Friday, June 24, 2016

Master Your Meetings With A Powered Table

It's all about powered office furniture in 2016. The ability to streamline meetings, presentations, and group strategy sessions is too much for growing businesses to pass up. Today on the blog, we'll highlight the hottest powered tables on the market. These high tech meeting area solutions provide the input options and cutting edge design characteristics needed to maximize your interiors. Enjoy!

Master Your Meetings with A Powered Conference Table from
If the average office furniture collection just won't cut it, turn to the customizable solutions crafted by Global Total Office. This industry leader make it easy to put a personal stamp on office remodeling projects. Global Total Office Zira boardroom tables are the best in the business. With a wide range of size, shape, and finish options to choose from, creating a custom conference table built for your specific needs just got simplified. Zira tables can be easily spec'd with HDMI, USB, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet input options.

MNC8 Medina Power Ready Conference Table at
A powered table from the Mayline Medina collection will save your business time and money. If you're tired of searching for wall outlets to power laptops and host presentations, give a table like the MNC8 from the Medina collection a serious look. All Medina conference tables boast a blend of laminate surfaces, silver modesty panels, and curved ends. Medina tops can be equipped with basic modules for just over two hundred bucks, thus making them the best powered conference table buys on the market.

TransAction Powered Conference Table at OfficeAnything.comGo high tech while creating an industrial vibe with a cutting edge powered conference table from the Mayline TransAction collection. This advanced furniture line offers hybrid boat shaped, oval, and rectangular tables for meeting areas of any size. As TransAction boardroom tables are made specifically for their users, be sure to place your order in advance. After selecting your custom power options, you'll be looking at about 4 weeks for manufacturing. That being said, the end result is a product well worth the wait!

OFM Dry Erase Conference Table with Powered Top at OfficeAnything.comStep outside the realm of traditional conference and boardroom solutions with OFM! As a brand that takes pride in setting new trends in motion, their all new Endure tables are a must see. These heavy duty retro tables with powered surfaces boast swivel out seats that support users up to 300 pounds. Simply retract the seats to enjoy a standing height table surface that promotes continuous movement while avoiding extended sits that reduce blood flow. Endure tables are available in 3 attractive finish options, including a dry-erase white top that's been a huge hit in 2016.

Verde Powered Conference Table at OfficeAnything.comModernize your meetings without breaking the budget. The conference tables from the Cherryman Industries Verde collection are ready to help. This full service casegoods line offers 3 quick shipping boat shaped table sizes for interiors small and large. Verde tables can be spec'd with user friendly outlets equipped with AC and Data inputs. While many of today's powered table collections are a bit complicated, Verde makes it easy to incorporate technology into the boardroom. There's no need for a remodeling headache with this Cherryman Industries furniture line!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Modular Solutions: Mayline e5 Furniture

Mayline Modular Office Furniture Solutions from The e5 Collection at OfficeAnything.comNobody does professional office furniture better than Mayline. This industry leading brand takes pride in crafting top notch collections designed to promote collaboration in the workplace. Today on 'Modular Solutions' we'll take an in-depth look at Mayline's popular e5 collection and it's unmatched workplace benefits. Enjoy!

Mayline e5 FurnitureModular makes sense! The ability to grow and expand your furniture configuration with the use of interchangeable components is far more practical than purchasing all new desking. With the e5 collection, users can transform the furniture in a private office space into a multi user layout with ease. Expanding your business should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Those with e5 furnished interiors are able to focus on the future without suffering budget breaking desk purchases.

The table style writing desks from the Mayline e5 collection are perfect for executive work environments. They create an open feel and distinctively modern vibe that's sure to impress valued visitors. With e5 office desks, you're only limited by your imagination!

Mayline e5 Open Desking
Open desking layouts are the way of the future. Rest assured, the days of bulky panel furniture configurations are coming to an end. The ability to increase group performance and team interaction is simply too much for businesses to pass up. With e5, creating multi user open desking layouts is a breeze. Need to expand to accommodate more workers? No problem! Simply integrate additional work surfaces.

Mayline e5 Storage ProductsGet organized in style with e5! If you're tired of boring metal file cabinets, the office storage products from the Mayline e5 collection are a must see. With wall mount hutch units, modular book cases, and wall cabinets, e5 is ready to maximize floor space as square footage is always at a premium. The cabinetry from the e5 collection can also be effectively used in open layouts, private interiors, training rooms, and even break room environments.

