Friday, July 3, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Global Lite Seating

Welcome to another installment of "Office Chair Reviews" by! If you're looking for a stylish set of reception seating to make your waiting room shine, don't miss out on today's review. In this article, we take a closer look at Global Lite Seating, reviewing the good and the bad so you can make an informed decision when shopping. Enjoy!


For anyone shopping affordable reception furniture, you've definitely come to the right place! Down from Global Total Office is a new set of trendy chairs for sale that's perfect for any lobby, waiting room, or reception area - the Lite seating collection. True to Global's reputation, these chairs certainly don't lack for style. Not only do they come in 24 color options, but with a plethora of individually-styled seats to choose from, buyers can always find what they need.


Despite the fact that the Global Lite chair series offers plentiful seating styles, the chairs themselves offer little extraneous variation.  Thankfully, the Lite series goes with more of a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, delivering a quality seating experience regardless of the chair that's bought! With a high tech mesh upholstery (designed with top-quality elastomer mesh), and a lightweight design, each chair keeps the same level of comfort. If you have specific needs though, don't worry! Lite chairs come with a variety of bases and support structures, from casters to sleds, to ensure you'll get exactly what your office needs!


Price is another area where the Global Lite series excels! Shoppers who choose this brand get gain all the benefits of customizable colors and varied designs for a fraction of what similar chairs cost. With a number of seating styles available, there is something for every room in the office. Chairs like the 5942 Lite desk chair are perfect for meetings in an executive office. Additionally, models like the 5952C mobile side chair would be perfect for a conference or training room. With Lite, the possibilities are endless. Buy in bulk, and it definitely won't break your bank!


Every furniture series retains a trademark, and for Lite, that trademark is the chair itself. Although support structures and aesthetic features vary widely between chairs, most seats in the Lite collection offer relatively the same design. However, with breathable seats boasting a high grade elastomer mesh, users will always receive pampered support and comfort. Additional models are also available in leather!

Final Grades

Given all the characteristics of these stylish mesh chairs by Global, we proudly present the Lite series with four stars! Not only does this collection reach a wide variety of seating needs, but the varied designs make Lite chairs extremely versatile. Ideal for reception areas, lobbies, and waiting rooms, this collection makes a valuable addition to training room furniture and more! Affordable prices and a host of color options helps this series appeal to almost every office need!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Office Desks 101: Shape Matters

When shopping for office desks for the home or business, you'll encounter a variety of different shapes that are designed to serve specific purposes. From U shaped to L shaped, the type of desk you select will determine much about your functionality and overall versatility. In today's Design 101 post we'll share the important benefits of each of the 4 main shapes to help you select the perfect model for your interior.

U Shaped

U Shaped Office Desk

U shaped office desks are commonly used in both home and business environments. This style of configuration is formed by using a main desk, return, and credenza. U shaped office desks provide ample work surface space and typically come standard with desk pedestals for organization. In many cases, U shaped desks from Mayline and Cherryman Industries commonly include overhead hutch units to help you maximize organizing space without taking up valuable floor space. U shaped desks work great in executive environments as well as corner office applications. As the largest option of the main desk shapes, you'll need the most square footage to accommodate a U shaped station effectively. Like with all office furniture, be sure to measure your space correctly before purchasing your new workstation. This will help you avoid a major headache and ensure a good fit!

Straight Front

Straight Front Office Desk

There's not much you can't do with a good straight front desk.  This user friendly shape can be used effectively along walls or in corner applications. Most of the best selling straight front desks on the market offer modular design characteristics that allow returns, pedestals, and credenzas to be connected with ease. The rectangular design of a straight front desk makes it the ideal choice for creating group workstations. Desks can be pushed together seamlessly to form configurations for multiple users. Brands like Global Total Office, Offices To Go, and OFM, Inc. all provide excellent straight front desk options for shoppers to choose from.

Bow Front

Bow Front Office Desk

The perfect choice for your executive office makeover needs! Bow front office desks offer high end appeal and a luxurious look that's sure to impress. If you're looking to slide the front of your desk up against an office wall, a bow front model is not the best option for you. That being said, if you're looking to create a stunning interior that utilizes the desk as the main focal point, bow front models are the way to go! The curved work surface provides aesthetic appeal that's designed to look great from any angle. Bow front desks from brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Offices To Go can be expanded much like straight front desks. Returns and credenzas can be integrated easily to create more work surface space when needed.

L Shaped

L Shaped Office Desk

If you're lacking the to accommodate a U shaped desk configuration and need more work surface than a stand alone desk can provide by itself, an L shaped desk is the perfect compromise. L shaped desks typically feature a main straight front or bow front station that connects to a return to provide additional work surface. The combination of these two parts creates the L shape. This popular desk style is commonly used in corner office applications and along walls to save space. Excellent L shaped desk solutions can be purchased in preconfigured sets from brands like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Use These Trending Office Chairs To Match YOUR Workspace Makeover Theme!

