Thursday, January 28, 2016

Student Life: 5 Awesome Office Chairs for The Dorm Room

Students are typically tight on two things, space and money! That being said, finding a quality office chair can be easier said than done. Luckily, brands like Cherryman Industries, OFM, Offices To Go, and Woodstock Marketing have you covered. These industry leading seating providers offer task chairs specifically designed to improve comfort and functionality without breaking the bank.

iDesk Ambarella Chair
First up, we present to you the iDesk Ambarella series Task Chair from Cherryman Industries. This professional grade office chair comes equipped with an advanced syncro mechanism, adjustable arms, natural lumbar support, and built in guides for personal adjusting. At just $206.50, the Ambarella chair is the perfect option for college students looking to form good posture habits before hitting the workforce.

OFM Essentials Chair
Every student deserves a chair to match their ambitions! That being said, the E1003 model OFM chair will allow any young entrepreneur to sit like an executive for just $153.99. This Essentials series chair is available in black and cream upholstery options. With polished chrome features, intricate stitching, and excellent ergonomic features, the E1003 Essentials chair is truly a great buy that's sure to wow your fellow students.

Offices To Go Mesh Back Manager's Chair
You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort and core ergonomic values just because funds are tight. For this reason, we put our heads together and found you the best dorm room chair priced under a hundred bucks. The 10900B model mesh back managers chair from Offices To Go is a must consider for any student chair shopper on a budget. This professional tasking chair offers a well rounded design that's complimented by a gray mesh back and well padded seat. The 10900B provides a very comfortable sit and won't take up too much of your precious floor space. At $99.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better chair for the money.

Dorm Room ChairLooking to kick dorm room appeal into high gear? Add a splash of color with the Woodstock Marketing Ravi chair. This sleek mesh chair was inspired by Mr. Shankar himself. With the perfect blend of retro and modern design characteristics, the Ravi chair is sure to earn your college living space an abundance of positive compliments. At $229.00, the Ravi chair is favorite of interior design and decorating students.

Eurotech Seating Hawk ChairEurotech Seating crafts some of the most high end and luxurious office seating solutions on the market. When the average chair won't cut it and funds are tight, fly high with the Hawk! This contemporary mesh back office chair from Eurotech Seating provides excellent support and the cool curves needed to maximize interior appeal. The Hawk chair boasts a contoured fabric seat with waterfall edge, wide 5 star base, multiple tilt functions, and a weight activated mechanism that reacts to the user. At the everyday low price of just $202.50, the Eurotech Seating Hawk mesh chair can be yours in 5 attractive color combinations.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Interior Of The Month: Sterling Executive Office by Mayline

Our first 'Interior Of The Month' article of 2016 features a stunning executive space furnished with casegoods from the Mayline Sterling Collection. This high end interior is sure to impress even the harshest critics with it's top notch appeal and trend setting finishes. Let's take an in-depth look at this creative executive space and the details that make it great.

At first glance, you'll be wowed by the textured driftwood finish utilized in this executive interior. The luxurious gray wood grain tone is guaranteed to earn an abundance of positive compliments. Upon further inspection you'll notice opaque acrylic accents throughout the configuration, as well as attractive silver handle pulls and desk risers.

This modern executive office furniture configuration is composed of 5 key components. The STLD72B model office desk is seen at the front of the layout and boasts a 72" wide surface that's complimented by a stunning acrylic modesty panel and Box Box File storage pedestals.

The main desk is extended using the STEB model 48" wide bridge. This return is used to help form the full U shape and provide the user with additional work surface space.

At the rear of the main desk configuration you'll notice a 72" wide credenza that's equipped with a locking file file pedestal for additional storage space and document organizing.

At the right of the U shaped desk a combo storage cabinet was used to house literature and important files. This STEC model cabinet offers a 36" wide design that's complimented by an opaque acrylic door and unique raised top that allows it to line up perfectly with the credenza.

Last but not least, a wall mount hutch unit was used to provide even more storage. As floor space is always at a premium, using a wall mount storage unit was just plain smart! The STEH72 model 72" Sterling hutch boasts two opaque acrylic doors and an open storage section that can be used for decorations or regularly used stationary.

