Monday, April 30, 2018

Keep Your Interiors Practical With Ventnor Furniture

Offices To Go Ventnor Furniture
The Ventnor office furniture collection from Offices To Go is practical, straight forward, and well rounded. This popular line of veneer casegoods furniture is a go-to option of professional designers looking to create timeless appeal throughout executive interiors, conference rooms, and other common work areas. Today on the blog we'll showcase the desks and matching components from this best selling series.

Offices To Go Ventnor ComponentsFirst we'll tell you a little bit about the Ventnor line. The components from this series are constructed with hand selected veneers accented with solid wood fluted edges finishes in a rich satin gloss Toffee or Cordovan finish hat features a nine step finishing process with a polyester top coat finish. Needless to say, the furniture from the Ventnor series is VERY well made.

Now that we've covered the background, let's talk a little bit about the professional desk configurations that the Ventnor series has to offer. While they won't wow you with over the top modern characteristics, they do impress with a luxurious feel. Ventnor workstations are definitely upscale and perfect for executive applications.

OTG Ventnor Desk with Table
Ventnor desks are sold individually, or as apart of factory configurations that really help to simplify the executive office remodeling process. Popular configurations like the V7 even include matching side tables that are great for collaborating in small groups.

The tables from the Ventnor collection will help you create a cohesive look throughout your interiors. A choice of round and racetrack table variations are available in multiple sizes to meet your specific needs. Ventnor tables are practical and attractive. They won't overpower your room and they'll definitely earn an abundance of compliments.

In addition to desks and conference room tables the Ventnor series includes versatile storage components that will help you stay well organized. Desk configurations are available with integrated pedestals and overhead hutch units to enhance appeal and maximize floor space. You'll also notice a wide range of bookcases and low wall cabinets that can be used effectively in your conference room.

Offices To Go Ventnor Boardroom Furniture
In terms of price, the Ventnor collection is a great buy when compared to the other veneer furniture lines on the market. A stand alone Ventnor straight front desk can be purchased for less than $500.00 with most of the higher end U shaped desk layouts available for around $2000.00 or less.

Overall, the Ventnor collection is a winner in the workplace. This well rounded line offers practicality that will keep your professional interiors on-trend for years to come. If you're looking to create straight forward commercial office interiors that aren't too over the top, Ventnor is the way to go. Traditionalists will absolutely love this full service furniture collection from Offices To Go.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Awesome Office Products For Workers On The Go

Are you always on the go? Are you looking for office products to match your active lifestyle? You're in the right place! Today on the blog we'll showcase portable stools, desks, and accessories that will help you stay ergonomically correct no matter where you're at. Prepare to be impressed!

Vivo Active StoolPortable sit to stand products are the way of the future. Popular active stools like the Vivo from OFM can be taken from room-to-room throughout task filled work days to provide exceptional support. With a lightweight design and integrated handle, the Vivo is the perfect option for workers on the go.

Safco Focal Series Mogo StoolYou'll also want to check out the FKS-1000 Mogo perch stool from the Safco Focal collection. Talk about cool! This innovative seating solution can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The Mogo folds down and makes for easy transport. Simply pop on the seat and extend the cylinder to your desired height and you're up and running.

Mobile Sit To Stand DeskThe Flash Furniture NAN-IP-10-GG sit to stand computer desk is mobile, ergonomically correct, and fashionable. This personal workstation on wheels is also an absolute value buy at just $184.99.

iPad Tablet MountIf you're a worker on the go, the odds are you do most of your work on a tablet. That's why we recommend the TH-1 iPad mount from Symmetry Office. This handy little device makes it easy to securely attach your device under a cabinet or even to a wall. Adjustment capabilities make it easy to raise your screen to eye level where it belongs when you're working. This means, you're not looking down and straining your neck when using your tablet throughout the day.

Mayline Laptop CaddyThe 950 model Eastwinds Laptop Caddy from Mayline is another great workstation for workers on the go. This small laptop desk on wheels is surprisingly stable and easy to use. The 950 laptop caddy is a great option for healthcare professionals and even students.

