Friday, October 13, 2017

Office Desk Showcase: Corner Workstations That Maximize Space & Appeal

It's no secret that when tackling office remodeling projects, space is always at a premium. The ability to outfit your interior with every component you want isn't always realistic. That's why it's essential to get the most out of your available square footage. Corner workstations will help you do just that! Today on the blog we'll showcase popular L shaped desks and corner workstations to consider for your project.

L Shaped Corner DeskFirst up, allow us to present to your the 66366L model Mesa corner desk from OFM with metal sides and a scratch resistant laminate top. This industrial office desk features a scratch resistant top and heavy duty frame that's ready to look good in your space for years to come. All of the corner workstations from the Mesa collection are available in 3 quick shipping finish options.

Collaborative Corner DeskCollaborative corner workstations like the AM-331N from the Cherryman Amber collection are super popular. They offer the ability to host small group strategizing sessions that encourage creativity. This peninsula style corner desk even features a full sized pedestal that locks for security. Amber components like this AM-331N are available in 5 finishes and even include free shipping.

Cherryman Verde WorkstationYou'll also want to check out the L shaped Verde desks from Cherryman. They're very modern and offer cutting edge vibes that are hard to top. When paired with matching wall cabinets and overhead hutch units, Verde workstations are perfect for upscale executive interiors. Best selling Cherryman Verde workstations like the VL-619N feature attractive silver handle pulls and high end laminate surfaces.

Aberdeen DeskOffice furniture collections like Aberdeen have stood the test of time because of fashionable corner workstations like the AT24. This along-the-wall desk features an overhead storage hutch with 4 doors, as well as a 2 drawer lateral filing cabinet. The collaborative peninsula desk extending from the credenza is nice touch that will make your space feel open and spacious. The AT24 Aberdeen desk typical from Mayline is available for $1240.99 in your choice of 5 finish options.

Ventnor Corner DeskIf you're going for luxury vibes, wood veneer office furniture is the way to go. We recommend elegant corner workstations like the V9 from the Offices To Go Ventnor collection. With a full sized modesty panel and curved front section, this well made desk is hard to beat.

Affordable Corner DeskThe team at Offices To Go also offers affordable corner desks from the Superior Laminate Collection. As one of the hottest lines of the year, Superior Laminate workstations and desk configurations are a great option for budgeting businesses looking to maximize square footage without breaking the bank. Just take a look at the SL-M and you'll see what we mean. For just $509.99 you can outfit your interior with a spacious L shaped desk that includes a suspended 2 drawer pedestal.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Enhancing The Office: Fashionable Welcome Desks

Today on 'Enhancing The Office' we'll be showcasing fashionable welcome desks from brands like Offices To Go, OFM, and Mayline. These guest reception stations offer the trend setting appeal and attention to detail needed to kick corporate appeal into over drive. If your welcoming area is in need of a facelift, these welcome desks have you covered.

Offices To Go Ventnor Reception DeskFirst up, the VF-F Ventnor welcome desk. This luxurious wood veneer check-in station features two full sized pedestals and plenty of operational space. The VF-F Ventnor reception desk is available in a choice of two finish options that are great for both modern and traditionally inspired projects. Matching wall cabinets and tables are also available from this full service line.

OFM Marque Reception StationThe OFM Marque collection has been a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals for years. This line of curved welcome desks provides appeal from any angle. Marque stations are available in a variety of sizes to help accommodate interiors of any size. Choose from 4 in-stock finish options.

Napoli Reception StationNobody offers a larger selection of quick shipping reception desks than Mayline. This highly respected furniture manufacturer has made it their mission to craft unique welcome stations that are ahead of the competition. Take one look at their NRSLFF Napoli reception station and you'll quickly see what we mean. With a glass transaction counter, wood veneer surfaces, and silver accent trim, this designer desk is an absolute winner.

Mayline Sterling FurnitureWith so many cool options from Mayline available in 2017, we couldn't just show you one. You'll also want to check out Mayline's newest welcome desk collection, Sterling. This line of desks, conference tables, and storage components offers some of the hottest stations on the market. Popular units like the STG31 boast spacious 96" wide operating surfaces and include plenty of storage.

