Monday, May 22, 2017

Give Your Boardroom A Stylish Infusion With Mid Century Seating

Mid Century Modern Boardroom ChairThe mid century look is trending in 2017. Brands like Modway and Woodstock Marketing are paving the way with cool new mid century seating solutions that work perfectly in professional boardroom settings. Today we'll highlight awesome chairs to consider for any business looking to give their meeting area a major style infusion without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy!

Talk about mid century flair! The EEI-232 model Modway Vibe high back office chair is an absolute winner. Even at first glance you'll be drawn into the unique diamond stitched seat pattern. The polished chrome accents are another nice touch that will no doubt earn your boardroom an abundance of positive compliments.

Modway Push ChairIn addition to the Vibe, you'll also want to check out the Modway Push chair. With blend of mid century characteristics, this executive style boardroom chair is sure to impress even the harshest critics. The EEI-1062 Push chair is available in a choice of 5 quick shipping color options. At just $224.99, this chair is an absolute bargain buy.

Red Leather Boardroom ChairWhen it comes to trendy office chairs, nobody outdoes the team at Woodstock Marketing. Take one look at their Joplin high back chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. The ribbed back design and chrome attributes make this chair the perfect option for professional boardroom and meeting area applications. The Joplin chair is currently offered in white, red, gray, black, and brown genuine leather upholstery options.

Office Chair with Memory Foam CushionsWho says the boardroom can't be comfortable? Take a sit in the Woodstock Hendrix series office chair with memory foam cushions and you'll never settle for less. Inspired by Jimi himself, this mid century boardroom chair will no doubt rock your boardroom to the max. The Hendrix is available in a choice of high and mid back variations starting at $295.00. If you do a little digging, you can even find a coupon for 10% off and free shipping.

White Leather Boardroom ChairYou can't go wrong with sleek white leather office chairs for your boardroom, especially when they've got a trendy mid century look! Feast your eyes on the 11734B chair from Offices To Go and you'll no doubt fall in love. While many of today's mid century boardroom chairs lack the padding needed to keep guests comfy, that's not this case with this Offices To Go seating solution. The 11734B provides exceptional support and unrivaled appeal.

iDesk Curva ChairLast but certainly not least, if you want the best and won't settle for less, check out the iDesk CUR103 model Curve chair. This top of the line mid century inspired leather boardroom chair is nothing short of luxurious. The Curva boasts a cast aluminum structure that's complimented by a natural lumbar support and offset recline pivot mechanism to keep your boardroom guests at peak performance levels. The Curva is a bit more pricey than the average boardroom chair. But then again, this chair is far from average. These chairs should be used as the main focal point of your boardroom. High back and mid back variations are available starting at $563.99.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

How To Trick Out Your Corporate Interiors

Is your business suffering from boring office interiors that aren't up to date with today's hottest trends? We're here to help you solve the problem by teaching you how to properly trick out your office environments. Today we'll showcase elite workplace solutions designed to streamline meetings, boost comfort, and impress your valued clientele from the moment they walk in the door until well after they've gone. Prepare to be impressed!

iDesk Oroblanco ChairWork Floor

The majority of daily business is handled on the work floor. That being said, your employees need to be armed with comfortable chairs, versatile furniture, and the ergonomic accessories required to be at their best.

As office comfort starts with the chair, it's important to select user friendly seating your employees will love. This year, you can't go wrong with cutting edge ergonomic task chairs from iDesk seating lines like Oroblanco and Ambarella. These professional grade chairs provide exceptional value and the appeal needed to trick out your work floor and stand out from the competition.

Open Concept Benching
When it comes to furniture for your work floor, open concept benching is the way to go. Rest assured, traditional high wall cubicle systems are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. They make your employees feel boxed in and cramped. With open concept benching you'll be able to encourage creativity and team interaction. We recommend popular collections like SideBar and Bridges II from Global Total Office. They'll have your work floor tricked out and then some!

