Friday, January 31, 2014

What's New: Cherryman Amber Series Desk Configurations

The Cherryman Industries Amber collection has been a long time favorite of industry professionals and consumers alike. This affordable line of modular office furniture is an excellent choice for both home and business needs. With a wide variety of popular reception desks, conference tables, and executive workstations selling at record pace, Cherryman decided to expand this line in a major way. In today's article we'll showcase several of the new Amber collection desk sets sure to improve your workplace decor without breaking your budget.

Cherryman AM-405N Amber DeskThe AM-405N Amber Series U Desk offers plenty of storage to help keep your workspace organized. This popular configuration is available in a choice of 4 finishes and includes 9 total components to complete your makeover project to perfection. At an everyday low price of $1722.99 you'll be hard pressed to find a more complete set of executive furniture for sale online.

AM-331N Amber Desk by Cherryman Those with limited square footage to work with will love the Amber Series AM-331N Bullet Shaped L Desk by Cherryman. This small but versatile station includes a box box file pedestal for storage and provides ample worksurface space for computing. Priced at $588.99, the AM-331N is an excellent choice for both home and business work environments.

AM-390N Desk and Credenza Set by CherrymanThe next new office desk from the Cherryman Amber Casegoods collection is a real crowd pleaser. This AM-390N model desk and credenza set includes 8 total pieces in your choice of cherry, black cherry, mahogany, maple, or walnut finish for the consumer friendly price of only $1567.99. The AM-390N boasts executive appeal with it's bowfront shaped focal desk. The glass overhead hutch doors add a modern touch that's sure to earn your space ample compliments.

Modern Executive Office Furniture SetThe Amber AM-369 Executive Office Furniture Set by Cherryman was designed specifically for the needs of professional work environments. This 8 piece set includes a bullet shaped post leg desk with return and rear storage credenza. The overhead hutch unit provides a secure storage space while the bookcase hutch offers an area to display achievements. Don't let the luxurious looks fool you into believing this set sports a hefty price tag. At only $1559.99, this package is one of the absolute best values on the market today.

Discount U Shaped Executive Desk by CherrymanIt's no secret that those shopping for discount executive desks for sale online will love products from this popular collection. Items like the AM-365 U shaped office desk configuration are a major reason why. Where else can you find a set this stylish for only $772.99? If you're looking to save a buck on your new furniture, the AM-365 is definitely an excellent option for you. This modular package can be outfitted with an overhead hutch when your storage needs increase as well as a wide selection of matching accent products. The AM-365 can also be configured with your choice of right or left hand return to meet your specific workplace design needs.

Those looking to further accommodate the furniture needs of their business will love the additional products available from the Cherryman Amber Collection. With a wide selection of reception stations, desks, file cabinets, and boardroom tables for sale, the Amber series is a full service line ready to outfit any professional space with class.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chair Of The Month: Offices To Go 2803 Multi Function Task Chair

 Offices To Go 2803 Multi Function Office ChairEvery month we'll be showcasing a new and exciting office chair that we love. This month, the 2803 model from Offices To Go is it! This multi function task chair offers a wide range of ergonomic features designed for improved office productivity. Enjoy this review and stay tuned for more awesome office seating solutions you'll love.

The 2803 multi function mesh chair by Offices To Go is an excellent choice for both home and business seating needs. The durable mesh back design and upholstered seat make for a comfortable sit you can rely on. The all black color design makes this versatile chair a great choice for both modern and traditional work environments. The neutral tones make it quite simple to match a variety of wood finishes in the workplace. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the 2803! This chair means business. Designed for optimal office efficiency, you'll be hard pressed to find a more dependable chair at even twice the price.

The 2803 offers ergonomic benefits including:

•Pneumatic seat height adjustment
•Height adjustable arms
•Infinite seat tilt lock with tilt tension adjustment
•Back angle adjustment
•Forward tilt control
•Adjustable lumbar height

Priced at only $241.99, this mesh back chair is also an excellent value. The 2803 works great in home office environments as well as professional workplace situations. The scuff resistant high rise molded base with twin wheel carpet casters make for excellent durability and easy mobility around the workplace. The modern design is sure to compliment a wide range of office furniture configurations to perfection.

Overall, the 2803 chair by OTG gets an A+. The style, ergonomic benefits, and quality craftsmanship make this product an excellent value that's hard to top.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Ways to Improve Your Office Desk

You may think your office is an efficient place, but what about your office desk? While environment is important, in the workplace, a desk is typically where all the action is. It's important to make sure yours is as efficient as possible. Ergonomic devices, lamps, and even something as simple as an office plant can drastically improve your productivity, mood, health, and comfort at work. Here's a list of the top five things you can improve your desk space with  to live a better work life!

Office Plant

Golden Pothos Desk Plant

Simple, affordable, and easy to manage if you get the right kids, desk plants can work wonders for your  whole office. They make excellent little companions that liven up any dull office cubicle without noise, or obtrusive motion. Plants like golden pothos, lemon balms, spider plants, and gardenias all emit wonderful scents to brighten the mood, but they can also improve your brain power too. All four of them range from super easy to moderate in their care needs, and each one is highly adept at removing toxins from the air that can worsen mood and cloud brain function. NASA and universities like Rutgers, Penn State, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa have all conducted studies that showed the strong power these plants have developed at removing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from indoor air. The oxygen the plants put off in place of the VOCs is excellent for health and breathing, which is why so many people with respiratory issue adore these little beauties. However, if you're prone to allergies, your workplace doesn't allow plants, or you don't want the responsibility of watering every once in a while, healthy air purifiers for office use make great replacements.