Zira U Shaped Reception DeskAllow us to introduce the most customizable line of guest reception furniture on the market. The Global Zira series provides unrivaled modular benefits and the ability to really think outside the box with your professional interiors. Best selling Zira reception area components can be used to create both single and multi user configurations. The options are truly limitless! Shoppers will love the ability to select from more than 20 finishes, multiple drawer pull options, and an array of frosted paneling to truly make an impact on valued visitors.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Home Office Heroes: Modway Edition

Modway Home Office Solutions
Modway makes it easy to create fashionable home office interiors on a budget. The designer desks and ergonomically correct computer chairs from this highly respected brand provided an unrivaled combination of value and appeal. Today on 'Home Office Heroes' we'll take a look at the home office components that make Modway a leader in the furniture world.

Small Home Office DeskIf you're tackling a home office remodeling project with limited funds, take a look at the EEI-1321 model panel desk from Modway. This 47" wide computer desk offers a blend of mid century and contemporary vibes that are sure to impress for just $139.99. The EEI-1321 is available in a choice of birch and cherry finish options that can both be shipped within 2 days of purchase.

Home Writing DeskFinding a cool home office desk under $100.00 is easier said than done. That being said, Modway has you covered. Their Bin series home office workstation is a true bargain buy that doesn't lack in terms of quality and appeal. The EEI-1327 model Modway Bin desk features a rectangular operating surface with integrated storage compartments. Three quick shipping finish options are available at just $95.99.

Glass DeskAdmittedly, the EEI-1182 Abeyance series glass desk from Modway is probably a bit pricey for the average consumer at $515.99. However, by industry standards it's one of the best glass desk buys on the market. This spacious workstation with integrated storage is luxurious, classy, and sophisticated. The Abeyance desk is absolutely perfect for upscale interiors.

Orange Home Office ChairDon't think for a second that Modway forgot about your quest for comfort. This Home Office Hero crafts some of the best ergonomic task chairs on the market. Take a quick sit in their EEI-210 model Attainment chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This ventilated mesh back office chair with arms is available in 7 color options for just $119.99. This ergonomically contoured chair is supremely comfort and equally user friendly.

Mid Century Modern Home Office ChairThis year executive office chairs with mid century modern design characteristics have been super popular. Seating solutions like the EEI-1028 Escape chair from Modway are a big reason why. This designer chair with easy to clean surfaces and polished details is an absolute winner. The Escape chair features a vertical ribbed pattern with segmented cushions and a user friendly control mechanism.

Modern Home Office ChairOkay modern office chair shoppers, we've got a little something for you. We've highlighted the EEI-274 model Pillow chair from Modway before, but it's time to show it a bit more love. This bold executive style chair for the home office has become one of the hottest options of 2017. There's no doubt the Pillow chair looks cool and can be used as the focal point of any interior. But more importantly, it's comfortable. The independent cushions from which the chair has earned its name provide awesome support during extended sitting sessions. This popular home office chair can be yours in 3 color options for $252.99.

Monday, October 9, 2017

5 Innovative Office Seating Brands To Watch This Fall

Each year during the Fall, industry leading office chair manufacturers release fashionable new chairs designed to encourage good posture while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. 2017 will be no exception! Reputable brands like Global, Eurotech, and Woodstock Marketing are hard at work crafting hot new chairs that will take the season by storm.

1.) Global

Global Office Chairs 2017

This year Global has already released 2 awesome new seating collections. Their Novello and Spritz lines have become instant favorites of interior design teams and industry professionals. These customizable ergonomic office chairs show where the industry is headed and prove that Global is always willing to push the limits of innovation. The Fall season will be no exception!

2.) Eurotech

Eurotech Office Chairs

This one is more of a hunch. It's been over a year since the team at Eurotech gave us any new chairs. We think big things are on the way. As one of the most innovative chair manufacturers on the market, it shouldn't be long before new Eurotech chairs begin to hit the scene. When they do release a new batch of chairs, it's safe to expect several additions and ground breaking ergonomic attributes. The last time Eurotech revamped their lineup, popular options like the iOO, Nuvem, and Eduskate all took the seating world by storm.

3.) Woodstock Marketing

Woodstock Marketing Office Chairs

No matter your office seating needs, Woodstock Marketing has you covered. Last year we told you that Woodstock was an up and coming brand to watch. Now they're becoming one of the best in the business. Just last month they released an all new line of modular lobby seating called Jefferson that includes powered marble top coffee tables. With lines like Creedence currently offered at closeout pricing, new chairs are likely on the way.

