Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Reasons to Buy Your Next Office Chair Online

Anyone who's ever shopped for a new place knows that trying to find a good deal on great furniture can be a tough task. Thankfully, with the rise of online shopping, relying on the sales clerk's word of honor is something you don't always have to deal with. Instead, you can rely on your own better judgment, and of other shoppers! In this article, we'll explore all the best ways to network, research, and save big on the best office chairs for your space. Enjoy!

Wide Selection

Because chairs come in every shape, size, and color, it's not surprising to find a wide selection waiting for you at the click of a mouse. In the department store, even a limited selection can feel overwhelming. However, most online furniture dealers offer "shop by" buttons, where users can weed out the kind of furniture they don't want. Sorting by most expensive, least expensive, oldest, newest, most popular, brand name, style, and type are all ways you can target an amazingly vast web selection to your personal needs. So if you're searching specifically for affordable leather office chairs, you're just a few clicks away. No more waiting for that sales clerk to check in the back!

Free Shipping

In the online shopping world, shipping is one thing that can definitely rack up the price tag. The reason in part is because online shoppers can be anywhere in the world, and cost increases with distance. This is why vendors who offer free shipping can potentially be saving you bundles! Shopping office furniture with free shipping offers some amazing perks, especially on heavier items like large desks and workstations or luxury executive chairs for sale. Best of all, the number of online dealers who offer free shipping is increasing drastically. Call up, and the vendor can usually supply you with an estimated delivery date so you can prepare space for your new furniture!

No Sales Tax

Buying in-store, usually means buying in-state, and that means sales tax. The sad fact is that all but 5 of America's 50 states employ the use of sales tax, which is just another charge on your credit card. However, buying online could save you from this turmoil. Few shoppers realize that most online dealers who do not operate a store in-state are exempt from sales tax! That means buying from an affordable online chair retailer will save you even more on those ergonomic seats for the conference room. For questions about sales tax, don't be afraid to call up your dealer. Inquiring about bulk discounts or secret sales over the phone could save even more on your charge card.


The trend of shopping with coupons is something that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Shoppers all over America are getting away with gas, groceries, clothing, and other necessities for practically nothing - all by shopping smart with their "Qs." However, groceries aren't the only thing coupons are good for. By signing up for email newsletters or sifting through the blog posts of your favorite furniture dealers, you can find a host of digital coupons to save tons on quality office seating for the workplace. Look for notifications about special sales by searching the web, blogs, and emails, or downloading coupon apps. Online dealers will offer codes, such as "MARCHSALE2015" for shoppers to apply at checkout. Find the codes, and watch your subtotal plummet!

Product Reviews

Anyone who's ever been ripped off by a car salesman probably wishes they would have had some expert input from mechanics and previous drivers. Shopping online, you do! Whether you're searching for a dream car or dream chair, product reviews are one way to ensure you're getting the right product at the right price. Utilizing shopping engines such as those offered by Google and Bing can not only help you narrow your search, but can also lead you to hundreds of reviews. By reading through other buyers' experiences, shoppers have a much better idea of the functions and reliability of a product. Don't be afraid to shop top selling chairs - they're popular for a reason!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Fabulous Office Interiors: 2015 Edition

Need a little design inspiration to kick off your office makeover project? We've got your covered! In today's post we'll showcase stunning office interiors that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. From modern conference rooms to luxury lobbies, the spaces highlighted here are sure to impress!

Global Total Office Zira BoardroomFirst up, this stunning meeting area designed by our friends at Global Total Office. With the popularity of the Zira furniture collection at an all time high, it's no surprise that this conference room  made today's post. At first glance you'll notice the wow factor of the avant cherry finished rectangular Zira table. The accenting Supra conference room chairs provide excellent ergonomic features and a comfortable sit that's sure to keep meeting area guests sitting pretty. The flat screen TV, stone wall accents, and beverage cart pictured along the wall all add valuable appeal while improving functionality. This is one awesome boardroom!

Mayline Training Room FurnitureTraining rooms have become a must have for growing businesses. Brands like Mayline have revolutionized the training room furniture world with incredible furniture collections like Sync, Flip-N-Go, Meeting Plus, and T-Mate. Training room interiors like the one pictured here combine versatility and modern appeal that's sure to have your employees ready to learn. Highlighted by Sync series flip top training room tables and Valore series nesting chairs, this training room is all about modularity. The mobile TV cart is sure to come in handy during presentations while the wall cabinet provides a nice room accent and helpful place to store stationary.