Dual Screen Monitor ArmYou need ergonomic accessories to fully trick out your work floor. Sure they look cool, but more importantly, they promote healthy operating. To get environments up to date, consider integrating dual monitor arms that reduce visual strain and increase usable desk space. Additionally, you'll want to trick out your work floor with articulating keyboard trays that also increase usable desk space while encouraging healthy computing angles.

Training Room

Folding Training Room Tables
Brands like Mayline have made it easy to trick out your training room. First things first, you've gotta kick those old school fixed leg tables to the curb. They provide very little in terms of versatility. With folding top training room tables you'll be able to maximize floor space in no time. Take a look at the tables from the Mayline Sync collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. The ability to quickly connect tables to form collaborative groups will give your training room the edge!

Tagalong Nesting Chairs from SitWell
You'll also want to invest in modular nesting chairs for the training room if you want to keep it up to date with the latest trends. We highly recommend the new Tagalong series chair from SitWell. It's comfortable and incredibly space-friendly. With flip up seats and optional tablet arms you can really maximize your interior. Hosting small groups? No problem! Simply fold and nest your unnecessary chairs along perimeter walls to get the most out of your square footage. When needed, additional chairs can be rolled out and configured quickly to streamline strategizing session.

How To Trick Out Your Conference RoomConference Room

You'll no doubt want to create a conference room that's welcoming, fashionable, and ready to meet the demands of today's fast paced meetings. That being said, it all starts with a powered table! They're the way of the future. With surface level USB, AC, Ethernet, and Phone inputs you'll be able to save time and maintain a tricked out high tech vibe your conference room guests will love. A conference room table with a powered top from the Global Zira collection is the way to go. They're incredibly stylish and easy to spec.

Cool Conference ChairCool conference room seating is a must! To trick out your space, you'll need to select chairs that save space, look great, and maximize comfort. As the days of using bulky executive style conference chairs have long gone, a new trend has taken over the market. This year, European style ribbed back conference room seating has become the preferred choice of businesses. Ribbed chairs are sleek, comfortable, and sure to make a lasting impression.

Fashionable Conference Room Wall CabinetLast but not least, your conference room will need a few cool accessories. Leave room in the budget for a flat screen TV that can be linked to your powered table. You'll be able to host awesome presentations and video conferences with ease. Additionally, you'll want to integrate some form of storage cabinet to keep your space well organized. Ditch the old school metal filing cabinets, and go with a more modernized credenza that can double as a food and beverage station for guests.


Contemporary Gray Reception Desk
Contemporary Coffee TableLast but certainly not least, we're ready to help you trick out your lobby. As first impressions are key, a fashionable lobby will do wonders for your business. Start your welcoming area makeover project by selecting a cool reception desk to serve as the focal point of your interior. We recommend those from the Mayline Sterling collection. With glass transaction counters and surface extensions, these distinctively contemporary stations are the best in the business. They're also surprisingly cost effective. As an added bonus, the Sterling collection includes matching accent tables that can be purchased to match your welcome desk to perfection.

Modular Beam Seating
Sure you could go with a traditional lounge chair and sofa configuration to keep your guests comfortable, but why not think outside the box? Modular beam seating will help you maintain a cutting edge look without sacrificing comfort. Beam seating collections like Vion from Global Total Office will help you kick corporate appeal into overdrive. These connectable chairs can be used to outfit lobbies of any size.

OFM InterPlay Tablet Arm Lounge Chair with WheelsIf you're not loving the beam seating look, there's definitely some awesome alternatives out there. Check out the barrel style tablet chairs with lower level storage compartments from the Global Sirena collection. They're multi functional and ultra comfortable.

When the budget is tight, smart businesses turn to brands like OFM for lobby and waiting room furniture solutions. The seating from their Triumph, Uno, and InterPlay collections boast trend setting appeal and the modular characteristics needed to maximize valuable floor space. With cool color options including two tone variations that are unlike anything on the market today, OFM brand products are a must for any business looking to trick out their lobby.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Shop Smart: Fashionable Office Chairs That Won't Break The Bank

Global Spritz ChairFinding cool new office chairs on a budget for your business can be easier said than done. Have no fear, we're here to help. Today on Shop Smart we'll showcase the best seating deals on the market this month. Here you'll find fashionable new chairs from industry leading brands like Global Total Office, Woodstock Marketing, and SitWell for any application imaginable. Enjoy!