Show your design ingenuity by selecting a cool office chair to match your makeover theme! In today's post, we'll showcase the top office chairs on the market in 2015 for modern, retro, traditional, and contemporary makeover projects. These chairs offer the adjustable features needed to keep you comfortable with the cohesive style characteristics to match your space to perfection. Enjoy!

Modern: Eurotech Seating iOO Chair

Eurotech Seating iOO Chair

Looking to create a cutting edge office interior? You'll need the perfect chair! The Eurotech Seating iOO mesh back chair is the perfect solution. These upscale ergonomic taskers provide user friendly adjustment features and modern lines that will wow your office visitors. The iOO is available in all black or the ultra modern black on white combo color combination. With it's polished aluminum base, multi functional arms, and pronounced lumbar support, the iOO chair has taken the seating world by storm in 2015. Check out one of these trending office chairs from Eurotech Seating today. You'll be glad you did!

Retro: Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair

Retro Office Chair

The Woodstock Marketing Hendrix leather chair features retro design characteristics that include a segmented cushion design and polished frame. While these classic chairs may look vintage, they maintain a commitment to key ergonomic values you'll surely appreciate when sitting for long durations. The classy leather office chairs from the Hendrix line include black, brown, white, and gray leather models in both high back and mid back variations. From the executive office to the boardroom, Hendrix chairs are the premier option for retro office makeover projects of 2015.

Traditional: Boss B850 Chair

Traditional Leather Office Chair

Traditional office makeover themes maintain their popularity year after year. The elegant nature of wood veneer office furniture is sure to up the aesthetic value of any space. Unfortunately, traditional office furniture can also come with a hefty price tag that won't leave you with much budget to spare for your chair! Luckily, brands like Boss Office are here to help! With traditionally inspired office chairs like the B850, complimenting your traditional interior just got easy. At just $480.99, shoppers will be rewarded with a luxurious black leather office chair with overstuffed cushions and brass nail head trim.

Contemporary: Cherryman iDesk Curva Chair

iDesk Curva High Back Chair

Released just a few short weeks ago, the iDesk Curva chair from Cherryman Industries is already making it's mark on contemporary makeover projects. These top of the line seating solutions offer the top quality craftsmanship industry professionals have come to expect from Cherryman. Needless to say, the Curva doesn't disappoint. With it's attractive loop arm design and leather headrests standard on high back models, the Curva is ready to take your interior to the next level. Curva offers the perfect blend of elegance and comfort to create one of the hottest chairs of the year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Design 101: Creating Versatile Interiors

There's a lot of criticism surrounding open office configurations for business. But if companies like Google, Pixar, and Facebook have anything to say about it, the secret to success with an open office layout is plenty of versatile interiors! In today's article, we'll highlight top furniture items to help you achieve an open atmosphere in the workplace!

Nesting Chairs

Fast, convenient, and always maneuverable, nesting and folding chairs are one of the best things an office can be furnished with. Whether you add them to your waiting room, other conference furniture, or even an auditorium, nesting chairs have long made the ideal companions for events of all kinds. But that's not all they can do! In an open office space, keeping a supply of nesting chairs stowed away nearby gives employees the opportunity to sit wherever they feel most comfortable to complete work. It also helps to accommodate offices with fluctuating numbers of employees, or rates of visitation.

Modular Conference Tables

Need a table that's as adaptable as your workspace? Look to the conference room! Adding affordable modular conference tables to an office is one of the simplest, most effective ways to make your space more versatile. This is because furniture designed to be modular is designed to meet a variety of needs. Tables like the ones from Global Total Office's "Bungee" collection come with a network of easily connectable units, so the tables can be organized in whatever layout will best suit the office's needs.

Flip Top Training Tables

For the active workplace, adding flip top training tables can be a life-saver. Designed with tabletops that easily fold or bend so that tables can be compactly stowed away, these adaptable surfaces keep an business place prepared for anything. Excellent for surprise events, sudden meetings, spur-of-the-moment conference time - and of course, training new recruits - flip top training tables always come in handy!

Tablet Chairs

Nothing suits an open office better than the ever convenient tablet chair! In most open office configurations, employees have the freedom to sit and work wherever they feel most comfortable. However, that doesn't always mean the places they choose to sit are the healthiest for their bodies. Adding ergonomic tablet chairs to your workplace increases the opportunity for employees to sit right. The design and lumbar support of an ergonomic task chair does wonders for the health of the spine by helping occupants retain the spine's natural S-shape. Add in a tablet, and workers have a healthy place to sit and use their laptop while encouraging better physical health. A few models, like the SKTRN-BLK Eduskate tablet chair for sale by Eurotech are even mobile!