Open Desking ConfigurationOpen desking configurations are rapidly replacing traditional panel furniture layouts of the past. Open desking will make your work floor look bigger and far more appealing. These trending furniture solutions promote collaboration and teamwork that's boosting performance on a regular basis. While open desking lacks privacy and does little to reduce noise, they have still become the preferred choice of design teams and businesses alike. The ability to add power, unique storage products, and create layouts designed to fit any space have made open desking layouts like the one pictured here a must consider for any business looking to take their office interiors to the next level.

Modern Executive InteriorsWhen it comes to executive furniture, nobody does it better than Cherryman Industries. With 5 best selling office furniture collections available for modern and traditional interiors, finding a desk layout for your specific needs has never been easier. This year, interiors like this one with Verde series desking are being designed to create modern appeal. With a unique table style desk with swiveling side table and plenty of storage, this Verde enhanced space offers wow factor to spare.

OFM Lobby Furniture
Last but not least, check out this luxury guest waiting area with OFM Net series beam seating! These modern chairs are sure to set your space apart from the competition. Available in 7 unique color options, Net series beam seating is ready to add a splash of color to your lobby, waiting room, and reception area. The heavy duty metal seating surfaces and support beams are durable enough to work both indoors and out. The curvature of the seat and back surfaces make for a comfortable sitting experience that guests will surely appreciate. Rest assured, creating a lobby with Net series beam seating will earn your business the design compliments it deserves. Take your beam seating a step further by adding the optional frosted glass side tables from OFM! They mount directly to the support beam to save you valuable floor space.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Performance Matters: Choosing A Powered Conference Table in 2015

Conference Table with Power Modules
Powered conference tables are the latest craze! As businesses look to improve functionality, efficiency, and performance in the boardroom, the top rated furniture manufacturers have begun their push to deliver high powered tables designed to do just that. In today's post we'll share what to look for in a powered conference table, the top brands, models, and tips to make your meeting area the best it can be.

Zira Series Powered Conference TableThis year brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are leading the powered conference table boom. With collection like Zira and TransAction, finding a high powered table is easier than ever. Global's Zira tables can be outfitted with custom power modules that feature HDMI, Audio, Phone, Ethernet, and three prong power inputs that will help streamline your meetings. The Mayline TransAction series is just as advanced. These high tech tables offer a futuristic look and can be outfitted with multiple power modules to take meeting performance to the next level.

Modern Conference Table with PowerDon't need all the bells and whistles? No problem! Basic powered conference tables like the Verde from Cherryman Industries can be outfitted with simplified power solutions that offer three prong outlet and phone inputs. These tables are easy to spec, assemble, and operate. In addition to the Verde tables, the Lesro Industries Mystic collection is another prime option for businesses looking to keep things simple.

High Tech Conference TablesWith so many powered conference tables on the market, you may be thinking "how do I choose"? You'll want to start the process by assessing what options you feel will be used regularly, and those that may be helpful in the future. Contact your dealer of choice and discuss your specific conference room needs. Let them know what you need from your conference table and they will be happy to provide suggestions. If you'd like to skip the sales call, try contacting one of the top conference table manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, or Cherryman Industries. They'll be happy to tell you about all the options available to meet your needs.

TransAction Powered Conference TableWe personally recommend the Zira conference table collection from Global Total Office. The great thing about the Zira line is that it's plug and pay telecom plates can be quickly replaced as the needs of your business change. This means, no need to by all new power modules! The Zira conference room furniture collection also includes a wide range of high tech accessories and room accents that will help to compliment your space.

Conference Table Power ModuleWhile once thought of as a luxury, powered conference room tables are now becoming the industry standard. Likewise, a conference room table with power options used to be hard to spec. Now manufacturers have simplified the process by offering factory installed modules that you simply need to plug in to operate. No need to cut holes in tables and route wires to obtain power in the boardroom! While aftermarket power ports are widely available that do require some cutting, we highly recommend buying a table with factory installed ports. It minimizes the headaches!

