Wednesday, November 27, 2013

7 Cool Ways to Modernize Any Boring Office Space

Stuck in a boring office? Not to fear! We've got 7 cool ways to modernize any boring office space in a hurry. From painting those dull taupe walls to adding modern office furniture, the simple tips and ideas in this article are sure to spice up your workplace. Enjoy!


Little details like the wall color of your office make a big difference. From office common area remodeling projects like the waiting room and the conference room, making a great first impression can be greatly impacted through the use of color! In order to modernize any work environment, the first step is picking a color that showcases your business ingenuity and accents your furniture layout. Working with an interior design team is always an option. However, for those with a limited budget a simple trip to the paint store to pick up swatches will get you started on the right track. Pick a weekend to host a corporate painting party and build some team morale while enhancing your workplace! Top office paint colors of 2013 include light blues, greens, and darker finishes such as red and teal. As a simple rule of thumb, areas using dark wood office furniture finishes will use lighter colors and those with lighter woods will use darker paint tones for a complimentary look.

Wall Art

Modern Office Space

If your office can't afford a Picasso you're not alone! However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't add some flair to those empty wall spaces with affordable modern art. Popular home stores like Kirklands, Homegoods, Kohles, and Target all offer cool framed pictures that are sure to add extra appeal to any office area. Remember, the little details make the biggest difference! Adding unique paintings, sconces, or even framed black and white photos show business sophistication that speaks volumes to your valued clientele. Some businesses even hire photographers to take awesome modern pictures of their products to highlight their brand. While this can be expensive, affordable options are definitely out there that should be taken advantage of in your attempt to modernize your office decor.

Lighting Fixtures

Modern Office Reception Area

Traditional overhead office lighting just isn't cool! Those boring fluorescent bulbs drain energy and do little to nothing for your corporate aesthetics. Utilizing cool lighting for office applications like executive spaces, reception areas, and guest waiting rooms will add ample wow factor and modern appeal. Unique products like the Solstice LED Desk Lamp by ESI also add versatility to any space as a dual purpose device that offers a USB charging port for guests and business professionals. The use of LED lighting is also a great way to keep those hefty electrical bills in check. As a side tip, if you have the ability to let natural light in, it's always a plus! Organic lighting makes any space look bigger and more attractive, especially if your office has a view.

Get Organized

All to often office work spaces are over cluttered and in need of major organizing. Unfortunately for most businesses, time spent organizing is all but lost as in a few short weeks it's needed again! If you're tired of this happening in your workplace it's time to get professional organized once and for all. While good organizing habits and structure are absolutely essential, modern products are available that will aid you in your quest to keep your workstation clean. Brands like Mayline offer high density metal file cabinets that rotate while brands like OFM offer unique desk side storage solutions and over head hutch cabinets that help you maximize your office square footage. Dual purpose products like mobile pedestals with seat cushions offer modern appeal that serves two purposes for the price of one. It's not big secret that an organized space is more attractive than the latter. When attempting to modernize your workplace, cleaning and organizing effectively is a must!

Go Ergo

Ergonomic Furniture

The top ergonomic products for sale in 2013 all offer unique modern appeal and workplace benefits sure to improve your overall efficiency. From the executive office to the boardroom, unique products like keyboard trays that adjust are available to meet your specific needs and budget. Using an articulating arm for two monitors in your receptionist's workstation will allow them to multi task more effectively saving time, and thus saving your business money. Ergonomic furniture such as height adjustable desks and conference tables with power options are also loaded with modern style and benefits that will help your business move in the the modern age of functionality.

Open Desking Over Traditional Cubicles

e5 Open Desking by Mayline

Cubicles will always have their place in business. However, open desking is modernizing the way we work and function in a major way. Innovative furniture layouts from lines like the e5 Series by Mayline offer improved storage, openness, ergonomic value, and of course modern appeal. While cubicles offer privacy, a modern open desking configuration promotes group interaction and communication. No longer will the office floor feel like an over cluttered and confined space! An open layout is sure to maximize your office square footage potential while it's modularity offers long term cost effectiveness with room for growth in the future. In a nut shell, these modern solutions will make your space look bigger and more modern while making your employees more efficient.

