Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's Hot: Mayline Medina Furniture

Looking for the perfect blend of past and future to draw the eye in your office? Well, you're not alone. Lots of office interior designers and business owners are looking for ways to preserve the refined charm of classical furniture, and spin it with a modern twist. The task is always a hard one, but thankfully, Mayline has done it again! This reputable office furniture manufacturer specializes in affordable office products to make life in the cubicle easier. And with their new collection of stunning Medina tables, chairs, and accessories, the office life couldn't get any sweeter!

Mayline Gray Steel Desk
Just about every office begins and ends with appealing modern office desks, and Mayline certainly has them. From a brand renowned for producing professional office casegoods, it's no surprise to find that affordable Medina desks for sale are at the top of their class. As the newest options on the market, Medina desks and tables are the pinnacle of modern design. Each furniture piece comes in three stunning style options, including an eye-catching mahogany, a rich mocha, or a streaked gray steel finish. Desks are offered in multiple configurations, styles, and sizes to bring modular utility to the workplace. Add them in any office to enhance workplace versatility and appeal to stay ahead of the game!

Mayline Mahogany Conference TableIn addition to stunning modern desks, the Medina collection also offers spectacular discount modular conference tables to outfit the whole workplace in a great uniform style. Conference furniture by Mayline is known for being well-made, but when combined with the cool modern professionalism of the Medina line, the results are outstanding! Tables like the Medina 120" modern conference table are accommodating, stylish, and very affordable compared to competitor options. Some models even include optional power outlets for high tech applications!

Mayline Mocha Wall Cabinet
With a unique, head-turning style that can be found no place else, it's only natural that Mayline would have enough foresight to make a whole series from the Medina look. Rather than just a simple collection of desks and tables to dress up the workplace, Medina also includes a huge host of accent furniture pieces to make any interior designer swoon. With excellent office storage features like desk pedestals for organization, large and small bookcases, lateral filing cabinets, and big affordable storage cabinets, the Mayline Medina series is definitely one of the most well-rounded lines on the market. Don't be afraid to do a total office makeover with this transformative collection!

Mayline Mocha Desk
The versatility of Mayline furniture is one of the most fantastic features of the Medina line. With all the accessories mentioned above, a total office makeover is definitely not impossible. Office interior designers everywhere are looking for cool office furniture with style that's both professional and appealing enough to get the right response from clients and visitors. Medina does all of these things and more, offering a vast array of furniture to meet all your business needs, with optional tech accessories to sweeten the deal. This kind of versatility is hard to find in competing brands, making the Medina line a diamond in the rough of furniture collections!

Mayline Mahogany Wall Cabinet
And lastly, it's time to discuss one of the most important features of any office furniture line - affordability! We've already mentioned several times that the Medina series is very affordable when compared with competing furniture brands of the same quality. Smaller desks are some of the most affordable on the market, and conference tables are offered at prices to make other brands fume! Larger desks and modular furniture configurations are a bit pricier, but still offered at extreme discounts that competitors just can't compete with. Well made, stylish, versatile, useful, and affordable - the Medina line is definitely an option that cannot be overlooked for an office makeover!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Boost Conference Room Appeal with Cherryman Tables!

Looking to create a stunning meeting area for your business? If so, choosing a conference table manufactured by Cherryman Industries is just plain smart! This highly regarded furniture brand offers 5 top of the line collections with tables specifically designed to enhance your boardroom decor and productivity. In today's post, we'll highlight several of the best selling conference room tables Cherryman has to offer. Enjoy!

Cherryman Emerald Series

The Cherryman Emerald collection offers upscale appeal for traditionally inspired work environments. The high end conference tables from this collection boast a sophisticated look showcased in both the Cognac Cherry and Mahogany wood veneer finish options. Emerald series conference tables feature half cylinder style bases and oval tops. Choose from a variety of sizes including new round conference tables for smaller meeting area applications.

Cherryman Amber SeriesIt's no secret that most conference room makeover projects can be quite costly. After choosing a table, chairs, and accent products for your space, the bill can definitely be a bit scary! Luckily, Cherryman offers the stunning and recently revamped Amber collection for businesses on a budget. Rest assured, this cost effective line does not lack in terms of quality. The Amber series offers excellent racetrack shaped conference tables with laminate surfaces designed for professional meeting areas not looking to sacrifice style due to budgetary constraints. In 2014, Cherryman introduced the new AM-410N Amber table with 14' top for only $960.50. This expandable conference table offers an innovative design that allows your business to increase or reduce the table surface size to fit your needs. Talk about the perfect combination of value and versatility! Choose from 5 different finish options to compliment your space.

