Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Introducing The Cherryman Zetto Chair

Cherryman Zette Chair Review
ZET106B Zetto ChairThe team at Cherryman Industries is raising the bar yet again. This reputable furniture and seating manufacturer has made it their mission to make comfort more affordable than ever. Their all new Zetto chair offers the high end appeal needed to impress the harshest critics while at the same time boasting the ergonomic attributes needed to provide all day support.

Zetto Task ChairWhen you first see the Zetto chair you'll appreciate its subtle design characteristics. While modern in nature, the Zetto chair remains practical. This professional mesh chair won't overpower your furniture, but it will compliment it.

Zetto mesh chairThe ZET106B model Zetto chair comes standard with a breathable mesh back, 2" thick polyurethane seat with a contoured edge, and a synchro tilt mechanism with a 2" seat slider. The ability to adjust quickly and efficiently throughout busy days makes the Zetto a perfect option for the work floor.

Zetto office chairMulti functional arms and a built in guide for personal adjusting are nice touches that put this chair into a league of its own. The guide card located underneath the chair seat acts as a refresher course that can be accessed whenever you're having trouble remembering how to perform ergonomic adjustments.

In terms of price, the Zetto is hard to beat. We've seen our fair share of seating and feel that the Zetto is the best task chair under $300.00 in 2018. It's got all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a chair three times the price.

Cherryman office seatingThe Zetto mesh chair from Cherryman is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that ensures performance. The standard chair upholstery is rated for 100,000 double rubs and passes CAL Technical Bulletin 117-2013. The chair is constructed of 36% post consumer content and 18% pre consumer aggregate recycled content.

With the Zetto, the sky is the limit. This chair can really do it all. It thrives on the work floor and makes computing comfortably a breeze. The Zetto can also be used effectively in home office settings and in the conference room. It's truly an all-around winner.

If you're on the hunt for an awesome office chair on a budget, look no further than the Zetto. This chair is ready, willing, and able to help you compute healthy and with good posture. The Zetto chair is built to last and looks good doing it. Cherryman truly has a winner on their hands with this hot new chair.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hot In August: Bush Desk Collections

Bush Desk Collections
When it comes to professional furniture, Bush knows their stuff. This reputable brand specializes in the provision of high quality desk collections that are perfect for commercial applications. Bush furniture collections like Studio C, Series A, and Easy Office are preferred by industry professionals and design teams across the country.

Studio C u shaped deskIf you're planning to tackle an office makeover project this Fall, check out the Studio C desk collection from Bush. This best selling line of White and Storm Gray desks will help you create on-trend work environments that are sure to impress. Studio C layouts are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to maximize square footage. This popular line even offers height adjustable workstations that encourage sit to stand transitioning.

Bush Series A FurnitureThe Series A office furniture collection from Bush offers exceptional versatility. The L shaped desks and U shaped workstations from this line are practical and professional. Series A layouts are available in 6 finish combinations. Individual storage components and desks can be purchased to create collaborative interiors on a budget.

Bush Easy Office 2 person cubicleThe days of using traditional high wall panel furniture systems are coming to an end. They hinder the ability to collaborate effectively with coworkers. That being said, open concept cubicle furniture lines like Easy Office have rapidly become the go-to option for businesses looking to create clean sight lines, interactive interiors, and much more without totally sacrificing privacy. The Easy Office collection offers single and multi user stalls with attractive Mocha Cherry surfaces starting at just $459.99. Now that's value!

Bush Enterprise deskBush offers versatile office furniture that works great in both home and business interiors. Take a look at the desks from the Enterprise furniture collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. This full service line of workstations offers just the right amount of traditional flair needed to make a statement without looking to old school. Enterprise is an excellent choice for executive interiors. Two in stock finish options are available.

Series C Elite U deskLast but not least, we'll leave you with a look at the desks, reception stations, and storage furniture for the Series C Elite collection from Bush. If you're shopping for new furniture on a budget, this collection will help you save a few bucks without the need to invest in products that aren't built to last. Backed by a 10 year factory warranty, Series C Elite desks and workstations from Bush are very well made and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. We love the reversible reception desks and executive U stations from this line as they work to create fluidity throughout multiple environments. Series C Elite is one of the most highly recommended furniture lines of the year and will keep your interiors up to date.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Hot In 2018: Gray Office Furniture

If you work in the office furniture and design world, it's no secret that gray desks, tables and workstations have been incredibly popular in 2018. This fresh new finish trend is shaking things up in a good way. While classic tones like Cherry, Maple, and Mahogany will always have their place, innovative laminates like Gray Steel, Absolute Acajou, and Storm Gray are reviving interiors across the country.

gray office furnitureThe Gray Steel desks from the Mayline Medina series set this booming trend in motion. Medina took the furniture world by storm with a full service lineup of executive style workstations that didn't cost a fortune. When you blend value, quality, and appeal, you've got yourself a winning recipe. Medina continues to be a best selling option in 2018 and offers everything you need to furnish your commercial interiors.

