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10 Incredibly Cool Conference Rooms

For most businesses, conference rooms need to be a delicate balance of sophistication and style. They need to reflect the purpose of a company, respect for guests and visitors, and they need to be outfitted with the right materials for presentation and idea planning. Now, of course, mastering all of these things can be an enormous challenge, but with the right inspiration, decorating your new conference room will be a snap. Here's some great conference furniture for sale to help get you started!

Global Alba Laminate Conference TableFirst up, we give you a table that's the perfect blend of modern style and sensibility. From a brand that's known for super trend setting, the Global GEL8WSTM Alba Laminate Conference Table makes use of a stylish elliptical top set on a contemporary sculpted base. Available in nine sizes, the Alba Laminate Table fits just about anywhere, and makes a prefect compliment to boardrooms, training areas, and discussion or presentation rooms. However, the simplistic design of the table leaves most of the "wow" factor up to the chairs, so be sure to get some impressive ones to compliment it.

Cherryman Verde Modern Conference Table
Looking for the top of the line in executive sophistication? Few brands are a better starting point than Cherryman Industries. Cherryman tables, chairs, and desks (particularly from the  Verde collection) all tend to make use of dark woods and metal accents to highlight the future. Tables like the VL-871 Verde Modern Conference Table by Cherryman fits with this look easily. It makes the prefect addition to any high end executive office with a focus on the technical design or executive appeal. Black or brown conference chairs make the best compliment to this table.

OFM Glass Conference Table
For a table that goes well with just about any interior, it's hard to top the GT3977 Glass Conference Table by OFM for your office. With a glass top, the GT3977 is great for small offices because it doesn't obstruct view as much as a solid table. It also goes well with almost any color scheme. However, as in the conference room seen here, it helps if there is plenty of lighting and colors to make the room stand out. Additional glass accents like vases would help to unify the room.

Mayline Aberdeen Conference Table
In a conference room with colored walls, the ACTB8 Aberdeen Conference Table by Mayline always makes a nice addition. Available in two beautiful finishes with optional power outlets, the ACTB8 table features a smooth, solid exterior to compliment a contemporary space. Here, it is featured with what is likely the Mayline AVPB Brighton Presentation Board on the wall. Originally intended for the Brighton series, the AVPB makes a good accent to Aberdeen tables as well, since they both offer the same finish options. In conference rooms, it makes an excellent visual aid during presentations.

Mayline Napoli Series Conference Table
A fan of the traditional? It never hurts to take a gander at the Napoli Office Furniture Collection by Mayline for your office. Most Napoli collection furniture blends wood and metal together for the best of both worlds. Past and future are the highlight of products like the Mayline Napoli NC10 Conference Table, and they bring that balance to any room they're in. Like the Aberdeen Table above, this Napoli table is also featured with a presentation board. Depending on the chosen finish of the table, the CTMB Corsica Presentation Board by Mayline may make a nice addition.

Global Bungee Table Set
If utility is your game, the Global BK156F Bungee Table is always a great choice. Global was kind to make this table highly versatile, with everything from a vast array of color options, to leg options, table sizes, and even optional casters for mobility. Because of it's hip, modern look and ability to reconfigure, this table has graced conference rooms, training areas, events, and planning rooms. A stylish chair that works with the layout featured here is the Global 5331-4-UB Supra Computer Chair, available in tons of colors for easy decorating.

Offices To Go Conference Room Configuration
Want a conference room prepared for anything? Then the Offices To Go SL9544RS-TOP Conference Room Configuration is the option for you. This setup features everything a conference room could possibly need. With a table, a cabinet, two spacious bookcases, and a presentation board included, all for the same price as most tables are alone, it's a tough deal to pass up. Available in three stylish wood finishes, all the buyer has to do is decide which would look best in their office. Grab a few stylish leather conference chairs for sale, and your new office is good to go!

Lesro Contemporary Series
For anyone that wants to save big, it's hard to beat the prices offered by Lesro. The Lesro Contemporary Conference Furniture Series is one of the most affordable conference furniture series around. Tables like the one featured here offer a traditional, simplistic design, available in six fabulous finish options.  For far less than the price of a regular modern conference table, you could furnish your place in the classic Lesro look!

