Thursday, May 24, 2018

Seating Showcase: Responsive Chairs That Move with You!

Responsive chairs are rapidly becoming the answer to discomfort in the office. This emerging seating genre has proven that we've only begun to scratch the surface of ergonomics in the workplace. Today in our 'Seating Showcase' series we'll showcase responsive chairs that are ready, willing, and able to adapt on the fly to meet your personal posture needs. These high tech seating solutions make it easy to spend more time working comfortably and less time adjusting.

global sora chair model 6941The newest responsive chair on the market is the Sora from Global. Available in a choice of mid back and high back variations, the Sora will help you take performance to new heights. The 6941 model Sora office chair is our personal favorite. It's available for $499.99 (a great price point for a responsive chair) and comes with a weight sensing mechanism that adapts to the user to ensure a good sit.

spritz weight sensing office chairYou'll also want to check out the Global Spritz collection. This line of modern ergonomic chairs is an absolute inner in the workplace. The 6760-8 Spritz high back chair with headrest will have you breezing through the toughest work days in style. This responsive chair is very user friendly, super stylish, and available in a wide range of custom color combinations.

global takori chairWith the largest selection of weight sensing office chairs on the market, it's hard not to show at least one more seating solution from Global. Their 6680-8 Takori high back chair is another awesome option for responsive chair shoppers to consider. This weight sensing chair is great for all day tasking and comes with a set of adjustable arms that make computing at healthy and correct angles a breeze.

weight sensing task chairGlobal isn't the only manufacturer crafting responsive office chairs. Their sister company Offices To Go also offers a budget friendly option for shoppers to consider. The 11322B is the most affordable weight sensing office chair on the market at just $229.99.

articulating back office chairWe can't wait any longer. For the shopper who wants the best and can't settle for less, the Verte chair from RFM Preferred Seating is the answer. This top of the line executive chair with an articulating back mimics the vertebrae to ensure support in all the right places throughout even the longest of work days. The Verte chair is no newcomer to the seating world, but it's still ahead of its time. Nearly a decade in the making, the Verte is the chair that started the responsive movement.

mayline living chairThe Living Chair from Mayline really hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. This professional seating solution is modern, comfortable, and versatile. The Living chair responds to user movements and looks great doing it. This ergonomically correct chair is an excellent option for tasking and executive office interiors. The Living chair is available in 3 attractive color schemes. We hope this chair finally gets some time in the spotlight. Sit it in once and you'll never settle for anything less. At just $458.99 it's also a great buy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

6 Workscapes That Showcase 2018's Hottest Office Design Trends

Telling you about the hottest design trends and showing you are two very different things. If you're planning to tackle an office makeover project in 2018, you'll find today's post especially helpful. Here we'll be showcasing 6 commercial interiors that feature the on-trend elements needed to help you work comfortably and efficiently while simultaneously making a lasting impression on your guests.

1.) Gray Office Furniture

Executive Interior with Gray Office Furniture from the Mayline Aberdeen SeriesFirst up is an executive interior furnished with gray steel laminate components from the Mayline Aberdeen Series. As you might of guessed, this space is all about the gray office furniture. The gray trend started slow in 2015 and really took off in the 4th quarter of 2017. This year, gray is all the rage. A gray steel finished Aberdeen desk configuration will help you blend the line between contemporary and coastal to create a workspace with wow factor.

2.) Modular Lobby Seating

Woodstock Jefferson Modular Lobby Seating ConfigurationUp next is a fashionable guest welcoming area furnished with the components from the Woodstock Jefferson Series. This elite interior is all about modular functionality. The modular trend has dominated remodeling projects in 2018 as it allows businesses to maximize square footage and think outside the box with their seating configurations. If you're tired of the same old sofas and lounge chairs, a modular lobby seating layout will certainly spice things up.

