Thursday, May 18, 2017

How To Trick Out Your Corporate Interiors

Is your business suffering from boring office interiors that aren't up to date with today's hottest trends? We're here to help you solve the problem by teaching you how to properly trick out your office environments. Today we'll showcase elite workplace solutions designed to streamline meetings, boost comfort, and impress your valued clientele from the moment they walk in the door until well after they've gone. Prepare to be impressed!

iDesk Oroblanco ChairWork Floor

The majority of daily business is handled on the work floor. That being said, your employees need to be armed with comfortable chairs, versatile furniture, and the ergonomic accessories required to be at their best.

As office comfort starts with the chair, it's important to select user friendly seating your employees will love. This year, you can't go wrong with cutting edge ergonomic task chairs from iDesk seating lines like Oroblanco and Ambarella. These professional grade chairs provide exceptional value and the appeal needed to trick out your work floor and stand out from the competition.

Open Concept Benching
When it comes to furniture for your work floor, open concept benching is the way to go. Rest assured, traditional high wall cubicle systems are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. They make your employees feel boxed in and cramped. With open concept benching you'll be able to encourage creativity and team interaction. We recommend popular collections like SideBar and Bridges II from Global Total Office. They'll have your work floor tricked out and then some!

Dual Screen Monitor ArmYou need ergonomic accessories to fully trick out your work floor. Sure they look cool, but more importantly, they promote healthy operating. To get environments up to date, consider integrating dual monitor arms that reduce visual strain and increase usable desk space. Additionally, you'll want to trick out your work floor with articulating keyboard trays that also increase usable desk space while encouraging healthy computing angles.

Training Room

Folding Training Room Tables
Brands like Mayline have made it easy to trick out your training room. First things first, you've gotta kick those old school fixed leg tables to the curb. They provide very little in terms of versatility. With folding top training room tables you'll be able to maximize floor space in no time. Take a look at the tables from the Mayline Sync collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. The ability to quickly connect tables to form collaborative groups will give your training room the edge!

Tagalong Nesting Chairs from SitWell
You'll also want to invest in modular nesting chairs for the training room if you want to keep it up to date with the latest trends. We highly recommend the new Tagalong series chair from SitWell. It's comfortable and incredibly space-friendly. With flip up seats and optional tablet arms you can really maximize your interior. Hosting small groups? No problem! Simply fold and nest your unnecessary chairs along perimeter walls to get the most out of your square footage. When needed, additional chairs can be rolled out and configured quickly to streamline strategizing session.

How To Trick Out Your Conference RoomConference Room

You'll no doubt want to create a conference room that's welcoming, fashionable, and ready to meet the demands of today's fast paced meetings. That being said, it all starts with a powered table! They're the way of the future. With surface level USB, AC, Ethernet, and Phone inputs you'll be able to save time and maintain a tricked out high tech vibe your conference room guests will love. A conference room table with a powered top from the Global Zira collection is the way to go. They're incredibly stylish and easy to spec.

Cool Conference ChairCool conference room seating is a must! To trick out your space, you'll need to select chairs that save space, look great, and maximize comfort. As the days of using bulky executive style conference chairs have long gone, a new trend has taken over the market. This year, European style ribbed back conference room seating has become the preferred choice of businesses. Ribbed chairs are sleek, comfortable, and sure to make a lasting impression.

Fashionable Conference Room Wall CabinetLast but not least, your conference room will need a few cool accessories. Leave room in the budget for a flat screen TV that can be linked to your powered table. You'll be able to host awesome presentations and video conferences with ease. Additionally, you'll want to integrate some form of storage cabinet to keep your space well organized. Ditch the old school metal filing cabinets, and go with a more modernized credenza that can double as a food and beverage station for guests.


Contemporary Gray Reception Desk
Contemporary Coffee TableLast but certainly not least, we're ready to help you trick out your lobby. As first impressions are key, a fashionable lobby will do wonders for your business. Start your welcoming area makeover project by selecting a cool reception desk to serve as the focal point of your interior. We recommend those from the Mayline Sterling collection. With glass transaction counters and surface extensions, these distinctively contemporary stations are the best in the business. They're also surprisingly cost effective. As an added bonus, the Sterling collection includes matching accent tables that can be purchased to match your welcome desk to perfection.

Modular Beam Seating
Sure you could go with a traditional lounge chair and sofa configuration to keep your guests comfortable, but why not think outside the box? Modular beam seating will help you maintain a cutting edge look without sacrificing comfort. Beam seating collections like Vion from Global Total Office will help you kick corporate appeal into overdrive. These connectable chairs can be used to outfit lobbies of any size.

OFM InterPlay Tablet Arm Lounge Chair with WheelsIf you're not loving the beam seating look, there's definitely some awesome alternatives out there. Check out the barrel style tablet chairs with lower level storage compartments from the Global Sirena collection. They're multi functional and ultra comfortable.

When the budget is tight, smart businesses turn to brands like OFM for lobby and waiting room furniture solutions. The seating from their Triumph, Uno, and InterPlay collections boast trend setting appeal and the modular characteristics needed to maximize valuable floor space. With cool color options including two tone variations that are unlike anything on the market today, OFM brand products are a must for any business looking to trick out their lobby.

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