Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Global Princeton Series Office Furniture Notes

The Princeton series of modular furniture by Global Total Office is on the cutting edge of todays modern office furniture movement. The design of Princeton reflects the personality of today's young, dynamic workforce. The freestanding, modular components build out from you and where you work. With over 200 available components, Princeton office furniture offers a flexible footprint that's simple to reconfigure. A variety of storage options allow you to do more with less space.

Select from 7 laminate finishes or a color combination with a white laminate top. Modesty panels are standard on desks, returns, and bridges. Princeton offers a mobile pedestal with front locking casters and a stool and rolling table with non-locking casters. Storage options include a cushion top bench that doubles as file storage, utility drawers with 1 recycling basket and 1 waste basket, overhead storage cabinets, and much m ore! Princeton also offers grommets and options Power Blocks for your electrical needs.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Contemporary Office Furniture Trends to Watch

In 2012 contemporary furniture seems to be the most popular solution to office furniture needs. This year we have seen a huge rise in modern and contemporary furniture lines. Manufacturers like OFM, Inc., Global Total Office, and Mayline Furniture continue to make huge contributions to the world of modern office furniture with incredibly cool collections that won't break your budget.

For a long time it was thought that modern meant expensive! This is no longer the case. Several of the hottest lines on the market in terms of modern office furniture are actually quite affordable. In years past, wood veneer was by far the most sought out style of office furnishing. Today laminate casegoods have really taken over. The level of quality has risen significantly. Most associated laminate furniture with being cheap and often unprofessional. Now, In most cases, laminate executive furniture is more durable and much more easily maintained. The selection of finishes is much better as well, allowing consumers to truly customize their space.

Another hot trend to keep an eye on is the use of metal and glass in the workplace. Especially when it comes to conference furniture, metal and glass are really taking over. Lightweight metals and tempered glass offer a really modern style that is sweeping boardrooms across the nation. Look for lines like Transaction and OFM conference tables to be popping up all over! These tables are extremely well made and will not break your budget. The Transaction series is actually technology intensive and can be configured to be one of the most advanced conference tables on the market. Just like with home kitchens, that industrial look of metal and commercial grade materials just seems to be hot!

Modular furniture is an industry buzz word that has been around forever. Consumers are really just starting to pick up on the benefits of investing in modular products for their business. Using modular workstations will allow you to reconfigure your space to meet your needs. This is especially beneficial as it allows you to add-on or enhance a workspace if you move or change offices. Nothing is worse than spending tons of money on gorgeous executive furniture and moving to a new office that it just won't fit properly in. Modular is modern, and the ability to customize and configure is just practical!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Defining Ergonomic Office Chair Features Will Save You Money

Before spending hard earned money, it's important to know the value of what you will be getting in return. When it comes to ergonomic office chairs, it's no different. In today's post we will cover several popular ergonomic chair features and define the purpose. How will this save you money? Quite frankly, most office chairs today offer a few necessary ergonomic features that are a must. Others offer bells and whistles that might not be necessary for you to spend money on. We recommend that you take the time to define the ergonomic features you feel are right for you and purchase your next office chair accordingly. Additionally, saving money on ergonomic features you don't need allows you to allocate funds to other areas!

Tension Adjustment: Increase or decrease chair tension to allow your body to rock comfortably without heavy pushing. This feature helps to reduce muscle fatigue.

Chair Tilt Lock: This features allows users the ability to lock their seat to accommodate individual position preferences. There are two types of chair tilt lock. These are single and infinite. Infinite allows you to lock the chair at any angle you choose.

Seat Height: This features has become a standard on most office chairs. As simple as it sounds, it really is an important ergonomic attribute to add to your office chair. Adjusting the seat height of a chair to meet your needs will take pressure off your thighs, which will subsequently ease blood flow.

Arm Height: Another common feature that should not be over looked. I personally would not purchase a chair that did not offer arm height adjustment. This valuable feature allows operators to reduce the muscular effort in the neck and shoulders, therefore minimizing the risk of pain.

Contoured Seat Cushions: Contoured cushions support the body effectively. They allow users to sit for longer periods comfortably. Thus increasing your productivity.

Width Adjustable Arms:
This feature allows outward movement of armrests to match shoulder breadth. This ensures that armrests properly support your forearms, thus reducing muscular effort in the neck and shoulders.

Synchro Tilt Movement:
Allows the backrest to reline at a faster rate than the seat which increases the angle between your torso and thighs. This ergo features enhances comfort and encourages dynamic body movement.

Waterfall Seat Edge: Reduces pressure at the back of the knee and improves blood flow.