Monitor Arm

ESI Single Screen EDGE Monitor Arm

If you've ever experienced neck pain at the office, it could be because your computer screen isn't where it should be. Neck aches can be caused by a number of things, but chief among them are ill-placed computer monitors. When a person keeps their head in an unnatural position for a long enough time looking at their computer equipment, the muscles can shift slightly, causing pain. The muscles that get used become stronger while the ones that aren't used become weaker. If the head isn't in the ideal, upright, face-forward position, the weight distribution on the neck becomes lopsided. With time, this can result in upper back pain, sciatica, and even spinal curvature. The good news is that all this can be solved simply by adding an adjustable monitor arm for computer use to your desk space. These handy devices can mount either to a wall or desk to hold up a computer screen. Users can adjust them any way they like, but ideally, they should be aimed at eye level, about a foot and a half or so from a user who is sitting upright and looking straight ahead. They're great because they are highly ergonomic, and they also save desk space! If your office desk doesn't have one, you're really missing out.

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

ESI Solution 6CC Keyboard Tray

Choosing popular keyboard trays with ergonomic features like adjustability is a great decision many office workers have been making recently. These nifty little devices are great for many of the same reasons monitor arms are, namely, health and convenience. Like monitor arms, ergonomic keyboards save desktop space by mounting underneath the desk. The typically glide on retractable arms, and can often tilt for easier access. The best keyboard platforms have a mouse pad space built in or attached to the right of the keyboard. This allows users to switch between the keyboard and mouse efficiently, without having to reach on top of the desk to click and then under to type. Keyboard trays are excellent with arthritis and joint problems in their wrists as the ideal placement (parallel with the arms, wrists, and hands) allows increased blood flow to reduce swelling. If your desk is crowded by books, phones, and sticky notes, an ergonomic keyboard tray may just be your new best friend.

LED Desk Lamp

ESI LED Pixie Task Light

Anyone who's experienced "computer eye strain" at work (which is just about everyone) would likely agree that they work better without feeling that their eyes are about to shrivel up an fall out. Almost everyone recognizes the pain as being caused by their computer, but that's only part of the problem. The other part is bright overhead lights. For those that work on computers all day, ambient light actually does more harm than good since human eyes are only meant to take in so much light at once. That's why we recommend turning those big lights off, and replacing them with something a bit smaller. Going with smaller LED lamps for office desks can help keep eyes healthy by emitting less light, but still enough light to write and work by. Not only does keeping the bright artificial lights off save power, but when employees work with the right amount of light, both mood and productivity improve. The best part about having a lamp at your desk is that you can have your own control over it, turning it off when it isn't needed to save your eyes stress!

Desk Storage

Mayline Vision Series Desk Pedestal with Glass Top

If you feel like a messy person because you sit at a cluttered office desk, don't worry. We've all been there. One of the best features of working at a quality desk is the sturdy shelf-like top. The only problem is that desktops practically invite things to be set upon them, and if you're not a neat-freak, overtime you will run out of space to put things. That's why adding office storage is one of the best things you can do to improve your office desk. Metal file cabinets are great for those in health facilities that may still rely heavily on traditional filing systems, but modern large cabinets for office storage have excellent versatility. Bookcases are ideal for readers of all kinds, and small pedestals for office desk use definitely make handy tools for those who don't have them built into their desk. Mobile file carts and shelving save tons of space all over the office as well. Overall, storage devices are perfect additions to any desk. They clean up the space and keep everything right at hands' reach!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Top 10 Ways to Save Money On Office Furniture

It's no secret that furniture of any kind can get expensive. One day your chair falls to pieces or your new puppy tears a hole in the sofa, you turn around to get a replacement, and bam! You're slammed with a price tag that seems too demanding to even exist. Shopping for furniture isn't easy, especially if it's furniture for your office space. Often, manufacturers just assume you're a manager or a business owner with lots of dough, and they certainly price their products like it. But shopping is also supposed to be fun, like a game, and we believe that even those unfamiliar with the experience should have a fair chance to get a deal! To help you out, here are some of the top ten best ways to save money on your new office furniture!


Coupons and Apps

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. If you know someone who goes by the title of "extreme couponer" you likely don't go over to their house very often because they're often too busy cutting paper to answer the door (but you can bet they save a country ton at the grocery store). We all know that coupons get everywhere, but they certainly are an amazing way to get deals. Luckily for you, you don't have to go to extremes nowadays. Today, if you own a smartphone, computer, or tablet, there are loads of great apps like Groupon, SnipSnap, the Coupons App to help you shop and save hassle free. They're not only great for office furniture, but also groceries, classes, books, fitness memberships, and everything in between. Download one and start saving today!

Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

Earlier, we talked about how many office furniture manufacturers price their products as if all shoppers are business owners with lots of dough to spend on new furniture. Well, this entry is for you guys. Even if you're shopping for the whole office and not just for yourself, we're still of the firm belief that business owners deserve discounts too. That's why bulk discounts are so great for the large-scale shopper. When you find an affordable office chair or desk, one of the best ways to save money is to look for a "bulk pricing" button. If you don't see one, there may be a phone number you can call listed in the product description or someplace on the website. Remember, furniture dealers are there to make money, and bulk pricing is a great way for them to get a big sale. They're usually more than happy to offer a bulk discount if you call them up.



