Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Office Furniture Trends - Table Desks Are In!

Table Desks Table desks, often known as writing desks, are becoming incredibly popular in the world of office furniture. With more and more people opting for laptops and tablets in the workplace, using table desks is an excellent way to save money when compared. This form of desk is typically much less expensive than your average executive desk as it requires less material to manufacture. Those using laptops require far less desk storage. For that reason, table style desking just makes more sense! The open look of these desks make rooms look far larger while showcasing a sophisticated look that's easy to appreciate. It's easy to see why this office furniture trend is gaining steam on a daily basis.

When it comes to selecting a desk, perhaps no manufacturer offers a more extensive lineup of solutions than Mayline. With 10 top selling casegoods furniture lines on the market, you'll be at no shortage of products for any room of your office. That being said, Mayline offers too many awesome table desks to only highlight one!

Modern Table DeskFirst up, this modern table desk from the hot new e5 open desking collection of in stock casegoods. This stylish new product is available in your choice of metal frame and surface finish. The wide range of color options allow contemporary minded individuals to release their create juices! Needless to say, no office featuring e5 series furniture will ever be called boring. This hot new line of Mayline Workstations was designed to be easy to specify, install, power, reconfigure, and best of all, afford! These writing style desks can be used to furnish everything from private offices, open plan spaces, and more - all while promoting productivity and collaboration.

Sorrento Table DeskAnother top selling model from Mayline that deserves honorable mention is the Sorrento desk in your choice of two stunning wood veneer finish combinations. This wood writing desk is all about luxury! The elegant look and class of the entire line of Sorrento furniture is hard to pass up. For those in search of traditionally styled wood office furniture, this is the product for you. In addition to these beautiful desking solutions, the Sorrento line also features a variety of matching wood conference tables for a well rounded and complete office look. As an added bonus, this line is fully equipped for powered applications giving users the best of old world charm with modern features for an improved working experience.

Verde Table Desk
Last but certainly not least is the verde table desk from Cherryman Industries. As with all Cherryman office desks, this line comes with plenty of wow factor! Writing style table desking solutions from this popular collection can be purchased individually for as low as $542.99. Additionally, typical packages and corner desk configurations are also available to form complete office suites. Shoppers will enjoy a choice of two coffee inspired finishes that really impress. The silver table legs complete the modern look without going overboard. Needless to say, this line of executive furniture is a huge hit amongst industry professionals and interior design teams for it's simplistic modern touches and affordable price point.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Office Furniture Installation Tips To Remember

Office Furniture Installation
So you've decided to undergo an office makeover project for your business. Excellent! The purchase of office furniture is often overshadowed by the fear of the installation portion of any project. Not to worry! Furniture installation is typically quite easy and with the simple tips included in this article, your office will be up and running in no time.

Tip 1: Prep Your Space

The first tip is an absolute essential. There is nothing worse than being surprised by a semi truck at your business looking to drop off thousands of dollars worth of furniture when you are ill prepared. The best way to avoid this is to track your shipment accordingly and prepare your space. By removing old furniture and properly storing important documents, you will already be ahead of the curve! On a side note, consider taking pictures of your old furniture for listing on classified websites. Selling your used business office furniture is an excellent way to add additional funds to your corporate budget.

Tip 2: Staging Your Furniture

Once the applicable office environments have been properly prepped it will be time to receive your new furniture. In most cases, furniture delivery only includes a curbside service unless otherwise specified and requested. If you've opted for curbside delivery it will be your responsibility to bring your new office desks or seating into your business. As most work environments are limited on space, it's incredibly important to dictate a staging area to get your installation plan situated. Once you've made a plan, you'll be able to un carton and pre build major components and move them into your space. With larger items like a conference table, it's best to stage and build out products in the main area to minimize heavy lifting and dangerous carries down the hallway! Another important benefit of the staging area is organization. You'll be surprised at just how much debris and cartoning comes along with a major furnishing makeover. The staging area will provide an excellent place to organize parts and instructions for your project.

Tip 3: Helpful Tools

While several of the top office furniture collections for home and business use come standard with the tools needed for installation, some do not. Lines like the Marque OFM Reception Desk collection actually require no tools at all for assembly! Regardless of the furniture you purchase and what's included arming yourself with a few basic tools will make your job much easier. A box cutter is great for getting into cardboard packaging and removing pallet straps for larger furniture like the reception desks mentioned above. A screwdriver is also nice to have on hand for obvious reasons. A multi purpose driver with a variety of bit options can be purchased for around $10 and will pay for itself over a variety of projects. The last essential item needed is a decent set of allen wrenches. Everything from executive office chairs to small computer desks feature some form of allen related component. In most cases, the included allen wrench will work okay but a back up set is always advised as you might be over zealous and strip your one and only wrench! It's never fun to stop a project midway for a trip to the local hardware store. Additional tools like power drills are nice to have but not necessary in most cases. Any reputable manufacturer will be happy to recommend helpful tools for any specific project.