Portable Power ModuleAre you tired of looking for power outlets when working on the go? The FlexCharge9 from ESI is a must have! This multi purpose power module is an absolute winner for corporate trainers and presenters. With the FlexCharge9 you can have access to 5 surface level AC outlets and 4 USB inputs in a flash. The FCH9-POD is available for $1750.00.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Get Comfortable On A Budget With Flash Furniture Waiting Room Chairs

Flash Furniture Waiting Room ChairsThe team at Flash Furniture specializes in the provision of affordable workplace solutions that don't lack in terms of quality. Today on the blog we'll show you a few of our favorite waiting room chairs from this reputable brand. These seating solutions make it easy to create on-trend interiors that are actually comfortable and don't cost a fortune!

Flash Furniture White Leather Lounge ChairCheck out this ultra contemporary white leather lounge chair from Flash Furniture! Even at first glance this designer chair will grab your attention with it's armless design and tufted surfaces. The 801 series chair is also available with a matching sofa and loveseat to complete your interior with a cohesive vibe.

Flash Furniture Regal ChairWhen it comes to modern seating, Flash Furniture knows their stuff. This Regals series black leather waiting room chair with metal accent trims is ready, willing, and able to refine your space. The components from the Regal collection have been popular for years and continue to be a favorite for professional remodeling projects.

Brown Leather Lounge ChairThe Flash Furniture Majesty collection offers affordable components like this brown leather lounge chairs that's currently available for just $340.99. If you've been looking for ways to boost corporate appeal on a budget, this lounge seating collection has you covered.

Gray Lounge ChairThe gray leather Diplomat chair is another awesome option that blends modern and traditional appeal. This practical lounge chair is an excellent option for waiting room applications as it's surfaces are durable and easy to clean. The Diplomat chair in gray is only $321.99.

Tablet Arm Lounge ChairTablet arm chairs have become incredibly popular for professional waiting room makeover projects. They make it easy for guests to work while they wait. Take this fashionable chair from Flash and put it in your guest welcoming area and prepare to earn an abundance of compliments! At just $316.99, it's one of the most affordable tablet arm loungers on the market.

Red Lounge ChairHere at the blog we're never afraid to end our posts with a bang. If you're ready to create a bold waiting room that leaves a lasting impression on guests, this last chair from Flash Furniture will certainly strike your fancy. We know not everybody can pull off red leather furniture. That said, this Jet series chair from Flash is still pretty cool. It's sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression on your guests. At $350.99 it's a great buy for the shopper looking to think outside the box with their space.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Enjoy The Modern Simplicity of The Novello Seating Collection

The team at Global has another hot seating collection on their hands. The all new Novello line offers modern office chairs with simple features and characteristics that make them perfect for a variety of everyday applications. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the Novello line and the chairs that have made it favorite in 2018.

Global Novello ChairThe Novello line offers an array of popular models. Our personal favorite is the 6400 model as it has a little something for everybody. This plastic back chair with arms and an upholstered seat is comfortable, easy to clean, and durable. The 6400 Novello chair is an excellent option for light tasking.

Novello Armless Office ChairAnother popular option from the Novello collection is the 6403. This armless office chair with a fully upholstered seat and back is an excellent choice for professional conference room applications. The 6403 will give your space a modern look and a little extra elbow room to help you maximize available table space.

Novello Task StoolDesigned by Alessandro Piretti, Noello chairs are clean, bold, and distinctive. The professional tasking stools from this line are a favorite of architects and interior designers looking to refine their personal work spaces without sacrificing comfort. The 6412 fully upholstered Novello stool with arms and you'll quickly see what we mean!

Novello Chair BackNow that we've showed you a few of the hottest Novello models on the market, we'll highlight the features that have made them extremely popular. Let's start from the ground up, shall we?

Novello chairs boast attractive 5 star bases that provide stability and an enhanced modern look. 6 different bases finish combinations are available to help personalize your chair.

Novello Chair Base
Novello task stools feature adjustable footings for added support while the popular office chairs from this collection boast adjustable pneumatic cylinders that make finding the perfect operating height a breeze.

Chair backs are available in 3 distinctive color options that are perfect for modern interiors. All things considered, these chairs are amongst the most customizable on the market today. There are literally thousands of upholstery options to choose from. If you're ready to think outside the box to create an on-trend modern office interior, Novello seating is the way to go!