Modern Office Seating 

Modern Office Chairs

Office seating should be a main focal point of any space. With dozens of new models released every month you'll be at no shortage of cutting edge solutions to outfit your business with. In 2013, office chairs with modern style are more popular than ever. Long time favorites like the Metrus 4517L-3 chair by Global offer state of the art ergonomic features highlighted by a leather upholstery and chrome frame. Those looking for more affordable solutions will love products like the B6286 mesh chair by Boss for their office space. A quality modern office chair can cost as little as $200 while top of the line models can cost well into the thousands. Meeting with a healthcare professional or seating expert will provide valuable insight as to what chairs will work best for your specific needs and body type while still providing the modern look you desire.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Furniture Reviews: Cherryman Amber Series

Cherryman Amber Series FurnitureCherryman Industries is highly regarded as one of the nations top office furniture manufacturers. This reputable brand is a favorite amongst interior designers and business professionals alike. Cherryman offers 5 popular casegoods furniture lines designed for a variety of applications. That being said, the Amber collection has been a top seller of 2013 that definitely deserves the spotlight. Amber includes a variety of popular desks, reception stations, guest seating, storage, and professional conference tables sure to impress even the harshest critics.

Cherryman Amber Series Office DeskWhether you're looking to create a stylish home office or professional executive workspace, the Amber Series by Cherryman offers excellent desking solutions to meet your individual needs and space requirements. With both bow front and straight front variations available, Amber desks can be outfitted with a choice of suspended or full size pedestals for office organizing. Desk widths from 60" to 71" are manufactured with full size front modesty panels. In addition to the line of stand alone models, larger configurations are manufactured with returns, rear credenzas, and overhead hutch units for higher end executive work environments. Rest assured, an Amber office desk by Cherryman is available to meet the requirements of nearly any room size and shape.

Cherryman Amber Series Reception Desk
Making a great first impression on your office clientele is essential. To do so,  your business will need a professional guest welcoming area designed for just that! Those considering a lounge, reception area, or waiting room makeover will definitely want to consider the reception desks with modern style from the Cherryman Amber series. Available in 4 stocked laminate finish options, those facing a project deadline will love the ability to complete their makeover in a timely manner. L shaped reception units are available along with rectangular reception desks for small spaces with optional glass transaction counters. Adding storage is a breeze! Both suspended and full size pedestals are available on all models. If you're limited by budget and don't want to sacrifice style, products like the AM-400N Amber reception desk by Cherryman are highly recommended by industry professionals.

CHAIR-27 by CherrymanOnce you've added the reception station for your office waiting area, it's time to turn your attention to guest comfort. In doing so, sticking with a cohesive line with the same wood finishes is an important design tip to remember. Products like the Cherryman model CHAIR-27 will do just that without breaking your budget. The Amber collection includes 2 different chair designs including a slat and full back model both upholstered in black. Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, and Black Cherry finishes are available in both styles. Amber series seating is quite versatile. This line is also a great choice for accenting executive style office furniture as it offers a luxury look that won't break your project budget.

Amber Series Bookcase by CherrymanNo office is complete without the proper storage products needed to stay organized. Luckily for you, Cherryman understands this mentality well! The Amber collection offers a variety of bookcases, pedestals, and wood cabinets for files that can be incorporated into any space with ease. Combo solutions like the A327 model offer added versatility with a 2 organizing drawers for smaller items, a large storage drawer for office supplies, and a lower section for lateral file organizing. The file pedestals on wheels can be outfitted with a cushion to match the Amber series tack boards while providing a helpful seat when needed.

Amber Series Expandable Conference TableWe've saved the best for last! In 2013 the Amber line has expanded to include products like the AM-410N expandable conference table to meet the needs of your growing business. It's no secret that modular products have been a huge hit this year. Products like the new tables from the Amber series are a big reason why. Available in sizes from 10" to 20', you'll be at no shortage of options to start your conference room makeover project with. Those limited by space can purchase the 10' model and add additional sections to accommodate more guests when needed without having to purchase an all new table. Now that's just smart!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Furniture Inspirations: Custom Conference Tables Are Just Plain Cool!

Whether to meet the specific space requirements of a meeting area or to impress valued business clientele, custom conference tables are just plain cool! That being said, using a customized table for your boardroom is sure to add ample wow that gets the conversation started. Today's article highlights several of the worlds most innovative custom conference tables that are guaranteed to inspire your boardroom makeover project. Enjoy!

Innovative Conference TableFirst up, this incredibly unique conference table known as the Trapeze. Made from recyclable plastic, steel, and aluminum this table is not only unique, it's environmentally friendly! The Trapeze features a unique profile designed specifically for professional business use. The creative leg design and stylish surface shape make for a totally cool product sure to highlight any boardroom. If you're looking to impress and not worried about budget, the Trapeze is sure to meet your needs.