Cherryman jade Series

The Cherryman Jade Collection blends modern and traditional style characteristics with it's wide range of professional office tables for the conference room. Models like the JA-161N feature wood veneer surfaces available in a choice of Cherry and Mahogany finish options. These racetrack shaped tables are affordable, well made, and typically ship quite quickly for those in need of furniture in a hurry to meet project deadlines. The Jade series also includes a wide range of office desks, reception stations, and filing solutions to compliment your accenting work environments.

Cherryman Ruby SeriesThe Ruby series conference tables from Cherryman Industries offer a simplified look that doesn't lack in terms of quality. For those looking to keep their meeting area decor away from the overly modern design trends of 2014, the Ruby collection is the way to go. Models like the RU-249N 6' conference table boast high end traditional appeal and a rich cherry finish that's sure to impress. The popular racetrack tops and half cylinder bases used on Ruby series tables aesthetically pleasing and sure to earn any boardroom plenty of design compliments.

Cherryman Verde Series

We've saved our favorite collection for last! As big fans of modern office furniture, we simply love the Cherryman Verde Collection. This line of desks, reception stations, and conference room tables is an absolute winner and set to be one of the best selling collections of 2014. Available in both espresso and latte finish options, the Verde line boasts an inspiring look that is truly cutting edge. These boat shaped conference tables feature white leg accents and are available with optional factory installed power modules for multi media meeting environments. Priced starting at only $1027.00, these modern tables are also an excellent value and pair well with the Respond series chairs offered from Cherryman.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's Hot: Elliptical Conference Room Tables

Tired of the traditional conference room table shapes like rectangular, oval, and round? So were the industries top furniture manufacturers! This year, elliptical conference tables are the only way to go. This hot new look features curved table sides that come to rounded end points for out of this world modern appeal. The slim design characteristics of elliptical shaped tables make them ideal for both small and large meeting areas. In today's post we'll highlight 5 of the best selling elliptical top conference tables on the market enjoy!

Elliptical Conference TableWhen it comes to conference tables with elliptical tops, Global Total Office is paving the way for this hot new trend. This highly regarded furniture manufacturer takes pride in offering cutting edge solutions for professional meeting areas that are sure to wow your valued guests. That being said, products like the GEL10WSTM elliptical conference table with metal legs are the perfect way to kick of today's article. Available in a wide variety of surface finish options, this super cool table is further highlighted by a metal leg design that adds to the contemporary appeal. Priced at only $781.99, you'll be left with budget funds to spare!

Alba TableNext up, the GEL5STM model Alba table with a choice of 7 top sizes. Priced starting at only $456.99, the smallest 5' model is truly an excellent value. The sleek elliptical top compliments the metal leg design to perfection while the variety of surface finish options make it easy to match any decor. As an added bonus, Alba series tables are available with advanced power options that help to create multi media meeting areas designed for next level efficiency. Rest assured, Alba tables look great, function to perfection, and will most definitely earn your conference room an abundance of positive compliments.

Global Total Office Easton SeriesWood veneer conference tables offer an extra touch of sophistication and elegance. Combining an elliptical top, cylinder bases, and wood veneer construction will no doubt set your conference room above the competition. The Global Total Office Easton Series table line offers all of these characteristics and more. These luxurious boardroom solutions are available in 15 finish options along with a wide range of matching accent furniture to help complete your project with one cohesive line. While the $3408.99 price tag accompanying the 10' Easton elliptical table may be a bit much for the average budget, those in search of upper echelon furnishings for the conference room will certainly love these cutting edge tables.

Lesro Mystic SeriesFourth on the list of popular elliptical conference room tables is the S1896K4 model from Lesro Industries. This 8' Mystic series table has sent shock waves through the office furniture world. An immediate hit since it's inception, the S1896K4 is affordable, stylish, and down right versatile. Available in a choice 6 surface finishes and 2 metal frame finish options, this elliptical shaped solution is an excellent buy for any conference room at only $799.70.

Modern Conference RoomLast but certainly not least, the GEL8WSTM table with elliptical top was a must have for today's post. While we've highlighted other tables from Global in today's post, this 8' model is an excellent choice for smaller meeting areas and will seat 3 users per side comfortably. Global's popular metal leg design and finish options are all available on this popular model starting at only $566.99. You just can't beat this table for the price!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Optimizing The Office: 5 Products for Improved Workplace Versatility

These days it's all about being versatile in the workplace. That being said, improving your office functionality and comfort will help you reach your peak performance levels. In today's article we'll highlight 5 of the hottest new products sure to boost your efficiency and effectiveness during those long days at the office!

