Monday, March 19, 2018

Bargain Buys: Professional Training Tables Under $375.00

Creating a professional training room can be a bit pricey as you'll need several tables and chairs to complete the job. Thankfully,brands like OFM, Bush, and Safco have your budget in mind. These industry leaders craft the best training room tables in the business and the don't cost a fortune. Today on the blog we'll show you our favorite options available for less than $375.00.

Height Adjustable Training TableThe all new OFM Adapt table collection offers a variety of cool shapes to consider for your training room. This line of modular tables makes it easy to get creative with your layout. The collaborative multi purpose tables from this line are also height adjustable! This means improved versatility and and operational functionality. The 60" x 30" RECT-LLC model rectangular Adapt table is the perfect place to start your configuration. It's available for just $245.99.

Flip Top Nesting TableYou'll also love the flip top nesting tables from the OFM Mesa Series. The best buy from this collection is the 66153 model. It's nearly 5' wide and includes a nice modesty panel that provides just the right amount of privacy without sacrificing your collaborative efforts.

Bush Commercial Training Room TableThe team at Bush Business Furniture specializes in the provision of high quality office furniture for training and classroom applications. Take a look at the fixed leg tables from their 400 series and you'll quickly see what we mean. Popular options like the 400S172 feature sturdy welded steel tube construction and durable powder-coat finishes. The best part about the tables from the Bush 400 series is that they're all available with professional installation nationwide.

Stackable Training Room TableSimple, effective, and surprisingly stylish! The Global Duet collection has been a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals for years. Just a couple of months ago Global introduced stackable ganging tables from the Duet series. Duet tables like the DTS1828PG are available 10 awesome colors for modern and traditional makeover projects.

Last but not least is the 18" x 48" training table from the Berco Sense collection. These practical tables are available for $311.99. Berco Sense tables are equipped with scratch resistant laminate surfaces and metal T-Shaped legs. These commercial office tables are built to last and ready to keep your important employees working effectively throughout extended straining sessions.

Friday, March 16, 2018

New In 2018: OFM Adapt Series

OFM Adapt Series Review
We can't say enough good things about the team at OFM. They're always ready, willing, and able to push the limits of innovation in the workplace to encourage creativity and employee interaction. Take one look at their all new Adapt series and you'll quickly see what we mean. The collaborative multi purpose tables from this line offer the modular benefits, mobile capabilities, and high end appeal needed to take your group work areas to the next level.

Collaborative Learning TableThe all new Adapt collection has taken 2018 by storm. This full service line of multi purpose office tables offers student and professional variations to accommodate any specific task. If you like the idea of working, training, or simply breaking off into groups to work more effectively, the Adapt series is a must consider.

Multi Purpose Office TableThese days it's all about height adjustable furniture. That being said, the variable height tables from the Adapt series will keep you and your coworkers active. As sitting for long periods of time can cause fatigue and muscle soreness, Adapt tables will help you create ergonomically correct office interiors that are up to date with the latest trends.

Modular Workplace TablesDid we mention that the OFM multi purpose tables from the Adapt collection are also really cool to look at? They are! Adapt tables offer cutting edge modern vibes that will really make your interiors stand out. If you're looking to keep things a bit more traditional, practical color options like Nebula Gray are also available.

Height Adjustable Training TablesThe days of devoting valuable square footage to a single application are coming to an end. In 2018 it's all about getting the most out of your interiors. That's where the Adapt collection shines. The modular capabilities and innovative surface shapes from this collection make it easy to think outside the box. If you're on the hunt for an ergonomically correct alternative to traditional tables, look no further.

The Adapt collection offers a choice of fixed leg and mobile tables for training room and classroom applications. We prefer the mobile options as they're easier to configure as needed throughout the day. 6 surface shapes are available that all cost well under $300.00. Talk about value!

OFM Adapt Table Collection RatingWe give this new collection from OFM a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Adapt tables are far more beneficial and affordable than the classic training tables we've seen dominate the market in years passed. OFM has a winner on their hands with the Adapt series. It's supremely versatile and ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trend Spotting: Active Tables, Leaning Stools, Plastic Chairs, and More!

Here at we take pride in showcasing the hottest new products and trends that hit the scene. If you're looking to keep your professional interiors up to date with the latest trends while focusing on core ergonomic values, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll show you the best new active tables, lean stools, and components that are reshaped the workplace. Enjoy!

