Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 Awesome Office Theme Party Ideas

We thought we'd take a break from our usual posts about office furniture and seating to focus on something a bit more fun! Office parties are typically boring and most can't wait to leave. The good news, they don't have to be! With this list of 5 office theme parties your next workplace function will be one to remember. Enjoy!

1.) The Arabian Nights Party

Arabian Nights Party

First up, the Arabian Nights themed party. Here, all your coworkers dress up in fancy clothing including Genie outfits, belly dancers, and more! You'll want to set a dress code as this one can get a bit over the top. For food ideas look to sites like Pinterest for awesome recipes. Pick several dishes and have fellow coworkers draw from a hat to see who's making what. This just makes things a bit more fun, and most of the recipes are quite simple. You can easily decorate your workplace with cheap, theme based fabric from any hobby store. Pillows are a nice touch for this party, as to stay on theme everyone will be dancing and sitting on the floor. Talk about fun!

2.) The Luau Party

Luau Party

An oldy but a goody! The Luau party has been around for years. If you haven't exhausted this theme it's definitely worth a shot. This party can really be a blast no matter how many times you have it. In fact, we've even found that several offices have an annual luau party as they love it so much. One key to a successful Luau party is being outside. This way you get everyone out of the office cubicles for a little fun in the sun.

3.) The Fiesta Party

Office Fiesta Party

A pinata, some tacos, and some good salsa music is all you need to make the fiesta party a blast! Crank up the music and get to dancing. This is one of the easiest parties to throw, but definitely one of the most fun. Let's be honest, we all want to see our boss get spun in circles till their dizzy and then watch them try to whack a pinata! If you've got the budget, catering is always a good option for this party as it will save you time and your employees some cooking!

4.) Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Arrrr you ready for a party? Sorry for the bad joke, but this party is sure to give you ample laughs! The pirate party is costume required. Dress up as your favorite pirate character or make one up. No mater your choice this is sure to be a blast. The food on this is pretty wide open. You can get your local super market bakery to make some pirate inspired cookies but have some fun and create your own delicious fare. Recipes and ideas are widely available online to help get you started. Dress your office chair up like pirate ship and sail it around the office. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the fact that you're no working at work!

5.) The Olympics Party

Office Olympics Party

One great way to ensure your party is a success is to get everyone involved! Most office parties involve everyone sitting alone at their respective office desks and talking in their usual groups. The Office Olympics party is a great way to inspire a little competitiveness and win cool prizes. An extra vacation day, long lunch, and gift certificate all work great. The Olympic games can be create too. Whether you decide to do team sports or individual, any number of games from the Show Minute To Win It will work perfectly. One great game is the office relay. Have racers scoot across and office course in their computer chair passing a baton (empty paper towel roll works great) to the next racer at designated points. Whoever crosses the finish line in their chair first wins!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Future of Modern Office Furniture

 Modern Office FurnitureThe world of office furniture has never been more exciting. Innovative new products are being manufactured on a daily basis to meet the demands of modern businesses. From office chairs to desks, trends are more apparent than ever giving us a glimpse into the future of professional furnishings.

Like with kitchens, the industrial style is rapidly taking over when it comes to office furniture. This popular look involves the use of metal and other materials sure to provide long lasting quality and commercial appeal. When it comes to desking, the future of furniture can be easily seen in lines like the e5 furniture collection by Mayline. This collection of affordable workplace furnishings offers a customizable approach to the demands of any space. With thousands of matching components available, the trending industrial style can be created in spaces of any size!

Contemporary Office Furniture

In the future, there will be no shortage of glass in the workplace! Utilizing products like desks and glass conference table solutions provides a neutral canvas sure to match any decor. Glass gives the illusion of a larger work environment and further enhances the commercial look mentioned above. Look for a wide variety of frosted glass reception tables to make there way onto the market as well! Lines like the OFM Net Series table collection will give you a clear cut idea as to where to world of contemporary waiting room furniture is headed.