No workspace is complete without the addition of an awesome ergonomic office chair, and Mayline chose to outfit this space with one of our favorites! The Gist series mesh task chair provides the user friendly features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. The black mesh back and bright green seat work in harmony with the surrounding furniture to create a truly breathtaking work environment.

This Mayline interior is further enhanced with the addition of light gray painted walls and a single pice of wall art. The successful minimalistic approach shows that the furniture can make a statement on it's own without the need for countless add-ons.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Furniture Life: The Best of January 2016

Top furniture and seating brands have hit the ground running in 2016. This month, trend setting products are paving the way for innovative new interiors. In today's post, we'll highlight January's hottest new office furniture and seating solutions. Enjoy!

Mayline Medina FurnitureMayline was this month's big winner. Their Medina and Sterling office furniture collections have become the preferred choice of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. With contemporary desk configurations, glass accented reception desks, and powered conference tables, Medina is ready to furnish every professional interior imaginable. The Sterling lineup of products blends contemporary and traditional design characteristics to form a one of a kind look that's sure to impress even the harshest critic.

Mayline Thesis Chairs
Mayline also stepped up their seating game. The all new Living chair reacts to user movements and minimizes the need for constant lever pulling and tension knob adjusting. Mayline's new Thesis seating collection has dominated training room makeover projects in January. These stackable nesting chairs are available with arms, without arms, and with user friendly tablets that provide that little bit of extra workspace needed to put your interior over the top.

Powered Conference TableThis month, Global Total Office has rocked the conference room! Their powered conference room table models from the Zira collection are more popular than ever. These high tech boardroom solutions help streamline the meeting process with user friendly HDMI, USB, AC, Data, and Ethernet input options. Zira tables are available in a wide range of attractive finish options, sizes, and surface shapes to meet your specific needs.

Global Total Office 2Gether TablesIn addition to Zira tables, Global's Solar seating collection has also enjoyed a rapid rise to superstardom in January. The Solar chair boasts a beautifully fluid structure and integrated mesh surfaces. Designed by Paul Brooks, the Solar chair is nothing short of impressive. These simple yet sophisticated chairs are perfect for conference and training room applications.

Global also raised the bar with their all new 2gether office training table collection. These flip top tables feature mobilized bases that make reconfiguring and storage a breeze. 2gether tables are available in a wide range of size and finish options. Take your training room to the next level by adding high tech power options and modesty panels!

OFM Morph FurnitureWhile competing manufacturers are busy following trends, OFM is hard at work setting them! Take one look at their all new Morph seating collection and you'll see what we mean. These contemporary lounge chairs and sofas offer flip up privacy panels and USB power inputs that allow guests to work while they wait.

OFM Hex Stools and TablesIn addition to the Morph collection, OFM lounge and reception seating from the Triumph collection has also been incredibly popular. The modular components from the Triumph line allow design teams and shoppers alike to create one of kind seating layouts that maximize square footage and floor space.

When average furniture and seating just won't cut it, turn to OFM. Their all new Hex series stools and tables are amongst the industries hottest new additions. These hexagonal top products can be quickly connected and aligned to create unbelievably cool interiors. The Hex works great in lounge, lobby, waiting room, reception, and even educational environments.

Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Ergonomic Tips for 2016

Ergonomic Tips for 2016It's time to kick those bad posture habits to the curb. Make 2016 the most comfortable and productive year ever with the help of modern ergonomics. In today's post we're highlighting 6 simple and easy to follow tips to help you achieve improved performance in the workplace. Put these tips to use and form the good habits needed to dominate 2016.

1.) Work Standing Up

Sit to stand products are the latest craze. Wondering why? As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, it's important to promote continuous movement in the workplace as much as possible. That's where sit to stand products come in. A sit to stand desk or keyboard tray will help improve blood flow and reduce fatigue. You'll be operating more efficiently and comfortably throughout the day while simultaneously fighting back against office health risks that are looking to bring you down.

2.) Use A "Smart Chair"

Even the most luxurious and expensive ergonomic chair is only as good as it's owner. If you don't put your chair adjustment features to use, you'll gain little support and find yourself wondering why discomfort is still playing a key role in your work day. As most chair operators hate having to pull levers and adjust tension knobs to find the correct sitting position, industry leading seating manufacturers have introduced "smart chairs" that reduce the need for constant adjusting. Smart chairs make finding comfort a breeze. Cutting edge smart chairs like The 6671-2 model from the Global Total Office Ari collection articulate like a human spine and mimic the user's profile.

