Thursday, June 27, 2013

Discount Computer Desks for Modern Offices

In 2013, the modern look has been a huge hit! Consumers are striving to create cutting edge work environments on a budget. One great way to showcase a contemporary vibe with any office space is with a new computer desk. Check out these stylish variations at prices any budget will appreciate.

White Computer Desk
It's not often you find a white desk for computing that's this stylish for only $59.99! The Clifton series desk even features a unique metal frame that adds to the contemporary feel. This single user computer station is ideal for home office environments. The Clifton station offers 3 main work surfaces that can be used to support your monitor, keyboard tray, CPU, and accessories. If you're not feeling adventurous enough for a white desk, you can also enjoy this unique product with black laminate surfaces to meet your individual office decor needs. The simple curves and stylish accents are still enough to create a modern space worthy of visitor compliments.

Mobile Computer DeskIf you're in search of quality office furniture for sale, Mayline is definitely a brand you'll want to consider for your project! The Eastwinds line of small home computer desks for sale is the perfect combination of modern style and traditional accents. Models like the 945 mobile computer desk offer a simplistic solution to the needs of any home or small office area. With a choice of cherry or anthracite surface finish, this desk is customizable to match the look of nearly any office finish. A slide out keyboard tray and perforated CPU shelf are standard on the 945 that add to the user friendliness and versatility. Priced at $90.99, this desk is truly an excellent value.
Pink Computer Desk
How about a little something for the girls! This pink desk is a huge hit for small work spaces. Priced at $106.99, this stylish desk makes a perfect birthday or christmas gift for the young student in your life. Manufactured by the Calico Designs furniture group, these small desk layouts are typically in stock for quick shipment! Not loving the pink? No problem. Black and white color options are also available. Regardless of your color choice, the modern look of the 50105 is easy to spot! The powder coated steel frame creates simple lines that impress while the casters make for easy movement.

Cassini Computer Desk
Glass Computer DeskWhen it comes to modern computer desks for sale, perhaps no manufacturer offers a more extensive selection of affordable products than Flash Furniture. A relative new comer to the world of office desking solutions, Flash is making a positive impact in a hurry. Models like the Cassini computer desk for $109.99 are an excellent example of their modern craftsmanship at work. In addition to the Cassini, Flash offers the all new NAN-JN-2824S-GG. This glass desk combines metal and wood accents to form a one of a kind look. Priced at $89.99, you'll be hard pressed to find more affordable office desks at even three times the price.
972 Mayline Vision Desk

Last but certainly not least, the new Vision Computer Desk by Mayline. Priced at $149.99, this is the most expensive on our list. However, the 972 model desk is well worth it! These discount computer desks have been selling like hotcakes in 2013. The metal leg design, keyboard tray, and glass surface inserts are just a few of the stylish benefits this product has to offer. Available in both cherry laminate and anthracite surface options, the 972 can be matched to any of the top Mayline furniture for sale from the Eastwinds storage collection for added organization. Vision sets are also offered for those looking to create an all new office environment.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Top 5 Benefits of Modern Multi User Workstations

In business, improving productivity is essential. Thankfully, advances to modern technology are steadily improving the way we work. With the latest multi user workstations from brands like Mayline, OFM, and Cherryman Industries, creating a professional work environment definitely has it's benefits. This article highlights the top 5 that are sure to improve your corporate life in a hurry!

Saves Space

Cherryman Verde Multi User Modular Executive Station
If space is a problem in your workspace, there is not a more practical solution than a multi user workstation. Top multi user workstations take advantage of limited space by allowing two or more individuals to occupy a work zone comfortably instead of cluttering a room with multiple desks. Most multi user workstations are "wall-desk" configurations. This means the workstations to fit up against a wall so that they create the illusion of more space in a room.
A prime example of a wall-desk configuration is the Cherryman Verde Multi User Executive Station. The brilliant design of this workstation saves space while simultaneously allowing enough room for its users to have their own workspace.

Modular Design

Rize 3 Person Privacy Station

In a workplace that is constantly changing, nothing is more versatile than a modern modular desk set. These Multi User stations are typically found in libraries and school computer labs because they offer their users privacy and are extremely versatile. Modular stations offer the option of reconfiguration. They can easily be placed back to back, side to side, or they can stand alone without becoming an eyesore. Not only that, if your workplace fluctuates in times of activity, these easy-to-assemble stations can build onto one another to accommodate more people. With modular workstations like the Rize 3 Person Privacy Station your workstations can remain as fast paced as your workplace!

