Monday, June 30, 2014

Cool in the Conference Room: Inspiring Modular Meeting Areas

With all the budget cuts businesses are having to make these days, there's no better time to choose modular conference furniture for your office. With expandability, reconfigurable designs, and amazing style, modular tables allow a conference room to become so much more. Never before could one space be a conference area, boardroom, break room, or training area, but stylish modular tables have opened these doors. We hope these classy modern meeting areas will inspire you!


Style: Almost limitless. Global bungee tables come in a huge array of finish options for users to pick from. We recommend stylish mid back office chairs, either in a slightly lighter coloring for a darker table, or a slightly darker coloring for those that choose a lighter table finish. The results won't disappoint!

Modular Design: The first tables on our list are the incredible Bungee tables by Global Total Office. Although seen here with a light colored top design, the BXK132S Global Bungee conference tables are truly the kings of versatility. Offered in three sizes to meet the different space needs of every office, these tables fit the "modular" bill by always staying just the right size to get things done. Shoppers can make their choice of and eleven foot, thirteen foot, or fifteen foot set. Best of all, these stylish freestanding tables come with bungee cords for redesigning! They're easily reconfigurable modular conference tables that will always turn heads in the workplace.


Style: The high tech modern look might be the only option to go with the cool style of the 55118-GRAPHITE contemporary metal conference table by OFM. The graphite look is best matched with lots of gray, black, and white, and a few bright highlight colors to draw the eye (like the way the red office chairs work in the photo). Futuristic modern lighting with glass and chrome accents will provide a modern appeal to last the century. Mid or high back chairs that offer a splash of color look best with this table.

Modular Design: The durable OFM Graphite Conference Table is a tough match to beat. Exuding contemporary style, it always looks great in any room it graces. With a decent sized top, capable of seating up to eight individuals comfortably, and "quick connect" technology to make set up a snap, this table has everything a designer could ever ask for.  Grommet holes in the tabletop make for a conference table that is easy to power in case guests need to make a presentation or use electronics. Adjustable leveling glides compensate for any flaws in the room's flooring.

Easy Reconfiguring

Style: Highly varied. These tables are offered in the same array of colors as the Global Bungee set. Also offered in many layouts, with the ConnecTABLES A style featured here, we recommend high back mesh chairs. Patterned fabric chairs will add more of a visual dynamic, since the table itself offers only the limited visual versatility of wood grain. Glass accents will add a certain sense of class for conference rooms.

Modular Design: Offered in the same astounding array of colors as the Global Bungee set, Global ConnecTABLES never lack for versatility of design. Although reconfigurable, Global does offer these tables in dynamic patterns to set off the uniqueness of an office. Leg styles and casters for mobility are optional. This highly adjustable conference table configuration is a snap to set up and reconfigure, making it the ideal affordable option for an active workplace, training room, conference room, or meeting area.

Space Saving

Style: Featured here in a stunning mahogany finish, Mayline Flip N Go Tables look best with splashes of color and matching wood furniture. It is also offered in a gray folkstone laminate for a more utilitarian look.

Modular Design: Although it may not be the sightliest setup on our list, the Mayline Flip N Go series does offer outstanding functionality for the office. The Mayline FLIP2 conference table set includes all the right materials for reconfiguring tables to best suit the needs of each individual office. Best of all, when not in use, these modular nesting conference tables fold up against one another for easy, convenient storage. Mayline offers a diverse array of Flip N Go tables to form almost any configuration you can imagine to maximize your office workspace.

Room For Growth

Style: The Cherryman AM-410N is certainly a looker. Although featured here with the light maple finish, this model is also offered in black cherry, cherry, and mahogany too. Because the size is alterable, it is hard to recommend a specific chair style. We recommend users take their pick of high or low back mesh chairs with a contrasting color to the tabletop for best visual results.

Modular Design: One of the best features of an expandable modular conference table is that they never have to look empty. By adjusting to house varied numbers of individuals, tables like the AM-410N Cherryman conference table always appear classy. The convenience offered by this adjustable office table is part of what makes it such a favorite among popular modular conference tables for sale on the market today!

Friday, June 27, 2014

5 Ways To Promote A More Healthy Workplace This Summer

Summer is the season for staying fit and healthy, but sometimes, a desk job can often seem like kryptonite to the perfect health plan. Fortunately, experts in health and wellness have devised plenty of great ways for office workers to improve their lifestyle in the workplace. Check out these healthful ways to improve business efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and employee health this summer!

