Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Seating Showcase: Awesome New Chairs From Global!

new office chairs from Global Furniture GroupThe team at Global is at it again. This industry leader never fails to impress. The all new chairs from this reputable brand offer the perfect combination of versatility, appeal, and ergonomic functionality. Today in our 'Seating Showcase' series we'll check out awesome new Global chairs like the Sora, Spree, and Bakhita in addition to a sneak peek of what's coming in the next couple of weeks.

Global Sora Task ChairKicking today's post off with anything other than the Sora chair would be a straight up crime. This weight sensing task chair is available in 2 back heights for optimal support. The Sora 6941 and 6942 model chairs respond to the user to ensure good posture and a healthy sitting experience. The Sora is also one of the coolest new chairs on the market and will really help you enhance your interior.

Spritz Flip Seat Chair by GlobalThe Spritz collection has the commercial office seating you need for any and every space. From weight sensing task chairs to flip seat nesting chairs for training room applications, the Spritz series has it all.

Global Spree task chairThe Spree collection is another great line of highly adjustable task chairs that excel on the work floor. The 6040 model Spree chair is our personal favorite. It's available in 7 cool mesh back colors and boasts a multi functional mechanism with user friendly controls.

Novello ChairYour seating should look good while simultaneously keeping you comfortable. If you're having a hard time finding new office chairs that can do both, check out the Novello series. This new Global chair line offers task stools and chairs that are modern, customizable, and super versatile. Nearly every component on a Novello chair can be spec'd by the end user to meet the needs of any applications.

Bakhita stack chairPolypropylene chairs have been incredibly popular as they're durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. Global's new Bakhita line offers polypropylene stack chairs and stools that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Bakhita chairs can be paired with matching tables from this line to create collaborative settings that are built to last.

As promised, we'll wrap up today's edition of 'Seating Showcase' with a look at what's to come from Global. Their all new G1 Ergo Select collection is going to change the way we look at the modern office chair. These multi purpose seating solutions pack a serious ergonomics punch while remaining practical. The G1 line will offer 7 models to choose from including adjustable task stools. With this all new line of GSA approved ergonomic chairs Global has proven that we can officially start to expect more in terms of comfort, performance, and style. The G1 has everything you'd ever hope for in a modern task chair. It's on trend, incredibly well made, and available in a limitless array of fabric, leather, and vinyl upholstery options.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Showcase 2018: Trending Desk Collections To Consider For Your Project

Things are heating up this summer! Industry leading brands are paving the way for elite workscapes with fashionable furniture collections designed to improve collaboration and corporate appeal. Today we're kicking off our 'Summer Showcase' series with 6 of the most popular desk collections on the market. These popular lines offer the modular components, on-trend finish options, and value needed to take your commercial interiors to the next level.

Bush Studio C Office FurnitureNo line will be hotter this summer than Studio C. This popular furniture collection from Bush offers white and gray office furniture that's ready, willing, and able to earn your interior the compliments it deserves. The Bush Studio C collection even offers ergonomic sit to stand executive desks that encourage continuous muscle movement while reducing fatigue and eliminating the need for one of those big desktop attachments that do little to contribute to your vibe.

OFM Fulcrum FurnitureUp next is the OFM Fulcrum collection. This all new line of industrially inspired office furniture consists of laminate panels and metal accents. With Fulcrum, the options are limitless. With a wide range of modular table desks, returns, credenzas, and storage components, creating the workspace of your dreams is a breeze. We hope OFM releases a few factory configurations with set model numbers that showcase the true potential of this line. As of now, Fulcrum components are sold individually in a choice of 4 finishes.

medina sea salt furniture - reception desk
As we roll through 2018, one line has stood the test of time and is showing no signs of loosing momentum. The Mayline Medina furniture collection has become an all-time favorite of interior design teams looking to create a blend of modern, coastal, and contemporary vibes. With finish options like Textured Sea Salt, Medina is nothing short of unique. This popular collection offers desks, reception stations, conference room tables with optional power modules, and modular storage components.

Cherryman Amber Open Concept WorkstationsValue shoppers will love the Cherryman Amber collection this summer. Amber offers designer desks, reception stations, and expandable conference room tables in 6 finish options. Just recently this line was enhanced with an all new Valley Grey finish option that will help you create on-trend interiors without breaking the bank.

otg superior laminate deskingAnother budget friendly line to consider for your summer makeover is Superior Laminate. This collection from Offices To Go offers 4 finish options. The in-stock furniture from the Superior Laminate line typically leaves the factory in just 2 days of order to help meet your tight makeover deadlines.

