Friday, May 12, 2017

How To Have Fun With Your Office Remodel

How To Make Your Office Remodeling Project Fun
Office remodeling projects can be stressful and tiring, but they don't have to be. We're here to tell you, they can be quite enjoyable and even fun. Today on the blog we'll teach you how to get the most out of your interior without the headaches. From group showroom visits to hosting a big reveal, we'll have you loving each step of the process.

First things first, you need to assemble a team that you enjoy working with. Don't choose more than 3 remodeling assistants because if you do, the input and opinions can become a bit overwhelming. A team of 4 trusted individuals including yourself is perfect.

Now that you're working with people you like, you can sit down and create a plan. A well thought out plan of attack and timeline will help keep your project on track and within budget. Formulating a plan at the beginning of the remodel will most certainly reduce the risk of error and make your project much more enjoyable as each step comes together.

Once you've got a plan, it's time to have a little fun. Get your remodeling team together for an inspiration quest! Visit a local showroom one afternoon with your crew. You'll be rewarded with an abundance of cool ideas on how to make your space efficient, unique, and fashionable. The professionals at the showroom will be happy to tell you about the latest trends from open concept benching systems to self adjusting office chairs the minimize the ergonomic learning curve.

Pro Tip:

If you don't have a showroom in your area, take your search to the web. Check out social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. They're great for inspiration!

With all the inspiration needed to rock your remodel, you and your team are officially ready to shop. Creating a coupon contest will make the process much more fun. Offer up a $20 gift card to the team member that finds the best deal on the office furniture and seating needed to complete your project. Make bulk discounts, free shipping specials, closeout items eligible to win the prize!

Part of having fun during the office remodeling process means not falling victim to the obstacles businesses face that cause headaches due to a lack of shipment scheduling. Once you've purchased your new products, contact the dealer directly. Inquire about estimated ship times and tracking information to ensure you project stays on track.

The week your furniture arrives is the perfect time to prep. To make the process more enjoyable, throw a painting party. Get your crew together and remove all the old furniture in your space. Take pics before if disassembling anything if you're planning to sell it to recapture some of the budget.

Once the furniture is removed, order a few pizzas and start painting while you're waiting for them to arrive. This will allow you to take a break half way through to break up the process. Team painting can definitely be fun! We recommend doing it after normal business hours to eliminate the stress and distractions caused during the typical work day.

When your furniture arrives, create a staging area outside of the office your remodeling. Avoid taking all the boxes into your space at once. It will make for a cramped assembly process that isn't fun at all.

Alternatively, bring in boxes one at a time. Opening them will feel like Christmas morning. You and your team will be excited to check out the ergonomic chairs and desks you've purchased. It's a lot of fun!

Pro Tip:

Make sure to fully assemble each individual desk and chair as you open it, then dispose of the boxes before brining in additional items. They'll build up on you quick, so stay on top of it. Furniture is always well packed and there will be lots of bubble wrap and fodder that requires disposal.

With your space complete, it's time to show off your work with a big reveal. Make sure your interior is fully prepped and ready to be displayed to the rest of the office. Throw a little gathering with some drinks and snacks. Just be ready to receive lot's of compliments on what a great job you guys have done. Then be sure to tell them how much fun the process was so they'll want to do the next one! Then take a few pics of your space to share on social media. Rest assured, there's others out there looking for awesome design inspiration.

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