Friday, May 16, 2014

What's New: Dark Cherry Executive Desks by Offices To Go

Anyone looking for a professional contemporary look in their office ought to consider dark wood furniture as the way to get it! In the office design world, dark furniture is in. Especially when it's combined with glass and metal accents, the look creates a modern industrial feel that's very impressive. One of the most popular finishes is dark cherry wood, so here we'll provide you with some popular dark cherry desks to turn heads in your workplace!

Peninsula U Shaped Desk Layout by Offices To Go
Loaded with desk space and storage, it's really no wonder why we've chosen the SL-F-ADC Peninsula Desk from Offices To Go as the first on our list. As a pretty U shaped desk design, this dark wood workstation fits perfectly in most executive offices for home and business use. Featuring a stylish price to match it's stylish finish, the Peninsula Desk brings beauty and affordability together, turning any work area into a budget friendly interior!

Large Executive Desk Set by Offices To Go
This next model from offices to go is the perfect option for an office with lots of visitors. Not only does this large executive furniture set for sale feature a desk and plenty of storage space, but it also comes with a matching meeting table where executives can speak with their clients. The dark wood finish is uniform throughout the set, so nothing looks out of place in the office. And best of all, Offices To Go offer the whole SL-H-ADC executive set for a very affordable price competitively. 

Offices To Go Reception Desk
Speaking of an affordable price, did we mention the top selling model reception desk from Offices To Go? That's right! For less than the price of most office chairs, receptionists can welcome guests from behind a stunning dark cherry wood desk. The SL7130RDS-ADC model features modesty panels, ample workspace, and a beautiful transaction counter in the same stylish finish as the rest of the desk. This compact model is ideal for smaller waiting areas, lobbies, and greeting spaces in offices tight on square footage.

Executive Office Furniture Set
Now that you've got the reception desk out of the way, why not seek something out for the executive that's tight on space? The SL-G-ADC model desk set by Offices To Go is the perfect solution. Like the SL-H-ADC Executive Desk Set featured above, this small executive furniture set offers all the versatility and convenience of a three-piece unit, but without the bulk that can limit adaptability or movement in the larger model. The set featured here provides a small desk for work, a credenza shell with pedestals for easy storage, and of course, a meeting table to speak with guests - all for a significantly reduced price.

Offices To Go Dark Cherry Modular Desk
And finally, we leave you with a simple compact desk that has certainly earned it's keep in the everyday workplace. The SL-A-ADC offers workspace, potential meeting space, and storage features all in one great modular design. As a U Shaped desk without a large storage hutch or credenza, users can put this model just about anywhere in their space as opposed to a desk with a large stylish credenza that looks best up against a wall. Instead, users can simply swivel around in quality mesh back office chairs to access this modular desk with storage, workspace, and a guest on one side of the desk.

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