First up, the stylish new 6761-4 Spritz series office chair from Global. This high back mesh task chair with adjustable arms and a thick padded seat is ready, willing, and able to meet the demands of the modern work day. The Spritz is also a pleasure to look at. With 4 mesh color options and limitless seat upholsteries, you can create a customized chair that makes your interior pop starting at $379.99.

Sha Na Na Training Room ChairThe team at Woodstock Marketing has made it their mission to craft stylish, cost effective, and comfortable chairs for every office application. Their all new Sha Na Na training room chairs sold in 4 packs for $636.00 provide exceptional durability and versatility. These stackable chairs are designed to save space when not in use. When needed, the Sha Na Na can be quickly configured to meet the needs of any group strategizing session. Choose from 4 in-stock color options.

SitWell FlexNext ChairGive your guest reception area a major style infusion on a budget with the FL-15 model Flex chair from SitWell. This side chair that stacks features easy to clean polypropylene surfaces that make it an excellent option for healthcare waiting areas. At just $171.99 it's an absolute bargain buy.

Modway Jive ChairUp next we've got a budget friendly do-it-all office chair from the team at Modway. The EEI-273 model Jive chair is perfect for home, executive office, and conference room use. At just $193.99, this trendy ribbed back office chair is an absolute bargain in 8 quick shipping color options.

Segmented Cushion Office ChairWe can't say enough good things about the team at Offices To Go. Their chairs are second to none. Popular models like the 11648B are perfect for executive applications and professional meeting areas. This segmented cushion office chair with chrome accents offers a luxurious vibe that can't be topped at the respectable price of just $225.99.

Best Big And Tall Office ChairLast but certainly not least, shoppers looking to save a buck should check out the OFM Essentials seating collection. With so many new models available in 2017, it was difficult to settle on just one for today's post. That being said, the ESS-200 model is perhaps the best big and tall office chair buy on the market today. It was a must have for today's Shop Smart article. The ability to effectively support user's up to 400 pounds in style and under budget puts the ESS-200 in a league of it's own. Priced at $219.99, this heavy duty mesh back office chair comes standard with a 6" thick padded seat, built in lumbar support, and adjustable height arms. Talk about value!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Office Design Advice: Plan, Furnish, Accent!

Office Design AdviceWhen the time comes to remodel your office interior, you'll be met with an abundance of decisions that must be made to get the job done right. That's where we come in. We're here to help you through the design process by providing the advice needed to rock your makeover project. From space planning to accenting, we'll show you how to create the workspace you've always dreamed of.


All successful office remodels start with effective planning. First things first, you need to obtain some dimensions! Start by measuring the perimeter of your interior. Be sure to take note of all the entry ways, windows, power outlets and room obstructions that will affect the way your new office furniture is situated.

How To Properly Measure Your OfficePro Tip: Once you've got your dimensions, it's always a good idea to double check them for accuracy. Rest assured, there's nothing worse that purchasing furniture that doesn't fit properly upon arrival.

It's always a good idea to set a budget and timeline for your project. Do a little research upfront to determine how much the items you're interested in will cost. If you need help, you can always visit a local showroom in your area.

If you decide to purchase in-stock items for your project, be prepare for a quick turnaround. In-stock office furniture and chairs typically leave the factory within 2 business days of order. Custom furniture and made to order items will give you a little bit more prep time. They usually take around 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture and ship.

How To Properly Furnish An Office InteriorFurnishing

Before you rush out and purchase new furniture for your space, spend a little bit of time researching the latest trends and getting inspired. Social sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest will provide you with a ton of awesome ideas that can be used to make your space stand out from the competition.

Now it's time to shop! You'll need 3 main items to get your space started off on the right foot. The first is a high quality office chair with adjustable features to keep you operating at your best.