3.) Reduce Eye Strain

It's hard to work effectively if you're constantly rubbing your eyes and fighting blurred vision. Let's be honest, starring at a computer screen all day long is a problem. That being said, it's likely unavoidable for those looking to keep their jobs. A simple screen filter can be picked up at your local office store. It's a good place to start. To take things a step further, we highly recommend attaching an articulating monitor arm to your workstation. Visual strain can be quickly reduced by raising your computer screen to eye level. An articulating monitor mount will help you tackle this task in minutes. If funds are tight, don't skip this tip. Just use a stack of books or magazines to raise your screens. You can make the switch to a professional monitor arm when you're ready, but do what you can to fight visual strain in the mean time!

4.) Promote Good Blood Flow

When blood flow is reduced, you're muscles can cramp and "fall asleep". We've all had it happen, and it's no fun. Luckily, there are some great ways to fight back. First and foremost, work with your feet facing forward and flat on the ground. Don't cross your feet or prop them up on the base of your office chair like a foot rest. In addition, you can promote good blood flow by using an ergonomic task chair with a waterfall seat edge. When all else fails, take short breaks! Stand up from your desk. Shake out those muscles. Walk around for a few minutes, and get the blood flowing before returning to your workstation.

5.) Use Posture Reminders and Ergonomic Tips Charts

Studies have shown that workers who placed a list of tips and reminders within eye sight of their computer screen yielded positive results. The best part, it's free! Print out a list of good posture tips and ergonomic reminders today to start forming the good habits needed to operate at peak performance levels in the workplace. We've provided a few of our favorite tips to help.

Helpful Workplace Tips:

  • Keep Back In Contact With Chair At All Times
  • Don't Hunch Over Keyboard Tray To Type
  • Keep Feet Flat On Ground And Facing Forward
  • Take A 5 to 10 Minute Break Once Every Hour
  • Keep Computer Screen At Eye Level
  • Don't Look Down To Type
  • Compute At Correct Angles

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How To Improve Corporate Appeal In 2016

Modular Reception Seating
Looking to take your corporate interiors to the next level? We've got you covered! In today's post we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and product suggestions you'll need to help you business stand out from the competition. Enjoy!

This year, respected furniture and seating manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM are hitting the ground running. By pushing the limits of innovation and crafting unique new office products, these industry leaders are introducing trends that will make your interiors pop.

Modern Reception FurnitureIf you're looking to improve corporate appeal in 2016, you'll want to start in your guest welcoming area. This is where first impressions begin to form. While a sofa and lounge chairs would work, we highly recommend going modular! Creating a unique modular seating arrangement will impress your visitors and showcase your design ingenuity. Modular seating layouts offer unmatched versatility and functionality. Many of today's top modular lounge and reception furniture collections are even available with power options designed top improve the guest waiting experience. Your guests can work while they wait with USB and AC input options centrally located in modular chair arms.

Open DeskingOnce you've improved your guest waiting area, it's time to focus on the work floor! While traditional cubicle configurations will always have their place, these days businesses are turning to open desking layouts. Open desking promotes collaboration in the workplace. It provides a far less cluttered look that's sure to make your employees and guests feel more at home. Open desking configurations are also very advanced. Power options and unique storage solutions are available to take operational functionality to the next level.

Modern Conference RoomPlanning on hosting important meetings in 2016? You'll no doubt want to create a modern conference room that's ready to meet the needs of your growing business. To do so, we recommend going with sleek conference room chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing. These European Style office chairs will help you maximize the number of guests that can fit around your table. You'll also want to consider a conference table with available power options to help your business streamline the meeting process. A powered table and sleek chairs will take your corporate appeal and productivity to the next level.

