Monday, August 21, 2017

Enhancing The Office: Desks, Tables, and Chairs for Improved Versatility

Sit To Stand Executive DeskIt's time to start expecting more out of your office furniture and seating. These days you can purchase unique desks, tables, and chairs that serve a variety of purposes. Today on the blog we'll showcase designer workplace solutions from brands like Mayline, Global, and OFM that will help you kick productivity levels into overdrive. Rest assured, these versatile products are a must consider for any growing business.

Ergonomic Executive DeskThe desks and modular workstations from Mayline are incredibly versatile. Just this year they've released electric height adjustable bridges that match the executive components from their popular Sterling and Medina lines. These ergonomically correct pieces promote sit to stand operating and continuous movement in the workplace. As sitting for hours on end can be damaging to your health, a versatile desk with sit to stand capabilities will keep you active in the office while improving blood flow and posture.

Modular Office FurnitureWhen tackling office makeover projects, it's best to have a modular mindset! Modular furniture promotes versatility in the workplace as it offers you the ability to grow and expand your configurations over time to meet your specific needs. Popular modular office furniture collections like Princeton from Global can be used to furnish interiors of any size. Princeton components are great for private interiors and large work floor remodels. With the Princeton line you can enhance corporate appeal, improve collaboration, and encourage creativity amongst employees.

Multi Media BoardroomYou'll also want to check out Global's Zira collection. This full service office furniture line offers an array of desks, reception stations, and even power ready conference room tables that will help streamline your daily activities and strategizing sessions. Zira tables are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finish options to help personalize your meeting area. With customizable input options like HDMI and USB you can create a multi media boardroom with ease.

OFM Endure tables are incredibly versatile. They feature standing height surfaces, swivel out seats, and power modules. These multi purpose tables are perfect for cafe, bistro, break room, and meeting area applications. With heavy duty metal frames, OFM Endure tables are built to withstand intensive use. It simply doesn't get cooler than this line!

Flip Seat Nesting ChairsYou don't need to invest in all new furniture to improve versatility. There's a wide range of innovative new seating and office accessories you can integrate to give your interiors a facelift. Today's flip seat nesting chairs have become the preferred choice of interior design teams and industry professionals looking to boost appeal and versatility. Flip seat nesting chairs like the Tagalong from SitWell are perfect for training, classroom, and meeting area use. These unique chairs with tablet arms can be nested or stacked along perimeter walls when not in use to maximize your available work space. Additionally, nesting chairs can be moved from space to space in groupings as needed. Nesting chairs are efficient, comfortable, and cool!

OFM Vivo Stool
If you're working with a sit to stand desk, you may consider integrating a height adjustable stool like the Vivo from OFM to give you an added boost of support and versatility. This ergonomic office stool that tilts and rotates is lightweight, affordable, and comfortable. With an integrated rear handle, the Vivo can be moved from space to space as needed.

Sit To Stand Desktop ConvertorLast but not least, you can improve versatility with a sit to stand desktop convertor like the Volante from Systematix. At just $299.99, the Volante is a bargain buy that will help you stay healthy without the need to invest in a costly sit to stand executive desk. This handy desktop convertor works with nearly any surface and includes a keyboard platform that encourages healthy computing angles. Volante desktop attachments are available in a choice of black and white finish options that are in stock and ship quick. Desktop convertors are the latest craze. Popular models like the Volante are being used regularly in both home and professional business settings. Once you make the switch to stand operating, you'll never look back!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Desktop Convertors Are The Latest Ergonomic Craze!

Popular Desktop Convertors for Sit To Stand Operating
Why invest in a costly electronic height adjustable workstation when you can enjoy the same great operational benefits on a budget? That's the thinking behind the modern desktop convertor. Industry leading brands have worked hard to craft innovative work surface attachments that are ready, willing, and able to convert nearly any desk into a versatile sit to stand station. Shoppers have fallen in love with desktop convertors in 2017! Let's find out why by checking out some of the hottest options on the market.

White Desktop ConvertorThe Systematix Volante desktop convertor is incredibly well made and equally versatile. This user friendly sit to stand attachment boasts a compact footprint and works with any surface 24" deep or larger. A gas assisted height adjustable mechanism provides smooth and quiet operation. The Volante riser is perfect for both single and dual screen operation. At just $299.99, it's also a bargain buy that's built to last.

