Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Height Adjustable Furniture Will Help You Stay Active In The Workplace

Are you feeling a bit groggy and fatigued in the workplace? Perhaps you're having a hard time concentrating? These are all sings of inactivity! To operate at peak performance levels, you've got to stay active and on task. That being said, height adjustable office furniture is the way to go. Today on the blog we'll showcase the coolest height adjustable products on the market from brands that are ready, willing, and able to help you work healthy.

Volante Sit To Stand Workstation AttachmentDesktop risers are poised to become a workplace standard in 2018. They make it easy to transition between sit-down and stand-up computing positions. With a sit to stand office desk attachment like the Volante from Systematix you can reduce fatigue, improve blood flow, and compute efficiently without investing in all new furniture. The Volante works with just about any surface you can think of and will turn your desk into an ergonomic masterpiece.

Height Adjustable Laptop DeskThe team at Flash Furniture has made it easy to stay active in the workplace without breaking the bank. The discount sit to stand laptop desks from this industry leader are well made and incredibly beneficial. Popular options like the NAN-IP-6-1-GG are great for home and business use. At just $199.99, this workstation is a great alternative to traditional computer desks.

Safco Confluence TableWondering how you can keep your employees during extended conference room meetings to reduce fatigue without sacrificing your collaborative efforts? The team at Safco was too. That's why they introduced their Focal Confluence collection. This line of height adjustable tables for the conference room is in a league of its own. Confluence tables are available in a variety of size and finish options to meet your specific needs.

Mesa Height Adjustable PodiumYou'll love the all new 66100 model Mesa podium from OFM. This handy piece of active office furniture is great for conference, training, and classroom applications. The Mesa podium is height adjustable and serves as a great place to rest notes and laptops when conducting presentations.

ESI Lift AttachmentThe team at ESI Ergonomic Solutions can help you turn any desk or table into a sit to stand workstation with their Lift attachments. They're stylish, ergonomically correct, and incredibly well made.

Mayline ML TableMayline fully understands the importance of staying active in the workplace. Take one look at their ML series height adjustable tables and you'll quickly see what we mean. The ML collection is perfect for create multi user configurations designed to creativity and collaboration. ML tables are available in a variety of size, surface shape, and finish options. These designer tables will help you design open concept interiors that are up to date with the latest trends.

OFM Endure Standing Table with USB PortsWe're wrapping things up with another awesome active furniture line from OFM. Their Endure standing height tables with swivel out seats are truly unique. With powered surfaces, users can charge devices without the need to hunt down wall outlets. An OFM Endure series table will instantly help you create a blend of industrial and retro vibes with an emphasis on technology. This line of tables is a winner in the break room, conference room, bistro, and any space where a boost in activity levels are needed. If you're ready to think outside the realm of traditional furniture, Endures tables have you covered.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Boardroom Design Tips: Know Your Table Genre

When the time comes to remodel your boardroom, it's important to understand the top 5 table styles. Understanding the top 5 table genres and their benefits will help you build out your space cohesively, efficiently, and professionally. Today on the blog we'll provide you with helpful examples of the top table styles available in 2018 from some of our favorite brands. Enjoy!

1.) Modern

Modern Boardroom Table

Year after year brands introduce cool new boardroom tables that offer cutting edge design characteristics. Modern boardroom tables are often equipped (or available) with surface level power inputs that help to streamline meetings and enhance presentations. Popular modern conference table collections include Zira from Global, TransAction from Mayline, and One10 from Indiana Furniture.

2.) Traditional

Traditional Wood Veneer Boardroom Furniture

From one end of the spectrum to the other! Traditionally inspired boardroom tables are timeless and elegant. They're typically composed of wood veneer components and significantly more expensive than modern laminate tables. A traditional boardroom table like the Sorrento from Mayline will help you create a luxurious meeting area that's never going out of style.

3.) Modular

Modular Boardroom Table Configuration

With a modular boardroom table configuration you'll be able to get the most out of your available square footage. If you like the idea of improving versatility and operational functionality, check out a modular boardroom layout like the Bungee BXK132S from Global. When fully connected, the tables in this set form a boat shaped table. When not in use the configuration can be broken down, table tops can then be folded and staged along perimeter walls. Modular sets are great for businesses looking to think outside the box and combine areas like the boardroom and training room into one single space.