Comfortable Ergonomic Office ChairRecommended Office Chairs:

  • Eon by Cherryman Industries
  • Spritz by Global Total Office
  • Oroblanco by iDesk
  • Ergohuman by Eurotech Seating
  • Rave by SitWell

Once you've settled on a comfy chair, it's time to build out the rest of your interior around it. The second item you'll need is a personal computer desk that meets your space requirements. Typically, office desks come in standard lengths of 63" and 72" wide. Always check the dimensions before you make a purchase to ensure it will fit.

Lastly, you'll want to add a storage cabinet, file cabinet, or credenza to help you stay well organized. If you've got the budget and space, there's no harm in adding one of each. You can never have enough storage space. It always goes faster than you think!

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Furniture
When furnishing your office interior, it's always a good idea to select desks and storage components from a full service collection to simplify the process. Unless your a professional designer, do your best to avoid blending finishes and mix matching process. It seldom yields the results shoppers hope for.

Best Full Service Office Furniture Collections:

  • Medina by Mayline
  • Zira by Global Total Office
  • Amber by Cherryman Industries
  • Superior Laminate by Offices To Go
  • Mesa by OFM


When To Paint Your OfficeBefore your new furniture arrives, you'll want to start prepping your space. Start by removing your old furniture and selling it to recapture a bit of your budget.

With your furniture removed, it's the perfect time to lay on a fresh coat of paint. This year coastal colors like light blues, grays, and greens have been super popular.

Pro Tip: Don't wait to paint once your new furniture has been installed. The risk for spills and accidents goest up significantly!

Wait until your furniture is fully installed before you start purchasing interior accents. The idea in your mind and the end result after assembly may end up differing a bit. Once your loving your layout, you can begin shopping for cool accents to make your space pop.

Accenting your office can be done for aesthetic value, or improved productivity. We highly recommend taking a "productivity first" approach. The integration of a few must have ergonomic products will have you ready to tackle the demands of the modern work day with ease.

Ergonomic Accents:

Must Have Ergonomic Office Accessories
  • Add an articulating monitor arm to increase desk space while encourage healthy typing angles. 
  • Integrate a dual screen monitor arm to improve the rate at which you compute while reducing visual strain and the neck pain associated with having your screens on the factory base.
  • Purchase a CPU holder that mounts underneath your desk surface to provide you with additional knee space. You'll also have an easier time routing wires and charging devices.
Cool Aesthetic Accents For An OfficePro Tip:  If you really want to go next level, consider investing in a desktop riser that promotes sit to stand operating. They're about $300.00, but the benefits gained are second to none. A sit to stand desk attachment will help you fight fatigue, increase blood flow, and reduce the health risks associated with sitting for hours on end.

You'll no doubt want to spice up your interior with a few aesthetic accents as well. They're the perfect way to show off your individual style. Skip the old school motivational posters and get creative with your wall art. Visiting a swap meet, thrift store, or antique shop will provide you with lot's of cool items that can be used to compliment your decor. Vintage lighting fixtures, mid century modern scones, retro wall art, and area rugs can all help you spice up your overall vibe.

Monday, May 15, 2017

7 Cool Desk Options For Your Home Office

Modway Warp DeskDon't settle for a subpar home office interior! Brands like Modway, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries are ready, willing, and able to help you kick appeal and versatility into high gear. Today we'll showcase 7 ultra cool desk options to consider for your makeover project. These elite workstations provide the trend setting good looks and features needed to earn your space the compliments it deserves.

First up, the EEI-1188 model Warp desk from Modway. This mid century modern executive style computer desk is like nothing you've ever seen. Even at first glance, the Warp will wow you with it's curves. When paired with 3 organizing drawers and a fashionable silver base, this next level home office desk is the total package. Enjoy the Warp desk in your choice of white and walnut finish options for $708.00.

Mayline SOHO DeskJust a few short weeks ago, Mayline introduced their revamped SOHO home office furniture collection. This line of retro infused desks and storage solutions is an absolute winner. Take the 1002 model SOHO desk with an integrated bookshelf for example. At just $199.99 you can give your home office a fresh new look that's up to date with the hottest trends of 2017.