Industry professionals know that modularity and mobility work hand in hand to create some of the most effective work environments on the planets. In the future, casters will be present on just about every form of furniture available. The ability to quickly reconfigure work spaces to meet specific needs is vital. The future is all about versatility! Modular furniture collections like the Junction Tables line from Global Total Office will provide valuable insight into just how create your office can be. Stylish and unique office tables like these can be easily moved to provide ease of cleaning and space saving attributes high in demand by any business!

Innovative Office Furniture and Chairs

Space is probably at a premium in your office. For that reason, maximizing your office square footage is absolutely essential. Rest assured, products are already in the works to help you create multi purpose spaces designed to meet more than just one office need. Take conference room furnishings for example. No longer are wood conference tables the only way to outfit your space! Creative configurations like the popular Bungee Tables sets can be quickly adjusted to form functional training room furniture layouts for learning purposes.

Powered offices provide speed and efficiency that can't won't be forgotten in the future. Currently, powered conference tables and desk configurations are being created to allow for phone, data, and other devices to be connected right into the main worksurface. You'll be seeing far less table to projectors during meetings and far more laptops. Creating an interactive work space is without a doubt one of the main design and selling points of any office makeover. Having a space that works with and for you is now more possible than ever!

Open desking will undoubtedly become one of the hot items towards the end of 2013 and beyond. Standard office cubicle configurations will still be used but far less often. These blocky configurations create a closed off look while and innovative open desking clusters boast an open feel that promotes a team environment. Both styles will offer modular characteristics leaving room for business growth. One benefit of both is the ability to built up. Space will be more limited and the need for office storage products will grow exponentially. Taking your configuration to the ceiling will maximize office potential while generating the necessary organization space you need.

Professional Office Furniture
The future of modern office furniture can be easily seen in professional office chairs and their ergonomic benefits. It's no secret that ergo friendliness rules the work world. In the future, the same remains true! Creating the most luxurious office chairs with comfort improving features has become a modern arms race for seating manufacturers. New OFM office chairs like the Avenger model are designed to provide a modern yet comfortable look for individuals up to 500 lbs. The incredibly popular Ergohuman Chair is truly one of the most innovative mesh back seating solutions on the market. The good news is, you'll be at no shortage of options for your office seating in the future!

Look for the use of unique upholstery now and in the near future. Two tone seating offers a unique look while white office chairs provide a classy yet clean look to any modern office. Products like the Annie series red leather office chair make a statement that's sure to be noticed and appreciated by any business guest. Chrome, tungsten, and polished aluminum seating frames will also be used to provide durability and incredibly cool style.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stylish GSA Office Furniture Solutions

If you work for a Government entity, you enjoy the ability to purchase your office furniture and seating on active GSA discount structures to ensure a fair price and value. Unfortunately, finding quality products for every room of the office can be a chore. Especially when you're required to purchase GSA approved items! This informative post highlights and reviews stylish GSA furniture and chair solutions you'll love.

GSA Office ChairsIt's tough to find the perfect office chair and then discover it's not GSA approved. No need to fret! Familiarize yourself with the Global Total Office brand. This full service GSA seating provider offers ample solutions with an abundance of trend setting style! Models like the Alero Office Chair are designed with ergonomic attributes in mind. This line of mesh back office chairs combines practicality and functionality in a versatile package that's not too over the top.

GSA Conference Table
How about your conference room furniture needs? In addition to GSA office chairs Global provides an excellent selection of budget friendly GSA conference tables for spaces of any size. Models like the GRT8WLTM provide a modern look with the use of durable metal legs. A variety of surface shapes and finish solutions are available for this Alba Office Table for Conference Room use is sure to impress. In addition, small meeting tables are also available for breakroom applications, bistro, and cafeteria use. The best part of all, this reputable brand is full service. This means you can cut down on the number of deliveries to your secured facility. Enjoy all your GSA office products from one source like Global and enjoy the time saving value you deserve.