Standing Height Collaboration TableActive tables make it easy to encourage continuous muscle movement. Popular active tables like the Confluence from Safco prevent the need for extended sits while simultaneously boosting collaborative efforts. This standing height conference room table is ergonomically correct and ready to impress!

Powered Collaboration TableYou'll also want to check out the active tables from the OFM Endure collection. They're available in a wide range of size and finish options that blend the best of modern and industrial design characteristics. All of the standing height tables rom the Endure collection feature powered tops and swivel out seats for added support when needed.

Ergonomic Leaning StoolLeaning stools will also help you stay active in the workplace. They're portable, lightweight, and very easy to use. In 2018 you'll be at no shortage of options to choose from. The Mobis from Safco and Vivo from OFM are two of our favorites!

Plastic Stack ChairWe're seeing an influx of plastic chairs hit the market. Why you ask? They're easy to clean, surprisingly comfortable, and super affordable. With plastic side chairs you can create guest waiting areas, training rooms, and classrooms that are built to last. Popular new options like the Flamingo from Eurotech are definitely worth a look as they're also stackable.

Desktop RiserSit to stand desktop attachments are here to stay. More and more brands are looking to encourage smooth sit to stand transitioning with office desk risers that don't cost a fortune. If you're considering converting your existing desk into a sit to stand workstation, check out new options like the JE-JN-LD02-A1-W-GG from Flash Furniture as it's just $209.99.

Sleek Office ChairSimplicity is the hottest trend in the office chair world. Businesses are looking for ways to modernize their interiors while remaining practical will love fluid office chairs like the Solar from Global and Kinetic from Eurotech. They're sleek, comfortable, and perfect for conference room design projects.

Height Adjustable Laptop DeskLast but not least, no article on the hottest trends would be complete without telling your about the all new height adjustable laptop desks that are hitting the furniture world. They're great for home office interiors and small workspaces. Brands like Flash Furniture, Safco, and even OFM have all released new sit to stand laptop desks in the last few months that provide exceptional ergonomic benefits and value. As more and more workers switch to full time laptop use, these height adjustable stations are no doubt the future of computing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It's A Tufted Furniture Takeover!

This year it's been all about tufted furniture and seating. Brands like Modway, Flash Furniture, and Global have all paved the way for the tufted movement to hit its stride in 2018. Today on the blog we'll showcase the hottest tufted components on the market that can be effectively used for your waiting room, reception area, and private office remodeling projects. Prepare to be impressed!

Tufted Sofa with Rolled ArmsNobody does tufted furniture better than Modway. This industry innovator offers some of the coolest tufted sofas you've ever seen. Popular options like the Earl are traditionally inspired but provide just the right amount of modern flair. This tufted sofa with rolled arms is available in a choice of black and white vinyl upholsteries that are durable and easy to clean. The EEI-1413 is also available in fabric!

Tufted Accent ChairModway also offers an array of tufted accent chairs that are perfect for professional waiting areas. We love the EEI-2144 model Navigate chair in particular because it boasts a wide design, it's available in cool color options like Laguna, and it's also great for home lounging. This versatile chair is perfect for pulling interiors together and makes an awesome statement piece.

Tufted White Leather Lounge ChairFlash Furniture offers some really cool tufted lounge seating that'll help you get in on this booming trend without breaking the bank. The components from their Lesley series features tufted surfaces and metal accents for a unique contemporary feel.

Tufted Executive ChairMoving right along, allow us to introduce the CI-J600-BRN-GG tufted executive chair from Flash Furniture. In most cases, chairs with the attention to detail found here cost well over $1000.00. That being said, the CI-J600-BRN-GG comes in at under half of that price point. This high back office chair with a pillow headrest, wood base, and rolled arms is the total package and perfect for traditional interiors.

Guest Reception SofaThe team at boss has you tufted furniture seating needs in mind. This reputable brand crafts some really cool sofas for traditional interiors that offer easy to clean surfaces and attractive wood legs. The BR99802 guest reception sofa from Boss is timeless, elegant, and upscale.