4.) OFM

OFM Office Chairs

Not even a month goes by without seeing something new from OFM. Honestly, we can't say enough good things about this respected brand. The all new OFM office chairs from the Essentials collection provide an exceptional combination of value and appeal. In addition, new multi purpose sit to stand stools like the Vivo show that OFM is committed to workplace efficiency and excellence. Don't be surprised to see 4 or 5 cool new chairs from OFM pop up before November.

5.) Modway

Office Chairs From Modway

Last but not least, we want to shed a little light on a chair provider that deserves some love this season. Modway is often looked at as a home furniture provider, but they also offer an awesome selection of affordable chairs that are perfect for conference room and executive office applications. Month after month we see fancy new chairs hit the market that just aren't practical for budgeting shoppers. Thankfully, Modway has us covered. Their selection of cost effective office chairs is unrivaled. If you're looking to save a few bucks without sacrificing quality and appeal, give the new office chairs from Modway a look this Fall.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Design Elite Waiting Areas With OFM Components

OFM Reception Furniture
Lot's of brands have a specialities. That being said, the team at OFM can really do it all. Their commitment to innovation and quality is truly unrivaled. This industry leader has made it their mission to craft the most comprehensive selection of waiting room, lobby, and reception area components on the market. Not only that, OFM components are cost effective, stylish, and incredibly well made.

OFM Marque Reception DeskIf you're looking to create a cutting edge waiting room that earns an abundance of compliments, makes a lasting impression on visitors, and provides an awesome guest experience, OFM has your back. Take a look at their Marque reception desks and you'll quickly see what we mean. These curved front stations look great from every angle, require no tools for assembly, and come in a variety of sizes to meet your specific space requirements. Marque stations are ready, willing, and able to serve as the focal point of your project. 

OFM Morph ComponentsThe OFM Morph collection provides the perfect combination of technology and comfort. The powered lounge chairs and sofas from this collection make it easy for guests to charge devices while they wait. The flip up privacy panels featured on the components from the Morph collection are very unique. You won't find them on many lines. The Morph collection proves that OFM is ahead of the curve and setting trends the competition can only hope to imitate.

OFM Triumph CollectionPerhaps you're looking for something a bit more modular. No worries. Check out the connectable lobby seating solutions from the OFM Triumph collection. This line of modular chairs makes it easy to maximize square footage, encourage guest collaboration, and kick corporate appeal into overdrive. Many of the chairs from the Triumph seating line feature tablet arms for an added boost of versatility.

OFM Beam SeatingWe can't say enough good things about the OFM Net series. This line of heavy duty beam seating and designer tables will help you create the waiting area of your dreams. OFM Net series beam chairs for the waiting room and lobby are available in 7 cool color options and a variety of sizes. They'll make an instant impression in both indoor and outdoor settings.

OFM Hex CollectionIt's time to put a hex on your waiting room, or maybe just in it. The modular stools and tables from the OFM Hex series offer an abundance of wow factor and versatility. First and foremost, they're affordable. The table and stool are available for just $152.99. You can effectively use Hex components along side chairs of your choosing to give your space a little added flair. After all, when it comes to waiting room design, you can't be afraid to distinguish your space.

OFM Uno Seating ConfigurationWe could honestly go on for days telling you about OFM collections, but it's probably best to wrap things up by showcasing one of their all time best lines. Wether you're looking for easy to clean chairs for your healthcare waiting room, or in need of fashionable modern chairs for a high class lobby, the Uno seating line is a must consider. Uno 420 model chairs from OFM are sold in affordable 2 packs for $382.99. They're available in a variety of single and two tone upholstery combinations that provide durability and long lasting appeal. In addition, the Uno collection offers side and wedge tables that make it easy to create fluid configurations with modularity in mind. It really doesn't get much better than Uno. This well rounded table and seating line is a favorite of design teams and industry professionals alike.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Chair Of The Month: Joplin by Woodstock Marketing

Joplin Office Chair ReviewRibbed back office chairs are incredibly popular and equally versatile. Wether you're looking to create a high fashion executive office or outfit a boardroom with stylish new chairs, ribbed back seating solutions should definitely be on you radar. That being said, there's one in particular that's dominating the competition. Today on the blog we'll look at one of the hottest ribbed back chairs on the market, the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing!