Cherryman Emerald Desk LayoutGoing for an upscale executive vibe? You can't go wrong with the traditionally inspired furniture from the Cherryman Emerald collection. This elite line of luxurious writing desks and storage components will never go out of style. Popular Cherryman Emerald layouts like the EM-416N include all the components needed to totally transform your space into a professional work of art.

Standing Home Office DeskThe benefits of stand up desks should not be overlooked. As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, standing home office desk solutions from brands like OFM are rapidly becoming the go to option for remodeling projects across the country. Desks like the 66141 from the OFM Mesa collection provide ample operating space and industrial appeal with their metal frames and scratch resistant laminate surfaces.

Offices To Go U Shaped Home DeskIf you're looking to save a bundle without sacrificing cool points, check out the espresso finished office desks from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection. This cost effective line of modular furniture offers professional grade components that are ready for the demands of the modern work day. Best selling Offices To Go desk layouts like the SL-E are a must consider for your project. At $615.99 you'll be hard pressed to find better value.

White Home Office DeskWhen it comes to cool home office furniture, the team at Flash Furniture knows their stuff. The modern computer desks from this popular brand provide an exceptional combination of value and appeal. If you're tackling a home office makeover in 2017, we highly recommend checking out the Flash Furniture Clifton series computer desk in white to serve as the focal point of your space. When paired with silver metal accents, this workstation is hard to beat at just $75.99.

Glass Computer Desk for DesignersLast but certainly not least, aspiring architects, artists, and designers will definitely want to check out the 10080 model split top Catalina desk from Studio Designs. With a blend of glass, laminate, and metal components, this workstation has a little something for everybody. Priced at $324.99, it's also a bargain buy. The glass top drafting section makes it easy to work on projects at an angle while the L shaped design works great along walls and in corners to maximize valuable square footage.

Friday, May 12, 2017

How To Have Fun With Your Office Remodel

How To Make Your Office Remodeling Project Fun
Office remodeling projects can be stressful and tiring, but they don't have to be. We're here to tell you, they can be quite enjoyable and even fun. Today on the blog we'll teach you how to get the most out of your interior without the headaches. From group showroom visits to hosting a big reveal, we'll have you loving each step of the process.

First things first, you need to assemble a team that you enjoy working with. Don't choose more than 3 remodeling assistants because if you do, the input and opinions can become a bit overwhelming. A team of 4 trusted individuals including yourself is perfect.

Now that you're working with people you like, you can sit down and create a plan. A well thought out plan of attack and timeline will help keep your project on track and within budget. Formulating a plan at the beginning of the remodel will most certainly reduce the risk of error and make your project much more enjoyable as each step comes together.

Once you've got a plan, it's time to have a little fun. Get your remodeling team together for an inspiration quest! Visit a local showroom one afternoon with your crew. You'll be rewarded with an abundance of cool ideas on how to make your space efficient, unique, and fashionable. The professionals at the showroom will be happy to tell you about the latest trends from open concept benching systems to self adjusting office chairs the minimize the ergonomic learning curve.

Pro Tip:

If you don't have a showroom in your area, take your search to the web. Check out social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. They're great for inspiration!

With all the inspiration needed to rock your remodel, you and your team are officially ready to shop. Creating a coupon contest will make the process much more fun. Offer up a $20 gift card to the team member that finds the best deal on the office furniture and seating needed to complete your project. Make bulk discounts, free shipping specials, closeout items eligible to win the prize!

Part of having fun during the office remodeling process means not falling victim to the obstacles businesses face that cause headaches due to a lack of shipment scheduling. Once you've purchased your new products, contact the dealer directly. Inquire about estimated ship times and tracking information to ensure you project stays on track.

The week your furniture arrives is the perfect time to prep. To make the process more enjoyable, throw a painting party. Get your crew together and remove all the old furniture in your space. Take pics before if disassembling anything if you're planning to sell it to recapture some of the budget.

Once the furniture is removed, order a few pizzas and start painting while you're waiting for them to arrive. This will allow you to take a break half way through to break up the process. Team painting can definitely be fun! We recommend doing it after normal business hours to eliminate the stress and distractions caused during the typical work day.

