Monday, February 29, 2016

Life In The Cube: 2016's Hottest Task Chairs

When you spend your days in a cubicle, comfort and support are top concerns. That being said, you'll need a well designed ergonomic office chair that's up to the challenge. Today on the blog we've got you covered! Here we'll be highlighting 2016's hottest new task chairs from reputable brands like Offices To Go, OFM, Global Total Office, and more. Enjoy!

Offices To Go 11322B Chair
Offices To Go 11322B
First up, the model 11322B Office Chair from Offices To Go. Take one look at the well padded seat that comes standard on this tasker and you'll know it means business! The 11322B isn't your average chair. It boasts a weight sensing mechanism that automatically adjusts to help you find the perfect operating position within your cubicle. At just $229.00, it's one of the most advanced chairs you can purchase at this price point.

OFM 247 Office Chair
OFM, Inc. 247
Finding a quality big and tall chair that doesn't lack in terms of style can be a difficult to stay the least. Pair that with the need for healthcare grade upholstery and it's near impossible. Luckily, OFM has your back! Their 247 model big and tall office chair supports users up to 400 pounds and sports an anti microbial upholstery that's ready to withstand whatever you can throw at it. This multi functional task chair boasts adjustable arms and an advanced mechanism equipped with a one touch sliding seat feature.

Vion Task Chair
Global Total Office 6331-0
When it comes to high quality ergonomic task seating solutions, nobody does it better than Global Total Office. When the average office chair just won't cut it, Global's made to order models are the way to go. Chairs like the Vion provide unmatched appeal and adjustable attributes. The 6331-0 Vion chair is one of the best tasking models available in 2016. This highly advanced and equally comfortable chair comes standard with everything you need to operate in posture perfect positions throughout those long days in the cube. Vion chairs are available in a wide range of upholstery options that allow you to add a personal touch to your chair.

2016's Best Task Chairs
iDesk 401B
Comfortable, affordable, effective! These 3 words best describe the iDesk Ambarella office chair from Cherryman Industries. The 401B model Ambarella chair is available in 2016 for just $206.50. We feel it's the absolute best chair on the market at this price point. The Ambarella comes standard with built in guides for personal adjusting, a natural lumbar support, 2" thick seat, and advanced syncro tilt mechanism with seat slider. Talk about value!

Tetra Chair by Eurotech
Eurotech MF272BLK
Last but certainly not least, we present to you the MF272BLK Tetra chair from Eurotech Seating. At just $177.50, the Tetra comes in at the most affordable chair highlighted in today's article. That being said, it's ready to hold it's own in the ergonomic department. The MF272BLK sports a breathable mesh back that provides excellent support. The adjustable T shaped arms will help any user achieve the correct computing angles. The waterfall seat edge improves blood flow and reduces knee strain while working. Additional features like the syncro tilt mechanism, tilt tension control, and tilt lock combine to make the Tetra an excellent option for active work environments. You simply can't go wrong with this value priced office chair. The Tetra is ready to kick cubicle comfort into high gear without breaking the bank.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Top 5 Office Chairs of 2016

It's time to kick office discomfort to the curb! This year, industry leading seating manufacturers are making it easy to sit correct. Today on the blog we're highlighting our top 5 favorite office chairs of 2016. These high end seating solutions provide the style characteristics and adjustable features needed to help you reach peak performance levels in the workplace. Enjoy!

G20 Cloud ChairFirst up, the Global Total Office G20 cloud chair. This top of the line office chair provides unmatched appeal and the ergonomic features needed to enhance any interior. The G20 cloud chair comes standard with a synchronized tilting mechanism that automatically adjusts to the user's weight when sitting. The lumbar support is fully active and can be moved up and down to suit personal preferences. Leave not doubt, this chair means business! At $580.99, the Cloud chair is a great buy.

iDesk Oroblanco ChairThe iDesk Oroblanco chair from Cherryman Industries makes it's way onto our best sellers list month after month. This incredibly user friendly mesh back task chair comes standard with built in guides for personal adjusting, as well as an advanced multi functional mechanism that makes finding the perfect sit a quick and painless process. At just $339.00, the iDesk Oroblanco chair is hands down the best chair buy of 2016. Choose from a variety of seat color options to personalize your space!