Custom Conference TableTalk about cool! This awesome table was built around a salvaged piece of maple utilized as the central focus piece. In addition, glass and heavy duty metal legs are incorporated to form one of the most well rounded modern designs you'll ever see. It's no secret that conference tables with modern style like this come with a hefty price tag. Those inspired by this design should expect to spend in the neighborhood of 10K for a totally custom piece like this one. Don't forget about the conference chairs with modern design qualities as well! These custom seating solutions accent the table to perfection and complete the overall look. If you've got the budget for the table, why not add some super cool chairs while you're at it!

Unique Conference TableThose looking for new furniture for large meeting area needs with love this custom horse shoe shaped table configuration. The integrated power ports located throughout the table surface make for interactive meeting capabilities and a high tech space ready for multi media activities. One of the hottest trends of 2013 involves making over the business meeting area with powered products for more effective and efficient meetings. The shape of this configuration also makes for easy presenting and better group interaction. While a custom wood layout like this will easily cost over 10K, more affordable solutions are also available. Top modular conference tables by Mayline are a great way to save your business a bundle while still adding that unique style and shape that's sure to spark those creative gatherings.

Alba Series Conference Table with Metal LegsLooking for a versatile table that can be customized to meet your needs but won't break your limited budget? The Alba collection by Global is the perfect way to go! Products from this line include a choice of leg style, surface shape, size, top finish, and metal finish. Interior designers and consumers alike are easily able to adapt any of the Alba series tables to match office decor to perfection. If it's a cool conference table with metal legs you're in search of, look no further than Alba. These budget friendly solutions are guaranteed to add ample wow factor to any meeting space.

Transaction Conference Table by MaylineCustom furniture fabrication can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on your design company of choice. Those limited by a tight project completion deadline are often forced to settle for out of the box solutions that leave them with a ho hum meeting environment. This common problem typically results in the bare minimum in terms of style and quality, but it doesn't have to! The new and customizable line of Mayline Transaction tables are able to meet the needs of both standard and high tech spaces at a competitive price point. A Transaction conference table by Mayline can be quickly and easily specked to include a variety of modern power options. Your business will enjoy a variety of surface and metal leg finish options to meet your specific style. Three surface shapes including racetrack, boat, and rectangular are also available. Rest assured, this collection of modern tables for the boardroom will create a state of the art environment designed for conducting professional meetings and the highest levels of productivity.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Top 10 Places To Find Office Furniture Coupons Online

It's no secret that everyone loves getting a deal. That being said, finding coupons online in 2013 has become incredibly effective if you know where to look! High ticket items like furniture can be found quickly and easily online these days with free shipping and other awesome deals sure to save you a bundle. Those in search of new office furniture and seating for the home or business will love these 10 awesome resources for coupons and bargains for their purchasing needs. Stop skipping past those promo boxes at checkout. Use a coupon code today for your purchase and save big!

1.) logo

This reputable coupon site has been around for years. Those not familiar with should definitely bookmark this awesome resource. Many of today's top retailers have taken the time to market their best deals at this awesome site. As tjoos is a free service for reputable merchants, you'll be sure to find an extensive lineup of deals as opposed to sites that require companies to pay to list their coupons.

2.) logo

This ones a no brainer! Anyone searching for coupons online has probably taken the time to type in in their address bar. This reputable source is great for shoppers looking for home and business furnishings around the holiday season. Coupons codes are easily accessible and you can also create a user account to stay up to date on the latest bargains from your favorite furniture providers.


Another free service for top companies to list their promotions is This super popular site is highlighted by several of the nations top furniture providers online. One awesome benefit of is that fellow consumers rate coupons on their effectiveness. You'll be easily able to see which coupon codes have worked and which haven't to ensure you save time while getting the best savings possible.

4.) Newsletters

Company Newsletter

Most office furnishing providers offer helpful newsletters that consumers should definitely take the time to sign up for. While monthly emails are to be expected from such sources, businesses who new office chairs or similar products on a regular basis will greatly benefit from the monthly deals commonly highlighted in their dealers monthly newsletter. In addition, companies will likely highlight new and innovative products that might just work perfect for your business needs!