Eating Right

Eating Right

You are what you eat. As the old saying suggests, the right foods have a lot to do with the health of the average person. Promoting good nutrition is a spectacular way to improve all aspects of your business. Not only will employees feel physically better, but a proper diet will also help to increase their effectiveness, focus, and work ethic, as well as reducing the overall health costs for both the company and its workforce. The effort can be as simple as dusting off the conference tables and chairs for an in-house meeting where a nutritionist is the speaker. Bring in a health expert every few months or so to educate the people on proper nutrition and exercise (perhaps providing some good incentive), and your office staff will do the rest on their own!

Stand Up Desks

Stand Up Desks

Stand up desks are a relatively new health trend with tons of amazing benefits. As you may have heard in health class, the human body is actually better designed for standing than sitting in traditional leather office chairs all day. Unfortunately, days of endless sitting has resulted in terrible problems like back pain and spine deformities in many office workers. To combat this, many furniture manufacturers have developed a cool height adjustable desk for standing in the office, such as the HE3048MS Electric Table by Global. With a soft pad to cushion the feet and a comfortable chair nearby, office workers can alternate between long periods of standing and short seated breaks. It takes some time to get used to, but most standers report better focus, higher productivity, and far less pain than the seated individual. (It also helps tone the body for swimsuit season!)

Gym Memberships

Gym Memberships

Anyone that's ever wanted to lose weight knows that gym memberships can be pricey, but that isn't always the case for companies. In fact, many health insurers and workplaces are realizing that preventive health incentives are excellent ways to save money! By offering things like reduced-price gym memberships for employees, companies all over the nation are reaping the benefits of lower insurance costs, reduced sick days for employees, and even tax incentives from the IRS.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture

For a business on a budget, throwing down enough cash to outfit the whole workplace in gym memberships and stand up desks is not always an option. Fortunately, healthy ergonomic office furniture usually is! With low-cost gadgets such as retractable keyboard trays, adjustable monitor arms for computer users, CPU holders, and advanced ergonomic desk chairs to improve health, companies finally have a cost-effective solution to inadequate workplace. Health these nifty devices are super affordable ways to combat common office problems. Reduced eye strain, neck pain, muscle pain, backaches, and improved circulation are just a few fringe benefits of most ergonomic accessories.

Take the Initiative

Healthy Vending Machine

When the company takes the initiative to provide healthful alternatives to daily choices, it usually forces better health from employees. Changes can be as simple as offering healthy snacks in vending machines or discouraging fast food at the cubicles. Cheap weekly prizes such as five-dollar gift cards, coupons, and small raises could be given to employees that take improving their personal health to the next level. In fact, many business owners are surprised to learn how much employees want to improve their health - they just lack reminders and information. Sometimes, a simple sign at the elevator to remind that stairs are a healthier option is all that's really needed.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Don't Settle for A Mediocre Office Space!

Modern Office Furniture
It's no secret that the budget is always a top concern when taking on an office makeover project. That being said, you still should never settle for a mediocre office space. With all the affordable and stylish new furniture solutions available in 2014, designing a high class workspace is easier than ever. From versatile modular desks to comfortable ergonomic chairs and accessories, today's post highlights the products you need to create the space of of your dreams without busting the budget.


This year, top furniture manufacturers like Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, and Mayline have all introduced superb desking collections designed for shoppers on a budget. Whether your creating a modern home office space or professional executive office, these best selling furniture collections offer excellent benefits and aesthetic values that are sure to impress even the harshest critics. Let's take a peek at some of the hottest new lines.

Global Total Office Zira Series

Global Total Office Zira Collection

The Global Zira Series combines modern style and modular benefits for home and business work environments. This versatile line is available in an extensive selection of finish options to compliment your space. Zira desks can be purchased for under $1000 and are a huge hit with industry professionals and interior designers.

Cherryman Industries Verde Series

Cherryman Industries Verde Collection

Looking for modern appeal? The Verde collection from Cherryman Industries is sure to spice up your office space. This popular line includes desks, tables, reception stations, and storage components to outfit all your business areas with one cohesive look. Choose from 2 stunning finish options that are sure to impress your valued visitors.