Improved Communication

Mayline e5 Modular Furniture Configuration

One of the greatest features of multi-user workstations is improved communication. The close proximity  with which the occupants of these conjoined office desks are from one another allows for fantastically increased interaction and teamwork. The Mayline e5 Modular Configuration is a beautiful example of a multi user station. Its smart design allows effective communication, teamwork, productivity, and impressive storage capabilities. If your business has issues with communication, the open atmosphere created by multi user workstations will doubtlessly tear down any barriers, leaving your coworkers friendly and conflict-free!


Mayline CSII Series Workstation CST6

Multi user office desks are some of the most efficient office furniture options on the market today. Working off the old saying "two heads are better than one", the typical two-person executive desks radically enhances productivity, versatility, and effectiveness by combining generous individual workspace with clever storage features. With stations like the Mayline CSII Series Workstation, users can both communicate easily and work by themselves. Intelligent design allows for incredible storage space underneath a sleek, stylish exterior. Easy to power, assemble, and enjoy, multi user sets like the Mayline model shown here truly take efficincy to the next level.

Advanced Technology

Mayline Transaction Series Typical 7

In the ever-changing world of modern office furniture technology, most businesses are looking for office cubicle configurations that can adapt to such a fast-paced environment. Multi user configurations are perhaps the best option for a business that relies on the latest advances in technology. By allowing multiple individuals to work in close proximity, setups like the Mayline Transaction Series Typical 7 are very easy to power. Additionally, many stations like this allow connection for many devices. The ergonomic furniture design improves speed, comfort, and efficiency by keeping everything at arms length. With the high tech applications of a modern multi user station, your business can run the technological footrace for years to come!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stylish Accent Furniture will Improve Your Space

The little details make the biggest difference! Adding stylish accent furniture to your lounge, conference room, and executive office will showcase your business ingenuity and individualism. Products like coffee tables, lecterns, wall cabinets, and presentation boards all provide awesome conversation pieces that will help you earn your space an excellent first impression.

Coffee Tables

Calico Designs Modern Glass Coffee Table

If your waiting room or lounge seems empty or unfinished, adding a coffee table to fill the empty space is a great way to make your guests feel comfortable and at ease. Coffee tables can hold beverages, magazines, books, pamphlets, or information about your business so the room's guests have something to entertain themselves with while they wait or relax. Not only that, coffee table solutions are also available in a multitude of sizes and stylish designs to fit perfectly into any space. if you're confused about what to do with your space, adding a coffee table is a brilliant start!

Lecterns can be found almost anywhere, from high school classrooms to college lecture halls, to conference rooms, churches, theaters, and so much more. They're almost always present in any institution, and with good reason. A convenient place to set notes, laptops, or microphones, lecterns can support anything that may be needed for a presentation. Nowadays, they're often equipped with wheels for mobility and styled in numerous ways to fit seamlessly into any space. If you're in need of  meeting presentation aids, a lectern is certainly an elegant choice!

Wall Cabinets

Mayline Sorrento Buffet Cabinet

Are you in need of a place to store extraneous office supplies? Well, there's good news! Executive style wall cabinets for sale are an excellent way to store many different things. Not only can file cabinets clean up an office by providing storage space, but they can also be a sophisticated way to accent a room. Short cabinets can often double as tables or shelves capable of supporting anything from coffee machines to lamps, and larger ones can fill up space if you have a blank wall. Available in all sorts of sizes, colors, and materials, new wall cabinets are a must for any office space simply because of their many uses!

Presentation Boards

Mayline Sorrento Presentation Board

Presentation boards are an effective, stylish piece of conference area furniture that can accomplish many different tasks. Whether you need something to pin papers to, to write on, or remind you of things, there's definitely a presentation board out there with your name on it - or as many names as you want! Whiteboards, cork boards, magnetized boards, the options are endless! Some modern boards even have all three types in one, often with the ability to fold shut like a cabinet so they aren't distracting. Ever clever, and always helpful, a modern presentation board is never a bad decision for any office.

