Friday, May 2, 2014

Know Your Furniture Brand: Mayline

Mayline Logo

Frequent shoppers of office furniture are bound to come into contact with at least a few brand names, but if there's one you want to take note of, it's definitely Mayline! This brand is well known for producing excellent office furniture. They have everything from desks, to tables, chairs, workstations, and storage, and are well on their way into the future. To help you know your brand, here is a brief history and review of Mayline Furniture!

Where Have They Been?

Drafting Equipment

Established in the heat of war times, Mayline was first known as "The Engineering Supply Company," which specialized historically in the manufacture of quality Mayline drafting tables, straightedges, and blueprint files. In the olden days, all branches of the military relied on the Engineering Supply Co. for their superior precision mapping instruments. The repetitively high accuracy of these navigational tools was highly valued during such troubling times, earning Mayline a place in American history forever. Fun fact: They also invented the straightedge!

Where Are They Now?

Mayline Workstation

Still producing excellent drafting furniture for affordable prices, Mayline is one of the few brands that have not forgotten their roots, and yet have still managed to progress with the times! This brand has come a long way from the war era, and today, they are a brand that specializes in modern office ergonomics. Ten popular furniture series by Mayline are now in existence, bringing incredible style to any office they grace. One of their newest additions, the versatile e5 collection by Mayline, feature everything your office could possibly need, with desks, cabinets, furniture configurations, all with Mayline chairs at discount prices available too!

Where Are They Going?

Mayline Office Chairs

Mayline has become the largest producer of the most diverse manual-assist, counterbalance, and electric ergonomic sit-to-stand workstations in the nation. At the forefront of ergonomic design, they are well on their way into the future of office furniture design. Making high tech Mayline workstations has developed into an art form for them. Later in 2014, Mayline intends to release their latest masterpieces, Cohere tables, which will blend perfectly with their popular e5 and other collections. Medina series furniture is also expected to make it's debut later this year. If you like what you see from them, keep in touch! With any luck, this historic, inventive company will be around for centuries to come!

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