3.) Sit Stand Tables

ergonomic office interior with height adjustable tables and responsive chairsOur third space highlights 3 trends you'll definitely want to be aware of when designing commercial office interiors. The first is the sit to stand tables from the Mayline ML series. Height adjustable tables like these make it easy to adapt on the fly to stay active, improve posture, and reduce energy dips. The second is the white storage components. They're contemporary, easy to blend with accenting finishes, and great for modern remodels. The third is the responsive office chairs. This space is equipped with Mayline Living chairs that automatically respond to user movements to encourage healthy sitting habits. Responsive chairs will soon be the industry standard!

4.) Open Concept Benching

open concept office interior with collaborative benchingMoving right along, our next interior is all about collaboration. It's been the buzzword of the year and because of it, traditional cubicle systems are being kicked to the curb. These days it's all about interaction. While cubicles are great for privacy, businesses are finding that productivity levels increase when employees are working together and holding each other accountable. With an open concept benching system like the one seen here furnished with Global SideBar II components, you can create clean sight lines, spark creativity, and so much more.

5.) White Office Furniture

White Office FurnitureYou might have noticed the white furniture in the previous 2 interiors we showcased. It's a major trend that makes it easy to create contemporary vibes. If you're loving the look, check out our fifth interior with furniture from the Bush Studio C collection. This line is particularly awesome because it offers white office desk configurations like the STC002 that have everything you need to create a stunning workscape.

6.) Industrial Table with Powered Dry Erase Top

standing height table with powered top and swivel out seatsNo article on 2018's hottest office design trends would be done justice without showcasing an interior equipped with OFM Endure tables. Why you ask? They offer 3 trends in one! The first is a standing height surface that pairs with swivel out seats that make it easy to transition between sitting and standing when collaborating. The second is the powered surface with USB and AC inputs that help to streamline strategizing sessions. The third is the industrial-modern look that's sweeping the nation. Endure tables are constructed with heavy duty steel frames and attractive surface finishes to create some of the coolest interiors on the planet.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5 Awesome Desk Collections For The Modern Minimalist

These days, modern office furniture that's actually practical can be a bit difficult to source if you don't know where to look. If you're a minimalist looking to keep your interior looking clean and classy, you're in the right place. Today we'll showcase 5 fashionable desk collections that are perfect for your project!

1.) Aberdeen

Aberdeen Office Desk and Credenza in Gray Steel

First up is the Aberdeen collection from Mayline. This line of laminate office furniture offers exceptional quality and appeal. An Aberdeen office desk like the AT1 configuration showcased above will help you create a stylish interior without being too over the top. The Aberdeen series is perfect for the modern minimalist as it offers all of the components needed to create fluidity throughout private office environments, conference rooms, and guest reception areas.

2.) 400 Series

Bush 400 Series Desk with Hutch and Credenza

The Bush 400 series offers industrially inspired desks and modular storage components that are perfect for the modern minimalist. This popular line also offers height adjustable desks that will help you stay active and reduce the need for extended sits. The 400 series is packed with awesome configurations to choose from in 3 finishes.

3.) Fulcrum

OFM Fulcrum Furniture

Much like the 400 series from Bush, the OFM Fulcrum collection offers industrial flair that today's modern minimalists will love. Fulcrum components are sold individually to ensure you purchase exactly what you need, and nothing more. 4 in stock finish options are available.

4.) Amber

The Cherryman Industries Amber collection is fashionable, practical, and straight forward. The desks from the Amber series are also amongst the most affordable on the market today. While cost effective, Amber desks do not lack in terms of quality. All of the configurations from this collection are available in 6 scratch resistant laminate finish options. The full Amber line is also backed by a 10 year factory warranty.

5.) Superior Laminate

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Desk

We've saved our favorite all around office furniture collection for last. It's a great option for any shopper looking to maximize their budget and avoid the overly contemporary furniture trends that have started to dominate professional interiors. The Superior Laminate desking from Offices To Go offers components individually, and as apart of pre-configured layouts that will help you simply your remodel. With 4 quick shipping finish options, Superior Laminate desks can be used to meet tight remodeling deadlines. With matching reception stations, conference tables, and storage components, this collection truly has everything the modern minimalist could ever need.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Safco Teaming Tables Are Great For Collaborating!

