Thursday, February 26, 2015

5 Conference Tables So Cool You'll Actually Want To Have Meetings!

Nobody enjoys long meetings that drag on and eat into the work day. That being said, we're shining the spotlight on 5 conference room tables that are so cool you'll actually enjoy your meetings. These tables will improve decor, boost efficiency, and save your business time. Check em' out!

Zira Conference TableFirst up, the Global Total Office Zira series Z48120REE. This 10' rectangular conference table features a 3 base design and modern look that's sure to impress. The Z48120REE is available with optional power modules that ready to meet your multi media needs. Add HDMI, USB, Three Prong, and Audio inputs to boost your meeting performance in a flash. The Zira conference furniture collection is offered in an array of stunning finish options, sizes, and shapes to meet your specific decor needs. These are no doubt the coolest conference tables on the market in 2015.

Glass Conference TableIf funds are tight and your boardroom is in need of a seriously facelift, have no fear! The OFM GT3977 glass conference table is here! This industrial modern boardroom solution features a heavy duty glass top with contemporary metal legs. Walk into a boardroom outfitted with the GT3977, and you'll be instantly handing out compliments to the designer. The unique addition of glass into the conference room provides a neutral tone that's easy to match chairs and accent furniture with. Priced at just $1021.99, you'll be able to create a beautiful meeting area with plenty of budget to spare for other office needs.

Medina Conference TableWhen it comes to the conference room, it's hard to top the premier solutions provided by Mayline. This industry leading brand offers 10 best selling casegoods furniture collections that all include unique tables designed for both modern and traditional meeting areas alike. In 2015, no Mayline collection is hotter than Medina! With options like the MNC8 available in cool color options like Gray Steel, you'll be able to accent your space with a new conference table for just $503.99. This 8' table is also available with factory installed power modules that are simply to spec when ordering and incredibly user friendly in the conference room.

Cherryman Verde Conference TableAdding a touch of white to your boardroom is sure to add an extra element of sophistication and class. The Cherryman Industries Verde series VL-741 table provides just that and more! These two tone modern conference tables are available in a choice of latte and espresso finish options that are complimented by white leg accents. Verde conference tables like this 12' model can also be spec'd with up to 3 power modules to boost productivity during those long meetings.

Elliptical Conference TableThe decor your choose for your conference room will say a lot about your business. Dull and boring spaces will become a thing of the past as brands like Lesro Industries introduce swanky conference tables like the Mystic. If you're tired of the traditional rectangular, oval, and round conference tables typically used in professional meeting areas, the Mystic is a must see! These elliptical tables offer a slim profile that's sure to help you maximize the quire footage of your meeting space. Also available with Power, there's not much the Mystic can't do! The metal leg design is durable and the table surfaces are available in 6 quick shipping finish options. These tables are so cool, you'll be ready to have multiple meetings a day just to sit around one!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ergo Guru: The Monitor Arm and You

Ever wonder where that terrible neck pain at work is coming from? Well, the answer may be simpler than you think. Unhealthy posture is detrimental to office associates, and constantly turning and twisting to view a computer screen is one of the most common causes of office-related pain. However, adding adjustable monitor arms to maximize productivity and health is an awesome solution. Check out today's article for tips on how monitor arms can change your work experience for the better!

Before launching into why monitor arms make such fantastic work tools, it's important to know why they're so popular. Pain at the office is no laughing matter. Not only is it a terrible experience, but it can also impact the effectiveness of associates. Reduced focus, poor posture, inhibited blood flow, and even a cluttered desk can all be byproducts of a large, poorly placed computer screen. When the screen is off to the side, users will often twist to see it. This can result in neck and upper back muscles repositioning themselves to make it more convenient for the user to see in that direction. The problem is, when the user twists back to a proper sitting position, the muscles painfully complain. These aches can follow computer users all day long, inhibiting their effectiveness in every aspect of life.

Thankfully, shopping adjustable monitor arms for sale is one of the best solutions. By mounting an affordable monitor arm to a wall or desk, users have the freedom to control the placement of their computer screen. Experts agree that the best viewing environment for computer users is to keep the screen arm's length away from the face, at eye level. This helps ensure the proper posture, which prevents the muscular repositioning and uneven strength that causes pain.