Clearance pricing is one of the most effective ways to save a bundle on office furniture. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, office furniture manufacturers price their products extra low on clearance because they're trying to get rid of a certain product to make room for new inventory. This means that prices are probably at the lowest they will ever get. The best part of shopping on clearance is that dealers are often willing to negotiate even lower prices just to get rid of an item. If you've never shopped on clearance before, give it a go. We promise you'll be hooked!

Factory Closeout

Factory Closeout Deals

In layman's terms, factory closeout is just another way to say clearance, but the two terms do vary slightly. As with clearance, factory closeouts are a great way to get guests to walk into a store because they are excellent for patrons looking to save money. Factory closeouts are times when products are priced unusually low because the store is looking to add new merchandise, but where clearance pricing is usually available year round and kept in a permanent section of the store, factory closeouts often occur only a few times a year when dealers are trying to get rid of seasonal or themed furniture. Finding seasonal office furniture is rare, but factory closeouts are still clever ways to get customers to purchase regular priced items as well as the ones on sale. Shop smart in this category, and you'll definitely save tons of money!


Email Newsletters

We know these can be a bane to your mailbox, but newsletters are still excellent ways to get deals. Subscribing to a company's newsletter is the ideal way for guests to be more familiar with the deals going on, and businesses know it. In fact, most companies are hipping up to the fact that customers don't like their mailboxes cluttered up with nothing but ads, so nowadays, most newsletters are sent only on a weekly or monthly basis with deals listed that are good for a long time. However, if you still want the deals, without all the ads, a great way to keep yourself organized is to set up a separate email account exclusively for ads and junk mail. That way, you don't have to see those annoying ads everyday, but you still get all the benefits of being a full time subscriber. When you know you want to shop for something, just open your separate email and type a search for all newsletters from the dealer you want to shop from. It saves money, time, and patience!

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a great way to save big time on things like office furniture. When the shipping price isn't included, it's hard to know what the real price is. Often a person might find what they think is an incredible deal, but when they get to checkout, the price of shipping and handling is twice the asking price of the item itself. A good rule of thumb to go by when shopping for items without included shipping rates is "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." However, when you shop office furniture with free shipping included, what you see is what you get on the price tag. Don't scramble around from the get go adding items to carts that only calculate shipping at checkout. Instead, search for sites that offer free shipping to begin with. You'll save yourself money as well as time!

Call Your Dealer

Call the Dealer

It may sound a little awkward, but when trying to save money, calling the dealer is one of the best ways to save. Even if products are offered at a certain price on a website, calling the dealer may get you those ergonomic office chairs with leather upholsteries for a lot less if you take advantage of that phone number. Dealers are there for the sale, and they're always looking to draw in customers. If you call them up, most are more than happy to negotiate a deal with you. Give it a try, and see if it works.

Comparison Shopping

Comparison Shopping

Shopping online for deals is often just as difficult as shopping in person. In both scenarios, most people are running or clicking around with a pen and paper listing the deals on an item from all the different places they've visited. Shopping by comparison though is a surefire way to know if you're getting the best deal possible. Websites that offer "compare" features on a listed item are likely very confident that they can offer you the best deal. Taking advantage of that feature lets you see what the same item would cost on a bunch of other sites. If you're looking for things that are often really pricey, such as stylish glass desks for computer use, clicking that compare button may save you hundreds!

Shopping Engines

Shopping Engine Logos

The one drawback to the compare button is that not all websites have them. This is where shopping engines come in. Even the name alone sounds awesome, and with all the deals people are getting from these things now, they're truly worthy of the title. For those of you who don't trust the "compare" label on a particular website, shopping engines are the answer. These sites search the internet for you to find loads of prices from numerous dealers and list them without bias. Some of the best shopping engines you can rely on are Google Shopping, Nextag, PriceGrabber, and Amazon. When shopping expensive items like luxury chairs for office use, taking advantage of a shopping engine can help assure you that you're buying at the lowest price.

Shop By Price

Shop By Price

If you already know your budget (and if you're prone to spending), shopping by price is a great way to eliminate the temptation. Furniture dealers that really care about their customers' shopping experience will usually list a "shop by price" feature somewhere on their website page. This is usually in the form of a drop-down box that lets users select their price range, allowing customers to peruse items that are only in that selected range. With office furniture, there are often large categories of things like mesh back chairs for office tasking applications, or even office desks with modern design, available in all sorts of prices. Selecting your price from a drop-down box lets you choose only from objects at the right price for you, and it reduces the risk of buyers' remorse.

Bargain Shopper: Leather Office Chairs by Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture provides several of the industries hottest office chairs styles at consumer friendly prices. This top rated brand prides themselves on value, ergonomic efficiency, and quick shipping times to help your business get the chairs you need in a timely fashion. In today's article we'll showcase 5 popular leather chairs for executive office, conference room, and home use that are sure to improve your workplace functionality without breaking the budget. Enjoy!

First up, a quality choice for the big and tall crowd. The Flash Furniture GO-1534-BK-LEA-GG 400 lb. capacity executive chair with silver accents is an excellent value at $240.99. This Hercules series chair is built tough and designed for optimal workplace comfort. The stylish modern design is highlighted by ergonomic attributes including a built-in lumbar support, spring tilt mechanism, tension control knob, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and  adjustable Arms. 