Studio C height adjustable deskThe team at Bush Business Furniture also helped set the gray office furniture trend in motion. Their Studio C collection has everything you need to design a fashionable executive interior that's up to date and under budget. Studio C even offers height adjustable ergonomic desks that promote sit to stand transitioning. This cutting edge line is an absolute must consider!

Gray Conference Table with USB InputsMoving right along, the team at Global is paving the way for innovative interiors with finish options like Asian Night and Absolute Acajou. These gray tones are bold, distinctive, and modern. We love Global's gray finish options on furniture from the Zira series. The power ready conference tables for sale from the Zira collection are of particular note as they're available with advanced USB and HDMI input options.

Textured Driftwood deskWith the popularity of Medina, Mayline doubled down and created the Sterling collection. This line of high end desks, conference tables, reception stations, and storage components further raised the bar. Take a look at the Textured Driftwood furniture for sale from this line and you'll immediacy appreciate the wow factor.

Bush Series A DeskSo you like the look of gray but want something a bit less modern? We get it. Most of today's gray furniture is pretty flashy. Thankfully, the team at Bush gives us a touch of practicality with their Series A desks and executive workstations. The Series A line provides the well rounded good looks needed to impress your visitors without overpowering your interiors.

gray home office deskDon't worry home office furniture shoppers! We didn't forget about you. Brands like OFM are brining the gray furniture movement to home office interiors across the country. Popular home computer desks like the ESS-1000 model from the OFM Essentials collection are available in fashionable gray laminate tones that really pop. Essentials desks from OFM offer the perfect blend of coastal-industrial flair to help refine your home office. This desk is also a great buy at just $99.99.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hot In August: Global Terina Tables

Global Terina TablesThe all new Global Terina collection is here and hot! Just this month, Terina tables hit the scene and they're already becoming a favorite of industry professionals and interior design teams. Terina tables offer an exceptional combination of style and functionality. Today on the blog we'll take a look at this collection of high end multi purpose tables and their benefits.

Global Terina TableTerina tables will certainly catch your eye. These multi purpose training tables are distinctive and bold while remaining practical. If you're looking to refine your collaborative work environments, Terina tables are ready, willing, and able to answer the call.

Global Terina Table BaseThe first thing you'll notice is the T shaped aluminum bases. They shine bright and really make a statement. Upon closer inspection you'll notice durable laminate surfaces and large dual wheel casters that lock when table configurations need to be kept in place.

locking table castersThese are by no means the first flip top tables on the market from Global. That being said, they're taking things to another level in terms of functionality. Terina tables can be folded down with just one hand using the under-surface mechanism.

Terina flip top table mechanismInterior design teams are falling in love with Terina. With 19 attractive finishes available including trend setting tones like Asian Night and Absolute Acajou, creating fashionable work environments is easier than ever.

Terina table - side viewWhile reviewing this line, we found ourselves giddy about the possibilities Terina offers. These tables can be used effectively in training rooms, conference rooms, meeting areas, and anywhere employees work together in groups. With 10 sizes available, creating a layout to work for your space is a breeze.

We feel it's important to note that Terina tables are a bit pricey. That being said, you get what you pay for. The GFT2448R model 24" x 48" Terina table is the most affordable at $585.99. Larger tables with 72" tops are the most expensive at $675.99.

Global Terina table configurationWhat really sets this collection apart from competing lines are its power options. Terina tables can be outfitted with factory installed power modules to help streamline presentations and group strategizing sessions. When laptop power is low, there's no need to go sit by an outlet. Simply plug in to your table surface and continue working.

In the long run, Terina is a collection that will set the industry standard for commercial training room furniture for years to come. Terina offers unmatched functionality, high end appeal, and so much more. The ability to nest tables along perimeter walls, create unique configurations, and power up your interiors to improve group strategizing sessions puts Terina in a league of its own.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

5 Ways To Improve Your Lobby In 2018

Are you ready to kick corporate appeal into overdrive and improve the visitor experience? If so, you're in the right place. Today on the Office Anything Furniture Blog we're taking a look at the seating, tables, and design trends needed to help your business make lasting first impressions.

1.) Modular Seating

modular lobby seating configuration

The best way to improve your lobby is with modular seating. Sofa and lounge chair configurations are timeless, but businesses looking to maximize square footage are turning to modular lobby seating for sale from top brands in 2018. With connectable chairs and ottoman style tables, the layout possibilities are endless. Collections like Jefferson from Woodstock Marketing and Wind Linear from Global are definitely worth a look.