Safco Teaming Tables
The team at Safco never fails to impress. This reputable office furniture manufacturer crafts innovative products that encourage healthy work habits, collaboration, and much more. Today on the blog we'll be showcasing their electric teaming tables that are perfect for break room, training, and conference room applications. Prepare to be impressed!

Safco Height Adjustable Teaming TableThese days, it's all about collaboration. Growing businesses are on the hunt for collaborative workplace solutions that spark interaction and encourage creativity. Naturally, Safco teaming tables have become a huge hit. They're easy to use, great for group work areas, and ergonomically correct.

With 1" thick high pressure laminate operating surfaces with 3mm vinyl t-mold edging, Safco teaming tables are durable and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. These days, a lot of the ergonomic furniture on the market isn't intended for constant use. These tables certainly are!

Ergonomic Teaming TableThe height adjustable tables from Safco are rated for up to 350 pounds and boast center grommets for cord management. This means you can utilize your devices to further improve collaborative work sessions without cords running all over the place. A clean look and effective design makes for efficient strategizing with teammates.

Safco teaming tables adjust from 24.5" to 50" at 1.5" for second. This means you can quickly transition from sitting to standing to stay active. If you're looking to improve blood flow, reduce energy dips, and create healthy office interior that are up to date with the latest trends, this table collection from Safco has you back, literally!

Sit To Stand TableThe soft start and stop controls are accompanied by a quiet motor. The digital handset with four memory presets is also a nice touch that won't have you waiting around to find the perfect height for collaborating.

Additionally, a steel base with powder coated finish makes for commercial office tables that are perfect for any application you can throw at them. It's easy to picture a few teaming tables in a training room, architects office, or even a conference room.

If you're ready to think outside the realm of traditional office furniture, Safco teaming tables are a must consider. They'll help you get the most out of your interiors and your workers. Popular teaming tables like the 2547 and 2544 are available in a variety of surface and base finish options to compliment your space. These teaming tables from Safco are available in 72" and 84" lengths starting at $819.99.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

There's A Lot To Love About The Synopsis Seating Collection

Global Synopsis Chair ReviewWhen it comes to professional seating, Global knows their stuff. This highly respected brand specializes in made to order office chairs that provide exceptional support and appeal. Today on the blog we'll look at one of Global's most popular lines, Synopsis. The chairs from this best selling collection are versatile, cost effective, and super comfy! Needless to say, there's a lot to love!

Global Synopsis Chairs
Synopsis chairs are modern, but they're not over-the-top modern. These chairs offer just the right amount of flair. They'll compliment your furniture without overpowering it. The practicality of the Synopsis seating collection has helped it stand the test of time and remain a staple in professional work environments.

A reliable sit is invaluable in the workplace. The Synopsis will help you get comfort in a flash with it's user friendly controls and natural contours. An ergonomic Synopsis chair like the 5080-3 model will come equipped with adjustable arms and a multi functional mechanism designed to help you get posture perfect throughout task filled days.

Global Synopsis SeatingThere's a lot of great models to checkout within this full service seating collection. If you're tackling a conference room makeover project, the 5091-4 is a great option to consider. With fixed loop arms and a mid back design, this multi purpose Synopsis chair is hard to beat.

If you're looking for something a bit more upscale, check out the 5090-4 model Synopsis chair with a high back. It's got fixed arms that make it a nice choice for both conference room and executive applications.

The most well rounded Synopsis chair is the 5080-3. It's got adjustable arms, a mid back design, and costs just $395.99. In terms of value, the 5080-3 is an absolute winner that will help you achieve a near perfect sit without the hefty price tags accompanied by today's top rated chairs.