In addition to health, monitor arms have some additional perks that should never be shot down in the office. By keeping computers off surfaces, monitor arms increase the amount of usable desk space. Combo teams of monitor arms paired with retractable keyboard platforms free up a ton of workspace, and both contribute to user health. With desk space cleared, office associates can finally make full use of their organized, uncluttered modular workstations to maximize productivity.

With all these incredible benefits, it's no wonder monitor arms are one of the fastest growing ergonomic trends to hit the industry. Now, with top brands like Global Total Office, and popular tech names, like ESI and Symmetry manufacturing these high end tools, monitor arms have never looked better! Popular products from Symmetry now includes monitor arms for single and multiple screens, making productivity a way of life. In fact, the affordable EDGE monitor arm from ESI is one of the highest monitor arms in demand. Mix together the unbeatable benefits and the backing by top brands, and you have all the ingredients to make an ergonomic masterpiece - monitor arms reduce the pain and increase the effectiveness of office associates everywhere!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Office Design 101: Creating A Functional Training Room

Office training area makeover projects are trending in 2015. That being said, we wanted to share some tips, product suggestions, and design advice that's sure to help you and your business create the professional training space of your dreams. Enjoy!

Space Planning

Office Training Room Design

Before you rush out and purchase new office training room furniture for your business, take the time to create a plan for your project. Start space planning by obtaining the dimensions of your training area. Be sure to take note of all entry ways, power outlets, windows, and room obstructions that may affect the way your furniture fits. With dimensions in hand, sketch out a few layout ideas that you feel will be functional for your specific needs. Identify how many individuals you'd like to accommodate at any given time and set a budget for your project by determining how many tables, chairs, and room accessories you'll need to complete your space.

Modular Tables

Modular Training Tables

Once the space planning portion of your project is complete, you'll be ready to shop for training room tables to compliment your interior. This year, modular tables are the way to go. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office provide high quality modular training tables that will no doubt boost your training room productivity, versatility, and performance. Flip top training tables with mobilized bases are the preferred option as they can be quickly reconfigured when needed. This popular table style will allow you to easily clean your space when needed by nesting along outer room walls when not in use. If you truly want to create a top notch training area, modular tables are the only way to go!

Nesting Chairs

Nesting Chairs

Now that you've selected tables for your training room, it's time to focus on comfort. Providing your training area with ergonomic seating designed for long term comfort is an absolute must. That being said, nesting chairs are the way to go! Seating solutions like the Roma nester from Global Total Office offer space saving design characteristics that will allow you to maximize the seating potential of your space while keeping your valued guests comfortable. Nesting chairs like the Roma offer flip seat designs that allow chairs to be "nested" together along walls when not in use much like the modular training tables described above. The ability to relocate chairs quickly, configure various seating arrangements, and boost the versatility of training areas make nestable chairs a must for your project.

Power Modules

Isle Power Module by Symmetry Office

Want to take your training room performance to the next level? Integrating power modules into your space will certainly help! The addition of power modules will help provide your training room guests with a plug and play experience ready for the needs of modern business. Training tables like those from the Sync collection by Mayline can be outfitted with factory installed power ports that allow users to operate devices easily without the need for extensions cords running across the room. In addition, aftermarket power modules like the Isle by Symmetry Office can also be added to keep your  interior on the cutting edge.


Office Storage Cabinet

You can't create a functional new training room without being well organized. Adding a few organizational tools to your space will help you operate more efficiently and effectively. Wall cabinets, filing cabinets, and office storage cabinets can all be easily integrated to boost performance. Consider the organizational needs of your training room and move forward accordingly. Take into account the presentation materials, stationary, and other essential items that will need to be stored neatly in your training area at any given time. As a side tip, if you purchase your training room tables and seating from a full service brand like those mentioned in today's post, you'll be able to easily match finishes to create a more cohesive look throughout your space.

Presentation Aids

Mobile Dry Erase Presentation Board

Last but certainly not least, no professional training room project is complete without adding a few key presentation aids. Mobilized dry erase boards and wall mounted presentation boards come in handy for visual learners and should be added to your training room. If you plan on having guest speakers from time to time, you may consider adding a lectern or podium. Additional accessories like flat screen TV's can be added to boost room appeal and further enhance your multi media capabilities.   When selecting your presentation aids, be sure to evaluate the items you're adding are need items or want items. If your budget is limited, start by adding a few small room aids and then integrate additional items into your space in the future.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Ergo Office Makeover: 2015 Edition

Ergonomic Office Makeover
Creating an ergonomic office space will help you become more efficient and comfortable during those long days at the office. In today's post we'll highlight the industries hottest products, makeover tips, and advice needed to design the ergonomic workspace of your dreams. Enjoy!