Joplin Ribbed Back Office Chair by Woodstock MarketingLet us start by saying that when shopping for a ribbed back chair (or any office chair for that matter) you need to be on the look out for cheap knock offs and imitations that aren't built to last. By selecting your new office chair from a brand like Woodstock Marketing, you eliminate this problem. Woodstock chairs are very well made and ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

Ribbed Leather Conference ChairEven at first glance the Joplin chair will draw you in. If you're all about the details, this is the ribbed back chair for you. Sleek European stylings are abounding in this chair. With a blend of contemporary and mid century vibes, the Joplin is ready, willing, and able to earn your interior the compliments it deserves.

Once seated in this popular office chair from Woodstock Marketing you'll be able to feel the quality. The genuine leather seating surfaces are a nice touch that further distinguish the Joplin from many of the ribbed back models on the market. Additionally, the Joplin features a set of polished chrome arms and a matching base.

Sleek Office ChairJoplin office chairs are available in a choice of high and mid back variations. The mid back Joplin chair is perfect for conference and boardroom seating needs. The high back Joplin is more suited for contemporary executive interiors.

Gray Leather Conference ChairThe Joplin mid back office chair is currently available for $289.00. The high back variation is slightly  more expensive, but still pretty affordable by industry standards. At $329.00, it's a great buy for a genuine leather office chair of this quality.

Woodstock Marketing is offering the Joplin in a choice of 5 color options. If you're looking to keep things simple, there's nothing wrong with classic options like black. That being said, if you're looking for chairs to serve as a focal point within your interior, you can't go wrong with stand out color options like red.
Office Chair Coupon
This month we're proud to offer 10% off all of the Joplin series office chairs from Woodstock Marketing. Just enter in coupon code CYBER1 at checkout and you'll also enjoy free shipping on your entire purchase. If you're looking for a value priced office chair that's supremely stylish and exceptionally well made, the Joplin is a must consider!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Style Alert: These Reception Stations Will Earn Your Space Daily Compliments!

A little wow factor goes a long way towards making a great impression on your valued office visitors. That being said, outfitting your welcoming area with a stylish reception station is the perfect place to start. While you don't want to go overly modern, a tasteful desk that makes a statement without being too over the top is the definitely a smart idea. Today on 'Style Alert' we'll showcase well rounded reception desks from brands like Offices To Go, Cherryman, and OFM that will earn you and your business daily compliments.

Veneer Reception StationIf today's ultra modern furniture collections aren't your thing, the odds are you'll be looking at traditional wood veneer lines to utilize in your interiors. The problem is, wood veneer office furniture is typically pretty expensive. Thankfully, the team at OTG has you covered. The reception stations and matching components from their Ventnor collection are classy and sophisticated. Ventnor reception stations like the VF-F are available in 2 finish options for $1759.99. This is an excellent price point for a wood veneer reception station of this caliber.

Walnut Reception DeskBugeting shoppers turn to the affordable reception stations and furnishings from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection. As this trendy line just got an all new finish option, it was must mention in today's post. A Superior Laminate reception desk in Autumn Walnut will no doubt earn your space an abundance of compliments. At $619.99, you'll be left with funds to spare for additional interior accents.

Modern Reception DeskWow factor is easily achieved with the reception desks from the Cherryman Verde collection. This best selling line of desks, storage components, and tables for the conference room will do wonders for your professional interiors. Verde stations boast spacious operating surfaces, white accents, and scratch resistant laminate surfaces. Options like the VL-816 are ready, willing, and able to impress even the harshest furniture critics.

Curved Reception DeskMoving right along, you'll also want to check out the curved front reception desks from the OFM Marque collection. They look great from any angle! With multiple sizes available, Marque reception stations from OFM are supremely versatile. We absolutely love Marque desks in trending finish options like white and walnut. They'll make your space feel up to date without being too overly modern. Matching storage components and ADA compliment sections are also available from this respected brand.

Aberdeen Reception DeskLast but not least, you can't go wrong with a stylish reception desk from the Mayline Aberdeen collection. This long time favorite line of interior design teams and industry professionals provides an unrivaled combination of value and appeal. Popular Aberdeen reception desks like the AT36 boast plexiglass transaction screens, reversible returns, and integrated storage modules for personal organizing. In unique coastal inspired finish options like Gray Steel, an Aberdeen reception station will make your space feel luxurious and trendy without costing a fortune to furnish.


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