Friday, October 28, 2016

10 End of October Desk Deals For You!

End of October Desk Sale
Finding a great desk on tight budget is often easier said than done. That being said, we've got you covered! Today on the blog we're highlighting end of the month desk deals from brands like Modway, Mayline, Cherryman, and more. These affordable workplace solutions will help you maximize appeal without breaking the bank. As always, please find our active coupon codes at the bottom of today's post.

1.) Modway Sector Office Desk EEI-1183 - $283.99 + FREE Shipping!
Discount Office Desk

2.) Modway Surplus Office Desk EEI-1328 - $202.99 + FREE Shipping!

Office Desks On Sale

3.) Mayline Brighton U Shaped Office Desk - $1049.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Desk Sale

4.) Mayline Aberdeen Office Desk AT24 - $1204.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Desk On Sale

5.) Cherryman Amber Office Desk AM-338 - $513.00 + FREE Shipping!

Free Shipping Office Desk

6.) OFM Mesa Standing Desk 66141 - $269.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Desk On Sale

7.) OFM Computer Desk 55219 - $345.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Desk with Free Shipping

8.) Offices To Go Office Desk and Meeting Table Set SL-G - $1125.99 + FREE Shipping!

Free Shipping Office Desk Set

9.) Offices To Go U Shaped Desk SL-F - $833.99 + FREE Shipping!

Offices To Go Desk Set

10.) Global Zira Pedestal Desk Z3060F3L - $659.99 + FREE Shipping!

Gray Office Desk

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shop Smart: Cool Boardroom Seating Solutions Under $200

Today on Shop Smart we're highlighting 5 of the coolest boardroom seating solutions on the market from brands like Offices To Go, Flash Furniture, and Modway. These chairs under $200.00 provide exceptional value and the appeal needed to rock your corporate meeting area. Prepare to be impressed!

Gray Mesh Conference ChairYou can't go wrong with boardroom chairs from Offices To Go. This highly respected manufacturer is a favorite of design teams and industry professionals. Smart shoppers turn to popular OTG chairs like the 10902B when they're looking to promote high end appeal without breaking the bank. At just $110.99, this gray mesh conference chair comes in at nearly half the allotted budget for today's post. Now that's value!

Ribbed Back Conference ChairThe ribbed back boardroom seating trend is in full swing! This popular chair style has absolutely dominated the market in 2016 and it's showing now signs of slowing down. Why are ribbed back chairs so popular? Because models like the BT-9826H-WH-GG from Flash Furniture offer a mid century modern vibe, sleek characteristics that save space around the table, and don't cost a fortune like the bulky overstuffed executive style chairs of years passed. These cool chairs from Flash are currently available for just $185.99 in multiple color options.

Green Conference ChairModway makes it easy to go modern without spending a small fortune! Their popular boardroom chairs are available in cool color options like green, red, gray, and even orange! If you're looking to make a statement in your meeting area with chairs that really pop, check out the Finesse. This cool conference chair with polished chrome features provides unrivaled wow factor. We particularly love this chair in green, because that's exactly what you're saving when you purchase them for just $148.99.

Woodstock Marketing Creedence ChairWoodstock Marketing is ready, willing, and able to help your business craft an ergonomically correct conference room. Take a seat in their Creedence chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. Available for a limited time at $169.00, this is one deal you'll want to jump on quick. These ergonomic conference room seating solutions are available in a variety of attractive color options to compliment your decor.

Affordable Boardroom Executive ChairOFM, Inc. never fails to impress. The chair from their new Essentials collection provide exceptional comfort and unrivaled appeal at prices and budgeting business will certainly appreciate. The E1003 Essentials office chair in both the cream and black upholstery options  is perfect for executive boardroom settings. The E1003 gives the appearance and support of chairs priced nearly three times as much. This affordable chair supports users up to 250 pounds and is accented by polished arms with padded supports, as well as a 25" 5 star base for stability. The E1003 also features a built in lumbar support and tilt tension control for personalized operating. We feel these chair are the absolute best option for shoppers looking to save big without sacrificing quality.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Get The Look: Executive Office Edition

When you walk into a well designed office space, you'll instantly know it. The feeling of professionalism, cutting edge appeal, and versatility will combine to leave a lasting impression. That being said, you can create that same vibe with a little bit of design ingenuity and product knowledge. Today on 'Get The Look', we've got you covered!

Modern Gray Office FurnitureOur first executive interior is highlighted by modern office furniture from the Mayline Medina collection. As the most popular line available in 2016, starting today's post with Medina was a must! The desks and workstations from this trend setting line are available in 5 ultra cool finish options that are unlike anything on the market. When paired with an ergonomic mesh chair, you'll be on your way to a luxurious interior you can be proud of!