The Design

Ergonomic Office DesignErgonomic office design revolves around four key elements. When in working together in harmony, the chair, desk, and accessories integrated into your workspace should help you reach your peak performance level. At the beginning of your ergonomic office makeover, ask yourself important questions like what types of furniture configurations will be most effective in your space. You'll also want to assess your key areas of discomfort to determine what types of products will be most beneficial to you throughout the day. Come up with a plan for your space, then consult industry professionals about best selling ergonomic furniture lines, chairs, and accessories recommended for your needs. Once you're armed with ample ergo knowledge and a plan for your makeover project, it's time to shop!

The Chair

Ergonomic Office ChairAs most of your daily work will be conducted from your office chair, it's best to center your ergonomic office makeover around this essential piece. As the main operating platform of your workspace, the ergonomic chair you choose will play a key role in your day to day comfort. The industries best ergonomic office chairs offer beneficial features that include adjustable lumbar supports, head rests, syncro tilt mechanisms, seat sliders, and adjustable arms. Research top ergonomic chair features and their benefits online to determine which of these are must haves for your individual needs. Next, contact your dealer of choice and inquire about preferred chairs equipped with the features you need. With recommendations from you dealer in hand, you can now make an educated purchasing decision on what ergonomic chair will be best for your space. You can also research ergonomic chair reviews and best selling office chairs on the web for further insight. Do not rush your ergonomic chair purchase, take your time and select a seating solution that meets your budget and comfort needs alike. In the long run, the world of ergonomic seating is always evolving. Following the trends will ensure you create a stylish workspace, but following your own body needs is far more effective long term! 

The Desk

Height Adjustable Desk

Once you've selected the perfect ergonomic chair for your workspace, it's time to place your primary focus on the command center! The desk you choose for your ergonomic makeover project should offer adjustable features, storage, and a space saving design geared towards maximizing your floor plan. In 2015 trending ergonomic workstations include those from the Global Total Office Foli collection as well as the VariTask tables from Mayline. These best selling ergonomic desks and tables provide a ton of user friendly benefits that will boost your performance on a daily basis. Height adjustable desks promote continuous body movement while simultaneously working to revitalize blood flow and enhance energy levels. The ergonomic desk you invest in should be ready to adapt a moments notice to meet any specific task. Rest assured, the product recommendations listed about are ready to do just that!

The Accessories

Ergonomic Office Accessories

No ergonomic workspace is complete without the right combination of accessories designed to keep you working comfortably. This year, top ergonomic office makeover projects are integrating helpful tools like dual screen monitor arms, retractable CPU holders, articulating keyboard trays, and even adjustable foot rests. 

Dual screen monitor arms provide a wide range of adjustment capabilities and help users recapture usable desk space that can be devoted to other important tasks. A dual screen monitor arm will also help you increase the rate at which you compute on a daily basis. No more clicking between multiple tabs in your browser! Simply click an hold one screen and drag your mouse to the monitor you'd like to view it on. Two screens means you can use one monitor for reference and the other for search. These versatile ergonomic solutions are must have items modern ergonomic makeovers.

Retractable CPU holders help users prevent those pesky trips under the desk to route wires and turn on devices. A retractable CPU holder will also keep your monitor off the ground and protect it against theft and water damage. The retractable slide mounts directly underneath your worksurface and allows the CPU to gently swivel and retract out of the way when out of use. This means more leg room to operate with! Consider adding a retractable CPU holder to your workspace today. You'll be glad you did. Brands like Symmetry Office and ESI Ergonomic Solutions provide budget friendly models you'll surely love!

Articulating keyboard trays have been around for years. That being said, these helpful ergo items have become must haves for any work environment created since the 1990's. Articulating keyboard trays have come a long way in recent years. These adjustable tools retract, swivel, and even adjust quickly from sitting to standing positions to make typing a breeze. Adding an ergonomic keyboard tray to your workstation will improve your posture and increase the rate at which you type. If you're looking to be an ergo master, an adjustable keyboard tray will need to be added to your list of office makeover additions!