The price point of powered conference tables has also come down significantly. An 8' ft. Mayline Medina conference table with a single centrally located power module will only cost your business around $700.00. That being said, the higher end boardroom tables with advanced options can certainly get a bit more costly. These tables are specifically designed to high tech meeting environments where power is a must. If you're running extension cords across  your table surface and cluttering up the boardroom, a powered table is a must consider. The investment will be significant at first, but the time saved during meetings, training, and strategy sessions will provide your business with long term gains.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Desks in Demand: OFM Mesa Series

Anyone looking for a quality office desk should never overlook OFM! This powerful brand name has been manufacturing superior office supplies for years, and with the addition of the Mesa series to their furniture collections, they haven't stopped yet. That's why today's article celebrates the professional design and flexible features of the OFM Mesa series. Enjoy!


OFM Mesa Corner Desk

The first thing most shoppers notice about the OFM Mesa series is the friendly prices. Compared with desks of similar caliber, the desks of the Mesa series definitely sport an incredible bargain. Choosing to shop quality office desks can often be a challenge, but with these desks from OFM, finding an affordable option that can also meet the demands of your workplace is a cinch. For bigger savings, don't hesitate to call up an online furniture dealer to inquire about added discounts, upcoming sales, and their policies for bulk buyers!


OFM Teacher Desk

With strong angles and sweeping metallic surfaces, the OFM Mesa series makes an extremely popular choice for fans of historic desk designs. Built of heavy duty steel, Mesa desks offer durability for an excellent discount price. In addition, OFM has also included several desk types in the collection to meet the needs of a variety of individuals. Buyers can choose from smaller office desks, ideal for bedrooms or classrooms. Bigger desks for professional office work are also available. All reminiscent of the industrial era, every option is sure to win plenty of compliments for your workspace!


OFM Double Pedestal Desk

We've already established the durable nature of OFM office desks, but how strong are they? Well designed for commercial use, the desks of the Mesa collection feature sturdy steel legs with built in leveling guides. Locking full suspension pedestals offer a combination of security and space-saving benefits for the user. A heavy duty 16 gauge steel construction provides he bulk of a Mesa desk's durability. Topped by a 1.25" thick high pressure laminate surface, capable of supporting up to 200lbs,  Mesa desks offer years of use. Compared with similar heavy duty modern desks for sale, Mesa desks provide an unbeatable price for this caliber of industrial strength design.


OFM Single Pedestal Desk

The applications for Mesa desks by OFM are endless! With the variety of desk sizes, shapes, and designs offered, users can find use for them in a multitude of environments. Options like the Mesa 66366L industrial office desk by OFM make a ideal additions to a medium or large-sized corporate office. However, for those seeking something a little closer to home, OFM also offers the 66366 Mesa desk, perfect for use in a home office or bedroom. At school, the 66266 model makes the perfect desk for teachers to grade and get work done. Meanwhile, students can appreciate the 66242 Mesa desk, with its compact style and storage features that put ordinary student desks to shame.

Final Grades

Five Stars

For outstanding prices, incredible style, heavy duty design, and unparalleled versatility, we proudly award the desks of the OFM Mesa series a five star rating! These desks continue to offer years of quality service for a great bargain, and in a world of rising prices, we couldn't be more thankful. Whether you use a Mesa desk at home, in an office building, or in a school, rest assured that your desk was built to last, and probably will for a long time!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Performance Matters: Selecting Office Training Tables in 2015

Training Room Tables
Creating office interiors dedicated to training has become incredibly popular. That being said, if you're looking to boost your training room functionality in 2015, we've got you covered. In today's post we'll highlight the styles, top brands, table collections, prices, and table add-ons available. Enjoy!


When shopping for training room office tables in 2015 you'll encounter two main styles. Fixed leg training tables are ideal for areas not looking to reconfigure regularly. They are stationary by design, and thus provide excellent stability. Fixed leg tables are also quite cost effective. Those looking to boost functionality and versatility will want to consider modular training tables. This years best modular training tables feature mobilized legs and flip top designs that can be easily connected to additional tables as needed. Modular training tables can be moved quickly and easily to create unique layouts and clean spaces effectively.

Modular Training Room FurnitureBrands:

Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office are the go to solutions for professional training tables. These respected manufacturers offer high quality products designed to take your office interiors to the next level. What's even better is that both Mayline and Global Total Office provide exceptional warranties on their products. As you'll no doubt be looking to accent your training room tables with complimenting furniture, finding matching products from full service manufacturers like Mayline and Global Total Office is incredibly easy. If you need new training room tables in 2015, check out these two best selling brands!


