Friday, May 26, 2017

Posture Allies: Self Adjusting Task Chairs That Promote Healthy Operating

Global Spritz ChairAre you tired of pulling mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs to get the most out of your office chair? You're not alone! Thankfully, today's top chair manufacturers have us covered. This year, the "smart chair" revolution is in full swing. Advanced self-adjusting task chairs with superior functionality have started to take over the market. Today we'll take a look at the best options currently available in 2017.

The all new Global Total Office Spritz weight sensing office chair with an integrated headrest is ready, willing, and able to have your back during the toughest work days. This posture pal comes standard with all of the features needed to keep your at peak performance levels. The 6770-8 Spritz chair is sure to become one of the most popular options of 2017.

Global Arti chairGlobal's selection of self adjusting office chairs is second to none. In addition to the Spritz, they're rocking the modern work days with seating collections like Arti. These advanced ergo chairs mimic the spine to provide exceptional support. Arti chairs are available in mesh, open back, and fully upholstered variations.

Self Adjusting Executive ChairWhy waste time adjusting when your chair can do it for you? That was the inspirational thought behind the RFM Preferred Seating Verte chair. Nearly a decade in the making, the Verte is the result of countless hours of testing and engineering. Event hough the Verte has been on the market for a few years now, it's still ahead of its time. Many ergonomic seating specialists consider it the most comfortable office chair of our generation.

Auto Responding Office ChairNot all office chairs are created equal. Some are simply smarter than others. Take a sit in the Mayline Living chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. After testing out this ergonomic executive chair we found that it's one of the most user friendly options on the market today. With a passive seat slider mechanism, weight activated seat, and flexible back, you'll be able to enjoy constant support and a significantly reduced ergonomic learning curve.

Affordable Weight Sensing Task ChairMany of today's top rated task chairs with auto responding features come with hefty price tags the will make the average consumer wince. But not all of them! The team at Offices To Go has made it their mission to craft professional grade seating that promotes good posture and healthy operating without breaking the bank. This year, their 11322B model mesh back office chair with a weight sensing mechanism has proven you don't have to spend a small fortune to enjoy high level comfort. This user friendly task chair even boasts a set of adjustable arms that make finding healthy computing positions a breeze. Your simply can't go wrong with this office chair regardless of budget! It outperforms chairs models from competitors at nearly three times the price.

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