Small Office File CartFinding quality office storage products can be a tough task for any business. Finding solutions with GSA approval for specific applications can be even harder. Thankfully, manufacturers like Datum Filing Products offer durable solutions sure to last a life time. Units like the BFC-4 model small file cart provide just what you need for your records department. This popular model holds ample file and includes file dividers for better organization!

Mayline File Harbor CabinetLarger areas can make use of Mayline File Harbor Cabinet solutions in a variety of sizes to meet there individual records needs. These space saving GSA file cabinets are a great way to improve the look, versatility, and organization of any government entity. No matter the size of your filing needs, awesome products are available for your space. Utilizing brands like those mentioned above will ensure long lasting quality and warranted products you can trust!

Height Adjustable Office Workstation
When it comes to GSA approved furniture, perhaps no item is more difficult to find than the office desk. With the popularity of ergonomic workstations, we thought we'd combine the two and highlight an awesome solution you'll surely love! The electronic office desk from Ergonomic Concepts offers a height adjustable workstation that's all about business. This line of GSA desks offers modern style, choice of frame and surface finish, and a host of matching ergonomic products to accent the already stunning looks.

GSA Office LightingStill need more? You got it! No GSA Office Furniture configuration would be properly complete without adding ergonomic office accessories for an effective work day. That being said, you'll be hard pressed to find a better line of GSA workplace accessories to compliment your professional furniture than those from ESI. This brand offers extensive office lighting solutions for under mount and desk top applications. In addition, ESI provides heavy duty monitor arms for any number of screens you desire. It's no secret that keyboard trays are a great way to improve efficiency, and ESI has your needs covered here as well. Don't forget the details that make the difference when laying out your GSA furniture and seating needs!

GSA Approved Training Room Furniture

The Training room is an essential space for any Government entity, and Mayline took GSA training tables to a whole new level with the release of lines like Sync, Flip N Go, and Encounter. Whether you prefer modular training tables or fixed leg variations, you'll be at no shortage of solutions for your multi purpose area. In addition to a host of GSA Mayline Furniture, you'll be able to easily accent your modular training furniture configuration to provide a well rounded look to be proud of. The Mayline brand is all about quality and professionalism. Two traits essential for any organization buying on GSA. Trust us, you'll love this industry leading office furniture provider.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Trending Professional Business Products You'll Love

The office furniture industry is more exciting than ever. In 2013 several new and innovative products have taken the professional business world by storm. These trending business solutions are a great way to improve your office productivity and workplace efficiency. From modern seating to ergonomic accessories, this article highlights the hottest products you've got to see.

ESI Tablet Holder

ESI ORION Tablet Mount

While articulating monitor arms are an essential staple of any ergonomic office. It seems the popularity of this trend has made mounting screens of any kind a must. The new ORION Tablet Mount by ESI is a great example of ergonomic ingenuity in the workplace. This versatile little product is sure to improve your workday for only $112.99.

OFM Profile Table
OFM Profile Series Wedge Table

The first of a couple OFM furniture solutions to make today's article, the 2010 model OFM Profile Series Wedge Table is truly unique! This space saving line of modern reception tables will have your visitor's area looking fantastic and within budget. Available in 3 in stock finish combinations, the 2010 table is selling like hot cakes.

Lesro Industries Mystic Furniture

Lesro Industries Mystic Furniture

If you're in search of modern reception furniture for your place of business, Lesro Industries is THE name to trust. This innovative manufacturer is incredibly proud of their new Mystic reception furniture line. From contemporary bench seating to stylish wood conference tables, this collection is nothing short of incredible. The affordability and class offered by Mystic is simply unmatched when compared to furniture lines at even twice the price.