Corporate appeal is in the eye of the beholder. That being said, following the latest trends will help. If you need help transforming your interiors, don't be afraid to ask the pros for tips. You can get inspired for an upcoming office makeover project by visiting a showroom in your area, or browsing social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram online. Consult with your team about their ideas for improving corporate appeal and form a group of advisors you trust. In the long run, your space will be appealing if you keep the makeover process simple. Don't over do it with the addition of too many room accents and assessors. In most cases, keeping it simple is the best way to go!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trend Spotting: January's Hottest Office Products

This year, industry leading brands have hit the ground running. Office innovators like Mayline, OFM, and Global Total Office are paving the way for new trends that competitors can only hope to imitate. In today's post, we'll review January's hottest office products to identify emerging industry trends geared towards taking your interiors to the next level. Enjoy!

Flip-N-Go Training Room TableMayline's revamped Flip-N-Go table collection has become an instant hit. These modular tables boast mobilized bases that make for easy reconfiguring and flip down tops that save space when not in use. These awesome new Mayline training room table solutions feature silver bases that perfectly compliment a wide range of surface finish options. The traditional fixed leg training room tables of the past are rapidly being replaced by flip top variations that provide significantly greater functionality.

Thesis Tablet Arm Training Room ChairNo training room furniture configuration would be complete without quality seating! Mayline further complimented the Flip-N-Go collection with their new Thesis series chair. These ultra cool training room seating solutions will help maximize interior square footage and productivity. Thesis chairs are available with arms, without arms, and with retractable tablets. Much like the Flip-N-Go tables, all Thesis models can be nested or stacked along perimeter walls to save space when not in use.

White Reception DeskOFM never fails to impress! This trend setter is always up to something big. Just this month, OFM enhanced their Marque reception desk collection with the addition of a super swanky white finish option that's complimented by silver metal frame trim. These contemporary reception desks from OFM feature curved fronts that look great from every angle. Marque stations are available in 5 sizes that can be equipped with ADA compliant sections for hand-capped and elderly office visitors. Leave no doubt, white reception desks will be trending big time in 2016!

OFM Endure Series Powered Table
In addition to the their all new white reception desks, OFM also gave us innovative new powered tables. Endure tables feature retractable stools that support users up to 300 pounds. All models are equipped with surface level power ports that include AC and USB inputs. Endure tables can be used individually, or connected to form larger configurations. This soon to be best selling collection provides the perfect blend of retro, industrial, and modern design characteristics.

Global Total Office Zira Powered TableTaking on a conference room makeover project? Keep your space up to date with furniture and seating from Global Total Office. Last year, Global Zira series conference tables stole the show. In 2016, their poised for a repeat performance. These high tech boardroom solutions can be equipped with HDMI, USB, AC, Audio, Phone, Ethernet, and other advanced input options. The Zira collection is still on the upswing. These tables aren't new to the industry, but they are still trending big time!

Global Total Office Solar ChairGlobal's new Solar seating collection is perfect for the conference room! These sleek mesh chairs are available in a choice of alabaster and asphalt frame finishes to compliment a wide range of mesh color options. Released just a few short weeks ago, the Solar collection has enjoyed immediate success. These mesh conference room seating solutions are the work of renowned designer Paul Brooks. The Solar comes equipped with an integrated swivel tilt function that requires no bulky control mechanism. The result is a beautifully fluid structure that promotes a clean look in any interior it graces. While designed for conference room applications, the space saving features of the Solar also make it a perfect choice for professional training, private office, and classroom environments.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Shop Smart: 2016's Best Boardroom Table Buys

Selecting the perfect meeting table for your business can be a difficult task. That being said, we've got you covered. In today's post we'll highlight 2016's best boardroom room tables from industry leading brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, OFM, and more. Rest assured, the tables showcased here will improve corporate appeal and impress your valued meeting guests. Shop smart in 2016 by selecting one of these awesome tables!

Best Conference Table BuyWith more than 10 full service furniture collections, Mayline offers the largest selection of professional conference room tables. This year, their Medina tables have firmly cemented themselves on the best sellers list. The Medina MNC8 model 8' conference table is available now for just $503.99. This hybrid boat shaped table boasts straight sides and curved ends that are complimented by a unique silver modesty panel. The MNC8 table, and all others from the Medina collection are available with power modules starting at just $205.00. Leave no doubt, this will be 2016's most popular conference table collection.

Amber Series Modular Conference Table
Cherryman Industries understands the needs of your growing business. This year, smart shoppers will turn to popular Cherryman conference tables from the Amber collection to simultaneously improve functionality and efficiency. Amber conference room tables like the AM-410N boast expandable tops that allow you to increase surface length without the purchase of a whole new table. At just $989.00, the AM-410N is the best modular conference table buy of 2016.

