetings waiting for an end and thinking of the various other tasks you could be doing. If you're the person hosting the meeting, it's just as painful to look around and see all those exhausted faces. Luckily, there are a few fun pranks you can pull that will liven up any room! In today's post we'll share 6 hilarious ideas that are sure to spice up any meeting. Get ready to laugh!

1.) Prank Call

The prank call joke is sure to get the room abuzz at the start of any meeting. For this prank to work you'll need the help of a fellow coworker that's not going to be present at the meeting. You can even get your wife to be the caller if she's not too busy! Once the meeting begins, your conference room phone will ring and you'll answer. Put the call on speaker as if you'd expected it for business reasons. Then the real fun can begin! Prank call ideas included a flooded bathroom, wife in labor, or stolen car. Be sure to keep the tension light and not drag the call on... well for too long anyways!

2.) The Interrupter

For the interrupter prank to work properly you'll need the help of a partner. Get with your teammate of choice and discuss how every time you begin to talk, they need to be constantly interrupting you. Within minutes the look on fellow meeting attendees faces will let you know just how good this joke is working. Once you have the room fully annoyed, announce the joke and enjoy the laughs.

3.) Fart Machine

While the fart machine prank is not appropriate for every workplace, those that feel they can pull it off without an HR issue will reap the rewards. First, attach the speaker section of the fart machine. Areas close to where you're sitting like the under neath side of conference room tables work best. Let the room know your stomach is not feeling great at the start of the meeting. A few minutes in, begin pressing the button at your leisure and apologizing. Feel free to let the room in on the prank when you're ready. Rest assured, nobody will be falling asleep after this one. You can pick up a fart machine at any mall gift store for around $20.

4.) What's With My Chair?

Simple, easy, and great for a quick laugh. However, you'll need adjustable conference chairs for this prank to work. Go around the room before the meeting starts and change the height of all chairs to the lowest possible setting with the exception of your own. When guests walk in and sit they will quickly realize that their eyes are near table level with you at a much higher vantage point. Instruct the room that they must leave the chairs in the lowered position throughout the meeting and get a few giggles in before allowing them to adjust accordingly.

5.) The Bad Employee

Here's another prank that's ideal for a two person team up. Have a fellow employee play the bad employee. Instruct them to come in late, text on their phone, get up repeatedly, and cause any number of other distractions you think will help. Instruct them to stop their wicked ways several times and finally punish them by having them write "I will not disrupt a meeting" repeatedly on the presentation board. If you don't have a presentation board accommodating your office conference room furniture, a simple time out in the corner will also work. The room will be shocked! Announce the prank and continue the meeting with guests that are in a much more attentive mood.

6.) Who's Phone is That?

This prank is really funny and works every time! Download a rotating ringer app on your smart phone. Hide your cell somewhere in the conference room. Ceiling panels, under boardroom tables, and conference room storage cabinets will work great. Have a secretary or receptionist call your number and the app will work it's magic. Simply ask who's phone is ringing each time. The beauty of this prank is that eventually a ring will roll through that's actually the same as one of your employees. This makes the prank really fun when you finally decide to let the room in on it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8 Ways To Make Your Office Awesome This Summer

There's no mistaking it! Summer is just around the bend. With everyone breaking out the swimsuits and sunblock, staying stuck in an office all day can start to take it's toll after a while, but it doesn't have to! There are plenty of fun ways to bring the life of summer into the workspace. Here's a few work-friendly tips for summer fun to brighten up the office. Enjoy!

Do Fun Crafts

Paper Fans

The great thing about summer is that with the kids out of school, most working parents cook up a ton of fun crafts to keep them entertained. Why let all that fun stay at home? Crafts in the workplace can be just self-expressive and enjoyable as the one's from the kitchen table, and with all the gadgetry in the office, everyone can get creative. Deck out pencil holders by gluing on colored pencils for a snazzy summer decoration, and goggly eyes look fun on everything, from staplers to notebooks! Dressing up computer monitors and desk chairs to look like monsters, animals, or even summer sunflowers is great fun. Origami, tie-dye, or papier-maché! All it takes is a few inexpensive materials like glue, construction paper, and a little creative ingenuity to get started!

Get Outside


The best thing about the summer is the outdoors. Not only is the warmth a much needed break from spending all those winter months cooped up in the office with a heater, but with the summer heat, all sorts of sporty activities are back in fashion. Instead of heading to the break rooma tough office day can do wonders for the mind and body, so don't be afraid catch some rays on off time. Instead of heading to the break room, suggest walks or outside picnic lunches to co-workers. There will definitely be some biters on that fishhook, and you may even be able to reel each other into an after-work beach trip to kick off the season! (Just tell the boss it's a teamwork exercise!)