2.) Guest Benches

Guest Reception Benches

Benches and beam seating are incredibly popular. With reception benches you can improve seating potential while simultaneously boosting appeal. Many of today's guest benches are even equipped with USB ports that make it easy for visitors to work while they wait. Popular benching collections like Axis from OFM provide unrivaled versatility.

3.) Tablet Chairs

Your valued visitors will love tablet chairs. Much like powered furniture, they make it easy to work during extended waits. With a tablet arm guest chair your visitors can set laptops on a firm surface, which is a much better option than the lap! Best selling tablet chairs like the Santa Cruz from Mayline are cost effective, comfortable, and perfect for commercial waiting areas.

4.) Fashionable Welcome Desk

Bush Series C Elite Reception Desk

A fashionable welcome desk will help you make excellent first impressions. In most cases, the reception desk is the first thing visitors see when they walk in the door. Your welcome desk serves as the focal point of your interior and one of the main elements of lobby functionality. Selecting a welcome desk like the SRE140 from the Bush Business Furniture Series C Elite collection that makes a statement while remaining practical is just plain smart. If you're looking for something a bit more personalized, check out the custom stations from the Global Zira series.

5.) Industrial Accent Tables

industrial accent table with retro look

Last but not least, accent tables will pull your space together. In 2018, industrially inspired accent tables have been the preferred choice of interior design teams. First and foremost, industrial accent tables are built to last and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. They are typically constructed of metal components that are built for everyday use. Secondly, industrial accent tables look fashionable and make a professional statement. Brands like Modway offer an exceptional selection of industrial accent tables for sale that won't break your budget.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Reception Desk Showcase: 2018 Edition

The right reception desk will do wonders for your office welcoming area. If you're looking to make great first impressions and take corporate appeal to a whole new level, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll be showcasing the most fashionable guest reception desks available in 2018. These welcoming stations offer the trend setting finish options and design characteristics needed to wow even the harshest critics. Prepare to be impressed!

Bush reception desk for saleFirst up is the SRC003 model L shaped reception desk from the Bush Business Furniture Series C collection. This spacious workstation boasts a 72" front desk that pairs with a 48" return. The SRC003 station is available in a choice of 3 quick shipping finish options. The best part is, all Bush reception desks for sale in 2018 are available with professional installation at the time of delivery to simplify your makeover.

Industrial reception deskUp next is the CST27 reception desk from the Mayline CSII collection. The CST27 has been on the market for a few years now. That being said, it's just starting to get the attention it deserves. This guest reception desk offers just the right amount of industrial flair needed to enhance your welcoming area. The two tone finish and spacious work surface make for a well rounded station that's ready to get down to business.

gray reception deskGray office furniture has been hot in 2018. If you want to create a trend setting welcoming area on a budget, the Valley Gray reception stations with glass transaction counters from the Cherryman Industries Amber collection are the way to go. This small reception desk with a 71" wide rectangular design is a true bargain buy at just $567.00.

OFM Rize Reception DeskMoving right along, allow us to introduce the modular reception desks from the OFM Rize collection. The popularity of open concept office furniture and collaborative workstations has helped the Rize collection enjoy a new level of popularity. Stations like the PG296 offer a blend of laminate work surfaces, plexiglass transaction screens, and quick connect panel walls that require no tools for assembly.

Zira reception deskModern office furniture shoppers will love the custom reception desks from the Global Zira Series. They're incredibly versatile, equally fashionable, and ready for the demands of everyday use. Zira components work in harmony to create single and multi user reception stations with plenty of storage. A Zira guest reception desk will do wonders for your welcoming area. Custom glass accents, handle pulls, and more than 10 finish option are available from this full service collection.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Refine Your Conference Room With Mayline Sterling Furniture

Mayline Sterling Conference FurnitureThe team at Mayline has made it their mission to craft full service furniture collections designed to take commercial interiors to the next level. Take one look at their Sterling series and you'll quickly see what we mean. This elite line of of boat shaped tables, presentation aids, and storage components will help refine your conference room.

Sterling Conference Room Table and Storage Cabinet WallThe tables from the Mayline Sterling collection are high end and on-trend. Hybrid boat shaped work surfaces with fish tailed ends feature knife edge detailing to create upscale vibes. Attractive T shaped bases offer intricacies that are sure to earn your meeting area the compliments it deserves.

Sterling tables are available in lengths from 8' to 16'. If you're limited on space, a smaller 42" meeting table with a square top is also available. Tables larger than 10' feature 3 T shaped bases instead of two for added stability.

Sterling 10' Conference TableIn addition to best selling conference room tables the Sterling collection offers matching presentation boards that come in handy when taking notes and tossing around good ideas. The Sterling presentation board with folding doors will work to compliment your decor while making it easy to collaborate in groups of any size. The dry erase center and tack board sides are a nice touch that you'll surely appreciate throughout extended strategizing sessions.