Button Tufted Office ChairSecond on the list is the GO-908A-BK-GG. If it's cool you're in search of this contemporary executive chair with tufted back is the choice for you. Priced at $184.99 you'll be hard pressed to find a better combination of modern and traditional appeal at even twice the price. The polished frame features and high back design make for a comfortable sit with ample wow factor. Ergonomic features like the built in lumbar support and tilt tension control make for quick and easy adjusting while working.

Ribbed Back Tan Leather Conference ChairNext up is the BT-9826H-TAN-GG model tan leather conference chair with European design. This top seller incorporates the retro modern look that's been sweeping offices across the nation. Rest assured, you'll find plenty of similar chairs on the market but not at a price of $180.99. The BT-9826H-TAN-GG is also available in a mid back version along with a variety of additional colors including black, white, and dark brown. This popular chair offers a sleek design and excellent ergonomic benefits for improve meeting area efficiency. That being said, perhaps the coolest feature is the rear bar that doubles as a coat rack. Talk about cool!

White Leather Office ChairAny interior designer will tell you that modern white leather office chair models are in! This popular look provides a neutral canvas to match accent furniture to with ease. White also offers a touch of class in the workplace that showcases design ingenuity sure to earn you daily compliments. The GO-1297H-HIGH-WHITE-GG white leather designer office chair by Flash Furniture is an excellent example of this trends momentum in action. This popular chair boasts a unique back design and polished chrome features. The creative loop arms make the GO-1297H-HIGH-WHITE-GG an excellent choice of executive offices, conference rooms, and modern home applications.

High Back Leather Executive ChairLast but not least, the BT-9996-BK-GG High Back Executive Chair in black leather rounds out our best selling leather office chairs by Flash Furniture. The innovative look is accented by Flash's popular LeatherSoft upholstery for softness and durability. Comfort improving benefits of this popular model include a double padded seat, built-in lumbar support, waterfall seat, tilt lock control, tilt tension control, and pneumatic seat height adjustment all for a price of only $161.99. For added value, this line of high back office chairs for sale can also be purchased with bulk discount pricing and free shipping. Now that's hard to beat! Needless to say, you'll be hard pressed to find a more stylish, affordable, and ergonomic chair at even twice the price.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ways to Improve Concentration At Work

Getting distracted at work isn't a hard thing to do. With all the talkative co-workers, tempting break times, and cool gadgets now allowed in the office, it's amazing we get anything done at all. Staying focused at work is super important for all sorts of reasons. It looks good on you as an employee, especially if everyone else is off task. A little extra focus may even lead to promotions, increased pay, better positions, and greater opportunities should you ever decide to leave your current job. Choosing to pursue a more productive lifestyle is efficient in every way, but sometimes we need a few tips on how to concentrate. Fortunately, that's what today's post is all about!

Brain Food

Brain Food

Eating the right foods is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but it's also a big part of how we function throughout the day. Just having something in your belly when you go into work is super important, but junk food like doughnuts, sugary cereals, and pop-tarts do little to help our focus throughout the day. To focus, you need brain food! At testing times during the semester, students in school are told to eat things that are high in protein and antioxidants, because it helps them concentrate, and the same is true for adults at work. Studies show that eating things like blueberries, wild salmon, avocados, whole grains, and nuts are amazingly helpful in improving concentration, and they all make wonderful nutritious breakfasts. Instead of just popping a freezer-waffle in the toaster, get up a little earlier to blend yourself some go-go juice using frozen blueberries and other fruits, with yogurt or milk. Make yourself a nice, delicious egg breakfast like a salmon omelet, and use the leftovers to make a salmon sandwich on whole wheat for later at work (which totally goes great with some avocado slices!) Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits make excellent snack food while at work, so take advantage of the Food Network and some other healthy food recipe sites and get focused! You'll feel healthier, and are much more likely to lose some weight too!

Keep Friends At Bay

Office Distractions

Not many blogs will tell you to keep your friends away from you, but a work environment is the one place where you may need to, especially if you're easily distracted. We all love our buddies, but the last thing you need when you have two minutes to finish typing that proposal is Joe coming over to discuss last night's football game. If it does sound like a buzz-kill, your manager is right when he says the modern executive desks for office use are for work, not socializing. If you know you're prone to distractions, let your friends know; they'll understand. If you work at home with kids, pets, roommates, and spouses as your distractions, it can be a little more difficult to curb their attention on you. To do this, try writing your work hours on stylish presentation boards for office use so they know when not to bother you. At work, save the talking for break times. If you've got kids at your home office, take the opportunity to go to the park for lunch with them as a distraction. If you're park allows pets, you may even kill two birds with one stone this way. Playing around a bit is a good way for all of you to unwind and enjoy the best part of the day. Who knows, they may even take a nap when you get home!

Turn Off the Tech

Office Tech

Technology is probably the biggest distraction of the modern age, and it doesn't help that most of us are surrounded by it at work. A lot of companies have rules against phone use at the office, but with a computer right in front of us, it's not always easy to keep from opening a new tab for Facebook or some other fun websites. If you know the computer is your worst enemy as well as your best friend, block all your favorite sites from your work computer. Have friends set the passwords if you must, so you can't access them even if you do happen to click on one. Many of us have reasons for keeping our phones on, but if you know deep down that yours could be turned off, go ahead and do it, or at the very least, keep it on silent and out of sight. Most technology nowadays comes equipped with time blocks designed to keep kids on task by not allowing them use of a certain device between set times, so set those up for yourself if you need to. Do whatever it takes!
The good news is that not all technology is your worst enemy. Things like air purifiers for office use can clean the air of toxins that probably aren't doing anything to help your concentration, and they aren't very tempting toys either. Get one, and let the focus flow!