Global Synopsis Conference ChairsDesigned by Zooey Chu, Synopsis chairs pay close attention to detail. They're refined, classy, and all about performance. With a wide range of fabric, leather, and vinyl textiles available, Global can craft a Synopsis office chair to help showcase your personality.

We've said it once and we'll say it again, there's a lot to love about the Synopsis line of office chairs from Global. With compound curved backs, maximum comfort can be achieved. These multi purpose chairs are commercial quality and nothing short of impressive. Give a Synopsis chair a sit and you'll never settle for anything less.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trend Spotting: Peninsula Desks Are In!

Offices To Go Peninsula Desk
U Shaped Desk with PeninsulaThe most reputable office furniture brands are shifting their manufacturing efforts towards modern peninsula desks. Why you ask? It's all about collaboration! In 2018, everybody is looking for ways to improve collaborative efforts in the workplace and peninsula desks will help you do just that.

P shaped peninsula desks provide ample leg space and the curved operating surfaces needed to strategize effectively in private office settings. With a peninsula desk, gathering in small groups for meetings is far easier than at traditional bow front and straight front desk shapes with flat sides and extended modesty panels. A peninsula desk will make it easy to host 3 to 4 person strategizing sessions without the need to visit the conference room.

Brands like Offices To Go, Cherryman, and Mayline are all paving the way with post-leg peninsula desks that offer modern appeal and a ton of benefits we'll cover today on the blog.

Let's start by taking a look at the SL-E U-Shaped desk configuration from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Series. You'll notice that it has a peninsula front and ample operating surface. This desk is available for $615.99. The SL-A is the exact same configuration with a straight front desk and full length modesty panel is $665.99. It's like this with every brand. Less panels mean greater savings for you!

Who doesn't like a little value? The good news is, peninsula desks have a lot more to offer. In looking at the pictures above you'll notice that the SL-E layout on the right offers a ton of usable space surrounding the post-leg. This peninsula desk makes it easy to move around and invite additional guests into your office to collaborate and toss good ideas around.

Most peninsula desks are modular. This means you can use them to create a left or right handed U shaped desk with a universal bridge and return. If you're limited on space, simply add a return to create a versatile L shape. The Superior Laminate collection from Offices To Go and Amber collection from Cherryman Industries offer the interchangeable parts you need!

Traditional desk shapes will always have their place, but the furniture world is evolving. If you like the idea of improving collaboration and versatility, a peninsula desk is definitely worth considering. With a peninsula desk you can save money on your office remodeling project while simultaneously getting the most out of your available square footage. The only downside to a peninsula desk is that you'll give up a little bit of the privacy gained with a full length modesty panel. In our opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Create A Contemporary Workspace With Bush Studio C Furniture

Bush Studio C Office Furniture ReviewThe Bush Studio C collection is an absolute winner. This line of contemporary desks and workstations offers exceptional value and quality. Today on the blog we'll highlight a few of our favorite Studio C configurations and the design characteristics that make this best selling line a perfect option for contemporary remodeling projects.

Studio C components are constructed with thermally fused laminate surfaces that are scratch and stain resistant. The line is backed by a factory warranty that ensures years of quality performance. Studio C includes desks, returns, credenzas, hutch units, and modular components in a choice of white and storm gray finish options.

The desks from the Studio C collection are available individually or as apart of larger layouts for executive applications. Individual desks like the SCD160 can be paired with matching credenzas and the pieces you need to maximize your square footage.

If you like the idea of simplifying your remodel, go with a factory configuration like the STC001. It's got everything you need to design an awesome workspace. This Studio C U shaped desk package with a lateral file cabinet and bookcase is just one example of why we love the contemporary components from the Studio C line.

STC006 Studio C L shaped DeskLimited on space? No problem! Check out a Bush Studio C L shaped desk with an overhead hutch like the STC006. This workstation boasts surface level grommets for wire management and a mobile file pedestal that rolls with you when you need it, and slides underneath your desk surface when you don't.