Offices To Go 11858BOffices To Go never fails to impress. This highly respected seating manufacturer specializes in the provision of affordable office chairs that ship from the factory within 2 business days. Professional grade office chairs like OTG 11858B model are perfect executive office and conference room applications. This high back leather office chair boasts a super cool segmented cushion design that's complimented by a polished chrome base and arms. The 11858B is sure to keep any user comfortable with it's thick padded surfaces and swivel tilt mechanism with tilt tension adjustment.

The Mayline Living Chair
Can you say wow factor? The all new Mayline Living chair is nothing short of impressive. This chair drew huge crowds at last years NeoCon event. The Living chair moves with the user to prevent the need for constant adjusting. This highly advanced office chair from Mayline allows you to achieve more by doing less. Needless to say, this is incredibly appealing to chair shoppers. At just $399.99, the Living chair provides ergonomic technology not found on chairs priced 3 times as much.

Ergohuman High Back Chair
Last but certainly not least, we love the LE9ERG high back leather Ergohuman series chair from Eurotech Seating. Sure the LE9ERG has been around for a couple years, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. If you want the absolute best and won't settle for less, this executive office chair is a must consider. With a long list of adjustment features that includes popular features like tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle adjustment, synchro-tilt, seat height adjustment, back height adjustment, and more, finding a better sit is near impossible. The Ergohuman line has become the preferred choice of industry professionals and ergonomists. These chairs are easy to use and master on a daily basis. The Ergohuman works great in both home and professional settings. While the $649.00 price tag may be a bit much for the average consumer, those who can swing the investment will be rewarded with supreme comfort throughout even the most rigorous days in the workplace.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's New? Shankar Side Chairs from Woodstock Marketing!

Woodstock Marketing Shankar Chair ReviewThe Woodstock Marketing team is at it again! This up and coming seating provider is rapidly becoming the go to brand for contemporary chairs specifically designed to maximize comfort and corporate appeal. Today on the blog we'll review Woodstock's all new Shankar series side chair and it's unique benefits. Enjoy!

Shankar Side ChairThe Shankar series side chair from Woodstock Marketing blends retro and contemporary design characteristics to form one of the coolest new guest seating solutions of 2016. With a sled base design and perforated polypropylene back rest, the Shankar boasts excellent durability and functionality.

Stackable Guest ChairsThese new side chairs are perfect for professional lobby and waiting room applications. The Shankar chair is available in 3 attractive fabric color options that match Woodstock's popular Ravi collection. If you haven't put two and two together, that makes for Ravi Shankar! Use both of these popular office chair lines together to make your space pop!

Shankar Guest Chair - Rear ViewThe Shankar lives up to it's name. This virtuoso inspired side chair offers an innovative look that's sure to impress even the harshest critics. The Shankar makes it easy to maximize any guest waiting area. When not in use, they can be effectively stacked up to 5 high on the ground without the need for an aftermarket chair dolly.

Shankar Chair with Gray SeatIn terms of price, the Shankar chair is an excellent value. These cost effective side chairs are sold in packs of 2 for just $378.00. As an introductory offer, Woodstock is allowing all of their trusted dealers to provide Shankar chairs with free shipping throughout the US. Needless to say, you'll be hard pressed to find more for the money!

When it comes to selecting guest chairs for waiting area applications, you'll be at no shortage of options. That being said, not all chairs are created equal. Those like the Shankar reign supreme. With a frame that's ready to support users up to 250 pounds, well padded seat, anti tip glides, and generous dimensions, the Shankar is the full package.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Capitalize On Comfort: 5 Tips For A Better Sit

Office Chair Posture Tips
These days, it's all about ergonomics in the workplace. To operate at peak performance levels, you've got to be comfortable. By forming good posture habits and sitting techniques you'll be ready, willing, and able to adjust at a moments notice to achieve the correct operational position. Today on our first ever Capitalize On Comfort post, we'll highlight 5 key ways to improve your sit. Enjoy!