Mayline e5 Series

Mayline e5 Collection

Another hot desk collection to consider in 2014 is the Mayline e5 series. Great for both small and large office areas this line of sophisticated desking offers the perfect blend of modern and industrial style characterisitics.


Adding a comfortable ergonomic chair to your space will ensure an efficient work day. Brands like Offices To Go, RFM Preferred Seating, and Eurotech all offer excellent options for shoppers on a budget. Check out the best sellers listed below!

Offices To Go 11790B

11790B Offices To Go Mesh Chair
Priced at only $218.99, the 11790B chair from Offices To Go offers high quality ergonomic features a modern appeal to match. This mesh chair boasts polished frame accents and a mid back design for optimal back support.

RFM Preferred Seating 160Q

160Q RFM Essentials Chair

The wide seat and adjustable arms make the RFM Preferred Seating 160Q chair an excellent value at $258.99. The contoured mesh back design and an 300 lb. weight capacity make this a suitable choice for most any user. A wide variety of quick shipping seat upholstery options are available that are sure to help any shopper let their workplace personality shine.

Eurotech Seating LE4200

Eurotech Verona Chair

The tufted look is in, and the Verona series LE4200 chair from Eurotech Seating is just the way to capitalize on this trend without spending a fortune! Priced at only $186.00, you'll be hard pressed to find a better leather office chair at even twice the price. The sophisticated loop arm design and padded arm rests make the LE4200 tufted leather chair an excellent way to showcase your space.


No office space is complete without the right combination of ergonomic accessories. Products like monitor arms, ergonomic keyboard trays, and CPU holders will help take your space to the next level. If you're looking to improve productivity while taking your space far past mediocre, consider the accessories listed below!

Ergonomic Monitor Arms

Adjustable Monitor Arm

Monitor arms provide excellent workplace benefits. Single, dual, and three screen mounts are the most common. Brands like ESI, Systematix, and Symmetry all offer quality mounting systems that provide a wide range of adjustment capabilities while increasing your amount of usable desk space.

Keyboard Trays

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

If you're still operating without an adjustable keyboard tray it's time to upgrade. The addition of a keyboard tray will create more usable desk space while helping to improve posture and the rate at which you compute. These ergo accessories are a must have for any home or business workspace.

CPU Holders

Locking CPU Holder

Tired of those trips under your desk to turn on your computer, route wires, and plug in devices? If so, it's time to add a CPU holder. These affordable ergonomic products provide a ton of versatility to any station. Typically mounted underneath your desks worksurface, a CPU holder can easily retract to provide addition leg space when needed. Some of the best models even offer a swivel feature that allows you to easily access the rear side of your computers power source. In addition, a CPU holder that locks like the those from ESI will protect your space against theft.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Office Tech: New and Innovative Products for the Modern Workspace

Staying on top of things in the workplace also means staying on top of technology! Keeping up with what's out there not only sets a good precedent for your business, but it also keeps your office efficient and up to date for an edge on the competition. Here's our favorite new innovative office products to help your office stay on the cutting edge!

The Workstation

Mayline Medina Desk

A cool modern office starts with an awesome workstation. Because they're generally very big pieces of furniture, workstations and desks are almost always the visual focal point of an office. In order to showcase your company's interest in the future, it's important that the workstation both look and function in a high tech, efficient way. Some good options to pick from include desks by Global Total Office and Cherryman, but in this case, we highly recommend the all new Medina desk collection by Mayline for a high tech space. With striking laminate finishes and silver accents, these desks certainly look the part. Modular design and reconfigurable furniture pieces make them well worth the investment.

Global Arti Chair
Global Arti Chair

Now that you've got a hot new desk to liven up your workspace, the next order of business is seating. For a chair that both looks and plays the part of a high tech seating solution, few options are better than the 6670-2 Arti by Global Total Office. This high tech ergonomic chair boasts articulating mechanisms to mold like a human spine. It's designed for support to alleviate back pain and provide intense comfort while also looking the part of a stylish, tech savvy mesh chair! Offered in more than eight colors, it easily molds to cool office decor as it does to the body's anatomy.