Friday, April 20, 2018

5 Ways To Modernize Your Executive Workspace In 2018

So you've made the jump to an upscale executive office? Good for you! The odds are, you're now looking to personalize your space. Rest assured, we've got you covered. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 ways to do just that. Here we'll showcase innovative products from our favorite brands that will help you maximize corporate appeal and comfort.

1.) High Quality Ergonomic Chair

Ergohuman Executive ChairIf we've said it once, we've said it a million times... Office comfort starts with the chair. If you want to modernize your space and stay comfortable, you can't be working with a secondhand chair that's not ideal for your body type. We suggest investing in an ergonomic seating solution like the Ergohuman from Eurotech Seating. The LE9ERG is the perfect option for executive interiors as it boasts leather seating surfaces, a modern design, integrated headrest, and wide range of adjustment features that will help you sit posture perfect throughout task filled work days.

2.) Height Adjustable Workstation

Ergonomic Executive WorkstationOnce you've found the perfect chair, it's time to focus on your workstation. These days it's all about the ability to transition between sitting and standing. For this reason, we recommend an ergonomic executive desk like the 400S193 from the Bush 400 series. This modern office furniture set includes a 72" height adjustable writing desk and rear wall credenza with an overhead hutch for storage.

Ergonomic U Shaped DeskYou might also consider a desk configuration like the STL37H2 from the Mayline Sterling Series. This modern desk configuration is bit more incognito. At first glance you probably won't even recognize that it offers push button sit to stand capacities. This desk with a height adjustable bridge is really cool, super handy, and very upscale.

Dual Screen Monitor Mount3.) Dual Screen Monitor Arm

With a dual screen monitor mount you can reduce the time you spend flipping between tabs while simultaneously increasing usable desk space and giving your interior a cutting edge look. Dual monitor systems like the ALLURE-2-SS from Symmetry Office come highly recommended as they're intended for everyday use in commercial interiors.

OFM Vivo Perch Stool4.) Active Stool

You won't want it as you primary seating solution, but if you invest in height adjustable office products an active stool will come in handy. Active stools (also known as perch stools) provide a little extra support when you compute standing up. Popular options like the Vivo from OFM are compact, portable, and surprisingly cost effective. At just $169.99, this is one office add-on you don't want to pass up.

4.) Personal Accents

SucculentsLast but not least, the personal accents you incorporate into your executive office remodel will help to modernize and revitalize your space. We recommend starting with a little plant life. Succulents are a nice option as they require minimal watering.

You might also consider industrial wall art. Metal fixtures have become very popular. Unique pieces can be found at the local swap meet, as well as in antique stores.

The accenting options are truly limitless. From lighting to area rugs, there's no end to the ways you can personalize your space. Just remember, you don't have to do it all at once. Enhance your office overtime to ensure you create an awesome work environment with cool conversation starters, not fill-in pieces.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Deal Finder: Sit To Stand Solutions Under $350.00

The demand for sit to stand office products is at an all time high. Thanks to brands like OFM, Safco, and Systematix you an enjoy the health benefits associated with sit to stand operating on a budget. This season there's a plethora of user friendly sit to stand desks and surface attachments available for under $350.00. Today on the blog we'll show you our favorites.

Sit To Stand Desk Attachment with Keyboard PlatformThe OFM Essentials collection ESS-5136 desktop riser with a keyboard platform comes in at just $219.99 and outperforms units priced three times as much. This sit to stand attachment works with almost any surface. The ESS-5136 can be installed in less than 30 minutes. If you're new to sit to stand computing, this is a great entry level unit to consider for both home and business applications.

Symmetry Office Allure Sit To Stand Monitor ArmWith a sit to stand monitor arm like this ALLURE-1-SS unit from Symmetry office you can turn your office space into an ergonomically correct interior. This single screen attachment will allow you to instantly create more usable desk space while providing you with a maximum range of adjustment to help reduce visual strain.