Tip 4: Work With a Friend

Small office projects like building out a few computer chairs can easily be handled by a single person. A typical computer chair should only take you around 30 minutes to assemble. Larger jobs like the installation of office cubicles often takes a team of professionals. This tip refers to those medium sized projects that involve some heavy lifting! On average, executive desks weigh over 100 lbs when built out. The individual components can often be tricky to work with individually. For this reason, requesting the help of a trusted friend will be a huge help. Adding a coworker to the makeover project will also help you improve the overall safety of the installation. Holding pieces in place to be connected is a benefit that should not be overlooked. While most installations will only take an hour or two, adding a trusted helper will cut down your overall work time by helping to share the work load.

Tip 5: Odds & Ends

A few minor things will help your project in a major way. The use of a furniture dolly will provide ease of mobility when moving furniture of any kind. Positioning heavier products on furniture sliders is also a great way to improve the modularity of any office. Furniture sliders can be found at any local hardware store for around $10 and are truly back savers! Be mindful of your walls and the finish of your furniture. Blankets are a great way to protect both when moving. Lastly, doors stops will save you some tricky maneuvering through tight spaces. It's easy to imagine the difficulty of holding a door open while trying to move a desk though safely. If any job becomes to difficult or seems unsafe in any way, stop. Evaluate the situation, ask for help, and call the professionals. No furniture is worth getting hurt over. Industry professionals will always be available to provide helpful advice to get you through your project with ease.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Top Selling Ergonomic Office Accessories

Ergonomic office products have become an essential part of any professional business. With so many solutions available, we thought it would be fun to highlight the top selling ergonomic office accessories for 2013. Hopefully this article will provide insight as to what items can most improve your work day, increase productivity, and keep you comfortable!

1.) Keyboard Trays

Ergonomic Keyboard Trays
While most every desk in the country is outfitted with some form of ergonomic keyboard tray solution, not all models are created equal. It's no surprise that every office furniture manufacturer on the planet offers some type of articulating solution geared towards holding your keyboard tray. However, top keyboard trays should do much more than slide back and forth under your desk. A quality tray will provide a seemingly limitless array of adjustments geared towards versatility. You should look to regain ample desk space while improving your posture while computing with any good tray. As with any product, the best models are manufactured by companies that specialize in this genre. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions provide popular models that won't break your budget. Their combo solutions provide excellent bang for the buck. The ESI keyboard trays making the biggest impression these days are the sit to stand solutions. Ergo gurus love standing keyboard tray solutions for much more than wow factor. Quite frankly, these trays offer just too many ergonomic benefits to list!

2.) Monitor Mounts
Ergonomic Monitor Mounts

Using the standard desktop monitor mount that comes with your computer is a thing of the past. In today's office, monitor mounts are available for any number of screens you prefer. A quality monitor mount and articulating arm will greatly improve your day to day efficiency while helping you to recapture usable desk space. Top models offer the ability to be clamp or grommet mounted to any desk or modular workstation layout your might be considering. In addition, tablet mount solutions are also gaining popularity in a hurry throughout the industry. Nowadays anything with a screen can be mounted to your worksurface to provide ergonomic benefits. To be honest, ergonomic monitor arms really look fantastic. The cool factor is never at a shortage when mounts of this nature are present. It's no wonder why these products have continued to sell like hot cakes throughout the first quarter of 2013.

3.) LED Lighting

LED Desk Lamp

It seems everything with a bulb is being reworked to use LED technology. Light emitting diodes form semi conductors that glow when voltage is supplied. This money saving light source is a great way to incorporate ergonomics into the workplace. LED lighting is easier on the eyes and reduces glare which will allow you to work for longer stretches and cause less stress on  your retinas. From TV's to desk lamp solutions LED office lighting is the sweeping the nation. For office lighting needs, several top brands have begun to offer awesome under mount task light and over head solutions. The good news is that LED lamps for the office will cost you far less than those fancy flat screens! On average, a specialized LED desk light can be purchased for around $100. Not only do these products improve your work day, they look fantastic as well. One cool new model even offers a USB port and will charge a variety of devices. The Solstice Desk Lamp is definitely our favorite!