White Leather Office Chairs

White Leather Office Chair

You've probably seen black leather office chairs in just about every office you've visited for the last 5 years. While black will forever be timeless, white leather is now taking the stage. Chairs like this contemporary white leather office chair from Boss are incredibly popular, affordable, and comfortable. The chrome frame of the B9401 and matching base provide a neutral tone whith white upholstery forming a neutral look that will match nearly any decor!

Net Series Beam Seating
Office Beam Seating

The OFM Net Series of beam style office seating is a huge hit. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this line of OFM chairs provides modern style and durability for any contemporary seating area. Models like this 5 person beam chair are available in 7 fancy colors with several models offering a versatile tempered glass side table for added functionality. Configurations are easily laid out for any desired number of guests with matching lobby furniture to complete your modern look.

Combo Storage Cabinets
Mayline e5 Wardrobe Cabinet

Improving workplace versatility is a great way to better any office. Space saving products are a great way to achieve this common goal. No longer are metal lateral file cabinets the only way to add storage to your office. Combo office storage cabinets like this unique model from the Mayline e5 desking collection are just plain awesome. The EZWT62 Mayline Cabinet provides organization for your important stationary, wardrobe, files, and more all in one single product. Talk about maximizing your space!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Arrange Your Reception Furniture Effectively

Making a good first impression is essential for any business. As the reception area is commonly the first space seen by guests of your company, it's essential to have your furniture arranged in a professional manner. This article highlights simple and easy ways to coordinate, arrange, and layout your professional reception furniture and seating. Enjoy!

Place Your Reception Desk

Modern Reception Furniture ConfigurationThe reception desk should be used as a main focal point of any guest area.  Any well designed business entry space will provide visitors with a clear method of first contact, and the reception station provides just that. The preferred method of placement for larger reception areas is at a central point in order to provide a welcoming appearance from any angle. Smaller reception areas typically utilize back wall placement to maximize the amount of usable square footage for seating. This is also acceptable. Areas designed with side entries will want to utilize an L shaped reception desk configuration along the opposite wall to provide an open feel. Top reception desk layouts from manufacturers like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries provide solutions for areas of any size. Keep in mind, most large and small reception desks are somewhat heavy. Measure your space properly to ensure a proper fit and minimize movement efforts. Essentially, the first place you put your desk is where it should stay.

Layout Your Seating

Modern Reception FurnitureWhen planning your reception furniture makeover project, it's best to pull out a note pad to make a few practice sketches. Plot out your area in a variety of different ways to see what feels most effective. Remember to identify important factors like the number of guests you hope to accommodate, power access, and child entertainment.

Popular reception seating layouts include the wrap around look, which consists of guest seating configured around the border of your space accented by a center table. The back to back look essentially combines the general theme of the a wrap around layout with chairs placed back to back through the center for additional seating. No matter your choice, it's always smart to draw out a few ideas no matter how poor your drawing skills may be! Professional design services are also available from most reputable office furniture providers.

Once you've chosen chairs for the reception area and a layout configuration, you'll need to determine what style of chair works best for your business. A variety of wood reception chairs are available for traditionally styled spaces. Modern businesses will prefer contemporary solutions like modular beam seating from brands like OFM Office Furniture for their space. A modular product is always a wise investment. Mobilized chairs, gang seating, and stacking office chairs make for easy to clean spaces that can rearrange in minutes.

Arrange Your Accent Furniture

Contemporary Coffee TableShopping for new reception tables and matching accent furniture can be fun! This simple step really allows office employees the chance to let their interior design skills shine. Popular items for accenting your reception, lounge, or waiting room furniture include magazine displays, lighting, and versatile end tables from a variety of top brands. As a side tip, if you choose wood reception tables, makes sure they are cohesive with the reception station finish you've chosen. One form of accent furniture can also double as yet another focal point. The coffee table, if arranged in the center of a seating layout can showcase business style and get the style compliments flowing! Using any of the office coffee tables provided from brands like Lesro Industries are a great way to achieve just that.