Ergonomic Sit To Stand AttachmentOur favorite desktop riser is the Volante from Systematix. It's very well made and easy to use. With the popularity of sit to stand products, you have to careful to when making your purchase. Many of the "popular" options on the market simply aren't built to last. That's not the case with the Volante. It's available for $299.99 and ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

Verve Adjustable DeskThe Safco Verve desk is available this season for just $349.99. It's right at the top of our budget, but it's worth it. The 1959 Verve desk is fashionable, user friendly, and sit to stand capable. This small computer desk can be effectively used in private office interiors and even in professional training rooms.

Height Adjustable Laptop DeskThe Flash Furniture NAN-IP-10-GG is an absolute bargain buy. This height adjustable laptop desk is available for just $184.99 and will help you stay active in your home office. If you're ready to think outside the realm of traditional computer desks that lack the ability to adjust, this modern workstation from Flash is a great choice.

height adjustable podiumThe 66100 podium from the OFM Mesa series is great for sit to stand transitioning in group work areas like the conference room. The 66100 doubles as a laptop desk and boasts a mobilized base that allows it to be easily positioned where you need it, when you need it.

Safco Elevate Bi-Level DeskThe 9156 Bi-Level desk from Safco is available this season for $299.99. If you don't like the idea of constantly adjusting to find the right height, this is the workstation for you. The 9156 offers two standard heights to choose from. As you won't want to have two desktop computers, the 9156 is recommended for laptop users.

Transitional Computer DeskLast but not least is the Flash Furniture NAN-IP-6-1-GG transitional desk. At just $209.99, this personal workstation is a great buy for those new to the world of sit to stand computing. The NAN-IP-6-1-GG will help you stay active in the workplace, improve blood flow, and reduce the energy dips associated with sitting for too long in your office chair. This handy little desk is best suited for the home, but don't be surprised if you see it across the hall. The NAN-IP-6-1-GG transitional desk is well made and ready to help you adapt at a moments notice.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Modern-Industrial Office Furniture Is Trending In 2018

Office interiors are steadily evolving and new trends emerge about as often as the sun rises. That being said, there's a new trend that's here to stay. The modern-industrial office furniture movement is in fully swing and won't be slowing down for a long time. This season brands like Bush Business Furniture, OFM, and Global are paving the way with metal accented desks and tables that will help you create durable, attractive, and effective interiors with wow factor to spare.

Modern-Industrial Office FurnitureCheck out this desk configuration from the Bush 400 Series and you'll quickly get an idea of the look we're discussing. You'll notice laminate operating surfaces that are paired with metal accents. This combination of materials works to create a modern-industrial vibe that's well rounded and very appealing.

OFM Fulcrum FurnitureThe all new OFM Fulcrum Series is an excellent option to consider if you're loving the modern-industrial look. This popular collection is rapidly becoming a go-to option for interior design teams. The Fulcrum series offers writing desks and modular components that work to create upscale layouts that don't cost a fortune.

OFM Endure Table with Power ModulesIn addition to the Fulcrum series, you'll also want to check out the Endure line of industrial tables and stools from OFM. The tables in particular are a must consider for your collaborative interiors. With standing height surfaces, integrated power modules, and swivel out seats, Endure tables offer an unrivaled combination of ergonomics and technology.

Ergonomic Standing DeskWhen top manufactures all start introducing products with same look, it's pretty apparent that a new trend is emerging. The Locus 6 standing desk from Safco is an excellent example. This ergonomically correct desk to help workers stay active and reduce energy dips is industrial-modern all the way. The metal frame and tilt top work together to create an ultra cool products that performs at a high level.

Industrial Training Room FurnitureToday's top training room tables are also being designed with the modern-industrial movement in mind. Take a look at the Sync collection from Mayline. These flip top tables with metal bases are built to last and incredibly versatility. The scratch resistant tops are available in trendy finishes like gray while the heavy duty metal frames are virtually indestructible.

Global Princeton FurnitureWe can't say enough good things about the commercial office furniture from the Global Princeton collection. This modern-industrial line is on trend and perfect for creating open concept interiors. If you're tired of traditional privacy cubicles that restrict interaction, the collaborative office furniture from the Princeton series will no doubt strike your fancy. This elite line of desks and add-on storage components makes it easy to create high performance work environments that spark creativity. With Princeton, you can think outside the box while keying in on today's awesome modern-industrial vibes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

New In April: Fashionable Furniture from OFM, Inc.