Mayline Sync Training TablesMayline offers 7 best selling furniture collections that include training tables for professional business applications. Their most popular, the Sync collection includes modular flip top tables with mobilized bases. Choose from a variety of size options to best accommodate your space. The Mayline Meeting Plus collection is the ideal choice for shoppers in search of fixed leg tables. The stationary tables from the Meeting Plus collection offer high quality craftsmanship and attractive design characteristics that have made them a favorite amongst interior design teams and consumers alike. In addition, the Global Total Office Bungee collection is perhaps the most versatile on the market. These swanky training tables offer high end appeal designed to help businesses, libraries, and schools earn the positive compliments they deserve! Bungee tables quickly connect via the patented bungee cord system to form conference room office tables and other unique designs you have to see to believe! Both fixed leg and mobilized Bungee tables are available from Global in 2015.

Office Training Room Interiors

Basic fixed leg training tables from Mayline can be purchased in 2015 for less than $250 each. Mayline's mobile base training tables from collections like Sync and Flip-N-Go are a bit more pricey. These tables start out at around $265 for the smaller 18" x 48" models. The larger the size, the more expensive the table. It's as simple as that. Global's top of the line Bungee tables can be purchased in 2015 for as low as $556.99. At this price you'll be getting the basic 24" x 42" table. As you'll likely be purchasing multiple training tables for your business, their are plenty of ways to save! Free shipping specials, coupons, and bulk discount pricing can all be taken advantage of to help you maximize your budget. Don't forget to ask your dealer of choice about great ways to save.

Professional Training Room Furniture

Want to take your training room to the next level? Of course you do! And this year, cool add-ons are available to help you do it. Mayline offers cutting edge power modules for their Sync tables that will streamline your strategy sessions in the training room. These versatile units can be daisy-chained together to create fully powered training environments ready to meet the needs of your modern business. The Global Total Office Bungee collection can be enhanced with the addition of modesty panels and upscale finish options to boost decor. Also available with power options, there's not much the Bungee can't do. Choose from straight legs or spider legs to accommodate for the flip top variations that save space when being moved or nested along walls. You can also kick you training tables up a notch with aftermarket accessories like tablet mounts and keyboard trays if computers are being linked up to your stations.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Creating The Ultimate Lobby in 2015

A well designed office lobby will keep your guests comfortable and impressed. The top furniture manufacturers of 2015 have taken this point to heart! This year, industry leading brands have introduced incredible new products designed to take office lobbies to the next level. In today's post we'll highlight the design tips and product suggestions you'll need to create the ultimate lobby interior. Enjoy!

Space Planning

Lobby Space Planning Tips

Don't rush out and start purchasing new furniture for your lobby without taking the time to properly assess your needs. Space planning is the first and most essential step of any office makeover project. Start by obtaining the dimensions of your space accurately. Be sure to take note of entry ways, power outlets, windows, and other room obstructions that will affect the way your furniture fits. With dimensions in hand, sketch out a few layout ideas to determine what types of seating and accent furnishings will work best in your areas. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than ordering beautiful new lobby office furniture only to find that it doesn't fit properly. Ouch!

Tablet Arm Seating

Sirena Mobile Tablet Arm Lounge Chair with Storage Shelf

When designing your new lobby, the primary focus should be placed on guest comfort. That being said, adding a touch of versatility never hurts! In 2015, tablet arm seating is the way to go. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM have introduced super cool new tablet arm sofa seating and lounge chairs that will no doubt improve the visiting experience of your guests. Tablet arm chairs like the Sirena from Global Total Office and the Santa Cruz from Mayline offer the perfect blend of modern and traditional style characteristics with an added touch of flair created from the tablet arm. Now guests can wait in comfort and use their beloved devices atop a handy work surface. What could be better?

Power and Charging Stations

Isle Portable Power and Charging Station

Don't make your valued guests search for a power outlet when waiting in your lobby! Provide them with a helpful power charging station outfitted with USB and three prong inputs. Power towers like the all new Isle from Symmetry Office are a must have for any modern lobby. Priced at $719.99, you may be thinking that this little item is a bit much for the budget. However, the versatility of the Isle makes it a great buy that will greatly improve your office functionality. Portable power modules like the Isle can be moved easily from room to room as needed. In addition to the Isle, check out cool new seating solutions like the Serenity from OFM. These cutting edge lounge seating solutions feature integrated power modules that allow guests to plug devices directly into the armrest. Adding user friendly power features to your lobby will impress your guests and put your space ahead of the competition!