OFM Desktop ConvertorOFM's 5100 model desktop convertor is another hot option to consider for your home and business interiors. At the everyday price of $275.99, it's provides exceptional value. The 5100 sit to stand workstation from OFM encourages continuous movement in the workplace and improves blood flow. If you're ready to take a stand for ergonomics, this handy tool has your back!

Clamp On Sit To Stand Desktop ConvertorOFM also crafts some really cool clamp-on convertors! Give their 5200M unit a lift and you'll quickly see what we mean. With an adjustable ergonomic design, this sit to stand desktop attachment clamps to the top of nearly any existing table or desk to increase stability. A grooved operating surface is ready to help you work alongside your tablet and smart phone. In addition, the 5200M features a spacious 31.5"W x 8.5"D keyboard and mouse desk that encourages efficient computing.

ESI Ergorise Dual Screen System
When it comes to workplace ergonomics, ESI knows their stuff. This reputable manufacturer takes pride in crafting elite products that maximize productivity and comfort. Their Ergorise stations are ready for the demands of intensive work environments and have become a go-to option for businesses looking to promote sit to stand operating. The CLIMB2-SLV Ergorise convertor is our personal favorite. This attachable sit to stand workstation makes it easy to work with a dual monitor system. The CLIMB2 boasts an integrated keyboard platform and can be mounted to any surface 30" deep or less.

ESI S2S Desktop ConvertorLast but not least, ESI has released an all new desktop convertor that we're super excited to tell you about. The S2S station is finally here and ready to help you improve posture while simultaneously reducing energy dips throughout intensive work days. What sets the S2S apart from other height adjustable desktop convertors and attachments? It's equipped with an advanced weight adjustable pneumatic mechanism that allows the user to tailer the weight tension setting to accommodate the combined weight of their work surface, monitors, and other attachments. This allows the user to easily lift up to 35 pounds up or down with a single hand. Yep, this convertor is the real deal!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hot In August: Superior Laminate Executive Desks

Offices To Go Executive DesksOffices To Go FurnitureThe team at Offices To Go has made it their mission to craft affordable furniture for business executives looking to maximize the budget without sacrificing appeal. Their Superior Laminate collection is truly in a league of its own. Today on 'Hot In August' we'll showcase a few of the most popular espresso finished desk configurations this best selling line has to offer. Prepare to be impressed!

Offices To Go Superior Laminate U DeskSuperior Laminate executive desks like the SL-F have everything you need to create a great space. This collaborative U shaped desk with an overhead storage hutch is ready, willing, and able to maximize your available square footage for just $829.99.

Offices To Go Corner DeskLimited on square footage? You'll love Superior Laminate office desks from OTG like the SL-M. This attractive corner desk boasts a 71" front desk and complimenting 36" return shell. In addition, this attractive little desk features a suspended pedestal that's great for stationary storage.

Offices To Go Desk and Meeting TableNeed a little wow factor? Check out the SL-H. This executive office furniture set from Offices To Go includes a 71" bow front desk and rear wall storage cabinet configuration that has all the organizing space you need. You'll also notice the accenting meeting table that's great for private office strategizing sessions.

Offices To Go SL-L Superior Laminate ConfigurationThe espresso laminate executive workstations from the Superior Laminate collection show minimal wear and provide exceptional quality. Just because these desks are affordable, it doesn't mean they're not well made. With silver handle pulls and scratch resistant surfaces, the attention to detail is second to none. Layouts like the SL-L provide true value.

Executive Office DesignLast but certainly not least, shoppers love the executive office components from the Superior Laminate collection because they simplify the remodeling process. Why spend a ton of time and money piecing together a stylish space when you can achieve the same high end looks with a pre-configured layout that doesn't cost a fortune and ships within 2 days of order. If you're loving the look of the Superior Laminate line, you're not alone. Popular desk sets like the SL-G are sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. You simply can't go wrong with Superior Laminate products from Offices To Go. Additional finish options and matching components are available for reception and conference room applications.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Budget Boardrooms: Fashionable Tables Under $400.00

Creating a cool corporate meeting area that's up to date with today's hottest trends doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you're business is shopping on a budget for new office furniture, you're in the right place. Today on 'Budget Boardrooms' we'll showcase high fashion meeting tables from reputable brands like Mayline, Global, and OFM that are currently available this season for less than $400.00. Enjoy!