5.) Logo

This awesome coupon resource is part of an affiliate network that also highlights top deals from comparison shopping websites like While monthly specials may be listed on some sites and not others, at you can source awesome bargains from all the top shopping engines in one place. Now that's convenience!


Let's say you've found the perfect modern desks for business use but the company selling them doesn't have a website. Yelp is the perfect place to start your search for deals. This helpful resource allows local businesses to list their company information along with coupons and monthly deals sure to save you money. While most reputable furniture companies have a website these days, those who don't tend to utilize outlets like Yelp to list their best specials.

7.) is a more product oriented site as opposed to others listed in today's article that mainly offer a dollar amount of your order. If you've found the perfect item for your home or business, try searching a manufacturer name or model number at Slick Deals. You might just be rewarded with several vendors offering the product at a discounted rate. Those in search of office electronics and computers should definitely hit this awesome site first!


If you haven't taken the time to create yourself a Groupon account, get with the program! You're missing out on a ton of savings. The Groupon brand is rapidly becoming a household name and for that reason several of the home office furniture providers are now listing deals you can't afford to miss. Essentially at you'll spend a little to get a lot. For example spend $10 and get a coupon for $50 off your next purchase of $150 or more.


Fun and super easy to use, Living Social is a must have resource for any modern shopper. Here you will be rewarded with daily deals from top brands. While this site is more currently used for family outings and restaurants, more and more office furniture and seating providers are choosing to list their specials as Living Social providers a broad range of demographic reach and valuable exposure. To use this site, you'll need to create a user account, but it only takes a couple minutes. Living Social is also one of the best places to find local deals from your favorite brands.

10.) Call Direct

Call for Coupons

When all else fails, call your merchant of choice direct! Those considering a bulk purchase on anything from tables for boardroom use to simple home desking solutions for their business will want to inquire about exclusive savings specific to your needs. Often merchants will be more than happy to earn your business by providing additional money off a bulk furniture package to meet your needs. Furniture retailers don't always list deals online and should be called direct before you complete the checkout process. You might just be surprised at just how much you save by asking!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Easily Feng Shui Your Office

We've all heard the word. The "fung-shway" one that is spelled completely different than it sounds, and a few of us have an idea about what it means, but did you know it can help you improve your whole lifestyle? Feng Shui is a Chinese word that refers to the ancient art of harmonizing one's personal space with the surrounding environment. It can even help improve the productivity and efficiency of your office so that you work faster and feel more energized while you do it. However, principles of feng shui are hard to learn for beginners unfamiliar with the practice, but don't worry! We're here to help you out by highlighting some simple ways you can apply feng shui to your office!

Know the Right Colors

Bagua Energy map

Feng shui depends largely on the individual. The right feng shui for each room (or each section of your office or cubicle) is  determined largely upon that person's zodiac, energy, and sign. The best way to determine how to use all the feng shui elements is by using a "bagua," or a device that helps you map the energy of your space. Once you find out your signs and where north is in relation to your space, you can apply the right colors to the right areas. Since the bagua is divided up by the five elements, earth, water, fire, metal, and wood, we'll help you out here by defining which colors go in which areas and what they do to help improve the efficiency of your space.

Water: Black, Blue

*Blue is very good in the East and Southeast areas of your home or workspace to help improve the energy of your career growth. Who doesn't want more of that in their office, right?

Wood: Green, Brown

* Green improves health and helps balance family and the people you work around when used in the East feng shui area of your office.

Fire: Orange, Red, Pink, Strong Yellows

*These colors help in the Southern Area of your decorating space by creating a cozy, comfortable space to work that promotes happy gatherings and warmth between individuals.

Earth: Light Yellow, Light Brown (think sandy, earthy colors)

* These neutral colors help to ground the space, harmonizing it with the environment. It also brings in the sense of a touch of nature, so the work environment doesn't feel so stifled.

Metal: Gray, White

* White is a wonderful influence on creative energy

While all these colors are well and good, make sure that they don't clash and that they sit in harmony with the other objects in your space such as furniture, office desks, and chairs. You don't want all the colors and furniture fighting for your attention all the time. Its very distracting…

It's All About Orientation

Feng Shui House Layout

Feng shui is big on proper alignment with the universe. In the ancient days, if just one thing was off, the world fell apart in landslides, earthquakes, bad harvests, and poor imperial rule. Don't let that happen to you! When you're redecorating your office space in the feng shui style, make sure you pay attention to position. The bagua is decided up into five sections. We already learned that each section is associated with an element and a color, but its also associated with direction and elements of lifestyle. Here's a quick list to help you out:

South (Fire): Fame and Reputation

Southeast (Wind): Prosperity and Abundance

East (Thunder/Wood): Family and Health

Northeast (Mountain/Earth): Skills and Knowledge

North (Water): Career/ Path in Life

Northwest (Heaven/ Metal): Helpfulness, Blessings, Travel

West (Marsh/ Metal): Creativity, Children, Future

Southwest (Earth): Relationships, Love

A few extra tips: if you work out of a home office, make sure your office is as far away from your bedroom as possible. Whether at work or at home, try to have your desk facing the door, but far away from it in order to give a commanding feel that attracts successful energy. Do you best so that your desk does not have to face a wall. If it must, or if you are working in a cubicle, try to make the wall disappear with the cunning use of artwork, or choose a wall with a window. Having a view of nature will keep you energized so that you feel less trapped.

Keep Things Light and Airy

Light and Airy Air Plant

Literally. Poor air quality is terrible for health and a big no-no in feng shui. If your brain doesn't get enough oxygen, it can slow your work, depress you, and tire you of your job no matter how much you love it. Consider bringing in some plants that will purify the air such as peace lilies and small palms to lighten the mood. Adding small fishtanks are also great to help bring in positive, flowing energy, adding a touch of nature. Opening windows and doors is good for feng shui too because beneficial energies can flow on the cross-breeze rather than collecting or swirling stagnantly in each room. Also, try to get plenty of natural light for your office and make sure it is sufficient for working. Natural light is the best because it has a scientifically proven positive impact on the mind, making individuals feel less trapped and more energized. However, artificial lights are better than nothing since you need them to work. Just be sure to try and go for a walk during your breaks to get some fresh air!

Clean and Organize

Clean Office

Whether your decide to practice feng shui or not, keeping things clean is never a bad idea for an office environment, or any environment for that matter. In a public workspace, cleanliness improves the health of all employees, and creates a positive image for your business. Be sure to clean things that people touch a lot, like keyboards and stylish chairs for guest use (which do best in the northwest section of your office building). Keeping things organized with the use of shelving and storage cabinets for office use saves space and improves the look and energy flow of your workspace by keeping things off of the ground. It also helps if your room has a focal point such as your office desk to attract positive attention, but make sure to add other things like decor plants elsewhere in the room to absorb any negative energy. They eye should be able to flow around the room without getting distracted by clutter. You can practically see the positive energy flow, and if not, you can certainly feel its effects when you sit down to a clean desk!


Ergonomic Office

A great way to apply feng shui in today's high tech age is with contemporary furniture for office use in both homes and businesses. Modern furniture such as office chairs with ergonomics can drastically increase the health, efficiency, and productivity of any workspace. If ergonomics existed in ancient China, they would have undoubtedly have used it in their feng shui art, because of the positive effects it has on home and work environments. Because ergonomics refers to the study of efficiency in the workplace, every piece of ergonomic furniture is designed to help improve all aspects of work. Not only is it adjustable to meet the needs of individuals, it is also healthier for people than traditional office furniture. If you're seeking harmony in your workplace, there is no better way to do it than by bringing the advanced technology of ergonomics with the ancient art of Chinese feng shui to your office!

Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Best Places to Sell Used Home Office Furniture

Ready to upgrade your home office space, but don't quite know how to get rid of all your outdated office furniture? We know. It seems weird to throw all that stuff away when there's nothing particularly wrong with it. But instead of tossing your old furniture, why not try to make a buck with it by selling it? You may not realize it, but there are tons of people out there looking for repurposed furniture for their own offices, for scraps, art projects, and tons of other strange uses. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure! Why not help them out if you can? Here are some great places you can go to sell your old furniture painlessly!


Craigslist logo

Nowadays, one of the first places people think of to sell office furniture is on this website. Craigslist has become amazingly popular in the past few years as the world's top classified advertisements site. Being active in over 50 countries, odds are somebody will want your office furniture. All you have to do is take a few photos of it, go to and pick a target area that you want to sell to, select "post to classifieds", and then"for sale by owner" or "for sale by dealer" depending on which one you are. Then write an honest description about what the furniture is, what you think it might be good for, and how to contact you. Finally, add your picture and hit "publish". In no time at all, your old home office furniture could be out of your life and you could have a down payment for your upgrades!