Welcome Desks

Zira U Shaped Reception Desk

When your guests arrive at your business, the'll no doubt be looking for a welcome desk to check in. Provide them with an exceptional visiting experience by incorporating a stylish reception station designed to meet their needs. If you want to take your lobby over the top, the new Global Total Office Zira reception stations are the best in the business. If you're looking to save a buck, you can't go wrong with one of the L shaped welcome desks from Offices To Go, or a curved front reception desk from the OFM Marque collection. Outfit your welcome desk with storage pedestals to help keep your receptionist operating in an organized fashion. You can also add a handy tablet mount like the Orion from ESI to your transaction counter. This will allow your guests to login electronically without the need for those old school sign in sheets!

Designer Tables

Contemporary Glass Coffee Table

Designer coffee tables and end tables will further enhance lobby appeal and the all important visual impressions formed by your guests. Glass, wood, and metal lobby tables are all great options to consider for your space. When selecting tables for your lobby, first check to see if the seating you selected has matching tables available from the same collection. This will help you create a cohesive look that shows off your professional grade design skills. If you can't find tables from the same collection, check out the models available from Global Total Office. This full service furniture provider offers customizable lobby accent tables available in over 20 finish options. If you want to add a bit of retro flair, consider visiting local antique shops, thrift stores, and even flea markets. Cool lobby tables can be commonly found at second hand prices to help you extend your budget.

Room Accents

Retro Modern Accent Lighting

Your ultimate lobby makeover project isn't complete until you add room accents to take it over the top! Integrating cool area rugs, wall art, and lighting fixtures will help you create a cutting edge space that wows your guests. Adding plants in stylish pots will make your space feel more lively. You'll also want to find an organizer for reading materials. Don't just toss magazines on your new lobby tables! You can take things a step further by adding vases with fresh flowers, a flat screen TV, and window treatments. Any professional designer will tell you, the little details make the biggest different! Accent your space to make it the best it can be.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Create The Ultimate Boardroom in 2015

How To Create The Ultimate Boardroom
Want a create a stunning boardroom designed for the needs of your modern business? We can help! In today's post we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and products you'll need to design the ultimate boardroom in 2015. Enjoy!

Conference Room PowerAs the central focus piece of your boardroom, it's best to start your makeover by selecting a new table. This year, powered boardroom table solutions are the only way to go if you're looking to keep things on the cutting edge. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, Lesro Industries, and Cherryman Industries are paving the way for this trending movement. While basic power modules are available that feature phone and three prong inputs, if you want to take things over the top, a custom module is the way to go! Global's Zira tables can be equipped with Oasis modules ready to accept a variety of plug and play telecom plates. This year you're conference table can be configured with USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet inputs that will take your space to the next level. Go with a powered boardroom table and set your meeting area up for success!

Boardroom Design Ideas
No matter the size of table you choose for your boardroom, you'll no doubt want to accent it with as many chairs as possible. This year, sleek seating like ribbed back conference room chairs are in! These trending chairs offer sleek design characteristics and a modern look that's sure to compliment your powered boardroom tables. Chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing and the 11730B ribbed conference room chair from Offices To Go showcase this look to perfection. Even at first glance you'll see why these chairs have become so popular. In a nut shell, they're comfortable and they save a ton of space! Make the most of your space by adding sleek ribbed back chairs.

Modular Boardroom FurnitureIn the boardroom, seating is always at a premium! That being said, adding tablet arm chairs around the perimeter of your space will help you accommodate more guests comfortably. Tablet arm lounge seating like the Sirena from Global Total Office offer mobilized bases and lower level storage shelves to further boost the versatility of our space. While integrating any chairs around the perimeter of your space will help, seating solutions with tablet arms will provide your valued guests with useful writing surfaces to utilize during meetings. Tablet arm chairs are functional, comfortable, and down right cool!

in 2015, you'll want to tech-up your boardroom! Mounting a modern flat screen TV in your space will allow you to link up laptops and showcase your presentations in style. Wall mount TV options are widely available at electronics stores, but we recommend using a model from an ergonomic speciality  brand like ESI Ergonomic Solutions. Their versatile mounts adjust in a variety of helpful ways that will certainly be appreciated during meetings. Having a flat screen in the boardroom is also nice during office parties! As the boardroom will no doubt be the prime party location, a wall mounted TV will allow you to sync up music, games, and much more!