High Fashion Meeting TableWe can't say enough good things about the office furniture from the Mayline Medina collection. This best selling line has everything you'll need to create fluidity throughout your professional interiors. That being said, today we're focusing on meeting tables. The MNCR48 Medina round top table is distinctively modern, well made, and affordable. At just $288.99 it's an absolute bargain buy.

Contemporary Meeting Table with Round TopYou'll also want to check out the GC36CF model meeting table from the Global Alba collection. Even at first glance, this round top table will draw you in with its fashionable metal legs that create a blend of contemporary and industrial vibes. The GC36CF meeting table from Global is currently available this season for $299.99 and includes free shipping.

OFM Meeting TableUp next is the 55129 model Cherry laminate meeting table from OFM. At $355.99, this 43" round office table is perfect for collaboration and creating ample wow factor. The 55129 table is so user friendly that it doesn't even require tools for assembly. The self edge banding, steel base caps, and 3/4" thick scratch resistant operating surface ensure a quality product that's built to last and keep your space looking great for years to come.

You know how we mentioned that you don't have to break the bank to create a cool and up to date meeting area? The SL48R from Offices To Go proves it! At $235.99, it's one of the best buys on the market. This 48" round table from the Superior Laminate furniture collection is available in 4 quick shipping finish options. Matching components including budget friendly desks and reception station are also available to outfit your adjacent work environments.

Sterling Meeting TableHere's another great find from Mayline! Their 42" Sterling series meeting table with a square top and intricate base offers the perfect combination of modern and traditional appeal. This collaborative table boasts hand crafted knife edge detailing and a luxurious vibe that's sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. The STC42 meeting table is available in cool finish options like Textured Driftwood for $308.99. Of all the tables showcase here today, the STC42 is definitely our favorite. It really just feels upscale. With this meeting table you'll be able to convince your visitors that you spent a fortune on new furniture, when in truth you maximized your budget without sacrificing priceless appeal.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Office Design Advice: There's Nothing Wrong With Practical!

Practical Office Interior
Don't be fooled into thinking you have to create an over the top office interior with cutting edge furniture that costs a fortune. In all honestly, there's nothing wrong with keeping things practical! In today's edition of 'Office Design Advice' we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to do just that.

When the time comes to remodel your interiors, sit down with your team and create a list of goals. Productivity, comfort, and well rounded good looks should all be atop the list. In many cases, today's modern furniture may look cool, but it isn't practical for intensive use and all day comfort, thus making it hard to achieve your goals.

Gray Office Furniture
You might be thinking "going practical seems a bit boring", but it definitely doesn't have to be. Take a look at full service office furniture collections like Aberdeen from Mayline to see what we mean. This line of executive style desks, power ready conference tables, and fashionable reception stations is sure to earn your interiors the compliments they deserve without being too over the top. In new finish options like Textured Gray Steel, Aberdeen components will help you add a touch of flair to your professional environments while still remaining practical.

Offices To Go Superior Laminate FurnitureThe best part about practical office furniture is that it's affordable. Blowing a bunch of hard earned money on cutting edge furniture is absolutely unnecessary. We commonly recommend collections like Superior Laminate from Offices To Go because they're cost effective and fully loaded with everything you need to craft well rounded interiors on a budget.

Practical Ergonomic Office ChairThere's also nothing wrong with selecting practical ergonomic office chair for your workspace. In many cases, users find practical chairs easier to use. As many of today's overpriced ergonomic chairs come loaded with confusing attributes that seldom get used, save the budget by going with a well rounded chair that's ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Popular options like the Eon chair from Cherryman provide exceptional comfort, user friendly features, and unrivaled value. At just $294.00, the Eon is one of the best chair buys of the year.

Global Duet Stack ChairLobby and waiting room remodels can get very pricey because the larger the area, the more components you'll need to furnish it effectively. Rest assured, a practical approach wins again! We recommend going with polypropylene guest chairs that can be stacked from a brand like Global. Best selling options like the 6621 model Duet chair are available in cool colors and provide unrivaled durability. These easy to clean side chairs can be connected to form creative layouts that maximize your square footage. When not in use, Duet chairs can be stacked to make your space easier to clean. While a single lounge chair will cost you between three and five hundred dollars, Duet chairs are sold in affordable 4 packs for $346.99.

