Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mayline Escalate Seating Promotes Appeal and Versatility

Mayline Escalate Chair Review
When it comes to furniture and seating, Mayline knows their stuff. This industry leader takes pride in crafting high end products for just about every professional interior imaginable. When you make a ton of great furniture like Mayline does, crafting chairs to match is a no-brainer. Mayline's popular Escalate collection has become a favorite of interior design teams looking to promote appeal and versatility. Today on the blog we'll showcase this trending line and it's unique benefits. Prepare to be impressed!

Mayline Escalate Multi Purpose ChairsThe Escalate collection offers a variety of bar height and dining height seating options. The chairs from this line feature heavy duty plastic seats and backs that are ultra durable and easy to clean. When paired with polished frame accents, Escalate keeps it simple with just the right amount of modern flair.

Mayline Escalate Stack ChairsWhen you're remodeling large office common areas, you need a lot of chairs. Needless to say, it can get expensive. Have no fear, Mayline has your back. Their escalate series ESC2 model plastic guest chairs are sold in affordable 4 packs for just $399.99. The matching bar stool from this popular line is sold in 2 packs for $288.99. Now that's value!

Modern Bistro and Break Room IdeasEscalate chairs can be used effectively to promote appeal and versatility in a variety of professional settings. The ESC2 side chair is perfect for training room, private office, and guest reception area applications. Escalate series easy to clean plastic bar stools are ideal for bistro and cafe seating needs as they're built to last.

The ability to stack Escalate guest chairs on user friendly dolly's is also a nice feature that should not be overlooked. When it's time to clean and reconfigure your space, simply load up your chairs and move them out of the way. If you're hosting corporate events outdoors, you can roll out your dolly full of Escalate chairs, configure them as you wish, then bring them back in with far less trips.

Easy To Clean White Plastic Bar StoolThe Escalate multi purpose guest seating collection is an absolute winner. In both traditional black and modern white finish options, these versatile chairs can really do it all. Escalate provides exceptional value and appeal that's sure to benefit your business for years. It's hard to give this well rounded and cost effective line anything other than a 4 out of 5 star rating.

We'd like to see a few more cool color options like red and gray, but that's our only real critique. If you need stackable guest chairs and durable bar stools, Escalate is the way to go. In a world where shoppers have to be weary of cheap knock offs and imitations, it's nice to know that some manufacturers take pride in crafting chairs that are built to last.

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