When your furniture arrives, create a staging area outside of the office your remodeling. Avoid taking all the boxes into your space at once. It will make for a cramped assembly process that isn't fun at all.

Alternatively, bring in boxes one at a time. Opening them will feel like Christmas morning. You and your team will be excited to check out the ergonomic chairs and desks you've purchased. It's a lot of fun!

Pro Tip:

Make sure to fully assemble each individual desk and chair as you open it, then dispose of the boxes before brining in additional items. They'll build up on you quick, so stay on top of it. Furniture is always well packed and there will be lots of bubble wrap and fodder that requires disposal.

With your space complete, it's time to show off your work with a big reveal. Make sure your interior is fully prepped and ready to be displayed to the rest of the office. Throw a little gathering with some drinks and snacks. Just be ready to receive lot's of compliments on what a great job you guys have done. Then be sure to tell them how much fun the process was so they'll want to do the next one! Then take a few pics of your space to share on social media. Rest assured, there's others out there looking for awesome design inspiration.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

5 Reasons To Love The Global Spritz Seating Collection

Global Spritz Chair with HeadrestGlobal Spritz ChairsThe team at Global is at it again. Their all new Spritz seating collection released just a few days ago is already turning heads. We had the opportunity to check out a few of the new models from this line, and boy were we impressed! Today on the blog we'll provide you with the 5 key reasons we fell in love with these trendy new chairs.

1.) Style

Global understands that a chair has to pass the eye test first. If it's not visually appealing, you won't want to give it a sit. That being said, we were impressed with Spritz even at first glance. In particular, the high back models with integrated headrests grabbed our attention. With 4 mesh colors to choose from and an array of upholstery options, creating a personalized office chair that's up to date with the latest trends is a breeze. The Spritz is ultra stylish and sure to earn your interior the compliments it deserves.

Spritz Flip Seat Training Chair2.) Comfort

We put the Spritz collection through our team sit test and the chairs from this new line passed with flying colors. The weight sensing ergonomic chairs from this collection automatically respond to the user to provide optimal support. We feel that the multi purpose chairs and flip seat side chairs from the Spritz line are perfect for intensive training areas. You can even use Spritz chairs like the 6764 to maximize guest comfort in waiting room, reception, and lobby environments.

Global Spritz Drafting Chair3.) Versatility

We're in a day and age where it's okay to expect more out of your office seating. You'll no doubt fall in love with the capabilities of the Spritz line. These chairs offer unrivaled versatility. The flip seat Spritz chairs with mobilized bases make it easy to maximize floor space. You can reconfigure your space in minutes to improve collaboration. When not in use, Spritz chairs can be nested horizontally along perimeter walls. Additionally, the Spritz mesh back drafting chair with foot ring is sure to be a hit with designers. It's comfortable, highly adjustable, and ready to meet the demands of the modern work day. This is one collection that can do it all from top to bottom.

Weight Sensing Office Chair with Headrest4.) Price Point

The 6760-8 Spritz mesh back office chair with headrest is poised to be the most successful model available on this line. When compared to today's top weight sensing office chairs, it's very affordably priced at $455.99. The same chair is available without a headrest for $329.99.

Spritz guest chairs are available in popular Terrace collection fabrics for $265.99. You can choose from fixed leg, front casters, and fully mobile variations at the same price point.

5.) Durability

As with all Global products, Spritz chairs are built to last. These highly versatile office seating solutions are ready, willing, and able to tackle the demands of intensive work environments. While there's not yet a big and tall variation available, we fully expect Global will take care of this minor collection deficiency in the near future. The high tensile mesh chair backs standard on all models are breathable and provide just the right amount of give. The bases, cylinders, and frames are all impact resistant and sure to look great for years to come.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5 Office Remodeling Trends To Avoid In 2017

To craft elite office interiors, you have to stay up to date with the latest trends while simultaneously knowing which ones to avoid. That's where we come in! Today we'll showcase 5 remodeling fads that are rapidly fading due to market innovation. From overstuffed executive chairs to glass top conference tables, these trends where once the industry standard. Now there's better options for your business!