High Tech BoardroomOn your quest to create the ultimate boardroom in 2015, you'll certainly want to account for the visiting experience of your guests. To provide a welcoming and inviting meeting experience, consider adding a mobile refreshment cart. Stock your cart with drinks, snacks, and more to treat your visitors. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office have bolstered their product offerings in 2015 to include stylish mobile refreshment cart options that will match the finishes of their powered tables and accent furnishings.

Elliptical Conference Room TableOnce you've got the main elements above covered, it's time to accessorize! Take your boardroom to the next level by adding a folding white board cabinet to match your table. These boardroom tools certainly come in handy! Take things a step further by adding a matching wall cabinet for additional room storage. As you certainly won't want to leave stationary and presentation materials strewn about your boardroom, wall cabinets provide the perfect solution to your organizational needs. If you've already purchased a boardroom table and it doesn't have power, consider purchasing a portable power module like the Isle from Symmetry Office. These handy little stations can be moved around any space quickly and offer three prong outlets and USB inputs that you and your guests will certainly make use of during those long meetings! Lighting fixtures, area rugs, plants, and cool wall art can also be added at your leisure to boost appeal.

In the long run, the ultimate boardroom for your business may not be the ultimate boardroom for the competition. When designing your space, make sure to prioritize your businesses needs. Place a primary emphasis on comfort and functionality as these two factors are must haves for any well functioning space. Once you've created your space, consider what items will make it even more productive! The top furniture brands are regularly introducing cool new boardroom products that will help you keep your meeting interior evolving with the latest trends.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Life Behind the Desk: 7 Ergonomic Products for Improved Functionality

Life behind the desk is no easy task. With impractical office tools, inefficiency, unproductiveness, and even office-related pain can become a daily occurrence. However, with these top notch ergonomic devices, you and your workplace can be running smooth in no time. Today we highlight seven great products for improved office functionality. Enjoy!

Monitor Arm

Those suffering from office-related back and neck aches know the struggles of trying to play through the pain. Unfortunately, even something as simple as turning one's head repeatedly to view a computer screen can put the neck, shoulders, and upper-back muscles all out of whack, causing terrible chronic muscle cramps. This is where monitor arms save the day! Adding ergonomic monitor arms for computers is one of the best ways to improve an office workstation. These devices mount to walls or desks, saving space, and allowing users to adjust computer screens to a proper viewing position to prevent pain.

* Helpful Hint: The proper position for a computer screen is directly in front of the user at eye-level, about an arm's length away from the face. This helps ensure the body stays upright for optimal viewing and reduces the pain caused by improper posture.

Keyboard Tray

Arthritis, wrist pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome are just a few conditions that can worsen during regular office activity. The chief cause of these sorts of pain comes from improper typing practices. With the assistance of retractable keyboard platforms, users can adjust the tilt and distance of their keyboards to promote better wrist posture and blood flow, reducing pain. With the keyboard off the desk, users also get more surface space to work with, decreasing clutter and improving office efficiency.

Sit to Stand Desk

Ergonomic experts have discovered that sitting at a desk often promotes poor posture without the assistance of quality ergonomic chairs to pick up the slack. For this reason, adjustable standing desks are the perfect tool for sufferers of chronic office-related back pain. Because the human body is better equipped for long periods of standing than sitting, desks that can switch between the two are ideal. Working while standing promotes better health and posture, and has been reported to also increase focus and energy to promote workplace productivity!

* Helpful Hint: Standing desks are fabulous for reducing pain and maximizing potential, but don't forget that standing for long periods without a break can also result in leg and foot pain and poor blood circulation. Taking brief 30 minute sitting breaks every few hours provides a good respite for maximum health in the office.

CPU Holder

Tired of hitting your knees on the drive under your desk? Then a CPU holder is always the best solution. For those who find themselves constantly rewiring or fighting with the hard drive for leg room, CPU holders provide the perfect ergonomic accessory. These nifty devices mount underneath a desk to support a hard drive, leaving more leg space for the user and reducing the risk of a hard drive overheating. Many CPU holders also possess maneuverability for easy rewiring - no more cramming yourself between the desk and the wall for basic computer maintenance!