We've been hard at work loading a ton of fashionable new products from OFM. This industry leader never fails to impress. OFM has made it their mission to push the limits of innovation in the workplace as evidenced by their highly versatile furnishings. Today on the blog we'll showcase the modern desks, modular tables, seating, and accessories that have us super excited for the Spring season.

Let's kick things off with a bang, shall we? Take one look at the all new OFM Fulcrum Series and you'll instantly fall in love. This modern office furniture line with industrial flair is perfect for both home and professional settings. The writing desks, storage cabinets, and connectable components from the Fulcrum series make it easy to design on-trend interiors that are built to last. In terms of value, style, and quality, this is our favorite new furniture line available in 2018. As of now, all components are sold individually. We're hoping that some cool configurations and typicals are made available in the coming months.

Creating collaborative office interiors will spark creativity amongst workers. With the modular tables from the OFM Adapt collection you can design unique layouts that do just that. OFM Adapt tables are available for classroom and training applications, but also work great in libraries, cafeterias, and just about any other group area you can think of. We prefer the mobile Adapt tables as they make space configuration quick and easy without the heavy lifting.

Designer Accent ChairAre you preparing for a waiting room makeover project this Spring? OFM has seating that you'll definitely want to check out. We're absolutely loving the new ESS-9020 model accent chairs from their Essentials collection. At just $95.99 you'll be able to maximize your seating budget while leaving funds to spare for additional pieces

OFM Office ChairThe Essentials Collection also offers awesome task chairs for shoppers on a budget. Check out the ESS-2055. It's an absolute winner at $95.99. With an easy to clean plastic back and upholstered seat, the ESS-2055 offers the perfect combination of durability and comfort.

Sit To Stand Laptop DeskThe sit to stand movement is in fully swing. If you're looking to effectively transition between these two popular positions to stay active in the workplace, the OFM 66100 Mesa Series height adjustable laptop desk is the perfect starter option. This mobile workstation can also be utilized as a handy podium. The 66100 will help you reduce energy dips, improve blood flow, and reduce the need for long-term sits.

Vintage Conference TableLast but not least, the OFM Edge Collection is poised to take office interiors by storm this season. With the 33378 model vintage style conference table and 33362 writing desk you'll have no problem designing unique work spaces with timeless appeal. Matching edge series stools are also available to accommodate your visitors. With metal legs and solid elm wood tops with a walnut finish, what's not to love?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Featured Collection: Series A by Bush Business Furniture

Bush Series A Office Furniture Review
The team at Bush Business Furniture specials in the provision of commercial desking that's perfect for executive interiors. We recently had the opportunity to check out their Series A line and we came away very impressed. The professional furniture from the Series A Collection is fashionable, practical, and affordable.

Bush Series A DeskFirst impressions are always key. With a Series A desk configuration from Bush you'll be well on your way to making plenty. These attractive two-tone layouts offer just the right amount of flair without being too over the top.

Series A Corner DeskModern office furniture has started to dominate the market. In this regard, the Series A Collection is  bit of a throw back. A Series A executive desk like the SRA009 will help you create a well rounded interior that's sure to be in-style after these modern trends fade.

You'll notice subtle details that give this popular office furniture line an industrial vibe. The two tone laminate combinations are definitely the most notable. All Series A layouts are available in 7 finish combinations that will help you refine your interior.

Series A Executive Furniture
This commercial quality desk collection offers awesome U shaped, corner, and wall desks. No matter the size of your space, a Series A layout is available for you. With more than 20 options available, creating fluidity throughout multiple interiors with different dimension is a breeze.

Bush Wall DeskIt's also worth nothing that this Bush Furniture Collection offers an array of modular storage components. With the space saving hutches and mobile file cabinets from the Series A line you'll have no problem staying well organized.

Desk with Wire ManagementThermally fused laminate surfaces with durable edge banding help to ensure long lasting quality. Series A components are ready to resist damage in commercial settings.

The C-Leg desks from this collection provide ample leg room that makes it easy to work in comfort while a built in wire management systems makes for a clean look without exposed cables.

This full service furniture line is ready, willing, and able to make the most of any space. When most of today's desk collections come accompanied by hefty price tags, Series A is ready to help you maximize value. We give this line a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating.


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