Discount Conference TableSelecting a conference table from OFM will ensure your business maximizes visual appeal, and the budget! Popular OFM conference tables like the 55118 make installation a breeze. These modular tables require no tools for assembly. With OFM's patented quick connect system, tables like the 55118 can be configured in minutes. The 55118 table is available in 3 quick shipping finish options that will also help you meet tight conference room makeover deadlines. At just $646.99, this table for meetings from OFM is also a great buy that will help maximize your shopping budget.

Affordable Conference Table
Smart conference table shoppers looking to save big in 2016 will turn to Offices To Go. This industry leading furniture and seating manufacturer provides best selling workplace solutions designed to maximize style with a minimal financial investment. Check out the Offices To Go SL9544RS model conference table and you'll see what we mean. Priced at $358.99, this professional table boasts a 95" wide top and attractive racetrack design. The SL9544RS is available in 5 attractive finish options. Matching storage products and presentation boards are available to complete your space.

High Tech Conference Table with Power
When the average conference room table won't cut it, turn to Global Total Office. The tables from Global's Zira collection are amongst the best in the business. Global Zira series powered conference room tables are available with high tech modules that can be equipped with USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, Ethernet, and other user friendly input options designed to help you streamline the meeting process. When it comes to powered conference room tables in 2016, Zira reigns supreme. All Zira tables are available in oval, racetrack, and rectangular variations. More than 20 attractive finishes are available, along with 2 popular edge styles to help you add a personal touch. Zira tables like the Z48120REE offer 10' long tops and an abundance of modern appeal that will no doubt earn your space the compliments it deserves. Zira tables are a bit more pricey than the other models highlighted in today's post. That being said, if your business needs top notch power options in the boardroom, there is no better solution than Zira.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Office Design 101: Keep It Contemporary In 2016

Modern and contemporary office furniture will dominate the market yet again in 2016. This year, brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM will all raise the bar with trend setting desk collections, reception stations, conference tables, and professional seating solutions. In today's post we'll highlight ways to keep your space up to date with the latest trends and the products you'll need to get the job done right. Enjoy!

First things first, you'll need to start your contemporary office makeover project off with a great chair. We highly recommend selecting a "smart chair" from a brand like Global Total Office. Smart chairs provide excellent comfort without the need for constant lever pulling and tension knob adjusting. High tech smart chairs like the 6671-2 Vion chair from Global Total Office will take office comfort to the next level. This cutting edge chair articulates like a human spine and allows the chair back to reshape itself to mimic any user's profile. The Vion automatically responds to body movements and sitting positions to provide you with the comfort you need, when you need it. Other contemporary smart chairs like Global's G20 should also be considered in 2016. Both models are available in a wide range of cool mesh and seat color combinations.

Once you've selected the perfect contemporary office chair for your space, it's time to build a workstation around it. This year, brands like Mayline will reign supreme with innovative desk collections like Sterling and Medina. These full service lines offer a variety of U shaped desks, corner desks, L shaped desks, and modular executive workstations that will earn your interior the compliments it deserves. Medina and Sterling desk configurations also come equipped with the storage components needed to help keep you well organized. Both Sterling and Medina are available in trend setting finish options like Gray Steel and Textured Driftwood.

Design Tip:

Go with gray in 2016! Gray wood grain furniture and gray leather office chairs are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of interior design teams and shoppers looking to craft high end contemporary interiors.

Space Planning Tip:

Before selecting a contemporary office desk for your work space, be sure to obtain accurate dimensions of your interior. Take note of entry ways, windows, and power outlets that will affect your furniture layout.

With a smart chair and trend setting desk configuration, you're space will be nearly complete! To take you interior to the next level, you'll need to integrate a couple of key ergonomic office accessories to help keep you productive.

Start with an articulating sit to stand keyboard tray from a brand like Symmetry Office. A sit to stand keyboard tray will help you compute at correct angles to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You'll also be encouraging continuous movement and improving blood flow throughout the day when switching from sitting to standing positions.