Boss Executive ChairLast but certainly not least, check out the B915 model high back chair from Boss. This tufted seating solution is perfect for upscale interiors. The B915 features a button tufted back that pairs perfectly with a wood base and set of wood arms with brass nailhead trim. This fashionable chair is traditional without being too old school. The B915 is also a nice piece to consider for conference room and boardroom remodeling projects.

Rest assured, more tufted office chairs, sofas, and guest seating solutions are on the way. As this trend is showing now signs of slowing down, expect today's top brands to look for unique ways to blend tufted components with mid century and contemporary design themes to create aesthetic value and unrivaled appeal.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Modular Solutions: Woodstock Jefferson Series

Woodstock Marketing Logo
Traditional sofa and lounge chair configurations will always have their place. That being said, there's a better way to get the most out of your waiting room and maximize your available square footage. Modular furniture and seating will allow you to think outside the box and create innovative layouts that are sure to make a lasting impression. Take one look at the components from the Woodstock Jefferson collection and you'll see what we mean.

Curved Lounge Seating LayoutThe Jefferson collection is an all new line of seating and accent tables from the team at Woodstock Marketing that was designed to create high end appeal while simplifying the remodeling process. Most of today's top modular lobby seating lines require the help of professionals. With the simple components from the Jefferson series you can tackle your makeover independently with minimal help.

Modular Lobby SeatingJefferson furniture can be used effectively for projects of any size. In large scale remodels, shoppers will appreciate the wide range of interchangeable pieces from this full service lobby line. Smaller areas will benefit from the simplicity of components and ease of installation.

Guest Reception SeatingWith 4 quick shipping color options to choose from, you'll have no problem creating modern vibes within a tight project timeline. If you really want to get creative, consider going with a two-tone layout that blends your favorite upholsteries from this hot new line.

Contemporary Waiting Room FurnitureIn addition to innovative lobby and corporate lounge seating solutions, the Jefferson collection offers powered coffee tables with upholstered sides and white marble tops. They're designed to encourage guest interaction while making it easy to charge devices during extended waits.

The Jefferson collection also offers a really cool end table with a polished frame and white top. This cool little accent is a nice way to pull any waiting room makeover together because the difference is in the details.

Modern Lobby DesignIf you don't like the idea of piecing together a custom layout, Woodstock has done the work for you. They've created "dream layouts" within the Jefferson collection that are a must see. There's packages for projects of any size. The Dream configurations are a great way to expedite your remodel while creating a high end look that's ready to keep your interior up to date for years to come.

In the long run, you could always go with a basic lounge chair and sofa configuration, but why not get creative? Jefferson components will allow you to get the most out of your waiting area and take the guest visiting experience to the next level.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Office Desk Showcase: Bush 400 Series

Bush Business Furniture 400 Series
We're super excited to announce that the full line of Bush Business Furniture will soon be available on Over the next few weeks we'll be showcasing our favorite collections from bush and today we're kicking things off with the 400 series. This line of commercial desking blends modern and industrial vibes to create elite executive interiors. Prepare to be impressed!

Bush 400 Series Office Furniture Set 400S136The 400S136 configuration from the Bush 400 series is an absolute winner. With a 60" writing desk and matching rear wall credenza, this layout offers plenty of operating space. The overhead storage hutch is a nice touch that helps to encourage and organized workspace while adding to the upscale vibes created by the configuration as a whole.

2 Person DeskYou can even use the modular components from the Bush 400 series to create multi user workstations that are an awesome alternative to traditional cubicle systems. The 400S142 is one of our favs. This 2 personal collaborative workstation has a dividing panel that's offers just the right amount of privacy without totally killing the interactive feel.

Executive Corner DeskUp next in this edition of 'Office Desk Showcase' is the 400S127. This executive corner desk is sure to impress with it's two storage pedestals and hutch. Even at first glance you'll be drawn into the blend of laminate surfaces and metal accents. This attractive desk can be effectively used along walls to maximize square footage.

White Office DeskIf you're loving the look of the 400 Series from Bush and want to utilize its components for your home office remodel, check out the 400S150. This 60" x 30" writing desk with a mobile file pedestal is perfect for home computing. The 400S150 is available for $693.99 and in 4 fashionable finishes.