Eurotech Chakra ChairEurotech Chakra Chair

For the zen enthusiast and computer guru alike, the ergonomic Chakra Chair by Eurotech is the perfect blend of the natural and inanimate world. Because of this, it absolutely makes a perfect office chair for almost any environment. Featuring a light zoomorphic structure, the Chakra chair is open and airy. The design focuses on cushioning the body's power centers, the chakras, with independently moving cushions. Although it's offered in many colors, we recommend the Chakra-Grey-White model for high tech appeal.
Boss Executive Chair

Boss Executive Chair

In a world where ergonomic office chairs have a habit of breaking banks, who doesn't want an chair that's affordable? Fortunately, that's exactly what the B9431 Executive Chair by Boss strives to do! For a super low price, users can get all the benefits of a high tech office chair for less, and recognize the value of a two-paddle spring tilt mechanism for ultimate comfort. Accented with a gas lift and adjustable tilt tension control for customizable luxury, this chair certainly functions. Clad in a shopper's choice of stunning white or black upholstery, it never disappoints on looks.

RFM Verte ChairRFM Verte Chair

As one of the reputed best ergonomic chairs for office related pain, and also from RFM, it's not surprising that the 22011 Verte Office Chair is a favorite for those that spend all day at the desk. This chair is specifically designed to mold itself to the body's unique shape. It's equipped with eleven torsion spring-loaded joints inspired by the human vertebrae to change position as the body does, always providing support. The joints can be locked in place or left free to move. Available in RFM's astounding array of color options, this expert ergonomic chair for back pain has a fabric swatch for almost any decor. We'd expect nothing less from a chair that was a decade in the making!

Offices To Go Segmented Cushion Chair
Offices To Go Segmented Cushion Chair

To round up our seating selection, we leave you with the 11648B Segmented Cushion Chair by Offices To Go for an option that doesn't sacrifice comfort for style. This chair makes its plush pillowed back the keystone of its high tech appeal. As a seat that's perfect for both home, business, and conference room use, the 11648B is versatile and stylish. The look is rounded off with an attractive Luxhide upholstery and chrome accents to make this discount leather office chair comfortable and luxurious.

Keyboard Platforms

Keyboard Platforms

Now it's time to accessorize! Today's world is constantly turning out cool new products to lead us into tomorrow, and many of them are perfect for use in the workplace. If your office is missing a keyboard platform, however, we know exactly where to start! Forcing the hands into an unnatural position to type (for example, on top of the desk) can cause major problems down the road. A lack of circulation can lead to arthritis, joint pain, and even aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome in extreme cases. Fix it all with a couple cool articulating keyboard trays for computer use, and you'll be typing like the wind in comfort and no time at all!

Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

Whether you work with one computer screen or many, monitor arms are definitely something an office worker needs to stay healthy. Sitting wrongly or repeatedly turning the head simply to view a computer screen are like fast passes to pain. Over time, a misplaced computer screen can lead to neck strain, upper back pain, and even mismatched muscular structure in the neck and shoulders. To avoid this, make use of adjustable computer monitor arms for a more ergonomic workplace. They allow users to adjust the screen's height, distance, and position while also saving desk space!

Tablet Mounts

Tablet Mounts

Tablets are hugely efficient ways of taking work and entertainment wherever you go. Because of the recent surge in popularity of tablets in the office however, office products and accessories manufacturers have developed several amazing tablet mounts for office use. Sort of like computer monitor arms, tablet mounts allows users to hook up their tablets to an adjustable support, allowing them to adjust their tablet like a computer screen. Some models like the ESI ORION feature security locks to prevent theft, while others, like the Hoverbar for iPad can hook onto just about anything!

USB Hubs

USB Hubs

It seems like no computer ever has enough USB ports for charging all of our many handhelds. From smartphones, to mp3s, tablets, and even computer mice, offices rely on these outlets to keep the workplace functioning. Fortunately, with USB hubs, we now have an answer! With these nifty little devices, users can plug in one USB hub to a port in their computer and then plug everything else with a USB cable into the ports on the hub! These hubs are available in every shape and size imaginable to bring a sense of personality and whimsy to the office. Whether you get one that looks like a cat, a banana, a lego, an easter egg, or even a toaster, USB hubs smart products that no workplace should ever be without.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Office Lobby Showcase: Contemporary Spaces That Will Blow Your Mind

Every designer needs inspiration, and what better place is there to look than fellow artists? For anyone preparing to makeover a lobby, guest, or office reception area, you've come to the right place. In today's article, we'll be highlighting some of the most spectacular office lobby interiors we could find (and we'll even throw in a few tips about what makes them so functional despite the snazzy looks). Enjoy!

