Thursday, May 11, 2017

5 Reasons To Love The Global Spritz Seating Collection

Global Spritz Chair with HeadrestGlobal Spritz ChairsThe team at Global is at it again. Their all new Spritz seating collection released just a few days ago is already turning heads. We had the opportunity to check out a few of the new models from this line, and boy were we impressed! Today on the blog we'll provide you with the 5 key reasons we fell in love with these trendy new chairs.

1.) Style

Global understands that a chair has to pass the eye test first. If it's not visually appealing, you won't want to give it a sit. That being said, we were impressed with Spritz even at first glance. In particular, the high back models with integrated headrests grabbed our attention. With 4 mesh colors to choose from and an array of upholstery options, creating a personalized office chair that's up to date with the latest trends is a breeze. The Spritz is ultra stylish and sure to earn your interior the compliments it deserves.

Spritz Flip Seat Training Chair2.) Comfort

We put the Spritz collection through our team sit test and the chairs from this new line passed with flying colors. The weight sensing ergonomic chairs from this collection automatically respond to the user to provide optimal support. We feel that the multi purpose chairs and flip seat side chairs from the Spritz line are perfect for intensive training areas. You can even use Spritz chairs like the 6764 to maximize guest comfort in waiting room, reception, and lobby environments.

Global Spritz Drafting Chair3.) Versatility

We're in a day and age where it's okay to expect more out of your office seating. You'll no doubt fall in love with the capabilities of the Spritz line. These chairs offer unrivaled versatility. The flip seat Spritz chairs with mobilized bases make it easy to maximize floor space. You can reconfigure your space in minutes to improve collaboration. When not in use, Spritz chairs can be nested horizontally along perimeter walls. Additionally, the Spritz mesh back drafting chair with foot ring is sure to be a hit with designers. It's comfortable, highly adjustable, and ready to meet the demands of the modern work day. This is one collection that can do it all from top to bottom.

Weight Sensing Office Chair with Headrest4.) Price Point

The 6760-8 Spritz mesh back office chair with headrest is poised to be the most successful model available on this line. When compared to today's top weight sensing office chairs, it's very affordably priced at $455.99. The same chair is available without a headrest for $329.99.

Spritz guest chairs are available in popular Terrace collection fabrics for $265.99. You can choose from fixed leg, front casters, and fully mobile variations at the same price point.

5.) Durability

As with all Global products, Spritz chairs are built to last. These highly versatile office seating solutions are ready, willing, and able to tackle the demands of intensive work environments. While there's not yet a big and tall variation available, we fully expect Global will take care of this minor collection deficiency in the near future. The high tensile mesh chair backs standard on all models are breathable and provide just the right amount of give. The bases, cylinders, and frames are all impact resistant and sure to look great for years to come.

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