Used Furniture Retailer

Cort Logo

Used furniture retailers are a great way to sell your old office furniture. It can be done either locally or online. Sites like and both buy and sell gently used office furniture to people who'd rather not pay a huge sum for the new stuff. even rents their gently used furniture to students and government services! If you'd rather not sell through a website, a quick Google search will tell you is there's any reliable used furniture retailers near you. Selling through a retailer is a much faster way of losing your unwanted furniture because they're often more willing to buy and negotiate on the spot, whereas you might have to wait for an individual buyer to see your ads. Whether you end up selling online or in person, choosing the retail route is usually a quick, simple way to make room for your new office furniture! logo

Just like Craigslist, is also a popular classified advertisement site. In fact, it is the second largest one after Cragslist, so its not a bad place to get started if you want to sell that old office furniture.  The postings are organized by country, and for the U.S., by state as well. After that, just select a target city that you want to advertise in and click "post an ad" next to the logo at the top left of the screen. Under the "buy/sell/trade" heading, choose "furniture" and simply post your ad.

Consignment Store

Consignment Logo

Consignment stores, second-hand shops, flea markets, and swap meets are other great ways to get rid of any old furniture fast. Consignment shops are great places to sell because they are often in person, meaning you can give potential buyers the opportunity to look over your office furniture and see whether or not they want to buy it. In order to sell with most consignment shops, products have to be reviewed by the consignee. Anything that's torn or dirty or deemed unsuitable for sale is given back to the consignor. Because of this, people have a tendency to trust consignment shops a bit more, making them more willing to buy your office chairs with vintage style secondhand. Who knows, with what you earn, you may even be able to shop around and find some affordable office chairs for home use to replace the ones you just sold at a price much lower than you'd find in retail!

Garage Sale

Garage Sale

Don't want to head too far from home? Why not hold a garage sale? These are great ways to show off your home office furniture for sale without even having to leave your front yard. Just label everything with price stickers, post a few signs around your local area, and set up shop shop out front on a weekend day. It shouldn't be long before people from all over your area are perusing your collection looking for stuff to buy. Garage sales are wonderful ways to sell old stuff like office desks at discount prices because people always expect the items at garage sales to be fairly cheap. you can even sell other  items that aren't used anymore such as books and home appliances. Get the kids involved and let them have a share of what they sell to teach them the value of money! With a little bit of effort, at the end of the day, you could have enough money from all your sales to completely re-do your home office with spectacular modern style!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

7 Ways To Improve Your Next Business Meeting

Nobody likes a boring meeting. If your business is hosting dull lectures, training sessions, or conference room gatherings it's time for a change. Luckily, there are simple and easy ways to improve your business meetings while ensuring your important guests and employees retain your valuable information. From getting focused to creating a multi media conference room, today's article highlights the top 7 ways to improve your meetings in flash!

Get Focused

Get Focused

If you're hosting a meeting of any kind, it's supremely important to get your guests focused and in tune to the info you're about to provide. While it sounds silly, staring your meeting with a quick stretching session will surprise your clients and get them woken up. How often have you been excited for a meeting? If you answered not too often you're not alone! Rest assured your guests probably feel the same way. That lack of enthusiasm means a lack of focus and thus your information delivery is not fully hitting home. It's important to start with a surprise factor, something out of the ordinary to set the mood. Get your employees and guest focused out of the gate in order to get your meeting off and running smoothly.

Food and Drink

Tasty Donuts

Everyone loves a snack, and if you're still searching for ways to get your guests focused, you can always resort to heavy doses of coffee. Bring in donuts, fruit, or other simple and inexpensive treats for your clients to enjoy. As most meetings are highlighted by minimal excitement, at the very least you'll ensure your guests stay awake while eating. All jokes aside, fun ideas like pot luck meetings are a great way to improve on staff morale while simultaneously creating a more effective business gathering.

Brighten Up

Naturally Lit Conference Room

Stop treating your conference area like a cave! If your meeting space has windows, open those bad boys up. Natural light is an invaluable source of energy sure to assist you in the pursuit of an entertaining meeting. Switching your office bulbs to low wattage models might not be a big conversation point with meeting guests but sure can save you a bundle on that pesky electric bill! Part of improving any business means budgeting, saving, and being as cost effective as possible. That being said, saving money on power means that regardless of your conference content you're helping your company.



We've all sat through those 3 hour meetings where one person talks non stop. Needless to say this is not ideal. Part of hosting a quality meeting involves good communication with guests. Group activities, games, and prizes are all awesome ideas that should be incorporated when possible. Simply asking questions regularly is an effective tool for getting the team involved without making your serious meeting feel too much like a party.

