Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 Awesome Office Theme Party Ideas

We thought we'd take a break from our usual posts about office furniture and seating to focus on something a bit more fun! Office parties are typically boring and most can't wait to leave. The good news, they don't have to be! With this list of 5 office theme parties your next workplace function will be one to remember. Enjoy!

1.) The Arabian Nights Party

Arabian Nights Party

First up, the Arabian Nights themed party. Here, all your coworkers dress up in fancy clothing including Genie outfits, belly dancers, and more! You'll want to set a dress code as this one can get a bit over the top. For food ideas look to sites like Pinterest for awesome recipes. Pick several dishes and have fellow coworkers draw from a hat to see who's making what. This just makes things a bit more fun, and most of the recipes are quite simple. You can easily decorate your workplace with cheap, theme based fabric from any hobby store. Pillows are a nice touch for this party, as to stay on theme everyone will be dancing and sitting on the floor. Talk about fun!

2.) The Luau Party

Luau Party

An oldy but a goody! The Luau party has been around for years. If you haven't exhausted this theme it's definitely worth a shot. This party can really be a blast no matter how many times you have it. In fact, we've even found that several offices have an annual luau party as they love it so much. One key to a successful Luau party is being outside. This way you get everyone out of the office cubicles for a little fun in the sun.

3.) The Fiesta Party

Office Fiesta Party

A pinata, some tacos, and some good salsa music is all you need to make the fiesta party a blast! Crank up the music and get to dancing. This is one of the easiest parties to throw, but definitely one of the most fun. Let's be honest, we all want to see our boss get spun in circles till their dizzy and then watch them try to whack a pinata! If you've got the budget, catering is always a good option for this party as it will save you time and your employees some cooking!

4.) Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Arrrr you ready for a party? Sorry for the bad joke, but this party is sure to give you ample laughs! The pirate party is costume required. Dress up as your favorite pirate character or make one up. No mater your choice this is sure to be a blast. The food on this is pretty wide open. You can get your local super market bakery to make some pirate inspired cookies but have some fun and create your own delicious fare. Recipes and ideas are widely available online to help get you started. Dress your office chair up like pirate ship and sail it around the office. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the fact that you're no working at work!

5.) The Olympics Party

Office Olympics Party

One great way to ensure your party is a success is to get everyone involved! Most office parties involve everyone sitting alone at their respective office desks and talking in their usual groups. The Office Olympics party is a great way to inspire a little competitiveness and win cool prizes. An extra vacation day, long lunch, and gift certificate all work great. The Olympic games can be create too. Whether you decide to do team sports or individual, any number of games from the Show Minute To Win It will work perfectly. One great game is the office relay. Have racers scoot across and office course in their computer chair passing a baton (empty paper towel roll works great) to the next racer at designated points. Whoever crosses the finish line in their chair first wins!

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