*Get the look with a MND72 model Medina desk, MVLF lateral file, and (2) MVBQ2 quarter round bookcases. Pair your Medina layout with a matching Mayline chair from the Gist seating collection for enhanced appeal.

Sorrento Executive Furniture
The traditional look is always in style! You can capitalize on this popular vibe with wood veneer furniture from the Mayline Sorrento collection. The executive style writing desks from the Sorrento line are perfect for high end home office environments. With two luxury finishes available, the hardest part of the design process will be selecting one for your space! Our personal favorite is the Bourbon Cherry with Bird's Eye inlays. It's unlike anything on the market. Office guests will be pouring out compliments on your remodeling skills from the minute they enter your workspace.

*Get the look with an STD72 model Sorrento writing desk, SLC wall cabinet, and leather executive chair of your choosing from the Mercado collection.

Custom Modern Office FurniturePrepare to be impressed! Our third interior has it all. This custom workspace boasts modular components from the Global Total Office Zira line. When average products just won't just it, shoppers are left hunting for ways to maximize their square footage. Enter Zira, the most versatile line on the market. If your ready to start thinking outside the realm of traditional furniture, Zira's got your back. With more than 20 finishes, handle pull options, custom edge detailing, and frosted glass upgrades, this collection allows for unmatched creativity!

*Get the look with a custom Zira desk layout. Your Global furniture dealer will be happy to help you select two-tone finish combinations and components to work with your specific interior layout.

Offices To Go Executive FurnitureAre you having a hard time creating a cool office interior without breaking the bank? Check out the Superior Laminate collection from Offices To Go. Known for their affordable seating solutions, you might not have heard about this popular furniture line. Interior design teams and industry professionals love it! Superior laminate executive desks from Offices To Go are available in 5 quick shipping finish options to help meet tight remodeling deadlines.

*Get the look with an Offices To Go U shaped desk with American Cherry finish and glass hutch doors. Pair your desk with a matching round side table and storage components from this extensive line. Offices To Go Superior Laminate products pair well with mesh back seating form this reputable brand.

OFM Modern Office FurnitureLast but certainly not least, no article on cool executive office furniture would be complete without highlighting at least 1 interior from our friends at OFM. This highly respected furniture crafter specializes in the provision of innovative workplace solutions that set the standards competing brands can only help to imitate. Our fifth and final interior is highlighted by a 72" x 36" modern desk and rear wall executive cabinet with bookshelf.

*Get the look with the 55145 model OFM Venice desk and return with walnut finish. Pair your desk with the matching 55116 executive cabinet and leather seating from this best selling manufacturer.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ergo Excitement: 5 Office Chairs Paving The Way For Improved Comfort

Brands like Global Total Office and Eurotech Seating are always ahead of the curve. These respected manufacturers take pride in crafting innovative chairs specifically designed to improve operational comfort in the workplace. Today in our new series 'Ergo Excitement' we'll showcase 5 chairs that are truly changing the way we sit and function on a daily basis. While ahead of their time, these cutting edge seating solutions will soon be considered the standard, and that's exciting!

1.) Loover

Global Total Office Loover Series Office Chair

Global Total Office makes it easy to stay comfortable throughout those long days at the office. Their customizable chairs from the Loover collection boast the user friendly adjustment features needed to help operator's adapt in a hurry. Models like the 2660-3 come standard with multi functional mechanisms and arms that work in harmony to promote good posture and healthy performance. The Loover chair's innovative mesh back design and ergonomic qualities are in a league of their own. These easy to operate swivel chairs set the standard for today, and tomorrow!

2.) Nuvem

Nuvem Executive Recliner by Eurotech

Prepare to be impressed! Who says you have to settle for an average office chair? Why not think outside the box with the Nuvem executive recliner from Eurotech Seating? This innovative chair provides an out of this world sitting experience. With it's ottoman and padded headrest, you'll be able to kick back and relax while handling your daily tasks. What truly puts the Nuvem over the top is the adjustable laptop arm. This recliner is available in two trendy color combinations and works well in both home and professional office settings. The Nuvem is paving the way for the modern office chairs of the future!

3.) ORO200

OFM ORO200 Big and Tall Chair

Today's big and tall executive chair shoppers are typically at a disadvantage when it comes to selection. Finding a high quality chair with heavy duty components built to withstand the rigors of the modern work days is easier said than done to say the least! Thankfully, brands like OFM, Inc. have larger chair operators covered. Their ORO200 model sets the standard for big and tall chairs in 2016 and beyond. This exceptional leather chair supports users up to 400 pounds with ease. Once seated, users will enjoy an innovative tablet arm that will help give them the edge when handling daily activities.