When accenting your reception space ask yourself a few simple questions. Does this item improve the look of my business? Does it improve efficiency and effectiveness? Will it improve our guests visit? If you answer yes, the product is probably worth purchasing. If the answer is no, it's more than likely a luxury item that can be left out to save your budget. In the long run arranging accenting office reception tables should be a fun step that allows your professional ingenuity to shine. Strive for a welcoming space that offers a great first impression. The rest will fall in line!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conference Table Trends You'll Love

The conference room, boardroom, and office meeting area is used on a daily basis by most all professional businesses. This essential area must promote the style of business you wish to conduct while improving efficiency and saving valuable time. For 2013, more innovative trends have arrived to meet the needs of growing businesses than any other office area. From high tech tables to innovative modular designs, the conference table trends and product suggestions highlighted in this new article will have your office ready to work effectively!

Powered Conference Table

In 2013 powered conference tables are selling like hot cakes. The ability to connect computers, projectors, phone, data, and other devices directly through a worksurface is luxury desired by nearly everyone making over their conference area. This high tech solution provides a variety of time saving benefits sure to keep your next meeting on track. Powered solutions like the Mayline Transaction Table line boast modern style and are available in a variety of sizes and finish options. These high end conference tables can be customized to meet the electronic demands of any growing business. Standard tables, and traditional wood tables for a boardroom are even being retrofitted to make for power readiness and improve productivity. Look for this trend to become the standard for every conference room throughout the country.

Alba Conference Table

When it comes to office tables, one of the most evident trends for 2013 is the use of metal legs. This table style promotes an industrial feel that speaks volumes to commercial consumers. Common finishes include chrome, tungsten, and even black. In many cases, these modern conference tables can actually save your company money. Metal legs can be more affordable to manufacturer than laminate or wood veneer solutions, hold up extremely well, and use less materials thus reducing purchasing costs. The Alba conference table with metal legs can be purchased for as low as $458.99 for smaller spaces, but are still offered in versions up to 30' for large boardroom needs.

GT3977 Table by OFM
Another material trending in the world of contemporary conference room tables is glass. This neutral yet modern look provides a commercial appeal that goes will with rooms of any style. Tempered glass will essential match any new or current boardroom decor while providing your space with one heck of a conversation piece! By now you're probably thinking tables of this nature must cost a fortune, and in several instances you'd be right. But not all! Tables like the GT3977 OFM Table are available for as low as $1021.99, seat 6 individuals comfortably, and combine the metal leg trend mentioned above. To make a long story short, you simply cannot go wrong with this incredible product.

Global Total Office Junction Tables
The ability to maximize office square footage through the use of modular products is an absolute must when possible. The modular office furniture movement is sweeping the nation, and for good reason! Space saving capabilities, mobilization, and cost effectiveness are all essential for growing businesses. Perhaps no area of a company can benefit more from the use of modular products than the conference room. New modular conference tables allow businesses to create multi use spaces in order to take advantage of the most workplace potential possible. Quickly convert your boardroom to a modern training room furniture configuration in minutes with product like Global Junction Tables with fixed or shared leg designs. While the the use of modular office tables is trendy, it's also downright smart. Using products of this nature showcases your office ingenuity while simultaneously saving you money, space, and time. With business office furniture solutions like this on the market for today's businesses, it'll be no time before you're office is considering an investment in new conference furniture for your space.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Versatility of Office Training Tables

Training Room Tables
The training room has become one of the most important areas of any business. This essential space is where important teaching, meetings, and lectures take place on a daily basis. Creating a stylish and functional training room requires a well thought out plan that deserves your attention. Part of this plan includes the use of mobile training tables designed for versatility and efficiency. This article discusses the benefits of flip top and mobile training room tables while providing excellent product suggestions sure to come in handy when plotting out your training area makeover project.