Improve Your Furnishings

Summer Themed Office

Everyone loves to don a new look in summer, but why leave the office out of the loop? Summer themed office furniture looks great year round and always makes a nice pick-me-up for when the winter months roll back around again. Instead of forcing guests and coworkers into boring old  seating, why not dress up the workplace with trendy furniture sets for guest reception and colorful new chairs for office use? Choosing summer colors like yellows, greens, and blues all have positive color psychologies that can improve mood. Jazzing things up with a few splashes of pink or orange will help ensure that bright summer attitudes continue well into the rest of the year!

Add Cool Plants

Cool Plants

Plants make excellent desk companions for offices that don't allow occasional pets or desk fish. Since people typically don't spend their days outside hunting and gathering anymore (especially if they work in the city), it's always a good idea to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Not only do plants enliven the look of the office, but they also make excellent decor in the summer, and other seasons as well. Many plants flower in these months, so their cheery appeal is infective. Some options like golden pothos, lemon balms, peace lilies, and spider plants, are like natural, low-maintenance affordable air purifiers for office use. Proven by many studies (NASA, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Rutgers University) to be especially adept at removing harmful VOCs from the air, they make beautiful companions for the elderly, those with breathing problems, anyone working in the city, and anyone that loves summer!

Have A Barbecue

Coworker Barbecue

From shopping to swimming, there are a lot of things about summer that everyone loves, but it's hard to top a good summer barbecue! Hosting barbecues instead of lunch breaks, or even where coworkers can bring kids after work is an excellent way for the office to get to know one another. Instead of a single person spending a fortune on burgers, hotdogs, chips, and barbecue sauce though, see if work buddies are willing to make something for a pot luck barbecue! One person can bring a grill and a kiss-the-cook apron and everyone else can bring their specialties. Have it at the office, or set a date in the park and let everyone know about it with flyers, emails, and texts. It will be a fun work experience that no one will soon forget!

Fun Games on Fridays

Office Games

Fun is the spice of life, and what better way to spice up office life than with fun games on Fridays! The internet is full of great office party themes and suggestions, and breaking up the work day with a bit of activity definitely helps to keep things exciting! Simple games like scavenger hunts help improve teamwork, and can be done throughout the work day without being too distracting. On the other hand, anyone willing to stay after work a bit or come in early can participate in "Summer Office Olympics"where coworkers can race cool task chairs with mesh backs, or build paper sail boats for the fastest time. Setting aside a date for a volleyball tournament, water ballon fight, hula hooping contest, or ice cream eating competition is a great way to get everyone out of the office for a bit of fresh air and build relationships that last careers!

Get Ergo Friendly

Ergo Office

Summer is a season that's all about comfort. However, if your office buddies are plagued with office pains, it may be hard to get them to participate in all the summer fun. Fortunately, we have ergonomics! Office workers all over the world are known for experiencing the pain that comes from a relatively sedentary desk job. Back pain, joint problems, and poor circulation are all common office aches that can lead to serious health issues. Instead of missing out on the fun, just bring some modern office chairs with ergonomic features into the workplace. Getting the boss to spring for some new ergonomic desk chairs is easy if you stress the importance and affordability of mesh chairs. Adding ergonomic keyboard trays, monitor arms, and height adjustable ergonomic office desks to improve health can do wonders for a workplace. Not only could it lower your company's health insurance rate, but it also leaved coworkers feeling a bit more up for some summer games!

Create Contests

Fun Summer Office Contests

It's the office - there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. One of the best things about the summer is summer games, and in the office, there's plenty of stuff to work with. Trash can basketball, paper airplanes, paperclip chains, and push-pin dart toss are all classic office games that can easily be turned into contests for a bit of summer fun. If you want something little more unique, adhesive goggly eyes are all the rage, and they can usually be found at a local craft or prank store. Get them in different sizes and colors to hand out to different work buddies and stick them on anything! Staplers, computers, desks, binders, and even shoes all become laugh-out-loud creatures with a pair of goggly-eyes on them. Start a contest and enjoy the merriment of summer!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Love Your Lobby: New Furniture for Improving Your Corporate Waiting Area Appeal

Designing a lobby means creating a delicate balance of professional appeal and a homey charm. Guests like to understand that your company is there to help them in some way, but they also like to be comfortable waiting for their name to be called. Adding great seating like plush lounge chairs and tables for them to set their things is a start, but how can you know what's best? Well, fortunately, that's what we're here for. In today's post we address some of the newest furniture solutions to make you love your lobby!

OFM Recoil Lounge Chair
The quintessential element of any lobby comes down to the chairs. Think about it. A lobby can have everything else, a reception desk, tables, entertainment, wall art, even a fish tank, but without those chairs, your guests are going to look (and feel) pretty neglected leaning up against a wall. Guest chairs can look as weird or as professional as you like, but make sure they're similar and they reflect the look of your establishment. Chairs like the unique OFM 841 Recoil Lounge Chair and it's colorful companions offer a comfortable, durable design, with a unique look, and even anti-microbial surfaces to help ensure the health of one's patrons!