Global Zira Racetrack Conference Table
The Global Z4896RTE Zira Racetrack Table is an interior designer's dream! With a perfectly blended classic-and-contemporary design, the Zira features enough style to look good anywhere. Available in an unbelievable array of finish options, there is a Zira table to match almost any office interior, and optional power ports ensure the table's functionality. In the interior featured here, the table is surrounded by the ever-stylish 2811-4 Kate Office Chair by Global, also offered in an extensive array of fabric choices. The marriage of table and chair is gorgeous, contemporary, and impressive in the setup shown.

OFM Large Mesh Base
And last, but certainly not least, we give you the T4896MB Large Mesh Base Conference Table by OFM for your office! As in the image shown here, this table makes a wonderful addition to any high tech office because of it's futuristic features an metal accents. It's offered in three gorgeous designs, comfortably fits up to eight people, and boasts a T-molded edge to prevent damage during transport, installation, and years of continuous use! Of coarse, OFM offers an excellent showcase of beautiful, comfortable conference chairs to choose from. We recommend a black leather upholstery for a better matched style.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Chair Reviews: Ergohuman Seating by Eurotech

Eurotech is a brand that's always at the forefront of ergonomic innovation. Everyday, manufacturers are working hard to create stylish, comfortable chairs to be used in all sorts of office-related capacities. As one of the leading brands in office chair manufacture, Eurotech features all sorts of remarkable furniture series. But the Ergohuman line boasts a unique set of features to match a very unique look. This series has become a very popular choice for users all over the nation. Here, we will analyze why!


Ergohuman chairs by Eurotech feature a unique look to support their sophisticated modern designs. As you may have guessed from the name, Ergohuman chairs rely heavily on ergonomic features as part of their appeal. The provide a comfortable seating solution for all sorts of office environments because of their highly adjustable nature. As an added bonus, many Ergohuman chairs, like the ME7ERG Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Back Chair, offer numerous color choices to better match existing office decor. On top of it all, these guilt-free chairs are also eco-friendly!


Eurotech Ergohuman Leather Luxury Executive Chair

As with most furniture series, different Ergohuman chairs come with different characteristic features. Some models like the Eurotech LEM4ERG Ergohuman Mesh and Leather Chair provide a headrest to relieve neck pain, while others offer only leather upholsteries instead of the typical mesh that comes on most Ergohuman models. However, there are a few standard ergonomic features most Ergohuman chairs possess, including:

Tilt Tension Control
Tilt Lock
Back Angle Adjustment
Back Height Adjustment
Seat Depth Adjustment
Arm Height Adjustment


Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Chair

Ergohuman chairs are priced a little above the standard office chair because they feature so many unique attributes. Eurotech prides itself on the manufacture of quality ergonomic chairs with mesh upholsteries, and a lot of research goes into their chair designs. The most expensive chair is usually the LE9ERG Ergohuman Black Leather Ergonomic Chair by Eurotech, which boasts a luxury leather upholstery. For the rest of the eco-friendly mesh back chairs, the Ergohuman line can seem a bit pricey, but their pneumatic and adjustable features are top of the line. For the level of comfort and support these chairs provide, they are well worth the price.


Eurotech LEM4ERG Mesh Ergonomic Chair

The wonderful thing about the Ergohuman line is that the chairs can go just about anywhere. Because of the high level of comfort these chairs provide, Ergohuman chairs can fit into conference rooms, executive offices, home offices, cubicles, modular workstations, and so much more. Their adaptive designs maneuver easily between work environments because of their user-friendly adjustable features. Their five star versatility is part of what gives chairs like the ME8ERGLO Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Back Chair such incredible value.

Final Grade

Ergohuman Chairs

Overall, we give the Ergohuman chairs an A. Their excellent comfort features, professional design, modern attributes, and eco-friendly structure are highly valued in workplaces all over the nation, which probably has a lot to do with the popularity of this remarkable line. While they may seem a little costly at first glance, they are really only at the upper end of the average range in price for being chairs of such caliber. Altogether, they are well worth the value. Whether you use them as high end mesh chairs for conference use, or as supportive, breathable seating solutions for home or business, the Ergohuman line is never a bad choice.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top 7 Lobby Makeover Mistakes

Furniture installations are always a big project. With the space planning, the shopping, and the delivery,  a lot can go wrong, so it's always best to know what you're getting into before any problems arise. Most first-time lobby interior designers underestimate the mistakes that can go down, and they end up paying the price for it later, either in hard work, or out of their pockets. Lucky for you, today's post is all about the  most common mistakes made by interior lobby designers. Study up, and stay ahead of the game!