4.) Ergonomic

Ergonomic Boardroom Table That Is Height Adjustable

This year ergonomic boardroom tables have been the latest craze. They features height adjustable tops that encourage stand up operating. A height adjustable boardroom table like the Focal Confluence from Safco will reduce energy dips, improve blood flow, and much more. These ergonomically correct tables pair perfectly with perch stools that take up far less space than traditional boardroom office chairs with 5 star bases.

5.) Industrial

Retro Boardroom Table

Last but not least is the industrial boardroom table category. This emerging genre is becoming incredibly popular in 2018. Industrial tables are heavy duty, built to last, and supremely fashionable. Industrial tables are typically composed using a thick wood top that connects to antique style metal legs. You'll notice a lovable touch of retro flair infused in today's most popular retro tables like the Edge from OFM. If you're liking this look, we also recommend checking out the Endure collection from OFM as it offers standing height industrial style boardroom tables with surface level power and swivel out seats.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Office Design Ideas: Tasteful Tables For Your Meeting Room

If you're limited on space, you're likely looking to create a fashionable meeting space instead of a full sized conference room. Don't let this get you down. Thanks to brands like Global, Mayline, and Cherryman you can design an upscale interior that maximizes square footage and corporate appeal while simultaneously boosting your collaborative capabilities. Today on the blog we'll showcase 2018's most tasteful tables for your makeover. Enjoy!

Kadin Meeting TableFirst up is the Global LKD448DIA model Kadin 4 leg round table from Global. This bold and contemporary meeting area solution is ready to make an instant impression without being too over the top. Kadin tables are practical and built to last. This particular table features a 48" round surface that's complimented by polished legs. The table surface is available more than 10 finish options to meet your specific decor needs.

Height Adjustable Confluence TableIf you can't fit a full sized conference table in your space, check out the Focal Confluence 6 table from Safco. This collaborative table is 78" long and height adjustable. The Confluence 6 is available in 5 finish options. Our personal favorite is the white dry erase top! This height adjustable conference table will also help you save space when it comes to selecting chairs as you can get away with using perch stools from Safco like the Mogo. They'll provide a comfortable sit and take up less than half the footprint of a traditional chair.

Tasteful Meeting TableMayline specializes in the provision of tasteful furniture for conference and meeting needs. With more than 10 collections to choose from, we had a hard time only picking 1 for today's post. We settled on the STC42 model from the Sterling Collection. This Textured Brown Sugar meeting table with a square top is loaded with lovable details. Even at first glance you'll notice the knife edge surface and intricate base. This designer table will leave a lasting impression in any room regardless of its surroundings.

Verde Meeting TableUp next is the VL-869 model table from the Cherryman Verde Series. This round table with silver legs is modern, classy, and tasteful. The VL-869 is available a choice of latte and espresso finish options. A wide range of matching components are available to help complete your space with cohesive vibes.

OFM Endure TableLast but certainly not least, allow us to introduce a classy meeting table from OFM that's also super versatile! The AT30RD model OFM Endure table features an adjustable top and industrial metal base that offers a touch of retro flair that's sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. Endure products are supremely durable and built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. This practical and tasteful meeting table is available in a variety of quick-shipping finish options. Matching tools and standing height tables with power are also available form this best selling collection.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hot In 2018: Safco Office Chairs

Safco Office Chairs 2018
The team at Safco is taking the new year by storm. This reputable furniture and seating manufacturer is rocking the workplace with some of the coolest ergonomic chairs on the market in 2018. Today on the blog we'll showcase Safco chairs that combine cutting edge appeal with the adjustment capabilities needed to keep you computing healthy. Prepare to be impressed!

Safco Adatti ChairFirst up is the 7063 model Safco Adatti office chair. This ergonomic chair with a flexible back moves with the user to provide support without the need for constant adjusting. The chair mechanism boasts user friendly controls that make it easy to achieve the perfect chair height and tilt angle. Adjustable arms are also standard. Enjoy this fashionable tasker in your choice of 3 quick shipping color options.