Product 1: G20 Cloud Chair

G20 Cloud Chair

On a hunt for the latest and greatest new office chairs? Look no further! The G20 Cloud chair from Global Total Office offers the cutting edge features needed to provide customizable comfort for any user. This high tech seating solution is available in a wide variety of seat upholstery options to compliment the white mesh back and aluminum finished frame accents. The G20 Cloud combines a versatile look with the user friendly ergonomic attributes desired by modern business professionals. In our opinion, at $580.99, there's no better chair on the market.

Product 2: VariTask Table

685W Adjustable Height VariTask Desk

Most business professionals find themselves short on space. If this is the case for you, products like the 685W height adjustable VariTask desk from Mayline will help you maximize your workplace potential. If you haven't had the chance to notice, height adjustable furniture is trending in a major way this year. Unfortunately these cutting edge workstations are often quite pricey and unattainable for the average consumer. Luckily, brands like Mayline offer user friendly products like the 685W to meet any users needs and budget. This fully functional desk is ready for the needs of your ergonomic home office or business workspace.

Product 3: EDGE Dual Screen Monitor Mount

Dual Screen Monitor Mount

Dual screen monitor arms define versatility in the workplace. These user friendly products allow for limitless adjustments while simultaneously improving the rate at which you compute. Products like the EDGE series dual screen mount attach quickly and easily via your desk grommet and immediately free up desk space once once taken up by that bulky monitor stand.

Product 4: WOW Mobile Computer Station

WOW Station

Great for presentations, home computing, and business professionals on the go, the WOW series mobile computer workstation is just about as versatile as it gets! This desk on wheels is ideal for laptops and is small enough to travel with. The adjustable height design makes finding a comfortable computing level a breeze for any user. Priced at $497.40, the WOW station is an excellent value and down right cool!

Product 5: Poise Adjustable Desk Lamp

Poise Desk Lamp

Cut down on those hefty electric bills with the Poise lamp from Symmetry. This adjustable desk top lighting solution provides light where you need it without the need for power sucking overhead lights at all time. Those who work at night will love the versatile adjustment capabilities of this ergonomic lamp. Priced at $226.99, the Poise is a bit pricey for the average consumer but then again, it's not your average desk lamp!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cool Design Tips for Desk and Cubicle Makeover Projects

These days, it seems like just about everyone is redesigning their workspace. With all the uniformity that surrounds cubicles and open desking, it's only natural to want to personalize your space and show off some individuality. But, just because it's your cubicle doesn't mean it's your space. Office design in a public work environment definitely has some dos and don'ts. In today's article, we'll be providing some professional office decorating tips to help you stand confidently in both the personal and professional aspects of your workspace. Enjoy!

Know Your Limits

Every business has it's expectations, both of employees, clients, and of how everyone should behave. Sure, it may seem fun at first to deck out your workspace in jellybeans and snicker doodles so it looks like something out of Candyland, but how will your clients and coworkers see that? For a Pediatric office where the clients are kids, Candyland might be perfect, but for a white collar corporate office? Not so much. Knowing the expectations of your business will help you be a better judge of what you can get away with in decorating, and if you're not sure about something, ask. At a casual modern office, Candyland might be great! But around professional executive desk spaces, a few photos of the family may be all that's allowed.

Expand Your Horizons

Once you've determined the limits to which you can decorate, it's time to expand some horizons! Nowadays, all the coolest modern cubicles for sale typically have windows or wall-less designs, so employees don't feel as claustrophobic. However, wallpapering has still become a major trend for those stuck in the classic cubicle models. Adding cool art, scenery, or papers to cubicle walls help them disappear. Remember that too much visual input can cause headaches and eye strain, so try not to go too overboard. If your company won't let you deface the walls (or if you don't have any), try changing your computer's desktop background. It's a great way to express your personal style, and sail away to virtual destinations!

Be Utilitarian

Even as cool as that cubicle pictured above is, it's probably a pain to work around. Most single person offices and cubicles are pretty tight on space, so having flamboyant accessories and office furniture without purpose is not the best idea. When making over your space, choose furniture wisely. Look for  useful ergonomic office products that are compact and stylish, but will still get the job done. Adjustable monitor arms, CPU holders, and affordable office shelving will help save tons of space. After all, if you're decorating anyway, why not dress up the gadgets too?