1.) Master The Mechanism

You can't take a "set it and forget it" approach to ergonomics in the workplace. While one chair operating position may be great for a variety of tasks, it's not the be-all-end-all solution to sitting correctly. Take the time to read the owner's manual that came with your chair and watch a couple of demo videos online to help you master your tasking chair mechanism. The mechanism located under your seat is essentially the brain. It controls about 80% of the functions associated with your chair. With an improved knowledge of how your chair mechanism works, you'll be more confident when adjusting. That confidence and knowledge will result in an improved sitting experience you can rely on day-in and day-out.

2.) Keep Feet Flat and Forward

It's time to stop propping up your feet on the base of your office chair. It's not a foot rest. We call this poor sitting position "The Percher". Don't extend your legs and cross your feet out in front of you. This operating position is known as "The Lounger". These bad sitting habit results in poor blood flow that results in muscle stiffness and even cramping over long periods of time. Make it a point to work with you feet facing flat on the ground and facing forward. This stance encourages good posture, stability, and support.

3.) Let The Chair Get Your Back

Every time you lean away from your office chair to reach for items around your workstation, you're missing out on key support. Do you hunch over your desk top and keyboard tray when typing? If so, you're spine isn't properly supported. You've gotta let the chair get your back! It's incredibly important to maintain contact with the chair's seating surfaces at all times when working. In the long run, your office chair wants to help you be at your best. If you lean away, it can't do it's most important job! Take your sitting experience to the next level by remembering to keep your back in contact with the chair back as much as possible.

4.) Don't Look Down

Don't worry, this tip has nothing to do with heights! That being said, looking down when you're typing can cause big time pain and strain. To improve your sit and avoid this common problem, raise your computer screens up to eye level. If you don't want to spend the money on an ergonomic computer screen mount for your office, a stack of books will get the job done in the mean time. If you're looking down to type because you need to see the keys, consider taking an online typing course. Take the initiative to improve your workplace capabilities. You'll be glad you'd did. Learning to type without looking at the keys will improve your overall efficiency while simultaneously reducing neck strain associated with looking down all day!

5.) Take A Break

Sitting for extended periods of time can actually shorten your life space. Believe it or not, to improve your sit, you actually need to stand up! Taking a short break once every hour will allow you to properly stretch out your muscles. When you return to your computer chair you'll be ready to tackle your tasks in comfort. The longer we sit, the more likely fatigue, strain, stress, and soreness become factors. Fight back by taking short breaks as often as possible. Too busy to take breaks throughout the day? Consider switching to a sit to stand ergonomic desk or keyboard tray. These handy ergonomic tools promote continuous movement in the workplace and improve blood flow.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Save The Budget With Offices To Go Furniture

Offices To Go Furniture Review
You can't go wrong with Offices To Go Furniture. This industry leading manufacturer takes pride in crafting professional grade desks, conference tables, reception stations, and versatile storage products at discount prices. Today on the blog we'll highlighting OTG's best furnishings. We'll take an in-depth look at the products that make this brand one of the best in the business. Enjoy!

Offices To Go Desk ConfigurationOffices To Go offers 3 main furniture collections for shoppers to choose from. The Superior Laminate Casegoods Collection is our personal favorite and it also happens to be the least expensive. Those going for a more luxurious interior can still save big by going with either the Margate or Ventnor veneer collections from Offices To Go.

The Offices To Go desks are perfect for both home and business use. Those from the Superior Laminate collection are available in 4 quick shipping finish options that will help you effectively accommodate tight project deadlines. High end workstations and executive layouts from Offices To Go can be purchased in preconfigured sets to help save you precious time and money.

Offices To Go Conference FurnitureYou can't beat Offices To Go conference tables. With a variety of sizes to choose from, OTG tables provided unmatched versatility and value. The oval shaped conference room table models from Offices To Go are not available with power, but they do make up for this one key downfall with high quality materials and long term durability. Limited on space? No need to worry. Offices To Go also offers attractive round top meeting tables for tighter areas.