Television Stands

ESI Deluxe Mobile TV Mount

If you have a school, lounge, waiting room, or new reception furniture configuration in need of a modern touch, a television is a great way way to accomplish your goal. For this, we leave you with the coup-de-grace of television stands, the ESI Deluxe Mobile TV Mount for your business. This classy, high tech stand looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, and with its chic design and ergonomic furniture qualities, it may as well be. The ESI Deluxe, is highly adjustable, with a swiveling monitor, adjustable height and brackets, accommodation of different LCD TV mounting patterns, and of course, it's portable. If your office has a new TV, this is the throne of stands.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3 Office Furniture Interior Design Projects That Will Improve Your Corporate Image

Is your business furniture out of date and slowing your down? It might just be time for an office makeover project! Keeping your companies furniture on the cutting edge will ensure your working at the highest levels of productivity possible. That being said, this article highlights the top office interior design projects sure to improve your corporate image and the products to help you do it on a budget!

The Conference Room

Conference Room Furniture
In most cases, the conference room is where the biggest decisions are made for any business. Having an up to date conference room will ensure your meetings run smoothly and stay productive. The industries latest conference area furniture for sale is fully capable to meet the needs of any modern business.

To complete a conference room makeover project effectively you'll need several key products. The first is the table. When shopping for new conference tables, first take the time to measure your space properly. Notate your power outlets, windows, and entry ways. Top products like OFM, Global Industries, and Mayline Conference Tables are the perfect place to begin your search. Once you've decided on a table, it's time to accent it properly.

Adding executive wall cabinets to your boardroom not only improves the overall look, it offers much needed storage. A luxury wall cabinet should provide locking capabilities to keep valuable office electronics secure while matching the table you've chosen.

When it comes to new conference room chairs you'll be at no shortage of options. Keep in mind that for every 3 feet of table is about the desired amount of room for 1 chair. A 10' conference table should be able to sit 3 users per side plus one on each end. Top mesh chair models for the conference room have become incredibly popular for the conference area as they are quite affordable and offer excellent ergonomic benefits.

The Lounge and Reception Area

Reception Furniture The lounge and reception area of any business is where first impressions are made. This space sets the tone for your business and the decor speaks volumes about your taste, quality, and overall professionalism. As this is one of the most expensive areas to makeover due to the sheer number of products needed, it's important to know what products will save your budget without sacrificing style!

The focal point of any well designed guest waiting area is the welcome desk. When shopping for reception area desks you should expect to spend between $500 and $2000 depending on your individual needs. Both small reception desks and large are available from industry favorite brands like Mayline. If you prefer the modern look of curved reception desks for your space, look no further than OFM! There Marque series has been 2013's top selling product.

Next you'll need to cover the seating and accent furniture for your space. This year, office beam seating has been incredibly popular. This modular solution saves space and makes for easily reconfigurable spaces to meet your guests needs. In addition, stacking office chairs are a great solution that make for easy to clean spaces, versatility, and the ability to add more seating affordably when necessary. Stylish reception seating for sale from brands like Offices To Go will enhance your reception station without overpowering the area. When shopping for comfortable waiting room chairs for your space it's always a good idea to ask for suggestions from your dealer of choice.

Finding accent furniture is the fun part. When shopping for modern coffee tables for your space, be creative! Often, the coffee and end table combination you choose turn out to be excellent conversation pieces for your guests. Don't take the "We just need something to set our magazines on" approach! Additional accent furniture includes wall art for an improved visual experience and efficient office lighting which is great for cutting down on electricity bills!

The Executive Office

Executive Office Furniture
Creating a professional executive office furniture configuration revolves around the desk you choose. The good news, is that several of the industries most respected brands have released new casegoods furniture collections for 2013 that will really rock your office! The Mayline e5 Furniture line is perfect for those in search of cutting edge style. Those with limited square footage will love corner office desks for sale from brands like Cherryman Industries. The OFM Venice Executive Furniture line is another great solution for those wanting a luxury look at an affordable price point.

Once your desking needs are settled, it's time to choose the perfect chair! When in search of executive office chairs for sale online, it's best to determine your ergonomic needs beforehand. Talk with your doctor or chiropractor to determine what support your body will best benefit from. This will help you to stay comfy throughout your work day while simultaneously improving your office efficiency. Chairs like the Concorde Presidential Chair are ideal for luxury office seating environments but are quite pricey. If you're looking to match nearly any decor, white leather office chairs provide a neutral canvas that has been booming in popularity. Make sure to shop around and review a wide variety of products. Ample budget friendly solutions are available that will meet your decor and ergo needs.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reviewing Top Conference Room Furniture by Lesro Industries

Lesro Industries Furniture
Lesro industries specializes in the manufacturing of high quality office products guaranteed to improve your corporate decor without breaking your budget. Well known for their industry leading reception area solutions, this reliable brands conference furniture solutions have been overlooked for far too long! Today's article highlights Lesro's quality furnishings for the conference and boardroom space that any business considering an office makeover should highly consider for their project.