With a wide range of attractive laminate finish options, e5 will help you put a personal stamp on your interiors. There's really nothing to critique about this best selling office furniture collection from Mayline. We give e5 4 out of 5 stars. We took off star because we'd like to see full modesty panels made available for the table desks. Other than that, e5 is an absolute winner. This modular furniture collection makes it easy to craft unique interiors built for the needs of today, and tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Home Office Heroes: Cherryman Edition

Cherryman IndustriesWhen it comes to home office furniture, Cherryman Industries knows their stuff! This highly respected manufacturer takes pride in crafting affordable wood and laminate desk collections designed to maximize interior appeal without breaking the budget. Today on the blog, we'll highlight the lines that make Cherryman a home office hero. Enjoy!

Cherryman Amber DesksFirst up, the affordable and equally stylish Amber collection. This full service line of executive desk configurations, tables, reception stations, and storage solutions offers far more than you'll ever need for any home work space. The Amber office furniture collection from Cherryman Industries provides unmatched value. While many of today's discount furniture lines lack quality, this couldn't be further from the truth with Amber. Shoppers will love all 5 of the quick shipping laminate finish options and excellent selection of preconfigured layouts that make designing a new space a breeze.

Cherryman Verde DesksModernize your home office with the Cherryman Industries Verde collection. This high end casegoods furniture collection offers stylish writing desks, U shaped desks, and corner desks that work great in home environments. The Desks from the Cherryman Verde collection are available in 2 quick shipping finish options that pair perfectly with white hutch doors and modesty panels. This line is truly one of kind!

Cherryman Emerald Series Executive FurnitureIf today's modern office furniture collections are a bit too over the top for your space, keep it traditional with the Cherryman Industries Emerald collection. This wood veneer executive office furniture line offers luxurious desk layouts that are sure to impress even the harshest critics. With elegant finish options and a wide range of complimenting storage solutions to help keep your space well organized, the Emerald collection has everything you need to design an upscale interior!

Cherryman Ruby FurnitureThe Ruby office furniture collection from Cherryman Industries boasts a timeless look that's sure to earn any home office interior the positive compliments it deserves. The desks and workstations from this traditionally influenced line are available in a rich cherry finish option. Ruby series furnishings are moderately priced and ideal for executive applications.

Cherryman Jade DeskEnjoy the best of modern and traditionally inspired furniture collections with Jade! This versatile desk line combines laminate work surfaces with metal accents and intricate top shapes. Jade is yet another unique line from Cherryman that allows shoppers to think outside the box. With 2 quick shipping finish options, Jade makes it easy to create stylish work environments in a hurry. The Cherryman Jade desk collection also offers attractive conference room tables and reception stations that will allow you to create a cohesive look throughout complimenting interiors if you decide to move out of your home office space!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Meeting Guests Love Woodstock Marketing Chairs!

Woodstock MarketingWoodstock Marketing takes pride in crafting rock legend inspired chairs that will strike a chord with any user. This innovative, up and coming brand is ready to impress with designer conference room chairs from collections like Hendrix, Joplin, and Baez. Today on the blog, we'll take a look at the seating that's putting Woodstock Marketing center stage in 2016.

Woodstock Marketing Hendrix ChairIf you're going to name a chair "Hendrix" it better rock! Rest assured, this seating solution from Woodstock Marketing lives up to it's name. The Hendrix chair boasts a segmented, memory foam cushion design and genuine leather seating surfaces. With polished chrome accents and a plethora of user friendly ergo features, these chairs offer a legendary vibe that will earn any professional meeting area the high marks it deserves.

Woodstock Marketing Joplin ChairSleek, contemporary, and cool! The Joplin chair from Woodstock Marketing is ready to make it's impression felt in any conference room. Available in 4 quick shipping color options, the Joplin makes it easy to put a personal touch on any interior without stretching the makeover deadline. These comfortable leather conference room chairs can be purchased in both high and mid back variations.

Woodstock Marketing Baez ChairThe Baez chair from Woodstock Marketing provides a full mesh design that makes it easy to stay comfortable during long conference room gatherings. This breathable mesh office chair also helps to maximize the number of guests that can be accommodated around the conference table with it's sleek design. Both mid and high back variations are available in black and white mesh options starting at just $269.00. Talk about value!

Woodstock Marketing Annie Series Conference ChairLooking to make a statement in the conference room? Check out the Annie chair! These sleek leather office seating solutions feature an intricate diamond stitching pattern that's sure to earn your space the positive compliments it deserves. The Annie conference room chair is available in unique color options like red that will no doubt wow your valued visitors. The mid back Annie series chair is available in 2016 for just $295.00.

