Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Purchase New Office Furniture

Is your office beginning to look decrepit? With beat-up old office chairs, torn up guest seating, and worn out desks, the place may be starting to resemble a zombie movie, but it definitely shouldn't stay that way. Bad furniture can have a huge impact on businesses, reducing clientele, diminishing productivity, efficiency, employee self-esteem, and worst of all, revenue. Terrible office furniture can take a huge toll on the business and everyone involved, so why let it stay that way? Your boss may try to argue, saying "how much could chairs and desks have changed in the past ten years?" Well, we're here to tell you that the office furniture world has been bursting with great new innovations like ergonomics scientifically proven to improve all aspects of the workplace. If you think your office could use a furniture makeover, here's a few of the best reasons that may help you convince your boss!

RFM Preferred Seating Verte Ergonomic ChairErgonomics

Since its recent rise in popularity, ergonomics has become the pride of the office furniture industry. Just about every office furniture manufacturer has cashed in on this brilliant scientifically proven innovation that maximizes comfort, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace. Ergonomic furniture is all about comfort, with highly adjustable features designed to improve and make efficient whatever task the object performs. Things like ergonomic desks and ergonomic office chairs are nearly always equipped with features that allow their users to change comfort settings so that they feel as though the furniture was made precisely for them. Even better, ergonomic furniture is specially designed to improve the actual efficiency of the workplace through technological improvements adapted to whatever environment the furniture can be used in. For example, things like computers can become more efficient by adding wall or desk mounted ergonomic monitor arms. Inventions like these save desk space and can adjust the reach and tilt of the computer screen so that users don't have to lean over desks to get work done. The best part? Just about anything with the potential for structural improvement can be made ergonomic. Already, hundreds of office desks, chairs, and accessories have been improved using ergonomics. Why not improve your office by making it ergonomic too?

Long Term Value

One of the greatest things about new furniture, especially furniture of the ergonomic variety, is its long term value. The new office furniture of today is typically designed to last a long time, so that it not only provides indispensable benefits to the workplace, but does so for as long as possible. Today's furniture is typically made out of quality hardwood, tempered safety glass, chrome, metal, or high intensity plastic for things like office desks and chairs, so that their structural supports are built to last.  The furniture not only provides indispensable benefits to the workplace, it is also a great investment in the future. Much of the today's office furniture is designed with the future in mind, often incorporating technological features for inventions that are expected to enter the workplace sometime in the future. This way, business owners who invest in high quality ergonomic furniture know they are getting their money's worth.


Organized Ergonomic OfficeAnother cool feature of modern office furniture is its organization. It may not seem like it at first glance, but office furniture today is far more advanced than it was ten years ago. In the past, most furniture lacked the ability to comfortably adapt to changing work environments and conditions. Nevermore! Actually, much of office furniture nowadays incorporates modular designs. This means that modular office desks can often support more than one user. While bigger than most conventional office desks, many multi user workstations are smaller, yet more efficient than an office that is cluttered with multiple islands of ordinary office desks strewn about the room. Cubicles are designed in a similar fashion. With them, business owners are still capable of adding or removing cubicle units to meet the needs of a changing work demographic, while also receiving the benefits of modern design. All of these things come together to make a workplace much more efficiently organized so a business can spend less time getting itself together and more time making itself known!


OFM Marque Plexi Reception StationObviously, a professional design is very important in the work environment. When office furniture functions efficiently, work gets done faster, employees and guests are comfortable, and the business blossoms in kind! So many of all these great benefits come as a direct result from incorporating modern office furniture into the workplace. As we've said before, office desks with modular capabilities can drastically improve the efficiency of a workplace by getting employees to work comfortably in close quarters so that the rest of the office space looks larger and cleaner. However,while functional design is important, so too are looks. Believe it of not, the way an office looks has a strong psychological effect on both guests and employees. If a place doesn't have any stimulating colors, artwork, or natural sunlight, it can be very easy for employee self esteem and work ethic to drop. Guests may become bored and uncooperative in an unsightly environment, so that the whole business suffers as a result, just from lacking visual stimulation. Don't let that happen to your office! Choose office furniture, desks, and office cubicles for collaborating so that your workplace looks as good as it functions. You may be surprised with the increase in business you get!