Small Office Lobby

The first lobby in our lineup is the perfect inspiration for an office on a budget. It includes everything the average office reception area would need, while also going the extra mile. Despite the minimalist design of this small office space, guests still have plenty to look at. With gorgeous rustic brick walls, affordable modern reception furniture, and a spectacular color palette consisting of blues, grays, and bright greens to give life to the neutrals, this space is a work of art in itself. For entertainment, the guests can read from magazines on the table or watch television until their names are called. With the addition of the THEWHO-LC-8300 metal lounge chair by Woodstock, the office provides a hint of the modern to balance it's homey charm!

Restaurant Inspired Office Lobby

This net lobby is one that takes a slightly different approach to seating, but it's one that definitely works. With spectacular office lighting, an open bar, and clusters of reception lounge chairs for lobby use, this office space feels much more like restaurant for fine dining than a waiting room, but the approach definitely works. Seating makes use of space efficiently, and allows small groups of guests to stay together and talk for entertainment. The way this place is set up, we expect guests wouldn't be surprised to find waiters passing around hors d'oeuvres. 

Circular Office Lobby

Experienced designers will definitely notice the effect of great space planning on this little number, and boy does the look work! In an open office, designers have solved the lack-of-wall problem by creating imaginary borders with curtains. A circular design gives guests a sense of ownership over their space, and provides them with a sense of homey security will also incorporating modern design. A unique assortment of versatile office guest chairs and sofas provides seating for everyone. Strategically placed end tables for office reception provide visitors a place to set purses, laptops, and magazines, while the gorgeous lighting, color palette, and entertainment system occupies guests who bring only their eyes.

Geometric Office Lobby

Another classic example of a lobby with plenty to look at, this one relies on color and architecture to entertain the visual interests of its guests. A clever blend of warm reds, oranges, purples, and bright blues to balance them all provides a rainbow of interests for it's viewers. In addition to the high walls, spaciousness, and the skylight, visitors will feel limitless in this stunning space. All lit up by a few affordable office lighting fixtures, it's the ideal setup for a large office space. 

Organic Office Lobby

A rising theme in the interior design world is definitely the use of organic shapes, and for office lobbies and reception areas, few shapes are better than curves. Large lobbies with confusing floor plans like the one above will benefit greatly from the use of curves in design because curves can mold and move to fit the shape of a room. In this office, because the room is so long, curved reception and welcome desks were the perfect choice, especially since the rounded design allows the receptionist to greet users from multiple directions rather than from just one. With clusters of office chairs, tables, and even kid's corner included, all the needs of guests are met, not just with functionality, but also with incredible style!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Show Personality With Your Office Chair!

Everyone is unique - just like every office chair. Even if some seating solutions may seem a lot alike, each one possesses it's own features and characteristics to make it one of a kind. And in an office environment where uniformity can begin to blur the edges of who we are, it's a fun change to express oneself. That's why today's article is all about doing just that with your office chair! Enjoy!


Flash Furniture Blue Mesh ChairOrange office chairPurple Mesh Office Chair by Flash Furniture

Colors are one of the first and most noticeable ways to express oneself. Our favorite shades and hues can say a lot about us, and also go a long way towards improving our mindsets when we are surrounded by certain psychologically influential colors. That's why shopping colorful office chairs for sale is one of the best ways to express one's personality at the office! Of course, it's entirely impossible to determine everything about who a person is simply by their favorite color, but sometimes, just being able to let others know you like red, or blue, or green is enough! It goes a long way to giving employees a good sense of self expression and control over their environment.


Just like personality traits, features are a big part of what makes up an office chair. Sure. that vibrant orange office chair may express your personality perfectly, but if it doesn't have the right features for you, it could mean a world of discomfort at work. Perusing top quality ergonomic chairs for less is a good way to ensure you will get something comfortable at an affordable price. From there, searching product descriptions for the desired features will help you settle on the right decision. If you know more about what you want out of your chair, rather than exact features, never be afraid to call up furniture dealers and see what they recommend. Who knows? Maybe you'll hear of a cool chair brand like RFM Seating with versatile fabric chairs so you can still get the orange you always wanted!

