Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boardroom Basics: The 3 Essentials for Creating Your Space

Creating a stunning boardroom for your business doesn't have to be a struggle. By educating yourself on the 3 key elements needed to start your space, the makeover process will be simple and effective. In today's post, we'll highlight the furniture, seating, and storage you need to get your meeting area furnished to perfection. Enjoy!

1.) The Table

When designing your conference room area, it's always best to start with table. As this piece is the main focal point of your space, it's the first essential you'll need. To choose the perfect conference room table, start by measuring your space accurately. Next, choose a table style that will best highlight your meeting environment. In 2014, modern and contemporary styles top the list. In terms of shape, boat, racetrack, and rectangular tables for boardroom use are the most common. Choose a reputable brand who's products you enjoy and purchase the best table for your specific needs. On average, a new table will cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on the material, size, and manufacturer you select.

2.) The Seating

Conference Room Chairs

Once you've selected a  conference table, it's time to focus on guest comfort. When shopping for new chairs for conference room applications, you'll be met with hundreds of options from a variety of brands. Start by setting a budget that won't leave you over extended. Curious about how many chairs you'll need? No problem! On average, you'll want to account for 3 feet of table space per chair. For example, a 10' foot conference table will comfortably sit 3 users on each side without over crowding. When it comes to style, leather models reign supreme. Top upholstery options include white, brown, gray, and black. To match your furniture effectively, it's best to stick with basis colors like these to ensure a happy match. On average, new conference chairs cost between $140 and $300. As you'll be purchasing multiple chairs, be sure to inquire with your dealer of choice regarding bulk discount pricing for additional savings.

3.) The Storage

Accenting your boardroom with storage is a must. A quality wall cabinet or credenza will provide a helpful place to keep materials. You can also use your cabinet top create a food and beverage station for guests. If you've purchased your table from a specific furniture collection, it's best to choose a cabinet from the same line to maintain a cohesive look and finish. Excellent furniture collections that include conference tables and storage cabinets like Verde, Amber, Napoli, and Sorrento are a great place to start your search. Keep in mind that when adding storage, the dimensions of your space will definitely come into play. Be sure to use your previously attained measurement to ensure a proper fit. Once you've added wall cabinets for storage, your basic layout is complete.

*X Factor!

If you want to take your boardroom to the next level, adding versatile meeting area accessories will definitely help. While the essentials listed above are considered must have items, products like white board cabinets, TV's, projector stands, and lecterns can be added to further enhance your area. Choose the accessories you feel will best benefit your visitors while accenting your current furniture layout will help you take your space over the top when you're ready.

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