Keep Calm and Prioritize


Its easy to feel overwhelmed at work. Some of us have so much to do, we just don't know how not to freak out about it, and for this, we offer a simple but of advice: to keep calm and prioritize. Prioritizing tasks is a great way for those prone to distraction to get things done. Putting the more important or more difficult tasks at the beginning of the day when you're more focused helps you to get them out of the way faster. Also, with the easier tasks at the end of the day, you're more likely to feel better leaving work. If you know you're prone to fits of freaking, set up an atmosphere in your office that helps you keep calm. Have yourself and your co-workers post photos of the ones you love or the places you want to visit around cool office cubicles for business use, so all of you work a little easier. Scented candles like lavender, chamomile, coconut, flowers, and sandalwood are good stress-busters, and many of them have been proven in studies to calm. If you need a bit more energy, try something citrusy or spice-scented. Setting up the right atmosphere is a great way to stay focused, and prioritizing can keep you from looking for distractions in the first place!

Clean Up Your Act

Cluttered Office

Keeping clean at work is great for all occasions, but did you know it can also improve your focus? Taking the time during a week when you're not so busy to de-clutter your workspace can make a world of difference the next day when you come into the office. Knowing where to find things keeps you from getting distracted by looking for them (and from getting distracted by the cool things you find!) When organizing your office space, it's a good idea to keep things off of the floor. Not only does it make a space look cleaner, but it also gives you more room to move around. Choosing to go with cabinets for office storage and shelving that mounts to the walls is the perfect way to give yourself more square footage to get things done. Also, providing yourself with more places to keep things isn't a bad way to get organized either.

Get Comfy

Comfortable Office Worker

Even if technology, stress, and talking doesn't faze you, sometimes distractions can come from a whole new avenue. Discomfort is one of the biggest stressors around, and it can be super distracting. Common office aches like back pain, joint problems, and poor circulation are all caused by poorly designed furniture. If you've been sitting in the same old office chair for years, perhaps it's time for an upgrade, and nothing is better for comfort than ergonomic furniture! Ergonomic furniture is designed to improve all aspects of the modern workplace, from efficiency, to work ethic, and even health.  Many businesses have already made the leap, providing comfortable computer chairs with ergonomic features for their employees because they recognize the benefits. All ergonomic chairs are designed to relieve the biggest office aches, like back pain, and many of them also offer other benefits, like height and arm adjustment to relieve joint pain, and waterfall seats to improve circulation in the legs. If you're not comfortable at work, it can take a huge toll on you. Getting comfortable just eliminates one more potential distraction.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Product Showcase: Fellowes Personal Paper Shredders

When it comes to paper shredders, Fellowes is one of the most trusted brands on the planet. This world renowned manufacturer prides themselves on quality, durability, and innovative features to improve the workplace. In today's article, we'll showcase 5 of Fellowes' top rated shredders to meet your personal office needs. These affordable units are designed for individual use and work great for both home and business applications.

DS-1 Fellowes Paper ShredderFirst up, the DS-1 Fellowes Paper Shredder for only $176.99. At first glance you'll notice the cool modern look the DS-1 has to offer. The sleek curves and silver on black color combination offers a high tech feel that adds aesthetic value to any workspace. This shredder is also quite user friendly. The DS-1 can tackle up to 11 sheets. Rest assured, your junk mail won't stand a chance against this powerful machine. The 9" paper entry slot and 4.75 gallon mesh step style bin make for a well rounded product that's perfect for home and small office use.

79Ci Fellowes Powershred Paper ShredderNext on our list is the 79Ci Jam Proof Fellowes Paper Shredder from the popular Powershred collection. Priced at $232.99 this high quality model is built to handle 14 sheets per pass and features a 6 gallon pull out bin. The 79Ci features Fellowes' patented SafeSense Technology that stops the shredder when hands touch the paper opening for safety. The SilentShred technology offers ultra quiet performance for shared work environments. Additional features include the easy to read button displays and super cool modern design. This machine is a real workhorse that's ready to take on the needs of your work day.

Hungry for more? So is the 99Ci Fellowes Powershred Shredder that's built to destroy 17 sheets per pass! This model is built for 1 to 3 users and features the jam proof system that's ready to power through those tough jobs without fail. At the everyday low price of $287.99, the 99Ci is an excellent value that's built for high use applications. The pull out bin features a 9 gallon capacity with clear center section to indicate fullness. Rest assured, this model from Fellowes means business!

HD-10CS Fellowes Paper ShredderAt only $133.99, the HD-10CS Fellowes Shredder is truly a great buy. This space saving model is lightweight and easy to use. The HD-10CS shreds 10 sheets per pass into cross cut particles. The 9" paper entry port and 5 gallon mesh bin add to the extensive features this popular model has to offer. The SafeSense technology ensures protection while the easy pull lid makes for quick clean outs when needed. A sliver button display completes a stylish model that's sure to add aesthetic benefits to your office in addition to excellent shredding capabilities.