You'll also want to boost ergonomic efficiency and contemporary appeal with the addition of a dual screen monitor arm. A dual monitor mount will help increase the rate at which you compute by decreasing the amount of time you spend clicking between tabs. A dual monitor arm will also provide you with a wide range of versatile adjustments that will no doubt come in handy during those busy days in the office.

Last but certainly not least, no contemporary office space can be truly complete without the addition of a cool room accents. Before your room arrives, consider painting your space. Once your furniture is installed, get a feel for your new furniture configuration. Consider the addition of a unique area rug, wall art, and lighting fixtures to help your space stand out from the competition.

Leave not doubt, contemporary interiors will earn high marks in 2016. To take your space to the next level, you'll need to get inspired. Browse social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram for cool interiors. You'll be rewarded with plenty of great ideas to kick your appeal into high gear. To aid in you quest to create the ultimate office space, we've provided a helpful list of manufacturers below.

Best Contemporary Office Furniture Brands:

Global Total Office
Cherryman Industries

Best Contemporary Seating Brands:

Eurotech Seating
Woodstock Marketing
Global Total Office
RFM Preferred Seating

Best Ergonomic Brands:

ESI Ergonomic Solutions
Symmetry Office
Ergonomic Contract Furniture
Systematix Inc.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kick Off 2016 With An Awesome New Chair!

Finding a quality office chair designed to meet your specific needs is easier than ever. This year, brands like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, and Offices To Go have all introduced amazing seating solutions equipped with the ergonomic features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. In today's post we'll highlight 5 awesome chairs guaranteed to help you kick off 2016 in style and comfort!

Global Total Office 6331-0-C Vion ChairFirst up, the 6331-0-C model Vion Chair from Global Total Office. The Vion seating collection was designed by the incredible Zooey Chu. This revolutionary chair line provides top notch comfort at a price point any shopper will appreciate. Vion offers simple transitional design, exception comfort, and tremendous value. With a mull functional mechanism, attractive arms, and a wide range of upholstery options, this versatile chair from Global Total Office is the full package.

Ergo Elite Chair by EurotechNot all office chairs are created equal. Those from brands like Eurotech Seating will no doubt reign supreme in 2016. Take one sit in a Eurotech chair like the ME22ERGLT model from the Ergo Elite collection and you'll see what we mean. As one of the most advanced mesh back chairs on the market, the ME22ERGLT was designed for high end work environments. These innovative chairs provide unmatched support and the ergonomic features needed to make it through those long days in the office.

Wood and Leather Office ChairIf the modern office seating trends flooding the market just aren't your style, we highly recommend keeping it traditional in 2016 with an awesome chair like the 11300B from Offices To Go. This wood accented executive office chair provides well padded seating surfaces and arms. The 11300B sports an everyday low price of just $216.95. The Cordovan wood arm and base finish pairs well with Offices To Go desks, reception stations, and conference room tables.

iDesk Curva ChairThe iDesk office chair collection took 2015 by storm. Industry professionals, shoppers, and interior designers all chose iDesk seating for office makeover projects designed around ergonomics and modern appeal. This year, the iDesk Curva chair has cemented itself onto the best sellers list. Designed by Milan architects for high end conference room and executive applications, the Curva chair boasts contemporary curves and unmatched attention to details. These elite level chairs will no doubt earn your interiors the positive compliments they deserve.

Mayline Living Chair
Last but certainly not least, we present to you the amazingly cool Living Chair by Mayline. This intensive use task chair makes it easy to sit correctly in the workplace. The Living Chair boasts a passive seat slider that's weight activated. The chair's flexible back provides constant support that adjusts to you as you sit and move naturally. The chair seat automatically adjusts to the user and distributes weight without the need for constant adjusting. To make a long story short, the Living chair is an ergonomic seating solution that moves with you. With this chair you can actually achieve more by doing less. If you're the type of individual that likes to take a "set it and forget it" approach, this new Mayline chair is the perfect option for you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

5 Desk Collections Trending In January

Shopping for a new office desk configuration for the home or business? You're in luck! Industry leading brands like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries are making it easier than ever to create out of this world work spaces with their best selling collections. In today's post, we'll highlight this months hottest desk lines and the features that make them the best in the business.