If you love wood office furniture, Lesro will be an instant favorite of yours! While most of their top reception seating is accented with wood features, you can now match your conference area to your waiting room with ease. Providing your business with the advantage of a cohesive look shows ingenuity and professionalism!

6' Wood Conference TableProducts like this 6' wood conference table priced at $705.99 are an excellent value for any meeting area. With 6 quick shipping wood finish options available, you'll be enabled with the ability to match or create a space to meet your individual taste and decor needs. As with all Lesro Industries furniture for the conference area, these tables feature a handcrafted solid oak construction that provides excellent durability and long lasting good looks!

The solid oak table tops featured on Lesro Contemporary Series furniture provide structural integrity and enduring beauty. Tables feature a five step hand rubbed finish that's sure to impress. As an added bonus, matching wood guest chairs are also available with or without casters. Talk about versatility! 
Round Conference Table On Wheels 
Limited on space? No problem! Products like the V1948Q8 are just the ticket! This round meeting table on wheels provides an ample worksurface sure to create ample elbow room. The mobility of the V1948Q8 is priceless! Simply move this table to your desired position and out of the way for easy cleaning when your done. It today's office, modular office furniture solutions like these are revolutionizing the way we work. Improving office functionality is essential and products like this are a great way to do just that.

Mystic Series 8' Elliptical Conference Table with Metal LegsWe've saved the best for last! The Lesro Mystic furniture collection has taken the industry by storm. With so many contemporary lounge furniture solutions available, you'd probably think the modern conference tables get overshadowed. No way! These conference tables with metal legs are selling like hotcakes and for good reason. They are awesome! Models like the S1896K4 are the perfect way to showcase this line at it's best. This 8' elliptical table for the conference room comes standard in 6 surface finish choices and 2 metal leg finishes. The ample wow factor is included at no extra charge. As an added bonus, those looking to make use of high tech conference furniture will appreciate the ability to power their tables affordably! Lesro offers mobile Mystic conference table as well as the incredibly popular round Mystic conference table solutions for small spaces and those looking to make use of modular benefits!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Reviewing Top Modern Office Desk Configurations

When it comes to office desks, the modern look is in! Creating the perfect work environment with the most cutting edge products can often be expensive. The good news, is that the industry leading desks highlighted and reviewed in this article are a great way to to build a stylish professional workspace that won't break your budget.
Venice Executive Desk Set by OFM

The Venice series of OFM furniture is perfect for modern office shoppers looking to save a buck! This high quality line of products includes everything you need for your home or business workspace. The most popular Venice executive desk package includes 3 pieces available in both cherry or walnut. The stand out piece is by far the modern wall cabinet with unique design. The L shaped executive desk can face left or right for added versatility. Rest assured this package is sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments!
Cherryman Verde Furniture Suite
When it comes to business, a quality first impression is priceless. modern executive desks for sale like this Cherryman Industries Verde set offer ample wow factor sure to provide just that! As one of the most popular office furniture collections available for sale in 2013, the Cherryman Verde Furniture line is selling like hotcakes. The white glass accents and choice of 2 surface finishes makes for a versatile yet easy to spec executive furniture solution. This 6 piece Verde Executive Suite offers ample storage for added office organization help. Priced at $2151.99, this set is truly an excellent value!

Next up, this Calico Designs furniture package. The commercial look has been incredibly popular in 2013. Combining glass, wood, and industrial style is a great way to achieve it! This glass office furniture set is also incredibly affordable. Priced at $927.99, this 7 piece set offers a TV stand, two stackable modern bookcases and much more. The 2 part L shaped desk portion can also be separated to form stand alone corner desk configurations for smaller offices.
Mira Executive Desk Set
It's true that Mayline workstations have been a hugely successful industry wide. Their 10 top collections are all made extremely well and can be customized with matching products to accessorize and improve your work effectiveness. The Mira furniture collection from Mayline is definitely one of the most popular! With typicals like the MEU1 Mira Executive Desk package shoppers can outfit their home office or business space with ease. This 6 piece package also offers ample storage with the overhead hutch and versatile desk pedestals in both box box file and file file designs. 
Princeton Series Desk Set