Safco Reve ChairWhen it comes to comfort, Safco knows their stuff. They're also ahead of the game when it comes to chair designed. Take one look at their 6809 model Reve chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This unique computer chair with a faux wood back and fixed arms provides a reliable sit and the design characteristics needed to rock any cubicle, private office, or conference room.

Safco Priya High Back ChairThe 5075BL Priya chair from Safco is an excellent choice for your executive office remodeling project. This high back leather chair with a contoured headrest provides a simple, effective, and stylish sit. The Priya is also available in a mid back variation, but it's nowhere near as cool as it's big brother. The 5075BL is equipped with a cushioned pillow top, swivel tilt mechanism, and nylon loop arms for just $254.99.

Safco Mezzo ChairUp to this point we've showcased some pretty modern chairs. They're very popular, but some may find them a bit impractical. If you're looking for something a bit more neutral to blend in with your office furniture without sacrificing comfort, check out the 7195BL model Mezzo chair. This Safco task chair with a breathable mesh back is fully loaded with an adjustable lumbar support, adjustable T-pad arms, and so much more.

Safco Zenergy Ball ChairWe go from practical to cutting edge! Last but certainly not least, allow us to introduce the Zenergy swivel ball chair from Safco. With a swiveling base, the 4760 Zenergy not only encourages continuous muscle movement, it allows users to engage their core when working. If you're looking to stay active in the workplace, the Zenergy is a must consider. This inflatable ball chair is cool to look at, surprisingly supportive, and very effective.

While we only showcased 5 chairs today, we feel it's worth mentioning that more Safco seating solutions are on the way. This industry leader is hard at work crating new ergonomic chairs for everyday tasking, as well as professional seating solutions for lounge and waiting room areas. It's going to be a big year for Safco and we couldn't be more excited!

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Eurotech Seating Monterey Chair Is An Ergonomic Masterpiece

Eurotech Monterey ChairWhen it comes to professional office seating, Eurotech knows their stuff. This respected manufacturer crafts some of the best ergonomic chairs on the market. If you're having trouble finding a chair that's truly got your back, look no further. Today on the blog we'll check out the ergonomic masterpiece known as the Monterey.

Take one look at their MMSY55 model Monterey chair and you'll quickly see that it's high end and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. This breathable mesh back chair is well proportioned and distinctively modern.

Mesh Back Office Chair SwatchIf it's adjustment features you're looking for, this Eurotech Premium collection office chair has you covered. The Monterey comes packed with lovable attributes that include a synchro tilt mechanisms with tilt lock and tilt tension control features.

The Monterey chair also comes standard with a waterfall seat edge. As sitting for long times can cause a lot of knee and leg pressure, the Monterey seat edge helps to make for a smooth transition from seat-to-ground. The seat itself is also mesh and will help prevent overheating during extended sits.

Popular Ergonomic Office ChairOnce seated in the Monterey executive task chair you'll be able to adjust the depth of the seat to meet your individual preferences. The arms are also width and height adjustable to ensure that computing at healthy angles is easier than ever.
Top of The Line Office Chair
What truly elite ergonomic office chair would be complete without an adjustable lumbar support? The Monterey has your back in mind. This top of the line office chair is really well rounded and covers every area of the perfect sit.

Eurotech Monterey Chair RatingIt doesn't hurt that this chair is also extremely good looking. The black titanium frame and base work together to create just the right amount of flair without being over the top. The Monterey chair is subtle, yet capable of making a lasting impression on even the harshest critic.

Giving this chair anything other than a 5 out of 5 star rating would be a crime. The adjustment features and design characteristics of the Monterey make in an absolute winner in the workplace. Needless to say, we highly recommend this best selling office chair from Eurotech.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Office Inspirations: Premier Executive Interiors

It always helps to get a little inspiration before tackling an office makeover project. In today's post we'll highlight stunning executive interiors that are sure to do just that. These work environments feature trend setting furniture solutions from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, OFM, and Cherryman Industries. Prepare to be impressed!