Mayline Medina FurnitureIt would only be right to kick things off with the hottest collection on the market. To say that the Mayline Medina office furniture collection has been incredibly popular would be a major understatement. This popular collection has broken several records with it's unique finish options and high end modern appeal. Medina desk configurations like the MNT39 provide the components you'll need to get your executive work space looking great. This U shaped workstation offers plenty of operational space and storage. At just $1656.99, this Medina desk is also a great buy. To make a long story short, Medina offers unmatched appeal at pricing any shopper will appreciate. Leave not doubt, it will be the hottest collection this month and beyond.

Mayline Sterling DeskMayline's new Sterling collection is just starting to build momentum. Officially released just a few short weeks ago, the desks and workstations from this line are really catching on with shoppers and interior designers. Sterling office desks are available in trend setting finish options like Textured Brown Sugar that are breath of fresh air when compared to the classic cherry, maple, and mahogany tones that dominated the market in years passed. Sterling layouts like the STL10 are perfect for upscale executive environments. This luxurious office desk layout is enhanced with sleek curves and opaque acrylic accents. Look for Sterling to make it's way onto the best sellers list before February!

Offices To Go DeskMayline's not the only furniture manufacturer dominating the desk world. Offices To Go has gotten in on the action with their Superior Laminate collection. This trending line has been around for some time, but remains a top choice of budget shoppers not looking to sacrifice quality. Superior Laminate desk configurations can be used effectively for both home and professional applications. With popular finish options like espresso, you'll be able to integrate an affordable workstation into your space that looks far more expensive and luxurious than your cost will indicate. Trending Superior laminate configurations like the SL-H even include side meeting tables for strategy and planning sessions. At just $1611.99, this executive furniture set provides unmatched value.

Modern Office Desk
When the average desk configuration won't cut it, turn to Cherryman Industries for help. This respected brand takes pride in crafting some of the most innovative desk layouts on the market from their popular Verde collection. Verde stations combine unique finishes with white accents and modular design characteristics. Take one look at a popular Verde office desk like the VL-705N and you'll see what we mean! This 6 piece set boasts a 72" wide bow front desk, pedestals, a lateral file cabinet, hutch, and storage cabinet for the everyday low price of $2620.00. Additional Verde layouts are available with corner, U shaped, and L shaped designs to meet the specific needs of any space.

Mesa Desk Collection by OFMLast but certainly not least, OFM's Mesa desk collection has been a big hit in January. As the industrial look has become incredibly popular, metal accented office desks like those from the Mesa collection have seen their popularity soar. OFM recently enhanced their Mesa product lineup with the addition of standing height desks that work great in professional training and classroom environments. Standing desks offer unique ergonomic benefits that include improved blood flow to reduce muscle strain and fatigue in the workplace. If this sounds appealing to you (which it should), we recommend checking out the new 66151 model from the Mesa collection. At just $330.99, you'll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Are You Sitting Superior?

Not all office chairs are created equal. This year, industry leading brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are raising the industry bar. The "smart chairs" from these brands make it easier than ever to sit superior in the workplace. In today's post, we'll highlight the ergonomic posture tips, tricks, and chairs available on the market to help you take your work life to a whole new level. Enjoy!

Office comfort starts with the chair! That being said, even the best office chair on the market is only as good as it's owner. If you want to sit superior, you can't be afraid to adjust your chair features. Take the time to master your chair's attributes. Watch demo videos online, read the instruction manual, and test out the functionality of every feature. Be willing to adapt at a moments notice without fear of "loosing a good sitting position".

To sit superior, you can't take a "set it and forget it" approach. Most seating professionals will adjust their personal chairs every hour. When sitting at your desk, make sure you keep your back in contact with the chair at all times. Each time you lean away, you're missing out on valuable support. Be sure to operate with your feet placed flat on the ground and facing forward. The day of using the base of your chair as a foot rest have got to stop. There's simply no ergonomic benefit to doing this.

2016 is going to be all about "smart chairs". To clarify, smart chairs will reduce the need for adjustment. You'll be able to take a seat and start working in your computer chair without the need to constantly pull levers and adjust tension knobs. This booming trend is rapidly becoming an industry standard.

