Monday, September 24, 2012

Office Cubicles vs. Modular Workstations

With advances in technology and office furniture manufacturing, the ergonomic attributes, cost, and value of panel system furniture has never been greater. In today's post we will compare the features and benefits of traditional office cubicles to the modern modular workstations of today.

First and foremost we will compare the cost of these two unique furniture styles. While at surface level these two seem relatively similar in terms of cost, several factors come into play that may point you towards finding value in one style versus the other. For example, buying used office cubicles is an excellent way to save money. Since cubicle furniture has been around forever, there are ample sources online and in your town that provide used panel furniture solutions. This is an excellent way to save money! The only downfalls of purchasing used is that the life span of your furniture will be shorter and the style will typically be dated. That's not to say their aren't some fantastic deals out there! In this economy several businesses have been forced to close their doors and for that reason finding used furniture deals has never been easier. In terms of modular workstations, the upfront cost will be greater. However, you will be buying industry leading furniture with the latest ergonomic features and benefits. New multi user workstations will provide your business with the highest level of working efficiency possible. The decision between these two styles is typically made after setting a budget, meeting with a furniture specialists, and determining what you need out of your furniture. For the sake of today's post we will give a slight edge in cost to office cubicles.

If you haven't heard the term ergonomics at your place of business, then you must have been taking a ton of sick days! That being said ergonomic is quite possibly the most important factor in determining the needs of your workplace. In our current furniture match up, both styles offer value in this arena. Office cubicles can be outfitted with ergonomic monitor arms, and several cool ergonomic add-on type products to keep you functioning properly. However, with the advances in modern manufacturing and the importance of employee health, modular workstations are typically the more ergo friendly choice. Some of the latest styles feature built-in ergonomic technology and workstations allow users to reconfigure spaces to meet their individual needs. Quite frankly if you haven't had the chance to see new modular office furniture collections like Zira casegoods, Mayline e5 furniture, and several others, do yourself a favor and visit a showroom. You will be thoroughly impressed. That being said the ergonomic gold medal goes to modular workstations leaving our battle of these two great furniture styles all tied up!

Now that we have covered cost, and ergonomics, we come to round 3. Our topic... Value! Obtaining value from office furniture can be accomplished by following simple cost vs. reward principles. Knowing your industry and what you need to be effective to succeed is essential. Testing both of these furniture solutions before purchasing and requesting feedback from your coworkers is priceless. You will find that adding every bell and whistle possible to your furniture configuration is unwise and quite frankly, unnecessary! It's said that value is in the eye of the beholder. This principle holds true with office furniture too, and seeing as value is a perception this round must be a tie. Ask this question before purchasing ANY type of office furniture. What will my business gain from this acquisition? If the perceived value is high than you are a winner. If you've answered professionalism, ergonomic efficiency, sustainability, and cost effectiveness, than you are a champion.

In our final round we will cover style! As previously stated, if you have a chance visit a showroom or furniture expo like NeoCon. You will be shocked at the advancements in modern furniture manufacturing and craftsmanship. If you are looking for modern style and unique layout capabilities both of these furniture styles have something to offer. Office cubicles are typically designed with privacy in mind. High walls dictate the look and style of this popular furniture choice. Cubicle furniture typically takes the "as many as we can fit" approach and can look a bit overcrowded if not designed properly. Contemporary modular workstations on the other hand are the complete opposite. They offer an open and distinguished look. This form of furniture promotes the size of your workspace. In the simplest terms, modular workstations make your space look much larger and have a much better "wow" factor. Based on your individual needs this round can go either way. However, all benefits considered modular workstations get the win!

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