Customer Impression

Cool Waiting Room
For many businesses, everything revolves around the customer. Since the country's recent move from a production to a service orientation, businesses everywhere have been working like mad trying to get their companies noticed. For these places, the customer's impression of the business is the most important. What you may not realize is that furniture influences this too in a big way. When visitors enter a workplace as guests, they like to be treated with respect and to feel cared for. One of the best ways a business can show appreciation for its visitors is by comfortable chairs for office guest use. When guests can sit comfortably for long periods of time on affordable furniture for the office reception area without complaining about a wait time, its a good sign that the business has done the right thing in picking out quality guest furniture. Additionally, many businesses have taken customer satisfaction a step further by adding televisions, reading materials, and refreshment stations to their waiting rooms. This bit of extra effort pays for itself in the long run by allowing the business to work slightly more at its own speed, since guests are willing to wait longer without getting bored or irritated. It also improves the overall look and perception of the workplace in the customer's eye, and there's never anything to lose from that!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Simple Ways To Test A New Office Chair

When shopping for new office chairs you'll be met with ample products designed for a variety of different applications. When shopping, it's important to know the key ways to test chairs to ensure they meet your individual needs while providing the support and comfort you need to get through the work day. Today's article highlights the 5 best ways to test office chair functionality to help you make an informed purchasing decision and smart chair investment.

1.) Lumbar

Once thought of as a luxury option, lumbar support mechanisms are now becoming a standard option on most office chairs priced over $300. While both lesser and far more expensive solutions are available, a lumbar support is a great way to relieve back pain regardless of the chair you choose to purchase. Models with built in lumbar supports will often not require adjusting. Simply sitting in the chair will give you a relatively good idea of how much support you'll be obtaining from the feature. Higher end products will often offer users the ability to adjust the lumbar action via a knob or lever typically located on the back of the chair. When testing, you'll want to rotate between both ends of the features spectrum to determine the full range of support obtainable. Brands like Global Total Office are a great source to consider for those shopping for computer chairs with lumbar support features.

2.) Mobility

The mobility of an office chair is an important feature to test. While we aren't suggesting a full on chair race around the showroom floor, simple leg assisted chair slides are a good indicator of just how well a chair moves. Heavier chairs are often a bit bulky to move on carpet while lighter models are often very touchy on hard surfaces. As a side tip, be sure to ask you dealer of choice if the chairs you're interested in can be purchased with a choice of hard floor or carpet casters. Specifying the wheel type based on the surface you plan to be working on is a great way to improve mobility and stability.

3.) Durability

Unfortunately most chair providers won't allow full on crash test dummy experiments with their showroom chairs. Needless to say this would be quite fun but also unnecessary. A chairs durability is often a direct reflection of the manufacturer and upholstery used on the product. Searching for reviews online will be a good indicator of just how well a chair is made. Inquire with your dealer about what grade of fabric or leather the chair is upholstered in. The grade indicates just how high of quality the seating material is and how many double rubs or approximately how many times you can sit in a chair without wearing down the fabric.

4.) Seat Height

Most of the new office chairs available this year are equipped with pneumatic cylinders for adjusting chair height. This feature is easily tested via a lever typically located underneath the right side of the chair seat. Pulling the lever up should provide a smooth releasing action that lowers the chair when under weight. lifting your rear from the seat and pulling the same lever should raise the seating surface via the cylinder. A quality chair should require minimal effort to raise and lower effectively. The movement should be smooth and gradual.

5.) Arms

Chairs with fixed arms don't provide much versatility in the workplace. When shopping for a new seating solution for your home or business, models with adjustable arms are definitely preferred. Most of the top executive chairs for home use offer a wide range of arm motion capabilities such as width, height, and angle adjustments. The various movements are designed to increase circulation, take pressure off the wrists, and provide support during those long computing sessions. Testing the chair arms should be simple. Most models offer a single button or lever located under the arm rest that allow for a full range of motions. Be sure to check if the arms are wobbly before attempting to adjust. This could be a good indicator of poor craftsmanship and a sign of future problems to come. The chair arms should be sturdy and firm once a desired setting is reached.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Key Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

A healthy work day is a productive one. That being said, staying healthy at work is absolutely essential. Luckily for us all there are several easy ways to do just that. From eating a quality lunch to taking short breaks, the 5 simple practices highlighted in this article are sure to help you build a habit structure that promotes excellence and efficiency in the workplace.

Healthy Foods for Work

All too often we settle for fast food or other unhealthy solutions at lunch time. In truth, forming a good lunch structure is not the easiest thing to do. Quite frankly, we all love the foods that are unhealthy for us and getting into a good habit structure takes time and patience. Packing a good lunch based around the correct food groups is one key way to ensure you get the proper nutrients and energy you need throughout your day. Those who can't break the habit of eating out should make an effort to review a restaurants menu before visiting. A thought out and healthy meal selection is always better than a rushed order that leaves you with fried chicken or some other overly filling item that leaves you feeling exhausted. In the long run, we all want to eat the foods we enjoy. While at work, focus on the healthy foods you like and plan your meals for the week accordingly. You'll then find yourself with more energy and time to focus on the important tasks at hand.