Desk Lamp/Charging Station

Everyone loves a BOGO deal, and this round of cool ergonomic products offers two tools for the price of one. Of course desk lamps are a common sight in the workplace, but cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, and other electronic devices all fighting for charger space, sometimes the wall outlet can get a little crowded. Thankfully, with products like the Dual Purpose Solstice Lamp from ESI, you can charge devices and work by sufficient lighting all at the same time. This special lamp not only illuminates workspace, but it also features a USB port for when your computer is all tied up. You'll never have to settle for less again!

Portable Power Module

Speaking of energy efficiency, why risk a device ever running out of power. With portable power modules, like the Symmetry Isle Power Tower, you can charge multiple devices without having to worry about which ones to sacrifice. Power towers are perfect both for the shared workspace and for users who rely on numerous devices all working at the same time. With nine available power outlets and six active USB ports, the Isle makes a superb addition to conference rooms, training areas, lobbies, reception offices, or anywhere tech users congregate!

Foot Rest

Because most desk workers sit, few office employees realize their chronic foot pain could be an office-related condition. Once again, improper posture while sitting is often the culprit. When a seated person's feet don't touch the ground, the unsupported weight puts stress on the backs of the knees where they bend over the edge of a chair, cutting off circulation and resulting in numbness, tingling, and pain in the feet. The best solutions to this problem include height adjustable office chairs with waterfall seats to reduce knee stress, and office foot rests. Foot rests may tilt to support the feet at an ideal angle, lifting them up so blood flow is easier and pain is reduced. Without chronic pain as a distraction, office workers exhibit better focus, health, and productivity!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Best Selling Powered Conference Tables of 2015

If you want to take conference room productivity and functionality to the next level, you'll need a powered table! This year the top furniture manufacturers have brought to market versatile tables that provide the cutting edge features needed to kick your meeting area into high gear. In today's post we'll highlight 2015's best selling powered conference tables. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Zira Powered Conference TableWhen it comes to modern conference tables with power options, there's no better brand than Global Total Office. With their new Zira collection, designing a customized table to meet your businesses multi media needs has never been easier. Simply choose a table shape and size that works for you. Next, select a power port with enough three prong outlets for your space. Then add telecom plates to further boost performance. Global provides cutting edge Oasis series modules that come highly recommended. Telecom plates offer plug and play options that include HDMI, USB, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet inputs. Zira's top of the line tables can be spec'd in your choice of 23 laminate finish options and 2 base accent colors to meet your office decor needs.

Mayline TransAction Series Powered Conference TableWith Mayline's extensive lineup of best selling furniture lines, finding a powered conference table for your specific business needs is a breeze. With collections like TransAction, Napoli, and Medina, you'll be ready to create a high tech boardroom ready to meet the demands of your modern business. The TransAction series is Mayline's most advanced. These high tech tables are available with customizable power modules that can be daisy chained together and wired directly into floor outlets. The extensive options available on TransAction tables make them a bit confusing for the average consumer to spec. You'll definitely want to consult with the professionals about one of these bad boys!

Mayline Medina Table
The Napoli and Medina conference furniture collections share similar design characteristics. Napoli offers a wood veneer construction and is a bit more high end. Medina is a laminate line available in attractive finish options and with basic power module options that won't break your budget. If you just need the basics in your boardroom, you can't go wrong with either of these two best selling lines.

Cherryman Verde Series Powered Conference TableCherryman Industries is a leading manufacturer of professional desk configurations, ergonomic chairs, and awesome tables for the boardroom! Their best selling Verde collection offers tables in 3 different lengths to fit meeting areas of any size. Verde tables are available in two quick shipping finish options that are sure to provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional cherry and maple finishes that trended in years passed. All three of the Verde conference table models feature white accented legs with cable troughs designed to help you run power from surface to outlet effectively. The best part is, power modules for the Verde tables are incredibly affordable and you won't have to select any custom options. Simply add one, two, or three modules to your table and your ready to roll!

