Thursday, May 29, 2014

Office Design Trends: Tables With Metal Bases Are In!

For those of you that follow modern interior design trends, especially office trends, metal needs no introduction! Chrome, aluminum, steel, and silver are all in for anyone that wants to create a professional, industrial space. Luckily, manufacturers like Mayline, Global, and a whole host of others have made it their mission to bring this style to you. Here are a few great table styles for all your interior decorating needs!


Mayline Peanut Shaped Bistro Table

Bistros are the bee's knees of office buildings these days. Their recent rise in popularity has prompted plenty of interior designers and architects to include them in their design plans, and consequently, many of today's top brand names have started producing them by the bucketload. But for any space to look as cool and sophisticated as a skyscraper, a metal base is definitely a must. Thankfully, Mayline and OFM know  exactly what we're looking for. As two of the top brand names in office furniture, it's only natural that we fall in love with their amazing bistro tables for sale. Choose between the CA3PH Mayline Metal Bistro Table, or the stunning NGT-1 Net Series Glass Table by OFM. Both are bar level height, steel finished, affordable, and of course, beautiful for any bistro or dining area!


Global Wind Cafe Tables

Speaking of great dining areas, why not hit the cafes with a splash of modern style? Most contemporary office areas today have a cafe or cafeteria somewhere on the premises, but that doesn't mean they have to look gnarly. If you're planning on an office makeover, adding pretty dining height cafe tables to the mix can totally alter the look of a drab dining area. Mayline, OFM, and Global are the kings of gorgeous cafe tables. Between Mayline's distinctive executive stylings, OFM's variety, and the 3863 round cafe table and it's friends from the amazing Wind Series by Global, designers can choose from anything they could possibly want for their cafe.

Conference Room

Cherryman Verde Conference Table

As the place where business owners often treat executives, conference rooms are one of the most important rooms in any office. As the place where the biggest tables are, naturally, the metal base trend has not escaped them either! Fortunately, there are many office furniture brands out there that offer affordable conference tables in all sizes and shapes. However, the most popular usually come from either Global, Mayline, or Cherryman. These producers of casegoods have got the large furniture thing down, and their cool modern conference tables certainly show it. Global Alba tables and anything from the Cherryman Verde collection will easily bring metal accented style to any contemporary workplace.

Meeting Areas

OFM Net Series Meeting Tables

Most offices have a variety of meeting areas scattered throughout them. Whether you rely on a meeting room or an executive office to speak with visitors though, small meeting tables are definitely a must. Thankfully, it's OFM to the rescue again. With beautiful options like Net Series Tables and models like the Gray Nebula Table by OFM from their Endure Collection, office meeting areas will shine in metal accents. It's a perfect look that any visitor will be impressed by.

Accent Tables 

Global Wind Coffee Table

And finally, we finish with some of the most versatile tables out there. Just about any brand that offers cool reception or waiting room furniture will have some coffee and end tables for home and business use. Whether you're shopping for the office or the living room, shoppers should know that Global and Lesro offer some excellent discount accent tables. For those that want plenty of storage with industrial modern style, the Global Citi and Lesro Siena collections offer stunning coffee tables that won't disappoint. And for those in search of a homier style similar to the mid century modern look that's so popular nowadays, Global Wind coffee tables and furniture from the Mystic collection by Lesro offer beautiful accent tables ideal for any place you can find a lounge chair!

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