The value of stretching cannot be under estimated. Take a few minutes to go online and review some common stretches to add to your daily routine. Back stretches are especially important as we all spend the majority of our day sitting down at our desks in the office for extended periods of time. Other stretches like the calf stretch, hamstring stretch, and shoulder stretch are all quite easy to perform in limited space. As a side note, make sure to take proper safety precautions. Start off gently and don't over do it. A simple 5 to 10 minute routine in the morning is enough to get you started.

Taking vitamins is another great way to stay healthy at work. While this simple practice is a good one, meeting with a physician first to determine what vitamins will provide you the biggest benefits is always recommended. Men's and women's one a day vitamins are a quite common and provide the majority of nutrients you need to stay healthy. All to often colds and various illnesses get passed around the workplace. Taking vitamins is a great way to boost your bodies immune system and help you to prevent catching those nasty bugs that can take you out of the loop. Vitamins like B12 are great for energy and should also be considered by those dealing with fatigue on a regular basis throughout their work weeks.

Staying healthy at work also means putting in good habits at home. That being said, a good nights rest is an essential factor in determining just how productive you are during the day. Staying up all night watching movies and eating ice cream is a definite no no. Save those practices for the weekend! An efficient work week is all about good habit structure and routine. Set yourself up for success with a bed time window and provide yourself the 8 hours you need to perform at your best. If you find yourself waking up groggy and heading straight for the coffee pot on a regular basis, you may actually be getting too much sleep! Meeting with a physician to discuss your sleep habits and routine will provide valuable insight that will no doubt improve your lifestyle while improving your health.

Stretching at Work

Last but certainly not least, taking breaks at work is our last key tip for staying healthy. If you're a workplace grinder who pounds out 40 hours per week staring at a computer screen without ever giving your eyes a rest, you're doing more harm then good! As a side tip, those who just can't pull themselves away should definitely take advantage of all the top rated ergonomic office accessories available in 2013 that guarantee workplace improvement and comfort. Taking a ten minute break every hour to get up, walk around, and stretch provides excellent benefits that prevent us all from getting bogged down. Short breaks also help to prevent anxiety and help to get the blood flowing. In several cases most of us use poor posture when sitting down in chairs for the office that reduce circulation. This causes fatigue that can be avoided by simply standing up and going outside for some fresh air. Most well run businesses actually enforce breaks as they know the benefits provided are more than worth the time.

Friday, October 18, 2013

3 Ways Ergonomic Furniture Can Help Your Business

The use of modern ergonomics in the workplace is a must for any business looking to operate at the highest levels of effectiveness. From ergonomic desks to the latest office chairs, using the right products in the right ways can greatly improve your business. Today's article shares the top 3 ways ergonomic furniture can help your business.

1.) Style

Stylish Ergonomic Furniture

With the exception of new businesses, most companies furniture is far out of date. Purchasing new ergonomic office items will bring your office space into the modern world. Improving your corporate style through the use of ergonomics offers a variety of benefits that will also impress your valued clientele. While most businesses are still using panel furniture and older office cubicles, a workplace makeover using the latest open desking makes for spacious feel and far more user friendly environment. Lines like the new Mayline e5 series are a great place to start your search if  interested in improving your business look through the use of ergonomic furnishings.

2.) Efficiency

Adjustable Office Furniture

Creating an efficient workplace is an absolute must. From the executive office to the boardroom, modern ergonomic technology has improved the way we do business. Using new products like the modular conference tables for sale from brands like Global Total Office allow interior designers and consumers alike the ability to create designer spaces built around improving productivity. In addition, items like ergonomic desks that adjust up and down provide versatility that's not to be overlooked. In the long run, an efficient business is one that works effectively, saves time, and stays on task. That being said, new ergonomic office furniture will help your business accomplish these three key traits.

3.) Comfort

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Sale Online

Any business looking to keep their employees comfortable through the use of ergonomics is on the right track to success. Working comfortably means your working smart. On the flip side, if you find yourself settling in to your office day after day while enduing back pain and other common ailments, it's time for a major change! The use of office chairs with ergonomic features can alleviate a variety of typical office comfort issues with a quickness. Once thought of as luxury items, some of the industries best ergonomic computer chairs for sale can be purchased for less than $200. Brands like Offices To Go Seating specialize in the provision of user friendly chairs designed to keep you working effectively without breaking your budget.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Modern Office Furniture Collections by Mayline

Mayline is one of the industries most reputable and trusted office furniture brands. From the boardroom to the bedroom this top rated furnishings provider offers excellent solutions for every space. This year, Mayline has brought to market several incredible modern casegoods collections that ship quick, improve workplace versatility, and are sure to impress! Today's article highlights all of the top selling modern office furniture collections by Mayline for the home and business in 2013.