Full scale remodels require full service furniture lines. That's where the Global Zira series excels. This exceptional collection can be used to fully furnish your work floor, private office interiors, and work floor. Zira is one of the most expansive collections on the market but remains easy to spec. The power ready conference tables from this line are of particular note as they're available in a ton of sizes, shapes and finishes. Zira reception stations are also awesome and will help you make lasting first impressions.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Deal Finder: 7 Commercial Task Chairs Under $250.00

Our 'Deal Finder' series is making a comeback! Today on the blog we'll be showcasing fashionable task chairs that pack a major ergonomic punch and won't break the budget. These commercial quality seating solutions come equipped with the features needed to help you compute healthy and improve posture for less than $250.00.

Bush task chair CH57516KFirst up is the CH57516K task chair from Bush Business Furniture. This professional office chair is all about performance. The CH57516K offers thick padded seating surfaces, adjustable arms, and user friendly controls that make it easy to shift into correct positions throughout long days in the office. At just $244.99, this is

Offices To Go Luxhide and Mesh Task Chair OTG11692Going for more of an executive look? Check out the OTG11692 chair from Offices To Go. This high back mesh chair boasts Luxhide trim that really pops in the workplace. The combination of materials and ergonomic features make this chair an absolute winner at just $179.99.

best office chairs under 100Up next is a chair that's ready, willing, and able to prove that for less than $100.00 you can sit and task effectively in commercial settings. The all new ESS-2055 model Essentials chair from OFM is just $95.99 and comes with many features not found on chairs twice the price. The ESS-2055 also boasts a perforated polypropylene back that's durable, easy to clean, and surprisingly supportive.

ofm managers chair 195The 195 model managers task chair from OFM is another great find that won't break the bank. This fully upholstered office chair is available in 4 quick shipping color options for $169.99. The 195 office chair supports users up to 250 pounds and comes equipped with a built in lumbar support, adjustable arms, and so much more.

Eurotech Tetra task chair MF272blkWhen it comes to professional office seating, Eurotech knows their stuff. This industry leader crafts high quality chairs that are ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Take one sit in their Tetra mesh back task chair and you'll know what we mean! Trust us, you'll be hard pressed to find a better all around chair under $250.00.

global duet polypropylene chairThe Global 6720 Duet chair is perfect for healthcare environments, training rooms, and collaborative work environments. This polypropylene task chair is easy to wipe clean and offers an ergonomically designed seat with a waterfall edge that relieves knee pressure when computing. It's a great buy that's built to last. The 6720 Duet chair is $225.99 in a ton of cool colors!

Flash Furniture high back task chair with headrestLast but certainly not least, check out the LF-W42-HR-GG model high back mesh chair from Flash Furniture. Even at first glance this ergonomic office chair under $250.00 will grab your attention with its upholstered headrest and natural contours that provide exceptional lumbar support. The LF-W42-HR-GG is fully loaded with a set of height and width adjustable arms that make finding healthy computing positions a breeze. This chair also offers a knee tilt control mechanism, heavy duty base, ventilated mesh seat to keep users cool, and dual wheel casters. Needless to say, this is the total package for shoppers on a budget.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Start Collaborating With Global Tables!

Global Collaborative TablesGlobal tables are perfect for collaborating. This industry leading crafts a variety of best selling table lines that make it easy to encourage interaction while boosting creativity. Today on the blog we'll show you a few of the hottest collaborative tables from this industry leader. These workplace solutions are of the highest quality and ready to keep your interiors performing at a their best for years to come.

Global Bakhita TableThe all new multi purpose tables from the Global Bakhita series are great for collaborative work environments. The weather resistant surfaces and bases work together to form tables that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Bakhita tables features milk finishes operating surfaces that match the polymer stack chairs from this collab-minded line.

Bar Height Bistro TableBar height tables are great for stand-up collaborating. Global offers a variety of fashionable options from their Wind series. This line of designer tables makes it easy to converse in small groups. Wind bar height bistro tables feature easy to clean tops that are supremely durable.

Bungee Collaborative Training TableThere's not better line of collaborative tables on the market than Bungee. They're modular, versatile, and super stylish. Bungee tables make it easy to think outside the box and create group work environments that are all about performance. Bungee tables can be purchased individually, or as apart of really cool sets that will simplify your remodel.

Zira Collaborative TableWe can't say enough good things about the collaborative meeting tables from the Global Zira series. They're available in 20 difference finish options and with an array of custom power options that will help streamline your team strategizing sessions. Zira tables are modern while remaining practical. Full size conference and boardroom models are also available.