Multi Purpose Nesting ChairIn the conference room, you can't go wrong with practical furniture and seating. While we do recommend selecting a conference table with a powered top, you don't have to spend a fortune on high tech HDMI and USB inputs. A simple combination of data and 3 prong outlets will do the trick.

Ergonomic Desk Top AttachmentWhen the time comes to select chairs for your conference room, skip the expensive overstuffed executive leather chairs and keep things simple. In truth, overstuffed conference chairs take up a ton of space and they're not sat in for long periods of time. You can get the most out of your space without sacrificing appeal by selecting multi purpose nesting chairs like the TSH1 Valore from Mayline.

Last but not least, you'll want to outfit your interior with practical ergonomic office accessories that promote efficiency operating and comfort. You can't go wrong with a sit to stand work surface attachment like the 5100 model from OFM. It encourages continuous movement in the workplace and reduces fatigue. Sure you could go with a fancy height adjustable workstation that raises and lowers at the push of a button, but they cost a fortune! Units like the 5100 are available for $275.99 and work with just about any desk.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hot In August: e5 Quick Ship Workstations from Mayline

Mayline e5 Office FurnitureWith so many new furniture releases in the last few months, you might have missed Mayline's e5 quick ship typicals. Rest assured, these fashionable workstations won't be flying under the radar for long. With a blast of industrial appeal and modern characteristics, e5 workstations are rapidly becoming a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike.

Mayline e5 TypicalIt's Mayline e5 typicals like the e5K1 that are finally getting this collection the love it deserves. The e5K1 is currently available this month for $819.99. This 3 piece package is perfect for home interiors and small professional office environments.

Mayline e5 DeskYou'll also want to check out the e5K6. This 4 piece package features a spacious table style desk with metal legs that can be situated on the open low wall storage hutch to form a versatile L shape.

Modern Office Furniture from MaylineGoing for more of an executive vibe? Check out the e5K16! It's got everything you need to create an upscale space that's up to date with the latest trends. This season, white office furniture is trending. The e5K16 features a white operating surface that pairs perfectly with Raven finished office storage and organizing components that are far more appealing than those old school metal file cabinets that are dragging down your corporate vibe. At $1561.99 this layout is a bit more pricey than the other options from the e5 quick ship line, but it includes 5 pieces in total.

Modular Computer Furniture
One cool piece found in all the e5 quick ship typicals is the mobile file pedestal with a cushion top. It doubles as a handy stool for your valued office guests. When not in use, the pedestal can be slid underneath your work surface without taking up a ton of space.

Popular Office FurnitureIf you're a laptop user, writing desks like those found with e5 quick ship typical packages are the perfect option. They're affordable, trendy, and great for both home and professional business settings.

With so many cool sets available, it's no wonder why e5 typicals are Hot In August! These versatile workstations provide outstanding appeal and modular benefits that are second to none. In addition to the e5 quick ship layouts, Mayline offers a variety of upscale add-ons from the full e5 line that will help you take your space to the next level as your personal needs increase.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Featured Product: Napoli Conference Table by Mayline

Mayline Napoli FurnitureMayline has made it their mission to provide elite furniture for professional conference room applications. With more than 10 table collections available, this industry leader has plenty of options to help you rock your remodel. Today on the blog we'll be highlighting the elite conference room tables from the Napoli collection. These wood veneer tables with power ready surfaces are nothing short of impressive.

Napoli Powered Conference Table
A Napoli conference table will do wonders for your meeting area. First and foremost, they're great to look at. This line of wood veneer furniture provides exceptional quality and unrivaled attention to detail.

Napoli Boardroom FurnitureAll Napoli conference room tables feature hybrid boat shaped surfaces. With straight sides and curved ends, Napoli tables are unique without being too over the top.

Additionally, Napoli tables from Mayline boast attractive silver modesty panels and surface level grommets that can be replaced with handy power modules for streamlined efficiency. Mayline's power modules for the Napoli table line are available for just $235.00. By industry standards, this is an absolute bargain.