Bush File Cabinet DrawerAttention to detail sets the 400 Series apart from many of the computing lines on the market today. The components from this collection are made in the United States and built to last. 400 Series file cabinets and modular storage pieces boast full extension file drawer glides while desk legs feature sturdy welded steel tubes construction and a powder coat finish. The laminate operating surfaces are thermally fused and impact resistant. Needless to say, Bush has really done a great job with this commercial grade furniture collection.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

5 Ways To Refine Your Professional Interiors

Has it been a few years since you've given your office interiors a makeover? Have no fear, we're here to help! Today on the blog we'll cover helpful tips, tricks, and product suggestions that will refine your interiors and get them up to date with the latest trends. From investing in collaborative furniture to simply applying a fresh coat of pain, the advice provided here will get you on the path to office excellence.

1.) Collaborative Furniture

Collaborative Office Furniture

Traditional cubicle systems are great for privacy, but they create obstructed sight lines and make for overcrowded interiors. These days it's not about seeing how many workers you can squeeze into a single space. It is however about designing open concept interiors that encourage creativity and employee interaction. That's where collaborative office furniture comes in. With cubicle alternatives like benching systems from brands like Global and Mayline you can encourage collaboration on the work floor.

Popular Collaborative Furniture Collections:

  • SideBar
  • Bridges II
  • Bungee
  • e5
  • EVEN WorkTables

2.) Ergonomic Components

Ergonomic Office Furniture

There's no better way to refine your office interiors. Ergonomic components will help you create modern vibes, but more importantly they'll help you and your fellow employees work healthy. These days there's no shortage or ergonomic products on the market. This means you need to be careful when making your selections. We've provided a list of popular items below to help you decide which sound the most beneficial.

Popular Ergonomic Components:

  • Height Adjustable Tables: With height adjustable tables you can work sitting or standing and smoothly transition between both positions to stay active. Height adjustable tables will help you create clean sight lines in group work areas like the training room.
  • Desktop Risers: Place a desktop riser atop your desk to enjoy the benefits of sit to stand operating without investing in expensive electronic furniture. A sit to stand office desk attachment will help you improve posture and blood flow.
  • Perch Stools: With a perch stool you can enjoy a little extra support while working at standing height desks and tables. They're affordable and beneficial. Perch stools encourage continuous muscle movement without fully standing and putting a lot of pressure on your knees.
  • Monitor Arms: You'll likely want to go with a dual screen monitor mount. It will cut down on the time you spend flipping between tabs. It will also reduce visual strain and neck pain by allowing you to raise your screens to eye level.
  • Articulating Keyboard Trays: You might already have one of these. They're pretty standard. If you don't, you need to make the switch. An articulating keyboard tray will create more usable desk space while helping to encourage healthy typing angles.

3.) Comfortable Chairs

Comfortable Office Chairs

We've gave seating a section of its own in today's post because the importance of operational comfort is extremely important. If you're working comfortably, you'll be more productive and healthy. Selecting comfortable ergonomic office chairs for you and your workers will help to refine your interiors in a variety of ways. First and most importantly, you'll be able to improve posture and blood flow while reducing fatigue. Secondly, you'll be able to modernize your interiors as today's new chairs are really cool and sure to make a lasting impression on even the harshest critics.

Popular Office Chairs:

  • Oroblanco by Idesk
  • Vion by Global
  • Ergohuman by Eurotech
  • Eon by Cherryman
  • Avenger by OFM

4.) Fashionable Accents

Cool Area Rug

They say the difference is in the details. We fully agree! If you want to refine your office interiors in 2018 you'll need to accent your space with area rugs, lighting fixtures, and complimentary decor that pulls your design theme together.

When you're ready to accent your office, don't be afraid to think outside the box. Consider visiting thrift stores, swap meets, and local shops as an alternative to big box retailers. You'll be able to find unique finds that really do wonders for your space. This season industrial metal fixtures, vintage area rugs, and mid century side tables have all been super popular.

5.) Fresh Paint

Popular Office Paint Colors

Before you new furniture and seating arrives, roll on a fresh coat of paint. It will help revive your vibe. Rest assured, old taupe walls will do little to pull your makeover together. When your space has been cleared, take a day to paint on a trendy color like coastal blue or yellow. These tones match nearly any furniture finish and will make your work environments feel vibrant. As a quick tip, use dark paint colors with light furniture and vice versa to create a fashionable contrast that feels professional.


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