1.) Forgot to Measure Properly

Measure Properly

Any woodworker will tell you "measure twice, cut once," and this is true for design work too. Measuring is perhaps the single most important part of decorating any interior space, especially lobbies. If a lobby isn't properly measured and the furniture layout planned, shoppers can make costly mistakes by buying too much or too little furniture, or even damaging their walls upon installation. Be sure to take careful measurements of the lobby's interior before purchasing the furniture, making note of entry ways, power outlets, windows, and other permanent obstacles. This way, designers can be more aware of what furniture will fit in the space and where it could go before they buy it.

2.) Didn't Inquire About Bulk Pricing

 Bulk Pricing

Now that you've measured your space, it's time for the fun part - shopping! Shopping can be one of the most enjoyable parts about interior decoration… except when you have to pay. With rooms like lobbies, reception areas, and waiting rooms that usually require a lot of large, comfortable lobby seating for guest use, furniture can get very, very expensive. A single sofa can easily cost upwards of a thousand dollars and still not be enough seating for the space, not to mention the tables, decor, and reception desk that may also need to be included. Too often, buyer's settle for a higher price where they don't need to. That's why it's never a bad call up the dealer and see if they'll offer you a bulk discount. It's a quick way to get a lot, and save a ton!

3.) Paid for Shipping

Sad Wallet

Any respectable furniture dealer will recognize that shopping big for lobbies is a huge pain for their customers. As dealers and manufacturers, it's their job to make your experience as painless as possible, which is why most large furniture orders qualify for free shipping. Things like large lobby sofas with leather upholsteries can get expensive enough without having to pay for shipping. Before you buy the lowest priced product, be sure to check the store's delivery companies and shipping rates.You may find out that another company with a higher sell price on that lounge chair is actually much more affordable if you account for shipping rates. Never be afraid to contact the dealer to ask.

4.) Didn't Use Comparison Shopping Engines

Comparison Shopping Engines

Okay, so maybe you don't like to shop, and are perhaps a bit new to the whole experience. However, that doesn't mean you don't have the right to save money. With the prices that stylish lounge furniture sets for lobby use can get to these days, it's definitely worth a few seconds of your time to check out a comparison shopping engine. Websites like Google Shopping, Bing, and several apps provide an easy-to-use, free service that compares prices for the same product from all over the web. This helps ensure that buyers get the best deal possible. Simply enter the name or the product code of the furniture item you want, and the shopping engines will find you the best deal out there!

5.) Didn't Schedule Furniture Delivery

Schedule Furniture Delivery

Picture this: So you're hard at work behind the reception desk. Your lobby guests are absently flipping through magazines, observing the fish tank, or filling out clipboards, when all of the sudden, a hoard of sweaty guys burst in with your new fabric guest chairs for lobby and no place to put them. Awkward! 
Furniture deliverers work hard to bring buyers new furniture without damage, but it's not exactly the best example for your business if they show up unannounced with no free space to set your stuff. That's why it's super important to set a day for furniture delivery. It may inconvenience you for a few hours to close up shop or divert guests while the deliverers do their job, but it's far better than having patrons give you that frightened "what's happening" look.

6.) Forgot To Prep Area

Be Prepared

If you forgot to schedule delivery, most likely, you've probably forgotten to prep an area for the new furniture to go. Furniture installations can be a breeze or a nightmare. Those who prep reap all the rewards of planning ahead while those who don't suffer the consequences. Before the furniture arrives, make sure you've removed old furniture, designed a layout, and that you've got people to help you set it all up (if the delivery service doesn't provide that). Also, because modern tables for waiting room and lobby use are typically followed by a train of chairs, accents, and lamps, and you can't predict the order in which they'll be unloaded, it's imperative to create a staging area. This is a place where the new stuff can sit while heavier furniture is installed first.

7.) Underestimated Clean Up

Clean Up

So, you may be thinking that the job is done when the new furniture is all set up and the deliverers have gone, right? It makes sense, but you'd be making another terrible mistake. All furniture installations are messy, especially lobby installations. Lobbies often require chairs, popular curved desks for office reception, sofas, and tables of all different sizes. If you bought new, those things will be wrapped up, and that creates a mess. Be sure to prepare yourself for plenty of debris after set up, including cardboard boxes, plastic, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other post-officey things. Try to anticipate the amount of debris ahead of time. Don't get caught with a full dumpster and no place to put any extra waste.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

6 Tips for A Successful Conference Table Installation

Professional Conference Furniture Installation Tips

Purchasing a new conference room table for your business can be a fun an exciting process. However, when most reach the installation process, fear begins to set it. In today's article we'll provide tips, tricks, and professional advice on how to make your conference room installation process a breeze.