Be Professional

Decorating is lots of fun, but that also makes it easy to get carried away. Too much wallpaper, sequins, accessories, fabric, and other stuff can be very distracting to clients and visitors. When designing, keep in mind the purpose of your company. Review the rules for behavior and the ideals the company was founded on, then try to incorporate those things into your workspace decor. The place you work is always a place of business first, so don't choose make any design choices that might clash with the theme and decor your office has already set up. Being conscientious about how you decorate with respect to the company is a great way to earn brownie brownie points, both with the boss and the business alike!

Be Yourself

Even if we always have to work around the needs of our workplace, never forget the true purpose for why you decorate. Whether you're permitted to completely bedazzle your desk, or even if you're only allowed a few photos and a mug, the ultimate goal is always to create a space you can feel more comfortable in. For most of us, the office is home away from home, so it's important to make things feel that way. Many businesses are hipping up to the fact that employees work better when they feel more comfortable. Little things like desk plants and small bowl fish can help relax employees and improve workplace health. Do what it takes to create your sanctuary without going too far. In the end, the modular workstations for office use will no longer be desks. They'll be characters!

Monday, July 14, 2014

7 Comfortable New Office Chairs Under $200

Most of us spend the majority of our day at work, and here at OfficeAnything.com, we believe that everyone deserves a comfortable seating solution to see us through the day! The wrong chair can lead to discomfort, which over time may cause serious health issues like back pain, and poor blood circulation. However, the right chair doesn't have to cost a fortune. In today's article, we're showcasing seven comfortable new office chairs with healthy ergonomic design. The best part? They're all under $200!

For a chair that will cradle you throughout the workday, nothing is better than the 611 Ergonomic Managers Chair by OFM. Seen here in a stunning Ocean Blue fabric upholstery, this model is also available in Graphite, Ebony, and Burgundy to best match your decor needs. But walls aren't the only needs this chair caters to. A height adjustable ratchet back, locking swivel tilt, molded foam contours, waterfall seat, stain-resistant fabric, and a 250 lb. weight capacity are just a few of the many ergonomic features for improved health in the workplace. Enjoy this healthy ergonomic office chair at your desk, cubicle, or workstation for just under $200! It's a deal that's almost unheard of.

Next on our list is an affordable mesh desk chair that those in warmer office environments are sure to appreciate. Anyone that works in a hot office knows the stress of sweat stained dress shirts, but with breathable mesh chairs like the MT7500 Marlin Mesh Back Chair by Eurotech, the stress will melt away! The mesh fabric of this sporty professional executive chair allows cooling air flow to reach the occupant, reducing the buildup or sweat and germs. In addition, the Marlin also offers amazing ergo features like tilt tension control, center tilt, waterfall seat, height adjustment, and adjustable arms for convenient comfort. At a little over $150, it makes an astounding affordable seat for executive and home office use.

Zebra Chair by Boss
Looking for a chair to turn heads? Then the B546-ZB Zebra Chair by Boss is definitely the model for you. This eye-catching little number certainly stands out in the office with it's stunning zebra print microfiber fabric upholstery. Perfect in a small office, cubicle, dorm room, or bedroom, this themed chair easily shows off your wild side, so it's always a big hit with budget conscious interior designers. The fact that it also boasts a spring tilt, pneumatic gas lift, and adjustable tilt tension control for utilitarian purpose just shows how awesome this deal really is. Pick up this modern chair with zebra print and enjoy it at home or in the workplace!

Next up is a chair that any boss is sure to love. With big modern style and a soft Luxhide Leather upholstery, it's no wonder the 11617B Leather Chair by Offices To Go is such a hit with executives. Boasting ergonomic features including a single position tilt lock, tilt tension adjustment, and pneumatic height adjustability, this model is a top of the line steal for anyone seeking a stylish discount executive chair for sale. It makes a super affordable gift for the boss or for oneself.

Speaking of bosses, why not go with the brand that caters to them? Boss Office Products is a reputable office furniture brand that work to provide the best seating possible for guests, managers, and those who aspire to be them. Thankfully, Boss is a big believer that just because you choose a brand made for bosses, it doesn't mean you have to spend like one! Chairs like the B781 Black Leather Ergonomic Chair by Boss boast incredible ergonomic benefits for less than the average brand. Like the Zebra chair above, this model offers comfortable ergo benefits with a unique style that's sure to impress.