OFM Net Series Beam Seating
However, as fun as chairs like the ones in the Recoil series are, they are not the only lobby seating option. If your office experiences fluctuating levels of traffic throughout the year, affordable beam seating with modular design may be the answer to your problem. In addition to the beam seats looking out of this world, they also feature fabulously innovative design. Most beam seating provides modular benefits, so units may be added on to accommodate more people, or moved into storage to save space for less active times. Beam seating is also a dream for janitorial staff as units are super easy to clean around.

Global Wind Leather SofaPerhaps you're searching for something a little more professional though. While beam seating certainly gets the job done in an interesting and stylish manner, it sometimes lacks the homey quality that most waiting areas try to go for. In this case, comfortable leather sofas for office reception make the best solution. Sofas and love seats immediately evoke a sense of the home when in a business establishment because people tend to associate them with living rooms. For those that have the space, large cozy sofas can accommodate many people, while love seats can often do the same task while fitting into a more compact layout.

Speaking of layout, it's hard to completely furnish a waiting room on chairs and sofas alone. Where would your guests set their beverages, laptops, purses, and magazines? Chances are, if you leave it up to them, you have a much better chance of earning a cluttered lobby space. Without a few stylish end tables for office reception to improve your space, guests will have no place to set their things, leaving them pretty lost as to what they should do with the pamphlets and magazines set out for them. Often, in place of a dozen end tables, one or two modern coffee tables for lobby use can accomplish the same task. Both are excellent solutions that should never be forgotten when designing a professional lobby.

Stylish Lobby
Now that your lobby space is rounded out for your guests, it's time to focus on making it the best there is. Giving visitors something convenient that they don't expect is an excellent way to win their favor. Providing a diverse array of entertainment ensures that everyone feels catered to. This task can be as rewarding as adding a television to the waiting space, or as simple as adding a few office desk lamps for reading to the end tables. Wall art, paintings, and photographs appeal to the more visual folks, but in the end, everyone will enjoy the space, and your lobby will have done it's job preparing them for the amazing experience they'll have with your company!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Top 5 Benefits of Professional Office Furniture

As with any good product, there's much more to furniture than just the way it looks. In addition to a classy design, office furniture should always serve a purpose. Security, convenience, comfort, and quality all make a huge difference in the workplace, so it's important that the furniture you have supports all those ideals as well. To help you know what to look for in the best furniture products, here are the top five benefits of professional office furniture. Enjoy!


Security is perhaps one of the most important features in offices all across the nation. Having vertical file cabinets with security, as well as multi purpose storage lockers for office use, can greatly reduce the risk of business or customer information falling into the wrong hands. In health and medical facilities, patient information is delicate and highly confidential. Making sure desk drawers and cabinets have lock features before you purchase them is an excellent way to make your office a safer place for everyone.

Modular Design

Mayline Brighton Executive Desk BT7 with Modular Design

The good thing about office furniture is that, while a lot of thought is given to the way it looks, even more thought is usually given to the sophistication of design. In fact, there is a relatively new style of furniture out there that has been scientifically proven to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Choosing office workstations with modular design is one of the best decisions office designers can make for a workplace because they keep everything at arm's reach for the user. Cabinets, drawers, and supplies are always right there when users need them, improving efficiency. As businesses grow, easy reconfiguration features and the ability to add or remove modular units at will allows furniture to adapt as the needs of your business change, providing a valuable service to fast-paced businesses all over the country.


Quality should always be the staple of anything a professional business offers, be it quality service, quality products, or quality pricing. The same is true of furniture manufacturers. Buying from professional manufacturers of office furniture helps ensure that your furniture possesses that quality spark. Brands like Mayline, Cherryman, Global Total Office, and RFM are all about making office products the best they can. Their items are designed for long term use, durability, efficiency, and cutting edge design - all things every office should value if it ever hopes to succeed.

Resale Value

If your furniture is still usable, but you're still hoping to upgrade, why not sell that old furniture instead of throwing it out? Office furniture can get a little pricey, but the good thing about it is that it usually offers a return in resale value. The market for used home furniture may be larger, but quality office desks and affordable tables for business use tend to have a much higher value, often being better made and from more reputable brands. They are versatile, and often capable of adapting to all sorts of environments for those with the vision to see it.

Customization Capabilities

Perhaps one of the best (not to mention the most fun) parts of furniture shopping is choosing what you want! Many manufacturers of desks, chairs, and other office products will offer their customers the opportunity to choose from a wide array of finish, frames, sizes, features and upholstery options. Not only do these things help buyers better match furniture additions to existing decor, but it also helps them meet size requirements, and individual style. Customization capabilities are fun features to have that accentuate the style of any business office. As an added plus, some dealers even offer popular collections of office furniture, so buyers can choose matching furniture often with the same customizable features to unite the look of their whole workplace!