This year, Global Total Office is hitting the ground running. The recent release of chair lines like G20, Vion, and Arti have industry professionals abuzz. The G20 chair is a synchronized tilter that automatically adjusts to body weight. The Vion collection is all about versatility. This popular new line offers chairs for tasking, conference, and training area applications that make finding the optimal working position a breeze. Global's new Arti chair articulates like the human spine and allows the chair to mimic any users profile.

Brands like Mayline are also jumping on board with the smart chair movement. Their new Living Task Chair is incredibly user friendly. The Living chair moves as you move. The passive seat slider is weight activated while the flexible back provides constant support that adjusts to you as you sit and move naturally. The chair seat automatically adjusts to it's user and distributes weight without the need for adjustment. Now that's cool!

In the long run, sitting superior in 2016 will take more than just a great chair. Studies have shown that placing a simple chart with posture reminders within view of your workstation will yield big time results. To truly sit superior, you have to be willing to make changes to your personal workplace habits. Select an awesome new "smart chair", master it's features, and sit in success.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Looking Ahead: Furniture Trends of 2016

It's going to be an awesome year in the world of furniture and seating. While 2015 will be hard to top, we certainly think it's possible. Brands like Mayline, OFM, and Global Total Office are raising the bar and introducing new products every month. In today's post we'll take a look ahead to see what trends are sure to emerge in the coming months. Enjoy!

1.) White Furniture

This year, we full expect white office furniture finishes to dominate the market. Mayline's new Medina office furniture collection now offers shoppers the ability to white out the workplace with the ultra cool new Sea Salt finish option. White wood grain tones provide a clean and sophisticated approach to workplace design.

OFM is also jumping in on the white furniture movement. They are now offering their full line of Marque reception desks in a white finish option that's sure to impress in guest waiting areas.

2.) Gray Furniture

Not feeling the white? No worries. Other wood finish options like gray are sure to be trending in 2016. The new Absolute Acajou finish from Global Total Office is available on the full range of Alba tables, 2gether tables, Zira and Princeton casegoods. We see this as a key sign that gray is going to be hot this season and beyond!

Need more proof? No problem! Both of Mayline's newest collections, Medina and Sterling are available in gray woodgrain tones that dominated the final quarter of 2015. As the year gets underway, this growing movement has only shown signs of building momentum.

3.) Gray Chairs

Another color trend to keep an eye on is gray chairs. While pairing gray chairs with gray furniture may be a little bit over the top, gray leather, fabric, and mesh chairs have rapidly become the preferred choice of interior design teams. Gray works well with white, as well as black, espresso, and other dark furniture finishes. Last year, white chairs were the top seller. We fully expect gray chairs to take over the market by the summer season.

4.) Powered Tables

This trend is not new to the industry, but it's still gaining momentum and has become a true industry standard. A powered conference and boardroom table will help your business streamline the meeting process. Powered tables are available with user friendly input options that include USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, Ethernet, and more.

5.) Powered Reception Furniture

Top furniture manufacturers are always in search of ways to improve the guest waiting experience. This year, it will be all about powered reception furniture. Global's new River and Citi Square collections are both available with easy to spec power options your office visitors will love. OFM is also making it easy for office guests to work while they wait. Take one look at a new OFM reception seating collection like Morph or Serenity and you'll see what we mean! These innovative lines will rock your waiting space without breaking the budget.

6.) Industrial Accents

We fully expect to see interior designers pairing modern office furniture with industrial lighting fixtures and wall art in 2016. Blending old in new provides a well rounded look that's sure to impress office visitors by providing ample aesthetic appeal. Cool industrial office accents can be widely found at salvage yards, garage sales, swap meets, flea markets, and antique stores.

7.) Modular Lobby Furniture

Tired of the same old sofa, lounge chair, and settee configurations seen in businesses lobbies? You're not alone! The industries most reputable brands decided to solve this mundane crisis with the introduction of modular furniture collections for office lobby applications. Rest assured, these popular new lines will be trending in 2016 and beyond as they provide design teams and businesses alike with the ability to create one of a kind layouts.

8.) Sit To Stand Products

The sit to stand revolution is in full swing! This year we expect even more manufactures will jump on board. Sit to stand desks, tables, and workstations promote continuous movement in the workplace while simultaneously improving blood flow. As sitting for long periods of time can actually take years of your life, don't be surprised to see sit to stand office furniture become the industry standard for both home and business applications.


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