It's important to create a lasting first impression on valued office visitors. That being said, the reception desks from Offices To Go will help you do just that without breaking the budget. Offices To Go reception and welcome desk configurations are available in stand alone and L shaped variations to meet the needs of any space. Reception desks like the SL-O are available for just $735.99. Talk about value! This L shaped unit boasts a 71" wide front section that's complimented by a 42" reversible return and box box file pedestal.

Offices To Go Reception FurnitureThey say no office interior is complete without the right combination of storage products needed to stay well organized. We couldn't agree more. Finding versatile storage products that don't lack in terms of style is difficult to stay the least. Luckily, Offices To Go has your back! The wall cabinets, overhead hutch units, bookcases and lateral filing cabinet configurations from this reputable brand will have your workspace operating at peak performance levels in no time.

We give Offices To Go 5 stars for their best selling office furniture solutions. If you're going for high end appeal without spending a fortune, you can't go wrong with the products from this reputable brand. Offices To Go furniture is built to last, looks great, and ships quick. You'll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Mayline Furniture Collections Transform Interiors

Mayline never fails to impress. This industry leading brand takes pride in crafting some of the most innovative workplace furniture solutions on the market. Leave no doubt, 2016 will be no different. This year, Mayline is paving the way for exciting new trends with collections like Medina, Sterling, ML, Cohere, and RGE. Today on the blog we'll highlight these awesome new lines and their unique benefits. Enjoy!

Mayline Medina Conference FurnitureMayline hit a home run with the new Medina office furniture collection. With distinctive characteristics incorporated from the Napoli collection and laminate surfaces, Medina products provided unmatched style and value. The modular office desk configurations, powered conference tables, and reception stations from Medina are available in 5 trend setting finish options. All of the furniture from the Medina line ships within 2 days of order. Meeting your project deadlines has never been easier. Look for the Medina collection to continue it's dominance in 2016 and beyond.

Mayline Sterling FurnitureTransform your interiors with furniture from the Mayline Sterling collection in 2016. Sterling products offer the perfect combination of modern and traditional appeal. The desks from this luxury casegoods line boast opaque acrylic modesty panels that really make them pop in workplace. Sterling desks are available in stand alone, U shaped, and corner variations to meet the needs of any space. Sterling conference room tables boast thick, boat shaped surfaces and intricate bases. Take one look at the reception desks from this collection and you'll quickly see what sets it apart from the competition. Sterling welcome stations combine curved glass transaction counters with wide work surfaces and unique storage components. This best selling line is a must consider in 2016.

Mayline ML SeriesHeight adjustable workstations are becoming the industry standard. As businesses look to promote ergonomics in the workplace, electronic table and desk collections like those from Mayline's new ML series are rapidly building momentum. The ML collection makes it easy to create multi user workstations built around collaboration. These user friendly tables are available in a wide range of sizes to maximize your square footage. ML tables are perfect for work floor, private office, school, and training room applications.

Mayline Cohere FurnitureWhen the average office furniture collection just won't cut it, turn to the custom solutions provided by the Mayline Cohere series. This extremely versatile line offers the modular components needed to create one of a kind interiors. Cohere products can be effectively used in guest waiting, break room, conference room, boardroom, and training areas. Cohere tables are available in a seemingly limitless array of attractive surface and base finish options.

RGE Height Adjustable TablesHaving a single height adjustable ergonomic furniture line would be a great accomplishment for most furniture manufacturers in 2016. That being said, Mayline isn't your average manufacturer. Their new RGE line makes it easy to promote continuous movement in the workplace. RGE height adjustable tables improve blood flow and simultaneously reduce fatigue. As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, utilizing adjustable workstations from the RGE collection is just plain responsible. These versatile tables can do it all! RGE works well in private office, school, and work floor applications.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Office Furniture Review: Mayline Meeting Plus Tables

Mayline Meeting Plus Table ReviewMayline makes it easy to take training room interiors to the next level. This industry leading brand takes pride in crafting the functional, versatile, and stylish tables needed to boost productivity and performance in the workplace. In today's post we'll review the Mayline Meeting Plus collection. These user friendly tables are a must consider for any 2016 training room makeover project.