If you're shopping for discount executive desks that don't lack in style, look no further than the Princeton Furniture collection by Global Industries. This line of modular office furniture includes extensive components to meet the needs of any sized space. This stylish U station combines a frosted glass door hutch that wall mounts for added stability. The versatile office storage components standard with this Princeton Desk Typical include a contemporary bookcase and wardrobe cabinet combo with credenza. The best part is, that as the needs of your office grow, you can add parts to improve your efficiency. Talk about value!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Technology In The Workplace

Technology plays a huge role in the efficiency of any modern business. Empowering your office with power ready products will surely improve your productivity and workplace functionality. Knowing the benefits of a technologically advanced office and the key products that will help you bring your place of business into the modern world will put you ahead of the competition.

Dual Monitor and Laptop Mount
In today's world, anything with a screen is being mounted ergonomically in the workplace. The ability to adjust screens while simultaneously creating more work surface is just plain smart! Products like dual screen monitor arms are a great way to share what you've viewing with guests while increasing your own computing speed. Just swing the screen and guests can see what you see! Another key benefit of this technology is speed. Let's say for example you're writing a memo and using multiple websites for reference information. The modern technology applied in articulating monitor arms allows you to look at both simultaneously.

Orion Tablet Mountlook for tablet mount solutions to be popping up more often then ever. With the popularity of products like the iPad, it's no surprise manufacturers like ESI Ergonomic Solutions have applied their monitor arm science to the world of tablets. Any high tech office furniture of the future is sure to have a variety of screens mounted for simplistic adjustment capabilities and ergonomic functionality.

TransAction Series Powered Conference Table by MaylineUtilizing the latest technology in your conference room will ensure you're meetings run smoothly and professionally. The latest powered conference tables for sale provide the ability to plug any number of devices directly into the table surface without mess wires running all over the place. An optimized conference and boardroom area with full power capabilities is perhaps the best way to see modern office technology in use. Rest assured, you'll be seeing mobile TV cart and stands designed for flat screen monitor arms and simplified movement. No more bulky carts with huge televisions for your office!

While the latest electronics are being released to consumers, top office furniture manufacturers are in a preverbial arms race to discover the most effective ways to incorporate these products into the workplace. Those popular abbreviated terms like LED and LCD are showing up in furniture descriptions on a consistent basis. In addition, adding modularity to the workplace also incorporates smart technology that should not be overlooked by any modern business.

Workplace Ergonomics
The latest modular workstations offer businesses the ability to reconfigure, grow, and adjust their office desks to meet their personalized needs. New and customizable casegoods furniture lines like the Global Zira Furniture collection offer a seemingly limitless selection of professional components to design incredible furniture configurations. The multi user workstations of the future will incorporate an open desking style pest portrayed in lines like this to promote team interaction and group collaborations.

To wrap things up, technology is going to improve your office. Before you know it you'll be working faster with far less effort. New products are being developed on a daily basis to ensure you have the most effective work day possible. Business owners will delight in the efficiency modern technology creates for their employees. Needless to say, the future is now!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top Drafting Table Trends for 2013

If you love art and drafting, 2013 has brought to light some awesome trends you'll be sure to love! Considering the purchase of a new table? This is the time to do it! With incredible innovations and stylish models being manufactured from the best brands in the business, the world of modern drafting furniture has never been more exciting. Here's a review article on the most popular trends being incorporated into this years top models.

Glass Top Craft Table
The use of tempered glass tops has become incredibly trendy in 2013. Glass provides a contemporary look that's easy match accent furniture to cohesively. Using frosted and painted glass tops has also become quite popular. Models like the Catalina Craft Table are an excellent example of this trend put to good use. This line of small home drafting tables offers a modern look that's booming throughout the industry. Priced at $169.99, this discount craft table also sheds light on the next trend we'll be discussing

Drafting Table with Metal Legs
The popularity of commercial styled products is at an all time high. These two trends are best exemplified in tables with metal frames. Top metal leg models from brands like Mayline are selling like hot cakes. New Mayline drafting table models from the Ranger and Economy series get the job done effectively, on budget, and in style. The steel 4 post frame design adds to the industrial look while the overall durability adds to the already stellar quality.
Adjustable Drafting Table

In addition to the use of glass, metal, and commercial aesthetics, the industries top drafting tables of 2013 are making use of modern ergonomics. The long list of benefits adjustable drafting tables have to offer will quickly improve your workplace versatility. Tops and table height are commonly being made to adjust easily and often electronically. Models like the Futur-Matic Drafting Table are a bit high end for the home artist, but perfectly showcase this modern trend in use.