Mayline Napoli Series Office Furniture
Most conversations about Mayline Furniture for Sale in 2013 start with positive remarks regarding the popular Napoli collection. With a wide variety of professional office desks and boardroom solutions available, this full service line is more than ready to meet  your business needs. The Mayline Napoli Series Furniture Line boasts the perfect combination of glass, wood, and metal accents to form a totally unique look. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a more well rounded and affordable line of workplace furnishings at even twice the price. Products like the NC10 Napoli Conference Table offer a high tech solution to boardroom needs that includes optional power ports to compliment the modern look.

Mayline e5 Series Office Furniture

The Mayline e5 office furniture series is one of the hottest selling collections available this year. This innovative line offers industrially styled modern products that allow shoppers the ability to customize paint finishes and laminate surfaces to meet their individual needs. The e5 line of executive office desks for sale includes a variety of pre configured typicals to make the shopping process a real breeze. The ability to easily spec and create custom desking configurations is also a plus! The versatility of this made to order line is definitely worth the manufacturing lead time. Those not in a time crunch to meet an office makeover deadline will reap the benefits of these awesome products. Products like the new EZP02 Mayline e5 Series Typical offer an industrial look combined with modern style that's sure to earn your office a ton of positive design compliments.

Mayline Brighton Series Office FurnitureNext on the list is one of the most affordable lines ever brought to market for the needs of both home and business work environments! The Mayline Brighton Office Furniture Series includes a variety of reception desks for small areas in two laminate finishes along with several typicals that allow business to maximize their valued budgets. Both the cherry and mocha color options are easily matched to any office decor. The simple lines and curved accents make for an at home feel that speaks volumes to clientele. Units like the BT27 Brighton Reception Station priced starting at only $553.99 showcase just how much of a value the line has to offer.

Mayline CSII Series Furniture

Looking to save a bundle while providing your office a high tech industrial look? If that's the case you'll definitely want to start your office makeover project with Mayline CSII Series Furniture for your space! With an extended offering of modern desks for executive office use in 3 two tone color combinations, CSII is a line that's been a long favorite of interior designers and consumers alike. The CSII series CST26 commercial reception desk is another hot product that deserves honorable mention. No guest waiting area will ever be at a shortage of wow factor when this receptionist's station is present. Still need more? No problem! CSII also includes metal lateral file cabinets for sale in 4 sizes and 4 in stock paint finishes. These locking cabinets are the perfect way to compliment any desking configuration while providing much more that your average old file cabinet!

Mayline TransAction Series Furniture
Last but certainly not least the TransAction series of Mayline conference tables for sale in 2013 is the perfect way to wrap up today's review article. As the reigning champ in terms of features and versatility, this line of professional tables for the boardroom use is customizable in too many ways to list. From surface shape to base finish, this line gives users the ability to design their meeting areas for efficiency and superior effectiveness. Those looking to compliment the look will also enjoy the modular office cubicles TransAction has to offer. These multi user stations offer an open feel with modern style that's hard to top. If you're looking to create a traditional workspace TransAction is not for you. On the other hand, businesses looking to stay on the cutting edge have officially found the best line of furniture for the job!

Monday, October 14, 2013

5 Colorful Office Chairs With Modern Style

Chairs that have a sense of style are never that hard to find, but chairs that have a hint of color? Not so much. Because most chairs come in neutral shades of black, brown, gray, or white, it can often be very difficult to find one that will make an office pop. Most people just settle for the drabber shades. Well, we're here to tell you that you don't have to! Colorful office chairs can have an instant affect on the mood, making both places and people feel more lively and energetic. Don't take boring for an answer! These great colorful chairs are sure to make any workplace pop!

RFM Multi Shift Executive Office ChairOur first chair comes to you from the one of the most well-respected office furniture brands in the world. The RFM Executive Office Chair from the Multi Shift Collection is without a doubt the fashion model of stylish executive office chairs, framed in graceful curves and clad in sultry red fabric. This chair can be dressed in a veritable cornucopia of stylish colors and designs. In fact, it is available in more than thirty different fabrics! Not only that, this chair also boasts a foam back and cushions for excellent lumbar support, bringing both looks and brains to the party. Who could say no to that?
Eurotech Seating Chakra Office Chair

Next up comes one of the most popular office chairs on the market today. In the short time this chair has been around, it has already taken the office furniture world by storm, but one glance and its not hard to see why. This chair's zoomorphic structure certainly has a unique look all its own. Its available in five zen-inducing colors, the Eurotech Seating Chakra Office Chair is designed to bring peace and relaxation to the workplace. This comfortable ergonomic task chair includes seven independently moving cushions that adjust to meet your body's unique movements. With this chair, you may feel as if you've gone to a massage instead of work. What more could you ask for from ergonomic office chairs for the workplace?