Global Princeton Work TableThe Global Princeton is a winner in the workplace. This extensive line was recently bolstered with the addition of collaborative work tables and benching solutions for groups of all sizes. The Princeton series offers a blast of industrial and contemporary characteristics that will help you take corporate appeal to the next level. With dozens of sizes available, meeting your individual needs and space requirements is a breeze. Metal legs and scratch resistant laminate surfaces ensure maximum durability. This popular line of commercial furniture also offers a wide range of matching desks and modular storage components to create fluidity throughout your complimenting interiors.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Don't Replace Your Chair Without Trying These 5 Adjustments

Just to be clear, we're an office furniture and seating company. We love to sell new ergonomic chairs. That being said, you might not need one just yet. With a few proper adjustments you'll likely be able to get more out of your current seating situation. From adjusting the height of your chair to tweaking the angle at which you work, the 6 adjustments show here might just prolong your need for a new chair and save you a little money in the process.

1.) Adjust Chair Height

Adjust Your Office Chair Height Properly

First things first, you've got to analyze your chair height. Even if you've got the best new office chair on the market, if it's set too low you'll be restricting blood flow in your legs. Restricted blood flow can lead to cramping and fatigue. If your chair is set too high you'll be straining to compute. The perfect chair height is slightly different for everyone as we are all different for everyone. You want your chair set to a height that allows your thighs to rest flat across the seat with your feet flat on the ground, thus creating a 45 degree angle. This creates stability, optimal blood flow, and support.

2.) Adjust Chair Arms

Adjust Your Office Chair Arms Properly

Even many of the basic ergonomic office chairs manufactured in the last 5 years come standard with height adjustable arms. Your chair might even have width adjustable arms with swiveling arm caps. Setting up your arms for healthy computing is essential. Your forearms should be flush with the arm pads and level with your keyboard. Proper arm height will reduce muscular effort in the neck and shoulders to minimize risk of pain throughout long work days.

3.) Adjust Tilt Tension

adjust office chair tilt tension control

Your chair tilts from a pivot point underneath the seat. The tilt tension knob (typically located underneath the front edge of your seat) controls the rate of recline. You don't want your chair set so loose that it creates a falling feeling every time you lean back. Alternatively, you don't want your tilt tension so tight that straining is required to rock gently throughout the work day. A little rocking motion in your personal task chair is a good thing. When you lean back and forth on your chair back, your muscles are active, working, and effective. It's when you sit stagnant for long periods of time that fatigue strikes!

4.) Adjust Seat Depth

adjust office chair seat depth properly

If your chair has an adjustable seat, you definitely need to use it. It's an awesome weapon in your ergonomic arsenal against discomfort. The seat depth feature allows you to slide your chair up behind your thighs for additional knee support. If there's a wide gap between the back of your knee and the office chair when sitting naturally, it's a problem!

5.) Adjust Lumbar Support

office chair lumbar adjustment tips

Shoppers always want a chair with an adjustable lumbar support. The problem is, they seldom use the adjustment feature to improve comfort. The "set it and forget it" approach to office chair comfort isn't going to work regardless of what chair you use. Like all chair features, the lumbar support needs to be adjusted to your specific body type to provide optimal support. Adjusting the lumbar area of your chair will increase or decrease the curvature of the chair to fit the profile of your lower back. If you perform all of the adjustments above, your lumbar will need to be tweaked as well. If you don't have an ergonomic computer chair with an adjustable lumbar support feature, lower back pads are available at a fraction of the cost of an all new chair.

Bonus Tip: Take Short Breaks

Lat but not least, you need to take short breaks. Even the most advanced office seating solutions are not intended to be used around the clock without short breaks. As you sit for hours on end, even the best posture habits suffer. Take a 5 to 10 minute break once an hour to stay refreshed. Walk away from your desk, get a drink of water to stay hydrated, and stretch out your muscles to get the blood flowing!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sit Superior With A Weight Sensing Office Chair

Weight sensing office chairs are the latest ergonomic craze. They'll soon become the industry standard and we'll wonder how we lived without them. The ability to improve comfort while simultaneously reducing the need for adjustments is extremely appealing. Weight sensing chairs adapt on the fly to ensure a healthy sit while minimizing the ergonomic learning curve. If you're ready to sit superior, the chairs showcased here are a must consider.

weight sensing office chairLet's start simple, shall we? The most practical weight sensing task chair on the market is the 11322B from Offices To Go. It's easy to use, comfortable, and cost effective. At just $229.99, the 11322B chair from Offices To Go is also the most affordable weight sensing task chair on the market. The thick padded seat, breathable mesh back, and adjustable arms are also nice attributes that ensure long term comfort.