Flip Top Training TableSquare footage is at a premium for any business. That being said, flip top tables are an excellent way to save space for your business. These useful modular office tables organize effectively along walls when not in use. A Flip Top Training Table like those from Global Total Office are incredibly easy to operate and lock into place firmly for added work surface stability. The simplistic organizing capability provides for easy room cleaning and a use as needed room transformations.
Training Room Furniture Configuration
Another beneficial style of table built for the training room are those with wheels. It's easy to see the value of mobile training room tables as anything on wheels is more easily moved. Is your space reconfigured on a regular basis? Not to worry, most businesses share in this commonality. The good news is that mobilized tables make for much easier adjustments and typically gang together to provide stability. Not all mobile tables are created equal. When shopping, it's incredibly important to find models with locking casters. This ensures your configuration stays put! Businesses looking to keep a standard room design are perfectly fine in choosing fixed leg training tables for their office needs. However, if your area is designated as a multi purpose space, mobile versions are the way to go!

Versatile Office Tables
Another space saving feature of any quality line of training room tables is the ability to nest comfortably along walls and hallways. This valuable attribute when combined with the other features highlighted above makes for the perfect table. Lines like the Mayline Sync table collection combine these valuable options on all standard models and offer a variety of quick shipping finish options. Another line to consider when shopping for versatile office tables is the Bungee collection. Pre configured Bungee Table Set solutions are available that connect to form various shapes. In fact, this awesome line will allow you to combine your training area and conference room. What other product allows you to kill two birds with one stone like that! Talk about value. Needless to say, Bungee training and conference room tables are definitely industry favorites for 2013.

Modern Training Room
In the long run, creating a versatile training room is all about the tables you choose. Meeting your individual furnishing needs goes hand in hand with meeting your business needs. It's recommended by most interior design teams and office furniture professionals to utilize products that allow room for growth. Office Training Tables that offer mobility, flip top, and nesting capabilities do just that. Most new office tables from brands like Mayline furniture and Global come standard with these features. Lines like those listed above are definitely a great place to start your search. Overall, the functionality of these products makes for an effective and efficient work area that can be used for more than just one purpose.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Luxury Leather Office Chairs by Mayline

Mayline is well known for high quality office furniture solutions. However, they also produce a wide variety of luxury leather office chairs that are sure to impress while complimenting your office perfectly. This article reviews classy Mayline seating solutions that won't break your budget. These top selling chairs all provide excellent comfort and ergonomic features desired for professional home and business applications.

Mayline 600 Series ChairThe Mayline 600 Series chair features an eco leather upholstery and adjustment capabilities for days. This black leather executive chair boasts high back double layered body pillows, soft padded cantilevered armrests that pivots, and a knee-tilt seat mechanism. The seat height adjustment mechanism with tilt and lock functions is an awesome touch! As an added bonus, this luxury chair is made with up to 76.54% recycled material to form an environmentally friendly product. The silver frame adds to the modern look and the $433.99 price is a third of what comparable chairs sell for!

Leather Big and Tall Office ChairA stylish big and tall office chair can be hard to find. Luckily, the Mayline 6446AGL chair is available for larger individuals not looking to sacrifice good looks for comfort. The heavy duty, high density foam cushions supports up to 450 lbs. while arms pivot out of the way to allow this leather big and tall chair to roll up close to desk. The 6446AGL is the perfect combination of style meeting functionality. The modern back stitching and contemporary arm design complete a classy design and the all day comfort achieved by this awesome seating solution is simply incredible.

Mayline Ultimo Series Leather Office Chair UL350HThird on the list, is this Ultimo 300 series chair in burgundy leather. When it comes to luxury office chairs, the UL350H from Mayline is definitely in the conversation. This burgundy leather office chair features a thickly padded contoured leather seat and back, padded leather loop armrests, deluxe knee tilt control, and a pronounced lumbar support. The level of comfort achieved with these leather executive chairs is unbelievable. The UL350H compliments wood executive desks and other traditionally styled Mayline Casegoods perfectly.