Woodstock Sweetwater Mesh Office ChairThis next series of chairs domes to you from the brand that knows how to rock and roll! All chairs from Woodstock Marketing are inspired by the music legends we have all known and loved, and these chairs never put them to shame. These mesh back chairs are every bit as pleasing to the body as the music of artists Hendrix and Joplin was pleasing to our ears, but if you really want to go for colorful comfort, check out Woodstock's Sweetwater collection for your workplace. Chairs like the Sweetwater Mesh Back Office Chair by Woodstock boast ergonomics as well as contemporary style, with fancy tilt-lock control as well as a breathable mesh back seat for cool relaxation. So, sit back and enjoy these affordable mesh back chairs for sale by the Sweetwater collection. They truly were designed Just for You.

Global Experience ArmchairWant your guests to love your establishment? Of course, but if you have contemporary waiting room furniture, its likely that you have quite a few guests that may spend a lot of time hanging around until someone can get to them. Whether it is a doctor's office, a dentist's office, a hospital, or some other facility, people generally don't like waiting. The sad truth is that, most often, an uncomfortable or unsightly chair can make all the difference in that first impression, turning what would have been an amazing experience into a ghastly one. However, with these colorful, affordable guest chairs you'll never need to give it a second thought! Chairs like the Global Experience Armchair are available in a host of eye-catching colors to clothe the sumptuous comfort perfect for lobby furniture and waiting rooms. In this chair, your guests will be able to sit for moderate amounts of time with their magazines without becoming uncomfortable. In fact, most guest chairs by Global Total Office are relatively affordable ways to achieve luxury seating for your guests!

OFM NEt Series Beam Seating Configuration
Beam seating is a trend that has been sweeping the nation! Not only are these office seating solutions affordable, but they're also stylish ways of saving space by using furniture and seating for reception area applications in smart ways. This new way of saving space works by crowding numerous seats onto a single support system, usually a beam. The result is a cool seating configuration that provides ample space fro numerous individuals without having to sacrifice square footage. The number of chairs, attached end tables, and the length of the beams vary widely to accommodate unique workplace conditions. the unique beam seating solutions designed by OFM Office Furniture feature amazing circular seats, complete with mesh backings available in seven stylish color options. If you are looking for a new style to delight your guests and make your workplace stand out, the OFM Net Series Beam Seating Configuration is definitely your answer!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Contemporary Stools for Home and Business Use

If you still think of bar stools as hard, uncomfortable pieces of plastic or metal, you are definitely in for a treat! The modern age has brought with it many innovative new designs in office furniture, but few categories have made as many leaps and bounds in technology as the realm of bar stools! No longer are stools unsightly pieces of last-choice furniture. Instead, they are technological revelations that will likely leave you breathless. Here's a list of amazing stools that are wonderful for all sorts of needs, from school use, to home use, business use and more. Enjoy!

Global Marche Bar StoolTo start you off on the path to success, we give you the bar stool that looks like it could be anything but! The Global Marche curved wood back stool is one of the most incredibly stylish stools to hit the market yet. Available in three fabulous designs, not to mention more colors and finishes than you can count, this series of stylish bar stools combines graceful curves with a super chic look that will easily impress anyone who looks at it, let alone sits in one. While just about all modern bar stools today have some kind of awesome look to them, this particular line of stools is not just limited to bars. This chair also makes a great addition to cafe furniture, comfortable lounge furniture, and guest furniture alike, and never does it disappoint!

The next chair in our lineup of eye-popping style comes from the realm of fabric stools, and boy are we not kidding when we say "eye-popping"! These super colorful fabric stools for sale will appeal to your inner vibrance without a doubt. Many of these chairs are just so incredibly colorful that its hard not to notice them, making them excellent choices for interior designers who are looking for a dashing piece of accent furniture to compliment all sorts of rooms. One company that has come to be recognized as the epitome of vivid brilliance is definitely RFM Preferred Seating for their line of professional stools. Although better known for its line of affordable office chairs, RFM's stools are some of the best out there today. In fact, one of their best is the RFM Square Foot Stool for home and business use. Available in a host of fabric colors and designs, these stools are beloved by artists for studio seating, decorators for their style, and just about everyone else for their incredible comfort. Actually, adding stools to the line of ergonomic seating  has been extremely successful, not just for manufacturers, but also for anyone who contributes these ergonomic stools to their establishment. If you're looking to put a bit of color into a room, colorful fabric stools are definitely worth the consideration!