Takori weight sensing chairGlobal offers the largest selection of weight sensing office chairs on the market. We'll show you a few of our favorites today, starting with the Takori. The 6680 model Takori chair is all about performance. This fashionable task chair offers a two tone upholstery that makes it easy to personalize any space. The weight sensing mechanism on this chair is an absolute winner as it's incredibly well made and easy to use. The 6680 Takori chair can be pretty much mastered in less than 30 minutes.

global spritz task chair 6760-8The 6760-8 Spritz chair from Global packs a major ergonomic punch and looks great doing it. This weight sensing chair with a high back design and upholstered headrest is an excellent option for taller chair operators. The 6760-8 can be used effectively on the work floor and in private office interior to encourage healthy sitting habits without the need for constant adjustment.

Sora ChairGlobal's newest weight sensing office chair is the Sora. It's also our favorite. Sit in it once and it will likely be your favorite too. It's the best office chair under $500.00 and an absolute gem in the workplace. The Sora chair is ultra stylish and equally comfortable. As one of the newest chairs on the market, it's got all the bells and whistles you could ever want.

weight activated task chairThe LV34GG Living chair from Mayline is responsive in more ways than one. The weight activated seat and articulating back work together to mimic users movements. This "smart chair" from Mayline is high tech and ultra effective.

FX2 chairAny modern office chair shopper on a budget will definitely want to check out the FX2 chair from Eurotech. For starters, the weight activated seat is responsive and supportive. The modern back is contoured and well padded to provide support in all the right areas. This computer chair offers just the right amount of flair without being impractical.

Woodstock Creedence ChairLast but not least is a chair you'll want to pick up while you still can. The Creedence from Woodstock Marketing is currently on clearance for just $329.00. This ergonomically correct mesh chair boasts a weight activated synchro tilt mechanism that moves with you to ensure you're properly supported while computing at your desk. If you want a high performance ergonomic office chair that's up to date with the today's standards, the Creedence has your back... Literally!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Train, Collaborate, and Work Smart with OFM Endure Tables

OFM Endure Tables
The OFM Endure collection is an all-around winner. This line of commercial tables will help you spark creativity and work efficiently in groups of any size. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the Endure series and the innovative features that make it a perfect choice for your business. Prepare to be impressed!

OFM Endure Standing Height Table with Powered TopWith Endure, guests can choose to sit or stand to stay active when collaborating. Endure tables provide the ergonomic flexibility needed to work efficiently for long periods of time. As sitting for hours on end restricts blood flow and leads to serious health issues, Endure has your operational needs in mind.

Endure Table SeatsOne word comes to mind when we think of the Endure series. Industrial! There's no denying that these tables are heavy duty and ready to work. In a world filled with cheap knock offs and products that aren't built to last, Endure lives up to its name.

Endure 4 Person Collaborative TableWhat sets the Endure series apart are the surface level power ports. They help to streamline activities and make it easy to charge devices while working. The standing height surfaces and swivel out seats work together to form one of the most versatile table lines on the market. The team at OFM really thought of everything with this line.

Industrial Tables with Swivel Out SeatsThe central module boasts convenient flip-up AC and USB ports while the powder coated metal frames ensure long term durability and years of performance. Endure tables are available in a variety of attractive finish options, including our personal favorite, a dry erase top that's great for note-taking.

OFM Endure Conference Table with Dry Erase TopWhen the good ideas are flowing, you want Endure tables around. They're ready, willing, and able to kick productivity levels into high gear. The 9004 model is the most affordable at just over $900.00. The largest Endure table is the 9016 model and it features 16 swivel out seats. It's available for just under $3500.00. No matter your needs, budget or space requirements, there's an Endure table for you.
Collaborative Office Furniture - Powered Table - Standing Height
We found ourselves pondering what limitations the Endure series has. There wasn't much debate. These multi purpose tables are extremely versatile. Endure excels in conference, training, and break room environments. Restaurants could even use them as an alternative to traditional dining height tables. It's easy to picture Endure tables in a neighborhood coffee shop where laptops are as common as the lattes.

In the long run, you want high quality office furniture that performs and doesn't cost a fortune. That's Endure. These tables can do it all and then some. Power ports? Check. Sit to stand capabilities? Check. Industrial design and fashionable finish combinations? Check. Needless to say, Endure is a winner in the workplace.


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