Overstuffed Tufted Leather Executive Chair1.) Overstuffed Executive Chairs

The days of using overstuffed executive style office chairs are coming to an end. They're too bulky! In 2017, sleek European style executive chairs have become the preferred option of shoppers and interior design teams. They save space, look great, and don't lack in terms of support.

Overstuffed chairs have a lot of padding and a traditional vibe that was once in style. Unfortunately that no longer translates into the efficient comfort needed to operate at peak performance levels. There's no lumbar support, adjustable, arms or waterfall seat edge.

Hot new chair styles like the iOO from Eurotech Seating are changing the the way executives sit. They provide a refreshing look at where the industry is heading, and it's far from those classic overstuffed tufted chairs used in the late 90's.

2.) High Wall Cubicle Systems

Cubicles will always have their place. However, high wall furniture systems are being kicked to the curb as they limit team interaction. The industry has now turned to open concept benching systems that promote creativity and collaboration.

Modern Cubicle Alternatives
Today's top collaborative benching lines from Global and Mayline offer the modular benefits needed to outfit interiors of any size. Benching systems are cutting edge to stay the least. They boast innovative storage options and surface level power imports that will help streamline your daily tasks.

Traditional cubicle systems are great for privacy, but that's about all. Open concept benching will make your interiors feel far more larger and appealing.

In terms of price, you'll probably even save a bundle by making the switch to collaborative workstations. The upsides are hard to deny! If you're tired of your employees feeling closed off from one another and you're ready to get the creative juices flowing, consider modern cubicle alternatives in 2017 and beyond.

3.) Fixed Leg Training Tables

Traditional Fixed Leg TablesYou'll probably still see this style of table used in classrooms for a few more years. That being said, traditional fixed leg training room tables have pretty much become giant paper weights. Businesses have learned the value of modularity in the workplace.

Cool new folding training room tables with wheels make it easy to maximize floor space. When not in use, they can be effectively nested along perimeter walls without the heavy lifting required by fixed leg variations.

Today's top brands are rapidly discontinuing fixed leg table collections. On the flip side, we're seeing innovative modular like those from the Bungee collection really hit their stride. With the ability to connect and form both conference and training layouts, the possibilities are truly endless. Don't allow your business to be sucked into the old school fixed leg way of thinking. Go modular. You'll be glad you did!

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray4.) Sit To Stand Keyboard Trays

You've seen the commercials. You've read the articles. Sit to stand desktop risers are rapidly becoming a staple in home and business work environments. As we sit for long periods of time, our muscles begin to stiffen up and blood flow is restricted. This causes productivity levels to drop and comes with long term health risks.

Modern Sit To Stand Desktop RiserTo solve the problem, manufacturers started crafting sit to stand workplace solutions. It started with keyboard trays and then moved to monitor arms. This year, the two products have combined with the modern desktop riser. Now, sit to stand keyboard trays and monitor arms are becoming obsolete.

Purchasing a sit to stand keyboard tray is great, except you won't be able to raise your monitors to eye level. Purchasing a sit to stand monitor arm is great, except you won't be able to type without hunching over the keyboard. Purchasing both is great, but it requires a big time investment. That's why sit to stand desktop attachments have become so popular. Units like the 5100 model from OFM are incredibly cost effective at just $275.99. They make sit to stand operating a breeze and far more affordable.

5.) Glass Conference Tables

Glass Top Conference Table
Glass conference room tables are definitely cool. It's hard to deny it! Unfortunately they're not ready to meet the multi media demands of the modern work day. For the same price as a custom glass top table (and probably much less in all honesty), you can outfit your meeting area with an advanced conference table with a powered surface that helps streamline your important corporate strategizing sessions.

In the long run, performance and productivity are far more important than fashion appeal. Powered tables with USB, HDMI, and other awesome inputs will take your presentations to a whole new level.   As an added bonus, today's powered conference tables are also incredibly appealing. You won't give up much by passing on that classy glass top table. The benefits of powered furniture far outweigh the appeal of glass.


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