Lighted Drafting Table

Last but certainly not least, those shopping for new tables will certainly see an abundance of lighted top solutions. While adding an adjustable desk lamp is always an option, the industries newest lighted drafting table models will take your work to a whole new level. While modern drafting furniture of this nature is often pricey, anything cutting edge typically is! Models like the Ranger series Lighted Drafting Table have been around for years but that still hold their place at the top of the list! These units are designed specifically with the needs of architects in mind. Priced at $2832.99, this is still the premier table of 2013.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Top 10 Contemporary Office Chairs for Modern Business Use

Contemporary office chairs are incredibly popular in 2013. Often the question is asked, "What chairs are best?" This top 10 list will provide excellent insight and product suggestions just for you.

Chair 1: OFM Avenger Chair

Avenger Chair

This stylish office chair features a unique design that stands out in any office. Available in black or cream leather, the Avenger chair is built to meet the decor needs of any office. The chrome frame and base along with the 500 lb. seat capacity make this chair a real winner!

Chair 2: Global Karizma Executive Chair

Global Karizma Executive Chair

When it comes to deceptively simple designs, this chair reigns supreme. Its 'True Response Support System' feature allows for gentle flexibility and unique response to the sitter's body position. All this hides underneath a brilliant aluminum frame. Available in almost every color under the sun, this chair will add the perfect touch to any modern office!

Chair 3: Boss Deluxe Contemporary Chair

Boss Deluxe Contemporary Chair

Looking for maximum comfort? The Boss Deluxe chair certainly delivers! This chair pulls out all the stops providing a 2-paddle lockable spring tilt mechanism as well as a layer of foam in its cushions for added luxury. Metal chrome plated arms and base plus breathable Caressoft Plus brand fabric? What's not to love?

Chair 4: Hendrix Contemporary Chair
Hendrix Contemporary Chair

This little beauty is perfect for any conference room furniture configuration or executive office. With adjustable tilt tension and locks this chair combines flexibility with generous dimensions and a hand polished aluminum frame for a sleek design. A memory foam seat cushion is the cherry on top!

Chair 5: Joplin High Back Leather Chair

Joplin High Back Leather Chair
If you like the features of the Hendrix chair, but would prefer a different design, this chair could be the one for you. Like the Hendrix chair, this high backed chair boasts a hand polished aluminum base and adjustable tilt lock suspension, but it is wrapped in a supple brown leather. While lower backed chairs of similar design are available, the high backrest of this model adds a regal touch to any office.

Chair 6: Eurotech Seating Europa Chair

Eurotech Seating Europa Chair
This ergonomic chair combines quality with quantity in terms of its features. Tilt tension control and locks, adjustable height, and a leather waterfall seat make this stylish chair a flawless choice for any executive, home, or business!

Chair 7: Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Back Chair

Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Back Chair

Want a chair exclusively for yourself? The Ergohuman from Eurotech Seating is as customizable as a smartphone. This chair is capable of almost any adjustment, with sliding seat, pneumatic height, lock, arm, and headrest adjustment options. These high end mesh back chairs are comfortable, breathable, flexible, and available in numerous colors. As if they were not already fit for a superhero, they are also eco-friendly!

Chair 8: Annie Series Swivel Chair

Annie Series Swivel Chair

This charming little chair can be the gem of any home or office. Its stylish diamond stitching accents a polished triple plated chrome frame. Tilt tension, lock suspension, and roomy dimensions bring this classic belle right out of a modern fairytale.

Chair 9: Eurotech Wau Series Chair

Eurotech Wau Series Chair
"Wow" indeed! This futuristic-looking chair is ergonomic and luxurious. From its mesh back to its waterfall seat and beyond, this chair is fully adjustable. Available in two stunning color options, this line of high-tech office chairs will take any home or office out of this world!

Chair 10: Global Auburn Executive Chair

Global Auburn Executive Chair

To round out our list of the finest and best office chairs, we leave you with the Global Auburn Executive Chair. This powerful chair features scrolled arms of cast aluminum finished in a soft touch urethane for amazing strength. This throne of a chair is coated in genuine leather and available in multiple color options as well!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sourcing Quality Office Furniture Brands In A Hurry!