Foot rests are surprisingly beneficial in the workplace. Most users are skeptical of the performance boosts advertised until they try one for themselves. Adding a foot rest will help reduce fatigue in the workplace, improve blood flow, and take pressure of your knees when sitting. These cost effective ergonomic tools can be found from brands like Global Total Office for under $100. At this price, can you afford not to have one?

Wrap Up

The most successful ergonomic office makeovers place the primary focus on comfort and performance. While style and decor is important, it comes second to efficiency and productivity. Having the most beautiful office space in the world isn't worth much if your working uncomfortably. That being said, the same holds true for the industries top ergonomic products. To gain the most out of your ergonomic office makeover, you'll need to educate yourself on the items you select for your space. Learn their benefits and master their operations. Once you've done this, you'll see your performance, comfort, and productivity improve by leaps and bounds.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Office Comfort: 7 Steps To Superior Posture

Practicing good posture habits in the office is a must if you want to operate and peak performance levels. That being said, bad posture can cause health problems and discomfort that will no doubt affect workplace efficiency. In today's post we'll share with you the 7 must follow posture tips you'll need to function at your absolute best. Enjoy!

1.) Keep Your Head Straight

If you're hunching over your keyboard tray or monitor, the odds are you're looking down and thus practicing poor posture. This bad habit can cause tightness in the neck and back that can be avoided by keeping your head aligned. If you commit to sitting upright and utilize the lumbar support of your chair back, you should find yourself far more effective. Train your body muscles to stay aligned and upright. Your eyes should be level with your computer screen and not slouched over your workstation.

2.) Exercise Your Shoulders

Bad posture will no doubt lead to chest strain and fatigue. To practice good posture in your office chair it's important to keep your shoulders loose and well stretched. Throughout the day, especially during times of stiffness, exercise your shoulders. A few simple shoulder rolls and basic stretches will go a long way towards your performance behind the desk.

3.) Keep Eyes Forward

Up and on task, down and you won't last. This simple rhyme will help you maintain good posture in the office. When you operate at your workstation, try to keep your eyes up and on task as much as possible. Looking down towards your computer screen, talk on the phone, and look at important files keeps you in an imperfect position that's sure to be followed by fatigue. Start by raising your computer screen the correct level. Ergonomic monitor arms that clamp onto a desk are available if your computer screen base doesn't elevate. In addition, raise and lower your office chair regularly to maintain your prime operating position. Avoid looking down as much as possible by using the ergonomic tools already integrated into your workspace. Your posture will improve accordingly, and so will your comfort!

4.) Avoid The Dreaded Slouch

Slouching is one of our biggest enemies in the workplace! There's really nothing good that comes from hunching and slouching over our office desk throughout the day. This all too common office epidemic is typically related to fatigue. When we become tired, often due to bad posture, we tend to slouch and function inefficiently. To prevent this bad habit, stretch regularly and stay energized with healthy foods. Take short breaks and go for a walk outside. You should also make it a habit to eat lunch away from your desk. All these useful tips will help you stay energized and effective. With more energy you'll slouch less, and by slouching less you'll be able to sit more upright and posture perfect!

5.) Deskercise

Deskercise is the latest workplace craze. More than ever, office employees are coming up with fun and innovative ways that we can all exercise right in our office chair and at the desk. Plenty of simple to follow stretches are outlined online that will directly affect your overall posture and comfort. Incorporate a deskercise routine into your weekly to do list. You'll see both health and life benefits far beyond your posture! In the long run, a few simple stretches and desk exercises will help reduce fatigue and keep you loose in your chair.

6.) Practice Proper Wrist Positioning

Wrist pain is yet another ailment that can be directly affected by your posture. The muscles in your hand can become tight and cause you to slow the rate at which your compute. To avoid this common problem and achieve superior posture, form the habit of keeping your wrists flat when operating. Hunched hands over the keyboard just won't cut it! One simple and effective tip is to use piano positioning when typing. Keep your wrists flat and above the keyboard. This helps to avoid curling your hands and causing wrist related pain. Piano positioning will also help your posture and the rate at which you type!