Studio C Cabinet Handle PullsThe options are truly limitless with Studio C. A wide range of interchangeable components offer the modular flexibility to make your vision a reality. The white and storm gray finish options will keep your office interiors up to date with the contemporary-coastal trends that have taken 2018 by storm.

Studio C File Cabinet DrawerStudio C cabinets are outfitted with attractive silver handle pulls that really pop. While affordable, the professional desks and workstations from the Studio C series definitely look and perform at a very high level. This commercial collection will not let you down.

If you're looking to create a contemporary workspace, Studio C is the way to go. Industry competitors are scrambling for ways to imitate this line with little success. The ability to save to budget and maximize appeal is a combination that should not be overlooked by shoppers. Studio C is incredibly well rounded, fashionable, and loaded with the pieces you need to take your interior to the next level.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rise To The Occasion With Volante!

Volante Desktop Attachment - Product Review
The team at Systematix has made it their mission to improve operational functionality in the workplace. Their Volante desktop riser encourages continuous movement and reduces energy dips. This versatile desktop attachment will help you operate at peak performance levels throughout task filled work days.

Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk Attachment - VolanteIf you're ready to jump on board the sit-to-stand train, the Volante is the best option on the market. In our opinion, this desktop attachment out performs computing models and provides exceptional value. At just $299.99, the Volante is a great buy that will help refine your work day.

Volante System - CompactedThere's plenty of desktop risers, electric desks, and height adjustable office tables on the market. They all pretty much serve the same purpose. Some are cheaper and there's plenty that are more expensive. We love the Volante because it's incredibly well made, user friendly, and priced right for both home and business applications.

The Volante desk attachment can be installed and setup in under 30 minutes. The spacious platform works with just about any monitor and it's the same story with the keyboard tray. The unit ships fully assembled and fits onto any desk 24" deep and larger.

Volante Riser - Side ViewThe gas assisted height adjustment makes for smooth, quiet transitioning to any position you prefer. The primary work surface can be extended to 20" above the desk and an infinite number of positions underneath.

Ergonomic Office Furniture - VolanteVolante sit to stand ergonomic office desk attachments can even accommodate two 24" monitors for those who like to cut down on the time spent flipping between tabs. The ability to support up to 35 pounds of hardware let's you know that the Volante is ready for commercial use.

The unit itself weighs 40 pounds. It's light enough for anybody to install and move from station to station as needed.

So you're probably thinking, why should I use a sit to stand desktop attachment anyway? Well for starters it will help you reduce the time you spend sitting stagnant in your office chair everyday. As you sit for long periods of time, muscles stiffen up and good posture habits suffer. With a high quality piece of ergonomic office furniture like the Volante you can rise to meet the needs of any occasion and work healthier.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

7 Office Components That Will Help You Outperform The Competition

So you're looking for ways to outperform your competition? No problem. Today on the blog we'll highlight 7 office components designed to help you kick performance levels into overdrive. From a responsive office chair to a portable power module, the high tech products showcased here are truly cutting edge. Let's get to it!

1.) Verte Responsive Office Chair

Verte Responsive Office Chair

First up is the Verte office chair from RFM Preferred Seating. We'll just come right out and say it, this chair is expensive. It's not for the average shopper, but those who can swing the investment will be rewarded with the most versatile chair on the market. The 22011 Verte Responsive office chair works to keep you operating with good posture and without the need for constant adjusting. This chair moves and reacts to you throughout task filled work days. It's all about performance with the Verte! We feel it's still the most advanced chair on the market. It took nearly 10 years to design. It's worth every penny.

2.) Allure Sit To Stand Monitor Arm

Sit To Stand Dual Monitor Mount

The Allure sit to stand monitor mount from Symmetry Office accommodates 2 screens, reducing the time you'll spend flipping between tabs, creates usable desk space, and reduces visual strain. It will also allow you to raise your screens to eye level where they belong wether you decide to work sitting down, or standing up.