Global Total Office Adaptabilities FurnitureFirst up, this luxurious executive workspace outfitted with modern furniture from the Global Total Office Adaptabilities collection. The main desk features a straight front design and is complimented by a spacious return for additional working space. The overhead hutch provides lots of storage without taking up valuable square footage. A matching wardrobe and filing cabinet was placed next to the main L shaped desk to complete the configuration. Along the rear wall, additional lateral file cabinets are used for document organizing. When paired with an awesome ergonomic mesh chair and matching side chairs, this executive interior is the full package!

Mayline Sterling FurnitureWhen it comes to executive office furniture, nobody offers a larger selection than Mayline! This industry leading manufacturer provides more than 10 best selling collections that are guaranteed to take your work environments to new heights. Our second interior features new furniture from their popular Sterling collection. This premier space is enhanced by a STL5 Sterling executive desk set that includes a U shaped desk with overhead hutch, as well as a 2 drawer lateral file cabinet. Any shopper in search of operational space and organizing components will love this package from Mayline! With it's dark mocha finish, opaque acrylic accents, and high end appeal, this STL5 station is hard to beat! The executive space is completed with the addition of a Mayline Mercado series black leather office chair and simple aesthetics that don't distract from the top of the line furniture.

OFM Mesa DesksMetal office furniture is trending in 2015! This year interior design teams, industry professionals, and shoppers have all been in search of industrial style furnishings with metal accents. That being said, this hot look typically comes with a hefty price tag! Luckily, brands like OFM make it affordable for the average consumer to take advantage of this booming trend. Their Mesa collection featured in our third interior provides the perfect combination of industrial appeal and value. These metal desks with laminate tops are incredibly durable, stylish, and surprisingly affordable. This space features an L shaped OFM desk from the Mesa collection, along with a matching credenza with storage pedestals. Vision series chairs are used to add a nice touch of color without being too over the top. This space is simple yet sophisticated, and we love it!

Verde Executive FurnitureOur fourth premier executive interior features swanky modern furniture from the Cherryman Industries Verde collection. A long time favorite of interior design teams and furniture specialists alike, the Verde collection combines laminate surfaces, white accents, and silver metal touches that work in harmony to create out of this world workstations. Leave no doubt, an modern desk configuration from this best selling collection will earn your space daily compliments! This U shaped unit features a wardrobe cabinet, overhead storage hutch, mobile file pedestal, and work surface space to spare! While you might not have the floor to ceiling windows present in this high end space, with this configuration, you won't need them to impress your guests.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

6 Ergonomic Chair Recommendations for 2018

It's a new year and that means new office chairs are hitting the market. We know that one of your key goals is to sit healthy and posture perfect in 2018. That's why we're going to provide you with 6 awesome chairs to consider. These ergonomically correct seating solutions from brands like OFM, Safco, and Offices To Go come packed with the features needed to help you improve office appeal while keeping you at your best. Enjoy!

OFM Leather Managers ChairFirst up is the OFM, Inc. 568 model leather managers chair. It's available in 3 color options for just $199.99 which makes it an absolute bargain buy. Standard features like the adjustable arms and multi functional tilt mechanism work together to encourage healthy sitting habits without a brain-testing ergonomic learning curve. This user friendly executive chair that doesn't cost a fortune is going to be an absolute winner in 2018.

Safco Adatti ChairThe 7063 model Safco Adatti office chair is great for everyday tasking and packs a major ergonomic punch. This modern office chair with a flexible back moves with the user to provide support where you need it, when you need it. The height adjustable arms also pivot in and out to accommodate a variety of body types. A synchro tilt mechanism with tilt lock and tension attributes are also standard. Enjoy this cool swivel chair in your choice of 3 color options for $311.99.

Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Lumbar SupportUp next is the all new 11325B chair from Safco. This ergonomic mesh chair with an adjustable lumbar area is perfect for work floor tasking, home office environments, and even executive interiors thanks to the upscale polished base.  Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a better all around office chair at even twice the 11325B's $234.99 price tag.