Woodstock Marketing Ravi ChairAs the newest conference room chair from Woodstock Marketing, we decided to save the Ravi for last! We love the space saving design, well padded seat, and stylish box style arms this innovative seating solution has to offer. Much like Mr. Shankar, the Ravi chair is a true original. Available in a variety of cool color combinations, the Ravi makes it easy to create unique meeting areas. These distinctively bold chairs support users up to 250 pounds and come standard with ergonomic features that include a tilt lock, adjustable tilt tension, adjustable pneumatic seat, and much more. The natural curve of the back provides exceptional lumbar support while the wide 5 star base offers excellent stability and mobility. At the respectable price point of $229.00, the Ravi conference chair is a must consider option in 2016.

Monday, June 20, 2016

5 Ways To Kick Off The Summer In Comfort

How To Stay Comfortable At Work by
Today marks the official start of Summer! That being said, it's time to take action and start getting comfortable. Don't settle for workplace fatigue, muscle cramps, and poor blood flow in the second half of 2016. We've got you covered. Today on the blog we're highlighting 5 ways to kick comfort into high gear. Enjoy!

1.) Smart Chair

Smart chairs are the latest ergonomic craze. The ability to achieve top notch comfort with minimal level pulling and adjusting is incredibly appealing to chair shoppers. To make a long story short, smart chairs minimize the ergonomic learning curve. If you're looking for ways to improve your posture without the headache, a smart chair is the way to go. 

Popular Smart Chairs:
  • Global Total Office G20 Chair
  • Mayline Living Chair
  • RFM Preferred Seating Verte Chair
  • Eurotech Seating iOO Chair
2.) Sit To Stand Workstation

As the song says, "you gotta get up to get down". Sit to stand workstations promote continuous movement in the workplace and improve blood flow. The ability to quickly switch from sitting to standing positions at the touch of a button will make you incredibly versatile. Sit to stand workstations are great for private office, training room, and classroom applications. Brands like Mayline, ESI Ergonomic Solutions, and Global Total Office offer best selling sit to stand workstations that should be considered by furniture shoppers looking to boost comfort this summer.

3.) Compute Correctly

It's as simple as this, compute correctly and enjoy a more efficient work day. Those who compute and type at incorrect angles commonly suffer from joint pain in the hands that greatly reduces productivity. Purchasing an articulating keyboard tray will set you on the path to typing success. A high quality keyboard tray will offer you the ability to increase usable desk space while improving your typing posture.

In addition, consider integrating a dual screen monitor arm into your space. Dual monitor mounts will improve the rate at which you compute. They'll also help you get your screens to eye level. If you're looking down at your monitors when typing, you're neck is paying the price! A dual screen monitor mount is the professional solution.

4.) Avoid Extended Sits

Sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. You've gotta stand up at least once every couple of hours to stretch out those fatiguing muscles. Take a few minutes to walk around. Allow your eyes to adjust from staring at the computer scree. Get a drink of water to stay hydrated. In the long run, short breaks are they key to a comfortable work day. Even when you get busy and the tasks mount up, force yourself to take short breaks. They're an absolute must if you want to stay energized at work and operating at peak performance levels! 

5.) Posture Reminders

Studies have shown that placing a list of helpful posture reminders within eye sight of your computer screen will improve comfort levels. Let's be honest, it's hard to remember a long list of ways to sit correctly during busy work days. In most cases, posture is the last thing on our minds! The being said, simple reminders will go a long way towards improving comfort. Keeping helpful tips fresh will ensure you remain comfortable for longer periods of time.

Helpful Posture Tips:
  • Keep Back In Contact With Chair
  • Avoid Leaning Forward
  • Don't Slouch
  • Keep Feet Flat and Facing Forward
  • Don't Use Chair Base As Foot Rest
  • Take Short Breaks
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Raise Computer Screens To Eye Level

Friday, June 17, 2016

Office Design 101: Creating Corporate Appeal Without Breaking The Budget!

Office Design TipsWith an unlimited budget, creating stylish office interiors is easy. Unfortunately, most of us lack this luxury. That being said, we're here to help! Today on the blog we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to maximize your interiors without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

1.) Plan Effectively

Professional office remodeling projects start with effective planning. Sit down with your team to create a budget and realistic timeline for your project. Discuss needs versus wants and do a cost analysis by visiting various furniture retailers online.

To further plan, obtain accurate dimensions of your space. Be sure to note the location of entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect the way your new office furniture fits. Rushing into the shopping process with no budget or dimensions will definitely lead to over spending and logistical headaches. Plan from the start to ensure you project stays on track and under budget!