1.) Assess Your Needs

Successful office furniture installation projects begin before furniture is ever purchased. By assessing your specific business needs you'll be on the right track to save time and frustrations once your furniture arrives. Start by measuring your space effectively. Be sure to notate all power outlets, entry ways, and windows. Rest assured, nothing is worse than purchasing a new table for your meeting area only to have it not fit properly! Next determine the number of guests you wish to accommodate and and plan your layout accordingly. By taking the time to assess your needs and create a plan you're already ahead you've set yourself up for boardroom success!

2.) Schedule Delivery

It's incredibly important to schedule your furniture delivery whenever possible. This important step provides the date you'll want to have your area prepped and ready by. Speak with your conference table provider directly to arrange for tracking to be emailed as soon as possible. With tracking in hand you'll be able to contact the specified freight carrier to arrange a delivery window and date the works for your business.

3.) Prep Your Area

Once you've scheduled delivery of your new conference room furnishings, it's important to take the necessary steps needed to ensure your space is properly prepped. First you'll want to clear our current furniture a few days in advance to create a neutral canvas to begin the installation process with. With your old furniture removed, it's time to create a staging areas to rest your new products once they arrive. Being well organized and prepared is the most important part of any installation small or large.

4.) Have The Right Tools for The Job

As your furniture delivery is probably right around the corner, it's best to know what tools will help you get the job completed in a timely fashion. With the right tools a well organized installation should take around 1 hour with two people. While some of the high quality meeting tables for sale in 2014 actually include tools, the check list below is a good reminded of items you should have on hand to make for a smooth install.

Helpful Conference Table Installation Tools Include:
  • Box Cutter
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Cordless Drill
  • Set of Allen Wrenches
  • Furniture Sliders or Dolly
4.) Teamwork Counts

When your conference table arrives you should be ready and prepared to receive it effectively. A 3 person installation team is ideal for receiving new furniture and installation it properly. While two people carry or guide furniture dolly's containing new products, one team mate spots and directs movements down hallways to prevent unwanted scuffs. Keep in mind that unless you've arranged for inside delivery services with your dealer, you'll be responsible for getting your products off the delivery vehicle and into your space. Having a team of coworkers to assist with the process will make for a save and productive installation.

5.) Work Smart

It's not secret that small and large conference tables are quite heavy. That being said, when assembling your new piece it's essential to work smart and safe. Start by uncartoning your products and saving the largest section of cardboard. Table finishes are often delicate and resting the top face town on a the packaging materials is recommended to prevent unwanted scratches. With your table top flipped over you'll have easy access to the pre drilled holes necessary to attach the table bases. By building your table upside down you'll prevent heavy lifting and potential damage to your back. Once complete, simply flip your table over and place it in the desired position.

6.) Prepare for Debris

With any large furniture purchase comes plenty of packaging materials that will need to be disposed of. Be sure to notify your building management officials of your installation. In many cases they will arrange to help you will debris removal by arranging for an empty dumpster for your waste. Be sure to break down boxes to the best of your ability and use trash bags for bubble wrap and other pieces from the project that need to be thrown out. Once your area is clean, it's time to kick back and enjoy your new table. Happy meetings!

Monday, March 24, 2014

5 Reasons Why An Ergonomic Keyboard Tray is Right For You

In the past ten years, ergonomic keyboard trays have transformed the workplace. Users experience improved practicality and health, but in exactly what ways? While manufacturers always seem to advertise the benefits of keyboard platforms, few ever list the truth of what they do for people. Well, we're here to do it for them. For those of you who don't keep these helpful, healthful devices around, here's a few reasons why you should!

Increased Desk Space

Increased Desk Space

One of the most important and most obvious benefits of keeping adjustable ergonomic keyboard trays for desk use around is that they increase space. By mounting underneath the desk, often on retractable sliders, keyboard trays can be moved conveniently out of the way when they aren't in use. Without them taking up a good one to two feet of desk space, users get more room to work, read, and write. For those that go the extra mile and add monitor arms with adjust to their computers, they also get the added benefit of a versatile computer screen to reduce eye strain and neck pain. Combined, the desktop is finally the user's again!