7.) Kick Up Your Feet

Last but not least, kick up your feet! Adjustable ergonomic foot rests provide a ton of posture benefits that we can't afford to operate without. These helpful tools don't take up a ton of space or cost a lot of money. There's really no lesson needed to use a foot rest properly. Simply set the device to a comfy angle and rest your feet on the surface when working. This will help take pressure off the knees, improve blood flow, and reduce fatigue. When combined with the other 6 tips in today's post you'll be sitting posture perfect in no time!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Beating The Odds: Office Discomfort by The Numbers

Ergonomic Office
They say the numbers don't lie, and when it comes to discomfort in the workplace we couldn't agree more. In today's post we'll take a look at some stunning numbers that reflect pain in the workplace. While these stats are clear, we'll provide you with the tips and advice to help you beat the odds in your office!

Lets's start with a big one! Believe it or not 86% of office workers report some form of discomfort in the workplace that's due to their current furniture and equipment. We find this stunning! Have you ever thought to ask your fellow workers about these areas of discomfort? Are you suffering from the same problems? If so, it's time to consider upgrading your office furnishings and integrating the ergonomic products needed to help you find the support you need.

Ergonomic Monitor ArmWomen are dealing with significant health risks directly related to discomfort in the work place. Studies show that 37% of women who sit more than six hours per day are more likely to die prematurely than women who sat just three hours a day. What does that tell us? Ergonomics is important! It also says that we all should take short breaks throughout the workday. Consider taking short walks with your coworkers and stretching during your breaks. You can also try deskercise. That's right, deskercise! There are tons of super easy stretches and healthy activities we can do right behind our office desks to improve our chances of beating the statistics.

Height Adjustable DesksStill need more evidence to convince you of the importance of workplace ergonomics? How about this, 35% of sick days taken away from the office are spend dealing with musculoskeletal injuries. This means that without the correct desks and computer chairs that adjust for our body types, working could be doing us far more harm than we ever though! Evaluating your office needs regularly is absolutely essential if you want to avoid becoming part of that 35%. Start by making a list of factors causing discomfort and tackle them one by one. Consult your physician, speak with your coworkers, and never settle for sub par comfort!

Now for some good news! A staggering 98% of individuals showed signs of better posture when they had constant reminders about their posture while sitting at their desks. This means we should all have a perfect posture chart somewhere in the office. You can print posture tips off the web, print out diagrams, and much more. Give yourself the reminders you need to turn bad practices into good habits!

Height Adjustable TablesThe ergonomic furniture movement is ever growing and products like adjustable height desks are becoming the industry standard. A staggering 87% of workers who use standing height desks reported feeling more energized and comfortable when tackling daily tasks. Standing desks allow users to adjust quickly to meet the needs of any situation. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline have bolstered their ergo furniture offerings to include standing height desks designed specifically to revitalize blood flow, reduce body stressors, and reduce fatigue. This tells us that standing height desks are not only cool, they are incredibly beneficial!

Last but not least, 66% of people believe that their posture would improve drastically if they had the right ergonomic chair. What this tell us is that chair education is incredibly important. Selecting an office chair based on style is great, but likely won't provide you with the ergonomic features to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. When selecting your chair, don't be afraid to contact your dealer of choice, consult your physician, and search out reviews online. The info found will help you reach an educated purchasing decision for you and your body. Top ergonomic office seating from brands like Global Total Office, Eurotech, OFM, Mayline, and RFM Preferred Seating are no doubt equipped with tons of adjustable features needed to help users stay comfortable. That being said, if you don't take the time to master your chair and it's features, you'll be right back where you started. Adjust regularly, strive for comfort, live longer. It's just that simple! Be proactive about your areas of discomfort in the workplace and beat the odds!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Euro Inspired Office Chairs Trending in 15'

The seating industry is rapidly moving towards European influenced designs. These trending office chairs are the topic of today's post! Here we'll showcase the hottest new seating solutions on the market from the all new Ravi chair to the Cannes from Ergo Contract Furniture. These European style chairs are contemporary, functional, and super cool. Enjoy!

Woodstock Marketing Ravi ChairThe Woodstock Marketing Ravi chair offers a sophisticated mesh back design and high tech ergonomic features for improved workplace support. These Euro style chairs are ideal for professional conference room and private office applications. Available in 3 attractive color combinations, the Ravi is quite versatile and comfy. Ravi chairs are available for just $229.00 in 2015 and provide shoppers with the perfect way to capitalize on the growing European seating movement without breaking the all important budget!