Sterling Low Wall Storage CabinetNo conference room is complete without a few cabinets for storage and organizing. The good news is, Sterling offers plenty to choose from. Open bookcases, hutch units, and low wall cabinets with frosted acrylic doors work in harmony to create luxurious media centers while providing space to display company achievements.

Sterling Furniture Finish SwatchesAll of the conference room office furniture for sale from the Sterling collection is available in 3 attractive laminate finish options. The Textured Driftwood Finish is the most popular and will help you create a trend setting space that's up to date for years to come. Other popular tones include Textured Brown Sugar and Mocha. If you're looking for classic Cherry and Maple options, this all new collection isn't your best bet.

In terms of price, Sterling offers exceptional value. The STC8 model conference table is the most affordable at just $714.99. Wall cabinets and storage components start at around $385.00. Larger low wall cabinets are a bit pricey at $595.99, but they'll do wonders for your space.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hot In August: Reversible Reception Desks

The L shaped reception desk is a popular option for office welcoming areas. This year manufacturers have made it their mission to craft universal returns that make it easy to configure L shaped reception desks in left and right handed variations to maximize square footage. Today in our 'Hot In August' series we'll showcase 5 of our favorite reception desks with reversible returns.

Bush reception desk with reversible returnFirst up is the Bush Business Furniture SRE140 reception desk with 48" return. This L shaped station comes in a choice of Hansen Cherry and Mocha Cherry finish options that match the executive workstations from the Series C Elite collection. The SRE140 even includes a 3 drawer file pedestal that provides receptionists with at-hand storage. At just $908.99, the SRE140 is a great buy.

Aberdeen L shaped reception deskThe AT36 reception desk from the Mayline Aberdeen collection was one of the first reversible options on the market. This glass accented station offers ample operating space with its 72" wide design and complimenting 48" wide return. The AT36 is available in 4 quick shipping finish options for $1449.99.

reversible reception deskOffices To Go specializes in the provision of discount office furniture that's perfect for commercial applications. Their SL-O reversible reception desk from the Superior Laminate collection is true bargain at just $689.99. This spacious station with storage is available in 4 finish options.

Cherryman Amber Reception DeskThe Cherryman Amber series is a favorite of interior design teams and furniture professionals across the country. This affordable line offers modular components that make it easy to kick corporate appeal into overdrive without breaking the bank. Reversible reception desks like the AM-400N are available for $1001.00 in 6 finishes.

Zira reception deskLast but not least are the ultra versatile reception desks from the Global Zira collection. With this collection, you're only limited by your imagination. Zira makes it easy to create traditional L shaped reception desks that can be expanded upon in the future as operational needs increase. Zira offers more than 10 finish options and thousands of interchangeable components. This line of made to order office furniture is in a league of its own. You can use Zira to furnish every room of your business. Interiors of all sizes will benefit from this innovative line.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Enhance Your Reception Area With Bench Seating From Global

Global Reception Benches
When the time comes to remodel your reception area, bench seating is a must consider. With reception benching you can maximize your square footage while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive. Today on the blog we'll showcase fashionable benching collections from the team at Global that are perfect for commercial welcoming areas. These seating solutions offer the high quality craftsmanship and versatility needed to make a lasting impression on your valued visitors.

Global Vion Reception BenchFirst up is the Vion reception benching collection from Global. These modular beam chairs are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any space. Vion benches feature mesh backs and thick padded seats to provide visitors with a comfortable sit they won't forget.

Global Duet Reception BenchHigh traffic areas require heavy duty seating that's easy to clean and built to last. That's where the Global Duet collection comes in! This best selling line of guest reception benches boasts polypropylene seats and chair backs that are ready for the demands of healthcare facilities, busy airports, and hotel lobbies.

3 person guest reception benchThe Global Popcorn collection offers practical reception benches in 10 color options. Interior design teams love the Global office seating for sale from the Popcorn collection because it's durable, versatile, and cost effective. Popcorn series benches are available starting at just $684.99.

Global Sidero Reception BenchUp next is the Sidero collection. This full service line offers multi user benches in addition to stand alone guest chairs and bar stools. Sidero is well rounded and appeals to a wide audience. These chairs are just modern enough to make an impression without overpowering the complimenting reception furniture that's currently in your space.

Global Sonic 2 person reception benchLast but not least are the multi purpose beam chairs from the Sonic collection. This line has been around for nearly 10 years and remains a popular choice for commercial applications. Sonic benches combine upholstered seats with contoured edges that pair with perforated polypropylene backs. The chair back are easy to clean and keep users cool throughout visits. The natural curve of the back provides an effective lumbar area that visitors will appreciate. In addition to benches, the Sonic seating collection from Global offers matching side chairs to further compliment your welcoming area.


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