Improved Computing Speed

Speed Typing

Even if keyboard trays don't directly improve computing speed on a digital level, they certainly do on a practical one. Most users of retractable keyboards find that they can type fast because they tray is at arm level rather than on top of the desk. Keyboard trays that make use of mouse platforms are the most efficient because users don't have to switch between the desk and the keyboard to click. It's part of what makes them one of the most essential office accessories for computer users.

Better Posture

Better Posture

In addition to modern leather office chairs with ergonomic features, keyboard trays do wonders to improve posture, which, in the office, can make all the difference in the world. Too many common office aches like neck pain, back pain, muscle cramps, poor circulation, and joint pain are all caused by terrible posture. Overtime, these things may lead to serious ailments like spinal deformities, which is why chairs and keyboard trays are so vital to preventing serious health injuries. Keyboard trays usually stretch out to reach the chair's occupant rather than forcing the occupant to reach. This prevents users from slouching and gently guides them back into the chair so they can receive the full spectrum of ergonomic benefits provided by their office.

Adjustment Capabilities

Adjustment Capabilities

Keyboard trays are some of the most efficient ergonomic products for office use to keep around because they are highly adjustable. Like high end ergonomic chairs, keyboard platforms typically make use of tilts and rotating features for maximum capability. They are highly recommended for the elderly as well as anyone with arthritis, joint pain, or poor circulation in their hands. Keyboard trays with more adjustments can be manipulated so that the forearms are kept at right angles to the upper arm, and the hands and wrists are parallel to the forearms to improve circulation overall. This helps to alleviate the pain caused by inflammation and arthritis so users can type with reduced or eliminated pain!

Reduced Risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Reduced Carpal Tunnel

For anyone that works with their hands all day, carpal tunnel syndrome (or CTS) can be devastating. It can lead to weakness, pain, numbness, and crippling muscle damage in the wrists and hands, and it is caused by typing with long periods without enough breaks. Needless to say, it's a terrible syndrome for computer users, as well as avid gamers. Fortunately, ergonomic keyboard trays are one of the best solutions to this problem. Accessories like the ESI SOLUTION-5 Keyboard Tray are expert CTS preventers, offering high adjustablility like a precise tilt, 360-degree rotation, a mouse platform, and a palm rest.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Are You Maximizing Your Ergonomic Potential?

All too often, people will spend hundreds on ergonomic furniture and still wonder what is wrong. "Why do I still have back pain?" "Where is the efficiency?" "Ergonomic furniture is just a bunch of hokum!" These are all popular statements for people that aren't reaping the full rewards of their ergonomic furniture, but the good news is, it's not the furniture. Decades of intense study can go into the design of a single chair before it's rolled out to the public. If you spent a bundle on ergonomic furniture but aren't seeing the rewards, try asking yourself these questions to improve your experience.

Are You Adjusting Your Chair Regularly?

Office Chair Adjustments

Like the working world, the human body is constantly changing and adapting to new situations. If you don't notice your ergonomic chair working right away, it may be because you never adjusted it to suit your needs to begin with. In the office, quality executive chairs with ergonomic features are precision instruments. The more high end a chair is, the more is expected of you. Ergonomic chairs will do wonders for back pain, joint problems, and anything else they advertise as long as the user holds up their end of the bargain - to use the chair. This means more than just sitting. This means actively working with your chair for the best your body can receive, and that includes adjusting it as your muscles change and heal. Take the time every few weeks to reexamine your seating experience, and make sure you are using your chair. Leaning forward to work on a computer takes you away and ruins your purchase. As your body heals with your new chair or you add new activities to your daily routine, adjustments should be made for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Are You Maximizing Desk Space?

Maximizing Desk Space

If ergonomics is all about improving productivity and efficiency, you may be wondering why you aren't working faster. The answer is usually one of simple practicality. An ergonomic chair will do wonders for back pain but it likely won't make you work faster and more efficiently. That task falls to a different product entirely. Adding ergonomic keyboard trays for computer use to the office greatly maximizes desk space, which is one of the fastest ways to a faster office. Ergonomic keyboard trays mount underneath office desks and can adjust to meet your unique needs. People with joint pain love them because they no longer have to reach up to the desk to type, which brings us to another point! Keyboard trays maximize desk space. By staying out of the way, they leave the desk open for important things. This way, users can use the desk for what it's for without having to wiggle around searching for a place to write. Desk, computer, keyboard, papers, it's all right there in front of you!