Via Seating Special Edition Swopper ChairAnother cool seating option that is hard to upstage comes from the world of modern stools for the home and business. Although popular modern stool solutions hardly ever lack for vibrance, the appeal of these stools stools relies less on eye-catching colors and more on spectacular design. The nifty shapes and curves of these stools make them stand out in almost every situation, but its difficult for any stool to catch more looks than the Via Seating Special Edition Swopper Chair for its originality! This amazing piece of seating depends on high quality German engineering, designed for people with low back pain. Packed with health benefits, this stool comes with an optional backing so that it can just as easily belong to the category of modern tasking chairs as it does in the realm of stools. This three-time award winning stool has brought relief to people all over the world, achieving not only a host of reputable awards,  but also the hearts of anyone suffering from low-back pain and anyone with a heart for fun!

OFM Moon Swivel Chair
Actually, speaking of backs, did you know that most people think of stools as backless seating options? In fact, one of the reasons so many people find stools uncomfortable is that, years ago, it was quite difficult to find a stool with a some sort of back support. Fortunately, with the arrival of the modern age, manufacturers have realized the importance of stools that provide back support. One of the most popular styles of stools that do this are versatile mesh back stools to provide breathability while also alleviating pain. Since their invention, breathable mesh back chairs have made an excellent name for themselves in the office furniture industry, so much so that manufacturers everywhere have mesh back items in their guest chairs, task chairs, and even executive chairs categories. One especially supportive stool happens to be the OFM Moon Swivel Chair, and the best part about it is its affordability! This product by OFM Office Furniture allows for both height and swivel control, complete with a mesh backing for maximum comfort so that anyone who uses it is instantly impressed!

Flash Furniture Lime Green StoolIts obvious that the world of professional stools has more to offer than was ever thought possible. What with all the comfort, the colors, the styles, and all the amazing designs, its hard to believe that anyone could still think stools are just for art studios and doctor's offices. Stools have made an incredible comeback in the office furniture world, and each seating brand has contributed some amazing new products. However, if there is one manufacturer that has gone all out to make a name for its stools, it would definitely have to be Flash Furniture. Well known for super trendy designs, Flash Furniture has proven itself as a fast-paced company that easily matches the the rapidly changing office furniture industry by constantly adding new products and removing the old. This company stays on top of the current trends for you so you know that whatever you buy from them is always in style. Its no surprise that their line of stools is just as diverse as their collection of office seating solutions! The colorful and uniquely shaped stools from Flash Furniture have become a favorite amongst interior designers, so you can often find these stools in some of the most fabulously designed offices, bedrooms, and salons in existence. In the end, whether you choose to go with Backless Stools for the office or something more sophisticated, Flash Furniture, along with other top brands like Mayline Office Furniture, OFM, and Global Office Furniture, will always provide amazing stools that will always keep you on the cutting edge!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Leather Lounge Chairs for Modern Office Areas

Any business owner will tell you that keeping valued clientele comfortable during visits is essential. One way to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your guests is to design a stylish waiting area designed to improve your corporate appeal. Today's article showcases the top leather lounge chairs for modern office areas that will no doubt help you achieve just that!

Santa Cruz Tablet Arm Lounge Chair

The Mayline Office Furniture brand is widely recognized as one of the most reliable suppliers of of executive office desks for sale in the United States. In addition, to conference tables from Mayline and reception area solutions are also highly regarded for professional business use. With so many awesome products available, this favorite brand of consumers and industry professionals can be overlooked for their leather lounge furniture from lines like the Santa Cruz series. Items like the Santa Cruz tablet arm lounge chair provide excellent aesthetic appeal and comfort for any space. The versatile swivel tablet is great for taking notes and makes for a perfect addition to any executive meeting area. Enjoy this chair in a choice of black or almond leather upholstery to meet your individual decor needs and office styling. The VCCMT is also mobilized for easy reconfiguring with no heavy lifting. Now that's always a plus! Rest assured, those who take the time to consider Mayline Seating for their makeover project will be highly rewarded with fantastic products sure to get the job done right!

OFM Recoil Lounge Chair 841

Next up, the OFM Recoil Lounge Chair 841 with two tone upholstery. The anti microbial upholstery makes the 841 the ideal choice for modern healthcare seating applications. This durable material falls under the category of other leather office chairs and vinyl chairs priced up to 3 times more. Now that's value! The Recoil gets it's name from the unique arm design that allows users to gently rock to stay occupied and comfortable. Priced at $377.99, it's easy to see the value this unique seating solution has to offer. In addition to this line of OFM chairs for sale in 2013, matching reception tables for office are available to help you complete your makeover in style.

OFM Uno ChairThe UNO model 420 office lounge chair is yet another cool product from OFM that's sure to spice up your guest waiting area. The UNO collection features the new two tone look from OFM that's been incredibly popular in 2013. Sold in packs of 2 for $384.99, the UNO 420 is a great way to save on the cost of lobby seating for business applications. For added versatility, OFM offers the UNO in several unique color combinations that are highlighted by a polished frame. The contemporary design is matched in quality by the fire retardant seat foam as well as the 250 lb. weight capacity. Pair the 420 model chairs alongside an OFM Profile Series Cocktail Table and you'll be on your way to creating the perfect space for your valued office visitors.