At first glance you'll notice the simple yet sophisticated details that surround the Meeting Plus line. These tables are built for business! They don't offer the overly modern design characteristics found on many of today's top rated collections. Instead, Meeting Plus provides a well rounded look and universal appeal that's sure to be a compliment to any interior.

Mayline Meeting Plus Table
Meeting Plus fixed leg training tables offer both flexibility and exceptional durability. The high pressure laminate tops are 1 1/8" thick and feature a distinctive knife edge. If the Meeting Plus collection had a slogan, it would be "built to last". These heavy duty training tables are hard to beat. They are ready for the demands of intensive use environments.

Up against a tight project deadline? The rectangular Meeting Plus training tables from Mayline are available on an awesome quick ship program. Your table order will typically ship out from the factory within 2 business days. If the quick shipping cherry and mocha finish options aren't your style, choose from over 400 custom options that can be made to order in just a few short weeks.

Mayline Training Table ReviewPie shaped connectors and transition tables make it easy to create unique configurations designed to meet the needs of any space. Don't be limited by your workspace layout. The Meeting Plus training room table line will allow you to think outside the box in order to maximize functionality.

All Meeting Plus tables and accessories feature metal-to-metal connections that allow for quick, sturdy installation. With a partner, you should be able to assemble a table from this collection in about 20 minutes. The ganging brackets make for reliable attaching that prevents tables from sliding apart when working.

Training Room Furniture from MaylineThe Meeting Plus collection was specifically designed for professional training room applications. That being said, these high quality tables are also perfect for classroom use. Any university will love the modularity and capabilities provided by this top notch line!

Meeting plus office tables can also be equipped with power modules to help streamline your meetings and presentations. With wire management modesty panels, routing unsightly wires is easier than ever. Your valued visitors will be able to plug and play to get the most out of any collaboration session!

Mayline Training Table RatingWe give this Mayline training room furniture collection 3.5 out of 5 stars. The fixed leg design provides unmatched stability. That being said, we'd like to see a mobilized base option and more up to date finish options on the quick ship program. Meeting plus tables will look great for years. If the funds are tight and you don't want to sacrifice visual appeal and performance, give this well rounded collection a serious look in 2016. You'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Furniture Life: The Best of February 2016

Brands like Mayline, OFM, Cherryman Industries, and Global Total Office are doing big things in February. The furniture and seating from these highly respected brands will transform your interiors into works of functional art. In today's edition of Furniture Life we'll take a look at this month's hottest products. Enjoy!

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Tables
Mayline's all new ML height adjustable ergonomic table collection is a real winner. These user friendly table can be outfitted with high tech ergonomic add-ons that allow them to become self contained operating stations. ML tables promote continuous movement in the workplace, boost blood flow, and reduce fatigue. The ability to quickly switch from sitting to standing will help you avoid extended sits that cause major health risks. Look for this hot new line to continue it's success in 2016 and beyond.

Flip-N-Go Silver Base Training Tables by MaylineMayline's highly regarded Flip-N-Go training tables are now available with swanky silver bases! This long time favorite line kicks functionality and versatility into high gear. These training room tables from Mayline can be nested along perimeter walls when not in use to save space. Drop the top, roll your Flip-N-Go tables into position, and create unique table layouts when you need them! The new silver base tables from the Mayline Flip-N-Go collection are available in a wide range of size and surface finish options to compliment your interiors.

OFM Endure Series
Go retro with your makeover project with the help of OFM Endure series furniture and seating! This industrially inspired line of adjustable height stools and tables is sure to impress. The Endure collection was just enhanced with the addition of powered standing height gathering tables that are equipped with swivel-out stools. When the average furniture and seating just won't get the job done, turn to the innovative products from OFM incorporated. You'll be glad you did!

Global Total Office Citi SquareThe team at Global Total Office is always raising the bar. With the addition of a modernized responsive website came all new lounge and reception furniture from Global. Their cool modular seating from the Citi Square collection is a must see in February. If you're taking on a lounge, lobby, or reception area makeover project, the powered seating from this innovative line is ready, willing, and able to help you take your welcoming area to the next level. Sure a sofa and two lounge chairs will work in your space, but why not maximize your interior with a customized seating layout from the Citi Square collection? This new seating from Global Total Office is poised for a rapid rise to the top of best seller lists.