Are You Using a Monitor Arm?

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

For a product that's useful to almost anyone who works in an office, monitor arms are some of the most underrated products out there. Oftentimes, people will wonder why their new ergonomic chair hasn't solved their back and neck problems, and the answer is, they aren't using it. Instead of sitting back, they're straining forward trying to see a computer screen. Because of this, monitor arms can improve work experience tenfold. They work by mounting to a wall or desk and attaching a computer screen to a long adjustable arm that can stretch out and tilt, so the user doesn't have to strain their body trying to see the screen. Quality adjustable monitor arms improve health by relieving back pain, eye strain, and other problems caused by an inefficiently placed computer screen. Dual screens increase computer desktop work area and improve work rate. They're perfect for anyone who is near or far sighted. As an added plus, they also help maximize desk space!

Is Lighting an Issue?

Office Eye Strain

Lighting can be an issue on both ends of the spectrum with some users receiving either too much light or too little. Eye strain is one of the most common problems in the workplace, and it's usually associated with computers. However, the human eye can only handle so much light. People who work in a bright office with a bright computer screen are overloading their eyes, causing pain. The best way to solve this is by dimming the blinds or dimming the brightness of your computer screen in the settings (which also conserves power!) On the other hand, workers who receive too little light are also damaging their eyes. Too often, people in public business environments will settle for less light, thinking they have no control over the company. However, there are tons of discount office lighting for sale for those that look. Desk lamps, task lights, and under mount lights can change the whole look of stylish office desks with glass or wood surfaces, and they also reduce eye strain for a more productive work experience.

Did You Get the Right Product?

Online Shopping

Sometimes maximizing efficiency is all about knowing what to buy. As effective as a keyboard tray is, it likely won't do much if you're hoping to see your computer screen better. The best way to identifying the ideal ergonomic solution is to identify the problem first. Ergonomic products are specifically designed to deal with different individual needs. Chairs like the 6671-2 Arti Series Synchro Knee Tilter Chair by Global may be created with articulating joints to alleviate back pain, while ergonomic keyboard trays are better for joints in the hands, wrists, and arms. If you know what problems you want to solve, you have a much better chance of determining the right product for yourself. Also, never be afraid to call up your furniture dealer to ask for a recommendation or an exchange. As a dealer, it's their job to know the best ergonomic products for different specific needs. Chances are, you'll get exactly the product your looking for, and perhaps even a great deal!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Office Furniture Reviews: OFM Endure Series Tables

OFM Endure Series TableAny office furniture specialist will tell you that the retro look is in! One brand capitalizing on this stylish movement is OFM. Their new line of Endure series tables and stools is selling like crazy in 2014. In today's article we'll take an in depth look at the super cool table solutions available from OFM's Endure series and highlight the benefits of each. If you're looking to create a unique break room, cafe, or bistro area, these tables are sure to do the trick!
32" Endure Table
The OFM Endure line includes round top and square top meeting tables for sale that feature adjustable metal bases. At first glance you'll notice the super cool retro appeal showcased in any model from this popular line. Available in in top sizes from 30" to 42" these versatile tables are more than capable of accommodating the needs of any sized break room or cafe area.

Square Top Endure TableThe entire Endure Table Series by OFM is available in 4 popular finish options that include gray nebula, mahogany, cherry, and oak. In addition, to these laminate color solutions OFM has taken the Endure collection to a heavy duty level by adding metal top variations in both 32" and 36" variations. These high quality models match the table bases and really add an extra element of wow factor.

No matter the table surface finish you choose, OFM Endure Tables are easy to clean and work fantastic in office common areas. The adjustable design allows for quick changing from dining to cafe height. As matching OFM Endure Stool models are available, creating a unique space for gathering has never been easier.
Round Endure Table by OFM

In terms of price, these versatile tables are truly an excellent value. Starting at $376.99 for the 30" round or square height version you'll be hard pressed to find a better product on the market today. The largest OFM Endure table is available for $398.99 and can even act as a unique conference room table for businesses looking to go outside the box with their meeting area design. The best part, all of the Endure models are typically in stock and available for quick shipment!

