Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Office Makeover Tips: 5 Ways To Improve Your Interiors In 2018

Creating cool and up to date office interiors doesn't have to be a hassle. You just have to obtain a little product knowledge and research the latest trends. That's where we come in! In this edition of 'Office Makeover Tips' we'll provide you with 5 ways to improve comfort and corporate appeal in the new year. From articulating office chairs to light wood furniture finishes, the tips and suggestions provided today are sure to help you design impressive work environments.

1.) Articulating Chairs

Articulating Office Chair

First things first, you've gotta strive for a combination of comfort and appeal. Articulating office chairs are the perfect way to do just that. Essentially, articulating office chairs minimize the ergonomic learning curve by reducing the need for constant adjusting. A chair like the Arti from Global will automatically respond to your body movements to ensure a healthy sit. While a few basic adjustments will still be required, "smart chairs" like the arti will help you reach the cutting edge of comfort. As an added bonus, these modern ergonomic seating solutions also look incredible!

2.) Universal Power Modules

Universal Conference Room Power Module with USB Inputs

Purchasing powered office furniture is great. That said, it can be really expensive. If you're looking to improve collaboration and streamline productivity on a budget, universal power modules are the way to go. Popular options like the FlexCharge9 from ESI are available for well below $200.00. The benefits of having surface level USB and AC inputs during conference and training room sessions should not be overlooked in 2018.

3.) Sit To Stand Attachments

Sit To Stand Computer Workstation

Are you still spending all day working in an office chair? It's time for a change! Integrate a sit to stand computer workstation into your space in 2018 to improve posture and reduce fatigue. As we sit for long periods of time, even good posture habits start to suffer. A few minutes of stand-up operating every hour will go a long way towards boosting productivity levels throughout task filled work days.

4.) Lively Accents

Succulent Arrangement

Accents go a long way in the quest for improved office interiors. Simply opening up your blinds and letting in some natural light will make your space feel more alive. In addition, you might consider kicking those faux plants to the curb. Exchange them out for something real. A succulent arrangement can be create for less than $20.00. They require very little maintenance and they'll make for a more relaxing and visually appealing interior. The ways to improve office interiors with plant life are truly endless. Social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram will help you get creative.

5.) Light Wood Finishes

Light Wood Office Furniture

In 2017 gray and white office furniture finishes were the latest craze. In the new year, light tones will be taking over. Take a look at the all new Autumn Walnut finish available on the components from the Superior Laminate Series by Offices To Go and you'll see what we mean. Light finish options like Autumn Walnut will help you create interiors that blend the best of modern and traditional vibes. If you're looking to avoid the overly modern trends without going totally old school, light finishes will help. With light wood tones you'll be able to create open, visually appealing, and well rounded interiors that positively impact your valued visitors.

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