Sirena Tablet Arm Lounge Chair
When it comes to contemporary lounge furniture, Global Total Office definitely raises the industry standard year after year. With over 10 incredible collections to choose from it was quite hard to choose just one for today's article. After much debating we settled on the new Sirena Series Club Chair with Tablet Arm available in an extensive offering of leather upholsteries. At first glance you'll notice the helpful lower shelf for storage and casters for mobility. The barrel shaped design saves space while providing comfort for guests. While this post is dedicated to leather lounge chairs for sale, the Sirena collection can also be purchased in an extensive selection of fabric offerings for a more simplified seating approach.

Presideo Lounge ChairLast but certainly not least, those in search of discount modern lounge chairs for sale online will love the products available from Flash Furniture. This relative new comer to the world of professional furnishings for business use prides themselves on innovative designs that improve your decor without straining the corporate budget. Popular Flash items like the Presideo White Leather Lounge Chair will boost your waiting room design compliments while providing a stylish yet comfortable solution for clientele. The matching ottoman is included with the Presideo for only $697.99. The curved wood back design adds an elegant touch that showcases the luxurious side of your business.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fun Halloween Office Party Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and with all the costume commercials and reruns of Halloween movie favorites already hitting the airways, everyone is starting to feel the autumn vibe! With Halloween being the second most popular holiday, its no wonder that most business owners choose this  fun and fabulous theme as an excuse to reunite their employees and get everyone together for a bit of fun. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to deck out the office for the fall and lift everyone's spirits, and there is no better way to do this than with an office party! So don your costumes and be prepared for some great tricks and treats that everyone is sure to enjoy! Muahahaha!

Costume Party!

Costumes are pretty much a given if you're going to host a Halloween party. Not only are they super fun, but they actually have pretty good psychological effects on your employees as well. A chance to dress up and express oneself is what Halloween is all about, and a providing an opportunity for employees to have a bit of fun freedom with everyone can be very beneficial to a work environment. If you're considering throwing a Halloween costume party for your employees, don't forget to set some work-appropriate guidelines so everyone knows what kinds of things are off-limits, but don't forget to have tons of fun! Consider going with a costume theme in which everyone dresses up as a famous movie monster or super hero. Holding a friendly contest with candy prizes for the employees who dress the scariest or the funniest brings everyone together and creates an easy conversational topic that can last the whole year! Here's a few great work-appropriate costume ideas to inspire some ghoulish games:

1.) Superhero

2.) Monsters

3.) Cartoon Character

4.) Pirates 

5.) Best "Office" Costume

Dress Up the Desks!

If you're going to throw a costume party anyway, what better way to get the Halloween vibe going than by dressing up those cubicles to set the theme? The fun doesn't just have to be limited to you and your co-workers. Dressing up all the office furniture is a fabulous way to let your employees get a little creative during their break times, and maybe even instill a little friendly competition if the spookiest setup gets a prize. You can even get the fun going a little early, perhaps around the start of the month, with just a few fall-themed decorations such as laminated dried fall-leaf magnets stuck onto some file carts and the break room fridge. Uncarved mini pumpkins make super cute paperweights and can become instant jack-o-lanterns at the Halloween party with a few faces doodled on them with a black marker! For the party itself, let loose all your tricks and treats by sprinkling candies on your co-workers desks for them to find. Halloween spider webs are fairly cheap decorations that can be stretched across comfortable office chairs and modern office desks while store bought tissue-paper lanterns with Halloween faces drawn on them all work to make the office extra fun and spooky!

Yummy Treats!

Food is an essential at any party, but Halloween provides some great opportunities to get a little extra creative! Organize a Halloween-themed potluck where all your co-workers can bring a little something yummy for everyone to share. Most offices have some handy folding tables for events and parties lying around somewhere. Dress one or two up with orange, purple, or black plastic table cloths from the dollar store so people have a place to set their goodies. Snag one of the food and beverage carts from the break room or cafeteria to provide a space to put yummy Halloween beverages like punch and sodas. Use your office computers to look up some amazing Halloween recipes to share with your co-workers! Some great Halloween treats to consider are caramel apples, Halloweenies (hotdogs), Zombpizza, decorated cupcakes, toasted pumpkin seeds, and of course, candy!

Fun Tricks!