Powered Furniture

Of course, one of the biggest criticisms of the open office format has to do with power. In the olden days, energy costs were lowered by crowding workers together in line after line of barricaded cubicles. Now, with the advent of open offices, those energy costs have increased. Instead of employees getting clustered into a vortex of cubicles, they now cluster around power outlets, hoping to charge the multiple handheld electronics vital to today's workforce. Thankfully, leading office furniture brands like Global and Symmetry now offer powered furniture for office use. Now, thanks to multi user desks and portable power towers, employees can cohesively opt for a shared space to work that will not only power their devices, but also improve communication and teamwork.

Ergonomic Desks

Finally, we leave you with ergonomic desks as our last tip for creating a versatile office interior. If you work in an office, you may have heard all the rumors about how "sitting is the new smoking." Unfortunately, many of these rumors are true. According to health experts, the typical office lifestyle where employees sit for eight or more hours per day can lead to serious health concerns. Due to chronic slouching and improper desk-chair alignment, seated workers often develop back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and even conditions as scary as blood clots. Adding ergonomic sit to stand desks allows employees to alternate between long periods of standing, and brief seated breaks. Not only does this improve pain relief, tone the core, and reduce health risks, but it also embodies that versatile office mentality where choice is the key to comfort!

What's New? Evolve Monitor Arms by ESI!

The new Evolve collection from ESI Ergonomic Solutions is here! This line of adjustable monitor arms is sure to improve workplace productivity and efficiency. In today's post we'll take a look at a few of the top models from the Evolve collection and their respective benefits. Enjoy!

If you're working in a tight space, the EVOLVE-STUBBY monitor arm is the way to go! This pole style mount is ready to accommodate screens up to 17.6 pounds and offers a monitor extension range of 6 inches. The EVOLVE-STUBBY comes standard with both clamp and grommet mount options to make setup a breeze. At an everyday low price of just $159.00. Now that's ergonomic value!

Evolve Dual Monitor Arm
Next up, the EVOLVE2-MS. This dual screen monitor arm features a heavy duty design that's ready to accommodate two 32 inch computer screens side by side. This multi screen mounting system features a VESA place quick release system to make changing out your screens easier than ever. The EVOLVE2-MS can be installed effectively in less than 15 minutes. A slide feature is also standard on each of the arms that provides a 9 inch range of adjustment from left to right. This awesome new monitor arm is available in 2015 for just $443.40.

Evolve 3 Screen Monitor Mount
If two is better than one, three is better than two! The all new ESI EVOLVE3-FMS three screen monitor arm proves this point with shining colors. This adjustable system incorporates a three across mounting approach that is ready to accommodate screens up to 15.4 pounds each. If you're looking to increase your amount of usable desk space while simultaneously improving the rate at which you compute, the EVOLVE3-FMS is a must consider. Enjoy these new monitor arms by ESI for $572.40.

Evolve 4 Screen Monitor Arm
Not everyone needs a 4 screen monitor mount. That being said, if you operate in a fast paced work environment where productivity is key, this EVOLVE4-FMS model may be worth a serious look! This Evolve series mount features 4 independent arms that are ready to adjust from 4.5 inches to 36.5 inches. That's a big range! The EVOLVE4-FMS also boasts a 180 degree lock out feature as well as well as a full extension of 28.75 inches per arm. Talk about versatility!
6 Screen Monitor Arm
The EVOLVE6-FMS is perfect for call center applications and credit card monitoring stations. This high tech 6 screen monitor arm is sure to cut down on the time any user spends flipping back and forth between tabs. With 6 adjustable screens at your disposal, you'll be able to write a report, browse the web for references, and check your social media accounts with screens to spare. Priced at $998.40, this unit is a bit much for the average office space. That being said, it's still one of the most user friendly and affordable 6 screen monitor mounting options available on the market.

Monday, June 22, 2015

2015's Best Office Chairs Under $300

In 2015, three hundred bucks will get you one heck on an office chair! This year, the industries best manufacturers are creating innovative seating designed for improved functionality at prices any shopper will appreciate. Let's take a look at this years top models under $300.00.

1.) Offices To Go 10904B

Offices To Go 10904B

The Offices To Go 10904B chair is available in 2015 for $198.95. These mesh back task chairs provide excellent functionality and a modern look that' sure to impress. With an adjustable lumbar support and arms, finding optimal comfort in the workplace just got easy.