These are just a few of the more common ergonomic chair features. Overall, it is important to understand the individual benefits of having each. In today's market, chairs can be seen with features from back adjustment to solar powered toaster ovens (that's a joke). In the long run, doing your homework on the front end can definitely save you money, while increasing your day to day efficiency in the workplace.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Office Furniture Deals You Can't Afford To Miss!

Here are a list of awesome office furniture deals good thru the end of May!

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Hopefully you've found these deals helpful! As always, if you think there is an area we can improve on, or where we can offer additional savings, please let us know!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Budget Friendly Executive Furniture Solutions

We all strive to provide an excellent and professional work atmosphere. For offices small and large, executive furniture is an excellent way to enhance your space. Understandably, the word 'executive' tends to leave us seeing dollar signs! However, with the brands and lines we've highlighted below, it doesn't have too. One executive furniture solution that has long been an industry favorite is the Corsica furniture series by Mayline. Corsica is a beautifully crafted hardwood veneer furniture line designed with contemporary style. Corsica is typically in stock and features a full selection of executive desks, conference tables, and reception stations ideal for upscale offices. The price range on this line is quite budge friendly. Pieces range from well under $1000.00 and go up based on the size and special requirements you have. The good news is that Corsica is modular, and easily added-on too. This way, you don't have to buy a huge furniture package all at one time. Overall, it's an excellent way to save!

 Another popular executive furniture line is the Offices To Go Ventnor series. Ventnor executive furniture packages are an excellent way to outfit an entire office in matching furniture. These awesome sets are available for offices small and large. They are typically stocked and can ship out in as little as two business days. The Ventnor line really takes the leg work out of shopping. It's really nice to avoid piecing an office together one item at a time. Ventnor furniture sets are modular and customizable to meet nearly any space requirement. Whether your in search of a single desk or a larger configuration, Ventnor is truly an excellent value.

 Laminate executive furniture lines are always more affordable than veneer. The common misconception is that they are "not as good" as veneer furniture sets, but I'm here to tell you, the Zira line of modular casegoods by Global Total Office, puts those myths to shame. With over 20 pre-configured executive furniture sets, Zira has something for everyone. If you are in the market for a truly modern and modular furniture line, Zira is without a doubt the choice for you! I had the opportunity to see several Zira configurations in person this past week while visiting a Global Showroom. I must say this furniture is stunning. It is very easily assembled and was by far the highlight of the showroom. I'm a fan of veneer furniture, but for the price, I would definitely save the money and go with Zira. Hopefully, those in the market for quality executive furniture solutions will consider the lines I've shared today. My goal is to provide consumers with information, tips, and advice before spending money on home and business furniture. As always, please feel free to contact us directly!

Thank You and Congragulations!

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you and congratulations to the winner of the Flash Furniture mesh back chair! Your new office chair was sent today. We will be sure to have more contests in the future and will continue to provide excellent savings on all things office furniture and seating. T hanks to everyone who purchased and participated in the giveaway contest! We truly appreciate your support.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Office Chair Giveaway! will be offering exclusive deals on furniture and seating through the month of May! The next 10 customers who purchase at will be entered to win this beautiful Mesh Back Ergo Chair! Enter the words "Free Chair Contest" in the order comments section during checkout for your chance to win! See the Office Chair.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Modern Office Furniture Collections to Consider in 2012

As we all know, modern office furniture is extremely popular. We all see posts, news, and pictures online of cool office furniture that we have no clue where to get. That being said, we have decided to highlight 3 modern office furniture lines we though you might like!

 The first line of furniture we want to share is the Verde Series by Cherryman Industries. Verde furniture by Cherryman consists of modern conference tables, reception desks, executive office desks and much more. It is a full service line that will allow you to provide a cohesive look throughout your office space. Verde is affordable, and can be found easily with free shipping. One of the best parts... it's typically in stock and ships within 48 hours!

 This bring us to our second line of modern furniture to consider in 2012, the Napoli series by Mayline. Most industry folk are familiar with Napoli as it has been a popular staple of the Mayline furniture lineup for years now. This is exactly why we've highlighted it! Napoli furniture by Mayline is reliable and extremely well reviewed online. It is available in three gorgeous finishes and typically ships quite fast. This is another full service line that features a huge selection of matching products. It is popular in some circles, but still does not get the respect it deserves! Consider it while in your search for office furniture in 2012 The last and final line of modern furniture you should consider this year is Ergonomic Concepts. As an up and coming manufacturer of modern ergonomic furniture, ECI really sells a top quality product. In particular, we would like to give a furniture shout out if you will to the height adjustable workstations. These things are awesome! If Ergonomic Concepts furniture is not on your mind when you think of top furniture brands, don't worry, they will be soon!


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