4.) Oroblanco

Oroblanco Task Chair

Comfort and functionality shouldn't have to cost shoppers thousands of dollars! The Oroblanco 402B chair from Cherryman Industries is paving the way for improved workplace support without breaking the bank. At the consumer friendly price of $338.99, the Oroblanco is best chair buy of the year. With built in guides for personal adjusting, a multi functional mechanism, breathable mesh back, and adjustable arms, the Oroblanco chair is equally innovative and efficient. If you're looking to invest in comfort, give this best selling tasker serious consideration!

5.) Living Chair

High Tech Office Chair

It's time to start expecting more out of your office chair. If you're tired of pulling multiple levers and twisting knobs to find the correct sitting position, check out the all new Living Chair from Mayline. This "smart chair" takes the guess work out of workplace ergonomics. The Living chair automatically responds to user movements to provide the perfect sit with minimal effort. The Living chair represents where the industry is heading in 2017. Soon, all of the most reputable seating manufacturers on the planet will be introducing smart chairs that minimize the ergonomic learning curve. This is one emerging office chair trend that will soon be considered the standard for comfort. The Living chair is paving the way with it's modern features and high tech attributes. Sit in it once and you'll never settle for anything less.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Industry Favorites: Tables from Global Total Office

Global Total Office TablesWhen it comes to office tables, nobody does it better than Global. This industry leading manufacturer has earned unrivaled respect from design teams and dealers alike. Their innovative tables for conference, reception, and training applications are truly in a league of their own. Today on the blog, we'll take a look at 5 best selling tables from Global that you can use to effectively transform your office interiors while earning your business the compliments it deserves.

Zira Boardroom FurniturePowered conference tables have become the industry standard. In 2016, businesses looking to create fast paced strategizing environments are turning towards the high tech boardroom tables from the Global Zira collection. To streamline your meetings and step into the 21st century, you'll need surface level conference table inputs like USB, HDMI, and Ethernet that prevent the need to run extension chords across the room while simultaneously wheeling in squeaking "multi-media" carts. Global Total Office Zira tables are changing the way we work and host presentations during important corporate gatherings. These conference room solutions are the best in the business. There's literally no better option for your remodeling project!

Global Wind Linear TableIf your guest welcoming area needs a facelift, turn to the tables from the Global Total Office Wind Linear collection. With an infusion of mid-century-modern appeal, these stylish reception area accent tables will help to make a positive impression on your valued visitors. Popular Wind Linear tables like the 3880 model feature integrated magazine shelves that will help keep your magazines and reading materials nice and neat. This modern coffee table pairs well with a variety of side and end tables from this extensive furniture collection.

Global Total Office 2Gether TablesIt's time to start thinking outside the realm of traditional fixed leg tables that do little more than act as oversized paperweights. Stationary tables are heavy and difficult to reconfigure as the needs of your business change. You'll no doubt want to update your space with flip top modular training room tables from Global Total Office. Their all new 2gether collection has become an instant favorite of design teams and industry pros. 2gether flip top training table models like the IT1848R are available in extensive finish options to help your business personalize your interiors while outperforming the competition.

Alba Round Meeting Table
The versatile tables from the Global Total Office Alba collection are perfect for break room, meeting, and bistro applications. With a variety of round and square top sizes available, Alba tables can be effectively used for projects of any size. The best part, these attractive meeting tables with metal legs are incredibly affordable when compared to similar models available in 2016. You'll be hard pressed to find a better value for your interiors!

Connectable Conference Table ConfigurationWe've saved our favorite Global table collection for last. If you're looking to give your interiors the edge, you'll find no better solution than Bungee! This line of connectable flip top tables provides businesses with the ability to quickly combine conference and training interiors. Global Bungee series connectable conference table sets promote collaboration and team interaction. With extensive size and finish options available, you'll definitely want to investigate the benefits these modular tables have to offer before purchasing furniture of your interior. Bungee tables must be seen and tested in person to be full appreciated. Invest in these industry fav's and you'll be ahead of the curve and only limited by your own imagination. There's nothing you can't do with Bungee!

Shop Smart: Affordable Modern Office Chairs

Discount Modern Office Chairs
We're here to tell all the smart shoppers out there, you don't have to break the bank to get a cool modern office chair. You just have to know where to look! That's where we come in. Today on the blog we're highlighting 5 of the absolute best modern office chairs on the market priced under $300.00. Prepare to be impressed!