G20 Cloud ChairThe Global Total Office G20 Cloud chair keys on European style characteristics and modern ergonomic benefits that are far ahead of their time. The all white design plays into another key industry trend that's booming in 2015. With it's smooth tilting back and synchronized mechanism, the G20 Cloud chair is ready to meet the comfort needs of even the most demanding users. The Cloud features a durable mesh back that can be complimented by a number of attractive fabric, leather, and vinyl seat upholstery options. Adjustable arms and a polished aluminum base are also standard.

White Office ChairThe sleek design characteristics of European style office chairs make them the premier choice for conference and meeting area use. Chairs like the 11730 model from Offices To Go showcase this to perfection. The 11730 offers a polished fixed arm design and polished base to compliment the trendy ribbed back. While most of the ribbed back seating solutions on the market in 2015 lack quality padding, the 11730 from OTG is far more comfortable and effective. The 11730 combines the best of Euro chair trends with the modern ergo benefits users need to operate at peak performance levels.

Wau ChairWith a name like Eurotech, you know this top notch seating manufacturer keys on European designs for inspiration when creating their best selling office chairs. Popular Eurotech chairs like the Wau are trend setting in every way. These super effective tasking chairs can be used for professional computing applications as well as home office use. Wau chairs are available in all mesh and fully upholstered options. Both high and mid back models are available to meet the ergo needs of any user.

TSH3 Valore ChairSimple yet sophisticated, the Mayline TSH3 Valore chair is yet another Euro influenced chair trending in 2015. A brand that never fails to impress, Mayline has truly outdone themselves with the Valore collection. This line boasts nesting training chairs as well as TSH3 chairs that work to perfection in conference, boardroom, and private office applications. Valore chairs can now be spec'd in a variety of quick shipping colors as well as custom fabric options that help users create one of a kind work environments.

Cannes ChairLast but certainly not least, we reach the Cannes chair from our friends at Ergo Contract Furniture. These swanky mesh back office chairs with chrome details offer clear cut European influences that have helped this growing movement blossom. The Cannes is a premier choice for meeting areas and offers the space saving features needed to help businesses maximize seating potential around the conference table. Priced at $374.99, users will love the luxurious features showcased at even their first glance of the Cannes. The slim profile, ergonomic attributes, and attention to detail make the Cannes chair one of the absolute best Euro inspired seating solutions on the market in 2015. While this trend showing no signs of slowing, we are looking forward to even more cool chairs hitting the market in the coming months!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Does Your Office Chair Have These 4 Essentials?

Best Selling Office Chairs
When selecting a new office chair, you'll want to look for 4 key elements. Ergonomics, style, durability, and value all work together to form some of the industries best seating solutions. In today's article we'll highlight the tips and tricks you'll need to achieve them all with ease. Enjoy!

1.) Ergonomics

All of the industries best selling office chair manufacturers make ergonomics a primary focus. Providing high quality seating designed around functionality and comfort ensures success. When evaluating your office chair needs, ask your self important questions like "What features will work best for my body type". You'll also want to assess key areas of discomfort in the workplace directly related to your office chair. Top brands like Eurotech Seating, Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office offer plenty of options to choose from that are sure to improve your overall workplace performance. The best ergonomic chairs available in 2015 offer popular features that include width and height adjustable arms, high tech mechanisms, headrests, and adjustable lumbar supports. If you determine that your current chair is lacking, it may be time for an upgrade!

2.) Style

While comfort trumps style in every aspect, there are plenty of chairs on the market that provide both! This year trending chairs include those with gray leather upholstery, durable mesh backs, and sleek European designs. As you'll no doubt want your office to compliment your space to perfection, be sure to research chairs that follow these 2015 trends. Stylish ergonomic office chairs like the iDesk Oroblanco from Cherryman Industries and the Spree mesh back chair from Global Total Office are a great place to start your search. Your chair style you choose should also be based on the applications you're looking to use them for. Conference rooms look great with sleek ribbed back chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing, while executive work environments pop with high back leather executive chairs like the Status from Ergo Contract Furniture. If you feel you're office chair doesn't represent your individual personality while complimenting your space, it may again be time to consider an upgrade!