Halloween games are a great opportunity for employees to get to know one another a little better and have fun doing it. It may sound silly, but pin-the-bones-on-the-skeleton and bobbing for apples (or bonuses, if you can get your boss to agree) can be super fun when everyone gets involved. In fact, your office is probably already equipped with everything you need to create awesome party games. Drawing faces on pumpkins with the markers in everyone's pencil drawers is a creative way to have a pumpkin-carving contest without all the mess. Contests can include trash-bin basketball (a game most office employees are already familiar with), who can create the longest paper clip chain, Halloween themed drawing contests, a computer chair rase, and mummy wrapping (in which teams of co workers see who can wrap a person in toilet paper the fastest!) These Halloween game ideas are not only great fun, but they also bring employees together and help induce teamwork. This way, your simple Halloween office party can be a clever way to reinforce friendships all around the office that will last long after the holiday season!

Keep Fun Professional!

As easy as it is to slip into the fun of spirit of the season, remember that work should come first. Parties are clever, enjoyable ways to bring everyone together, but remember they can also divide. Halloween is a special holiday, filled with ghostly ghouls and other scary beasts, but set guidelines so that everyone knows the office party should be more about whimsy than fear. Make sure everyone knows the limits on the costumes they can wear - nothing too revealing or too frightening. For the food portion, check with your co-workers to make sure no one has allergies to common ingredients like nuts or milk, and let the rest of the crew know if someone does. Safe games to play are wonderful ways to bring your employees together, but remember they should stay safe. The best way to ensure that nobody is tempted to shirk their work responsibilities is to hold your Halloween party in the evening after the workday ends. That way, no one feels too obligated to stay trapped behind their reception desk or modular workstations. We hope these tips have helped you out to cast a spell of fun on your office! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Discount Reception Sofas from Top Brands

Those looking to design a professional lounge, waiting room, or reception area for there business will be at no shortage of quality solutions to choose from in 2013. This year has brought with it the most innovative office sofas ever created from brands like Flash Furniture, Mayline, and OFM. The best part, all of them are incredibly affordable by industry standards! Today's article highlights the best discount reception sofas available from this years hottest brands. Enjoy!

White Leather SofaWhen it comes to affordable furniture for the waiting room, Flash Furniture is the best manufacturer for the job! With over 10 collections available, Flash understands the needs of businesses in search of high quality modern furniture. In 2013, the white leather trend has also made it's presence firmly felt. That being said, the Flash Furniture Lesley series combines affordability and this latest trend to form a totally awesome line of products that will no doubt impress your valued clientele. While white is the hottest color on the market, those looking for a more traditional approach will also enjoy this popular series is black leather.

Leather Office Sofa
While Mayline Furniture is highly regarded amongst industry professionals and interior design teams across the country, their popular furniture for office lounge area use is often overlooked. Those who take the time to consider more than just Mayline executive desks and filing products will find themselves highly rewarded! The new Santa Cruz series sofa is available in both black and almond leather upholstery options along with a variety of matching products to outfit your entire lobby, lounge, or office reception space in style. The black leather and mahogany feet combination offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional style for only $983.99. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a better leather office sofa at even twice the price!

OFM Distinct Series Sofa

There's no secret that OFM furniture is highly modern and always on the cutting edge. This highly recognized manufacturer takes the cake in 2013 for providing the most innovative new furniture for office reception area use. Perhaps the most creative line to date is the all new Distinct series sofa line with anti microbial upholstery. Available in 3 cool color options and with a unique metal platform base, Distinct seating is truly one of a kind. Priced starting at $624.46 with free shipping, it's easy to see the value this line has to offer. Those in search of modern healthcare seating will especially love this collection for it's durability and easy to clean surfaces.

OFM InterPlay SofaIn addition to the OFM Distinct collection, consumers have also been raving about the OFM InterPlay Sofa with two tone upholstery. This modern sofa with tablet arms is also mobile. This makes for simplified reconfiguration capabilities and easy to clean guest waiting areas. Using the InterPlay line will provide ample wow factor while leaving a lasting impression on guests. Priced at 683.99, you'll be left with plenty of budget to add the matching leather lounge chairs for sale from this awesome line along with accenting reception tables to pull the whole look together.

Citi 3 Seat Sofa

Last but certainly not least, Global Total Office is not to be overlooked when it comes to discount reception sofas for sale in 2013. This worldwide brand is widely known for their comfortable ergonomic office chairs but is rapidly growing their already stellar collection of office reception seating with lines like Prairie and Wind. Another favorite anyone considering an office reception furniture makeover should consider is the Citi lounge furniture collection. This innovative line includes both fabric and leather office sofas with metal legs and totally unique style! The Global Citi Sofa 7876 accommodates two guest comfortably in a choice of seemingly limitless textile options. Those looking for a larger product will enjoy the 3 seat version as well as the popular reception style bench that also seats 3 visitors.


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