First up, the Modway Edge series mesh back swivel chair. The red and white office chair really needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The EEI-596 model Edge chair offers a try-tone look that's perfect for modern interiors. When paired with user friendly ergo features, this seating solution will give you the edge over your work day for just $149.99.

Europa Chair by EurotechCapitalize on cool and comfort with the LE111TNM model Europa chair. This popular seating solution from Eurotech blends mid century modern design characteristics with sleek curves to form one of the coolest chairs on the market. The Europa is perfect for conference room and executive office use. You'll be hard pressed to find a more versatile modern office chair on the market for $226.00.

Cool Office ChairRock your office interior with the Creedence chair from Woodstock Marketing. Named after one of the greatest bands of all time, this mesh back chair has big shoes to fill. Needless to say, we weren't disappointed. The Creedence delivers a standout performance in professional settings while offering the trend setting design characteristics needed to wow any onlooker. Currently available for a limited time at $169.00, this is one deal you'll want to jump on quickly!

White Leather Office ChairFlash Furniture crafts chairs that are far from ordinary. If you're looking to make a statement in the workplace, you can't go wrong with their CH-CX0176H06-WH-GG model chair. This white leather office chair is as unique as it's model number! All jokes aside, with flip up arms and delicate black accents, this cool modern chair from Flash is an absolute bargain buy at just $168.99.

Offices To Go Office ChairsLast on our list of cool modern office chairs priced under $300.00 is the all new 11980B model from Offices To Go. At $227.99, this mesh back office chair with thick padded fabric seat can be yours in a variety of designer upholstery options including the one pictured here. The 11980B chair boasts a modern high back design with natural lumbar support. The adjustable T shaped arms make finding the correct computing position a breeze while the multi functional mechanism is easy to use diminishes the ergonomic learning curve. Want to keep it a bit more simple? No problem. You can purchase this chair in a quick shipping black on black combination for only $199.99. Now that's value!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Get The Look: Conference Room Edition

Tired of feeling like your conference room is sub par and inadequate? We've got you covered! In our new series 'Get The Look' we're highlighting the products needed to enhance your interiors and keep them up to date with the latest trends. Today, we'll take a look at the hottest conference room solutions on the market. Rest assured, the furnishings showcased here will earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Global Total Office Zira Boardroom FurnitureNobody sets more office design trends in motion than Global Total Office. While the competition searches for ways to imitate Global's products, they're hard at work looking for ways to further improve boardroom productivity and functionality. This year, businesses looking to "get the look" are falling in love with the tables from the Zira collection. Global Total Office Zira boardroom tables are available in trend setting finishes like Absolute Acajou and White Chocolate that really pop! When paired with complimenting chairs from seating collections like Aspen, Supra, and Accord, your meeting ever will never look better.

*Get the look with a Zira boat shaped conference table with dark espresso finish, along with white leather chairs from the Accord collection.

Mayline Medina Conference FurnitureMayline Makes it easy to "get the look" on a budget with their trend setting Medina collection. All new Medina conference tables like the MNC8 provide ample operating space and unrivaled appeal for as little as $505.99. Medina tables can be effectively and affordably paired with user friendly power modules for streamlined meetings. Pair your Medina table with matching accessories and cool conference chairs from the Mayline Gist and Valore collection.

*Get the look with an MNC8 Medina conference table, matching bookase, low wall cabinet, and presentation board. Pair the table with Gist series mesh chairs for a totally upscale vibe!

OFM Boardroom FurnitureGive your conference room a full makeover with contemporary boardroom furniture from OFM. Another highly respected brand that takes pride in innovation, OFM will help you give your meeting area an industrial vibe with cool tables like the GT3977. While most glass conference tables cost several thousand dollars, this 77" wide table is affordably priced at just $875.99. Pair your OFM table with black mesh chairs to create a well rounded, comfortable, and productive interior your business can be proud of.

*Get the look with the GT3977 glass top conference table and 591-L model mesh office chairs with leather seats.

Offices To Go Boardroom FurnitureDark wood grain tones show minimal wear while simultaneously creating a high end look that's sure to impress even the harshest critics. Tones like Espresso available on products from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate collection look expensive, but will really help your business maximize the budget. You can't go wrong imitating this look!

*Get the look with a SL9544RS Offices To Go Superior Laminate conference tale and OTG2803 model mesh office chairs.

Woodstock Marketing Hendrix ChairsLast but certainly not least, the mid century modern look is in! You simply can't go wrong with ribbed back and segmented cushion leather boardroom chair styles with European characteristics. Rest assured, the overstuffed executive look is no longer in style. These days, businesses are looking to maximize seating and corporate appeal without sacrificing comfort.