When grading the Endure collection we found it hard to give anything other than an A+. In terms of innovation and design there's just no products similar on the market. OFM plans to release additional models, sizes, and styles from this popular collection in the future so stay tuned. Needless to say we just can't wait to see what cool new products they introduce next.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top 10 Office Chairs With Lumbar Support

If you suffer from back pain, you're definitely not alone. The spine is curved in an S-shape, with the top part facing out, towards the world, and the lower part facing in towards you. However, most people don't realize that when they slouch in a chair, they force those parts of the back into the opposite directions, which is probably why millions suffer from this terrible pain. Ouch! Good thing we have lumbar support! If you have this dreaded office back pain, check out these great office chairs that could solve all your problems!

Here's a few quick benefits of lumbar support:

* Reduces risk of spinal deformities by guiding the back into a more correct potion
* Improves posture
* Reduces pain in lower back
* Diminishes muscle pain
* Improves energy and health

Excellent Chairs With Lumbar Support:

1.) Boss Leather Executive Chair

Boss Leather Executive Chair

Available in either black or white, the B9401 Boss Leather Executive Chair offers plenty of great lumbar support for an affordable price. It boasts a 2-paddle spring tilt mechanism for light reclining and an adjustable tilt tension control with a lock. The chair is also offered in a stylish mid back size for versatility. Both options are stylish and comfortable, excellent for receptionist use.

2.) Global NuCAS Low Back Chair

Global NuCAS Low Back Chair

The 2033-3 NuCAS Low Back Ergonomic Chair by Global is perfect for anyone with back pain. This ergonomic wonder offers comfortable adjustments at the push of a button. The deep contours cradle the body for long term comfort and support. As an added plus, it's also offered in lots of colors!

3.) OFM 580 Mesh Executive Chair

OFM Mesh Ergonomic Chair

Loaded with ergonomic controls, the 580 Mesh Executive Chair by OFM offers amazing features for an unbeatable price. Few chairs ever offer as much as this one, with 360 degree swivel ability, smooth tilting, stain resistant, breathable mesh fabric, back height adjustment, locks, arm adjustments, a headrest, and of course, a built-in lumbar support for back pain relief.

4.) Eurotech Aviator Task Chair

Eurotech Aviator Mesh Modern Task Chair

For anyone looking to save a buck, the MM5506 Aviator Task Chair by Eurotech offers spectacular benefits for the price. In addition to a great lumbar support, the chair also boasts a 3-position synchronized lock mechanism, tilt controls with locks, and a soft black mesh upholstery.

5.) Global Arti Series Chair

Global Synchro Tilter

All chairs in the Arti Series by Global are super comfortable, but the 6673-2 Synchro Knee Tilter Office Chair by Global definitely stands out. For those that have more than just low back pain, the 6673-2 also offers a knee tilt to reduce pressure on the legs. Designed by Zooey Chu, it boasts an intricate steel cable support system that curves to the body, mimicking the spine for superior back support. It's also 95% recyclable!

6.) OFM ORO Body Bolster Task Chair

OFM ORO Body Bolster Task Chair

Greenguard certified for sustainability, the ORO100 ORO Body Bolster Task Chair by OFM is a guilt free way to a healthier back and body. Stuffed with adjustable body bolsters, an adjustable headrest, padded arms, bonded leather, full body support, and a tablet to boot, this chair is very hard to top in terms of all around comfort.

7.) Via Seating Special Edition Swopper

Special Edition Swopper Chair

Don't judge a book by it's cover! The 1-SWUS Special Edition Swopper Chair by Via Seating is an award winning wonder for back pain relief. Specifically and meticulously designed by an osteopath working with a team of German engineers, this chair/stool combo improves posture by stabilizing the spine. It relieves pain by helping the body to build up for muscles over time. It strengthens muscles, improves lymphatic flow, circulation, nourishment to the inter-vertebral disc, and it's super fun to sit in! Optional mesh back available for attachment.

8.) Global Shadow Executive Chair

Global Shadow Executive Chair

Available in several sizes and designs, the Shadow chairs by Global offer tons of relief for back pain, as well as many other comfort problems. The 2710 Global Shadow Executive Chair featured here boasts incredible flexibility. Shadowing your every move, the Shadow cradles the body, flexing with every muscle to provide support anywhere you need it. It's designed to encourage constant movement as activity greatly reduces back pain.