Get Comfortable

Relaxing at Work

Comfort plays a major role in meeting quality. Cozy guests are far more in tune than those spending the duration of your presentation fidgeting incessantly. If your businesses meeting area is out of date it might just be time for an upgrade. In 2013, several of the industries most reputable office product manufacturers have released incredible new contemporary furniture for conference room applications that are sure to impress your guests while providing optimal comfort. Meeting with a professional interior design team can provide helpful insight and ideas for improving your meeting space. Those with limited budgets will definitely want to make use of the free advice provided by any professional business furnishing provider worth their weight.

Go Ergo

Ergonomic Chair

Another key part of conference room comfort involves the use of modern ergonomics to improve meeting efficiency and productivity. The top chairs for conference room use manufactured by brands such as Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, and Offices To Go all provide high quality features at prices any budget will appreciate. In addition to seating, other ergo products you should consider adding include mobile presentation boards, powered lecterns, and adjustable lighting.

Keep It Visual

Multi Media Conference Room

Creating a multi media space is a great way to take your meeting potential to the next level. Studies have shown that most prefer visual learning to auditory methods. Keeping it visual in the conference room will greatly improve your chances of getting that important info to stick long term. From conference tables with power options to simple projectors, your meeting quality will be on a definite rise when visual materials are incorporated.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The World of Collaborative Open Desking

Open Desking Layout
Open desking is a popular trend that's sweeping the nation. This form of modular furniture is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for large office work areas. While cubicles will always have their place in the office world, open desk configuration provide a stylish alternative that interior designers and business owners are falling in love with. The benefits of this cutting edge furniture style are extensive. From stylish designs to a more open feel, today's article highlights the key attributes your business will gain with an open desking layout for your employees.

Contemporary Open Desking Configuration
Creating a lasting impression on valued clientele is essential. One great way to achieve just that is through the use of cutting edge furniture. Open desking will certainly provide your office with the wow factor needed to provide a professional look that's sure to impress. When compared to panel furniture, the cost of open style desk configurations are a bit more expensive. However, the aesthetic attributes, open feel, and modern look is worth the extra investment!

If you've ever visited a business with high wall panel furniture you've probably felt a bit cramped. While cubicles do provide more privacy than open concept desking configurations, they also make large areas feel much smaller than they really are. The ability to see from one end of an office floor to the other is often hindered and invaded upon by the cubicle layout in order to fit as many employees as possible into a space. Those with limited square footage will enjoy the illusion of a more expansive work floor without the obtrusive panel walls that tend to create that boxed in feeling.

Mayline e5 Series Open DeskingOpen desking is a great way to create collaborative work environments that promote team activities. While call centers are more commonly outfitted with privacy cubicles to keep noise down, sales oriented businesses will benefit far more from an open configuration that allows for more group interaction. In addition, tech and IT companies that network regularly throughout the day will certainly enjoy the open feel created from these trend setting office furniture solutions.

With an extensive selection of components available, the customization capabilities of open style furniture lines are simply unmatched. From smaller desks for two or three users to large units for big business, stylish and versatile configurations are easily specked that allow room for future growth. The modular design qualities ensure your business is easily equipped with ample storage and work surface space to meet the needs of any work day. Rest assured, these professional desks for business use are built to the highest standards of quality with the needs of modern workers in mind

Zira Series Open Desking

So you think open desking is the perfect option for your office makeover? Great! You'll want to source the best and most reliable products available for your project. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline provide some of the latest collections including the popular new e5 furniture series that was a main contributor to this trends rapid growth. With a variety of matching desks for executive office available, e5 will allow users to create a cohesive look from the sales floor to the CEO's office. In addition, lines like Zira series from Global are incredibly affordable and offer a wide range of upgrade options for those looking to taking their layout to the next level.

Modular Mutli User Desk LayoutIf open desking is the best choice for your business, meeting with an office furniture design specialist will provide excellent insight on how to maximize your workplace potential. From power options to versatile storage products for office use, industry professionals will be happy to provide advice and ideas that are sure to improve your long term efficiency. No matter the manufacturer or layout you choose to go with, keep goals like productivity, effectiveness, and room for growth as top priorities. Do this and you'll be on your way to a stylish work environment designed with cutting edge products that will keep your business on the cutting edge for years to come!


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