Last but certainly not least, we've got big news out of the Cherryman Industries camp! They're ready to dominate the market in 2016 with all new desks, tables, workstations, and storage solutions from their iDesk collection. The iDesk furniture line will make creating unique interiors a breeze. This full service office furniture line is based around open desking concepts and promoting collaboration. As iDesk furniture hasn't been officially released for sale, this sneak peek will have to do for now! Stay tuned for more info on the iDesk furniture line and it's unique benefits.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Shop Smart: 2016's Best Mesh Chair Buys

The mesh chair movement is in full swing. Mesh back office chairs provide excellent support at a fraction of the cost of fabric and leather seating solutions. In today's post we'll highlight 2016's best mesh chair buys from innovative seating manufacturers like Offices To Go, Cherryman Industries, and Woodstock Marketing. Enjoy!

Offices To Go Mesh Chair
First up, the 10904B model mesh chair from Offices To Go. At just $198.95, you'll quickly see why we chose this chair to kick off today's post. The 10904B offers the perfect combination of comfort and value. This high quality ergonomic chair comes standard with an adjustable lumbar support, T shaped arms, and advanced tilt mechanism.

iDesk Ambarella SeatingNot all mesh back office chairs are created equal. Models like the 401B from the Cherryman Industries iDesk Ambarella seating collection reign supreme. This cutting edge chair offers built in guides for personal adjustment, multi functional arms, and a natural lumbar support that work together to help any user find the correct operational position. Ambarella chairs are available in 2016 starting at just $206.50. Leave not doubt, these ultra comfortable chairs provide unmatched bang for the buck.

Ravi Mesh ChairMesh back office chairs have become incredibly popular for conference room applications. That being said, if you want to to make your meeting area stand out from the crowd in 2016, we recommend the Ravi chair from Woodstock Marketing. This sleek, contemporary mesh office chair boasts a contoured back, well padded seat, and box style arms. The Ravi is available in a wide range of attractive color combinations for just $229.00. The space saving design will help maximize the number of guests that can be comfortably accommodated around your boardroom table.

Eurotech Seating Astra ChairNobody does mesh seating better than Eurotech! Their MF2000BLK model Astra chair is highlighted by a unique back design that encourages upper body movement without restriction. This comfortable tasked is ideal for professional computing applications. At just $203.50, the Astra was a must have for today's post. Sit in it once, and you'll never settle for anything less.

Affordable, comfortable, and versatile! The Layover mesh back task chair from Ergo Contract Furniture offers excellent ergonomic features that work in harmony to improve functionality and performance in the workplace. These budget friendly chairs offer modern appeal and top notch adjustment features any user will surely appreciate. The Layover chair is available in 7 trendy mesh colors for just $267.99. Standard features like the convenient back handle, enclosed mechanism, extra thick molded foam seat with waterfall edge, and adjustable arms put the Layover chair in a league of it's own. The Layover provides optimal value and comfort superior to luxury seating solutions priced nearly 5 times higher.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Office All Stars: 2016's Coolest Lounge Collections

Looking to create an out of this world guest welcoming area in 2016? We've got you covered! In today's post we'll highlight the years coolest new lounge collections from brands like Global Total Office, OFM, Mayline, and Lesro Industries. The innovative chairs, sofas, and accents from these collections are sure to earn your interior the compliments it deserves. Enjoy!

River Modular Lounge
Fist up, the all new Global Total Office River collection. This full service line of powered lounge and reception seating offers the cutting edge components needed to create one-of-a-kind interiors. Take your River lounge seating configuration to the next level with power input options designed to improved the guest waiting experience. River chairs and sofas are available in mid and high back variations. Interior designers and industry professionals love the versatility and wide range of upholster options this new line has to offer.

Talk about wow factor! The Serenity powered lounge furniture collection from OFM is the full package. These comfortable, modern seating solutions are perfect for professional lobby and waiting room applications. Serenity chairs can be used to keep it simple or go over the top. Choose from 2 quick shipping color options to make your space stand out from the crowd.