9.) Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic Chair

Eurotech Ergohuman

Fall in love with the LEM4ERG Ergohuman Chair by Eurotech and you'll never settle for anything less. It's one of the best ergonomic office chairs with mesh back upholstery out there. Complete with a synchro tilt mechanism, sliding seat, infinite lock, height adjustment, and headrest option. This highly adjustable chair is a favorite in offices everywhere.

10.) RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair

RFM Verte

And finally, heralded as one of the most comfortable office chairs for back pain sufferers on the market today is the Verte. This high end, five star chair can get a little pricey, but there's nothing better for back pain sufferers. The 22011 Verte Ergonomic Chair by RFM and it's twins all boast 11 torsion spring loaded joints that flex to support every motion of the body. They can be locked in place at the touch of a lever. Available in black leather or a vast array of color fabric choices, it's a chair that won't soon be forgotten for its comfort and versatile design.

Monday, March 17, 2014

7 Ways to Boost Conference Room Appeal

A professional meeting area should be designed around efficiency and impressing valued clientele. In today's article we'll highlight 7 great ways to help you do just that. From powering up your space to using ergo friendly seating for guests, this post is a must read for those taking on a conference room makeover project!

1.) Power Up

Conference Room Furniture with Power

The used of high tech conference room furniture is at an all time high and a great way to boost appeal. In fact, the industries top manufacturers are retro fitting a wide variety of tables to accommodate power modules for improved meeting area efficiency. Long time boardroom favorites like the Mayline ACTB6 Aberdeen 6' Conference Table can now be purchased with affordable power units that offer two 3 prong outlets and two data ports. Power up your space and improve your meeting area efficiency!

2.) Metal Is In

Metal Leg Conference Table

The use of metal tones in the workplace is incredibly popular. This industrial style look adds a touch of contemporary flair to any meeting area. In 2014, those looking to boost conference  room appeal will want to capitalize on the growing trend of metal leg conference table solutions. Brands like Global Total Office, OFM, and Mayline all offer stylish tables that incorporate this booming trend.

3.) Dark Wood Tones

Dark Conference Table

Finishes like espresso and mocha are a great way to enhance your conference room area in 2014. These popular tones show minimal wear while adding a modern touch that's sure to be complimented by guests. Collections like Aberdeen, Verde, and Zira all offer popular conference room tables for sale in these trendy color options.

4.) Popular Visual Aids

Presentation Aids

Popular visual aids like lecterns, presentation boards, and even televisions are sure to enhance your boardroom appeal while simultaneously improving the quality of your meetings. Full service lines like those mentioned in point 3 all include matching visual aids for meeting area applications that should be considered and budgeted for with any conference room makeover. The little details can definitely make the biggest difference!

5.) Get Organized

Those looking to leave a lasting impression on their clientele will want to be supremely organized. A nice and neat space with purpose shows professionalism that's sure to be appreciated. If your meeting is based around a presentation, be sure to have a meeting agenda and layout waiting for every guest. This will prevent wasted time passing out materials. Adding conference room wall cabinets is also an excellent place to improve your office storage and prevents having to leave the room for odds and ends needed to make your meeting run smoothly. Keep your space ready to perform at the highest levels of productivity and you'll reap both aesthetic and time saving rewards!

6.) Minimize Distractions

Professional Conference Room

Simple things like a meeting in progress sign will boost the appeal of your space. Guests don't want to waste time with interruptions and constant walk ins. Many businesses will even go as far as sound proofing their meeting areas to improve focus and minimize unwanted distractions. While letting in natural light from surrounding windows isn't discourages, you may find your guests staring off instead of retaining the information your presenting. It's up to you just how far you want to go when minimizing distractions, but keep in mind that an appealing space is about more than just good looks. To make the best impression possible, you'll want your visitors maintaining all valued information you're intending to deliver.

7.) Provide Ergo Friendly Seating

Comfortable Conference Room Seating

The conference room makeover project starts with the table, but the chairs are the next step and should  not be undervalued. Providing yourself and your meeting guests with comfortable conference room seating is an absolute must. While some of the most trend setting new chairs on the market look fantastic, they are far from comfortable! Luckily, popular chairs like the 11890 Offices To Go High Back Tilter offer excellent comfort, user friendly features, and style at a price any budget will appreciate. Take your time when selecting conference chairs to ensure you'd be happy sitting in your product of choice for up to 5 hours at a time.


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