3.) Vivo Perch Stool

Vivo Perch Stool

Up next is the Vivo perch stool from OFM. This unique falls into a nice market that will soon develop into an industry standard. A ergonomic active stool like the Vivo will pair well with any piece of height adjustable furniture you invest in. This portable stool is great for workers on the go and encourages continuous muscle movement. It's also a great buy at just $169.99.

4.) Volante Desktop Attachment

Volante Desktop Riser

There's no shortage of sit to stand desktop attachments on the market today. We've tried several and the Volante is our favorite. We love this unit because it's commercial quality, easy to use, and cost effective. Of the top 10 best sit to stand workstations on the market today, the Volante gets our vote because its compact footprint allows it to be utilized on any desk surface 24" deep and larger, it's equipped with an adjustable keyboard platform, it can accommodate 2 screens, it supports up to 35 pounds of equipment, and it costs just $299.99.

5.) Zira Conference Table

Powered Conference Table

If you're still using a stationary conference table without surface level USB, HDMI, and data inputs, the odds are that your business is the one getting outperformed. Powered tables are now the standard and you need to get on board with this movement. A Zira conference table is the way to go. They're available with all the bells and whistles you need to take your meetings to the next level and streamline your strategizing session.

6.) Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair

Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair

Tired of the same old office chair that does little to keep you active and at your best? Think outside the box with the Zenergy swivel ball chair from Safco! This high performance seating solution will help you keep your core muscles engaged and your body moving. While it probably won't give you that rock hard six pack, it will help you reduce energy dips and stay active throughout task filled days.

7.) ESI FlexCharge9 Module

Portable Office Power Module with USB Inputs

Last but not least is the FlexCharge9 portable power module. This handy little device will improve collaboration and simplify presentations. The FlexCharge9 works great in conference, training, break room, and other group environments that can benefit from USB and AC inputs. At just $1750.00 it's a must have.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Get Down To Business With Cherryman Ruby Furniture

Cherryman Ruby Collection Office Furniture ReviewThe office furniture from the Cherryman Industries Ruby collection is practical, well made, and ready for the demands of everyday use. This well rounded line of executive desks, modular workstations, tables, and storage components will help you create commercial quality interiors. Today on the blog we'll showcase the Ruby line and how it can help you get down to business. Enjoy!

Cherryman Ruby WorkstationsRuby office furniture isn't going to wow you with overly modern design characteristics. It's not supposed to. This line is all about professionalism. Ruby components are constructed of 1" thick three play lanced panels fo particle board finish in premium grade veneer.

The desks from the Ruby series boast solid wood radius profiled edges on all 4 sides. The unique Paprika Cherry finish is flat cut and slip matched. A Cherryman Industries Ruby series desk will provide you with years of good looks thanks to the stain and scratch resistant materials used during construction.

Cherryman Ruby Series DeskLuxury and elegance can be achieved with Ruby furniture. If you're looking for ways to design an upscale executive office on a budget, Ruby is a great collection to consider as it offers the look and feel of solid wood veneer furniture at an affordable price point.

Ruby office organizing components feature full extension metal ball bearing slides and file drawers accommodate both letter and legal files. The desk pedestals from the Ruby series feature flush mounted gang locks and distinctive finger pulls.

Surface level grommet for data and power cables provide users with the ability to create clean interiors without unsightly wires. With a Ruby office furniture configuration you can really get the most out of your work floor and private interiors.

Cherryman Ruby Meeting Table and Storage Cabinets
In addition to fashionable desk layouts and storage components, the Ruby series also boasts conference and meeting tables that are great for collaborating in groups of all sizes. Ruby meeting tables feature round tops while larger tables for conferencing are oval.

If you're looking to skip the overly modern office trends that are dominating professional remolding projects, Ruby has your back. This collection is a real gem in terms of value and quality, no pun intended. With Ruby you can design collaborative office interiors and private work spaces that remain practical while ensuring timeless values that are often forget in a world filled with over-the-top furniture.


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