450Ms Fellowes Micro Cut Paper ShredderLast but certainly not least, Fellowes 450MS Micro Cut Paper Shredder was a must for today's post. As the most high end model showcased today, this Powershred model is loaded with user friendly features. Priced at $257.99, the 450MS offers the ultimate in shredding protection by creating particles 10 times smaller than the average cross cut system from comparable brands. The auto sensing reverse stops the unit if a jam occurs and backs out documents. Now that's just smart! Additional attributes include Fellowes' SilentShred and SafeSense technologies along with the clear center indicator to alert users of the units capacity.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ergonomic Office Chairs with Far Out Style

Whether you want a chair to alleviate your back pain or live out your Star Trek fantasy, you'll never go wrong with ergonomic office chairs. Ergonomic office chairs have seen a huge spike in popularity for a number of reasons, the chief two being that they are designed to improve workplace efficiency and alleviate common office aches without fail, even if they do look a bit out there. Don't judge a book by it's cover though! These strange birds are actually some of the most comfortable, efficient office chairs on the market today. If you are on the lookout for a high tech chair for blast your workplace into the future, here's our top five out-of-this-world ergonomic chairs to help you get started!

Global Arti

Global Arti Series Office Chair

It's sort of funny that the the chair which is probably the most normal looking of this bunch is still a bit of a strange image by normal office chair standards, but don't let the looks fool you! The 6670-2 Global Articulating Back Office Chair is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market today. The odd looking back actually articulates like a human spine, allowing for an exceptionally comfortable seating experience. The Arti is designed to mimic the user's profile and respond automatically to the body's movements. It also features a durable construction of internal steel cables, highly graded steel springs, and tough, engineer-grade plastics in the chair's flexible wings, built to last years. Eco-lovers will be happy to hear that ninety-five percent of the Arti chair can be easily recycled into other products (try telling us that's not futuristic!) Office furniture aficionados won't be surprised to learn that this chair was designed by the world-renowned Zooey Chu. Available in a multitude of stylish color choices, this chair is a steal at its affordable price!

RFM Carmel

RFM Preferred Seating Carmel Ergonomic Chair

As strange as this chair looks, it certainly put's forth RFM's commitment to ergonomics first! The Carmel Ergonomic Chair by RFM uses a highly sophisticated professional design that encourages a "shoulders back" posture. Because the human body is actually much better suited to standing, a slouching posture while sitting puts a lot of stress on the spine, which is usually what causes back pain in most people. The shoulders back posture forced by the Carmel chair automatically improves posture, encouraging users to sit properly, thus relieving back pain. As if that weren't enough, the chair also incorporates a special thoracic ridge to further reduce stress and is available in RFM's vast array of signature color options. The skinny back provides tons of freedom of motion, making it perfect for users that are constantly swiveling around their desk space answering phones, jostling papers, and staying active. Like the Arti, this chair features a strange design that is most assuredly the way of the future. At its current affordable price, the Carmel will pay for itself in comfort in no time at all.

Via Seating Swopper Chair

Via Seating Special Edition Swopper Chair

You may be wondering if this next chair is even really a chair at all by the looks of the picture, but we assure you, it is actually one of the best chairs on the market for those with office aches. The Via Seating special edition Swopper Chair is actually an award winning seating solution. Designed by an osteopath to treat lower back pain, the Swopper chair boasts the highest caliber of German engineering. It subtly works to improve posture and stabilization of the spine, and forces the body to repair itself by strengthening and conditioning the back and abdominal muscles to better support the user. It improves blood flow, nourishment to the inter-vertebral discs, and assists in lymphatic flow, turning the human body into a finely tuned instrument to relieve its own pain! This futuristic, far out seating solution can be used as a stool or a chair with the addition of an optional back. It's super fun and oh so comfortable, but we'll leave it to you to decide if it looks weird or cool… or both!

Eurotech Chakra Chair

Eurotech Seating Chakra Office Chair

Okay. So what's up with this one? Well, for starters, it's a dream for yoga lovers. That's right! The grey and white Chakra ergonomic task chair from Eurotech Seating is ideal for "deskercising" (for those of you that don't know, that's exercising at your desk). As strange as it sounds though, this chair is an excellent option for improving health. Those that take the opportunity to actually work out while they work often report lower stress levels, a happier outlook, and reduced pain, and the Chakra chair helps with all! Based on a highly sophisticated zoomorphic design, the Chakra chair is supposed to focus on supporting the "power centers" of the body, cushioning the chakras. The result is a chair that's light, airy, and amazingly comfortable. It's available in five stylish colors too. For those that love the zen life, this ergonomic wonder is a must have!

RFM Verte

RFM Preferred Seating Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

And finally, we present you with what may be the strangest looking chair on our list. The 22011 RFM Preferred Seating Verte Ergonomic Office Chair definitely looks like someone sent it here from the future, but whoever it was, we thank them! Actually, the Verte Ergonomic Chair is heralded by experts as one of the most comfortable ergonomic office chairs in existence. The strange appearance is probably from the eleven high tech, torsion spring-loaded joints built into the chair. These joints mold to the shape of the user's spine and can be locked in place, or left free to move as the user does. Being from RFM, the Verte is available in any of the the brand's signature color choices. It boasts a headrest, brushed aluminum accents for style, incredible ergonomic design, and a look all it's own that was a decade in the making! One sit in this amazingly futuristic chair, and you'll never want to leave.