Napoli Conference Room Furniture by Mayline
If you're going for high end appeal, you can't go wrong with a Napoli table. With a blend of modern and traditional vibes, these sophisticated conference room solutions are ready to earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Wood Veneer Boardroom FurnitureThe tables from the Mayline Napoli collection are available in a variety of size and finish options starting at $1087.99. Napoli is one of the only wood veneer conference table collections on the market that's available with surface level power. Nearly every other veneer collection requires retro-fitting that will void and warranty you table comes with. The factory installed modules from Mayline are the way to go!

Luxurious Boardroom TableDesigner finish options like Golden Cherry, Mahogany, and Sierra Cherry help Napoli tables distinguish themselves in professional environments. These elegant woodgrain tones provide depth and shine that creates ample wow factor.

As an added bonus, the conference tables from this Mayline furniture collection can be paired with an array of matching accessories like presentation boards for collaboration and note taking, as well as glass accented wall cabinets to create fluidity throughout your space.

Create Groovy Vibes With A Woodstock Marketing Office Chair

Groovy Office Chairs from Woodstock Marketing
Woodstock Marketing Hendrix High Back ChairThe team at Woodstock Marketing takes pride in crafting rock legend inspired chairs that promote high end appeal and top notch comfort. Their retro, contemporary, and mid century infused seating solutions are a must consider for any shopper looking to keep things groovy. Today on the blog we'll showcase popular Woodstock chairs like the Hendrix, Joplin, and Baez. Prepare to be impressed!

The Hendrix is one of our favorite chairs on the market today. We think it would make Jimi himself proud. These high and mid back office chairs boast memory foam cushions and fashionable chrome accents that really pop in professional settings. The Hendrix chair is an excellent option for mid century themed executive interiors as it provides exceptional comfort and a look of sophistication that's hard to top.

Woodstock Joplin High Back Office ChairUp next is the Joplin. This ribbed back conference room chair offers a super popular look that's trending big time in 2017. The Joplin is sleek, contemporary, and sure to help you maximize the number of guests that can be accommodated around your boardroom table. Woodstock Joplin chairs are available in 2 back heights and 5 color options starting at $269.00.

The Who lounge chairIt doesn't get much cooler than The Who seating collection from Woodstock. This line of groovy metal accent chairs and stools for the waiting room are like a blast from the past. With an infusion of mid century vibes, The Who chairs will absolutely rock your remodels like the legendary band their inspired by. Optional seating cushions are available in a variety of color options to help personalize your space.

Woodstock Marketing Creedence ChairThe Creedence office chair boasts a groovy modern look and an arsenal of ergonomic attributes that will help any worker make it through task filled days in style. The high back design is contoured to avoid restricting upper body movement while still providing excellent ventilation and support. This best selling mesh back task chair from Woodstock Marketing even features a weight sensing mechanism, adjustable arms, and foam molded waterfall seat edge that relieves knee pressure.

Woodstock Arlo ChairThe most luxurious chair from Woodstock is the Arlo. This high end Italian leather armchair provides unrivaled comfort and the groovy design characteristics needed to earn any office common area the compliments it deserves. At $899.00, the Arlo chair is probably a bit much for the average budget. That being said, those who can swing the investment will be rewarded with a truly exclusive chair that's a real conversation starter.

Woodstock Baez Drafting ChairJust this year the team at Woodstock introduced fashionable new drafting stools that have instantly become favorites of artists and designers. Popular models like the Baez feature mesh seating surfaces and polished frames that really look great in both home and business settings. This fashion forward drafting chair even includes a handy foot root ring that can be adjusted to suit your personal operating preferences.

Training Room Chair That StacksLast but certainly not least, you'll definitely want to check out the Groovy stack chairs from the Sha Na Na collection. Even as Woodstock's newest line, Sha Na Na is making it's impression felt. These days, too many office chairs look the same and it can be hard to distinguish your interiors. Thankfully, brands like Woodstock are always pushing the limits of innovation to bring us something new and exciting. The Sha Na Na stackable office chair for the training room is available in a variety of easy to clean color options. These designer chairs are supremely durable, exceptionally stylish, and surprisingly comfortable. Sha Na Na chairs are sold in affordable 4 packs for $636.00. That's just $159.00 per chair when you break it down. We think maximizing the budget without sacrificing appeal and quality is just about as groovy as it gets!


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