4.) CPU Holders

CPU Holders
Have you ever had to get around to the back of your computers power source? If you answered yes, you probably also found this task to be a real hassle. Often, CPU's are situated underneath office desk configurations and pushed as far out of the way as possible. In most cases, your computer mouse, modem, speakers, and keyboard tray hook up through this all important unit. In fact, this is the single most important part of any operating unit. For this reason, the CPU should be treated with your utmost respect and care. A computer is a costly investment that needs to be installed and held properly. That being said, CPU holders are rapidly becoming the hottest selling ergonomic office accessories on the market. These affordable products provide a discount investment in the health of your computer as they help to prevent dust build up and water damage. In addition, under mount CPU holder solutions provide swivel capabilities that provide easy access to the rear outlets. This is an awesome ergonomic feature that will reduce those frustrating trips under your desk to reconnect your computer speakers!

Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Modern Office Chair Trends To Watch

Modern Office Chairs

When it comes to office chairs, the modern look is always in high demand. Now that 2013 is in full swing, it's easy to see that several hot chair trends are sweeping the industry. This article highlights 5 of the latest office seating trends you'll definitely want to be aware of before your next office makeover.

Trend 1: Chrome Frames

Accord Mesh Chair

One popular trend that's gaining momentum in the seating world is the use of chrome. Using a chrome frames and chair accents is an excellent way to highlight a modern look. While manufacturers like Global Total Office have offered this option for years, more and more models are coming standard with this luxury features. Chrome, and even polished aluminum accents pull together a high class look that's easy to love. The Accord Mesh Back Office Chair is an excellent example of this new trend. Consider this look before purchasing your new office chair.

Trend 2: Two Tone Upholstery

Takori Office Chair
More often than ever, two tone upholstery is being being adopted into the office seating world. This look is a great way to create a one of a kind look while showcasing ingenuity. Two tone upholstered computer chairs allow consumers and interior designers alike to release their creative style. Models like the new Takori Office Chair are an excellent place to start your search if this new trend strikes your fancy. Other products like the Sirena lounge chair are perfect for reception and office lobby furniture applications where the modern look is always appreciated.

Trend 3: Vinyl Upholstery

European Office Chair

Looking for an excellent way to provide your office a with a luxury look on a budget? Vinyl seating is an excellent way to save you a ton money when compared to leather. For this reason, vinyl upholstery has become incredibly popular for the start of 2013. Models like this European Influenced Office Chair from the Eurotech Seating Europa chair collection provide consumers with the ability to stay comfortable, in style, and within budget. A quality vinyl is also easy to clean and extremely durable. Take best selling OFM office chairs for example. This industry leading chair provider is offering products from the new UNO seating collection in awesome two tone vinyl combinations that really rock! These top items have been selling like hotcakes since their arrival in late 2012.

Trend 4: Kneeling Chairs

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs are an excellent way to ensure comfort during your workday. These ergonomic office chairs allow users to adjust their posture and form a new way to operate while engaging in workplace activities. This form of chair gets it's inspiration from massage style tables. The modern shape and look make for a great conversation piece! These once considered luxury office chairs are now available at everyday low prices and for that reason are becoming incredibly popular for both home and business use. Kneeling Chairs from Flash Furniture can be found for as low as $99.99. We definitely recommend trying a few models out as this sitting style will take some getting used to at first. However, once you convert there's no going back! These chairs are super comfy!

Trend 5: Nesting Chairs
Armless Valore Nesting Chair with Mesh Back by Mayline

While stacking office chairs will always be popular for any high volume guest seating applications, nesting chairs have taken over as the number 1 training room chair style. These versatile chairs offer excellent space saving attributes perfect for multi use areas. More often than ever, modular training room chairs with nesting capabilities are being incorporated into conference room furniture configurations as they incredibly budget friendly. Looking for the best of both worlds? New Mayline Office Chairs like the TSH2 Valore chair offer the ability to stack and nest for a truly unique and versatile solution to any office seating need.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Top Eco Friendly Office Furniture Manufacturers

Green Office Furniture

Going green is an excellent way to help reduce our carbon footprint. The benefits of eco friendly office furniture and seating are astounding. From improved indoor air quality to sustainability, green products truly help our planet. Often, it's thought that going green increases the cost of products. This common misconception is finally put to rest today by highlighting these top manufacturers that have taken the time to have products Greenguard Certified at no additional cost to the consumer.

1.) Safco

Safco Office ProductsThe Safco Office Products brand offers several of the hottest office products on the market. From chairs to accessories this environmentally conscious manufacturer prides themselves on quality and cutting edge style. Several Safco office chairs are amongst the absolute best in terms of ergonomic attributes. In addition, Safco computer desks are a great way to outfit your home office on a budget. No matter the office area you're looking to outfit, Safco offers sustainable products sure to impress without breaking your budget.