Comfort Level

Different people have different ideas of what truly constitutes comfort. Some people like their chairs cushy, some like the seats a bit more firm, and Goldilocks likes them just right! Fortunately, there are enough chairs in the world for there to be a "just right" for everyone. With ergonomic chairs however, shoppers don't have to look for ever! With these, users can customize their own levels of comfort through adjustable features. Inflatable seats, foam seats, adjustable lumbar support, and tilt range are all common staples of the average ergonomic chair. Choosing between warm soft fabric office chairs, or breathable mesh back chairs is another way for those who are temperature sensitive to stay comfy at work!

Personal Interests

Eurotech Chakra Chair for Yoga LoversErgonomic Ball Chair for the Health Conscious Faux Zebra Upholstery Chair for Animal Lovers

As strange as it may sound, there are office chairs out there that can appeal to unique interests. Are you an eco-friendly person? Maybe super into yoga? Perhaps you're addicted to massages? Personal interests are a huge part of what makes a person who they are, so it's only natural to look for our favorite things in the stuff we buy - office chairs are no different. Manufacturers like Global Total Office seating have realized that earth friendly office products are very important to many people. In fact, those into yoga will be pleased to know that the ergonomic Eurotech Chakra Chair is geared towards their personal interests. Even massage addicts are bound to enjoy the affordable comfort of Flash Furniture's massaging office chairs. Whatever your interests are, there's bound to be a chair that fits them!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Know Your Furniture Brand: Lesro Industries

If you've ever walked into a lobby, reception area, or waiting room with a memorable sense of design, then it was probably furnished by Lesro Industries! With a vast array of outstanding tables and seating, Lesro has come a long way from being a spark in the minds of two ambitious immigrants and a $20 startup fund! Their story is truly one of determination and hard work, with products that definitely show it. Learn all about why Lesro is the best for guests in today's article!

Lesro's History

As a true, classic American success story, it's not surprising to hear that Lesro began in 1968 with two ambitious dreamers. When Adam and Alice Leshem arrived in this country, they came with only $20 in their pockets and fistfuls of determination. Lesro began with a patented drafting table that could be folded up and stored away when not in use, that Mr. Leshem designed while studying for his engineering degree. By 1973, he had launched a small business to sell his quality designed drafting tables, and as it's success grew, so did his desires for a better, bigger business.

In the Fall of 1986, Adam Leshem, along with his oldest son, Jerry, designed their first chair - prompting Lesro's transformation into the larger seating market. Lesro remains a family grown and oriented business, with Adam and two of his three sons assuming prominent roles, and many extended relatives as the arms and legs of the company. Their amazing office guest furniture brand is one of the top choices for shoppers in search of office reception and lounge chairs or tables for visitors. Today, Lesro continues to provide legendary products and customer service from it's new headquarters in Bloomfield, CT.

Mission and Standards

Lesro is all about customer service. Even today, the company still gives it's patrons the same royal treatment the business was founded on. Here is Lesro's list of high goals and standards they provide, straight from the company website:

* The customer is the boss
* Expansive portfolio of products
* Ultimate flexibility and short lead times
* Spectacular selection of fabrics
* A bend-over-backwards approach to customer service
* Smart, environmentally conscious manufacturing with a human touch
* Chairs, tables, and accessories that are beautifully affordable


Beautiful and affordable lobby and guest seating is the foundation of Lesro Industries. Their classical furniture sets like the Savoy office furniture collection and the Lesro Sienna guest furniture series both look stunning in contemporary office reception areas. The brand makes selection extremely convenient for users with a seemingly endless array of colors, finishes, and fabric choices for easy customization, and incredibly affordable prices that make shoppers swoon. Here's a list of their incredible furniture collections for office reception areas:












Going Green

Always geared towards providing the best of what customers ask for, it's no surprise that Lesro is going green! Getting the whole team on board, Lesro is working to find out how and where their company leaves it's mark on the world through extensive research. Searching for new techniques, implementing new manufacturing processes, promoting recycling and reuse initiatives, and working to reduce their carbon footprint are just the first steps in the company's journey to meet the rising demands of their customers and of the planet! It's just another page in Lesro's book of success stories, but it's an excellent reason to make this great brand the choice for every reception furniture need!


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