Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Choose The Perfect Reception Desk for Your Business

First impressions begin to form the minute visitors walk into your business. Creating a welcoming environment highlighted by the perfect reception desk is an absolute must. In today's article we'll share the tips and product suggestions needed to help you choose the right welcoming station for specific business needs.


To choose the perfect reception desk for business use, you must first assess your needs by determining the size station that will work best for you. Start by getting an accurate measurement of your waiting areas dimensions. Be sure to notate power outlets, entry ways, windows, and other important features. Next, determine the best location for your desk to sit. As the reception desk is a main focal point of your office, be sure you place it as so. On average, stations range between 5' and 8' in width.

Employee Accommodations

Once you've obtained accurate measurements, it's time to focus on employee accommodations. Start by choosing the number of workers you want to have stationed in the new desk. Single and multi user reception desk models are widely available from top brands.  Units like the Cherryman AM-404N station will sit multiple receptionists comfortably, while smaller products like the Mira Series MRSBB from Mayline offer a great choice for single user applications.


Popular styles of office reception furniture include modern, traditional, contemporary and industrial. It's important to research each of these to determine which will compliment your particular space and enhance your corporate appeal the most. In 2014, the modern look is in! Collections like the Verde series by Cherryman and Napoli series by Mayline are both excellent options. More traditional reception furniture collections are also widely available. One of the most highly regarded solutions is without a doubt the Mayline Sorrento series.


Budget is always an important factor to consider when shopping for new furniture of any kind. Once you've assessed your needs and determined a style of reception station that will work best for you, work with your purchasing team to set a reasonable budget that won't leave your business over extended. Some of the industries best selling reception desk models like the Offices To Go SL7130RDS can be had for well under $500.

Lead Time

Most office makeover projects are closely accompanied by a specific deadline for completion. You can't very well choose a reception desk that doesn't fit your time frame. Be sure to research approximate product lead times with your dealer of choice to help you identify models that will fit in your space, budget, and project completion window. Most made to order stations take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to manufacturer while in stock models typically ship within 3 business days.

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