Eon ChairYou'll definitely want to consider the Cherryman Eon chair in 2018. It was our 'Chair of The Year' in 2017 and is still ahead of its time. We feel it's the best all around office chair under $300.00 and a true winner in the workplace. The 415W Eon chair features a ventilated mesh back, multi functional arms, 3" thick padded seat, polished base, and so much more. Sit in it once and you'll never settle for anything less.

Zenergy Exercise Ball ChairIf you're looking to kick your traditional office chair to the curb, consider the Zenergy exercise ball chair that swivels in 2018. It's designated to keep you active in the workplace by encouraging muscle movement. The Zenergy will help relieve stress and fatigue while simultaneously improving posture. This cutting edge chair is definitely modern, but it's also very practical. It's one of those products that truly must be tried in person to be fully appreciated.

Global Vion ChairLast but not least is an ergonomic office chair that we just can't get enough of. The Vion is no new comer to the seating world. It's been thoroughly tested and proved to be one of the most versatile and equally reliable options on the market for the past few years. Vion chairs are modern without being too over the top. They're ready to make a statement in any professional setting without being impractical. Vion models are available in a variety of mesh and full upholstered variations that can be used for private workspaces, cubicles, conference rooms, and more. They're incredibly well made and the attention to detail is second to none. If you're looking to invest in a high quality office chair that's built to last a lifetime, Vion is a must consider.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Eden Chair Is Refined, Luxurious, and Comfortable!

Indiana Furniture Eden Chair Review
The team at Indiana Furniture specializes in the provision of high quality office furniture and ergonomically correct seating solutions. Take one look at their Eden chair line and you'll quickly see what we mean. These refined leather office chairs are perfect for any upscale interior in need of a style infusion without sacrificing comfort.

Eden High Back ChairIndiana Furniture Eden office chairs are modern yet practical. They're ready, willing, and able to make a statement in your workspace without being too over the top. If you're on the hunt for a high quality office chair that won't overpower your furniture, the Eden is an excellent option.

Eden Mid Back ChairEden chairs are available in a choice of mid back and high back variations. The high back executive office chairs from the Eden series feature integrated headrests for additional neck support. The mid back models are more suited for work floor and boardroom applications.

These days you don't want to purchase an office chair that requires a ton of adjusting. You want your chair to provide a comfortable sit without the need for constant lever pulling and tension knob tweaking. That being said, the natural contours of the Eden provide exceptional lumbar support and a top of the line sit you won't soon forget.

Eden Office Chair with Adjustable ArmsThis popular office chair collection offers shoppers the choice of fixed and adjustable arms. The fixed arm Eden chairs from Indiana Furniture are the preferred choice for conference room environments. Adjustable arm models like the 503 and 505 make it a bit easier to achieve good computing posture.

Eden Mid Back Chair with T-ArmsAll of the luxurious leather office chairs from the Indiana Furniture Eden collection come standard with seat sliders, synchro mechanisms, and polished bases. Needless to say, the Eden is the total package. The durable black leather seating surfaces are easy to clean and offer the timeless appeal needed to keep your professional interiors looking great for years.

If you're looking for an upscale office chair, the Eden is definitely worth considering. This Indiana Furniture office chair is not going to blow you away with cutting edge design characteristics. It will however refine your interior and distinguish your workspace. If we had to use one word to describe the Eden it would be "professional". This chair means business. It's incredibly well made and tasteful.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Liven Up Your Workspace With A Vibrant Office Chair

Black office chairs will always have a place in traditional interiors. That being said, if you want to make your interior feel more alive and appealing, a vibrant chair is the way to go. Rest assured, we've got you covered. Today on the blog we'll showcase ultra cool office chairs in bright color options. These popular seating solutions will keep you comfortable while earning your space the compliments it deserves.

Red Leather Office ChairA bright colored office chair like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing will help you make a statement in the conference room. This red leather chair with polished chrome detailing is sleek, captivating, and comfortable. The Joplin is definitely bold, but don't underestimate yourself. You can definitely pull this chair off. Red leather pairs great with wood finishes like espresso and even gray!

