Friday, May 9, 2014

Know Your Furniture Brand: Cherryman Industries

If you've ever bought a quality office workstation that wasn't from Global or Mayline, chances are, it was probably from Cherryman Industries. This big name brand strives to make a big difference in both the workplace and the world with their furniture. Always stylish, versatile, affordable, and ecologically conscious, it's no wonder Cherryman has become a favorite. Let's take a look!


Cherryman Verde Furniture

Cherryman's mission has always surrounded one great ideal: to achieve excellence on all fronts. Somehow, popular Cherryman Industries office products manage to incorporate superior modern design, durable and dependable engineering, and affordability all in one great package. Over the past decade, the brand has been key in establishing the "Value Market" for top quality commercial furniture in the U.S. and Canada. They continue to be a pioneer in the manufacture of eco friendly office supplies for sale today, and with all the style and benefits packed into their amazing desks, tables, and chairs, we couldn't be more happy!


Cherryman is Environmentally Friendly

Much like Global, Cherryman Industries is a huge player in the market for sustainably produced office furniture. In order to reduce their impact on the earth, Cherryman relies on several different environmental tactics. By designing their products for long term use and decreasing the need for replacements and short-term disposal, Cherryman makes a risky business decision that's great for both customers and the environment. Their incredible wood veneer furniture is sustainably attained from the renewable resource of American hardwoods, producing eco friendly affordable office desks, and supporting only suppliers committed to the preservation of nature. Today, they are even California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B.) compliant!


Versatile Cherryman Furniture

Whether you're looking for executive desks, reception furniture, conference tables or chairs, you can bet Cherryman Industries will have exactly what you need. With five beautiful office furniture collections for sale, plus a small line of comfortable office task chairs, Cherryman takes care of all office needs. The Amber, Jade, Emerald, and Ruby collections are really like the gems they are named after. All feature versatile office furniture for different environments and situations. The modern Verde collection by Cherryman makes use of popular industrial style, with dark wood, chrome, and glass accents. And finally, when you have everything you need, Cherryman even offers discount Respond task chairs to sit down and relax!

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