Mayline Mercado Series Wood and Leather Executive Office ChairThe Mercado series of Mayline Office Chairs is all about high end looks, excellent quality, and affordability. Take the CS model Wood Executive Chair for example. This classy black leather office chair offers a deep cushion seat and back, swivel seat with pneumatic height adjustment, deluxe knee tilt control, solid wood armrests with tilt tension and tilt lock, and a five star wood base. All this for an everyday low price of only $359.99. Now that's a bargain! This line of wood executive chairs matches Mayline Mayline Napoli furniture very well and really shows workplace style!

Black Leather Conference ChairLast but certainly not least is the ULMGR model Mayline office chair with excellent modern style. This leather managers chair is perfect for executive work environments and to compliment luxury conference room furniture configurations. The Mayline ULMGR chair offers sculpted cushions, padded leather loop armrests, and a deluxe knee tilt control. If you like ergonomic seating, the ULMGR is a great choice for you. The gunmetal gray frame provides a unique look and the overall ease of chair functionality is truly a plus. This is a chair sure to earn any office a host of positive praise and compliments.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Benefits of Modular Office Furniture

Modular Office Furniture
Whether you're looking to create the perfect executive space or makeover a current common office area, modular office furniture is the way to go. This popular style of furniture provides incredible benefits for short and long term applications. Modular furnishings are cost effective and offer space saving benefits for nearly every area of the office. This article highlights the important benefits of modular products and how they can save your business space, time, and money!

Modular Tables
Modular furniture goes hand in hand with workplace versatility. Solutions of this kind are available for lounge, lobby, and reception areas as well as the boardroom and training room. Top executive furniture configurations feature modular components as well as a variety of popular seating choices. Modular products allow spaces to easily reconfigure in minutes. These quick change transformations will save your time on a daily basis, and as you know... time is money!

Global Junction Table ConfigurationA modular executive desk suite will allow you to add components as your business needs increase. This will be extremely helpful when looking to create a larger workstation with more office potential. The lounge, lobby, and reception area of any business often requires daily cleaning. Utilizing modular products will provide ease of movement and reconfiguration possibilities that are truly invaluable. No matter the space, modular versatility is an asset worth having.

Modular Workstations
Starting small is a common theme for any business. As the needs of your business grow, modular products can save you a bundle. Purchasing an entire areas worth of new office furniture can be expensive. That being said, adding components to existing products is much more cost effective. Let's take the Global Total Office Bungee series for example. This line of modular office tables can be purchased in pre configured sets or individually. These mobile training room tables can be formed into a variety of shapes including boat shaped conference tables and other unique layouts for boardroom applications. In addition, Bungee Table solutions can be separated to form free standing training room tables for added value. In the event your business moves to a larger area, simply add more tables to meet your needs. Doesn't this sound better than purchasing a new conference table for your business that only provides one real purpose?

Modular Panel Furniture

Space is always at a premium for any business and maximizing your existing square footage is a must. Using products with a modular design can save you valuable space. In most any case, modular office furniture is a wise investment for any business. While modular conference tables and desks of any kind allow room for growth, it's important to note that they also make a professional statement in any application. Talk about a conversation piece! Most modular products are highlighted by a modern look that showcases the ingenuity of your business. Guests will be wowed with your incredibly style and taste. That being said, making a good impression on your visitors is yet another quality benefit of modular business furniture that should not be overlooked!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top 10 Modern Executive Desks for The Corner Office

Stuck in the corner office? Not to worry! With the 10 modern executive desks highlighted in this fun new article, your office will be the talk of the town. With affordable desking solutions specifically designed for corner applications from trusted manufacturers like Mayline, Global Total Office, and many others, you'll be at no shortage of stylish solutions for your space.

1.) Mira Series Corner Desk

Mira Series Wood Veneer Corner Desk

Mira's simple curves create an elegant setting for any work environment. The finest quality workmanship, in-stock availability and affordability make it a very popular series. This affordable configuration also features ample desk storage for your office organizational needs.