Tablet Arm Lounge ChairTablet chairs are poised to dominate the market again in 2016. Brands like Mayline have capitalized on this growing movement with popular seating collections like Santa Cruz. The tablet arm lounge seating from this trending line are incredibly stylish and equally cost effective. Santa Cruz chairs like the VCCMT model are available in cream and black upholstery options that are  easy to clean and perfect for professional healthcare environments.

Lesro Amherst FurnitureNobody does lounge and reception furniture better than Lesro Industries. This highly respected brand specializes in the provision of customizable seating that's designed to meet the needs of any space. This year, popular Lesro collections like Amherst will make their impression felt. These new steel accent reception chairs provide unmatched durability. Integrate matching Amherst series tables to create a cohesive look throughout your waiting area.

Last but certainly not least, budget shoppers will have no problem outfitting their interiors in 2016 with cost effective lounge furniture from Flash Furniture. It just goes to show, you don't have to spend a small fortune to create a luxurious guest waiting area. New Flash Furniture lounge collections like Fusion offer the contemporary appeal needed to leave a lasting impression on valued visitors. Three piece packages that include a sofa, lounge chair, and settee are available from the Fusion collection for just $1478.99. Now that's value!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Boost Your Boardroom: 2016's Best Tables

Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM are ready to boost your boardroom in 2016. These industry leaders are hard at work crafting high tech tables designed to improve functionality and efficiency. In today's post, we'll review the best new conference and boardroom tables of 2016. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Zira Boardroom CollectionIt doesn't get cooler than the Global Total Office Zira boardroom furniture collection. This full service line of powered tables will take meeting performance to the next level. Zira boardroom tables can be equipped with Oasis modules featuring USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet input options. No matter the size of your space, rest assured, there's a Zira table out their for you. Global offers lot's of unique surface shapes and finish options to help any businesses personalize their interior. This table collection will reign supreme in 2016.

In addition to Zira, Global has also given us amazingly versatile modular boardroom solutions from their highly advanced Bungee SL table line. These connectable tables allow businesses to adapt and reconfigure interiors in a flash to meet the specific needs of any task. Bungee SL tables can be outfitted with mobilized bases, flip top mechanisms, and power modules. This ultra cool collection will turn any boring boardroom into a multi functional work space designed for peak performance levels.

Mayline Medina Conference Room FurnitureMayline is ready, willing, and able to boost the boardroom in 2016. Their super popular Medina collection is taking the furniture world by storm. With trend setting finish options like gray steel and textured sea salt, Medina provides a breath of fresh air that's very much appreciated by interior designers looking to step outside the realm of traditional cherry and maple finish options. The Medina conference room furniture collection boasts tables with straight sides, curved ends, and unique silver modesty panels. All tables are available with basic power modules starting at just two hundred bucks! Medina provides an unattached combination of value and appeal.

Contemporary Glass Conference TableGlass conference tables provide an industrial look that's sure to boost your boardroom. Take one look at a table like the  GT3977 model from OFM and you'll see what we mean. With heavy duty metal bases and thick surfaces, these contemporary boardroom solutions are truly top notch. Glass tables can be used to effectively compliment a wide range of light and dark furniture finishes. While most glass tables require custom manufacturing that's accompanied by a hefty price tag, the GT3977 conference table from OFM is available for just $876.99 in 2016.

Elliptical Top Powered Conference Table
Last but certainly not least, we highly recommend checking out a table from Lesro Industries Mystic collection in 2016. Known for their professional reception furniture, you may have missed these cutting edge tables from Lesro. That being said, it's time to give Mystic tables the credit they deserve. Available in rectangular, racetrack, and elliptical variations, Mystic tables are amongst the coolest boardroom solutions of 2016. Looking to streamline the meeting process? No problem! Add a centrally located power grommet to your Mystic table with AC and data input options. These top notch tables are available in 6 attractive finish options that work in harmony with industrially inspired metal legs. Choose from a wide range of matching Mystic series seating from Lesro to complete your space.


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