Stylish Office Storage Cabinets by OFM

OFM is a widely respected office furniture manufacturer that prides themselves on quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. With a wide range of desks, conference room tables, and reception furnishings available, we though it would be beneficial to highlight some of their unique storage cabinets to accent these popular products. In today's post we'll be showcasing some of the most versatile and beneficial products for keeping your workplace well organized and operating at the highest levels of efficiency.

OFM Venice Wall CabinetFirst up, the OFM 55116 Venice Executive Storage Cabinet with modern style! If you're looking to add wow factor to any office area, this is the product for you! Priced at $881.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better product at even twice the price. The high wall design is accentuated by double doors and a unique storage shelf. This polished trim pieces add to the contemporary appeal in both the cherry and walnut finish options. The Venice line also includes contemporary office desks for sale to complete your executive workspace makeover project.

Metal Office Storage Cabinet
The industrial look is in, and the 66745 Mobile Office Storage Cabinet by OFM is the perfect way to incorporate it into your workplace. This metal sided cabinet with laminate top is great for matching OFM's metal desking collections. The mobile design makes for easy reconfiguring when loaded. Three finish options are available to compliment the 14 gauge steel sides. Priced at only $189.99, this product makes an excellent addition to any home or business office.

OFM Milano BookcaseThird on our list is the OFM 55125 Milano series bookcase in your choice of cherry or maple finishes. This 3 shelf model offers a contemporary look with it's sophisticated lines. The 55125 boasts adjustable shelves and the ease of tool free assembly. If it's versatility, style, and functionality you're in search of, look no further! At the everyday low cost of $358.99 this is definitely an item to add to your office furniture shopping cart!

OFM 55135 Sliding Door Credenza CabinetOutfitting an executive office or conference room with storage solutions can be a difficult task, but not for OFM shoppers! Products like the 55135 sliding door credenza make office design projects a breeze. The low wall design is a popular choice that can easily accommodate your storage needs in 3 stocked finishes. The $480.99 price point is far below comparable models by industry standards. This user friendly unit requires no tools for assembly and makes for a super simple installation process.

Cherry finished storage credenzaWe've saved our favorite for last! The OFM 55503 Milano executive storage credenza with cherry finish is a true value at $698.99. This versatile product makes an excellent accent product to any office space and can double as a stylish TV stand if needed. The two closeable storage sections feature silver trim while the center section makes for a nice display area for literature or nick knacks. Adjustable leveling glides ensure stability while the 16 gauge steel parts provide long term durability. In addition to this cherry model, other popular finish options are available to match items like the 55501 Milano series Office Desk and a variety of OFM conference room tables for your business.

Monday, January 20, 2014

10 Ways To Create A More Ergo Office

Pain at work is just that. A pain. Nobody likes it, yet millions of Americans go to work everyday knowing they will have to suffer through another day of joint pain, back problems, a stiff neck, and all sorts of other common office aches. It's no wonder we're seeing all these commercials for memory foam  sofas, cloud pillows, and expensive astronaut beds; nobody can seem to get comfortable! But what if we told you the problem is likely not in your house, but at your office? That's right. Nearly all pain for office workers can be traced back to the way they handle themselves at work, but never fear! Ergonomics can solve just about any office pain and problem you might have. Here's a handy guide to common office problems and great ways to solve them using ergonomic furniture!

Identify the Problem

Thinking Man

Knowing where pain comes from is the first step to solving it. At the office, aches can be caused by a number of things, but by far the most common is poor posture. Ergonomic furniture is designed to improve all aspects of the workplace, from comfort, to work ethic, to mood. We're happy to report that taking advantage of such great advancements in technology takes more dedication than money, but it a bit of knowledge on what causes certain office problems never hurts! Listed below are some of the most common office aches and inconveniences along with some great ergonomic products to help solve them!

Poor Posture

Bad Posture

Slouching in chairs causes all sorts of problems for anyone's back. In fact, sitting in general over long periods of time is terrible for the body because the it puts all the weight of the torso on the spine. The human body is better designed for standing than for sitting, and when all the weight of the torso falls on the spine, rather than relying on distribution through the legs as when standing, the spine has a tendency to bend under the pressure. This is what causes slouching, and slouching is what causes back pain. Fortunately, nearly all office chairs with ergonomic features offer some sort of lower lumbar support to help alleviate this pain, but users have to do their part too. Proper posture takes dedication, so forming a habit over 21 days is essential to improving your health, and the first step towards achieving a more ergo friendly office! 

Eye Strain

Computers Cause Eye Strain

Most eye strain at the office comes from computers, and it doesn't take a lot to see that. The best part of the modern age has become one of the worst for sufferers of computer eye strain, which is typically caused by excessive light. Too much light can harm the eyes, just as too much darkness does, so the best solution to this problem is achieving a balance. Although natural sunlight is very beneficial to psychology and mood, too much in combination with computer light can cause pain. A good rule to go by if you suffer from computer eye strain is that the ambient light in the room should be about half as bright as that found in most offices. Dimming the blinds or setting up curtains is a great solution if you work in a home office. If you work in a public office environment there are tons of ergonomic inventions specifically designed to solve this problem. If you've got a relatively new computer, see if you can reduce it's brightness display or fit it with an anti-glare screen cover.  

Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain Relief

When typing fingers fly at the speed of light, someone's bound to get hurt. Aching wrists and hands are a plague to office workers all over the nation, yet few people ever seem to address it. Wrist pain in younger years can lead to arthritis as we age. It's important that the wrists and hands are stressed as little as possible in office environments. For computer users, this can be a bit of an issue, since their careers depend on their hands. However, if you have wrist pain, there are ways to stop it. One way is by making sure your wrists aren't aimer up or down as you type. That cuts off circulation and inflames the pain. If you find yourself doing this anyway, consider adding an adjustable keyboard platform or a tablet to your office setup. These nifty devices allow themselves to be adjusted so individuals can leave them in the optimal position to relive pain. 

Office Storage

Office Storage

Storage is a big problem in almost every interior space, but it is a big challenge especially for offices. Since work environments are typically confined to smaller spaces than, say, bedrooms, storage is often limited. In ergo-friendly environments however, space is highly considered. Lots of clever thinking is given to potential storage spaces in workstations and office desks. As a result, ergonomic workstations and desks are the best answers to this problem. Companies like Mayline and Cherryman Industries pride themselves on their creation of quality office furniture with ample storage space. Their products are some of the most popular on the market for that very reason!  

Tired Muscles

Chakra Chair

Bodies tire from inactivity just as an automobile does. If you don't work your muscles out or go for a drive once in a while, both your engines lose their get-up-and-go. Unfortunately, the best way to solve the tired muscles caused by inactivity at work is to get up and go, but that's a pretty big challenge when you're expected to stay at your desk and type. The good news is that if you can't escape the office or don't want to sacrifice your lunch hour to go for a walk outside, there is an ergonomic solution for you: deskercising! And yes, it is a thing now. Experts in ergonomics have come up with tons of exercises that office workers can do right in their office chair, and manufacturers have even designed a great chair just for this purpose. It's for this reason that avid deskercisers are huge fans of the green and white Chakra Chair by Eurotech when they want to exercise. This chair features a unique zoomorphic structure that supports the muscles and chakra centers of the body. The pads move as the user does and the chair comes in five stylish colors!

Joint Pains

Ergonomic Keyboards Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain in the office is most often caused by lack of blood flow to the extremities. This is another big issue caused by sitting all day. When people sit, they contort their bodies into all sorts of weird positions that inhibit blood flow. Every bended limb is an agent against against circulation. The best way to solve joint problems and improve circulation is by adding stand up office desks to your workplace. Offices that provide this option have employees with much better health and blood flow (and it's a great way to burn some extra calories). Unfortunately, most offices don't give their employees the option of standing at the desk. If you suffer from joint pain, a good rule of thumb for when you're at the office is to sit with your body positioned in a series right angles. Your elbows, knees, and core should all be right angles when you sit to get the greatest possible blood flow to your extremities. This is best achieved by using an ergonomic office chair that has a waterfall seat to ease pressure on the legs, adjustable armrests and ergonomic keyboard platforms to guide the elbows and hands into proper positions. 

Work Ethic

Cherryman Stylish Ergonomic Workstation

You may think a sour mood or poor work ethic has nothing to do with an office environment and everything to do with a person, but you'd be surprised how ergonomics can improve psychology. Letting some light in and painting the walls bright colors are great ways to give employees energy, but sometimes it's just not enough. Often what causes poor work ethic is not lack of energy, but over expenditure of it. When office desks and workstations have inefficient designs, users can use up tons of energy swiveling around in their desk chair or walking about the office in search of things they need to get their work done. That's why smart business owners go modular! Adding stylish workstations with modular design to an office helps efficiency by keeping everything at arm's reach. This way, office workers don't have to travel for for the things they need, and end up with more energy and work ethic to spend on getting the job done.  

Neck Aches

Monitor Arms Relieve Neck Pain

At the office, neck pain is most commonly caused by unnatural neck movement over long periods. Keeping the head bent down to stare at a keyboard causes lots of pain, as does turning the head or stretching it to view a computer screen. If you suspect the former is what causes your neck pain, typing lessons are likely the ideal answer. Most typing classes, while initially frustrating, rely on techniques that train individuals to type without looking at the keyboard. It takes practice, but is totally worth the effort as it saves your neck and spine in the long run (and you develop mad speed typing skills too)! On the other hand, if can type without looking at the keyboard, it may be that your pain comes from turning your head to view a computer screen. Choosing to add ergonomic monitor arms for computer use to your office is a great way to solve this. Monitor arms mount to walls and desks to support computers and give users control over their placement. They also save desk space. Position the screen directly in front of you so you an look straight up and straight ahead at the computer screen for optimal placement. 

Back Pain

Back Pain - RFM Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

Back pain is caused by a number of things in office environments. Bending over a desk to write, type, or see a computer screen, turning your spine unnaturally usually to see something, not leaning back in the chair, and poor posture all contribute to back pain. Fortunately, ergonomic scientists have made back pain their arch nemesis, and they work tirelessly to develop office chairs that can defeat it! Today, almost all affordable modern chairs with ergonomic features relieve back pain. Even the lowest priced ergonomic chairs are designed to tackle this enemy in some form or another. If you have back pain caused by your office environment, the best way to solve it is by keeping ergonomic chairs like the 22011 Verte ergonomic chair by RFM around. This chair has been heralded as the most comfortable office chair in existence as it was designed by an elite team of ergonomic scientists, engineers, and designers. It is equipped with articulating joints that conform to every curve of the human spine. It is the ultimate edition to any ergonomic office!


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