2.) Napoli NT31 Executive Desk Typical

Napoli NT31 Typical

The Napoli veneer desk system features Italian-influenced, sophisticated styling for business or home furniture applications. Available in three rich finishes, Napoli office furniture features AA-grade select North American hardwood veneers throughout. The NT31 is one of our best sellers due to the quality craftsmanship and modern design. Additional products like conference room tables, reception desks, and bookcases allow you to enhance your entire office with the contemporary look of the Napoli line.

3.) Brighton Series Executive Furniture Configuration

Brighton Executive Furniture Configuration by Mayline 

The Brighton Series is Mayline's most affordable, complete line of business office furniture for the home and workplace. With all laminate construction, Brighton executive furniture provides the durability and affordability you would expect, but with an added sense of style. Brighton is available in attractive Mocha and Cherry finishes.

4.) Aberdeen Typical AT4

Mayline Aberdeen Furniture

The Aberdeen Series of top selling casegoods combine fashionable aesthetics and unparalleled quality all in a package that is surprisingly affordable. Aberdeen's transitional style allows it to fit into any environment whether it be modular multi-station work areas or executive offices. Aberdeen Furniture provides exceptional abrasion and stain resistance along with technology and cable friendly components. 

5.) Corsica CT7 Executive Desk

Corsica Office Furniture Suite

The Corsica veneer desk system from Mayline offers a sophisticated, elegant appearance for your business or home office. Available in two rich finishes, Corsica office furniture features AA-grade select North American hardwood veneers throughout. The Corsica Collection has always been a best seller due to quality craftsmanship and its simple style. The CT7 executive desk shown is sure to enhance any office space.

6.) Verde Executive Furniture Configuration

Cherryman Industries Verde Executive Desk Suite
This stylish line of executive office desks from the Cherryman Industries Verde series is incredibly popular. The VL-748L and VL-748R configurations will work for right and left desk return needs. The VL-748 offers a choice of two wood finishes and stylish white metal modesty panel that is sure impress even the harshest critics.

7.) Cherryman Industries Jade Executive Suite

Cherryman Industries Jade Executive Desk Configuration
The Cherryman Industries Jade Furniture collection boasts a luxury look that's easy to appreciate. The rich cherry and mahogany finish options are both stunning. This line of luxury corner office desk configurations is ideal for both home and business executives and features stylish glass accents and metal modesty panels for an elegant look.

8.) Glass Executive Office Desk Configuration

Modern Glass Office Furniture

How about a 7 piece modern executive furniture package for only $927.99 with free shipping? If this set doesn't get you excited we're out of luck!  The Calico Designs Furniture collection shown features a solid hardwood design with tempered glass surfaces. The Durable steel accents give this unique glass computer furniture series a modern and industrial look.

9.) Ventnor Executive Furniture Configuration

Offices To Go Ventnor Furniture
The Offices To Go brand is widely known for their excellent selection of discount office chairs for luxury work environments. However, this reputable manufacturer produces high quality office desks that are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Units like this Ventnor Desk set are available in your choice of finish and look fantastic in any corner office. You'll be hard pressed to find a line of wood executive desks at even twice the price.

10.) Princeton Series Modular Furniture Configuration

Princeton Office Furniture Configuration

The Global Total Office Princeton series provides the much desired modern look at a price any budget will appreciate.  Princeton is for a new generation that believes the office doesn't have to be 'the office'. It's more than just a new look, Princeton has a personality just like you. You are never too young or too old to learn something new. Most office desking products were conceived to build out from the wall but Princeton Office Furniture builds out from 'you' and where you work. Makes sense when you think of it. And it does the wall thing too for those of us in transition.Princeton is about doing more with less space and less budget. How about a really great place to work in less than 50 square feet? And new ways of doing things like a bench that doubles as file storage. Rolling glass doors that reward the eye and the touch. And tight product map is easy to spec, easy to reconfigure and easy to manage.


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