2.) Global Total Office

Global Total OfficeOne of the industries absolute best full service furniture brands is also a huge fan of green products. The Global Total Office Furniture brand has reduced their consumption of electricity by over 18% over the last four years. They have entirely eliminated the use of CFCs and HCFCs in all our manufacturing processes to protect the ozone layer. This awesome manufacturer recycles 88% of waste product throughout the entire organization! In fact, they have recycled over 100 tons of fabric! All Global Office Products are BIFMA approved to ensure years of service and long lasting quality. Global they "have a responsibility to safeguard the environment in the course of manufacturing and doing business." To ensure quality and the highest levels of professionalism, the Global Environmental Committee was formed.  This committee has members recruited from across the organization, from the factory floor to senior management that report directly to the Chairman and CEO. In simple terms, it’s a fully integrated component of operations, financial planning and expenditures according to Global. Needless to say, if you care about the environment and are looking for Green Office Furniture, Global Total Office is definitely a name to trust in terms of quality and cost effectiveness.

3.) OFM, Inc.

OFM Office FurnitureA top office furniture choice by industry professionals, consumers, and interior design teams is steadily improving their green initiatives. The OFM office furniture organization has gone green in more ways than one! Since 2009, OFM has been driven to reduce overall paper usage by handling invoicing, order processing, and shipment confirmations electronically. In fact, they cut their paper usage in half during the first year. In August of 2010, OFM had all of their factory lights changed from 400 watt metal halide bulbs to 200 watt induction exterior high bay lights. This cut the power usage by all lights in half! OFM has taken the time to have hundreds of products Greenguard Certified. Top OFM Office Chairs like the the brand new Avenger Executive Chair, along with popular models from the Rico Stack Chair line are just a few of the seating solutions OFM has had certified. All of the models from the NET Series Seating line have been made eco friendly and make excellent indoor and outdoor beam seating solutions for guest areas.

4.) Mayline

Mayline Office FurnitureWith 10 top selling furniture lines on the market today, Mayline sets the bar incredibly high when it comes to professional furnishings for the home and business. The quality and innovations highlighted in Mayline furniture is easy to appreciate even at first glance. Mayline understands its responsibility to provide a sustainable environment for our families and our communities.  They are committed to implementing practices which demonstrate results toward environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Mayline strives to minimize their environmental impact while maximizing the economic vitality of their products. Here's a few fun facts. Mayline has recycled 28,000 pounds of material. This is the equivalent of saving over 241 tress, 99,000 gallons of water, 853 less pounds of air pollutants, and 1,949 gallons of oil saved. From top conference tables to sustainable office accessories, this manufacturer makes there environmental goals well known in every product they make.

Monday, April 1, 2013

5 Fun Office Pranks You'll Love

With April fools being upon us, there's no better time for an article on super fun office pranks than now! These top 5 pranks are a great way to spice up the work day. As with any prank, these should be used at your own risk and for fun. Any office pranksters should also be on the lookout for payback and retaliation as this post is always a popular one. Enjoy, be safe, and most of all, have fun!

1.) The Jello Mold

Stapler In Jello

Admittedly, this office gag was first on the list as we are huge fans of 'The Office' where we saw it. This simple prank involves a few packets of jello and any type of desktop office accessories used commonly during the workday. In a nut shell, you make the jello and add the calculator or stapler. Needless to say, this one always gets a laugh!

2.) The Wireless Doorbell

Wireless Doorbell

With this prank it's all in the name. To pull this gut buster off properly you'll need a good hiding place and a location of less than 15 feet to ring/laugh from. Three good hiding spots for the wireless doorbell are towards the back of the desk with a piece of duct tape, buried deep within a file in desk side pedestals, and behind the CPU. Remember no to overuse. Once every 5 or so minutes will keep this prank fun for hours!

3.) Keep The Change

Coin Glued To Floor

This ones an old favorite! Take a couple quarters and stick them to the ground outside the office. Then, find a good hiding place. You'll be cackling up a storm at just how many people try repeatedly to pry the coins from the ground. A non permanent adhesive is advised to ensure this gag finds a proper ending.

4.) The Interior Decorator

Wait until that certain coworker leaves for lunch. Once out, remove all their important items and rearrange their office furniture carefully. This prank goes wrong in a hurry if you accidentally drop a beloved family photo! Once back from lunch the look of confusion will set in quickly on your pals face. Once confused, walk over with a straight face and say how your boss has informed you that office has a new interior decorator and you are all getting new office chairs and desks this week. If they haven't caught on, enjoy further enhancing the situation. Suggest that they are required to go online and find ergonomic furniture and other products they like as suggestions to provide your boss by the end of the day. If you can get them to take a list of office products they like to the boss, consider yourself a prank master!

5.) Wrong Number

This is a great one to pull on a fun boss. It's even better if you get the office to play along. Have everyone call your bosses line throughout the workday. Make sure to have everyone ask for the same made up person like 'Mike' for example. Then at the end of the day, have a non office friend swing by in a suit and say "Where there any messages for Mike today". You can really get creative with this one, but it's always fun.


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