*Get the look with popular chairs from Woodstock Marketing like the Hendrix and Joplin.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shop Smart: Affordable Home Executive Furniture Collections

Shop Smart: Affordable Home Office Furniture
Are you a smart shopper looking to give your home office a boost on a budget? You're in the right place! Today on the Office Anything Blog we're highlighting the best home executive furniture collections from brands like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries. These popular desk line offer the affordable workstations, storage components, and accessories needed to earn you interior the compliments it deserves without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

Mayline Brighton Office DeskFirst up, the Mayline Brighton collection. As Mayline's most affordable collection, Brighton is a favorite of home furniture shoppers looking to save big. The popular executive U desk configurations from the Brighton line are available in a choice of cherry and mocha finish options. Brighton typical sets take the guess work out of the design process. With the Mayline Brighton office desk line you'll be able to select a stylish layout that works for your particular needs and budget without piecing together individual components. Talk about shopper friendly!

Mayline Aberdeen Office FurnitureLooking for ways to keep your home office up to date with the latest trends in 2016? Check out the furniture from the Mayline Aberdeen collection! With the all new gray steel laminate finish option you'll be able to provide your home office with a cutting edge look that's sure to be hot in 2017 and beyond. The Mayline Aberdeen components available in gray steel can be used effectively and affordably to create out of this world interiors. Take one look at an Aberdeen workstation like the AT10 and you'll see what we mean.

Cherryman Office DeskCherryman Industries never fails to impress. If you're looking to create a luxurious home office on a budget, their Amber collection is the way to go. This high quality line of modular components can be used to craft customized layouts that maximize square footage and valuable floor space. In addition, Amber offers pre-configured sets in 4 quick shipping finish options.

Offices To Go FurnitureWe simply can't say enough good things about Offices To Go and the desk configurations from their Superior Laminate line. This full service collection is even perfect for professional work environments with a wide range of conference tables and reception stations. The Offices To Go desks from the Superior Laminate line are offered in 5 quick shipping finishes. The affordability, quality, and style provide by this highly respected line should not be overlooked.

OFM Mesa FurnitureLast but certainly not least, you'll love the industrially inspired desks from the OFM Mesa collection. This heavy duty line is built to last. If you're worried about quality with the laminate casegoods lines flooding the market, give OFM office desk configurations from the Mesa collection a look. With their metal side walls and scratch resistant thermally fused surfaces, you'll have your space looking great for the long term in a hurry.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Industry Favorites: Aberdeen by Mayline

Mayline Aberdeen Office Furniture Review
When it comes to professional office furniture, nobody does it better than Mayline. This respected manufacturer specializes in the provision of top rated collections like Aberdeen, a full service line geared towards helping shoppers maximize corporate appeal without breaking the budget. This year, the Aberdeen collection is enjoying a renewed vigor with an all new finish option known as Gray Steel. Design teams and industry pro's are abuzz. Aberdeen is a big time winner in 2016!

Crafting an elite executive interior isn't always easy. Thankfully, the pre-configured typicals from the Aberdeen collection are available to help shoppers avoid breaking the bank while simultaneously capitalizing on the hottest trends. With a variety of L shaped, bow front, and luxury configurations Available, Aberdeen has you covered. Layouts like the AT2 have a little something for everybody. With ample operating space and storage components, Mayline Aberdeen executive desk sets are what makes this collection a favorite of industry professionals!

Guest Reception DeskA cool reception desk goes a long way towards making a lasting impression on office guests. With the right guest welcoming station, you'll be able to quickly wow your visitors and earn your reception are the positive compliments it deserves. In terms of reception area remodeling projects, the Aberdeen collection has been a favorite industry professionals for years. Aberdeen stations provide exceptional value and appeal with translucent transaction screens and high quality craftsmanship.

Mayline Aberdeen Conference TableGet ready to rock your meeting area! The tables from the Aberdeen collection are a can't miss, budget friendly solution for your interior. With multiple sizes available, the boat shaped conference tables from the Aberdeen collection are perfect for small and large gathering areas. The most popular, ACTB8 model 8' conference table from the Aberdeen collection is a must consider for any boardroom remodel at just $639.99.

Mayline Wall CabinetStorage and organizing components are often forgotten and seldom garner the appreciation they deserve. That's not the case with this industry favorite line! Aberdeen offers versatile desk pedestals that make it easy to keep important documents nice and neat throughout busy work days. In addition, Aberdeen offers executive style low wall cabinets that work great in high end private offices, as well as boardroom environments. With 5 quicks shipping finishes available, you won't have to settle for lack luster metal filing solutions that do little to help you impress important clientele.


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