3.) Durability

Has your chair seen better days? If you're dealing with minor maintenance issues like loose arms and annoying squeaks, these common afflictions can be quickly fixed with a screw driver and can of WD40. However, more serious issues like upholstery rips and broken parts signal that it's time to select a new chair. When shopping for new office chairs online, helpful reviews will be readily accessible. Utilize these reviews to determine durability and performance. This will help you make an educated shopping decision! In addition, durability is also determined by the type of upholstery used on a certain chair. Upholstery is graded using an easy to follow number system. The higher the upholstery grade, the more durable the material. Mesh is not typically graded and lesser quality chairs  will certainly wear out faster than those with high end fabric and leathers. That being said, brands like Global Total Office have revolutionized the world of mesh back seating with chairs like the G20 with elastomeric mesh backs. These top notch chairs are extremely durable and amongst the best mesh back options available on the market.

4.) Value

If you're chair is still working well and meeting your needs, it still has value that should be capitalized on. Many businesses make it a point to replace office chairs every five years to stay up to day with industry trends and keep employees operating at peak performance levels. If it's time to replace your chairs, you'll definitely want to get the most bang for your buck. When shopping online, use comparison shopping engines. These helpful resources allow shoppers to categorize items by style, price, and brand. Engines like Google Shopping also highlight deals and coupons you'll certainly want to take note of! If you're purchasing multiple office chairs, don't be afraid to contact your dealer of choice about bulk discount pricing. There is plenty of value to be found here, so don't pass up this awesome opportunity to save!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Office Chair Review: Woodstock Baez Seating

Woodstock Baez chairs are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. These unique seating solutions are the topic of today's review. If you're looking for a chair that can do it all, without breaking your budget, the Baez is must see. Check out the benefits of these awesome chairs and take your office interiors to the next level!


Baez High Back chair

At first glance you'll notice the awesome modern appeal of the Baez chair. The full mesh upholstery offers unmatched breathability while the sleek design characteristics make for a space saving seating solution that won't make your office look bulky and cluttered. Upon closer inspection you'll be greeted by the polished arms, base, and attention to detail that sets the Baez mesh chair apart from many of the competing models available on the market in 2015.


Woodstock Baez Chair

The Baez chair is perfect for a variety of key office applications. The slimming design helps businesses maximize seating potential around the conference room. Baez chairs work great in professional meeting areas and will no doubt add a super cool modern element to any space. In the executive office, Baez shines. The polished features offer a luxurious touch that will enhance corporate appeal. In addition, Baez chairs can be used for daily computing, home office, and tasking applications. Like we said, Baez does it all!


Mid Back Chair

Woodstock's Baez seating line includes 5 models, two color options, two back sizes. Mid back Baez chairs are the most affordable and are the premier option for the conference room. The high back mesh chair from the Baez collection is the way to go for your executive interior. The fixed base Baez chair is ideal for guest use, but lacks the mobility of a caster base to improve stability.


Baez Side Chair

When sitting in the Baez chair you'll notice the springy feel of the all mesh design in the seat and back. The Baez offers the basic ergonomic features needed to get you through the work day, but does lack some of the cutting edge modern features we've come to love. Adding adjustable arms and a headrest would simply detract from the overall retro vibe cast out by the Baez. Never the less, Baez is quite comfortable and incredibly easy to operate. This is one chair you won't need or have to adjust in 20 different ways to get comfortable! That being said, if you are looking for a top of at the line ergonomic solution, the Baez is probably not the chair for your individual needs.


Baez Chair Side

The mid back black and white mesh chair models are priced at $269.00 in 2015. The high back Baez chairs are slightly more expensive at just $299.00. Lastly, the swivel guest chair with fixed stability base is $269.00 as well. Baez chairs are typically available with extra discounting by contacting your dealer of choice. Bulk savings, free shipping specials, and coupons can also be found online. In the long run, these chairs offer a lot of style and functionality for the money. Baez office chairs are truly an excellent value.

Final Grade:

Baez White Mesh Office Chair

We give the Baez seating collection an overall grade of B+. They are incredibly stylish and work well in nearly every application. The lack of a high end seating mechanism and a few ergo features takes away from the final grade a bit, but not enough to keep it from becoming one of the best selling office chairs of 2015. Baez is comfortable, versatile, and functional enough to get the job done. Utilize Baez seating and you'll no doubt earn positive compliments from your office visitors. We love these chairs and highly recommend them, especially for conference and boardroom use!


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