Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5 Office Remodeling Trends To Avoid In 2017

To craft elite office interiors, you have to stay up to date with the latest trends while simultaneously knowing which ones to avoid. That's where we come in! Today we'll showcase 5 remodeling fads that are rapidly fading due to market innovation. From overstuffed executive chairs to glass top conference tables, these trends where once the industry standard. Now there's better options for your business!

Overstuffed Tufted Leather Executive Chair1.) Overstuffed Executive Chairs

The days of using overstuffed executive style office chairs are coming to an end. They're too bulky! In 2017, sleek European style executive chairs have become the preferred option of shoppers and interior design teams. They save space, look great, and don't lack in terms of support.

Overstuffed chairs have a lot of padding and a traditional vibe that was once in style. Unfortunately that no longer translates into the efficient comfort needed to operate at peak performance levels. There's no lumbar support, adjustable, arms or waterfall seat edge.

Hot new chair styles like the iOO from Eurotech Seating are changing the the way executives sit. They provide a refreshing look at where the industry is heading, and it's far from those classic overstuffed tufted chairs used in the late 90's.

2.) High Wall Cubicle Systems

Cubicles will always have their place. However, high wall furniture systems are being kicked to the curb as they limit team interaction. The industry has now turned to open concept benching systems that promote creativity and collaboration.

Modern Cubicle Alternatives
Today's top collaborative benching lines from Global and Mayline offer the modular benefits needed to outfit interiors of any size. Benching systems are cutting edge to stay the least. They boast innovative storage options and surface level power imports that will help streamline your daily tasks.

Traditional cubicle systems are great for privacy, but that's about all. Open concept benching will make your interiors feel far more larger and appealing.

In terms of price, you'll probably even save a bundle by making the switch to collaborative workstations. The upsides are hard to deny! If you're tired of your employees feeling closed off from one another and you're ready to get the creative juices flowing, consider modern cubicle alternatives in 2017 and beyond.

3.) Fixed Leg Training Tables

Traditional Fixed Leg TablesYou'll probably still see this style of table used in classrooms for a few more years. That being said, traditional fixed leg training room tables have pretty much become giant paper weights. Businesses have learned the value of modularity in the workplace.

Cool new folding training room tables with wheels make it easy to maximize floor space. When not in use, they can be effectively nested along perimeter walls without the heavy lifting required by fixed leg variations.

Today's top brands are rapidly discontinuing fixed leg table collections. On the flip side, we're seeing innovative modular like those from the Bungee collection really hit their stride. With the ability to connect and form both conference and training layouts, the possibilities are truly endless. Don't allow your business to be sucked into the old school fixed leg way of thinking. Go modular. You'll be glad you did!

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray4.) Sit To Stand Keyboard Trays

You've seen the commercials. You've read the articles. Sit to stand desktop risers are rapidly becoming a staple in home and business work environments. As we sit for long periods of time, our muscles begin to stiffen up and blood flow is restricted. This causes productivity levels to drop and comes with long term health risks.

Modern Sit To Stand Desktop RiserTo solve the problem, manufacturers started crafting sit to stand workplace solutions. It started with keyboard trays and then moved to monitor arms. This year, the two products have combined with the modern desktop riser. Now, sit to stand keyboard trays and monitor arms are becoming obsolete.

Purchasing a sit to stand keyboard tray is great, except you won't be able to raise your monitors to eye level. Purchasing a sit to stand monitor arm is great, except you won't be able to type without hunching over the keyboard. Purchasing both is great, but it requires a big time investment. That's why sit to stand desktop attachments have become so popular. Units like the 5100 model from OFM are incredibly cost effective at just $275.99. They make sit to stand operating a breeze and far more affordable.

5.) Glass Conference Tables

Glass Top Conference Table
Glass conference room tables are definitely cool. It's hard to deny it! Unfortunately they're not ready to meet the multi media demands of the modern work day. For the same price as a custom glass top table (and probably much less in all honesty), you can outfit your meeting area with an advanced conference table with a powered surface that helps streamline your important corporate strategizing sessions.

In the long run, performance and productivity are far more important than fashion appeal. Powered tables with USB, HDMI, and other awesome inputs will take your presentations to a whole new level.   As an added bonus, today's powered conference tables are also incredibly appealing. You won't give up much by passing on that classy glass top table. The benefits of powered furniture far outweigh the appeal of glass.

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