Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Office Lobby Showcase: Modern Welcoming Areas

Interior design is often fraught with challenges, but perhaps the biggest challenge of them all is deciding on an idea! In office design especially, success revolves around many things: whether or not the space is stylish, the look reflects the business, comfort, and in the case of welcome areas, whether or not the space is entertaining. It's a gauntlet, we know, but hopefully this showcase of great modern office welcome areas will give you some inspiration!

Professional and Casual

Professional Office Welcome Area by GlobalSeating: This trendy office reception furniture set is from the Citi Collection by Global Total Office, so naturally, it's only the best. The chair's featured here are offered in the shopper's choice of four beautiful  mock leather finishes. In a reception area, the chairs do their job well, keeping guests comfortable until their name is called

Accent Furniture: Perhaps the biggest asset to this collection is that gorgeous coffee table. In the 7875-7876 Citi Furniture collection, the stylish modern coffee table is offered separately, as the Citi 7889 table. In this photo, it has been topped with a cool vase to accent the glass top. Magazines, books, and pamphlets can be easily stored in the outcrops underneath the tabletop for guest entertainment.

Walls and Design: With the textured walls in this welcome area being the perfect shade to compliment the cream colored chairs, and the open wall-length window being all the art a visitor could need, the overall design of this space is spot-on. It's a geometric, minimalist design that conveys sophistication with just a hint of casual warmth.

Modern Style

Modern Office Space
Seating: The seating in this next office welcome area obviously has a focused purpose. With minimalist seating surrounding the television, and guest chairs lined up in front of each reception station, this office gives the strong impression that visitors will be catered to at all times. The squarish office guest chairs pair nicely with the geometric tiles all over the room. The black is a nice contrast to the bright chrome.

Accent Furniture: This room is loaded with accents, but very little of it is actually furniture. Aside from cool welcome area end tables, the space mostly relies on it's walls to accent the space. A television provides the entertainment, so the space isn't left a mess of magazines, and the plants provide a splash of color that won't clash with the wood to keep the eye interested.

Walls and Design: For this interior, the walls do most of the heavy lifting. Rather than choosing colorful patterned lounge chairs, the designers chose to make this space a study in wood, glass, and chrome. The shining textures convey the modern, the wood furniture brings the class.

Smart Design

Space Saving Office Welcome Area by OFMSeating: The seating is the best feature of this space for many reasons, the chief one being space. By choosing unique lounge seating for reception areas, like a cool reception chair from OFM's UNO collection, designers ensured that their seating was flexible. Rather than grouping these chairs in one huge cluster, designers saved tons of space by lining them up against the walls. The office can still seat a ton of guests, and look good doing it!

Accent Furniture: The trendy 421-Brown-Copper reception chairs not only save space here. Their coloring also makes them the perfect compliment to the dark wood reception desk and end tables too. Cool lamps, plants, and colorful art pick up the slack, making the space fell warm and lived in, more like a home than a faceless office. It's the perfect look for a small, local space.

Walls and Design: Because of the dark furniture (obviously the eye candy in the room) the walls had to be much lighter. The creamy orange paint brightens up the space significantly without being boring or distracting from the rest of the room. The color adds a certain sense of spicy warmth reminiscent of the fall - always excellent when you want to make clients feel like part of the family!


Futuristic Welcome Area
Seating: The seating in this space definitely conveys the futuristic sense. Rather than relying on conventional chairs, the designers here obviously went for the funnest thing they could find. Slightly more traditional chairs curve along the wall for individuals that like regularity even things out, while the bright orange stripe of seating steals the rest of the show! (Convenient round tables are also a plus!)

Accent Furniture: When you look at it for a little while, it's pretty obvious that this space has no accent furniture at all, but it's one of those few spaces that doesn't need it. The intense creative walls, clever lighting, and built in tables more than enough eye candy for most.

Walls and Design: The futuristic look is always a fun one to go with, especially since everyone's idea of what the future will look like is different. It's clear this designer's sense of the future is that it will be progressive (crazy wall designs and colors) while always keeping in touch with the past (natural accents). The walls and furniture both seem to have the right blend of mundane and outlandish so neither dominates the room. If futuristic is the look you want to go for, let your vision shine through. It will help ensure that your space is unique and memorable! Be careful though, because it's easy to go overboard.

Cultured Class

Cultural Modern Welcome AreaSeating: The geometric chairs in this office space are one of it's most defining features. Here the designers went with the memorable qualities of a futuristic office lounge chair, similar to the ZB-SMART-BROWN-GG Hercules Chair by Flash Furniture. However, they evened things out by choosing a brown leather upholstery - a very natural color that conveys a certain sense of old-school class.

Accent Furnitture: The accent furniture in this space is minimalist. Aside from a few classy coffee tables, a cultural patterned area rug, and the logo behind the desk, most of the eye candy comes from the large sculpture attached to the wall. Glass tables help accent the open windows, which in turn keeps the room from feeling closed off.

Walls and Design: With glass furniture and a unique modern sculpture, this office could almost be classed as high tech, but it's the neutral colors, the stylish rug, and the wood paneled walls that keep it from getting there. In the end, the space is the perfect blend of past and future, with a splash of culture thrown in by the rug. You could just as easily envision a woman in a suit or a sari behind the desk!

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