2.) Cherryman iDesk Ambarella

Ambarella Chair

The iDesk seating collection from Cherryman Industries has taken the ergonomic world by storm! Take one seat in the Ambarella 401B mesh chair and you'll see why. These versatile chairs are incredibly comfortable and affordable. The Ambarella chair is available starting at just $214.00. At this price point, the Ambarella is one of the best buys of 2015.

3.) Eurotech Seating Europa Chair

Europa Chair

If you're looking to boost conference room comfort and decor, the Europa is a must consider! These high back leather office chairs from Eurotech Seating offer European design characteristics and plenty of contemporary appeal. The Europa is available this year for just $226.00. Mid back versions are available for even less!

4.) Mayline Valore Mesh Chair

Valore Mesh Chair

Perfect for conference room, tasking, and computing needs, the TSH3 Valore Series Mesh Chair by Mayline is a real workhorse! These user friendly chairs are easy to operate and will have your performance at peak levels in no time. Choose from a variety of cool mesh back color options to compliment your space at no additional charge.

5.) Woodstock Marketing Joplin Chair

Joplin Chair

If you've visited a modern conference room lately, you've probably been greeted with trendy ribbed back office chairs like the Joplin! At just $299.99, the Joplin features genuine leather seating surfaces, polished frame details, and a stylish high back design. Joplin chairs are available in 4 color options and typically ship within 2 business days of order. These chairs from Woodstock Marketing are amongst 2015's best at any price point!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Best of NeoCon 2015

June is here, and NeoCon is underway with the gathering of North America's most reputable designers and innovators in the commercial furniture world. In today's article, you can find out all about this year's NeoCon event, from beginning to end. Welcome to NeoCon 2015!

What's it About?

Before it snatched it's catchy new name, NeoCon began as the "National Exposition of Contract Furnishings." The year was 1969, and 750 exhibitors showed up to show off! Today, NeoCon has evolved into North America's largest exposition of furniture and design for commercial interiors. Both rookies and top selling furniture brands have been known to showcase cutting-edge furniture and design work in the hopes of gaining one of NeoCon's coveted awards. The event is a haven for business associates, interior designers, and interested consumers from all over the world. Anyone looking for a sneak peak into the furniture of the future is sure to find their first glimpse at NeoCon!

Where and When?

This year, NeoCon will last from June 15th to the 17th. The doors will be open 9am - 5pm on the 15th and 16th, and 9am-3pm on the 17th. Don't miss it!

And of course, the event will be hosted at the historic NeoCon home: The Merchandise Mart!

The Merchandise Mart, Chicago
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL 60654 USA

Who's Going?

UrquiolaSilvaLesjak and Sugic

Never count on NeoCon to deliver a half-baked show! This year, the event recruited some names at the top of the industry to speak at the event's prestigious keynotes. Patricia Urquiola, known for her "playful and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional" style, presents the first keynote. Jason Silva, of the American Society of Interior Designers, and host of the National Geographic Channel's, Brain Games, presents the second. And last but not least are Martin Lesjak and Anastasia Sugic, CEOs and creative directors of 13&9, the famous Austrian design collective. Lesjak was awarded Contract Magazine's Designer of the Year, while Sugic is a fashion expert and afficianado. With speakers like these, this year's keynotes are sure to reel in the crowds!

Who's Showing?

Of course, NeoCon would be nothing without the brains and brands to back the event's showcases. This year sees the return of many of last year's favorite innovators, including Arcadia, Dynasound, inc., Dyson, ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Encore, Eurotech, Global Total Office solutions, and Flash Furniture. Of course, the biggest names are also unveiling their latest and greatest. Some of the newest office furniture and accessories by HALCON, idesk, and KI have already won a few of NeoCon's most coveted awards! Here's just a few so far:

- HALCON's "Skill" showcase won 2 "Best of NeoCon" Silver awards.
- The Mohawk Group took home both a silver and gold for their carpet collections.
- BuzziSpace won a gold award for their BuzziFalls line of partitions.
- A new fan favorite, idesk seating by Cherryman Industries, received an innovation award for their new chair series, "Muse."
- KI's line of healthcare seating, "Solstice Metal," won a gold award.

Wrapping Things Up!

Every year, NeoCon unveils the newest innovations in design and commercial technology. For anyone on the lookout for big names and big breakthroughs to improve their business, attendance is a must. This is the event that lays the groundwork for the way things look and are done in businesses of the future. Whether you're seeking to amp up your office appeal or ensure the success of your business with top ergonomic products and gadgetry, NeoCon always delivers the best. Anyone who misses the event, however, can still stay up to date! Keeping up with favorite NeoCon brands and awards delivered will give you an idea of what the world is looking for in regards to commercial design. Don't miss out!