Lesro Industries Mystic Conference TableHighly respected for their top notch reception, lobby, and waiting room furniture, Lesro Industries deserves more credit for their awesome conference tables! If you're tired of traditional table shapes like rectangular, oval, and round in the meeting area, Lesro's elliptical conference tables will certainly strike your fancy. These industrial-modern tables feature sleek curved sides and metal legs that are sure to wow your conference room guests. Affordable, easy to assemble, and very well made! Mystic tables can really do it all. The power modules can be factory installed to make things easy when your table arrives. Simply select a top finish, metal leg finish, and module that works for you. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

6 Cool Ergonomic Chairs Trending in March

Considering a new office chair to keep you working comfortably? We've got you covered! In today's post we'll highlight 6 super cool seating solutions trending this month. From the Eurotech Symbian to the Woodstock Baez, these hot chairs are sure to boost office decor while taking performance to the next level!

Symbian High Back Mesh Chair by Eurotech SeatingFirst up, the Symbian ergonomic mesh chair by Eurotech Seating. Even at first glance you'll be drawn in for a sit! These versatile ergo chairs offer high end modern appeal and the adjustable features to match. The Symbian comes standard with user friendly features that include a thick padded seat, wide frame, headrest, and height adjustable arms. The integrated headrest provides excellent neck support for taller users while the syncro tilt mechanism makes it easy to keep your back in contact with the chair when operating in the workplace. For an added style boost, the Symbian office chair features a cool purple seat that's sure to set your space apart from the competition. Priced at $590.00, the Symbian is considered to be a luxurious office chair by industry professionals. This reliable chair won't let you down when you need it!

White Leather Office ChairsThe Offices To Go 11730 has become a premier choice for professional conference and meeting area applications in 2015. These sleek black and white leather office chairs may lack the traditional adjustable arms found on high end tasking models, but they still provide the ergo attributes needed to keep your guests comfortable throughout those long meetings. The ribbed back style showcased on the 11730 has become incredibly popular this year. While most chairs featuring this trendy look lack padding and support, the 11730 stands a cut above the competition. With ample padding, polished chrome accents, and a price tag well under two hundred and fifty bucks, the 11730 is hard to beat!

RFM Preferred Seating Verte Ergonomic ChairKnown for their innovative designs and commitment to ergonomics, RFM Preferred Seating is an industry favorite that never disappoints. With cool chairs like 22111 model from the Verte collection, there poised for success yet again. While this chair has been around for some time now, it's popularity levels are still rising regularly. Designed to mimic the spines unique shape and inspired by the human vertebrae, the 22111 Verte series ergonomic executive chair is perfect for active work environments. As one of the most comfortable chairs on the market, the Verte offers just about every feature you could want and then some! Stylish, versatile, comfortable, and luxurious, the Verte has it all!

Mayline Gist Plus Chair
The all new Gist Plus task chair by Mayline has already made a name for itself in the seating world. These trending mesh back office chairs are affordable, comfortable, and really cool! The Gist packs a serious ergo punch that's sure to have you operating efficiently and without the common aches and pains encountered throughout the work day. Available in a variety of attractive seat color options to compliment the two mesh back colors, the Gist Plus can be customized to match your office decor with ease. It's minimal 4 step assembly process is a refreshing attribute worth noting, especially for those purchasing multiple chairs for their office interiors. Priced at just $327.99, you'll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck!

812-LX Avenger Chair by OFMWith all their hot new lounge furniture collections garnering the spotlight in 2015, OFM's ergonomic office chairs deserve some attention! The new 812-LX Avenger Chair offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional design characteristics that make it the perfect option for nearly any workspace. With it's 400 lb. weight capacity, the 812-LX Avenger can be safely classified as a heavy duty big and tall chair you can truly rely on. While many of today's big and tall chairs lack character in exchange for suability, the Avenger provides both! These comfortable leather office chairs are incredibly supportive and versatile. Try one and there's no turning back. You'll understand immediately why these chairs are amongst the hottest on the market in 2015.

Woodstock Marketing Baez High Back Mesh ChairWoodstock Marketing has made their mark on the industry by introducing super cool retro inspired seating solutions with European design characteristics. Their Baez chairs can be relied upon to provide excellent support and high end appeal in professional meeting areas. Available for just $299.00, the Baez high back office chair features an all mesh seat and back design that's ultra swanky. The polished frame and base features really pop in the boardroom while the standard ergonomic features will keep your guests nice and comfortable. Both black and white mesh Baez chairs are available from Woodstock to match your decor. As an added bonus, these trending chairs ship within two days of order to help help you meet those tight project completion deadlines! If you're looking to save a buck or two, check out the Baez mid back model. All the same great ergo features for thirty dollars less.


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