360 degree swivel capability, loop arms, and stunning leather are just a few of the favorite features of our next chair. The 516-LX Stimulus Leatherette Chair by OFM looks perfect in the home and business. A 250 lb. weight capacity grants this chair durability, while amazing chair features like a tilt lock, gas lift, height adjustment, built in lumbar, and tension control grant improved ergonomic efficiency for the workplace. This model offers full body support and plush comfort to help sitters get through those long days at the office. For less than $200, it is an absolute steal!

Finally, we wrap things up with the FT2700-NVY Cypher Chair by Eurotech for all around great seating! With versatile applications, this chair fits wonderfully at desks, in training rooms, cubicles, conference areas, computer rooms, and even executive offices. Tilt tension control, seat height adjustment, a waterfall seat, and a flex back all contribute incredible comfort to the user. Available in blue or gray, the Cypher is one of the most versatile task chairs for sale on the market. Best of all, it's still less than $200!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hot New Office Chair Trends of the Summer

With all the warmth and energy swirling around, it's no wonder summertime is one of the most popular seasons for redecorating! But even if you haven't quite got the time or money to change up your whole workspace, sometimes a simple chair can make the biggest difference in a drab office. This season has seen some incredible style choices on the part of designer office chairs for work. Don't forget to check for these hot summer office design trends in your seating before you buy!

Cool Colors

Flash Furniture Tan Leather Office ChairLight Blue Office Chair

Fun, vibrant colors are a big hit in both the summertime and interior office design. Choosing gray or white professional desk chairs will assure a clean, sophisticated look with eye-popping appeal. However, it isn't the only look out there. To switch things up, try to shop office chairs by color and pick something that speaks to you. A nice creamy yellow, green, or a stunning pale blue chair, like the Sweetwater Blue Mesh Desk Chair by Woodstock, will help your office to scream summer throughout the year!

Sleek Designs

Europa Chair by Offices To GoJoplin Series High Back Chair by Woodstock

Bulky seating is inefficient, hot, and somewhat reminiscent of large winter coats - a definite no-no in an office with a lack of AC in the dog days. Choosing thin, streamlined office chairs is an excellent way to combat the heat wave, as well as maximize seating in the conference room and executive office with ease. Entrench yourself in the summer look with chairs like the LE811 modern Europa Executive Chair by Eurotech Seating, or even something from the sleek Joplin Office Chair series by Woodstock Marketing. With both white and gray options available in a ribbed back design, you can knock out three of the hottest summer office trends in one!

Polished Features

Joplin Mid Back Office Chair by Woodstock

In the dog days of summer, nothing cools off the workplace like strong, sleek office furniture at discount prices. Metal and chrome accents have been a rising trend these past few years, and this season, they provide office chairs with a material that both looks and feels cool to the touch. Stunning desk chairs with polished metal accents, as seen on models like the EHS280A2 Status Conference Chair by Ergo Contract Furniture, instantly update the look of any old office. Add a few to your workspace to amp things up with affordable new mesh chairs that meet all the hottest trends.

Ribbed Back Designs

Light Blue Office ChairGlobal Aspen Executive Chair

Slimming down for swimsuit season is definitely a trend that hits the scene every summer. It comes as no surprise that slender ribbed back office chairs offer excellent style to fit in with that summery theme! The Joplin series by Woodstock is well known to provide stunning ribbed back appeal, but it isn't the only style out there. Great discount office chair brands like Flash Furniture, with the 9826H Series of cool ribbed back chairs, and Offices To Go also provide ribbed styling in their seating. The 11730-BL28 Ribbed Executive Chair by Offices To Go offers a ribbed back, polished chrome frame, and adjustable features to be the perfect choice for a conference room or executive space.

Faux Leather

Global Karizma Mock Leather Office Chair

Even as smoothies and ice cream are rising to popularity this season, true blue leather certainly isn't. It's hard to convince customers that a company is going green when every chair in the conference room is made with real leather. But never fear! This summer, you don't have to sacrifice cows for classy style any longer! With all the excitement surrounding the green movement, business owners everywhere are stressing the need to go green. As a result, eco friendly office chairs with faux leather and vinyl upholsteries have truly taken off. Faux leather has come a long way in recent years, looking and feeling like the real thing, but offering this comfort at a fraction of the cost. Brands like Global Total Office have taken every step possible to make their green modern office chairs environmentally savvy and affordable. Saving the planet never looked so cool... or economical!