2.) Visit A Showroom

A little product knowledge goes a long way! Take the time to visit a furniture showroom in your city. Speak with a representative about the goals of your project and obtain literature on popular furniture lines that will work for your specific needs. While you're there, try out various office seating and obtain finish swatches. Knowing what types of chairs are comfortable is a must as good looks are only half the battle! In addition, requesting furniture swatches later will eat into your makeover timeline.

3.) Research The Latest Design Trends

Before purchasing furniture for your space, research the latest design trends. This simple step will provide you with the inspiration needed to create visual appeal and wow your valued visitors. To find trends, check out social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

4.) Shop for Value

Following the latest office design trends can be expensive! You and your team will need to shop for value. Start by browsing comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping. Here you'll be able to sort products by price. You'll also be able to quickly locate brands that offer free shipping.

5.) Read Reviews

Don't make a purchase without first reading reviews. If a furniture dealer doesn't have reviews posted online, it's not a good sign. Most reputable dealers will have accurate reviews listed on Google and other reliable sites like While reviews aren't everything, they certainly come in handy when choosing between to furniture providers.

6.) Find Coupons

You can further maximize your shopping budget with a good coupon or bulk discount! While most choose to look for coupon codes on sites like and, we recommend giving your dealer of choice a quick phone call. You'll be building a personal relationship that's sure to pay dividends in the future. Don't be afraid to ask about bulk discounting opportunities and current coupon specials they may be running to save you money.

7.) Go With A Full Service Collection

If you can, choose furniture from a single manufacturer and full service collection. This leads to cohesive interiors that match properly. Leave mix matching products from various brands to the pros. It's difficult to do correctly. It's also more expensive! This year, popular collections like Medina from Mayline have been the preferred choice of industry guru's and design teams alike. Lines like this offer all of the desks, tables, and accents needed to maximize corporate appeal without breaking the bank.

Last but certainly not least, here's a list of popular furniture lines to consider for your project. These affordable collections offer high end appeal and the products needed to earn your interiors the positive compliments they deserve...

  • Medina
  • Aberdeen
  • Brighton
  • Verde
  • Amber
  • Princeton
  • Zira

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Modular Solutions: Global Total Office Zira Series

Modular Office Furniture Solutions at OfficeAnything.comWhen average office furniture just won't cut it, turn to customizable solutions from Global Total Office. This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in crafting the modular furnishings needed to maximize any floor plan. Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll take an in-depth look at Global's award winning Zira collection. Rest assured, this full service line can do it all!

The days of traditional cubicle and panel furniture systems dominating the market are a thing of the past. In 2016, interior design teams, businesses, and industry professionals are thinking outside the box to create open desking layouts that promote collaboration in the workplace. This booming trend has put the Zira collection in the spot light. With it's vast array of modular components, Zira is ready to tackle jobs of any size.

Global Total Office Zira Furniture at OfficeAnything.comAt first glance, you'll notice the distinctively bold lines and characteristics that make the Zira office furniture collection great. Intricate edge and handle pull options make it easy to put your personal stamp on any interior. If you're tired of out-of-the-box furniture, Zira will be a breath of fresh air! This modern line is sure to earn any space the compliments it deserves.

Open desking is fun, versatile, and downright cool! While cubicles make you feel closed in, open desking is the complete opposite. With a modular desk layout from the Zira collection you'll be able to quickly and easily interact with your teammates to tackle the days toughest tasks.

Open Desking System at OfficeAnything.comLooking to modernize your interiors and improve performance? Of course you are! Leave no doubt, Zira is ready to help. This high tech modular office furniture line further raises the bar with it's unique power options. With Zira, you can put high tech input options at surface level. No more hunting for outlets and routing wires underneath your desk surface. Talk about user friendly!

You might be thinking, "A furniture line this great must be expensive". Believe it or not, Zira is quite affordable. By industry standards, Zira provides unmatched value and the visual appeal needed to kick corporate appeal into high gear. You'll be hard pressed to find a better furniture line for the money.

Modern Office Furniture at OfficeAnything.comIf you're ready to give the Zira collection a shot, plan in advance! The made to order furniture solutions from Zira take 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture. While most of today's basic collections are ready to ship out from the factory in just a couple days, Zira is far from basic and the additional wait time is well worth it.

We give the modular desking from the Zira collection 5 out of 5 stars. You can truly do it all with this line. With extensive finish options and interchangeable components, Zira is a must consider for both modern and traditional work environments. If you're looking to improve team interaction, performance, and collaboration, Zira is a must consider.


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