Does your business need furniture in a hurry? Rest assured you're not alone. All too often business furniture shoppers are pinned to a tight deadline for receiving products in order to meet budget constraints and project specifications. Not to worry, the top manufacturers listed in this article understand your need to receive furniture in a flash. These stocking brands can typically have your products shipped and delivered within 1 week!

OFM Office FurnitureRegardless of the office area you're looking to makeover, OFM furniture is an excellent choice. This stocking furniture brand offers solutions for every room of the business. For 2013, OFM has released a ton of great new products that are taking the industry by storm. Products like their new glass conference table provide a neutral canvas for any boardroom environment and commercial appeal that's sure to impress. Looking for a stylish reception furniture configuration for you business? No problem! With products like the new Recoil lounge chair you'll be sitting pretty in no time.

Profile Series Lamp Table
Those using OFM reception desks will have no problem accenting their waiting room area. Products like the Profile Series Lamp Table offer a stylish solution that's incredibly sturdy and simple to assemble. The best part, OFM office furniture allows you to furnish any area and meet any need quickly. Their entire offering of products can typically be delivered in less than 1 week!

MaylineA long time favorite of industry professionals and interior designers, Mayline furniture is recognized as one of the most reliable manufacturers in the country. A great attribute for those in need of furniture quickly! This reputable brand offers full service solutions for every room of the office. With 10 top selling office furniture collections available you'll have a harder time choosing the perfect piece than meeting your deadline! Collections like the Aberdeen furniture Series include a variety of modular workstations and matching modern boardroom tables for sale that won't break your budget. Those in search of traditional wood office furniture will be at no shortage of Mayline Desks to choose from. Lines like the Sorrento Casegoods series boast executive typicals with stunning wood veneer finishes. These luxury desks are also perfect for upscale home office environments.
Metal Lateral File Cabinet

You'll be hard pressed to find a more complete selection of office storage products than those from Mayline. With an extensive selection of metal lateral file cabinets available, Mayline is an industry leading provider of professional organizational solutions. The high density filing needs of your business can also be met efficiently! Mayline Kwik Track systems are easy to spec, install, and operate. These durable products provide security and office functionality not to be overlooked when shopping for the needs of your records area.

Offices To Go
When it comes to discount office chairs, you'll be at no shortage of quick shipping options. However, not all new office chairs are created equal! While some chairs boast a low price tag, they lack the quality ergonomic features needed to keep you comfortable all day at work. Rest assured, you'll never face this problem with Offices To Go Seating for yourself or valued employees. This line is the sister company of the popular Global Total Office furniture manufacturer. Will world renowned quality, this brand holds true to the same rigorous standards as it's affiliate but offers quick ship times for those in need of seating quickly!

Black Leather and Mesh Office ChairOffices to go leather conference chair models are definitely worth a peek! If you're looking to accent your existing conference area furniture, these stylish solutions will surely breathe life into you space. Models like the popular 11692B leather and mesh office chair can be purchased for as low as $170.99 each and provide the superior comfort needed to conduct professional business. Chairs like the 2788 black leather executive chair provide a more simplistic approach without lacking the high end attributes you need. Choose from a variety of leather options to meet the decor needs of your space at no extra charge. You'll be hard pressed to find more reliable and professional conference chairs than those from OTG! In addition to seating, OTG provides a host of desking and tables to that's incredibly budget friendly. If you appreciate quality casegoods, lines like their Margate collection will really hit home. Typically mentioned in office chair conversations, Offices To Go furniture definitely deserves honorable mention!
 Cherryman Industries
Last but certainly not least, Cherryman Industries Casegoods furniture is a resource you should definitely remember. This reputable manufacturer offers beautiful and affordable office desks sure to create the perfect office space in a flash. Lines like their Amber Series casegoods collection offer the perfect combination of traditional quality and modern style.

Small Modern Reception Desk
Limited on space? No problem! Cherryman's most popular, line the Verde Furniture collection includes a wide variety of corner office desks in a choice of two incredible finishes! Creating a cohesive furniture theme throughout your business will be a breeze with lines like Verde. From stylish small reception desk layouts and contemporary conference area products, every offices needs can be met effectively. Cherryman is proud to stock their entire offering of furniture for quick and reliable shipment. This is one brand that's no slouch in terms of meeting your deadline.


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