Racing Style Office ChairVibrant office chairs are incredibly popular because they can be used as focal pieces in the workplace. Instead of purchasing all new modern office furniture, you can revamp your interior with a bright chair like the ESS-3085 from the OFM Essentials Seating collection. This racing chair really pops with green accents. The ESS-3085 looks like it's going 100 miles per hour while it's just sitting still.

Orange Mesh Back Office ChairBright color office chairs are no longer considered impractical. In fact, they've become a top choice of industry professionals and design teams across the globe. If you're ready to think outside the realm of traditional color options, check out the Attainment from Modway. This orange mesh back office chair packs a major ergonomic punch and looks great doing it. Additional color options like red, blue, and burgundy are also available.

Novello ChairTo clarify, vibrant office chairs won't instantly make your interiors over the top. They should be used tastefully to improve corporate appeal without sacrificing comfort. That's why chairs like the Novello are incredibly popular. This all new chair from Global is available in an array of unique color combinations that can be used to give your interiors just the right amount of flair. The 6400 model Novello chair is an absolute winner that should be considered for work floor and conference room remodeling projects.

Purple Office ChairBelieve it or not, purple office chairs are becoming very popular in 2018. We still feel like they're a "go big or go home" option, but the more we see them, the more we start to like them. The purple office chair movement will certainly gain steam this year thanks to seating solutions from brands like Flash Furniture. Their purple mesh back chairs are surprisingly affordable with an array of models available now for under $120.00. It takes commitment to pull off a purple office chair, but if you have this color in your logo... they're definitely worth a look. While we feel bright blue, orange, and red are a bit more realistic, a purple office chair will definitely liven up your space while acting as a conversation starter.

Monday, February 5, 2018

5 New Ways To Modernize Your Boardroom In 2018

How is your boardroom looking these days? Better yet, how is it working for your and your employees? If your space is feeling a bit dated and in need of a little love, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 5 cool new ways to modernize your meeting area in 2018 to improve corporate appeal, versatility, and productivity.

1.) Perch Stools

Boardroom Sit To Stand Perching Stool

If you're tired of those old school executive style boardroom chairs, you're not alone. Thankfully, industry leading brands like OFM are ready to answer the call in 2018. This year, ergonomically correct perch stools are going to be modernizing boardrooms across the country. They reduce fatigue, encourage muscle movement, and don't cost a fortune.

2.) Standing Height Tables

Height Adjustable Boardroom Table

Modernizing your boardroom with a sit to stand table will reduce fatigue and encourage good posture throughout extended meetings. Brands like Safco are rocking the boardroom with the Confluence height adjustable boardroom tables from their Focal series. These hand crank tables raise and lower quickly. No electrical outlets are required to get these up and working in your boardroom.

3.) Power Modules

Universal Boardroom Power Module

It's a good idea to budget in a couple of universal power modules. With surface level USB and AC inputs you can quickly charge devices and host interactive presentations. Popular options like the FlexCharge9 from ESI are a must consider. At just $175.00 this operational tool is an absolute bargain buy that shouldn't be overlooking when remodeling your boardroom in 2018.

4.) Magnetic Boards

Magnetic White Board On Wheels

That folding whiteboard cabinet on your wall is in need of replacement. We know it has come in handy, but better options are now available to improve and modernize your boardroom. This year you can't go wrong investing in a mobile white board with a magnetic surface that can be used in multiple areas as needed. Magnetic white boards on wheels provide exceptional versatility that can be enjoyed in the boardroom, training room, and even on the work floor when good ideas are being bounced around.

5.) Flat Screens

Boardroom Flat Screen

Last but not least, nothing says "modern" like a big flat screen in the boardroom. Wether you're watching CNN during your lunch break or showcasing an engaging power point presentation, the boardroom flat screen is a must add in 2018. These days "smart TV's" are the way to go. They can be linked to laptops quickly via wifi and make it easy for presenters to do their thing! We recommend mounting your flat screen on the wall for a clean look, but you can also use the factory base and sit it on top of a conference room storage cabinet when it first arrives.


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